After the Curtain Falls

Act Eleven

by Beth Dragon and Kathleen Wolf

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Rae used a heavy tired hand to drag the keys out of her pocket and fumbled to get the tiny key into the lock. Finally hearing it disengage she breathed a sigh of relief and then worried that the noise would have awoken Thea who she guessed would be long asleep as it was four am.

"Damn wiring." She cursed to herself again, thinking of the reams of line that she'd had to rewire that night alone.

Opening the door softly, the flickering firelight and candles told her the actress might still be up. Closing the door almost silently behind her, she watched the blonde beauty as she sat cross-legged before the fire feverishly writing in her leather bound journal. Thea only stopping to take small sips from a glass of wine near her knee.

Rae slipped off her jacket and hung it on the coat rack. She pulled off her boots dropping them with a quiet thud. She was surprised that her lover had yet to look up, but she enjoyed the chance to watch the woman so engrossed in her task. Rae crept further into the room and slipped around to fall into the large overstuffed leather chair.

"Any of that wine left?" She asked in a whisper finally when she saw the frantic pen pause.

"Of course." Thea purred, turning to look at her with a beautiful smile.

"You need a refill?" Rae smiled and moved to get up.

"Stay right there." Thea grinned and laid her pen down, closing the notebook and Rae froze in the spot.

"Keep writing love." Rae smiled softly. "I can get it, I didn't mean to interrupt you."

"Before you think about wine, or food or anything else. You have to say hello." Thea pushed herself up from the floor and Rae leaned back into the chair again. Thea sauntered over to the large leather chair and rested her hands on the arms

"Welcome home love." Thea said gently. "I missed you."

"Hello my love." She smiled up and moved her hand to hold Thea's waist. "Missed you too. Sorry I'm so late." She added softly.

"It's okay, everything has to be ready for tomorrow." Thea leant forward her lips tantalizingly close to Rae's.

"It is." Rae breathed out onto the luscious lips so close to hers. "Have to have it perfect for my beauty."

"If you have done it." She breathed back. "It will be perfect."

"Only you are perfect." Rae moved the small distance to press their lips together, pulling Thea closer to her gently with her hands. Thea let herself be pulled and met Rae's kiss, before pulling back moving her body to sit down on her lover's lap. Rae grinned at the move and let one hand drape over Thea's legs as the other caressed her back.

"How are you doing angel?" She asked softly.

"Good." Thea whispered, tracing patterns on Rae's arm. "You know Cassie O'Keefe?" She said dreamily.

"Vaguely know her." Rae smirked.

"Well I have a problem." The actress grinned like a schoolgirl.

"A problem, what?" Rae looked concerned and winked.

"Well the problem is." Thea smirked. "I think I am completely and utterly in love with her."

"Why is that a problem?" Rae smiled happily. "I happen to know she is utterly and completely in love with you."

"You think?" She danced her fingers up Rae's arm.

"I know." Rae grinned as she drew little hearts on Thea's back. Laughing to herself at how good it felt no matter how soppy it was.

"That's good." Thea whispered as her fingers danced down again.

"Does that solve your problem love?" Rae whispered back.

"I think so, but it doesn't solve my immediate hiccup." The actress shook her head lightly.

"What is your immediate hiccup?" Rae smiled.

"Well, it's Wednesday morning. Very early and I have lived in bliss for ten days."

"Ten days of absolute bliss." Rae whispered.

"And I keep waiting for that moment, you know the one I am talking about?" Thea asked moving her hand to Rae's cheek.

"Not sure." Rae shook her head lightly against the hand. "Why don't you describe it for me?"

"The moment to happen, when you walk in the door from work or you come into my dressing room at the theatre or I see a bouquet of orchids waiting for me. Or I come home to the smell of hot chocolate. I am waiting for the moment when..." She cupped Rae's face. "When that doesn't make me want to strip you naked and make love to you all night long." Rae grinned at her and blushed. "That's the moment, I'm waiting for." Thea explained grinning back at her.

"Well I don't think that's ever going to happen for me." Rae growled. "And what will you do when this moment happens?" She slipped her hand up under the light shirt and massaged the redhead's bare back.

"I'll strip you naked and just look at you, I am sure with that stimulation the moment will pass!" Thea laughed.

"Good, good." Rae laughed with her and kissed her arm. Thea leaned in and captured Rae's lips with her own. Rae kissed her back instantly enjoying the contact for a moment before gracefully pulling back. Thea moved back as well.

"You okay love?" The actress asked when the kiss broke off.

"Love..." Rae started to speak in a soft voice.

"Yes?" Thea tried not to frown.

"The results were ready today." Her voice was almost inaudible. "It's just." She started to babble when she saw Thea's face fall. "We've been so good about not, well you know, till we got the results and since there ready... " She stammered for a moment. "I just wanted to put this to rest completely."

"I understand love, but I doubt they'd appreciate a call at this hour." Thea said gently knowing the past little while had been hard for both of them.

"Twenty four hour clinic angel." Rae smiled slightly. "That's why I brought us there."

"Really?" Thea breathed her eyes sparkling and the technician nodded. "Let's call." She instantly reached into her pocket "I have the number." She brought out a slip of paper.

"Okay." Rae smiled at her. "You have them both right?"

"Yes." She brought out a second.

"How about you call in with mine and I'll call in with yours?" Rae asked softly. "You phone first love."

"You sure?" Thea asked the first trace of fear creeping into her voice.

"Yeah go on." Rae kept her smile, the vague fear that always came at this time crept into her. She tried to remind herself all of her tests had been clean it was highly unlikely this one would come back positive but there was always that chance her mind reminded. "Here." She reached to the small side table and handed her the cordless phone.

"Before I do." Thea looked deep into Rae's eyes taking the phone automatically but holding it to her chest. "Rae." She began, clutching the phone tightly with the hand that held the slips of paper she smoothed over Rae's hair.

"I know angel, it's okay." Rae said in a light tone trying to keep the frown off her face.

"No, it's not. I have to say this." Thea objected.

"Okay love." She whispered back.

"Whatever happens, whatever your results. I love you." She said softly. "Nothing will change that." Rae's hand unconsciously began rubbing back over the actress' knee nervously. "The last ten days have been like nothing else in the world. The highs and the lows, all of it has been amazing. I would never take them back, and I would never ever regret them."

"Neither would I."

"Angel, shush." Thea rested a finger on Rae's lips and stilled any thought the technician had of speaking again. "Rae, I love you so much. And I want to be with you tomorrow when I wake up, the next day and the next. I want to cook you supper on Wednesdays and get take-out on Saturdays. Drink wine by the fire while I wait for you to get in. I want to spend Sundays in the park, walking the dog and feeding the geese. I want your life to become our life. Your home to become our home. I guess what I am saying." She paused and smiled softly. "Is I love you Rae, positive or not." She stopped and looked down moving her finger off Rae's lips.

"As I love you Thea." Rae spoke lovingly.

"Rae." Thea said as she turned the phone over and opened the slip of paper.

"Yes angel?"

"If it's not the answer we want..." She memorized the number. "Can I still stay?"

"Of course you can angel." Rae moved to put her hand over the phone. "Thea, no matter what the answers are I do not want you to leave." Her voice lowered. "I don't know what I would do if you weren't here, in our home, forever. This is your home angel." She moved her hand to Thea's cheek. "The only reason you leave is because that is what you want."

