THE CURSE - Part Two


by Anita Louise

copyright 9/98

Chapter Eleven

Sea stared at Saxton as she said, "I'll be just a minute," Turning her full
attention to Gina, she spoke softly, "I have to go see about this. I want
you to stay here, promise me, no more walking on deck alone"

Gina nodded and said, "I want to go."

Shaking her head as she walked toward her scabbard, she slipped it on and
slid the cutlass into it. Taking a few minutes to pull on her boots, she
walked toward the open door.

Gina reached out and touched her right arm and said, "Be careful."

Sea smiled as she left with Saxton. Gina watched until they were out of
sight. Closing the door, she walked to the porthole and stared out.

Her mind was whirling with thoughts of a ship not unlike the one she was on
and all the people being dead. These things were always hard to deal with
but in this fog, it just made things worse.


Once top side, Sea and Saxton headed toward the ladder and proceeded down to
the longboat. Several of the crew members were manning it and she sat and
watched as they cast off. Feeling the cool dampness of the film as it passed
over them, she felt a chill and tried to ignore it.

She could see several dim lights as they neared and Saxton said, "Left
several of the crew here, knew we needed to have some light when we came

He helped her as she began her climb and started up when he saw Ann make it
on deck.

She reached out to help him the rest of the way. Once they were both on
deck, she stared around at the fog and traces of the ship. He pointed aft
and she started in that direction, tripping over a body and catching
herself, she said, "Guess I have stumbled on one, huh?"

He stepped near, raising the lantern in his hand and held it over the body.
It was a man, in his mid life, he had some gray hair at his temples but the
man's body looked to be one of a young man. Squatting, Sea reached out and
touched the cold face. The man's eyes gazed up at her, they were wide and
fear shown even in the broken vessels of the eyes. Reaching out her right
hand, she gently closed the man's eyes. Turning to gaze at Saxton who was
now kneeling beside her. "Are they all like this?"

He nodded, "Pretty much. Some worse than others."

Sea began to run her hands along the man's form, she was looking for some
sort of mark. Finding nothing, she stood, her eyes still gazing down at the
man. "There seems to be no marks, I can't imagine what could have done

He grabbed her right hand and said, "Follow me, we'll go below, it is easier
to see down there and not quite as cold."

Feeling herself shiver, she said, "Lead the way, I'll be right behind you."

Once they were below Ann could see the bodies laying in the passageway. As
she walked past and over them, she stopped to check each one. They all
seemed to be frozen in the moment that took them. Now, walking toward the
Captain's cabin, she said, "I suppose, you have found the Captain in here?"

He was trying to keep up with her, the woman's stride was long and even a
man of his build found himself moving faster than usual. "That is strange,
found no trace of a Captain, and the cabin looks like he just might have
stepped out."

Stopping as the man almost ran into her, she turned, her green eyes
searching his as she asked, "You found no one?" he shook his head as she
continued, "you say, 'stepped out,' just exactly what do you mean?"

He reached past her and said, "See for yourself." Ann turned her attention
to the cabin door, he was pointing toward. Stepping up, she opened it, and
gazed into the room. It was small, smaller than hers but it was every bit a
Captain's cabin. Furnished with the best they could have brought from Egypt.
Stepping the room, she gazed at the walls, the bed, table, pictures on the
wall, fine ivory.

It wasn't long before Ann found the small trunk, opening it, she sifted
through the articles. Standing, she said, "Whoever the Captain is, or was,
he knew exquisite and expensive things. This cabin's filled with riches not
seen by many."

Sea walked toward the table, pulled out a chair and sat. Her eyes still
taking the quarter into them. Saxton found a chair and joined her as she
said, "It is a puzzle, what do you think happened?"

Shrugging her shoulders, she pursed her lips and said, "I have yet to see
the cargo hold, but from what I have seen so far, I would say they ran into
someone or something that wanted the items back that are on the ship, or
just wanted the items. If that is the case, they could still be lurking

Leaning back in the chair, he said, "Haven't seen anyone. And the men I left
here, haven't seen anyone. You are right though, the cabin holds a wealth
unseen by many. What do you plan on doing?"

Staring at the bottle of port setting on the table and the golden goblets,
each filled, she answered, "Finish checking the ship. The hold, have you
been down there?"

He nodded, "Like this, the ship's belly is full of finery."

Standing, she said, "Then let's go there, I would like to take a look at


Once she had been satisfied, and had looked into every crate and barrel in
the hold, she said, "This is strange, but we both know, strange things
happen out here all the time. Could be the work of some God or just some
Demon. Even could be the work of some greedy man."

Saxton reached out and grasped Sea's left hand and said, "Captain, about all
the confusion," her eye brow's raised as he continued, "with you and Gina. I
sure am sorry."

Sea frowned as she said, "As Gina would say, 'did you know they can walk on
water too.'" he seemed perplexed as she smiled, "I know you are, just don't
go making a habit of it."

"Then you are not angry at me?"

Walking toward the door Sea answered, "Angry, no, frustrated, yes. Come
let's get me back to the ship."

As they were sitting in the boat Sea stared back at the dark hull of the
ship and said, "We need to keep a good watch aboard, don't want anything
like this to happen there. It is bad enough with the curse and that blasted

He looked at her as the mist glided over her face and said, "What do you
plan to do?"

Her words were strong, "We are pirates, and the ship holds a pirates ransom.
We will transfer it to The Bounty, put guards on it."

He was quiet for a moment then said, "And the ship?" his look was steadfast
as he added, "Might not be a good idea to bring all that aboard the ship.
Seems those that had it were met with a terrible end."

Reaching up and touching the man's face, she said, "Let's hope it had
nothing to do with the treasure. We can either sell or trade it in Egypt,
should bring a good price and make the trip worthwhile."

The sound of the crew pulling the oars through the water was all they heard
for a few minutes then she added, "Burn the ship."

Saxton started to say something but thought better of it as he said, "Aye,
Aye. What are you going to tell the others?"

She could see the ship's hull nearing and said, "Leave them to me. I think
the one I will have the hardest time with will be Gina. She has such a kind
heart, it will probably seem insensitive."

As her right hand touched the railing, she felt the strong hand gasp hers
and pull her up. Raising her face she stared into Mary's blue eyes. Once she
was on deck and had helped Saxton aboard, she turned her attention to her
friend. "Thanks, I am surprised to see you out here."

Mary didn't move, her eyes still fixed on Sea's as she answered, "Heard what
had happened and I was worried. It is enough to lose a mate on this ship but
to find out a whole ship's crew has been killed, it is chilling."

Nodding, Sea said, "Let's go below, don't like standing out here in the
confounded mist." Saxton was approaching, he was followed by the crew and as
they passed and started down the ladder, Mary asked, "Just what is going

Starting toward the steps leading below deck, Sea called back, "Below."

Once the two were safely in the passageway, Mary reached out and grasped
Sea's right shoulder and said, "Time, give it up. What is going on?"

Pointing to a barrel, Sea said, "Let's sit, I'll tell you then I must go see
to Gina."

Sitting, Mary watched as Sea made herself comfortable then she said, "You
look tired, it is plain to see this whole ordeal is taking a lot out of

Seeming to relax a little as she sighed, "And you, my friend are still
talking to me."

Grinning, Mary's voice dropped as she said, "I understand what happened, if
it had been me, I would not have given you the opportunity to duck. You have
changed and so have I. Believe it or not, I am not the take all person I
once was."

Sea stared at her as she said, "There was a time, you would have tried to
take what was mine, only to show me you could."

Throwing her head back as her hair fell down upon her shoulders, Mary said,
"And there was a time, all I had in my heart was a deep love for you."

Standing, Sea smirked, "Yeah, until the man, Calico."

Standing as she gazed at Sea, Mary said, "You know, that was a dirty trick
you pulled. Making me think you wanted me and then holding the dagger to my

Biting at her lower lip, Sea muttered, "Guess we both have done a few things
neither are proud of. Got you in a whole lot of trouble with Calico over
that one."

The woman's blue eyes flashed a warmth toward Sea as she said, "It is
forgotten, just to know you are my friend once more is all I could ask."

Sea walked toward her, placed a hand on Mary's shoulder and said, "We are
that, now about this ship and crew." Mary leaned in to listen as Sea told
her all there was to know. When the woman stopped, Mary held a puzzled look
on her face and asked, "So, Saxton and the crew were going over to empty the
ship of all it's goods? Sea nodded as she continued, "Could be dangerous, of
course seeing all that go down to Posiden does not set well with me. Jewels,
and many fineries? It does sound like a fortune."

Grinning, Sea whispered, "It is and don't go get any ideas."

Mary placed her right hand on Sea's cheek as she said, "I learned my lesson
a long time ago, treasures do not really give you the one true gift. I have
no desire to be surrounded in treasure anymore, unless it is the treasure of
your friendship."

