The Curse


Part 16

by Anita Louise

copyright 09/98

Chapter Sixty Eight

Mary woke with a start, realizing she had been in the throes of a bad dream, she decided to take a walk into Osara. Breathe in the night air, and get her mind on something else. Though she knew that Ann Bounty would follow her until the day the two finally gazed into each other's eyes.

Bracing herself at that moment as if Ann were standing, gazing toward her. The gleaming weapon held threateningly, left little to the imagination except, Ann was challenging her. Sighing deeply she shook her head and muttered, "Fool. The time will come when it will not be a vision." She continued toward the few lights that made the outline of the village.

Stepping onto the streets, she gazed around the area. It seemed most had gone home or found something else to occupy their minds. Smiling as she envisioned Gina, the woman had touched a chord in her. Ann Bounty seemed to always come out on top, no matter what happened, she rose above it all. Sometimes Mary wondered if she had a God or Goddess in her pocket, for what the woman did, could lead many to think she had Godly powers.

"Nay, Mary Ready, she is just a mere mortal such as ye." Talking to herself, she chuckled, "Have gone daft, when I must talk to my own foolishness. And worst yet, I expect an answer."

She saw the dim lights in the tavern and decided to mingle with the villagers.

The second the tall, dark-haired woman stepped into the room, all eyes turned to her. Mary thought that was unusual that is until she quickly noticed most of the people in the room were from a ship. The woman who had been standing at the counter turned, her eye's dark and deadly.

A cold chill traveled Mary's body, she realized she had walked into a place she had no desire to be in at that moment. Turning to leave she was blocked by two burly men, each daring her to try and pass. Sword's drawn Asterea's crew stood, ready to bring the statuesque woman to her knees.

Mary took a deep breath then stepped toward the counter. She stood next to Asterea and gazed at the man that was shaking as he tried to set a bottle of port on a shelf. "A goblet of port!" She requested while leaning on the counter. Her body showed no signs of fear. The man set the goblet in front of her, spilling some on the counter, and she handed him a dinar, then took a drink.

All this time, Asterea stood next to her, watching with bated breath. Finally she asked, "Where's your good friend Ann Bounty?"

Mary glanced out of the corner of her eyes, took another drink then replied, "Haven't seen the woman for a long time." She turned her head to the right, and glanced around the room, Asterea's crew was just waiting for the woman to give them the signal. They looked like caged lions waiting for a meal they have not had in a long time. "Your crew looks as if they have not been fed in a while."

An evil grin traveled the woman's lips as she said, "Haven't, not anything as tasty as you."

Mary set the goblet on the counter, her hand still gripping it, her eyes burning into Asterea's. "If I knew and I don't, I would not tell the likes of you. The woman hates me and it is all your fault."

"No. It is yours, you are the one that chose to give Ann Bounty over to me, you paved the way for this to happen. Still, I think you know where she is and I want to know!"

With lightning speed, she threw the remains of the port into Asterea's eyes and as the woman cursed and struck out, her fist landed a heavy blow to her stomach sending Asterea to her knees. Before Asterea's men could come to her aid, Mary held a dagger to her throat. "Come one step closer and I'll slit her throat! Just give me a reason!"

They stopped all eyes were on Asterea, who at that moment was coughing and trying to catch her breath. "Damn you Ready! I knew you and Ann were together again!"

Mary tightened her grip on the woman. "Then you don't know much. I told you I don't know where Ann Bounty is. Last I heard you were leading her around like some sort of lap dog. Tell me, Asterea, how long did it take before she saw through you. Memory or not?"

Mary pulled the woman to her feet, as she whispered in her right ear, "You and I are going to go take a little walk. Tell your men to sit, and have a drink."

She nodded and it was at this time a gravelly voice rang forward, "Looks like we have a standoff!" Everyone turned to gaze at the doorway, there stood a goliath of a man and the woman he was holding as if she were a twig was Gabrielle. He twisted her right arm, causing her to cry out in pain, it was then he brought a cold gleaming blade to Gabrielle's throat. "Which is it to be, do I slit your friend's throat?"

Mary gazed at Gabrielle, with a look of horror and passion. "Don't! Don't harm her!"

He grinned then ordered, "Back away from Asterea, drop the dagger and I will consider it."

