After the Curtain Falls

Act Two

by Beth Dragon and Kathleen Wolf

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"After you I guess." Thea offered motioning to the door when they reached it.

"Oh no." Rae stepped back and opened the first of the double doors. "Ladies first."

"But you're a lady too." Stopping suddenly she turned to the tall woman holding the door.

"Yes, true. " Rae realised the slight flaw in her logic.

"So get in there already!" Thea reached to hold open the door against the wind. "And as for your jealous comment, anyone who would make a fuss over something as simple as dinner would need ditching anyway."

"True, only dinner but losing out on the chance to have dinner with you would make anyone jealous." Rae smiled as she walked through the opening

"You should be careful with comments like that." Thea remarked with a bright smile as she walked behind.

"Careful why?" The technician questioned as indicated a table for two to the waiter. "Smoking please." She told him without thought.

"Because it could go to this actress' head!" Thea swatted her playfully on the arm. "We can go in no smoking if you like." She added in a serious tone.

"And that would be bad because?" Rae looked at her confused.

"Because no doubt you already consider me to have a big enough ego." She responded with another brush of her hand over Rae's arm.

"No bother to me where we sit." The tall woman spoke honestly as they followed the waiter. He weaved his way through the tables to the far corner of the restaurant. Thea couldn't help but smile as she followed the tall, athletic woman. "As an actress, you're forced to have a huge ego. As a person, I don't see anything but beauty." She finished her statement as she slid into the booth.

"Are you that complementary to all your friends?" Thea let a semi-smile play on her lips before she frowned and sat down opposite the lighting director.

"I guess that didn't come out quite right did it?" A frown flashed across Rae's brow. "Can I erase it and try again?"

"Would it come out better?"

"I hope so, because I really did mean to be saying something nice." Rae hated the turn this conversation might take. She could hardly believe that she was having dinner with this woman, the last thing she wanted to do was mess it up.

"In that case, have another go." Thea smiled gently to show that she wasn't really upset.

"Thank you." Rae hid a sigh of relief. "Okay, as any actress in order to ensure the success of the production you have to be very self-confident and never second-guess yourself. Thus an ego is a good and necessary thing for an actress. But as a person such an ego gets you into trouble and here away from the theatre as just you.... All I see is beauty."

Rae watched the young actress's face light up.

"Now that was better." Thea grinned at her.

"Whew." Rae sank back into her seat. "For a minute there I thought I'd sunk myself."

"It was an impressive re-write, but I now have to question you ability as a lighting director." She decided to tease her a little.

"Question my ability as a lighting director?" Rae frowned. "Why?"

"The beautiful part of your statement rather makes me question your eye sight!" The actress laughed, watching as Rae shook her head smiling again.

"So what are you having?" Rae picked up the rather battered menu and glanced at it.

"If they have calamari then I am not even going to look at the menu." Thea could tell just by they way that the dark haired woman replaced the menu on the table that she already knew what she was ordering.

"They do." Rae nodded towards the bar area. "What about to drink?"

"Oh right." Thea followed the line of Rae's vision. "What are you having?

"Double Baileys on the rocks."

"That sounds great." She thought for a moment. "Mind if I join you?"

"Not at all." Rae was touched that her dinner guest had had the grace to ask.

The waiter soon came over, took their orders and disappeared only to return moments later.

"Good service here." Thea watched the waiter retreat away.

"Very good." Rae nodded.

"So do you come here often?" The young actress picked up her glass and took a sip of the creamy liquor.

"Only on special occasions." Rae replied as she stirred her own drink with the short plastic stick before taking a small sip herself.

"Special occasions? Like what?" Thea queried as a small smile spread across her face. The lighting director placed her glass down and began once again to stir it. The ice cubes made an almost melodic sound as they collided.

"Well I both ruined a play, and then unruined it. That's got to be a special occasion!" She looked up from her drink and caught the young actresses gaze. "But that's not really the most special part of this occasion."

"What is then? Do they serve specials on Wednesday that you didn't tell me about?" Thea gave a half-hearted glance over her shoulder, to look for a notice board. "It's not swordfish is it? I have always wanted to try swordfish."

"They have specials I am sure, but no that wasn't what I was talking about. I took some chances today, and they paid off." The dark haired woman smiled into her drink. "That doesn't happen that often."

"Chances? What did you order?" Thea asked as she raised her glass to her lips and let a gentle frown crease her brow.

"The shrimp, no chance there." The technician laughed. "Sure thing."

"Then it must be the baileys, what?" She smiled and kept up her attempt at comedy. "Does it send you funny or something?"

"Never the Baileys." Rae took another sip. "That's always a safe bet."

"Then I think I am going to have to admit to missing something here." The actress put down her glass.

"That's okay." Rae's smile grew wider still as she changed her focus and looked out of the window just over Thea's shoulder.

"Anything exciting happening out there?" She asked after watching the woman stare for a moment.

"Just a typical Wednesday." Rae stopped gazing out of the window and focused once more on Thea, who instantly looked away. Before she could stop herself Rae moved back in her chair a little. Though she knew she didn't really want to do this, she decided to return to a 'safe' topic of conversation. "So was there anything else as far as the lighting goes that you wanted to talk about?"

"No, I don't think so." Thea managed to answer as her heart sank. She was very curious as to why Rae had returned to neutral territory. "Do you really want to talk shop?"

"No, not really." Rae's voice was unusually quiet as she made her confession. She shifted again in her seat, emitting a small sigh as she settled once more.

"That was an interesting sigh." Thea instantly picked up on the small noise.

"Was it?" Rae looked at her frowning. "Why?"

"Because it could've meant a thousand different things." The actress cupped a small hand around the crystal glass.

"Could it?" Rae leaned forward, putting her elbows on the table. "Like what?"

"Like, *sigh* if we don't talk about the play what can we talk about, or *sigh* I don't know what else to say, or *sigh* you weren't supposed to see through that. Or *sigh* this doesn't feel as good as I thought it would, or *sigh* I can't believe I am here doing this." Thea expounded her theory.

"Wow, all that could be attributed to one sigh." Rae's eyebrows raised, impressed with the actress' list.

"So you see, the whole of the worlds problems can probably be tracked down to one person letting a sigh escape their lips." Thea was smiling broadly. "There is even a rumour that World War 2 was caused by a simple sigh."

"In that case I shall start paying more attention to my sighs." Rae nodded and smiled back. "Though I think this *sigh* said I can't believe I fell back on a cheesy work question, when that is the last thing that I want to talk to you about."

"So what do you want to talk to me about?" The strawberry blonde sat back and lifted her glass once more. Taking a sip she looked at Rae, before setting the glass down. She reached into her coat to get her cigarettes and lighter.

"Anything but work." Rae replied watching as Thea took a cigarette and lit it.

"Name your topic." Thea reached out and pulled the ashtray closer to her side of the table.

"What do you do when you're not at the theatre?" Rae watched as Thea rested the lit cigarette on the ashtray and shrugged.

