By Diana

Disclaimer: The characters in this story all belong to the show Xena: Warrior Princess. All except Delila.
Sex : nope
foul language: not really

enjoy. :)

Xena looked from her place in the busy tavern. People were buzzing noisily around her, suddenly her sharp eye caught a beautiful woman enter the tavern. Her long black hair dropped across her back and the lustrous curls framed her long oval shaped face.
Xena watched in the shadows as deep black eyes roamed casually across the tavern stopping briefly at Xena. Xena noted the stark contrast of her black eyes and hair against her pale milk-white skin. The woman lowered her long eye-lashes for a moment to come down the short steps of the tavern and Xena noted her arched black lashes. Xena couldn't help but notice the slow swing of the woman's shapely hips and tiny waist.
The woman was almost as tall as Xena and was wearing a red velvet robe across her body. She sat easily in a chair near Xena's table her eyes roaming across the tavern, very cautiously. Although the woman tried her best to remain un-seen she attracted a lot of attention.
The waitress stopped at her table and waited. The woman ordered in a clear confident voice smooth and silky like so many of the spoilt and rich Xena had met. The woman crossed her legs and the long slit of her robe fell letting Xena geta clear glimpse of her beautiful and un-scarred legs.
While waiting the woman reverted her eyes towards Gabrielle while she wove tales of bravery of the warrior princess.
Delila scanned the tavern once more looking for any signs of trouble and when she found none and returned her attention to the bards intrigued by her stories.
She tried to shake the feeling of being watched again she scanned the tavern and noticed a pair of beautiful electric blue eyes staring at her. Delila gazed at the warrior noting the dark ebony mane and strong muscles. Then Delila broke the gaze when her order arrived.
She frowned to herself wondering why the warrior looked so damned familiar. Finally Delila pushed the warrior out of her mind and her attention returned to the bard.
Finally Delila's gaze traveled along with the bard as she saw the bard sit at the warrior's table and strike a conversation. She realized the warrior and the bard were friends.
Delila felt a shadow across her face and looked up trying not to gag as a filthy warrior leaned closer. Got any plans for tonight babe? He asked. Delila gave a small sly smile and answered. That's none of your business but I suggest that you spend yours having a bath. Well I don't object.. So long as your there with me. He caressed her face. Delila narrowed her eyes and took his hand in her then promptly broke his knuckles the howled.
Delila saw the warrior's buddies start to get up from their seats and make their way to her.
Not wanting any trouble Delila quickly got up and scanned the room. They were coming from all sides except from the warrior's table. Having no choice she took her food and inquired if she could share a table with the warrior and bard.
The bard didn't object Xena didn't say anything mainly because she saw the whole scenario. Delila was didn't talk much and was very quite, as Xena noticed. Xena found she was very curios about this person. Where are you from Delila? Xena asked. Oh, I'm from around. Xena fell silent for a moment carefully studying Delila's flawless movements.
What do you do for a living? Xena asked again. I do a lot of things.. Dancing, singing.. Delila trailed of. Delila gave Xena a tiny smile and Xena forced herself to do the same.
You have got a nice voice even when you aren't singing. Gabrielle said. Thank you. Delila gave her another small smile and fell silent. Where are you going? Asked Xena. I'm not very sure yet..maybe north maybe south..who knows. Delila said. Xena was very wary of the fact that Delila never gave her straight answers. How old are you? Xena asked again. Old enough to travel on my own. Delila said with a fake smile.
Xena's eyes narrowed. Another artful dodge. Xena thought. What are you doing out on your own out in these kinds of taverns? ..they are dangerous you know. Diana gave Xena another fake smile. Oh I'm pretty good at taking care of myself.
Are you a traveler or do you have a purpose in roaming Greece? Xena asked somewhat sarcastically. There was a silence. Xena stared at Delila harder trying to make her nervous. But Delila was an extremely smooth liar. Xena realized. I don't travel for a reason.. I like the scenery and..I just like wandering. Delila answered. And why are you ' just wandering'? Xena asked.
I like action. Delila shrugged noting Xena's relentless questions.