Mary's eyes met Gabrielle's for an instant as she shrugged. "Done." She dropped the dagger and released her hold on Asterea. It took the woman but a second to turn the tables on her.

Several of her men had already grasped Mary's arms and held them tightly. Asterea glared into her eyes. "One day Ready . . . One day you and I will get the chance to see just who will walk away. For now . . ." She gazed at the man and ordered, "Bring the Bard over here. I want to take a look at Gabrielle, been a long time."

Struggling against the man's massive grip, she found this to be useless and was pushed forward as if she was a piece of straw being carried on the summer wind. "Let Mary go!" Gabrielle defiantly glared at the woman.

Tossing her head back, Asterea bellowed, her laugh was deep and carried an ominous tone to it. "In case you have not noticed, I have you and I have Ready! There is no way I am going to let either one of you go. This could not have worked out better. If the two of you are afoot that means that Bounty and the rest are near. So all I have to do is make sure they know I have you."

Mary gave the woman a distasteful look before she said, "Let Gabrielle go, she is not involved in any way. I am sure she would rather be far away from here."

Shaking her head, Asterea reiterated, "No way I am going to let either of you go." She motioned to a back room. "Take them back there, see they are tied securely then we will set about making sure their friends know they are here."

The men laughed and as they started to lead Mary away, Asterea stepped in front, her eyes burned into Mary's light blues. "I owe you Ready and this is only the beginning." Her fists sunk into soft skin, sending flashes of pain throughout the woman. If the men had not been holding Mary she would have been on the floor. Asterea reached up and cupped her chin in her hand, then slapped her. "When I am finished with you, you will beg for death." The woman's right knee slammed into her stomach as darkness engulfed Mary.

Gabrielle had been straining against the leather ties that held her firmly to the post that set in the middle of the room. Her eyes never left Mary for long. When they drug, and half-carried her into the room Gabrielle tried to go to her. She was unconscious and Gabrielle knew Asterea had a hand in what happened. The woman had been unconscious for sometime, her hands manacled above her head had kept her from falling to the floor. How that must hurt, she thought as she called out her name. "Mary. Wake up." The woman did not stir and Gabrielle was becoming fearful.

A low groan escaped Mary Ready's lips and it was the happiest sound Gabrielle had heard in a while. The room had become their prison and she had been fearful, she was the only one left in it alive.

Mary tried to move but found she was shackled, her wrists bloody and sore gave way to the curses she made as she tried to pull the chains from the wall.

Gabrielle watched then finally said, "They made sure you were not going anywhere."

Mary glanced toward her. "Sorry to have gotten you mixed up in this."

"Wasn't your fault I got caught, I so easily walked into their web."

Leaning against the coldness of the wall, Mary muttered, "I did the same thing. All I wanted was some friendly talk, a few drinks. Did not expect to come up against that witch, not this soon. The woman is crazy if she thinks Ann Bounty is here."

"She is."

Gabrielle's words caught Mary Ready's full attention. Her blue eyes focused tightly on the woman as she asked, "You said, 'she is,' she is what?"

"Here. She is with Gina, Will and Saxton."

It was apparent Mary was confused and so Gabrielle told her all she could. When she had finished she added, "They think they can bargain our lives for hers. They do not know the Ann Bounty I do."

Mary grimaced then said, "She will. The Ann I know would do that. She has always gotten herself into more trouble because she has that caring thing. One day it will get her killed."

"It is good to care."

She was pulling on the chains once more, making grunting, heaving sounds. "Care is one thing but to give in to someone like Asterea, is foolhardy."

"What do you think she will do"

Mary gave up, said several words that Gabrielle could not distinguish before she said, "She will use us to get Ann and the others if possible and then she will kill us."

"Thanks you just made my night. I wish Xena were here."

"Why? So she could walk into the trap, give herself for you. Face it, when love enters the picture, people do things . . . "

"Things that show they are human and have hearts."

"Yeah, hearts that will soon cease because they cared."

"I don't believe a word you are saying. You are trying to look cold but I know you Mary Ready and I know Ann Bounty. You are both caring women, loving and giving. So your words may work on someone else but not with me. The reason you are in the position you are now is because you care. Now what do we do to get out of this?"

Mary laid her head against the wall, her crystal blue eyes sparked toward Gabrielle. "Even in a situation such as this, you can reach out and touch me. You're right. We know one another well. I cannot pull anything over on you. I do care for Ann. I do not want to see her death be because of me. I have already made the mistake of getting her into a lot of pain and . . ."