"Shall we?" The actress pressed her cheek into the warm hand.

"Yes." Rae answered in the same tone. "Lets get this over with and get on with the rest of our lives together."

Thea pressed the series of buttons on the phone and held it lightly to her ear. She couldn't help the slight tremble in the hand that held the slip of paper.

"Downtown West clinic, how can I help you?" The slightly sleepy voice answered on the third ring.

"I was calling to pick up some results." Thea's words were hesitant. She looked at Rae, biting her lip slightly.

"Let me transfer you to the nurse." The phone clicked over and rang twice again before it was picked up.

"Serial number please." The woman's voice asked the question in a monotone voice. Thea lifted the piece of paper.

"655 244 98." She said instantly screwing up the piece of paper.

"Name?" The voice asked as typing registered in the background.


"Congratulations Monroe, all the tests were negative." The voice was slightly happy. Thea grinned from ear to ear.

"Thank you." She remembered to speak.

"You have a good night." The nurse hung up the phone.

"So?" Rae grinned with her. Thea pressed the end call button and held Rae tight.

"I love you." She cooed.

"I love you too." Rae purred back.

"Your turn." She held the phone out.

"You haven't told me yet?" Rae smirked at her.

"You have to wait." Thea grinned moving her hands to the waist of Rae's jeans.

"Oh do I. " Rae smiled as she took the phone and hit redial just as Thea's fingers found her belt.

"Downtown west clinic, how can I help you?" The voice came on yawning and wondering how so many calls were coming this one night. Though it was indeed always like that. Periods without a soul coming in or phoning and some nights when things never stopped long enough to have a coffee.

"I'm phoning for some results."

"Hold on please." The phone rang three times before the nurse picked up.

Thea's fingers worked carefully and slipped the metal free.

"Serial number please?"

"Paper love?" Rae smiled at her and mouthed the words. Thea was moving to release the first button as she stopped and held up the slip of paper in her teeth. The move left her hands free to continue and she worked the first button free and then the second.

"876 546 99." Rae laughed as she read the slip.

"Name please?" The familiar sound of typing hummed in the background.

Slowly the actress moved to the third and forth button.

"Names Toto." Rae grinned and watched Thea's every move. With the buttons undone Thea slid her hands inside the jeans and grinned back at the technician. On the phone there was a second of silence. Rae raised an eyebrow as she took a deep breath.

"Congratulation Toto, all the tests were negative." The nurse repeated in a slightly happy tone.

"Thanks." Rae clicked off the phone and dropped in on the table. Her hands automatically went to Thea's sides and up under her top. Thea slipped her hands into Rae's black panties and grinned again.

"So?" Thea asked, holding her hand still against the heat she found there.

"Did I mention before how much I loved you?" Rae asked with a slight moan.

"I'm not sure, remind me." Thea said beginning to massage Rae's soft skin.

"I love you so much." Rae murmured as her hand came up to massage Thea's breasts and she moved forward to kiss the open skin at the collar of her shirt.

"Do I take it that it is bed time then?" Thea growled.

"Please let it be bedtime." Rae begged her hand struggling to get under the actress' bra and to the soft flesh she wanted so much to touch.

"It's bed time." Thea said definitely. "Think you can manage to carry me there?"

"Not a question." Rae slipped her hands out and moved to pick her up as she stood them up.

"I hope you have the stamina for seven days worth of abstinence." Thea laughed as she clung to Rae tightly.

"Oh I don't think that will be a problem." Rae growled as she all but raced over to the bed. "Have I mentioned that these seven days have been absolute torture?"

"Only every night, morning, shower, bath and meal time!" Thea exclaimed remember the agony.

"You are so sexy when you're trying to be good." Rae kissed her lover's neck as they approached the bed. "I thought I might have mentioned it."

"Have you any idea how hard it is not to look sexy when you are working out in front of an open fire?" Thea laughed as Rae's breath tickled her neck

"Hummm." Rae sucked on her neck. "Really hard I imagine."

"Hummm yesss." Thea drawled.

"What else was hard?" Rae questioned in a low tone as she turned and sat down on the bed, letting the actress rest in her lap again

"To be honest." Thea played with Rae's shirt. "This is really hard. Being slow and sensuous."

"I know love." Rae looked her in the eye, her breathing already ragged just from the anticipation after so long. She replaced her hand under the actress' shirt and urged it upwards. Thea pulled off her top and unclipped her bra. Rae kept her eyes on Thea but moved to rid herself of the same articles.

"Did you want some of that wine?" Thea asked as she unfastened her pants.

"The only thing I want is you." Rae said in a passionate growl moving to rid herself of the already undone jeans. Thea slipped off Rae's lap and stripped herself of her pants and underwear. In the brief separation Rae did the same and moved to pull down the bedclothes.

"You are breathtaking." Rae whispered as she turned back to the now naked woman.

"No, that's you." Thea leaned forward.

"Oh no!" Rae reached out to grasp her hips and pull her closer. "That's definitely you." Thea felt a flash of pleasure as Rae touched her. "Come to bed angel." She whispered as she moved back on the bed pulling Thea down with her.

"Any time." Thea said moving with Rae willing onto the soft cotton sheets.


Cleo checked her hair and make up in the mirror on her desk before reaching out and flicking on her intercom.

"Chantal?" She barked into the device.

"Yes, Miss. Eaton?" The girl's voice came instantaneously.

"When he arrives send him straight in and don't go anywhere. I want the entire catalogue double checked before you log off."

"Of course Miss. Eaton." Chantal agreed. "The staff is half way through. I am going over the vault content personally."

"Good." Cleo's reply was short.

"Is there anything I can bring you Miss. Eaton?" Chantal asked trying to keep on her boss' good side.

"A coffee." Cleo replied not wanting to talk.

"Yes, right away." Chantal heard the clipped tone of her voice and shut off the intercom rushing to get coffee. It was true that she shouldn't have to take this kind of hardship, but working for Angelina Eaton was one position that got perks beyond belief.

Cleo sighed and pulled open the top draw of her desk. In it was a framed photograph of herself and Rae. She pulled it out and stood it on the desk.

"I'm doing this for you blackbird." She ran her finger over the frame.

"Your coffee." Chantal opened the door slightly a short time later and announced herself. "And Mr. Augustus is here to see you."

Cleo looked up sharply and laid the photograph down out of the way of prying eyes.

"Thank you Chantal." She stood up. The girl moved into the room and deposited the coffee on her desk, while a small ferret like man in the trench coat came in after her. He looked around nervously.

"Mr. Augustus." Cleo motioned to the chair. "Won't you?"

"You know this place is eerie at night." He sat down scratching at his mustache as he laughed nervously. "But I got what you need."

"You have?" Cleo sat down her eyes piercing the little man. He pulled a thick manila envelope out of his jacket and held it in his hand.

"My only quirk is why this little chick?" He looked back at her, his eyes darting over the envelope in eager anticipation. "She ain't got no connection to anything you got your hand in."

"It's personal." A smile danced on Cleo's lips.

"I didn't even have to hack for the majority of this." He smiled back at her and laid the envelope on the desk slid it over to her. "Though some of her relations may interest you."