"I sit in my hotel room and I think about home." The actress answered honestly

"And where is home?" She was anxious to know as much about the young star as she would willingly divulge. She didn't normally like the pre-Madonna's actresses she was used to meeting but for some reason Thea seemed to be different.

"I'm not sure really." A cloud came over the actress' eyes, but it was quickly shaken away as she continued. "I have a house in England."

"But you don't consider that home?" Rae questioned, unsure of how anyone could own a house but not have a 'home'. The reality of that fact stuck her suddenly and she didn't elaborate on her thoughts.

"Not really, I am hardly ever there. And it..." Thea stopped and focused on smoking for a moment.

"Oh that's no fun, everyone needs somewhere familiar to come back to, to put their feet up, relax and get away." She tried to lighten the mood afraid she'd upset the young woman.

"I suppose so." Thea's voice was somewhat flat. After a moments silence, the star stubbed out her cigarette. "I like to explore the places I travel to through the theatre. I haven't seen much of Canada yet though."

"There is lots to explore, it's a big place. But surely you have managed to see the city by now?" She asked hoping maybe she was wrong.

"Michael keeps offering to take me. I haven't taken him up on the offer."

"Now that would be some tour." Rae screwed up her nose and rolled her eyes. "He just wouldn't know where to take you."

"I don't want to seem unfair to him or anything." The actress realised that her comments were a little derogatory. "It's just I don't particularly like him and I always find it helps to like a place if you like the person who shows it to you."

"And I don't mean to be unfair." Rae laughed lightly. "But who does really like him?"

Thea finished her baileys, placing the glass lightly on the table. Rae watched the younger woman's actions and finished her own drink. Subtly she motioned to the waiter to bring another drink for them both, while still giving the actress her full attention.

"So..." Thea smiled lightly. "What does a girl like you do for fun?"

"Fun?" The lighting technician laughed, finding the fact that she had to think about it funny in itself. "I find anything fun, as long as you have the right company with you."

"The right company?" She sat forward a little, the reply catching her attention. "Come on Rae, what are you keeping from me? Who is that special someone?"

"There isn't anyone, Thea that's why I had to think about the question. In some ways I can't remember the last time I had 'fun'." The technician continued laughing. "There's been so much work with the play and everything I've had very little free time."

"For goodness sake then girl, get one of those hunks that you boss around all the time to show you a good time." Thea had listened carefully to what Rae was saying and couldn't help but feel somewhat disappointed. Rae coughed and spluttered a little as the words left the actress's mouth. Undaunted she continued. "I'm serious, someone like you should be being paraded around on someone's arm not going to bed at ten with a hot chocolate and a copy of the lighting directors' manual."

"Let's just say I'm very particular." She offered an explanation. "And the men on my crew, while being great eye candy are not what I'm looking for." Thea grinned instantly and Rae looked at her slightly confused as to what could have made her react in such a way.

"Ah, so you have an image, an idea to fill and you are indeed looking."

The waiter placed two glasses of Baileys on the table, nodded to them and slipped away. Thea took hers instantly and sipped it. She then looked towards the waiter and raised her eyes to Rae. Knowing what the actress was suggesting, the technician shook her head as she took her own glass.

"I may be looking, but give me some credit." Rae sipped her drink. "For me it's all about the feeling, the connection, the chemistry."

"Hearing you loud and clear." Thea had to nod her approval at this, it was a philosophy that she agreed with. "But you could always use one of those." She hesitated before using the unfamiliar term. "Eye-candies to help you find what you are looking for."

Their conversation was interrupted again as another waiter placed their food on the table. Rae watched as the waiter neatly performed his job and then moved away.

"I don't like wasting anymore time, not for the sake of it. I believe the right person will come along without me spending my time distracting myself." She picked up her napkin and laid it on her lap. The actress did likewise, but her attention wasn't focused on the food.

"But Rae, you aren't going to meet anyone sat in bed reading your directors magazine are you? Have you thought about cutting your hours and working less? You know giving yourself time."

"When the productions finished I'm going on a vacation I haven't picked where yet." Rae replied honestly pleased that the young actress was taking such an interest.

"I can't remember the last time I had a vacation." Thea nodded and spoke with a distant look in her eye. She shook her head a little to bring herself back to the point.

"And besides." Rae continued. "You never know who might come along in the meantime."

"Oh really." Thea stated. "Who do you honestly think you are going to meet whilst drinking cocoa at ten thirty?"

"Boy!" Rae laughed tightly. "I'm starting to sound really pitiful from your description."

"I didn't mean for it to sound that way." Thea suddenly became worried that she'd upset her new friend. "I could be jealous."

"Jealous of me and my cocoa?" Rae asked with a slight frown.

"In England." She commented, distractedly eating her calamari. "That would be called a leading question."

"Would it, how so?"

Thea turned her focus from Rae to the window; suddenly realising she wasn't sure she wanted to follow this avenue of questioning much further as she was sure that an embarrassed blush was already beginning to spread up her neck.

"How's your food?" Thea attempted to reach an area of neutrality.

"It's good." Rae smiled at the change in topic, but unlike the actress it was not a subject she was willing to let go so easily. "So am I going to get an answer?"

"To what?" The actress took an innocent and ignorant approach.

"To my question." Rae tried to catch the actress' eye.


"About my cocoa." Rae reminded her. Thea sighed gently knowing now that she wasn't going to get out of this. "How could my question be viewed as leading?"

"Well, it could be taken as one of two questions. First, whether you were asking me if I would be jealous of having a warm bed and a home to go to, or second you could have been asking if I was jealous of your cocoa, the thing that you shared your bedtime with. Wouldn't you have say the latter of those two could be classed as leading, or am I simply taking it out of context?"

Rae listened to the actress' reasoning, watching the way sparkles glittered in the young woman's green eyes.

"I suppose the later would have been the subtext of my statement." Rae admitted after much contemplation.

"Subtext?" Thea whispered almost silently. She fixed her gaze on the dark woman sat opposite her, not wanting to move her eyes away from the blue crystals that drew her in like a moth to a bright flame. "I think this conversation is straying." She whispered. "Don't you?"

"We mustn't let it do that now must we?" Rae met the actress's gaze.

"Probably not." Thea's voice trembled a little. Still unable to break the gaze, she reached out and found her glass to take a drink.

"If you don't want it to, we won't let it." Rae reassured her. The last thing she wanted to do was make her companion uncomfortable, though she too was unable to break the contact between them.

"Rae." She said quietly as she laid the glass back down. "Out of interest, have you heard rumours at the theatre?"

"Honestly, no." Rae took another drink and shook her head. "And even if I had, I don't listen to them. Whatever is being said is just theatre talk and we both know what trash that is."

Thea managed to break their eye contact as she placed her fork back on the plate and pushed it away. She picked up her glass and gently swirled the baileys and the ice together in an anti-clockwise direction.

"You shouldn't play with fire Rae." She whispered.

"I play with it all the time." Rae met her warning with strength and conviction. "And I turn it into a beautiful light."