"She will forgive you. The Ann Bounty I know will."

"I keep hearing that but I know Ann also. And if she does it will be a miracle. Want to tell me the real reason why you came looking for me?"


Chapter Sixty Nine

The others were sitting in the room waiting for Saxton. They had drawn straws to see just who would go in and scout around the village and he won. So now they waited, impatiently for the man to return.

Hearing footsteps outside the hut, they looked toward the doorway. It was Saxton, he was out of breath, his face was beet red and it looked as if he had been running.

Ann helped him to a chair and after he sat, she asked, "Did you find out anything?"

He took several deep breaths then replied, "Yes. She has them both."

Gina was on her feet, followed by Will as they approached the man. Gina looked at Ann then said, "This is not good. If I know Asterea she will use them to get to you."

Will had already started for the door only to be stopped by Ann. "Where do you think you are going?"

He gave her a scathing look. "To get Mary!"

She shook her head. "Fool thing to do. She will be anticipating that. We do not need anyone else to fall into her hands. It is me she wants."

Gina shouted, "No!" Then she realized how loudly she had spoke and apologized, "I mean, you can't."

Ann shook her head and gazed at the woman. She did not say a word, just stared. It was Gina that broke the stare by turning away. "All right, so you can out stare me. I will not lose you again. The woman took you before and I will die before she does this again."

Ann Bounty was having a hard time holding back the chuckle that was beginning. Finally she said, "Anyone ever tell you that you go off like a keg of powder waiting to explode."

Will and Saxton were both fascinated by the two women and had settled back enjoying this confrontation.

Gina had stopped ranting, she was now looking at Ann Bounty with a very questioning face.

"Are you funning me?"

"I am. But I spoke the truth. It is me that Asterea wants, I took the map, I left her presence."

"She had no right to take you away, she had no right to lie to you, no right to keep you from your friends, your family."

"You are right. I just hope one day I can remember my past. I want to feel and know all the things you have told me. That is, I could do without the pain that this woman has inflicted upon me as well as what she has done to my family and friends."

Gina began to pace finally turning she said, "She is evil. Asterea will not rest until she makes us all pay."

Shaking her head, Ann replied, "No. I think if I can go, talk to her she will see things differently."

The three in the room broke out in laughter and to this, Ann gave them all scathing looks. "What? Surely she cannot be as bad as you think?"

Saxton tried to control his laugher and did a pretty good job of it as he sputtered, "Unless you have some sort of potion in your possession, then ye best be thinking things differently."

Ann gazed at the man, he seemed sincere. "The way you are all talking makes the woman sound like she could be a demon. I have traveled with her, I have fought beside her . . ."

Gina stepped close, her eyes taking Sea into them. "What else have you done beside her?"

Saxton and Will choked as if something had cut off their breath. Both men's faces were experiencing shock as if they were expecting the worst. Gina's word caught them by surprise and as they both headed for the door Saxton said, "We'll be going out now, both need some fresh air."

They watched them scurry from the room and after they were out of sight, Ann turned to Gina.

"Looks like they are expecting us to go into battle or the like."

Gina's face was hard, she bit at her lip as she said, "They do. I know you have lost your memory, I know you have been traveling with Asterea and her crew. It pains me to think that the two of you have also been . . ."

Ann walked toward the wooden table, she leaned forward, her hands flat out as she braced herself. "The woman and I have become close."

Ann's back was to Gina, and all she could do was think of the beautiful woman that stood before her. She never knew anyone that could fill out a pair of leather trousers the way this woman could. As she gazed, her heart felt it might break, for what she had feared seemed to be coming true.

Ann turned, stood tall, her eyes warm. She walked toward Gina, each step, slow each step sure and as she stood in front of her Ann whispered, "For what you are fearing, do not, something always kept me from anything like this. Now I know what. You."

The light shone in Gina's eyes, her face softened, dimples deepened. "I was so afraid . . ."

"I know, I could see it in your face." She reached out and cupped Gina's chin, "There is much that has happened. I think perhaps we both have changed in some ways." Her eyes were sparkling down, and with each touch, look from the woman, Gina felt she would melt right on that spot.

"Ann, I know if you did . . ." she swallowed, closed her eyes and continued, "I would not be mad at you. I would however hate Asterea more than I ever thought possible."