Are you an athlete or a fighter perhaps? Xena inquired focusing her full attention on Delila again. Delila merely laughed. I wouldn't want to run a race with you or even spar with you.
Xena again narrowed her eyes at Delila making Delila grin like the Cheshire cat. Why do you ask? Delila asked. Xena sat back in her chair and took a drink of her port. Well..from what you have been telling me...I mean the choice of words and all. Gave the impression of a damn good story teller. Xena gave Delila a bright false smile in which Delila fully returned. Delila caught the double meaning of the words almost at once but still smiled.
How nice of you to say so. Delila said a false note of warmness in her voice. But.. How can one tell a story when one does not have a story? Delila inquired innocently. Xena gave another smile. I have a felling you have plenty of very good stories to tell us..and I also have a feeling you have already told some. Delila gave a false free laugh. How like you to think that. Xena glared at her and that only made her laugh all the more.
Delila then excused herself from the table and with another laugh began to leave then turned around again. Oh and Xena... I can see you are a pretty good story teller too...just give it a try.. To Gabrielle perhaps...a tale from long, long ago maybe. Delila gave a bright smile. Xena caught the double meaning of Delila's words and realized Delila knew about her past.
Well..goodnight.. Oh ..and sweet dreams Xena dear. Diana said in a sweet voice. Xena's eyes narrowed and she growled. She knows about my dreams too.
Delila gave another laugh and Xena had to resist the urge to slap her.
Delila skipped away. I swear if she gives me another one of those disgusting laughs I will chase her and smack her till she's red on the bum. Xena said gritting her teeth. I do not know what is with you Xena.. I like her... Change from a very closed up warrior I know. Gabrielle teased.
Xena just gave her the look. Then she grew serious. You asked her a lot of questions.. What's wrong? She's hiding something. Xena murmured more to herself than Gabrielle. You're the one to talk. Gabrielle scoffed. Xena just gave her the look then after draining her mug of port left.
Delila opened the door to her room and slumped in the chair. Finally she got up from the wooden chair and took of her robe. Quickly she put on a tight silken night-gown. It was low necked and short. Then she got into the sheets and pulled them up to her chin and proceeded to sleep until midnight when she heard a faint knock on the door she listened again. Yes there it was. She threw her legs aver the bed and pushed herself up. With long quick strides she yanked the door open and presently gave a shriek then a yelp as she fell on her rear end.
She blinked rapidly. And stared at the door again wondering if she was dreaming. Yes, there it was clear blue eyes staring at her. Delila got up and almost fell down again as the owner of the very familiar blue eyes slumped heavily onto her. Ooof! Delila winced. She easily lifted Xena up again and glared at her then she felt something wet and sticky. She brought her hand eye level and stared at the sticky goo. She brought it to her nose, a very familiar scent. Blood! She gave another yelp and almost fell down again.
Carefully she lifted the warrior up again and led her to the bed. She noticed the dagger sticking out of Xena's right flank.
Sweet mother of Zeus what happened? Delila asked busily taking Xena's armor of. I got into a fight. Xena winced as Delila took her breast plate of. And you mind telling me what you were doing out this late? Delila asked. Stop it your starting to sound like Gabrielle. Xena said. Well at least one of you has some cow sense to stay out of trouble un-like another idiot I know trotting of like a child in the middle of the night. Delila yanked her shoulder pads of. Stop it! Now you starting to sound like my mother for Zeus' sake! Xena glared at Delila.
Good! At least someone should keep your heavy butt in line. Xena narrowed her eyes and Delila tried to hide her grin. Stop trying to sound like my older sister! Delila smiled at her. You don't have a sister, Hades Xena all that thinking on how to drink port earlier today must be more stressful than you thought sister dear. Delila said coyly. Maybe you should think twice the next time you drink port. Oh and did you know..that port is very bad for your health? Delila asked in mock severity.
Stop it! Xena stood up and fell back on the bed in pain. Delila gave a low chuckle, then clucked. Someone ought to teach you how to guard that temper of yours and keep your big mouth in line to. Delila keep her voice straight.
Xena's mouth clenched so hard that her teeth hurt and she winced forcing her jaw to relax. Told you so. Delila said smugly.