"Don't you get burnt?" The actress dared to re-meet Rae's gaze.

"If you respect the fire, the fire will respect you." Rae replied her gaze unflinching.

"Shouldn't we be getting back? Thanks to me you've still got lights to hang." Thea turned away and glanced at her watch, shaking her hair out as she stretched her arms.

"I'm the boss, I go back when I'm ready." Rae could sense that though the actress wanted to run away from this situation she also wanted to face it. "Tell me about the rumours." Her low voice asked.

"I ...I ... I can't." Thea blustered.

"Yes, you can. Tell me."

Something about Rae's tone and posture made Thea question her own reluctance.

"Let's just say, I don't think anyone would tell you to ask me for help in finding Mr Right." A smile spread across Rae's face. She watched the older woman and frowned gently. "A smile is an interesting response. I've never had that one before."

"Who said the right person always has to be a Mr?" Rae replied, still smiling.

Thea watched her face for any signs of mockery or falseness. She found none. She let the corner of her mouth turn up into a smile.

"No one." She whispered. "Well." She said contemplatively. "That's not true. Bigots, prudes, the government, parents, my shrink, Christians, Jews, Hindus, Muslims. Should I stop?"

"Please do!" Rae said still smiling. "Lets just say I'm not one of those people and never have been. I'm not one of the majority."

"You're right." Thea agreed softly. "You're not and its nice to find someone balanced enough not to be horrified."

"No reason to be horrified." She admitted eating a bit of her dinner and taking another drink with a shrug. Her reward was a bright, honest smile.

"Thank you, Rae. And I hope that when you meet Mr. Right that I at least get an invitation to the wedding." The actress nodded to her.

"Now when exactly did I say I was looking for a Mr. Right?" Rae took another drink, her smile broader than before.

"Earlier, don't you remember?" Thea pointed out not wanting Rae to feel uncomfortable about looking for a partner since the revelation.

"No, I think I said I was looking for the right person." Rae's grin was incorrigible. "I never specifically said that person was to be a man."

"Well..." Thea stopped, realising she had been foolish and as closed-minded as all those people that she detested. "You didn't. I'm sorry."

"No need to be." Rae brushed the matter aside. "I never gave any indication either way."

"Can I ask you a question?" Thea finished her drink and met Rae's eyes once more.

"Of course."

"So is it a Miss, a Mr or either that you are looking for?" Thea had no idea if Rae would respond to such a personal question, but it didn't seem like she had anything to lose.

"I am quite sure I have had my share of Misters so I think it would be a Miss." Rae seemed to contemplate the question for a moment, before speaking.

"Whoever you find." She spoke from her heart. "Will be very lucky."

"No." Rae contradicted with a warm smile of her own. "I'll be the lucky one."

"What makes you say that?" Thea asked, surprised by this answer. So far the lighting director had come across as a strong, confident woman and this sentence seemed more retiring.

"Cause I'm crazy." Rae laughed. "It'd take a miracle to find someone to put up with me."

"I don't know about that, you don't seem crazy to me." Thea commented her mind busy loving the sound of Rae's laughter.

"Yeah." Rae eyes sparkled. "But you're as crazy as I am."

"And to think I was just beginning to enjoy your company!" Thea spoke with an air of mock offence

"Many apologies I meant to say that only Techies are crazy." Rae pointed to her head. "It's all that hanging upside down in high places, blood flow to the brain and everything."

"It's funny, but I kinda like that about you." Thea laughed.

"That I'm crazy? Or that I hang up side in high places?" Rae's right eyebrow arched high in question.

"Both." Thea said simply. The two women's eyes met once more and neither turned away. "You have great eyes, do you know that?"

"Thank you." Rae was surprised that the first compliment had come from Thea. "That's an interesting observation, considering I bet you have never given me a second glance until today when you decided that you were lit wrong."

"Don't believe it." Thea whispered her eyes softening under Rae's continuing look. "I've noticed you." The last word Thea said was in the quietest tone she could manage. "Lots."

"That surprises me, especially since you're the one who is lit so well, while I'm the one who lurks in the shadows."

"I'm one of those strange people." The actress shook her head. "Bright lights tend to hide who I really am."

"I didn't say the lights I saw you under were bright." Rae whispered.

"Just like I don't see you in shadow." She whispered back.

"You don't?" Rae questioned.

"Rae." She narrowed her eyes and looked deeply into the blue orbs that focused upon her. "Are you playing with me?"

"Playing?" Rae queried, raising a finger to her lips as she thought. "No, no playing here. So tell me, just what have you noticed?"

"I know that on the set they call you O'Keefe: that you never touch tea or coffee: that you get your sandwiches brought to you every day and that you keep a black jacket hung on your scaffold and you never put it in your locker." She was aware that she had an impressive list of details regarding the lighting technician. "Want to hear more?"

"Go ahead, really impress me." Rae was stunned, but intrigued.

"Okay, I know that when you are on the set you listen to Tori Amos and Sarah McLachlan on your stereo. You have a cell phone with you at all times, but it is never turned on. You have the nicest Canadian accent I have heard since being here and I know that though you try to hide it, you are a kind, warm and loving person." She paused for a moment studying the object of her previous observations. "I know that you play with the lace of your boots sometimes and I know that when you are getting cross you pull at the front of your shirt. Enough?"

"Yes. I'm quite red enough thank you." Rae was right her whole face was red.

"Oh and I forgot to mention what a lovely colour you go when you are embarrassed." Thea was pleased that she had managed to impress the dark haired woman with her observational skills.

"All I can say is that as you must have been watching me so much, how did you miss the fact that I have spent the last four months watching you?" Rae decided that she had to recover quickly to maintain some element of pride.

This statement took a little of the wind out of Thea's sails. She leaned forward and brought her elbows to rest on the table leaning her head in her cupped hands.

"You're the lighting director." She whispered somewhat cheekily. "You're supposed to notice me."

"You're right but oh so wrong!" Rae picked the short plastic stirring stick out of her baileys glass and twirled it in the fingers of her left hand.

"Wrong?" Thea laughed. "I don't think so."

"Afraid so." Rae replied. "It is my job to notice the star and to make sure she is lit the best she can be, but I meant that I watch you."

"I still don't believe I'm wrong." The comment came close to throwing Thea but instead she decided to rise to the challenge.

"Really?" Rae bit the corner of her lip as she thought. "For example, is it you or 'The Star' who takes her water with lots of ice?"

"Me." She blinked before mouthing the small word. The statement having caught Thea's attention.

"You or your character who spends so much time scribbling poetry on the corners of your script under the pretence of making stage notes?"

"Me again." A cautious smile spread across Thea's features as Rae continued.

"You or her that comes in early on rainy mornings just to stand in the front hall watching the rain splash onto the sidewalk? You or her who brings bread crumbs for the birds in the park across the street?"

"Me." She whispered amazed and somewhat uneasy. How had she missed Rae watching her? "How do you know these things?"

"And is it you or your character who has that beautiful smile that I can see right now?"