"Relations?" Cleo looked up, her fingers clutched the envelope.

"I got pics." He grinned at her. "Look at number one, pulled that from a London newspaper archive."

Cleo pulled open the envelope and pulled out the papers inside. She looked down at the first picture.

"Edward Jones?" Cleo looked at the private investigator.

"You betcha!" He grinned.

"Who is Edward Jones?" Cleo's eyes narrowed.

"He's one of the big wigs for a London stock firm." The PI scratched at his mustache.

"So? What has this got to do with Estell winters?" Cleo demanded, looking at the well-dressed man in the photograph.

"Look at pic two." He grinned again. "You'll see the connect pretty quick."

Cleo put the first picture down.

"Estell Winters don't go very far." He laughed. "It's a stage name."

Cleo flicked through and found the second photo sheet. A smile played across her face and then she laughed aloud.

"Oh well done." She flipped between the two photos to make sure what she was seeing was true. "This is so good. So very good."

"And don't bother looking for any evidence against that now." He winked at her. "I scrapped the bottom and there ain't even a petition. One hundred percent legal and intact."

"When was the happy day?" Cleo asked through her laughter.

"Quite awhile ago actually." He grinned. "The document is behind the picture."

"I'll read it later." Cleo smiled. "So why isn't he with her?"

"Dunno." He shrugged. "The gossip columns paint them happy and such. The real question is why isn't she with him. His class of people don't usually like their pretty women roaming."

"She's a professional actress." Cleo retorted. "Moving around is part of her job."

"Miss. Eaton, London ain't Toronto." His accent drew the o's out in the word. "Men of his blood so to speak don't usually put up with such occupations."

"So perhaps little Eddy isn't that happy with his wife's little distraction." Cleo suggested tapping the photo to her lips as she thought.

"I doubt it." He nodded.

"How long has she been out of England?" Cleo sat up very straight suddenly and took a gold pen out of her desk.

"Since August when she came into town to start pre-rehearsal and as far as I can tell she ain't been away this long before."

"So perhaps Eddy is missing his little woman." Cleo suggested as she scribbled something on a piece of paper.

"Could be." He shrugged again. "I didn't get a chance to ask him." He chuckled and scratched at his mustache.

"Do I have all his business details in here?" Cleo asked.

"Oh yeah." He nodded. "I figured her stuff was so easy I did some extra on him. Don't want you paying for nothing. He's got some interesting ties in the Baltics I think you'd like."

"Oh I would have paid double your fee for the information I have just got and nothing more." Cleo replied grinning. "As always you have done me proud."

"Well I would never turn down double." He winked at her. Cleo pulled out a checkbook from the draw. She wrote out and signed a check quickly.

"Don't push it." Cleo warned as she held out the slip of paper.

"Hey happy as a clam." He took the check and glancing at the figure stuffed it in his pocket "Anything else you need or wait for a call."

"Wait for a call." Cleo did not look up from the papers in her hand.

"Pleasure doing business with you." He nodded at her and showed himself out of the room patting the pocket that held the check.

Cleo watched the door close and then sat back in her chair holding the bundle of papers. She laughed loud and long. She flicked through the photographs and articles laughing harder with each one.

"Oh my little star." She stood up and dropped the papers on the desk. Picking up a notepad she scribbled and walked to the door. "I think it is time my blackbird found out the black hole you really are." She pulled open the door "Chantal!" She called to the young woman.

"Yes, Miss. Eaton?" Chantal appeared out from behind one of the desks immediately.

"What time is it in England?"

"It's about ten am." She calculated the difference in her mind.

"Perfect time. See if you can reach Edward Jones for me." Cleo handed her the note she had made. "Patch it through when you manage it."

"Edward Jones?" Chantal asked happy when the note came at her. "Yes, Miss. Eaton." She scurried off towards the phone at her desk.

"Thank you Chantal." Cleo turned and walked back into her office sinking into her chair she took a mouthful of coffee. Enjoying the black liquid as she looked over the photos spread over her desk.

"Miss. Eaton, I have Mr. Jones waiting for you on line one." Chantal's voice called into the office.

"Thank you." Cleo called as she flicked the phone onto speaker whilst getting a pair of scissors out of the top drawer of her desk. "Mr. Jones?"

"Yes." A formal English voice answered. "How can I assist you Miss. Eaton?" He asked trying to hide his confusion. To get a call out of the blue from Angelina Eaton was unusual to say the least. Not that he knew her but in his circles you had to know of her and that she was calling direct herself threw him completely

"Mr. Jones, I have something to discuss with you." Cleo picked up a photograph of Thea in a white wedding dress, arm in arm with a tall finely dressed man. "You may know a little about me." She began.

"Only from your stellar reputation." He answered. "Your firm has an international presence."

"Thank you." Cleo put on her best business voice.

In the background Edward had all of his staff running trying to figure out any reason she could be calling.

"Mr. Jones, I have two things to discuss with you. One is of a business nature and the other is more." She hesitated. "Personal."

"Well Miss. Eaton you have my undivided attention for both topics." He encouraged her on.

Cleo smiled as she began to cut the photograph carefully cutting round the rim of Thea's dress.

"The first is I am thinking of extending feelers in Europe and I am needing reputable stock dealers. You have, shall we say, come to my attention."

"Without hesitation Miss. Eaton, I am confident that my firm could assist you in any European endeavor." He spoke full of confidence.

"And the second matter is that of your wife." Cleo's voice was sweet as she continued her cutting.

"Theandra?" He asked thrown off. "You know my wife." He recovered and moved his voice back to polite and friendly.

"Mr. Jones, I am aware that this may have come as a complete shock to you." Cleo spoke quickly and confidently. "But as you know I am always looking to extend my avenues. My interests for the good name and growth of my company."

"As any savvy business woman is." He complimented her.

"Yes well, the latest branch I am thinking of taking is into backing theatrical productions and today I discovered that your wife is in the very play I am thinking of backing. Is the star of it in fact?" Cleo continued her intricate cutting as she spoke.

"Yes, my Theandra's production is doing quite well." He smiled to himself thinking that Thea must have been the one who turned Cleo to him and it all made sense now. "And please call me Edward."

"Edward." Cleo repeated sweetly. "I was thinking, you must miss your wife terribly and I am due to see the play this Friday on Gala day when they have the fund raiser. Which is why I had this terrific idea."

"Gala day, yes." He nodded unaware of the event but trying to cover.

"Edward." She purred. "What would you say if I offered you a private flight, best seats and free accommodation for the weekend here?" She stopped her cutting as she had removed Thea completely from the photograph. She held the facsimile of the young woman in one hand and the scissors in the other.

"I would be hard pressed to refuse." He said happily into the phone.

"Feel free to bring any one with you." Cleo felt a wide grin cross her face, as she knew he'd be hung at his company if he refused her.

"Though please know Miss. Eaton there is no need to offer such things. I would personally jump at the chance to present to you all the things our firm can do for Royal and Free." He followed up his comment wanting to make the best of impressions.

"Mr. Jones, Edward." Cleo corrected herself with a honey filled voice. "I like to make business enjoyable, you get to see your wife after months. I get the opportunity to do some business. Everyone wins."

"Everyone wins." He repeated to her in a confident happy tone.