Sea walked away once more, and as she reached the doorway, she said, "Then I have to make sure you and the woman do not come anywhere near one another."

Gina walked toward her and as she neared, wrapped her arms around the woman, her body close and at the same time she felt Sea respond. "I could stay like this forever, just you and me and nothing else. You make my life Ann Bounty and without you in it, I was lost."

Sea caressed, Gina's hands. "I pray the Gods give me back our time together. I miss not knowing your love, your gentleness. I am thankful at this time to be able to know you once more. Thankful to begin anew, I pray you will not become disillusioned."

Gina brushed several kisses onto Ann's back. "I will be here. To be your friend, your mate, and when you are ready your . . ."

Turning in the woman's embrace, Ann stared down. She pulled Gina even closer. "You are all the wonderful essences of my heart and with each beat of it, I feel closer to you."

Ann was happy, for the first time since she had been on the run with Asterea, she felt peaceful, she felt she had come home.

Will and Saxton were standing outside, their eyes gazing toward the hut. Will finally said, "That was a loaded question Gina threw at Ann. But there has not been any loud sound so I think they may have handled it well. "

Saxton scratched his head. "I am sure they are handling things very well." He grinned, then asked, "Why don't we leave them to whatever they are about in there and take a walk down to the village?"

Will looked at him, this time he held the questioning face. "Ann will be upset as will Gina."

"We don't need to get into a melee, just check a few things out. Sides, those two might be in there the rest of the night."

Will beamed as he said, "You are right. Let's go."

The two left the area, both men heading toward the village.

The two women were in a close embrace, neither speaking, but both sensing the love that flowed between them. Gina whispered, "Will and Saxton . . ."

"It is all right, both have probably laid down for the night." It was at this time, Ann felt Gina sobbing. She pulled back, eyed the woman and asked, "Why are you crying?"

"Because this may be the last time, we are like this. I lost you and now I have found you but by this time tomorrow you may be gone from my life once more. I will perish."

Brushing the tears away, Ann's words, were soft, "The Gods would not be so evil. No matter what happens tomorrow I want you to know we have a bond. A bond that will be with us no matter what happens."

Gina pulled from Sea's embrace and walked toward the bed. "If we have but this night . . ."

It took Ann but several long strides to make her way to the woman. She reached out, grasped her shoulders and said, "We have this night and every night after . . ."

Gina reached up and lightly touched Ann's right hand. "After all we have been through, I cannot lose you again Ann Bounty."

Dropping a kiss on Gina's hand, Sea whispered, "I promise, you will not."

Gina gazed at the bed, then she turned and said, "Will you lay with me?"

Ann looked apprehensive before she answered, "I will be most happy to lay with you.

But we cannot stay for long. A battle plan must be made before the night is past."

Smiling, Gina grasped Ann's left hand and pulled her down toward the welcoming bed. "A battle plan is not what I have in mind pirate."

Ann smiled. "You are beautiful, beguiling and I am but your slave lovely woman."


Chapter Seventy

Ann smiled as she gazed at Gina, she felt home for the first time in what seemed forever. She lie on her back, her right arm outstretched and Gina snuggled close. A tug pulled at her heart making its way down to the pit of her stomach. Gently touching the woman's lustrous hair, her eyes taking in every movement as she listened to the softness of her breathing, tears began to stream forth. How could she have forgotten Gina's sweet smile, the dimples that touched her in the deepest recesses of her body. The light that glowed in her eyes, when she gazed at her.

They spent moments of closeness, hugging, kissing and talking. It might not have been all that Gina would have wished but it was a beginning. Ann had decided until she could remember, she would not take advantage. Though her body spoke in wondrous ways when the woman neared, she wanted their next time together to be one of joy, a union of past memories as well as new ones.

Suddenly she realized, they had laid down longer than she had wanted. Time had past and before they knew it, Asterea would have her plans in operation. She had to get up, go talk to Will and Saxton. Then she was going to leave Gina in their care and go in, face Asterea and get this over.

Realizing the woman she knew and the woman she had taken the map from would not be happy. Of this she also knew Gina and the others were right. It was hard to leave Gina, she was mesmerizing, and all she wanted to do was lie with her, hold her body close and never let go. A soft sigh escaped her as she stepped outside. Quickly making her way to Will and Saxton's quarters.