"Definitely me." Thea replied giving her a perfect example of a stunning smile.

"Just know that you've been noticed." Rae turned her attention back to playing with the stick that she had now placed on the tabletop and was twirling round in varied circles. Thea lifted her head off her hands as Rae spoke once more. "Actually I have a confession to make."

"A confession?" Thea reached out her hand and caught the end of the stick with her finger to halt its course.

"You remember the second week of rehearsal when everything was going wrong and everyone was at their wits end." Rae continued, waiting briefly for confirmation that she did.

"Oh boy do I remember." Thea watched for any movement of retreat in Rae's hand, but the lighting technician kept a firm hold on her end of the short plastic stick. Letting a smile cross her face Thea moved her fingers up the stick, just a little.

"Well, despite taking credit for them." Rae took a deep breath before continuing. "The orchids you received weren't from Michael."

"They weren't?" Thea realised that she had been staring at their hands rather than her usual focus noting that the two were only millimetres apart by now. She flicked her eyes back up to meet Rae's. "You?" She questioned.

"Just wanted to make you smile." The technician shrugged.

Thea was pleased to see for the first time during the conversation Rae acutely appeared the less confident of the two. Keeping her eyes focused on her, she let her fingers creep up the stick until they touched Rae's fingertips.

"Thank you." She breathed, almost silently

"I... I just wanted to make your day better." Rae stumbled over her words slightly. She was unable and unwilling to move her hand as Thea touched her.

"You succeeded so well. Why do you put down what you did? It was a beautiful thing to do. Orchids are my favourite flower." Feeling completely confident and in charge, Thea boldly moved her hand up to cover Rae's as completely as she could. She felt the soft warm skin beneath her palm and closed her fingers over the technician's hand just slightly. "Again I thank you." She whispered.

"It was just a guess, the orchids that is." Rae gave an innocent smile. "You're welcome." She added in a soft whisper of her own. Thea increased the pressure on Rae's hand briefly

"Do you want to leave now?" She asked as Rae glanced down to where their two hands met.

"I could stay like this for ever." Rae answered feeling the temperature in her hand increase and her heart rate quicken just slightly.

"But there are too many people here who crowd your style." Thea grinned, noticing the same changes within herself. "There must be a park nearby."

With her free hand, Rae delved in her pocket. Pulling out some money, she put it onto the table. All without breaking the contact between their hands.

"Shall we?"

Thea merely nodded and though she didn't want to she realised that she had to break the contact to get her jacket. She watched Rae glance at their hands and then at her jacket as she also worked out that the contact had to be broken. The actress reluctantly slipped her hand away and reached behind her. Rae began the slow walk to the door as Thea put her jacket on and retied her scarf. Rae opened the door and stood holding it as the other woman slipped out.

As soon as Thea felt the door close behind her she shivered briefly. In a quick turn against the wind her eyes fell on the woman dressed only in a T-shirt and she then remembered that Rae hadn't even brought a coat. She threw the lighting technician a look of concern, which was met with a broad smile, enough to assure her that Rae in no way felt the cold.

"I really don't want to go back to the theatre." Thea turned back into the wind. "I'd like to walk for a while. There must be somewhere nearby."

"I think there's a park just down a block and then over." Rae thought for a moment and then answered as she motioned into the distance with her hand.

"That sounds great." Thea began to walk down the street. "This way?"

"Yep." Rae hurried to catch up with the smaller woman.

"So, have you always lived here in this part of Canada?" Thea asked as she walked, glancing at the houses and shops that they passed. She watched the cars as they streaked passed at what appeared to be an alarming speed. " We don't really have to cross the highway do we?" She added.

"Yes, I have always lived in southern Ontario." Rae glanced at the traffic. "And no we don't. We take an easy right just here."

"Oh right, that's okay then." Thea continued her examination of the scenery when she suddenly pointed and turned to Rae with a squeal. "Oh is that the park?"

"Looks like it." Rae's attention was on the young strawberry blonde and not on the park in the distance. Thea chose that moment to turn and glance at her companion and with a smile she saw the raven head turned in her direction.

"You're not even looking at the park." Thea laughed.

"Sure I am." Rae grinned, taking a glance up towards the park and then looked right back at the actress. Thea gave a brief sigh and turned her attention back to the park.

"Come on, I want to see the trees." With a light laugh she ran on ahead her hair blowing in the wind. Rae watched her for a moment before she began to chase.

"Trees!" Thea exclaimed as she stood just outside the entrance. She held her hands out to the side and tipped her head back into the wind.

"Lots of trees." Rae whispered as she approached her from behind.

Thea heard the other woman approached and stood very still. She lowered one of her hands to her side and then reached back with it just a little. Rae moved forward and slipped her hand forward so that it came to rest against Thea's. Moving very slowly, Thea spread her fingers and interlocked them with Rae's, giving her time and space to pull away at any moment.

The taller woman did not pull away, in fact she held the smaller hand gently. Unbeknownst to Rae, Thea smiled as she pulled her own hand forward to see if Rae would move with her. Rae willingly let herself be led, as the young actress stepped backwards and drew the lighting director's hand and arm around her waist. For a moment she waited to see if the technician would make any move. To Thea's delight Rae slipped her other arm around Thea's waist and pulled her close.

"Oh God." Thea whispered as she felt the heat of Rae's body on her back, and her warm breath through the wisps of blonde hair that escaped her ponytail.

Responding to the whisper, Rae held the actress tighter and closed her eyes. Thea leaned into the embrace and closed hers as well. The two remained standing this way for some moments until the shout of "Brandy!" made Thea open her eyes and release Rae's hand. Thea focused instantly on an old woman that walked passed once again calling for her dog.

Even with her eyes closed, Rae felt the tension seep into the body she held and then with a slight frown she recognised the gentle shaking of Thea's shoulders that told the technician that she was crying.

"What's wrong?" Rae whispered as Thea made a small step forward to make the taller woman release her.

"I'm sorry Rae." She breathed through her tears.

"Why?" Rae asked confused.

"I... that... sorry." Thea began to walk away.

Rae stood motionless for a moment, trying to work out what had happened before she realised that Thea was gaining ground. She hurried to catch up and in fact overtake the young actress, turning her body she began to walk backwards, trying to see the woman's face.

"Why sorry?"

Thea continued walking her head firmly down until she suddenly seemed to run out of steam and she stopped.

"Please talk to me." Rae pleaded in a small, almost frightened voice.

"You don't want to do this with me Rae, you don't want to get involved." She looked up with tears streaking her pale cheeks

"Don't I?" Rae questioned looking confused. "Something in here is telling me that this is the most worth while thing in the world." She put her hand over her heart. Thea reached out a trembling hand and rested it on the sleeve of Rae's shirt.

"I... I... I am not a good person to do this with." The actress's voice was unsteady. "There is someone out there for you, someone good and true. I..." New tears spilled onto Thea's checks. "I don't want to hurt you."

"You won't hurt me." Rae was beginning to panic as she felt the young actress begin to slip away from her. "You are the most good and honest person that I have ever met."