"Just one thing Edward." Cleo drawled.

"Anything Miss. Eaton." He hurried to answer her.

"Don't mention me to Thea. She is such a darling, and I want this to be a surprise. She has worked so hard and she deserves this little luxury to be anonymous." Cleo purred softly.

"Oh course." He smiled. "And Theandra would never want to appear that she's been dropping my name around. My little dear pours her heart out for these plays." He agreed.

"We understand each other perfectly Edward." Cleo answered him with a nod. "I'll transfer you through to my personal assistant to arrange details."

"If you just want to have some of the areas you like to feel out faxed over I'll have all the information ready for our Friday meeting."

"Chantal, can fill all of the little details like that in for you. She is one of my most treasured staff members."

"Chantal, I'm noting her name right now." He scurried to write it down.

"Edward, I would love to chat but I have papers to signs. You know how it is." Cleo was quickly tiring of this man. "I'll transfer you through and look forward to our meeting."

"Of course Miss. Eaton." He agreed. "I'm sure that Chantal can fill in all the arrangement details for me, and free up your valuable time."

"Thank you Edward. I look forward to doing business with you."

"As do I Miss. Eaton." He thanked her.

Cleo pressed the hold button on her speaker and flicked through to Chantal.

"Yes Miss. Eaton?" Chantal asked.

"Chantal, I need you to arrange a flight. Two theatre tickets, a hotel and a courtesy expenses card for Edward Jones arriving on Friday, possibly with a guest."

"Yes, right away." Chantal scribbled down the instructions.

"Sort out the details and give him the usual leads of our overseas transactions." Cleo snapped out her orders.

"Right away." She scribbled furiously.

"Use the personal Lear jet if you can't get a regular first class." Cleo added not wanting anything to stop her plans from working.

"Yes, champagne and flowers in the hotel?" She questioned when she heard the urgency.

"Oh and see if you can find out who he is intending to bring with him."

"Of course." She continued to scribble.

"Stress that it can be anyone." Cleo's voice was firm. "But let me know who it is as soon as you know."

"Of course, I will tell him I have to know for the flight roster." She figured out her plan of attack.

"Thank you Chantal." Cleo purred. "Get on it."

"My pleasure Miss. Eaton." She said happily back.

Cleo flicked off her phone and turned back to the photograph.

"You're history little star." She growled. "Bringing my blackbird home to roost will be easier than I ever imagined." With a simple action she snipped off Thea head and dropped the photograph back onto her desk laughing as she put the scissors down. It was all almost too easy.


Thea moved the tall bouquet of red roses from the centre of the main dressing table further to the back, making way for the yellow orchids that had arrived that morning. She glanced around her dressing room. It was filled with flowers and clothes. Thea smiled, although matinees were hard she had got through another one and the wait until the next show wasn't too bad

'Especially not as this time tomorrow you'll be as nervous as hell.' Thea gently reminded herself.

A loud knock came at the door. Thea glanced up at the clock above the dresser. It was an odd time to have an interruption, which probably meant it was Michael. The knock came again. Thea walked to the door and sighed gently.

"What's the problem?" She spoke as she pulled on the handle and opened the door.

"No problem." Rae grinned at her when the door opened.

"Rae?" Thea blinked and pulled the door fully open.

"Just wanted to say hi." She brought the single daisy out from behind her back and handed it to Thea. The young actress gasped in surprise and the technician grinned happily. Taking the flower, Thea beamed widely.

"Come in." She stepped back to let the technician enter.

"Thank you." Rae moved into the room.

"I thought you were supposed to be shopping." Thea questioned as she slipped the daisy in with the orchids. Absently she rearranged them all a little.

"I was." Rae walked over to sit in one of the chairs by the makeup table. "A woman can only shop for so long and I missed you."

"But today is your free day, you're not even lighting the evening performance." Thea smiled at her. "I was dreading today as your shift doesn't even start till my day ends."

"I know." Rae smirked. "I didn't come to work to work, I came to visit my girl."

"Your girl huh?" Thea grinned as she moved over to Rae.

"Yeah, you seen her?" Rae grinned back looking around jokingly. "Cause I am so desperate for a kiss."

"Tell me a bit about her. I may be able to help." Thea smiled as she edged closer.

"Well she is about your height." Rae tapped her lip with her finger. "Gorgeous shoulder length strawberry blonde hair, sparkling green eyes that just captivate when you look in them, soft blush filled cheeks. Warm pink little cupid's bow lips."

"Hummmmm. Not sure I have seen her." Thea's eyes sparked. "But..."

"But?" Rae questioned.

"She and I sound fairly similar. So I could kiss you instead." She suggested.

"Nope can only kiss my girl." Rae reached out a hand to her. "Good thing you're her!" She winked as Thea sat herself down in Rae's lap.

"Very good thing." The actress whispered as she snuggled down.

"Best thing of all." Rae whispered back letting her hands settle around Thea's hips to hold her. Thea leaned herself into Rae's body and brought their lips together. Rae leaned into the kiss heavily, having been dreaming of this moment since they'd parted that morning.

Thea lost herself in the kiss she could hardly believe this was happening, it had been a day she had dreaded so much. They'd been finding it so hard to be out of each other's presence, especially after the results.

"Missed you." Rae whispered again as their lips briefly unmeshed.

"Thank you for coming." Thea breathed back.

"No thanks, I had too." Rae breathed back.

"Had to?" Thea questioned gently wondering if she had missed something.

"Couldn't bare not seeing you till tomorrow morning." She answered softly. "And with the gala I knew even that would be brief."

"It would have been dreadful." Thea admitted.

"Unbearable." Rae smiled. "There are presents waiting for you at home." She moved to kiss her again.

"Presents? Do tell." Thea said excitedly.

"Well..." Rae pulled back. "With the gala I know you have from Saturday afternoon off till Monday right?"

"Yes." Thea grinned unable to wait for the free time to start.

"Well I was thinking." Rae started timidly. "We could go up to the cabin and have a few days off, just you and me."

"Really?" Thea squealed. "That would be so good."

"Really!" Rae confirmed. "No interruptions, just you." She squeezed the hips under her hands. "And me."

"I want to go now!" Thea bubbled.

"I wish we could love, but the gala." The technician frowned.

"The gala." Thea agreed about to loose her smile, until she remembered just what the gala would do for the show. "Just think with the funds the gala raises. You can get new lights, new bulbs and lots of wires to play with!"

"Oh my!" Rae grinned and laughed. "You think Damien's even going to give me a penny?"

"Already dealt with love." Thea said smugly.

"Huh?" Rae raised an eyebrow to question her.

"One of the men coming tomorrow is from a big electronics firm. I've got Damien to make a deal." The actress beamed.

"What kind of deal?" Rae studied Thea's face.

"A deal that gets you." She kissed Rae's nose. "Top lighting, new wiring for the Theatre and an access budget with at least six digits! They have provisionally agreed already."

"Good lord!" Rae grinned at her astonished. "Somebody's been working hasn't she?"

"Hey I have to look after you. It's what I do." Thea smiled very proud of her accomplishment.

"Only one who I ever want doing that love." Rae kissed her cheek.

"Damien has even considered closing the play for a week." Thea added kissing the tall woman's nose again.