Feeling the warmth of the woman's hand on her face Sea pulled away before
Mary could sense the beat of her pulse against the woman's hand. "I'll go
talk to Gina now," a concerned look setting across her features she added,
"and in case you are having any thoughts about her, tred lightly, the woman
is not as knowledgeable or worldly as you."

Mary watched the woman stride off and called out, "Are you trying to tell me
you have in your hands a woman who is pure?"

Sea didn't answer and Mary turned heading back toward her cabin, her mind
turning over the woman's words as she muttered, "No wonder you were so hot
under the collar, yes, I must handle this one with care."

Hesitating before she entered the cabin, Sea took a deep breath, smiled and
went in. Gina was standing beside the desk, her eyes staring at the statue.
She raised her head, her eyes lit up as she smiled, "You're back. What

Stepping past her, Sea hung the belt that held her sheath and cutlass.
Turning, she ran her right hand through the long strands of hair and pushed
it back from her forehead. Gina's eyes never left the woman as she asked,
"You look a little flushed, are you ok?"

Reaching out and placing her right hand on Gina's shoulder, she answered,
"I'm just tired." Pulling out a chair, she sat and reached for a bottle of
port. Gina reached out and grasped the bottle and said, "No, not tonight,

A surprised look crossed Sea's face as she let Gina take the bottle and set
it back down on the table. "Want to tell me what this is all about?"

Gina walked toward the bed and sat. Her eyes gazing at the woman as she
answered, "I am worried about you, you seem to desire the grape a whole lot
more than you do me."

Leaning back in the chair as she pulled her blouse from the waist of her
breeches, Sea pursed her lips and said, "Comparing you to the grape is
hardly a choice. You know I love you."

Gina watched the woman loosen her blouse, her eyes taking in the lengthy
form of Ann Bounty. She watched Ann remove the black boots that adorned her
feet as she said, "Then why is it, you seek it's solace and cannot find
comfort with me?"

Glancing at the statue then bringing her eyes back to Gina's lively face,
Sea mumbled, "Thought we talked about this and decided to wait?"

"We did, but this is not good, you cannot continue to control a crew and run
a pirate ship the way you are going." Standing, she walked toward Sea and
the woman sat up straight, preparing for the worst. As she neared, Gina
dropped to her knees, she glanced up at the woman and said, "Let me help
you, let me try to give you the peace you seem to find in the bottle."

Sea reached out and caressed Gina's face with her right hand, her eyes warm
as she whispered, "To have you give me peace, I would cherish. But, the
bottle dulls my mind, I can get through a day and sometimes a night, without
the visions."

Gina had grasped Sea's hand and was holding it against her cheek, her eyes
searching Sea's as she said, "I may be unskilled like some, but I am not
naive. I know what my body is telling me and when I look at you, it tells me
a lot. Let me ease your tension."

Sea reached down and lifted Gina to her feet, pulling her onto her lap as
she said, "When I first saw you, this was the last thing I would even think
you would want to do. You still want to touch me, after I have told you the
way I am feeling?"

Nodding, Gina said, "Yes, let me help you try to make it without the bottle.
The woman has you by your--let's just say, she has got you in a web of her
doing and each day and with each bottle of port, you are falling deeper and
deeper into the woman's trap. Sea, if you don't believe me, ask Mary." She
noticed a look come over Sea's face as Gina added, "No, I have not talked to
Mary. She is your friend and she will not hide the truth from you." Laying
her head on Sea's shoulder, Gina breathed in the woman's fragrance as she
said, "The fog only added to your essence, I get lost in your scent every
time I am near."

Wrapping her arms around the woman, Sea drew her close and lay her head on
Gina's as she said, "You do have a way of making a person forget why they
were arguing with you in the first place."

Sitting back, Gina's eyebrow's arched as she asked, "Then, you will let me?"

Sea tried to smile as she said, "Before you go get me sidetracked, I need to
tell you about the ship."

Gina stood, her right hand holding Sea's as she coaxed, "Come on, you can
tell me over there."

Standing as the woman pulled her toward the bed, Sea said, "Gina, Gods
woman, how am I supposed to make any sense of what I need to tell you when
you do this?"

Stopping as she neared the bed, her eyes checking Sea's form as she said,
"Is it something that cannot wait?" Shaking her head, Sea mumbled, "Guess

"Good! Then come over here and lay."

Sea looked back at the lonely bottle of port setting near the statue and
immediately forgot it as the woman pulled her down onto the bed.


Softly opening the cabin door, Mary Ready stared into the room. Glancing
around the quarter, her eyes searching for Sea. She had been walking from
her cabin when she spied Gina heading toward the Galley. Smiling she decided
to go and visit with Sea.

The woman stopped cold, when her eyes fell on the beauteous body. Sea was
laying on her stomach, the fur cover was laying across the woman's legs. The
way Sea was sprawled out, relaxed and peaceful, Mary didn't have to go far
to figure this one out. She stepped into the room, her eyes never leaving
the tanned skin that seemed to glisten with each movement of the woman.
Sea's left arm was hanging off the bed and as Mary neared, her eyes warmed
as she stared at the luscious breast that was nestled in the bed. Sea moaned
and it was then that Mary reached down and pulled the cover up onto the
woman's back. Of course with each movement, Mary's eyes traveled the woman's
shape. As she placed the cover gently on Sea, Mary noticed her fingers where
shaking. A smile was etched across Sea's face and as Mary turned to walk
away she felt an aching in her body. She could remember times she and Sea
had been together and had seen the very same smile.

Mary had just left the quarter and was starting toward the stairs leading up
top when she saw Gina coming toward her. The woman was carrying a tray of
heavenly smelling food. Gina spied her and waved as she said, "Morning, it's
a lovely one don't you think?"

Mary stared at the woman, she was overflowing with the afterglow of love.
"You certainly are lovely this morning. Is there a special reason?"

Gina held the tray tighter, her face turning crimson as she stuttered, "No,
no special reason."

Mary leaned close to her right ear and whispered, "You have the look of
someone who is in love and maybe has tasted the fruits."

Stepping back, Gina stammered, "'Fruits?'"

Starting toward the stairs once more, Mary called back, "I would say, you
and Sea have been doing a little patchwork. Tell the woman, I am up top.
Thought I would watch the fire from up there. The fog is thick but a fire
like this will still be noticeable."

Gina called out but the woman was out of sight as she shrugged her shoulders
and started toward the cabin. Humming as she picked up her step.






Anita Louise

copyright 9/98

Chapter Twelve

She had been standing on the edge of a cliff. Her eyes staring at the waves
as they crashed against the rock walls. The ocean was savage today, it
seemed to be filled with anger. Hearing footsteps she turned to see who was

He smiled as he neared, waved and called out, "Thought I might find you

Asterea's composure didn't change, she held a look that told the man
nothing. "Why in Tartarus are you looking for me?"

Calico stopped as he stared into her face, his breathing uneven as he leaned
over trying to catch his breath. She stepped past him and said, "You are too
soft, even the climb makes you gasp for air."

He was standing, as he puffed, "Not everyone is so overwhelmed by love, they
seem to even climb the highest cliff with such ease."

Her hands on her hips, a warning in her eyes as she glared, "Tred lightly,
you know I do not want to go there."

Calico Jack never a man to know when he was putting his foot into his mouth
reached up to stroke the hair that was growing once more above his upper
lip. "We have important things to do, as well as a meeting coming up and I
find you up here mooning."

She took several steps, her face inches from his, her dark eyes burning a
hole into his soul as she growled, "What is in my thoughts is just that,
mine. I do like to escape up here, it gives me peace. The ocean never asks
anything of you, it just is."

He walked toward a flat rock and sat, still heaving as he said, "It can be
cruel, and you know that as well as I. Tell me, why do you let the woman eat
away at you?"

She turned her back to him and walked closer to the edge, her eyes watching
the water. Finally she turned, slowly, her eyes meeting his and not moving.
"You think you have all the answers, well you don't. I have seen the way you
look at her, it is with more than a passing glance. The woman defeats you
every time you go into combat against her."

He smiled, seeming pleasured at the woman's remark. "It is that fire, those
eyes, that body, even in combat, she is close. I feel her anger and at the
same time I know what it would be like to be loved by the woman," his words
trailed off as he added, "to take her."

Asterea growled as it rumbled from deep in her throat, "I know too well of
what you speak. In case you have forgot, if I hadn't saved your hide, she
would have pinned it to the wall."

He nodded "Just got a lucky break, I would have had her."

Throwing back her head and laughing Asterea retorted, "Yeah right, and
Aphrodite is coming to see you this day isn't she?"

His face reddened as he said, "Of course not but I don't need Aphrodite's
touch to bed a wench. Now, seems you could use some sort of potion, because
it is the only way you will ever bed this one."