"I am not." Thea said simply.

"I don't believe that and I don't see that." An edge had developed in Rae's voice.

"Oh Rae." She reached out a trembling hand and rested it, its palm cupping Rae's cheek. As the small fingers touched the soft flesh, Thea was surprised to find Rae's skin cold.

For the first time since she had taken flight, Thea met the other woman's eyes. Rae held them, trying to show that whatever the younger woman was thinking was irrelevant to the present. For a moment Thea forgot why she was objecting and she brought her other hand up to caress Rae's other cheek. The dark haired beauty remained silent, her only thought was that perhaps she had been given a chance to prove that this moment was right.

She felt the slight tremble of Thea's hands and could see the struggle behind the green eyes. Though for Rae there was no question any longer.

Thea lost in the moment, closed her eyes and pulled Rae's face gently towards her. Tilting her head, she lightly placed her soft warm lips over Rae's, breathing in deeply through her nose.

Rae's eyes closed in ecstasy as one of Thea's hands moved from her cheek to her neck, pulling her close and the other slid over her shoulder and came to rest at Rae's waist. The taller woman slipped her hands around Thea's slight waist and held her even closer.

Thea gently, with the tip of her tongue began to tease Rae's lips. A soft moan escaped from Rae as she parted her own, just a little. Thea moaned also as she began to explore Rae's mouth. For a moment Rae fought her growing feelings of passion until she relaxed herself and began an exploration of her own. Willingly Thea surrendered to her touch as she moved her own hand up under the taller woman's shirt. Rae gently rested one hand on the back of Thea's neck to hold her as she depended the kiss even more, while the other found its way down Thea's body to draw light circles upon her stomach.

Thea felt her world centring in on passion and need. Her mind was filled with the taste of Rae's mouth, the smell of her skin.

"Oh Rae." She breathed. "I need you." The hunger was evident in her voice, but she could not even begin to control it.

Neither could Rae as when the kiss was stopped she continued only this time focusing on the soft flesh behind Thea's ear. Thea tilted her head, allowing Rae further access.

"I need you more than anything." She whispered her hot breath on Thea's ear as she continued to gently kiss and suck the soft skin below.

"Rae, we should stop." Thea made an attempt to control her raging emotion.

"Do you really want to?" Rae placed feather kisses along Thea's jaw line before stopping to draw them eye to eye almost lip to lip.

"No." Thea admitted, roughly meshing her mouth with Rae's kissing her deeply almost brutally. Rae growled in response, but pulled back.

"I want you so badly, but not here." Rae panted, trying to clear her mind to think.

Thea looked up, panicked for a moment, before realising that indeed Rae was right. Here they were in a park, kissing like teenagers.

"Is your room far, it will take ages to get to my house?" Her breath still short, as although Thea had stopped kissing her the young woman's hands still touched her body. It was as if Thea realised she was causing a problem so she stilled her hands, coughed lightly and pulled away.

"My hotel is right next to the theatre. We could take a cab, no one would know." Thea suggested her heart pounding, her temperature souring. "All I know is that we have to get out of here. Now!" The flames of her desire were obvious, as was the fire that raged within Rae's body.

"Lets go then." Rae instantly agreed. She took the young strawberry blonde's hand and pulled her back towards the park entrance. "It will only take a second to get a cab." Rae's voice betrayed the emotion she felt, trembling slightly on the words, she was so glad they were in the city and that a cab would be relatively easy to get.

Thea was intensely aware of the heat her body was generating, and she knew that Rae could feel it too, as she held the other woman's hand tightly. Thea looked blindly at the road in front of her, her eyes seeing, but not focusing on the traffic.

"I..." Thea began but her voice faltered "Can you get it?" Rae heard her plea and shook her head a little to clear her mind. She raised her hand and motioned to a passing cab. It pulled over into the side street to meet them.

"Your chariot awaits." Rae said as she reached out to open the door, not once letting go of the small hand she held. Thea threw her a simple smile as she climbed into the hot vehicle.

"To..." Rae stopped and looked at Thea, suddenly aware that she had no idea where the young star was staying. Thea knew why the lighting director was staring at her, but her mind was completely blank.

"The hotel...." She whispered "On..." Her look turned to one of desperation, the name of her hotel lodged somewhere in the back of her mind firmly out of reach. "The street with the theatre." She whispered more to herself than anyone else.

The cab driver glanced in his rear view mirror at his two passengers, a smile pulled at his lips. He could not help but notice the blush in the young woman's cheeks, or the fact that the older of the two was not shivering despite the chill in the air.

"A hotel on Front?" Rae asked gently hoping that this would jog Thea's memory. Carefully she racked her own mind about hotels in that area. "The Royal?" She tried the first one that she remembered.

"Yes." Thea breathed thankfully as the name registered in the recesses of her brain.

"The Royal York it is." The driver nodded to the girls as flicked on his metre and pulled from the side street into the main highway.

"Now I know why the lighting budget is so pitiful." Rae laughed lightly. "If Damien is putting you up in the Royal I am surprised we are getting paid at all." The second statement was whispered in Thea's ear. She could tell from the slight movement of Thea's head that she wanted to look at her, but that she wasn't letting herself. Though her comment did make a gentle laugh escape the young woman's lips.

Rae took a deep breath enjoying the sweet laughter. She was surprised to note that her breathing still hadn't returned to its usual rhythm and she also knew from a quick glance at Thea that the young woman was fighting a similar battle of control.

Thea was brought back from concentrating on her battle of control when she heard Rae's deep breath, without thinking she reached out a hand and rested it on the other woman's knee.

"Are you alright?" The question was laced with concern.

"I'm perfect." Rae took the opportunity of Thea moving forward a little, to slip her arm around the actress' back.

"Oh God..." Thea murmured, glancing at Rae wondering if the other woman was aware of the electricity such a simple move had caused. Though this would have been an empty wonder if she had felt the shiver that raced through Rae when she'd touched her knee. Without thinking Rae spread her hand open and ran it down Thea's side.

Thea closed her eyes as Rae's hand went slowly down her side to her waist, though with a short gasp they snapped open again, haunted by visions she did not want to dwell on.

"Oh God..." Thea whispered again

"No God here." Rae leaned forward to talk into Thea's ear once more "Just one Goddess." The lighting director was unable to resist such a statement.

"Rae?" Thea breathed as the other woman moved a little.

"Yes Thea?" Rae replied softly, lost in the other woman's eyes.

"I...." Thea stammered, suddenly losing her train of thought. Rae smiled at her warmly. The lighting director was more than aware of everything that this young woman wanted to say, for she too wanted to say it, but for similar reasons couldn't. She was about to face her feelings and speak when the hotel doorman pulled the cab door open. Rae's head snapped round as Thea jumped forward on her seat.

"That was quick." Rae muttered as she stepped out onto the sidewalk. She pulled a twenty from her pocket and threw it in the general direction of the driver. "Keep the change." She leaned back in to take Thea's hand and help her from the car. Thea did not say a word as she took the offered hand and climbed out of the cab.