"Good lord, just to rewire?" Rae was more than surprised.

"Yes." Thea grinned happy to have made such an impact on her lover.

"You are amazing." She kissed her gently in appreciation.

"Well I don't like the idea that you could go up in a puff of smoke at any given moment. I need you safe and sound." The actress added seriously. The more she had seen of Rae's work, the less comfortable with the job she'd become.

"Hey I'm in the safest place I know." Rae held her tighter.

"So have you worn yourself out traipsing all over Toronto shopping?" She questioned snuggling closer.

"Just my feet." Rae laughed.

"Poor feet." Thea frowned at her sympathetically.

"How was the matinee angel?" Rae asked concerned. "Have you drank lots so you won't dehydrate?"

"Was about to." Thea knew this was her biggest failing. The lights made you sweat so much that there was a looming possibility of dehydration at any time. Despite that fact she had a habit of not drinking enough in between shows.

"You want me to get you something?" Rae asked softly.

"That would be great." Thea replied honestly. Mostly just wanting to have the pleasure of seeing her lover doing something so mundane for her, but knowing that Rae enjoyed the task regardless.

"What'll it be?"

"Water." Thea moved off Rae's lap.

"Cold water, coming up." The technician moved over to the small fridge in the corner of the room and pulled out two bottles. Thea pulled off her costume top and hung it carefully on a hanger. "I'll join you if you don't mind." She undid the top on both of them.

"Go for it." Thea glanced over her shoulder as she pulled the grips out of her hair.

"Here you go love." Rae placed one next to the actress on the table. Thea shook her hair vigorously trying to get it to fall out of style. "Do you need help?" The technician asked softly. "I could brush it out for you."

"That would be great." Thea smiled to herself. She doubted many people would believe Rae enjoyed such a task so much that they often did it while they were sitting by the fire talking. "Brush is over there."

"My pleasure." Rae smiled back, picking up the brush she moved back behind Thea. "Have a seat love."

"Oh wait." The actress stopped suddenly and rose again and unfastened the skirt to her costume. She let it fall off her hips. She scooped down to pick it up and draped it over the dresser. Only then did she sit back down. "Okay, better now." She happily leaned back in the chair.

"You know for the record..." Rae grinned at her in the mirror.

"What?" Thea asked innocently.

"Having you almost naked doesn't make hair brushing an easy task." She began to run the brush through her hair gently to first get the tight knots out.

"Sorry love, but you are in my dressing room." Thea put up one leg leaning it against the dresser as she massaged her calf muscle lightly.

"Oh I know." Rae's voice was deeper than she expected.

Thea dragged her hand up her leg and unhooked her left stocking from its suspender belt. She slid the sheer silk down her leg.

"Just do whatever you normally do." Rae coughed trying to keep her mind on the brushing, but failing instantly.

Thea similarly removed the right stocking. The silky smoothness with which the stockings went down the actress's legs threatened to make Rae's knees buckle. Thea moved her hands around her waist to remover the suspender belt itself. Having got the knots out, Rae abandoned the brush and began to run her fingers through the reddish blonde hair massaging Thea's head in the process. With a haphazard throw Thea tossed the belt towards the hangers while making appreciative sounds at Rae's massage.

"I could have hung that up for you." Rae managed to choke out letting her fingers linger at the women's temples for a minute, drawing little circles there.

"But you would have stopped what you are doing." Thea reasoned. The last thing she wanted was for the strong hands on her head to leave even for a moment.

"No, I would have come right back to it." Rae reversed the circles.

"You may want to close your eyes love." Thea warned with a broad smile as she reached back to unhook her bra.

"Do I have too?" Rae asked in a soft tone.

"Of course not." Thea drew her shoulders forward and removed the lacy garment completely. She pushed her shoulders back into Rae's massaging.

"Good, good." Rae commented as her hands moved down behind Thea's ears to her shoulders and massaging them gently. "You're tense love?"

"It's been a crazy two weeks." Thea replied closing her eyes.

"It has been." She agreed. "A good crazy though."

"Very good crazy." Thea agreed as she began to feel her body reacting to Rae's touch. It had become a semi-automatic response now. Just the feel of Rae's hands caused her to flush gently.

"Very, very good." Rae let her fingers dip forward a bit onto her collarbone.

"Do you want to get me my fleece top?" Thea asked trying to control herself. "It's on a hanger."

"No." Rae leaned down to whisper the word hotly into her ear.

"But I thought I was distracting you." Thea tried harder to remain calm. Rae's breath on her did not help.

"Did I say it was bad though?" Rae placed her lips behind Thea's ear and kissed the flesh slowly.

"Raeeeeee!" Thea growled.

"Yes love?" Rae questioned in a low growl of her own.

"Unless we are seriously about to do something more than massage, I suggest you stop right about now." She breathed deeply, hoping beyond hope that stopping was not in the script.

"I don't want to stop." Rae licked the lobe of her ear slowly. Thea tilted her head to the side, exposing more of her throat and neck.

"Then what do you want to do?" The actress asked.

"Humm." Rae licked her way down to the valley of her neck and then back again. "I want to make wild mad passionate love to you." The whisper came hotly into her ear again.

"You know just what to say don't you." Thea growled.

"Only the truth." Rae growled back.

Thea pulled her head away from Rae and stood up from the chair. She walked over to the door, swaying her hips in an exaggerated motion. With a grin she flicked the lock into place and slipped her panties off.

"Like that move." Rae watched her every motion and leaned back again desk.

"So what's stopping you from making the next one?" Thea asked in a sultry tone.

"Nothing." Rae moved in sure steps across the room and wrapped her arms around the now naked actress. Her mouth returned to its place on her neck sucking and licking passionately. Thea moaned deeply and ran her fingers straight into Rae hair. Rae let her hands wander down and cupped her ass, gripping tightly in rhythm to her lips.

"Take me." Thea breathed and the technician moaned at the instruction. She moved to guide them over to the couch in the corner.

"God I want you so much." Rae groaned as she guided them down.

"I know." Thea panted as she was pulled down on top of her tall lover. "I want you as much. Rae..." She breathed as her hands worked up under her lover's shirt.

"You are so beautiful." Rae cooed as she kissed her way down to the valley of Thea's breasts.

"Thank you for stopping by." She whispered as her hands found Rae's breasts beneath the top.

"Angel." Rae's eyes fluttered closed briefly as Thea's hands came to rest on her. "I really did have to see you." She looked up to lock their eyes. "It's so hard to be apart from you, even for a few hours."

"I know." She whispered as she began to massage the soft flesh and slipped one hand lower.

Rae kissed her way wetly across Thea's right breast. Thea's body was alive and any trace of tiredness that had been there was now gone. Rae drew Thea's firm nipple into her mouth and sucked hard. The actress gasped in appreciation.

Inside her head Rae laughed at herself. She had no real concern if she ever got undressed. Her only want and focus was to ravage the gorgeous woman she loved into fits of pleasure.

"Tell me what you want?" Rae raised her lips from her task only briefly.

"ESTELL, DAMIEN NEEDS TO SEE US!" The loud call came from the door suddenly.

Thea looked at Rae, her eyes wild, her breathing only short needy gasps.


Thea recognized that it was Ken's voice. No doubt Damien had called a pre-gala meeting. A pained expression flashed across her face.