The second she stepped into the area, her heart fell, she knew they were not there, making a quick check around the room she then headed to the corral, the horses were still there but no sign of the men. Ann muttered under her breath as she tried to figure out where they might have gone.

It was when she stepped close to Gabrielle's quarters, she paused, then went in. Not knowing why or what drew her inside. She had barely stepped in and was looking around when

a bright flash, followed by a puff of smoke occurred. When it cleared, Gabrielle stood, her eyes beckoning.

Shaking her head, Sea waited for this vision to fade. It did not, so she approached. "A lot of things have happened but I know this cannot be real, you cannot be real."

Reaching out, she grasped Sea's right hand. "Feel this? The power between us is strong."

Pulling away and jumping back, Ann replied, "Yes. I know it cannot be. You are in Asterea's clutches at this moment. How are you here?"

"I want you to know I am happy that you and Gina have found one another. I felt my life crashing when I hurt you so deeply. The time has past but this is still weighing heavily on me. Oh I know you understood but it still did not dull the pain you bore. Had I known you were going to go and do something so foolhardy, I would have stopped you.

Ann Bounty, is that what you wanted to wish upon me till my dying days and on?"

Sea was perplexed by the woman's words. "I don't understand. If I did something to hurt you, I am sorry."

Gabrielle smiled, "I forget that you forgot. I hope one day you can remember and when you do I also hope you remember my words this night. I love you Ann Bounty and I always will carry you in my heart. Friends now and forever. Now get on with you. There are two women bond and waiting to be freed. Just promise me you will be careful."

Ann smiled. "I will." She had barely gotten the words out when the vision vanished. Feeling as if she could use a good stiff drink at that time she turned and left. Stopping to gaze in on Gina, she decided to take a few moments to sit in silence before continuing on. It was hard to walk away to leave her deep in slumber but she knew what had to be done. Once leaving the quarters, she began to walk toward the lights below. With each step she took, her mind was mulling over Gabrielle's words.

Before she entered, she stopped and surveyed the area. Viewing a dry river bed, she changed directions and decided to follow this around so that she could come in from the back of the village.

Her mind flashed memories of Asterea, the two of them trying to evade captors. Asterea's tales of how she came to be with her. Each time she bit at her lower lip, shook her head. She had been so easily duped. Thankful that Star came into her life when she did and thankful to be among true friends once more. Ann prayed she would get her memory back, that everything would become clear to her.

Gabrielle, her beauty, intelligence and friendship. Will and his sister Mary Ready, Saxton, the crew of The Bounty and Spoon Island. Home, mother and friends. She had lost so much of her life, catching bits and pieces as people talked and tried to fill her in. This night when she and Gina talked the woman told her so many wonderful things, things she hoped to soon revisit.

The nickering of a horse brought her back to reality and she crouched, trying to see where the sounds were coming from. Ann had already decided that Will and Saxton had come down into the village. She shook her head wondering why they would do this.

Two men were walking near. Straining her eyes to try and make them out she listened as they grew closer.

"There are too many, we don't have a prayer."

"I'm not leaving my sister to that . . ." His train of thought was interrupted by the tall women that walked toward them saying, "We all know what she is, question is what are you two doing here?"

Both men stared, mouths agape as she stood, hands on her hips waiting for an answer.

"Well don't both of you talk at once. I went to find you and you were both gone. Mary and Gabrielle are in the woman's hands did the two of you want to make it an even four?"

Saxton finally spoke, "No."

Sea held back a grin before she said, "That is a start. But coming into this village with her men armed and ready and I am sure looking for any signs of outsiders, is foolish."

Will stepped toward her. "You're right, foolish we are but you and Gina seemed to be in a sort

of . . . We just thought maybe a walk would do us good."

"I'm glad I found you. I left Gina, she will not be happy so maybe I can get this over with before she wakes and comes barreling in here. "

Saxton gazed toward the ground as he said, "I hope you were able to settle things."

"We settled things just fine." Choosing to ignore him she continued, "I want the two of you to go back. Someone needs to be there for Gina when she wakes."

Saxton looked up, raised an eyebrow and gave her a certain look. "When she wakes and you are not there, she will be angry. I don't think either one of us will be able to control her. You may have forgotten but we haven't, she is a spitfire."