Xena lifted her hands and made as if to strangle her, then restrained herself and clenching her fist and jaw. Delila gave her another irritating smile. Urrrrghhh! Xena said her hands flying to her hair and almost tearing it of.
Delila gave a small infected little laugh and Xena had to suppress the urge to tear her apart.
Delila took Xena's boots and gauntlets of and Xena found she was clothed only in her thin cotton shift that was stained with blood. This is going to hurt a little. Delila's voice was surprisingly gentle. A little? Xena snorted. It's going to hurt a lot. Delila clucked. Xena, Xena , Xena. She gave that irritating laugh again. Then clucked. Admitting to pain... that's a good start..just give it some time..and you'll be in a silk dress up to your ankle and high heels in no time. Delila gave that wide false smile. And Xena gave a tired moan. Why are you tormenting me? Delila started clucking again and gave Xena a severe glare mockingly. You are getting soft in your old age Xena. Old age?! Why you little. Xena's arms reached out. Delila jumped out of the way laughing. Now, now Xena. And I am doing this because I merely love to see you squirm. Xena gave her s hard glare, then things began to swim before her. Delila. She whispered hoarsely her throat suddenly dry. I know Xena. Delila said in a soft voice. You sure you know what your doing. Xena asked looking uncertainly at Delila. Yes Xena..shush..brace yourself. She said in a mock severe tone. Oh and Xena don't be such a baby and start crying. Delila said her hand poised on the dagger. Start crying! Xena made as if to sit up when Delila yanked the dagger out in a swift motion. Pain tore through Xena and she let out a strangled cry. Delila winced at the long wavering dagger. Xena's hands flew to her sides. Delila's hands took hold of Xena's and firmly put them at her sides.
You double crosser. Xena growled. It worked didn't it? Xena gave her a glare. Yes it did. She said sulkily. Delila gave a smug smile. Don't need to gloat. Of course I do..I tricked the warrior princess. Delila said another smug smile only bigger this time plastered on her face. Did not! Did to! You admitted it. Did not! Did too! Not ! Too! They both glared at each other. Stop being childish Xena. Delila scolded. Im being- Xena gave Delila a fierce glare. Stop staring..didn't your mother ever tell you it's rude to stare? Xena gazed helplessly at the sharp witted beauty.
You know I've never seen you like this. Delila said. And Xena knew what she meant. Well it's not normal that I meet idiot's like you. Xena said smugly. Takes one to know one. Delila scoffed. Xena merely grunted. And stop being such a pig! Delila said. Xena was going to say something cutting when she realized that she was being immature and un-xena like. So she put on the warrior mask and was stoic and silent. Delila took one look at her and rolled her eyes comically. Xena snorted in laughter and smothered it quickly.
Delila raised both her eyebrows and gave Xena the I-know-your-trying-to-be-the-warrior-princess-but-it's-to-late-for-me look. Xena's lips were twitching. And when Delila burst into laughter she also joined her then groaned.
Delila snapped out of her joyous mood and began to take Xena's shift of with gentle hands careful not to jar her wound.
She sewed Xena's wound and bandaged it then she loaned Xena one of her own silk night gowns. Sorry I ruined your gown. Xena said after drinking some water. I'll live. Delila said. Why didn't go to Gabrielle. Delila answered.
Because she'll give me the mother hen treatment..pretty much what you were doing to me just now..only she'd be a lot mature about it. Delila gave her a look. I'm sorry. Delila said in a quite hurt tone. Silence. Xena was puzzled. Look. I'm sorry if I hurt your feelings. Delila gave her a serious look. You didn't hurt my feelings Xena. No? Xena arched an eyebrow. No. Delila said with a stoic expression. You'll only have a dented pride when I say GOTCHA! Delila burst into giggles Xena rolled her eyes. Seriously..I'm not normally like this. Delila said. Neither am I. Xena said in a dry tone. Delila gave a soft smile that lighted her eyes. I know. She said in an equally soft tone. How come you know so much about me? Xena arched an eyebrow.
I just do that's all. Delila said. Their eyes locked and Delila inched closer. How? Xena whispered. I just do that's all. Delila murmured as their heads lean forward for a kiss.


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