"Good evening Miss. Winters." The doorman's words caught the young actress unaware.

"Good evening." She managed to stammer in reply. Rae nodded gently at the young man before moving passed him to open the inner door. Another barrage of "Good Evening Miss. Winters" called to Thea from the front desk, as she walked through the door. Thea glanced at the members of staff, but her mind was busy trying to reign in her feelings.

'Smile and wave.' She said to herself. 'Just smile and wave.'

Rae ignored the staff and concentrated on closing the distance between her and the elevator without stumbling or in any other way embarrassing herself.

"There's a note for you Miss. Winters." A young dark haired receptionist held up a piece of hotel stationery. Thea looked at the girl and then at Rae only to find the lighting director looking at her, waiting for a reaction.

"I'll get it later." Thea said only to receive a happy smile from Rae who was secretly glad that Thea had decided there were more pressing matters at hand than picking up messages.

Thea had indeed almost forgotten about the message as she stopped beside the lift. She reached out to press the call button on the small silver panel before her, but was surprised when instead of cold metal her hand touched warm skin. It was Rae however, that took a sharp intake of breath as their hands touched, suddenly realising in that instant how much she had missed holding that hand for the brief distance from the car to the lobby.

Instead of moving her hand away, Thea let hers rest on top of the larger one. The hand soon twisted over underneath the actress' and let their fingers interlock. Thea wondered if Rae had heard the gasp that had escaped from her lips as their two hands entwined.

The computerised bell that announced the arrival of the elevator momentarily broke both women's concentration. The door slid open and a group of businessmen emerged. Rae smiled politely and silently urged them to move away quickly. When they had reached the lobby Rae guided Thea inside. Rae watched as the elevator doors closed and then turned to her companion.

"What floor?" Rae asked.


Without turning back to the elevator control panel Rae reached behind her and hit the button marked six.

"I thought we'd never be alone again." Rae took a step towards the strawberry blonde actress. Thea's eyes never left Rae's body as she too took a step forwards as the lift began to move. Instinctively her hand reached out to hold Rae's waist. In return Rae's hand moved to gently cup Thea's chin.

With a sudden jolt the elevator stopped. A quick glance told Rae that they were on the third floor. As the doors opened Thea moved back and a chatty family entered the lift. Thea coughed lightly and turned her attention to the veneer on the lift wall whereas Rae nodded politely to the father of the group and smiled at the young boy who was wrapped around his mother's leg. Subconsciously Rae's focus was on the mother and her eyes watched as she reached out and pressed the button for the fifth floor. Thea was watching this episode in the mirror at the back of the lift, a thin smile spread across her face as she saw he frustration in Rae's eyes. Thea continued to watch as Rae put her free hand to her forehead and began to massage it roughly probably wondering how many more interruptions there could possibly be.

With a loud ring the elevator announced its arrival on the fifth floor and with another round of polite nods the family departed. Thea raised an eyebrow in Rae's direction as the dark haired woman slid back into her position directly in front of the strawberry blonde.

"Now Rae." She breathed almost silently. "I think this is my floor." She glanced passed the taller woman at the digitised readout and a red six glowed back.

"Oh, right." Rae whispered back as she moved away, but she did not release the hand she had retaken. In fact she pulled on it slightly leading the other woman out through the elevator doors. "Which way?" She looked down both the left and the right hallways. Thea's free hand automatically went to her jacket pocket and found her key-card before pulling gently to the right.

"This way." She whispered.

"Right it is." Rae babbled, not registering her feet moving but instead noticing the dampness between the two connected palms.

"Right here." Thea drew the two of them to a stop.

"621." Rae said the number more to ingrain it on her memory than to clarify. Within seconds Thea had unlocked the door and pushed it open, aware that Rae was watching her every move and seemed to be happy as the door finally opened.

"Please go on in." Thea encouraged. Rae decided to walk in backwards and gently pulled Thea by the hand into the room so that their eyes never left each other's. Reaching up behind the young actress, Rae pushed the door closed and let it lock itself once more. Thea watched the action with a smile, she could tell that like herself, Rae was eager for things to happen. The two got no further than the doorway when Thea stopped and pulled Rae back towards herself. Rae let herself be led easily and soon the two were stood toe to toe. Without a second thought Thea slipped both arms around Rae's waist as Rae took Thea's head gently in her hands. The dark haired woman lent downwards towards the blonde and closed her eyes.

Eagerly Thea closed the meagre distance between the two pairs of warm, waiting lips. Gone was the gentleness and tentative approach of their first kiss. This was more rough, hungry and demanding. As they kissed Rae gently guided Thea back until she was pinned against the door, dropping her hands down she lifted the other woman to equal the height difference between them. Rae felt the shiver cause through Thea's body as it touched the wood of the door and the grip she had became tighter. A small part of Thea's mind screamed out at her to slow down, but her body had more intense and indeed more urgent demands. Rae pushed herself tighter against Thea using only one arm to hold her aloft while the other tried to untuck her shirt. Although Rae was leading here, every synapse within her was searching Thea's movements for any indication that things were going to fast. She did not want to ruin this moment with something as simple as impatience.

"God Rae." Thea hissed as her arms moved up to hold Rae's back, she drew one leg hesitantly around Rae's waist not wanting to trap the other woman, but desperately wanting to eliminate any space between them. Rae moved her free hand up to the scarf around Thea's neck. With a simple movement and a gently tug the fabric barrier was removed and Rae instantly replaced it with her lips, kissing the exposed collar bone as she moved her hand to Thea's other leg to gently guide it to the option of joining its partner. Without hesitation, Thea moved her other leg round, she could feel the course fabric of Rae's jeans through the fine cotton of her own pants. Using simple motions, Thea kicked off her pumps and crossed her feet at the ankles, effectively entrapping Rae completely. As soon as Rae felt more of Thea's weight being supported around her waist, she moved both hands to Thea's hips and slid them beneath the untucked shirt. She began to gently run them up and down Thea's sides. Almost with a will of their own, Thea's hands tangled themselves in Rae's hair and she breathed a guttural sigh. Rae kissed her way back up to the soft skin behind Thea's ear having obviously decided that she had fallen in love with this small patch of flesh. Delicately she began to draw little circles there with her tongue.

Thea knew that Rae must be feeling the intense heat that was emanating from her body and similarly that Rae would know that Thea wanted to move from here to a place from which there would be no return. As she felt the teasing of Rae's tongue by her ear, she knew that she was lost to this dark haired raven.

Rae was trying to think quickly, her head was beginning to spin and it told her to move to somewhere where they needn't worry about standing up.

"Please Rae." Thea's breath was ragged and broken. "The bed."

Rae shifted her hands back under Thea and took the full weight of her soon to be lover in her arms, Thea's statement solidifying the need to move . Thea buried her head into the crook of Rae's shoulder, her lips finding the flesh of Rae's strong neck. As Rae began to walk to the bedroom she cursed the suite that Thea had for being so big and the urgent kissing and attention that Thea paid to her neck made it increasingly difficult for her to walk.