She walked toward him, stopped, staring down at the satisfied look on his
face. "Really? She had you beat but I beat her. Tell me fool, who put her to
the floor, who had her hands on the woman in the most delectable places? I
could have taken her right then, but I want it to take much longer, I want
Ann Bounty to know she has been taken and by who. I want her awake for every
step and I want to see her cry out my name as she begs me to stop."

He was standing as he said, "Like I said before, you have been hexed by the
woman. You will never get the chance to be in the same room with her again
and if you do, you will find her sword in your heart."

Shrugging her shoulders, she turned and started the downward climb as she
said, "Admit it, I had the woman and she had you defeated. Now, are you
coming back down or do I need to send someone to carry you?"

He growled and started after her. "One day, Asterea you will go too far."

She laughed and disappeared from view and he hurried after.


Asterea entered the room through a hidden passage. Smiling as she watched
the large painting folding back into the wall. After their encounter with
Ann Bounty and company, she and Calico had traveled to the island of Crete.
Here they could lick their wounds and find solace with kindred spirits. Both
wanting to let their bodies rest while they waited word on the stronghold.
Mary Ready and that irritating blond had done some serious damage, not to
mention Ann Bounty's crew. She felt the blood in her veins surge as she
cursed, Gina. Try as hard as she could, Asterea could not understand how Ann
Bounty could have so many fall under her spell. Sighing she said, "You did,
her beauty is that of a Goddess, and the way she seems to elude punishment,
it is as if the Gods are seeing to it." Scrunching her neck for a moment,
she started to walk toward the kitchen. Suddenly feeling pangs of hunger,
she decided to find something to eat and drink. The man was right, the woman
had gotten under her skin and she would see she paid as well as her little
sidekick. As she walked, her mind drifted to a meeting with one of the
servants a woman called Marian.

Asterea looked up from the tussled covers that still tried to cling to the
bed. The smell of port was strong in the air and her body was feeling no
pain. She turned to gaze at the dark haired woman that lay naked beside her.
She was young, her full breasts now showed signs of moistness where she had
been. Feeling a surge between her loins, she was pleased with herself. It
had been awhile, she held so much pent up desire for Ann Bounty, she had to
find release. The woman had been working in the kitchen and when she set her
eyes on her, she knew, she wanted her. It only took a few words to Calico
and before she knew it, the woman was brought to her room. She was petite
and pleasing to the eye, her form was evident even in the clothes she wore.
She was fearful of this tall woman and all the power she wielded, bowing
easily to Asterea's demands.

Her eyes gazing at the two trembling hands that pulled a piece of the cover
over her. Siting, Asterea's eyes warmed as she stared at this woman. "Why do
you shake so? I will not harm you."

Marian tried to smile as she said, "Then you will not send me to the dungeon
or worse?"

Running her hands through her long hair and brushing it back from her face
Asterea answered, "No, you have served me well. Now, sit up and rub my back,
tell me, you and the others talk, have you heard anything of Ann Bounty?"

The woman's fingers were pressing gently into Asterea's skin, they traced
her shoulders as she replied, "Ann Bounty? Is this the woman whose name you
kept calling out each time you--you..."

Reaching back and grasping a hand, Asterea mumbled, "Yes, though I didn't
know I did this. Marian? This is your name isn't it?"

The woman nodded and said, "I have only heard the woman has changed. They
say she no longer wears her leathers, prefers loose fitting clothes. I have
even heard she is possessed and has become a coward."

Laughing, Asterea leaned forward and said, "Tales, they are all tales, I
would like to think I have gotten to her this way but fear it is all fools
talk. Ann Bounty would not give up showing off that body and coward, no, I
have never seen anyone fight like her."

Marian's fingers stopped moving as she asked, "Is it true, you had her? That
is common gossip."

Asterea growled, "I do not talk about things such as that. But your words
have heightened the senses of my loins once more, come here, I need to
satisfy my hunger."


The Raven, Captain Raven Blackird's ship had been due in at any time. Calico
was beginning to worry. It was unlike Blackird's son to be late. The
messsage he had received said they had plundered a rich Egyptian vessel. He
could only imagine the treasures they were able to take. Silver was as
vicious as his father, he did inherit that from the man but that was all.
The lad was strikingly handsome. He commanded the pirate ship with ease and
his conquest of women was becoming legend.

Looking out a window, onto the ocean, his mind wandered to a woman with
flaming red hair. He could see Ann Bounty, a vision even as she mocked him.
Just as quickly he could see Silver, standing by her side, the two could not
only fight, they would be as two Gods united.

Soft gray eyes, tall, skin tanned, Silver was a comely, handsome man,
perfect in every sense. strong arms and muscles that rippled as he worked.
He had a build that would make even Ares jealous. Though handsome, some
might say too handsome for a man, he carried a manly appearance upon his
face. He could be cruel, yet, he had all the sweetness and softness of a
person of royal blood. His hair was long and black, he wore it swept back
over his ears. It was luxurious for a man, holding gentle waves that seemed
to settle at the back of his neck. When he moved his head an unruly tuff
fell upon his forehead it held a striking brush of silver at the tip making
the man even more eye-catching. He had a great vivacity and sparkling edge
in his eyes. Though he was his father's son, it stopped there. Calico
sighed, he could not understand how a man like this would be bestowed with
such charisma.

Turning to walk toward a wooden desk, he pulled out a chair and sat. Finding
a bottle of port and popping the cork, he took a long drink, then another.
He missed his old friend and though his son now sailed The Raven, it was not
the same. Smiling, he thought back to the time Captain Silver tried to
seduce Asterea and ended up using ice on a certain area for weeks.

Taking another drink, he thought of Asterea, she had changed some, though
she didn't want to admit it, she had. The woman was brushing her hair now,
she was paying more attention to her clothes and when she cleaned up, she
was actually lovely. Her only flaw was the crook in her nose and even that
had been straightened to some extent. He never realized she was as eye
catching until now. "Too bad, she prefers wench's, I could show her a thing
or two," he mumbled and took another drink. "course that's what Silver


He walked into the courtyard, his eyes staring at the men laying about. The
woman turned, her gaze hard as she asked, "You come for some too?"

Throwing up his hands, Calico answered, "No, I have no desire to run into
your fury," his eyes gazing at the men he added, "I hope you haven't killed
any of them, they are some of the best of my guards."

Placing her cutlass into her sheath, she smiled, "If these are some of your
best, I would hate to see your worst," Taking a step toward a water-skin,
she took a long drink, letting the water run down her chin as it splashed
onto the cobblestone. His eyes taking the woman's sweaty form into them as
he said, "You have to quit you know," noticing the raised eyebrow he added,
"quit this confounded pursuit of anger. My men can't take much more of this
and you have gone through most of the wench's in wild abandonment, " he
pursed his lips as his voice lowered, "except for this Marian, seems she
might be suitable."

Setting the water-skin down, she brushed the excess from her mouth and said,
"It does me good to work up a sweat, either here or in bed."

He chuckled, "Maybe does you good, but these unfortunates and those before
them are not so fortunate. Get a grip on yourself woman! You have touched
the woman, made her know what fear is, be happy for that. I need you to
think with your mind, not your," his eyes dropped lower and rested on her
for a few moments then he raised them and stared into Asterea's eyes and
said, "I need to talk to you about The Raven, the ship is late arriving and
I think something might have happened to it."

She started to walk away and he yelled, "Damn it woman! Think with your head
not your ungodly libido!"

She turned, a knowing smile crossed her face as she said, "I do, but they
seem to be connected. I'll be in my quarters, don't disturb me."

He placed his hands on his hips and watched the woman stride away, she was
so arrogant, he had to give it to her though, she was hell-bent on one thing
and nothing seemed to sway her. Hearing a moan he looked at a guard trying
to get to his feet and walked toward the man. "Got to do something before
the woman totally destroys my men as well as the women."






Anita Louise

copyright 9/98

Chapter Thirteen

This chapter contains depictions of love between two women, if it makes you
uncomfortable you may wish to read the next chapter and not this one...

Entering the room, Gina became quiet, her eyes darted straight for the
woman. Sea was still laying in the same position. Although she could see the
cover had been pulled up and assumed the woman had become cold. Walking to
the desk and setting the tray down, she turned her attention to the bed.
Kneeling as she approached Sea, her light brown eyes glowing as they traced
the woman's form.

Sea twitched her nose and made a few smacking noises then settled back into
a pleasant sleep. Slowly and softly Gina placed her lips on the woman's
back, caressing as she traveled toward her neck.

Squirming as the woman's body began to move with each touch. Sea smiled,
"Morning." she opened one eye and continued, "I'd ask how you are this day
but from the feel of your lips, I already know."

The woman's tongue was now tracing a lazy pattern as it came to rest on her
neck, Gentle hands brushed the luxurious hair to the right as Gina leaned in
for the kiss.

All of Sea's body was jolted by the spasm that rocked her as the muscles in
her back tremored. "Gods, woman!"