"I have to..." Thea began, hating that she had to do this now.

"I know love, let me fade in the background." Rae reluctantly lay back against the couch.

"No." Thea argued briefly as she drew herself off Rae. She reached up and pulled a dressing gown from the hangers and slipped it on. Quickly drawing around the tie to close it over herself.

Rae moved off to stand out of any possible view of the door. The last thing she wanted was to force the issue of 'them' around the Theatre and make Thea the brunt of every cast members inquisitions. Thea then bent down and picked up a blanket that was folded neatly under the hangers.


"I'M COMMING!" Thea called back agitated. "You!" She said in hushed tone to Rae, her eyes smiling despite her annoyance. Rae looked at her confused when Thea held out the blanket to her. "Get your clothes off, and be on that couch, under that blanket ready for me." Rae laughed and nodded at her. "Naked, ready and waiting for when I get back." She released the blanket and walked to the door.

"You better hurry." Rae grinned. "If someone wanders in here they may get the wrong idea." She whispered.

"I love you." Thea breathed as she undid the lock on the door.

"I love you." Rae returned the heartfelt truth.

"Naked remember." She added with a grin before slipping out.

"As you can see Ken I was naked..." She walked away from the room down the hall. She didn't want anyone near her room, not with what was to be waiting for her when this meeting was over. She swore her mouth watered with the mere idea.

"Sorry Estell." He grinned. "But Damien wants us ASAP!"

"Humm I nearly didn't put the robe on." Thea forced herself not to sound too sarcastic.

"Hey you can get back to rest and relax as soon as Damien stops ranting." He kept smiling at her. "He's really worked up about the gala."

"If this is going to be a 'be nice to the money men chat' I am going to be so pissed!" Thea growled angrily.

"I'm sure your girlfriend will still be waiting for you." He added softly without any malice.

Thea stopped her march and looked at her co-star.

"Just what is it you think you know Ken?" She asked carefully.

"Estell, what I know or do not know is irrelevant. The truth is the only thing I care about is the play and if you're happy then the show does better." He smiled at her warmly.

"Ken, please." Thea placed a gentle hand on his arm. "I don't doubt that for a second, but what do you know?" Her voice became serious. "Ken, it's important."

"I know a little bit more than the majority cause I don't do so much talking as I do watching." He winked at her. "I know about you and Cassie. Mostly cause I noticed her going into your dressing room a little while ago."

"Who else knows?" She breathed as she closed her eyes briefly.

"No one else knows Estell." He reassured her. "Just rumors and such, I don't feed them it's not my interest. If you want to know, the word is you're just amusing yourself with the tall, dark and dangerous girl and that as soon as the play is over." He made a little gesture across his throat.

"Ken I..." Thea stopped in mid-sentence.

"Estell, I can tell it's more than that." He smiled again. "You've never looked so happy."

"Thank you for coming to get me, if Michael had it would have been terrible." Thea was honest. "And Ken, I am happy but..." Again she stopped unsure of what she was about to say or admit. Eventually she managed to look him in the eye. "Ken." She whispered her voice incredibly low. "I need you to do something for me."

"Yes Estell?" Ken asked genuinely.

"Please what ever you do." Her voice sincere. "Don't tell Damien."

"Wouldn't dream of it Estell." He shook his head. "Damien doesn't need to know anything other than what goes on in the play and as far as I'm concerned your personal life is just that."

"Thank you Ken." She paused and managed a weak smile. "Really, thank you."

"You're welcome." He nodded sincerely. "Let's go and let Damien rant on so you can get back to her." He smiled his voice soft.

"The sooner the better!" She agreed.

"I agree." He laughed. "And all I have waiting for me is a good book."

"But that's better than a Damien rant!" Thea laughed looping her arm through her stage husband's.

"Much better." He took her arm happily. "Let's get this over with!"

"You should find yourself a nice man Ken...." She jabbered happily as they continued down the corridor.

"Who me?" He looked at her and blushed. "Looks like we both do a bit of watching." He squeezed her arm and smiled as they walked off.


Rae sat down on the couch and dropped the blanket beside her. Sure Thea had told her naked and under the blanket when she got back but a lot of questions remained. Like how long before she got back? Who the hell might come to the door or to her horror even come in before that? Who might come back to the room with Thea? And if someone did how in god's name was she going to explain being butt naked on the actress' couch.

The vague memory of the moment that Cleo had walked in on them flashed into her mind making her realize that the actress hadn't been worried about such things. Not even after Cleo's barging in.

"Okay angel." Rae pulled the top up over her head. "What Thea wants, Thea gets." She moved to undo her boots and slip them off.


"You'll understand if I don't say come in." Thea looked at Ken with a smile.

Rae stiffened under the blanket when she heard Thea make reference to someone else. She hoped to crawl completely beneath it if possible. The actress put one hand on the door handle.

"I understand." He blew her a kiss. "Got my book waiting patiently for me." He smiled and walked off.

"Oh, hi Sylvia!" Thea grinned madly to herself as she looked down the empty corridor. "You want to chat?" She added hardly managing to prevent herself laughing.

"Oh shit!" Rae cursed to herself then listened carefully, surprised when she heard no response from the normally loud woman. She came out from under the blanket a little as her worry eased.

"Well, if you don't want to say anything out here." Thea went on. "Come inside. We can sit on the couch and talk about whatever it is." She couldn't help but laugh when she said the word couch.

The couch reference made Rae realize she was being had. Thea opened the door and slipped inside making sure to lock it behind her. The technician moved to stretch out letting the blanket only cover a minimum area of her body.

"You are evil!" Rae grinned at her from her spot.

"How many seconds did I have you worried for?" Thea giggled.

"All of them." Rae shook her head. "Did you enjoy that?" The actress nodded eagerly.

"God you look good." Her voice went deeper as Thea unfastened her robe and let it slip form her shoulders. She walked slowly across the room.

"So do you." Rae's voice came back huskily as the robe slipped off. "Missed you." She lifted the blanket up to invite her lover under it.

"Still want to make wild passionate love to me?" Thea asked as she came to the sofa.

"Always!" Rae growled as the actress took hold of the other end of the blanket and tugged it hard and sharp. It snapped out of the tall woman's grip leaving her naked. "Don't like the blanket?" She asked playfully.

"Don't need it." Thea replied and she tossed it on the floor. Nimbly she climbed on top of Rae where the blanket had been.

"Just need you and me." Rae agreed in a deep tone as Thea took its place.

"Would you rather have it than me?" She asked kissing Rae's collarbone.

"I rather you than anything on earth." Rae added wrapping her arms around to spread her hands on Thea's back.

"We have twenty minuets before I have to start getting ready." Thea moved down to kiss Rae's breasts a little less than gently. "What can you do for me in twenty minutes?"

"Whatever you want." Rae moved her hands down to Thea's ass and pulled her closer. "Whatever you need."

"I want and I need you." Thea replied changing breasts.

"You have me." Rae moaned bringing her hand around Thea's hips caressing them roughly before they both came to rest in damp curls and caressed with an urgent softness.

"I want you to make love to me as if this were the first and last time you could ever do it." Thea breathed against Rae's skin pressing herself down into Rae's hands.