Trying not to laugh, Ann cleared her throat. "Spitfire . . . I can see that she would be. But I kinda left her tied up, so it would be good if one or both of you would set her free. That is, when the time is right."

Will began pacing and giving Saxton a look of aprehension as he spouted, "Tied up!"

They both gave him a look of dread, both fearful someone might have heard him.

Saxton reached out placing a hand on his shoulder and whispered, "It's all right, we can handle this." He then turned to gaze at the woman he knew so well. "Ann, you want us to go back, what about you? That she devil in there will have your hide. None of us want to see this happen. Will and I could stay and help in whatever way you wish. I have been through many battles with you, who will back you up, catch you if you stumble?"

She had been watching the two men and as this man spoke to her, she felt something deep within reach out and stroke her with love. He was a kindly man, a man anyone would want to have beside them in battle or not.

Smiling, she replied, "Saxton, though I don't remember you, I feel we are the best of friends. I also know I can count on you in any situation. I got myself into this, I will get myself out. Please, go back take care of Gina. If you do not hear or see me again, just know I am thankful to have you in my life."

He nodded started to walk away then said, "And Gina? What do you want me to tell her? She will be heartbroken again. Don't you think you should have given her the opportunity to stand by you?"

"I . . . Tell her I will return."

He acknowledged her words then waved as the two began to walk away. Will stopped turned, stared at her as he said, "My sister loved you with all her heart at one time and I know she still cares. If you can, try to help her."

"I will. Before you say anything more Saxton, I will do my best to help Gabrielle. Now go the both of you."

"The longer you do that the worse you are making your wrists."

Mary scowled at the woman and replied, "My wrists. Never know this wall just might give."

"I think your wrists will give long before the wall. Why don't you rest a spell, try and catch your breath."

Grumbling, she laid back against the wall. "Don't see you trying to get loose, must like it here."

Holding up her wrists, the blood showing along her ties, Gabrielle answered, "I have been, but seems I am not getting far. I wonder what the others are doing?"

Heaving a long sigh she replied, "If they are smart, they will be miles from here before daylight."

"Not Ann, she would never just leave us."

"Forget something? The woman you call Ann doesn't even know us. Why should she hang around and get herself killed."

"Have a point I guess but I still feel that deep within her somewhere she does remember. Besides I have been sending her a lot of thoughts."

Chuckling Mary stared at her in amazement. "You are bond up like some animal and you are sending the woman thoughts? Want to tell me what kind of thoughts?"

Tugging at her ties, Gabrielle replied, "None of your concern."

"Still holding a torch for the woman?"

Her blue green eyes shot sparks toward Mary as she snapped, "You are one to talk . . . Seems there are a lot of sparks flying between the two of you."

"All right, I surrender. Forget I said it. We both care for Ann Bounty and neither one of us want to see her in Asterea's hands again. Have to decide on a plan, a way to get us out of here."

Grinning, Gabrielle tapped her right foot, "Sounds good . . . Want to let me in on it?"

"Where's Xena? Isn't she usually close by?"

"Not this time, she was called home to help her mother and we were to meet up. I haven't heard from her so don't know where she is. Can't always count on Xena to get me out of messes."

"You're right, it was just a thought. We have, Ann, Gina, Will and Saxton up against Asterea and her crew, does not sound like an even match."

"Nope, Ann will mop the floor with them in quick time."

Cocking her head to the left Mary gazed at the woman. "That is unless she threatens to kill one or both of us."

The look on her face was solemn as Gabrielle said, "Hadn't thought of that. You are right, if she gets the chance, she will use us to get Ann and the others. We have to do something."

Both women went back to tugging at their ties.

Many of the men had retired for the night, some because this is what they wanted and some because they drank more than they could handle. Asterea gazed around the room then stepped up to her first mate. "I expect them to arrive here at first light, I want the men to be ready."

He nodded and replied, "We are ready. You still want those two in the back room hung out in the square?"

"Yes, as you would do a pig, only I don't want them dead yet. Better get the men to bed, make sure things are prepared."

He walked toward his men and she went back to the bar. "Another drink!" Her hand slammed on the counter as the man set a bottle of port in front of her. She grinned at the look of fear on his face, leaned back and took a long drink. Soon, she would have Ann Bounty where she wanted her. The woman's only problem had always been her care for others and she was going to use this to her advantage.


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