Lifting her head for a moment, Gina whispered, "Shh, I don't get to do this

Sea's fingers were now clamping into the bedding as she moaned, "After last
evening, I would think you would be tired."

Gina placed her lips close to Sea's left ear and whispered, "Is that a
complaint?" Her tongue ran the curve of Sea's ear in abandonment as Sea
lurched under her and said, "I'm yours, do with me what you will."

Gina had gone back to kissing the woman's neck and seemed to have no plans
of quitting anytime soon and from the look on Sea's face, she was in bliss.
Feeling the soft pull and a heated sensation, Sea moaned, "Now you've done
it, I am a marked woman."

Gina lingered a few minutes longer as she put the finishing touches on her
master piece, kissed the area and said, "You are, and now all will know, you
are mine." She had brushed the cover back, exposing the full curves of the
woman's buttocks and as she rested her hand on Sea's right thigh, she began
to leave a moist trail downward. The minute Gina's soft lips touched the
base of Sea's spine, she rolled over onto her back. Not to be stopped in her
conquest of unknown waters, Gina began to nibble on the woman's stomach. Sea
felt another spasm as she said, "Got to tell you something."

Gazing up, a look of love in her eyes and a smile that took Sea even further
than she had been. "Yeesh?" Gina spoke softly as a finger traced Sea's belly

Placing a finger under Gina's chin, Sea smiled, "Come up here, I need to
have you closer."

Her eyes glanced downward as she said, "All right but you will not sidetrack

Sea's hands were on Gina's shoulders as the woman got to her feet. Sitting
beside the woman, Gina said, "Well, I am closer, what is it?"

"I lay before you, unclothed. You sit beside me fully clothed, isn't there
something wrong with the picture here?"

Grinning, Gina reached down and removed her boots and as she went to stand,
Sea swallowed hard and said, "My body feels it cannot take much more before
I succumb to the feelings that are growing inside."

Gina stepped back, slowly edging the shirt from the waist of her pants. Sea
was laying on her side, her eyes watching the woman a look of anticipation
on her face. Gina turned, her back facing Sea. Slowly, she began to move her
body with a quiet sensual rhythm as she lifted one side slowly, then the
other. Sea's eyes gleaming as they caught the creamy skin that tantalized
her. Sea could feel her own body moving with the rhythm of the woman's and
with each move, she could feel heat rising from within. Turning, her rhythm
becoming softer, her hands tossed the shirt in the air. Reaching up she
placed the palm of her hands over her breasts gently bringing them down to
the waist of her pants. Meticulous with each button, and it was as her
fingers touched the last one, Sea jumped from the bed.

Her fingers frantically grasping for the button as she mumbled, "If it is
enticing me you intended, you have succeeded." Gina smiled, raised her arms
in the air and began to move against Sea. Perspiration beaded upon Sea's
face as she moaned, "Damn pants." Giving up, she grasped them and ripped the
material, sending it to the floor. Looking at Gina and expecting the woman
to say something all she was met with was a face so full of love, she felt
weak in the knees. Wrapping her arms around the woman, she pulled her close,
their bodies touching in joyful union. They stood like that for a few
moments, and to the woman it was a moment she would never forget.

A sweet fragrance was filling the room as Gina laid her head against Sea's
chest, her lips pressing a tender kiss. Their bodies still touching,
rocking, teasing as they lingered feeling the mounting fires from within.

Sea whispered, "You are more than a mere mortal could ever wish or hope to
possess and to know you want..."

Staring up at her, Gina's eyes bright, longing shown hard on her face as she
said, "I want you, Sea. If you still want to wait, I will..."

Moving against each other, Sea spoke, "Shh." Lowering her head, her lips
searched for the woman's. Gently they glided onto one another. Gina could
feel Sea tremble against her as the woman said, "Gods I want you, I want to
touch you, I want to take you to those heights."

Gina lips were searching Sea's, first softly and then hard, as she moaned.
Tongues passing and touching against one another like fine brushes, painting
a masterpiece. It was then, Sea's right hand glided down the soft skin, it
seemed to be searching as she stroked and moved. Gina moaned as Sea's mouth
touched hers with a building passion. It was then, Sea's right hand gently
slipped between the woman's legs. She thought she would pass over when she
felt the silky moistness that awaited her. Gina shivered at the woman's
touch though gentle was sliding unto spots that were sending her body into
beautiful spasms. Sea pulled her head back, her eyes gazing at the
expression on the woman's face. Gina was experiencing pleasures she had only
heard of and it was evident, the woman was hers.

Their lips moist, Sea whispered, "I want you, tell me to quit, I will."

Reaching down she grasped Sea's hand. Sea stopped moving and waited for the
words, to her surprise, Gina began to maneuver Sea's hand as she said, "If I
ever desired to be loved by anyone, it would be you. I love you."

Sea's face was flushed as she said, "Then prepare yourself, this pirate is
coming aboard and you are in for the ride of your life." She dropped to her
knees, her hands were now caressing the sides of Gina's legs, "Spread your
legs." she whispered in a hoarse tone. Gina did as commanded. Moist, soft
and gentle were the kisses Sea traced Gina's left thigh with as her fingers
worked magic. "Nothing will stop me now, before this day is over my love,
there will not be a spot on your body, I do not know and have made my mark."
She looked up into Gina's face as the woman trembled, "If I die, it will be
worth it."

Beaming at the woman, Sea whispered, "You will not die, but you will feel my
love, relax, let me take you to this wondrous place." Gina mumbled, "I--I--"
As Sea's mouth found it's way to the moist softness between her legs, Gina
forgot what she was going to say and cried in rapture.


Mary Ready stood, her body laying back against the railing. She smiled when
she saw the tall form of her brother heading in her direction. As he neared,
he tossed his head back as the hair on his forehead tossed around then came
back to rest in the same place. "Think this confounded fog will go away? His
voice was pleasant as his eyes met hers. "What is the matter? You look like
something is on your mind."

Mary gazed at this man, he had grown up in the time she was gone. Her eyes
staring toward the stairs as the mist floated across the opening like a
spirit. "What makes you say that?"

He was close now as he replied, "Your face, your eyes, has something

"Forget Gina, in the way you have been thinking."

He leaned against the railing and said, "Give, why are you talking like

"This one, is spoken for and I might say taken."

"You know something I don't, I think it only fitting, you fill me in.
Because if what you say is true, you best forget your desires for Sea."

Nodding, Mary softly said, "You are right. There is not a God I know of that
could separate those two now."

He took several steps away from the woman, turned and asked, "How are you so
sure of yourself?"

"Trust me, I have seen the look, and both carry it."

His eyes glancing toward the steps, he said, "Where are they, I haven't seen

Smiling, Mary replied, "I would say, exploring new territory. I don't think
we will see them for awhile."

He laughed, "Joke right? I'm going to go eat, join me?"

She shook her head and said, "No, think I will stay up here and try to clear
my head of visions that keep playing over and over."

He walked away his words lingering, "You really know how to get my blood
moving first thing."

Mary had noticed Saxton and approached the man, he turned when he heard her
coming. "Mary, what brings you up top so early?"

She shrugged her shoulders and answered, "Thought I could be useful. Ann
told me about the bounty."

He looked apprehensive and she quickly added, "There is no worry, I have no
desire for worldly treasures anymore."

His eyes held concern in them as he said, "I never liked what you did to Sea
but the woman has forgiven you and if she can then so can I. I have noticed
the way you look at her, it is past."

Gazing at this man, Mary said, "Nothing is ever past. If you are speaking of
Ann and Gina, they are a couple, I know this. Since you bring it up, have
you seen them this morning?"

He held a Cheshire grin as he said, "Went below to ask her when she wanted
the fire started?"

Mary's eyes held fascination in them as she asked, "And?"

He smiled, "No answer, not even a bad word."

"Maybe I should go check on them."

Saxton looked toward the steps then back at Mary as he said, "Best not, I
think they are busy. Sea has had so many things distracting the two of them
of late. Maybe we should let them spend sometime alone."

Shrugging her shoulders, Mary said, "That statue might have caused
something, I will stop and knock."

Watching her walk away, he grinned, "There is nothing angrier than the sea
when it is in the throes of passion."

Mary smiled as she thought over the man's words, comparing the woman to the
ocean as it pushed and surged it's way into your very being, she felt it was
a fitting comparison.

Approaching the cabin, she lightly knocked on the door and called out,
"Saxton wants to know when to start the fire? Are you two all right in

If she was expecting an answer it didn't come. Placing her right hand on the
door, she caressed it then turned an headed back up top.

When Sea heard the woman's words, she was deep into the throes of love and
had no intention of stopping. Gina was laying on her back, her eyes closed
as she felt each push and at that moment, Ann Boutny had her full attention.

Mary strode toward Saxton and as she neared, she said, "I think you are
right, didn't answer me either. Tell me what I can do to help, I need to
occupy my mind."