"As you wish." Rae moaned as she used one hand to open Thea up to the fingers of the other. Rae raised her knees at the same time to force Thea's legs apart and took the actress' weight onto her.

Thea continued to ravage Rae's upper body with kisses and licks, sucking and teasing roughly. She let Rae move her, her mind completely focused on pleasure and passion. Rae slid her fingers through the length of Thea's wetness pressing down hard to increase the friction despite the incredible slickness she found there.

Thea gripped onto her lover as hard as she could. She continued to kiss her body, though her intentions slowed as the ripples of pleasure inside her increased and she was distracted from her task.

Rae moved her free hand under the other, concentrating the movements of its fingers on Thea's centre. Her other hand continued its hard rough motion and periodically drove her swirling fingers hard against the woman's throbbing clit.

Thea moaned into Rae's chest, her own actions abandoned as she began moving herself against Rae's hand. Rotating her hips, pushing down she could feel her full body flush as her heart pounded in her ears.

Rae let the motion of her hand carry her fingers inside Thea only slightly, swirling them against the motion of her hips and driving her other fingers down hard as they tried to rub in their own independent frenzy. She had closed her eyes, doing all of this by feel alone. The feel of Thea's wetness running down her hand and legs combined with the driving motion of the woman's hips into her own drove her mad and she heard herself start panting for breath.

Thea breathed heavily against Rae's flesh, her hips thrusting forward hard as her body began aching for release. Her mind lost all coherence settling into the pleasure. She hoped the flutters of her muscles around the technician's fingers would urge Rae to move them inside completely.

"Yesss!" Thea gasped when Rae finally entered her. The technician braced her wrist in the tight confined area against her legs as the motion of the actress' hips drove her fingers in and out without effort. Thea accidentally bit down on the soft flesh at the swell of Rae's breast. Rae let out a brief yelp of pain. It quickly turned into a pleasured moan as Thea instantly kissed the area and licked it better.

Rae's eyes snapped open and she growled as she watched her lover tend to the area. In response she moved her hand further into the actress each time her hips retracted back.

With a semi-controlled smile Thea began to trail her tongue up Rae's skin, brushing her breasts lightly over the other woman's skin Thea licked up Rae's body to her neck, straightening out her own body and allowing Rae's hand to enter her further. She flattened her hips out against Rae's stomach. When she reached Rae's neck, she kissed it passionately. Rae gave a sultry smile as she felt Thea repositioning.

"Thank you." Rae growled as she stretched her arm out and was able to take the bend out of her wrist and drive her fingers and palm up further into Thea, setting a new faster pace.

Thea wasn't able to respond as she continued to flex her hips leaving damp trails were she brushed against the technician's stomach. Rae rocked her hips upwards against Thea trying to satiate the burning there but still keep her concentration on what her hands were doing.

Thea knew that her arms weren't very long but she also worked out that her lover was some what scrunched up on the couch. With effort she slid her arm down Rae's body and underneath her own seeking the heat between her lover's long legs.

Rae increased the speed of the both her hands, somewhat registering the movement of Thea's arm down between them. Bringing her body down a little, Thea pushed herself down harder onto Rae's hands. Doubly rewarded when her own fingertips found Rae's damp curls. She let her fingers play there for a while, happy to hear her lover groan as her fingers inched deeper.

With her fingers at full stretch, she realized there that was no way in this position she could do what she really wanted. Lifting up her hips a little to encourage Rae to do like wise, she hoped to maneuver her hand down further.

The shift caused Rae to slightly alter the path of her moving hand, her palm ricocheting off the
bone of her hip and drove fingers deeper into Thea still.

Thea had no choice but to pull back as Rae pushed further inside her. She gasped and called out as her lover's fingers pressed against her deep and high. They reached into a place that Thea had never experienced touch before.

"I love you." Rae whispered hoarsely, watching and memorizing every feeling as it flashed over Thea's face. The actress nodded wordlessly and with a sudden action she pulled both hands up to Rae's shoulders and grabbed them tightly as she pushed down even harder. Tipping her head back, she cried out as the hard climax rocked her.

Rae braced to meet her movement, staying still inside for a heartbeat before forcing her hand out and then in deep again. She repeated the motion in a slow rhythm against Thea's contracting muscles. Using the leverage she had in her new position the woman's hips lifted up and down easily to meet her, panting as orgasm merged into orgasm.

Rae heard her own ragged breathing mixing with that of her lover's. She dug her head back heavy into the couch as the build within herself shot flares of pleasure up her back as they rocked in unison on the couch.

"Rae please!" Thea gripped Rae's shoulders harder, her inner muscles clenching as she felt the couch rock. "We need to..." She could not stop the motion of her hips or the bolts of pleasure that took her thought away.

"What angel?" Rae questioned in a thick voice, licking her lips. She shifted the position of her hand, turning her wrist around as her fingers were inside. She rocked up against Thea's motion without thought. Braced up on her feet, they both arched off the couch slightly. The full weight of the woman resting on her helped her focus.

"Oh Godddddd!" Thea groaned as more hot fluid flowed from her over Rae's hand.

"What Thea?" Rae asked again, not wanting to let any desire her lover had left unfulfilled.

"Harder!" She pleased without conscious thought. "Deeper!"

Rae moved quickly to do as she was asked, pushing herself down a bit further to gain leverage with her hand. She shifted her leg to use its movement to drive her hand hard and deeply into her lover.

"Yes." Thea breathed in ecstasy. "Yes, yes!" She panted, pushing herself further upright and down harder still.

Rae focused on each individual thrust. The pleasure on Thea's face waved off any fear that she was hurting the small woman with her force. Thea responded to each move with a moan or a word of pleasure. The technician worked her foot down against the frame of the couch and used this brace to drive harder and even deeper than before.

Thea lost herself in blinding white light as an explosion of pleasure flashed in through her body and mind. She hoped Rae had picked up on it before it had hit and had been prepared for the flood that undoubtedly accompanied her release. Thea's arms became suddenly weak and they buckled sending Thea toppling onto Rae's chest. Panting and gasping for each and every breath her insides shook and spasmed.

Rae growled at the flood of her lover's release, lost in the intensity of it. The shudder of the small woman falling on her drove her back down into the couch and with that her fight for control ended. Her insides locked tight before releasing in an endless wave of spasms. She groaned loud and hard though her hand never lost its rhythm. Thea registered Rae's groan as the first thing in the outside world that she was aware of after her explosion.

"Please Rae stop." She managed too breathe and the hand within her ceased instantly though its owner struggled to come back out of the haze of her own orgasm. Thea's muscles grasped at Rae's hand even though she had stopped. The actress tried desperately to calm herself or at least stop the desire flowing through her from being so overwhelming.

Rae's breath was nothing but thick choked pants as she closed her eyes trying to still her breathing and not concentrate on the intoxicating feeling of Thea around her fingers. She knew her own release hadn't been complete and she was left in that desperate holding pattern as her body hit a plateau in its response.

"I want more." Thea said before she could stop herself. Rae swallowed and opened her eyes, her hand starting a slow deep soft rhythm, moving easily in its soaked surroundings. The actress' hips moved slowly in an automatic response, but she shook her head.

"Not up here." She managed to control her hip movements.

"Where love?" Rae asked too confused by the growing sparkling numbness up the back of her head.