Thea was fighting every urge to ravish the supple flesh beneath her lips. But her gentle kisses and licks soon progressed to more wanton movements, resulting in a sharp nip to Rae's neck. Rae had reached the bed by this time and had turned round to sit down with Thea's knees resting on the bed either side of her body.

"Thea!" She growled in gentle warning as she felt Thea's teeth on her neck.

"Sorry." Thea whispered into Rae's ear before biting the lobe there to show that she most certainly wasn't sorry in the slightest.

Rae growled a second time, but did not say a word. Instead she brought her hands up under the back of Thea's shirt needing to feel the soft flesh covered by the thin layer of silk.

Thea's hands moved suddenly to the front of Rae's jeans, pushing away the fabric of her top as she sought the denim. But as Rae's hands touched her skin, she arched her back towards the other woman. Rae instant reacted by pressing closer still and kissing the hollow of Thea's throat.

"I can't believe how good you taste." Rae growled as she dipped forward for another kiss. Thea's hands were back at Rae's waist seeking out the metal she knew held a belt in place, when suddenly she stopped. Her hands frozen for a moment before she physically moved back a little.

"Rae, please." She hoped her words would not frighten Rae, but she wanted them to stop the other woman, if only for a moment of clarity.

"I'm sorry." Rae said, suddenly registering the situation. She kept her hands around Thea's back but stopped their motion.

"No, no sorry." She placed a trembling finger gently on Rae's lips. "This is what I want, what I need. I have to know that you feel the same."

For a moment Rae remained silent resisting the urge to kiss the finger that trembled on her lips. The two stayed like that for a moment before Thea's resolve began to falter and she slid the finger that rested on Rae's lips up and across to stroke rich dark hair.

"I want this, I need this." Rae's voice was solid with determination as they locked eyes. "I cannot live without this." The look on Thea's face said she should question the other woman some more, but with Rae's words the last atom of resolve has evaporated. Thea placed both of her hands flat against Rae's chest and pushed downwards with as much strength as she could.

"I can't live without you." Rae added as she let herself fall backwards. Thea followed Rae downwards, landing with her full weight on top of the other woman, not even thinking to break her fall. Rae reached up and pulled Thea tighter to her, not wanting any space to exist between their two bodies. Thea's hands as if drawn by a magnet, found the belt buckle at Rae's waist and within seconds it was undone. In the meantime Rae slid her hands around to the sides of Thea's shirt silently hoping that there was enough give in the silken fabric to remove it without undoing the buttons. Willingly Thea raised her hands above her head to allow Rae to easily remove the shirt. With the silken garment removed Rae tossed it aside and allowed her hands to touch Thea's bare flesh with abandon.

As Thea felt the confines of her shirt discarded, her hands resumed the task they had set themselves. A growl escaped Rae's lips from sheer pleasure of knowing that Thea's hands have resumed their job. Thea grasped the top of Rae's jeans and her hands nimbly unfastened the top button. Swiftly she undid the remaining four buttons in a similar fashion treating them like obstacles that needed to be overcome.

Rae pressed her lips to Thea's in a sudden moment of intense passion, her hands began once again to explore the skin of Thea's back coming to rest on the young woman's sports bra. Carefully she felt around the article of clothing assessing in her mind the best way to remove it.

With building passion Thea slipped her hands around the back of Rae's now loose jeans, she pushed two fingers through belts loops and pulled gently, hoping that Rae would understand the silent request. Rae willingly arched her back, lifting them both off the mattress. With almost practised ease Thea slipped the denim over perfectly formed buttocks and pushed it down the strong firm thighs. Thea moved her hands back up the thighs and over the rounded cheeks of Rae's ass, not resisting the temptation to squeeze as her hands passed.

Rae sighed lustfully as she settled back down onto the bed. With some effort she worked the laces of her boots loose enough that she was able to struggle out of them and kick them off, her mind registering dully the gentle 'thud' as they hit the carpeted floor.

Desperation had begun to build within Thea, her hands reached for the cotton top that Rae wore as she pulled it up roughly. She hoped this would be enough for Rae to know this too had to go. Rae concentrated momentarily on removing her jeans, by shaking them down her legs, and she used her feet to remove her socks. Rae then responded to Thea's urgent moves at her top. Thea moved with added vigour and pulled Rae's 'v' neck free in one movement.

'My god.' Thea thought to herself. 'You are beautiful.' She stared at the dark haired beauty that lay all but naked before her. The promise of what lay beneath the two remaining items of clothing almost too much for her to bare. Rae didn't notice Thea's moment of contemplation she was busy, her attention focused on Thea's slacks.

Within an instant the pants were unfastened and Rae pushed the down as far as she could manage. She realised that they wouldn't be removed fully in their current position so instead she turned her attention to exploring the newly uncovered flesh. Rae's fingers stroked every inch of exposed thigh. Then at the gentle curve of Thea's backside, she let her open hands explore the contours and valleys she found. Her fingertip touched the light fabric of Thea's underwear and her mind flashed back to earlier in the theatre when Thea had taunted Michael wearing just these items of clothing. Rae silently thanked whatever was responsible for the honour of being there at this moment in time.

"Rae?" Thea whispered as she felt Rae's fingers at the elastic at her waist, her own hands travelled up the long naked torso to the fastening on Rae's bra.

"Thea?" Rae's response perfectly matching Thea's one in timbre.

"Do you know how much I want you?" She breathed as her hands closed around the plastic catch.

"If it's anything close to how much I want you, then God help us." Rae pushed her fingers under the elastic more. With a simple movement with fabric encircling Rae's chest was broken and with featherweight fingers Thea pushed the offending fabric away. The instant the cotton was removed Thea replaced it with her own hands. Gently she cupped Rae's warm breasts revelling in the feel as the dark haired beauty arched forwards into Thea's exploration.

'God himself could not have prepared me for this.' She thought to herself as her eyes closed in passion.

In that instant Rae decided she needed them both to be equal, she moved her hands around Thea's stomach and guided them upwards.

"Oh shit." Thea breathed as she realised Rae's actions, she arched her back to help the other woman remove the sports bra, which was suddenly feeling more like a cage than an item or clothing. Rae closed her eyes to try and concentrate on her task but instead found herself dizzy from the waves of desire and emotion that crashed down on her. Her hands automatically continued their task, and Thea raised her own hands above her head to make the job easier.

The instant the garment hit the carpeted floor Rae moved to take Thea's weight into her hands, she did not suppress the groan of pleasure as her hands touched forbidden flesh for the first time. Thea reached up behind her own head, her hands finding the clip that held her hair back from her face. Rae continued to massage Thea's breasts totally unaware of the trouble she was causing Thea to have with her hair clip. Thea forgot the hair clip, deciding that if Rae wished to remove it she could do it later.

Thea then pushed herself back a little resting her weight back onto her knees, which were straddling Rae's body just below the waist. As Thea moved Rae took the opportunity to remove her bra completely.