Though he had held such hatred for this woman as he stared at her all he
could feel was sympathy. Pointing toward the helm, he said, "There is some
hemp over there, need to..."

He didn't even finish the words because Mary had already headed in the
direction. Sighing, as he watched her, Saxton knew this was probably eating
away at the woman. She did have the right idea, keep busy, never let your
mind go idle. He smiled as she picked up the coiled hemp and started back
toward him.


Will went to help his sister, she had been doing more than her share of work
and he was becoming worried. He had finally realized what she said might be
true. No one had seen the two women for days, and the way Mary was acting,
he felt the woman had told him the truth. Unlike his sister, he only looked
at it as a challenge. He still planned on working his way into Gina's heart.

The fog was finally starting to lift and Mary looked up from the helm as she
saw Will. It was Saxton she was watching like a hawk. He was fast
approaching Will and headed her way. As the man neared, followed by Will, he
said, "Think you should slow down, working as hard as you have will not
change things. It is pretty evident, they have united."

Her eyes fell on Will's fallen face as she brought them back to Saxton and
said, "You just come from below, any sign?"

He shook his head and said, "She has posted a note on the cabin door. It is
held there with a small dagger. The words are scrawled, but they are plain.
Do not disturb, if you do, you will suffer my wrath."

Mary bit at her lower lip and asked, "That is plain, anything else?"

He replied, "Only to bother her if it is a dire emergency and then I had
better think about it. Said to talk with you if there were any questions."

Will's eyebrows raised as he said, "Kinda tough huh Sis?"

Mary squared her shoulders and said, "I'm happy for them, now, maybe we
should talk about burning the ship. The weather is clearing and we can set
sail once more."

He nodded and said, "Good idea," his eyes gazed at Will as he asked, "want
to go over and help with the fire?"

The young man smiled and said, "Sure, I love to start fires, course this is
not the kind I would prefer." Saxton was walking toward the ladder leading
down to a longboat as Will reached out and touched Mary's shoulder, "Sorry,
maybe another time."

She smiled, "There will be a time, mark my words. Sea will tire of the
woman, after all, I know what she wants."

He smiled, "You knew what she wanted, seems right now all she desires is
this lovely woman, face it Sis, we lost, take it like a--strong woman."

She watched him walk away. The mist was clearing and she could now see the
outline of the ship they were going to torch. It was an awesome sight. And
as her eyes strained to get a better look, she felt she recognized the ship
but couldn't seem to bring it to mind. Deciding to go below and read the
parchment tacked to the door of Sea's cabin, she headed toward the steps
leading below.


The two had fallen asleep in each others arms, their bodies moving in
unison. Gina felt Sea stir as she snuggled closer into the woman. Sea's
right hand, caressing the woman's golden hair as she whispered, "You have
given me a reason to want to see the day."

Gina softly drawled, "And you have given me every reason to want to live
each day."

Laying her head against the pillow, Sea smiled, "Then I have been all

Raising her head, brown eyes shown at the woman, as Gina replied, "You have
been wonderful."

Sea's hand was touching Gina's cheek, her fingers traveling the woman's
dimples as she said, "I wasn't too rough?"

Gina kissed her palm and said, "I learned things I never knew existed. You
were right, I certainly felt you," her body tremored against Ann's as she
continued, "I can still feel you."

Wrapping her arms around Gina, pulling her close, she said, "And I you. I
don't know if I can be in the same room with you from now on without wanting
to kiss you, touch you."

Gina's gaze took in Sea's neck as she whispered, "I fear, you are marked.
What will they say?"

Quickly rolling the woman over onto her back, Sea straddled her and said,
"They will know we are in love. Now, it is time I put my mark on you."

Gina squirmed as she said, "My body knows you have marked it."

Lowering her head, Sea's lips caressed a nipple that had been languishing,
immediately bringing it to attention. She was so wrapped up in the succulent
taste of the creamy breast, she hadn't realized Gina had moved her right
hand down, until the fingers, sought a very pleasurable spot between Ann's
legs. She moved her body with the woman's strokes as her mouth sought the
softness of Gina's breast.

Mary was walking past the cabin when she heard the two women, their
rapturous cries even caused her to feel a tingling sensation. She listened a
few more minutes then quickly walked away. Nearing the steps, she started
up, her mind milling over the sounds. If the two kept this up much longer,
they would be totally exhausted how much longer would love win out over
food? Will was heading toward her, he noticed the look on her face and said,
"Heard it too huh?"

She raised an eyebrow and asked, "'Too?' If you are talking about the
lovebirds, yes. I think the whole ship has heard their cries of release."

He gazed at the beautiful island that was coming into view and said, "It
looks like a good place to stock up on supplies. Saxton said we might weigh
anchor and go on shore."

Mary walked toward the ladder, her eyes glancing down at the longboats, then
she turned to stare at Saxton. He was talking with several crew members,
when finished he started toward them. "It is another beautiful day, no fog.
Will tell you about the island?" Mary nodded, "Yes, said we need supplies."

Saxton gazed toward the island looming in the distance and said, "We are
still a far piece from Alexandria. I wanted to get your opinion, think it
would be a good idea?"

Mary pursed her lips and said, "If we need supplies, better get them. I
would send an advance party, never know what this island holds."

He nodded and said, "Come with me lad, I need your help."

Will smiled at Mary then turned and ran after the man.

When the ship dropped anchor and quit moving, Sea walked to the porthole and
stared out. "Ships stopped, something is going on."

Gina had stepped behind her and wrapping her arms around the woman's waist
as she touched Sea's back, she said, "Seems they are still getting along
without you."

Turning in the woman's embrace, Sea whispered, "I think I could be happy, on
a spot of land, just you and me."

Gina grinned, "Nah, you'd get tired, before long, you would start yearning
for the ocean again. I would never want to be the reason you stopped doing
what you love."

Her eyes tender and voice soft, Sea said, "I would be happy anywhere as long
as you were by my side. The life I lead can become deadly, one like you
should not have to be dealt this."

Laying her head against Sea's chest, Gina replied, "I'll be the judge of
that and all I want is to be with you. Though I may not approve of all the
dark things that happen, I will stand by you."

Smiling, Sea said, "That is an endorsement if I ever heard one. Come, the
bed awaits and this must be the last time."

Gina's eyes widened as Sea added, "Until tonight."

Walking toward the bed, Gina asked, "There will be more? I thought once you
had me, you would lose interest."

Holding her tightly as they neared the bed, then picking Gina up as she held
her in her arms, Sea said, "Not likely and if you are tiring of me woman, we
have only begun."

Gina laughed as Sea laid her on the bed and brought her body down onto the
woman. "I love you Ann Bounty."

Sea's lips glided across Gina's as she whispered, "I adore you and look
forward to a long life, loving you."






Anita Louise

copyright 9/98

Chapter Fourteen

Mary was leaning against the railing, her eyes gazing at the longboat. Will
had volunteered to go over with Saxton and several of the crew. They were
going to do some scouting before they returned. She heard the sounds of
laughter as she turned and said, "Wasn't too sure either of you would make
it out of there alive." Her smile was deep as blue eyes sparkled at the two
women. Sea had her right arm around Gina's waist as they walked toward Mary.
They looked at one another as Sea replied, "Missed us, I take it."

Noticing the flushed faces, Mary pursed her lips and said, "Might say that.
Lot has happened."

Sea's eyes caught sight to of the boat as she asked, "Where are they going?"

Turning to glance at the boat, Mary retorted, "Check out the island, see if
it is safe. Saxton said we need to stock up on some supplies."

Sea walked to the railing, her eyes glued to the boat. Mary turned her head
and stared at the woman. The breeze was whipping the flaming hair back and
it was then she saw the mark. "Something bite you?"

Sea reached up and touched the spot, her emerald green's shifting to Gina
then to Mary. Gina started to step away and Sea grabbed her pulling her
back, she smiled, "Someone did." Mary started to walk away and said, "It
actually looks becoming on you."

Gina smiled at Sea as the woman squeezed her hand. They watched Mary go
below then turned to gaze at the longboat. Gina asked, "You seemed upset
about that?"

Her brow furrowed as Sea said, "I am, I know the island or should I say I
have heard stories. They should have talked to me."

Gina poked her in the side as she said, "Kinda hard, you more or less told
them if they did they would be sorry."

Chuckling, Sea said, "You're right, I guess they burned the ship..."

Gina was perplexed as she asked, "'Burn the ship?' What ship?"

Turning to stare directly into the woman's light brown eyes, Sea answered,
"I was going to tell you about that when you sidetracked me."

"OOPS, sorry."

"Don't be, it was the best thing to happen to me in a long time. Actually
now that I can think more clearly," her eyes sparkling, "you certainly know
how to distract a person. Seems we had a pact, no sex until after the trip."