"Come out." Thea drawled her words out, the fire inside her flaring as Rae slowly removed her hand to follow every instruction without thought. She used ever ounce of her strength to move off Rae and onto the floor. She rolled onto her back and her hips rose off the cold tile slightly in a slow necessary rhythm.

"Here." She whispered, watching her lover take a deep breath and crawl towards her. Rae growled though a wide toothy smile as she crawled up over the actress and dragged her knee up between Thea's legs to replace where her hand had been.

"But Rae..." Thea used every inch of her self-control to fight the pleasure she felt as Rae's knee pushed against her heated centre.

"Yes angel?" Rae questioned halting her motion.

"This time it's my treat." She spoke slowly, pleased with the inquisitive eyebrow that rose on her partner's face. "Turn round." She instructed knowing Rae would without question. "One knee either side my head." She breathed hard unsure she would be able to keep control. Rae moved quickly to where she was asked to be.

"Now brace yourself up on you hands and knees." Thea growled her last instruction.

The noise from Thea's lips made Rae tremble as her movement to the new position made a twinge of pain flare through the bite on her chest. She managed to brace herself as Thea asked but felt the strain of recent moments in her arms and hands.

With her own inside's fluttering Thea leaned up a little and drew her tongue in a long wet line down the full length of Rae's slick heated centre. The kneeling woman tried to take a deep breath but for a long moment the attempt locked in her throat frozen only to be melted by the pure shot of heat that raced up through ever muscle and nerve in her. Thea reached up with her hands, round the back of Rae's thighs and gently pulling her lover's hot mound closer to repeat the long wet lick.

Rae was led down before she even registered the request and with the repeat of the motion she threw her head back looking up toward the ceiling. Thea moved her tongue quickly and specifically, moving deeply first and then shallowly, licking and tasting.

The braced woman's shoulders locked as her back arched up causing her hips to angle down further. As Rae pushed down Thea pushed up sucking this time, driving her tongue higher.

"Oh God Thea!" The high almost scared voice came as the numbness in Rae's back and head exploded back again to pure raw pleasure.

Mini waves began between her own legs as Thea continued her oral exploration. She worked up a rhythm of deep long strokes. Sucking and nuzzling, she lost herself in the feel and taste of Rae's body.

"Thea, I..." She tried to warn her lover as she felt the build get too much to ever hope to be contained. The actress pressed on harder when she heard the plea, wanting so much for her partner to have the same hard wonderful release that she had.

The first flair of pleasure seemed to split Rae open as her knees widened and a deep husky groan escaped her as she threw back her head again. Thea gripped Rae's legs tighter and forced her tongue higher. The technician felt her elbows almost give out but caught them before she fell. Thea could feel the body she pleasured building hard and fast as she worked her tongue and mouth. She pulled back just a little and then with a slow deliberate move she blew a constant stream of cool air across the full length of Rae's heated centre.

Again Rae's breath caught as the contrasting temp of the air sent a stiff contraction through every one of her muscles. Thea repeated the action as she drew one hand up between Rae's legs and carefully opening Rae's outer lips, she blew a third time. A shudder rocked through Rae's entire body.

"Thea?" Her voice begged though it asked no question.

"Again?" Thea breathed not moving her mouth in the slightest her words spoken into her lover's centre. A wordless mumble tried to give agreement and voice her body's want. Thea spread her fingers a little more revealing Rae's deep pink rose and she blew on it lightly. Another deep long shudder ran through Rae from the breath. Then in a swift easy motion, Thea pressed the two fingers she wasn't using inside Rae's body.

"Oh Thea!" She groaned as her insides clamped around the fingers instantly, already contracting in spasms though the build within her refused to break.

Thea moved her hand, twisting it so that her thumb rubbed on the outside as she moved the two fingers inside. Thea maintained the gentle blowing as she increased the pace and depth of her fingers. She found herself having to push quite hard against Rae's strong muscles.

"Come on my love." Thea coaxed in between breaths.

The gentle encouragement seemed to be the last ingredient needed as the solid foundation of pleasure within Rae broke open suddenly in waves of liquid, spasms, shudders and groans. She rocked back and forth against the movement of Thea's hand.

"God Theeeeaaaaaa!" Rae moaned as shudder after shudder when through her.

"THIRTY MINUTES TO STAGE CALL MISS. WINTERS!" The yell came from behind the locked door, accompanied by a light rap on the wood. "THIRTY MINUTES!"

Thea instantly stopped her hand and moved her head back down to the floor. A feeling of panic flooded her eyes as her nerves momentarily forgot that she'd locked the door. She pulled her hand completely free and held her breath. Rae groaned and fell off to one side on the floor. Tying to calm the fury inside her Rae turned onto her side.

"Looks like we ran out of time, we have to get you ready for the show angel." Rae panted out the words. They came a bit easier as her spent body shivered and she moved onto her back taking deep ragged heaves. Thea let go of her held breath and propped herself up on one elbow. She looked at her flushed lover with a smile spreading across her face before it turned into a grin and then was joined by a light chuckle.

"What's so funny?" Rae asked with a smile as she shifted her weight and slid up to be face to face with her lover.

"Nothing." She looked at her partner lovingly. "Everything." She whispered laughing again a little.

Rae nodded her agreement as she leaned in and brushed their lips together.

"Stay." She whispered into the kiss, as a serious look came to her eye. "Watch me." She raised a hand to Rae's cheek.

"Nowhere I'd rather be." Rae smiled at her softly and moved her hand over Thea's to press it gently into her cheek.

"No, I mean it Rae." Thea said seriously. "I mean watch ME. Don't watch the play, don't look at the lights, don't think about the shadows and the staging. Watch me. Watch me be a star. A star that shines for you and for you alone."

"I will watch only you." She spoke gently. "Nothing else my love. Only my little star." She whispered the words in the most loving tone.

"I love you." Thea whispered.

"I love you my star." Rae whispered back.

"On with the show." Thea said bravely as she moved up to stand.

"Anything I can do to help you get ready?" Rae asked trying to be helpful. "Or would it be easier if I slip out and let you prepare?"

"I think the latter love." Thea admitted honestly, hoping her lover wouldn't be hurt.

"I don't want to go, but I know you have to focus." She smiled. "And I have to get to my seat in time for your entrance."

"Put them on and slip out would you." She asked sweetly as she handed Rae her clothes. The tall woman moved over and kissed her quickly and brashly. Taking the clothes, she moved to the couch and quickly redressed. Smiling wide as the tendrils of pleasure still raced through her electrified body.

"I'll be looking for you." Thea said as she put on her costume.

"Middle tunnel entrance to the orchestra seating." Rae gave her a clue. "I won't be in the shadow so you can see me. Come see me before you head home?" She asked as she finished with her boots and swayed over to where Thea was dressing.

"I want an honest review afterwards." Thea grinned.

"Always honest angel." Rae grinned back.

"I know." Thea smiled. "Now get out!" She laughed lightly.

"Outing Miss. Winter's." Rae kissed her on the cheek and went to the door laughing. "Break a leg." She turned to whisper as she unlocked the door.

"Thank you." Thea waved at her.

"Remember I love you." She let the words hang after she slipped out and pulled the door closed behind her.

Continued in Act Twelve

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