Comfortable in her sitting back position Thea took one finger and traced a line from Rae's navel up to the valley between her breasts and then she encircled both generous mounds separately. Rae's breath stilled and her body flexed, she was helpless under Thea's touch.

Thea continued to trace a line up Rae's throat, over her chin, bringing her finger to rest on Rae's lips. She tapped the lips gently with her fingertip, waiting to see if Rae would accept the request. Without a moment of hesitation Rae opened her mouth. Thea dipped her finger into the warm, wet opening and then drew it out again, slowly she began to circle her hips in time with the dipping of her finger into Rae's mouth. To her delight Rae began to move her hips in an opposing motion to the action. Thea wondered briefly if this interaction was driving Rae as wild as it was herself, but not dwelling on the answer she just continued to move.

"Please Rae." She managed to find a coherent voice somehow. "Make love to me." She begged, the request noticeably increased the strength of her hip movements.

Rae did not respond in words. All words were lost to her at that moment. Instead she sat up and pulled Thea close and kissed her deeply. As she held the lighter woman close she gently guided her over and switched position so that Thea's back was against the mattress and Rae was braced over her. Rae noticed the shiver that ran through Thea as her back hit the cool sheet. The look on her face was enough to tell Rae she was delighted with this last move.

She leaned down and kissed Thea quite roughly, her hand reaching down and pulling away the slacks that were now merely in the way. She then graced her hand up Thea's thigh to her stomach.

With gentle insistence Thea arched her back beneath Rae, impatient for this to continue. Rae broke the kiss and trailed wet kisses down Thea's neck, across her collarbone and down into the valley between her breasts. Thea squirmed with pleasure at the other woman's touch. With an easy motion Rae tugged slightly on the waistband of Thea's underwear and slowly dragged it from her body. Thea shuddered and Rae drew her close. Thea put her arms around Rae and held her tight. Rae shifted her weight slightly and placed her knee against Thea's body, waiting for acceptance.

"Tell me what you need me to do, please." Rae begged in a hoarse whisper. She truly wanted to know everything Thea desired, so that she may make it happen.

"I want." Thea's voice became lost as her mind whirled at the possibilities that lay ahead. She leaned forward a little and clasped one hand around Rae's right leg, just above the knee. "This here." Thea parted her own legs and drew Rae's up between her own. "And then." A smile played across her lips as Rae looked at her eagerly, pushing her knee forwards a little. "I want you to put your hand." She released Rae's leg and reached out for her hand.

Rae pulled back her knee a little and gave Thea her hand.

"Here." Thea said breathlessly as she placed the hand on top of her left breast.

"Oh there." Rae whispered through a sharp breath. Thea knew that Rae could feel the rapid beat of her heart through the soft flesh that Rae began impulsively to rub and caress.

With this motion started Thea began to move the lower half of her body, rubbing it up and down Rae's thigh. A sudden rush inside Rae caused her to move her leg back against Thea as the young actress writhed on top of it. Thea slipped her other leg round Rae's, effectively encircling it as she crossed her feet at the ankle. Rae moved slightly allowing herself to be trapped. This manoeuvre caused Rae to smile and reward Thea with a deep searing kiss.

She responded to the kiss by nipping the end of Rae's tongue, which made the dark haired woman growl a little and push her knee harder against Thea's flesh.

"Have you done this lots before?" Thea asked, panting as her body started to move more rhythmically.

"No." Rae whispered as she nuzzled into Thea's neck. The hand covering Thea's breast started moving in time to the rocking, in response to the increase in Thea's heart rate.

"Good God." Thea cried as she felt the urge building within her. Rae smiled and pulled her leg away, slowing down the motion. Thea glanced at her alarmed.

"What...What are you doing?" She asked as Rae moved to look the strawberry blonde in the eye and then kissed her again. She returned her knee to the place she knew the younger woman preferred and started the rhythm again, only this time faster, harder. Uncontrollably Thea thrust her hips upwards.

"Take me Rae, please." She begged, panting desperately, her juices coating the dark haired woman's leg, leaving Rae no doubt that things were coming to a head. "Please Rae!" She recognised the desperate beg in her own voice as she squirmed uncontrollably against her lover. Rae broke the contact momentarily and began to move down Thea's body making as much flesh as possible touch Thea had no choice but to unlock her legs and spread them open for Rae as she moved lower on the bed.

"If I do anything." Rae kissed her way across Thea's stomach. "You don't like or want." She progressed down lavishing kisses on Thea's slightly bucking hips. "Then just stop me."

The actress just groaned in response, her mind and thoughts losing clarity. Her hands reached down and tangled in thick black hair as Rae settled herself between Thea's legs. Thea's last clear thought before she was lost to an exquisite world of pleasure and sensation was.

'I can never go back.'


Thea opened her eyes and blinked as she realised where she was. She breathed in deeply and smiled as she felt wisps of black hair tickle her nose. Unable to stop herself the young actress reached out and ran her fingers over the long black mane of the woman sleeping beside her. Rae was completely relaxed, on her side facing away from her new lover. Thea could tell by the depth and rhythm of her breathing that she was deeply gone. Thea wondered briefly how often her newfound love slept this way.

With a smile Thea repeated the simple gesture and then gently moved Rae's hair to caress the soft back she had come to adore. It was with some surprise that Thea gazed at Rae's long back. There at the top of her spine, spreading across the other woman's shoulders, its wings outstretched was a large tattoo of a Raven. In a number of different shades of grey and black, with details that would have impressed any artist, the stunning work seemed to be a part of the woman herself. It was beautiful, there was quite simply no other word for it. For a moment Thea wondered how she had managed to miss it before now but then she remembered their moments of impassioned love making the two had recently enjoyed and then lost her surprise.

With a trembling finger Thea reached out and traced over the bird's outline, and then filled in the feathers and other details as she met them. She then traced her hand down to a second tattoo that was under the raven's wing. It was a theatrical mask, the symbol of tragedy. Thea looked at this design closely. The long mouth turned down severely at the corners, and a large tear marred one cheek. The eyes dull and hollow. She had never seen such a mask alone before, whenever she had seen one, it had always been paired with 'Comedy', its 'partner' mask. To see it here on her lover's back, alone was somewhat intriguing. Then again, a lot about Rae was a mystery.

Thea suddenly gave a bright smile and placed a kiss on the mask and on the raven before slipping an arm over the sleeping beauty at her side.

"I have my work cut out for me with you don't I?" She whispered as she placed a kiss on the rosy warm cheek of her lover. "I love you." She added impulsively.

"You too." Rae responded in a whisper of her own. Thea grinned, wondering how long Rae had been awake but didn't ask as she felt the fog of sleep gathering around her and she welcomed it with willing arms. Thrilled to be the one curled up with this mysterious woman. As she felt Rae's hand move up and take her own, Thea knew that the time had come once again to rest. The questions that were to come could wait for now, the rest of the world could wait as well. The next few hours were about nothing more than the two of them and that's all that Thea needed to know, for now that was.

Continued in Act Three

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