Shrugging her shoulders, Gina said, "I wanted to help draw you away from the

Grinning, Sea whispered, "You did, I haven't wanted a drink of port since,"
Gina seemed embarrassed as Sea continued, "of course, I certainly have
wanted something else."

Gina looked toward the steps as she said, "Mary seemed upset, maybe you
should go talk to her."

Glancing toward the steps, Sea asked, "Why? If she is what can I do about

Gina's dimples danced as she smiled, "Be a friend."

"Sure you won't miss me?"

Sighing, she answered, "I will, but I think maybe it would be good if you
did this."

Stepping back, Sea replied, "All right, just remember, it is your idea not
mine." She leaned forward, placing a soft kiss on Gina's forehead then
turned and started toward the steps.

Mary looked up when Sea knocked on the cabin door, "Go away." Sea knocked
again as she said, "Come on Mare, it's Sea, let me in."

Walking to the door and as she opened it to stare into Sea's radiant face,
Mary snarled, "Won't Gina get lonely?"

Stepping past the woman, Sea walked toward the table, turned and stared at
the woman. "'The woman' has sent me here."

Squaring her shoulder, Mary snapped, "Then best you go back to 'the woman',
she might have some more orders for you."

Pulling out a wooden chair, Sea plopped down, stretching out her legs, she
crossed them at the ankles. Her eyes never leaving Mary. "If I didn't know
better, I would say I detect a little of the old green eye, lurking behind
those blues."

Walking toward the bed, Mary sat, "If you are saying I am jealous the two of
you did it and I am quite sure you did," mumbling softly she added, "so many
times probably lost count."

Smiling, Sea replied, "I also have good hearing, and you are right, I could
give you a pretty good figure though."

Standing, Mary started toward Sea, the woman jumped to her feet, her body in
ready as she said, "No reason to get all angry."

Stopping within inches of Sea's face, Mary Ready gazed into Sea's eyes. The
tension was thick for a moment then Mary said, "You old pirate, didn't think
you had it in you." She reached out and hugged the woman. Sea, though
shocked at first, reciprocated and wrapped her arms around Mary. When they
pulled apart, Mary asked, "Drink with me, to you and Gina."

Starting to object, Sea thought better of it and said, "Sure, I'll have a
drink." They both sat at the table as Mary poured two mugs of port. Sea was
more relaxed as she leaned into the chair and said, "This seems oddly

After taking a long drink, Mary said, "Should, we used to do this a lot."

Taking the mug Mary handed her, Sea raised it and said, "As I recall, it was
after we had been together."

Laughing as she clicked her mug against Sea's, "I have to admit, the two of
you make a striking couple. So, Gina is the one, seems she has soothed the
savage beast."

Leaning back, Sea smiled, a far off look in her eyes, "Are you now calling
me a beast?"

Grinning, Mary replied, "Not a beast in the sense of the words, I meant the
beast that has been haunting your every breath."

Taking a long drink and relishing the feeling as she swallowed it, she spoke
softly, "Yes, she has done this, it is the first time since Tunis I actually
feel like a whole human once more."

Mary poured some more into her goblet and filled Sea's as she said, "It
becomes you, the radiant glow of your skin, you are alive in every way and I
am happy for the two of you." Her eyes seemed to mist and she looked away.

Sea reached out and placed her right hand on Mary's, her voice warm as she
whispered, "Mare, I'm sorry."

The woman's eyes shot toward her, a defiant look on her face, she gazed at
Sea's hand on hers and said, "Don't want your pity. I will have someone
again, time is just not right."

Sea leaned back, she was tired, her voice fell, "It is not pity."

Mary's eyes were staring into Sea's soul as she asked, "If it is not pity,
then what are you doing here?"

"I told you, we were concerned about you, that's all."

Standing, Mary began to pace the room, she knew Sea was watching her and she
also knew she had to get out of the spot she was in at that moment. She
would never let the woman know she still harbored feelings for her.

Mare, what are you doing? Pacing the floor, what is wrong with you? Does the
sight of me anger you this much?"

Turning, she faced Sea, the woman was stretched out, she had lowered her
body further into the chair and the way she was going, she would either be
asleep in a few minutes or on the floor. A sideways grin traveled her face
as she stared at her friend. Sea's eye lids were drooping as she said,
"I--do you--hate..."

Mary walked toward the woman and caught her before she slid onto the floor.
Surprising herself at how easily she picked her up. Sea's head rested
comfortably on her shoulder and she was enjoying holding the woman close.
Her eyes holding a warmth in them as she whispered, "Hate you, never."
Walking toward the bed, she laid her down, removed her boots and unbuckled
the belt holding the sheath as she easily slid it from Sea's waist. Walking
toward the table, she placed it there, sat back down and stared at the
sleeping form. Shaking her head, she poured another mug of port and drank
it. All the time hoping the aching she was feeling would go away.


Gina stayed up top for awhile, then feeling the gnawing ache in her stomach,
she decided to go to the galley and hunt up something to eat. She couldn't
understand why Sea was concerned about the island, it was beautiful.


Finishing the bottle of port, Mary had drank herself into a fog and was
happy for it. She walked toward the bed, swaying as she stared down at the
restful face of her friend. Sitting, she removed her boots, carefully lay
back, trying not to disturb the woman. She lay quietly, her head feeling no
pain and this is what she wanted, she wanted to feel nothing at that moment.
It was a good sense, to hear and take in the woman's fragrance once more, it
was the last thing she remembered as she too drifted into a soft sleep.

Mary was awakened when Sea crawled upon her, she opened her eyes to stare at
the woman's face. Sea was half laying on and off her body. Her head was
resting on Mary's shoulder, her mouth pressing into the soft flesh close to
her left breast. She was still asleep and a busy sleep it was. The woman's
left hand had a good grasp on her right breast. Feeling waves of ecstasy
clear down to her toes, Mary lay still, taking in the woman's love. Then she
grasped Sea's left hand and slowly rolled her off. Mary was straddling her
as she stared down at the woman, her mind was urging her to push forward,
her body was aching for this release. Sea was so ravishing, as she moved
slowly as if in some sort of enjoyable throes. Gently moving and getting out
of the bed, she stopped. "If I am to give up knowing your body once again,
the least you can do is spare a kiss." Her voice was almost a whisper as she
leaned over, her lips coming down on Sea's. Moaning, Sea never moved and
Mary stood, turned and left the cabin, though each step was short, she was
relieved when she stepped outside the door. Straightening the low necked
blouse she wore, leaning against the wall for a few seconds, she tried to
catch her breath. Finally heading for the stairs leading top side.

Gina had a full stomach and the days of love making were catching up with
her, she knew Sea would be ready to go again this night so decided to go to
the cabin and get some sleep.

Mary could not find the woman up top and went below to search for Gina. She
was on her way to the cabin when she ran into one of the crew. He smiled and
asked, "You hungry too?"

She seemed perplexed and asked, "What do you mean, 'too?'"

He told her that Gina had been in the Galley and the woman was ravished.
When he walked away, Mary grinned, both women, had tired themselves out. She
couldn't help but laugh. Turning to go back top side, she decided to let Sea
sleep it off in the cabin. She would stay up here and help the crew and wait
for Saxton, Will and the others to return from their search.


continued in chapter sixteen...






Anita Louise

copyright 9/98

Chapter Fifteen

This chapter contains depictions of love between two women, if it makes you
uncomfortable you may wish to read the next chapter and not this one...


As I lean against the railing, staring at the beautiful blue green waters of
the ocean, she is in my thoughts. Since the day we met on that lonely beach,
Sea is never a heartbeat away. I find myself being overwhelmed when she
looks at me. My breath, my life seems to flow with this amazing woman.

The sky has turned it's many hues, I see the essence of her, in the colors
of my mind. She is so complex, yet, so loving and gentle. She is the reason
I wake each day

She stands at the helm, her statuesque form in full control. Skin tanned by
the sun and muscles that ripple as she moves. Luxurious flaming hair brushed
back from her head by the gentle breeze. Green eyes matching the color of
the Emperor's Emeralds and a smile that lights up the sky with a brightness

Her bounteous breasts, heaving against the restraints of the low necked Blue
Calcutta blouse that adorns her. Black leather pants that cling to her like
a second skin. Each curve tantalizing me as she moves sensuously. Black
boots that catch the suns rays as she walks, I love those boots, they always
bring her back to me. I pray she cannot hear me, my pulse pounds like a
raging fire within as I look at her.

She is but a few steps away from where I stand, I find myself willing the
waves to lap against the ship's hull harder, anything to drown out the
pounding of my heart. I marvel as I watch her, how can someone this
ravishing, who has royalty, beautiful and well known people among her
friends, care about me. She could have anyone she wanted yet, she wants me.

I never realized this would come to pass, but I find myself wanting,
desiring her. I was satisfied to be near, to be a part of her life until...
Now, I find myslef wanting, desiring and having it all. A look, a touch, as
we pass, someone speaks her name, I burn from within. She will be there,
this night, she has vowed and I await, once more to feel her soft skin
against mine, to know this incredible woman's love.

My thoughts go back to that night. I know she was powerful but as she ripped
the clothes from my body, beads of persperation on her face, a look of
hunger in her eyes, I could feel her fingers tremor.

I led her to this place, tantalizing, seducing as I moved fluidly in front
of the woman. She had been dealt a cruel blow, her body and mind full of
doubt. Visions of what happened still following her even into her dreams. I
only wanted to help, ease her troubled mind, ease her body, help her to find
some peace.


The first time I laid eyes on Gina she was a vision. Now, after all this
time, I find myself aching to hold her. I have fallen under that smile,
those dimples that greet me each day. Her laughing brown eyes filled with
flecks of gold and a body so lovely, the woman does not even know what she

Love, I never thought I would feel the joy and warmth again. I have been
blessed by her and now, it is all about love. Our eyes meet but for a second
and I can feel a fire burning between us, I yearn to touch, savor her over
and over.

Speak her name softly into her ear, feel her tongue as she brushes it across
mine. She knows it sends me into spasms. I long to feel her tremble under
me, yet I find my body tremor at her touch.

My breath seems to catch in my throat, I saw the look as she gazes at me. It
is expectation, heavy with desire. It has taken so long to fullfill,
interruptions seem to abound and the Gods were certainly no help. Questions
running rampant in my head, can I please her, am I worthy of this amazing
woman? I keep telling myself, please don't hurt her.

I would give up this life of roguishness, the ship, the pirating, the
adventures, just to live a safe and happy life with her. She tells me "no",
but yet I would that is how much I love her. I want her to have so much, I
have offered the woman everything and yet she just wants me. How fortunate I
am in this time and place with her by my side.

I lay upon the bed, our bed unclothed, the woman eased my angruised
thoughts, and has put me into a safe and restful sleep. Awakening me as her
lips trail my back and come to rest on my neck. Opening one eye I feel my
body moving to her beat and wish I could lanquish here in this spot forever.

My body rises to the tender kisses she heaps upon it and when she dances in
front of my eyes ever slowly, tantalizing and inviting, I cannot take
anymore. I chastise myself now, for ripping the clothes from her body but I
am satisfied at what it accomplished.

The fragrance fills the room as our bodies come together. When our eyes
meet, they seem to connect, she is my soul, my life. Her thoughts are my
thoughts, her desires are fueling mine. The closeness of our bodies, is
electrifying, and with each movement, warmth rises and soon I feel I will
burst forth, and overflow with love.

She is pure, this is her first time, I must be careful, I must be gentle.
How did I get so lucky, to be given another chance at love. This time, it
will be forever, I want nothing more than to have this woman with me.

I trail kisses up her neck to the base of her throat. I can give her the
strength of my love. Our lips glide onto one another's. Our bodies flushed
and moist. The kiss is gentle at first then rises like a tital wave,
sweeping eveything away. Tongues, playing with one another, as they paint
what's to come. She falls into me as I dissolve into her. She is so willing,
so trusting, skin that is so soft and creamy to caress. Mine to do with as I
will, it will be everything she imagined, and when finished which we never
will be, we both will remember this moment.

My body aches, for want of her, she lays before me, as I come down on her, I
feel moisture and feel a lump growning in my throat. I silently cry as she

I love her I know that now. She always trys to please me, be there for me..
I feel unfit to even try, but I will, I want to please her, to take her to
those heights we have talked about. She saved my life in more ways than one.
I was so lonely when she pulled me from the depths of the ocean where I went
to die. She has filled this emptiness and hurt I carried. Filled a vacant
and quiet suffering of loneliness I could not live with any longer.

I feel her move beneath me once more. I feel she desires it again, I desire
it again. I run my fingers through the luxurious locks of golden blond hair
that cascades onto her neck. She gazes into my eyes and I am locked in hers.
Her gentle fingers, caress my yearning breasts and I shiver at the feeling.
I am lost in love and have no desire to escape.

I need to feel her breasts once more. To experience her soft creamy skin. To
allow my mouth to enjoy them, savor and excite them. While my tongue is
lapping at one, I want to caress the other. I want only to gaze at them,
hold them and feel her hands on mine. Her mouth, her tongue. I pray this
time will be good for her, because it is for me.

I find I cannot control myself as my lust overtakes me and my mouth takes a
nipple into it. I moan at the feel as I cautiously nibble and savor. She
moans I hear it catch in her throat, her arms falling back behind her head
as she grips the headboard.

I place a leg over one of hers, my body sends spasms as I feel my own
wetness against her, I feel as if I am on fire.

My hunger is becoming overwhelming. I want to have her, I want to taste her
now. As I moved downward, leaving a moist trail of kisses as I traveled, it
didn't take long to acquaint myself with this wondrous treasure. I find
myself stirring her in ways that are pleasant and excitable, I want to give
her pleasure. She is so fresh, so beautiful I only want to show her how
special she is to me.

To move between her legs and savor every inch, I want my fingers immersed
intimately seeking and finding, feeling the warm moistness as she becomes

I can feel soft shudders inside her. Her pulse rings out. Her breathing
becomes uneven. My mouth savors her, as my tongue is on a search of it's
own. I want to feast on her. To savor her. I need to satisfy her desires and
have her satisfy mine.

I move slow, like a panther stalking it's prey and I have mine in sight. Her
body moves in anticipation. A gasp escapes her mouth and I think she is so
incredible, I find it hard to believe she has picked me. Am I deserving of
her love? She moans once more and I know the answer.

Her scent is reaching into my very being, my feelings are overcome.

Her legs lay open, her hips move forward. her desire is evident, her body is
stirring, needing release. eyes closed as she waits.

My tongue gyrates, licking and teasing. Her wetness only excites me more. I
let out a moan at the first touch. I glide across her softness, my tongue
moves slowly higher then lower. She is so wonderful. So ambrosial. A Royal
feast before me. I relish all of her.

Our bodies moist on one another, the warmth of each other peaking. I close
my eyes, I can feel her body tightening and I glide my tongue making it
heavy on her pulsating crown. I probe it deep inside as she writhes under my
touch. Enjoying the sensation and feel, I bring it back out and stroke her
once more. Her body is on fire and she can no longer control her emotions,
her cries of ecstasy are filling the room. My body trembles at her cries, we
are both so close as I savor her sweetness several more times, then I begin
to seek and explore. I know neither of us will last much longer and I slowly
move a finger, sliding it in her moistness. Carefully, I begin to move the
finger, toward the opening, entering a world that is waiting for me.
Pushing, deep, a rhythm established moving in and out. Her hips lurch
forward, as her body tightens, her breathing heavy as she cries my name. I
felt my body succumbing as we came together. It was explosive, the end of a
rainbow, all kinds of shapes and colors. We had found our pot of gold.

I lay my head on her stomach, spasms still rocking us both. She reaches down
and grasps my right hand, I kiss her softly as we lay waiting for our bodies
to come back down. As I feel her moist skin against me, I am blessed to know
it is me she desires and I need not feel lonely any more...


The story continues in the next chapters...





Anita Louise

copyright 9/98

Chapter Sixteen

The bed was in disarray, it was obvious the woman sleeping on it had not
been idle. Sea made a few soft sounds as she threw her left arm out as if to
grasp someone, it was then she found herself falling. Awakening as she hit
the floor, she lay still for a few minutes trying to get her bearings.

Reaching up to grasp her head, it was all a blur, she stared upward, then
moved her head to the side and viewed the room. Sitting, she realized she
was still in Mary's cabin. Where was the woman? What was she doing in her
bed? Getting to her knees, she stood, though unsteady at first, it didn't
take her long to see the condition of the bed. Gazing down at her own
clothes she seemed dressed except for her boots and cutlass. Walking toward
the desk, she sat in a chair that was already pulled away from it. Her
sheath and cutlass were laying there and so was an empty bottle of port and
two empty mugs.

Sitting as she tried to get a grasp of the situation, she cursed, "You
finally find someone that means the world to you and you go do this,"
standing, she walked toward the bed and picked up her boots and slipping
them on she added, "damn you!" Taking a last look at the condition of the
bed, she retrieved her scabbard and cutlass she strapped it around her waist
and left the quarter. Walking toward the steps leading top side, Sea
stretched as she tried to wake her body and prayed Gina would forgive her.
The second she was on deck, her eyes shot around the area, she was looking
for either woman. There was no sign of Gina but she did spy Mary, she was
standing near the helm her back was to her.

Mary felt the woman's hand on her shoulder as she heard the words, "Where's

She turned to stare into the rested face of her friend. Her eyes shot to
Sea's hand on her shoulder and she answered, "I suppose in your cabin. Just
wake up?"

Sea removed her hand, she seemed nervous, not mad like Mary was afraid she
would be. Biting her lower lip, she asked, "About down there?"

Grinning, Mary knew what the woman was going to say, and though she was
enjoying the discomfort that was apparent on the woman's face, she said,
"'Down there?' I trust you finally got some much needed rest."

Sea gazed at the woman, she was so self assured, almost like the cat that
tried to devour the golden bird. Walking toward the railing, she leaned
against it, her arms resting on it. Staring toward the large island, she
asked, "Are they back yet?"

Shaking her head, Mary stood beside the woman, "No, should have been back
sometime ago. Must have found something and don't want to waste a trip."

Turning her head, her eyes caught a glimmer in Mary's as she asked, "Mare, I
hope..." She started to turn and felt dizzy as Mary grabbed her, "Take it
easy, you just went through a long--your body needs to adjust itself."

Sea pulled away from the woman's hold and said, "Thanks, I'll be in the
cabin when they come aboard, come get me."

Watching her walk away, it was apparent the woman was thinking things she
shouldn't and Mary called out, "You sure that would be all right, your
ultimatum and all?"

"The note is no longer there, I need to know what is happening. I am
suddenly feeling overcome." Her voice faded as she disappeared from view.
Mary leaned against the railing, her thoughts still on the woman. Sea let
Mary steady her, she might have been angry, but she wasn't, not really and
the more Mary turned this over in her mind she actually believed Sea might
have thought the two of them did something. Grinning, she took in a deep
breath of air. She could tell the woman they didn't, but then that would be
like admitting she wanted too, so decided to just let it wain.

Stepping into her cabin, the first thing she saw was the bed. Sea had not
been idle, too bad she hadn't stayed, it might have become interesting that
is until the woman woke, then she would have tried to kill her. Walking
toward the bed she straightened the covers and laid back on it. Her thoughts
were on Saxton and her brother who had not returned yet and she was becoming

Sea stepped quietly to the cabin door, slipping from her boots, she opened
the door and peeked into the room. Smiling when she saw Gina laying on her
stomach. The woman was really sleeping, and for this Sea was happy. Removing
the scabbard and cutlass, she hung it, set the boots down and walked to the
desk. Picking up a pallet, she laid it out on the floor and dropping to her
knees, she laid down. She knew better than to get into bed with Gina, one of
them would start it and they would find themselves in the throes of love
once more. Tonight, she thought as she drifted off to sleep.


Gina stirred, stretching as she yawned. Opening her eyes, she turned onto
her side, a satisfied smile on her face. The second she saw Sea sleeping
peacefully on the pallet her eyes lit up. She watched the woman's breathing
for as long as she could before she got up. Her first thought was to snuggle
against her but she knew Sea was laying on the floor for a reason and
decided not to bother her. Pulling on her boots she left the room.

Making her way top side, Gina had walked the deck, her eyes taking in the
vastness of the ship. She was so enthralled in Sea and what was going on she
never really took the time to get a good look. Now as she gazed at it she
could see the ship carried three masts, in the middle was the main and
largest, it carried a square sail, this one she knew well. A smaller fore
mast near the bow also carried a square sail. A mizzen mast near the stern,
carried a fore-and-aft sail. She shivered as she stared at the main mast.
Not only had she been tied to it, this is where they found the body of the
crew member, hanging.

Jumping up, she grasped the rigging and began to climb toward the crows
nest. It was a hard go but being persistent she made it to the top.
Standing, she gazed out at the water, it was calm and only the bobbing of
the ship, could be felt. Thankful she did not have any attacks of dizziness,
she gazed toward the island.

She could see low and high ground. A chain of mountains that were dusted
with snow at their crest. There were trees and vegetation and she thought
she could see smoke curling into the air. Starting her descent, she wondered
if Saxton and the crew had started a fire. The second her feet landed on the
deck, she headed below. Entering the cabin, she gazed at Sea, then walked
toward the desk and searched for a piece of parchment. Sitting, she scribed
a note to her friend. Placing it near her left hand as she gently touched
her lips to Sea's forehead then turned and left the room.


Stirring, Sea stretched, her eyes darted to the bed, the woman was gone.
Immediately she sat up, her hand touching the parchment. As her eyes read
it, she cursed and jumped to her feet. Dashing from the room, she headed top
side. The second her bare feet hit the deck she frantically searched for the
woman. There was no sign, heading back below, she strode to Mary's cabin.
Her clinched fists, banging on the door as she called out, "Mare! Mare!"

The woman opened the door and as she stared into the concerned face of her
friend, she asked, "What in Hades has you so upset?"

A look of panic was creeping its way across the lovely features of the woman
as she said, "Gina, have you seen her?"

Shaking her head, Mary answered, "No, thought she was in the cabin." Her
eyes spied the clenched fist and piece of parchment sticking out as she
asked, "What's that?"

Sea looked at her hand, and said, "She left this, here, read it." Handing
the note to the woman, Sea paced. Gina's words were bold as Mary read them,
"You look so lovely sleeping, it was all I could do not to ravish your body
as you slept," Mary felt a catch in her throat as she continued, "I think I
will go over to the island, maybe run into Saxton and Will. See you later,
love you. G."

Sea stared at her as Mary handed the parchment back to the woman. "She is a
big girl."

Snapping the note up in her hand, Sea frowned, "She is that but she doesn't
know the island."

Mary reached out, placing her right hand on Sea's she said, "Maybe you
should tell me just what it is about this island that has you so edgy."

Nodding, she said, "Some call it The Isle Of Cretan and others just call it
Crete. There are stories it holds many things and one of them is pirates."

Smiling Mary replied, "That is what we are, should feel like home."

Shaking her head, Sea mumbled, "These pirates prey on the unsuspecting,
their only thought is plunder and they hold no love for pirates such as us."

Mary was apprehensive now as she said, "Gods, you mean like, Blackkird and
the likes?"

Nodding, Sea's voice dropped as she said, "Yes, and it is a safe place for
the likes of his fellow scavengers to go. Wouldn't even surprise me to find
Calico and Asterea in the place."


Gina enjoyed rowing to the island, it felt good listening to the sounds of
the water lapping at the oars. She smiled as she remembered how terribly
clumsy she had been. Toppling the two of them into the water was not a
smooth move. Of course having Sea tend to her was certainly a bonus. She was
happy Sea had taught her how to row a boat and how to stay in one without
tipping it over.

It was a pleasant day, the scent of ocean air always pleasing, now, combined
with the green vegetation of the island she found herself deep in the
fragrance. Placing the oars in the boat, she hopped into the water and began
to pull it toward the beach. Satisfied it would not drift away, she gazed
around, her eyes searching for Saxton and Will. There was no sign of them
and she knew they probably landed somewhere else on the island. Taking a
water-skin, she tied it to her belt and began to walk the beach. It was
beautiful, and yet to the right, there was dense foliage. Gina definitely
knew better than to proceed in that direction, knowing she would get lost.

Sounds of seagulls, circling over head, were pleasing to her ears. She
walked for a while, taking in the beauty and enjoying walking on somehting
that wasn't moving under her feet. Spying a group of trees, she walked
toward them, hesitating, she searched the area for any signs of life, there
was none and she sat. Her back leaning against the bark of one, she untied
the water-skin and took a drink. Sighing, she laid her head back against the
tree. She had closed her eyes and was enjoying the cool breeze that swept
across her face.


Her green eyes sparkled up at Gina. She had never seen Ann Bounty look so
happy. It seemed to have taken a lot of twists and turns for both women but
they were relishing the rewards at the end of the rainbow.

"I never realized you had such an insatiable appetite for love." Ann's voice
warmly teased.

Gina laid her head on the woman's chest, her right hand gently stroked a
breast as she said, "Neither did I but I swear to all there is, I will never
get enough of you pirate."

Sea moved gently under the woman's caress, her voice low almost a whisper,
"You have given me a reason to live, I am so blessed to have you in my

Gina raised her head, her brown eyes sending signals of love to the woman as
she whispered, "I am the one that is blessed, I never knew what love was
until you."

Sea grinned, as she said, "And there will not be a day, you will never know
it. Come here my love."

Gina raised herself and moved toward Sea's waiting lips as she whispered,
"Before I am through my pirate, you will never forget my hunger."


Gina smiled, as she wrapped her arms across her breasts, clinging tightly to
herself. She opened her eyes and stared toward the ocean and the magnificent
ship bobbing in the blue waters. It seemed to be calling her. Hearing
herself moan, she stood, her body was moving to its own calling and she
began to saunter back. With each step, her body cried for release. A feeling
that was running rampant was making her pick up her step. Muttering,
"Stupid, you came here, when you could have been with her," Gazing toward
the sky, she sighed, " Gods, Sea, I feel you still." She smiled when she saw
the boat and found herself running toward it.

A loud moaning stopped her, tilting her head she listened. There it was
again, seemed to be coming from the foliage to her right. She drew the
cutlass and walked slowly each step she took she hoped it was her


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