After the Curtain Falls

Act Five

by Beth Dragon and Kathleen Wolf

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The sound of keys in the front door broke Rae from her happy slumber.

"Margaretta!" The word broke into her mind sharply and she gently pulled herself out of Thea's arms. It was a reluctant move, but she didn't want to Thea to be startled by the cleaning woman walking in on them. She quickly tossed on a pair of shorts she raced downstairs.

"Margaretta?" She met the older woman in the hallway.

"Miss. Cassie." Looking up from her cleaning the woman smiled brightly.

"Good morning." Rae tried to wake herself up completely. "You're early today."

"Early birds get a free day Miss. Cassie."

"I need to ask a favor." Rae remembered the mess in the living room. "There was a bit of an accident in the living room."

"An accident?"

"My girlfriend has a flu or something." Rae used the term without thinking. She knew Margaretta was more than aware of her preference for women but to use the term for Thea almost stopped her in her tracks.

"Girlfriend?" A happy smile crossed the woman's face. "When, when?"

"Only a few days." Rae smiled at her enthusiasm.

"The owner of the clothes?" She asked glowing with happiness for her young employer.

"Yes, the owner of the clothes." Rae nodded.

"I could get her something." The woman's long set mothering instinct kicked in immediately.

"Oh no." Rae tried to cover, knowing Margaretta would go overboard if she didn't. "Just something she ate at the party last night I think. It was only the once."

"Rae?" Thea called when she reached the top step. The young actress was wrapped up in a sheet, rubbing one eye with her hand. "Rae?" Her voice called sounding confused and displaced.

"Just in the kitchen angel." Rae called back and moved back to the stairs.

"Is that her?" The older woman's head snapped round.

"You don't have to get up it is just Margaretta." Rae filled in the information and turned to answer the inquisitive woman in a hushed tone. "Yes, that's her."

"But our promise." Thea called as she slowly walked down the steps.

"Promise?" Margaretta laughed and looked at Rae.

"Not apart angel." Rae raced up the stairs to meet her and put her arms around the still sleepy woman. "I just wanted to catch my house keeper Margaretta down here before she startled you."

The older woman moved back to her work in the kitchen, trying to give them privacy.

"Oh right." Thea hugged her back still confused. "Well I'm up now. What hit me?" She added the last question gently as she made Rae move so she could continue down the stairs.

"About two bottles of champagne." Rae grinned at her and ruffled her hair as she passed.

"That'd be it." She put one hand to her temple as she padded down the stairs.

"Steer clear of the living room love." Rae instructed in a soft voice.

"Okay." She answered as she moved toward the entrance to the kitchen. "In here is okay?"

"I'll get the living room fixed up in a jiffy." Margaretta stood getting cleaning supplies at one end of the kitchen.

"Here is fine angel." Rae came in behind her.

"Good morning." Thea called back gently to the excited woman.

"Good morning!" Margaretta replied with a nod and a happy smile.

"Margaretta this is Thea." Rae introduced her with a smile "Thea this is Margaretta."

"Very pleased to meet you." Thea struggled to find her hand in the sheet, offering it once she unraveled it.

"Very pleased to meet you Miss. Thea." The woman took her hand and shook it, her face beaming. Rae rolled her eyes at the older woman's glee.

"I am so sorry, that mess was me." Thea apologized sincerely.

"No worries young lady." Margaretta waved it off. "Happens to the best of us, I'll have it all better in a jiffy for you. Do you need the rest of the house done Miss. Cassie?" She stopped to ask the last question before leaving the kitchen.

"No, just the living room would be great please." Rae was happy for the easy out. Thea smirked at Magaretta's name for Rae, but managed to hide the laugh.

"Be out of your way in a moment." She moved off towards the living room.

"And what do you think is so funny?" Rae put her arms around Thea and hugged her from behind. Thea broke free and perched herself on a high stool at the breakfast bar.

"Nothing!" She spun it round to look at Rae innocently.

"Oh there's something." Rae moved closer to stand right in front of her. "I distinctly heard you trying not to laugh."

"Nope." Thea tried the innocence approach once more, a sparkle in her green eyes.

"You were laughing." Rae snaked her hands to Thea's sides and tickled her lightly.

"Can I get ya breakfast Miss. Cassie!" Thea slipped into a southern Alabama twang as she laughed aloud.

"Oh you think that's funny do you Miss. Thea." She mimicked her accent and tickled her again.

"Oh yeah! It's funny." Thea did her best not to squirm.

"It is isn't it?" Rae laughed and tickled her more.

"Yes!" Thea suddenly hugged Rae tight. "You know she positively adores you!"

"Naw." Rae hugged her a bit tighter ignoring the last comment.

"Afraid so, I have a challenger in the ranks." Thea swatted her on the arm playfully.

"Margaretta?" Rae pulled back and questioned.

"And I may even be losing. After all she took you from me first thing this morning!" She laughed at the look on Rae's face.

"No one could take me from you angel." Rae said softly. "I just didn't want her to scare you if she came upstairs."

"I know love. I know." Thea kissed her gently on the lips. Rae kissed her back allowing herself to become completely lost in the contact. Thea released her hold on the sheet and slipped both hands up Rae's shirt, spreading them across the woman's back. She tilted her head slightly and opened her mouth.

"Mmmmm." Rae moaned slightly before moving deeper into the kiss. She moved her hands clumsily through the sheet trying to find a path to the woman's skin. The actress shifted a little to help her quest as the kiss continued.

Rae moved forward a little pressing herself against Thea's knees as her hands finally made their way into the cocoon of the sheet and came to rest on her hips. Thea moaned gently and then separated her legs allowing Rae closer. She lifted up slightly to release more of the sheet and allow her legs to move free. Rae took the invitation immediately and moved herself fully into the space between Thea's legs to rest her body there against her.

Automatically Thea moved her legs entrapping Rae as she moved her hands over the technician's strong back. Rae growled low in appreciation of the move, as her hands slowly began to travel upwards. Thea broke the mouth-to-mouth kiss to lick and suck her way down to Rae's throat. The technician's hands traced up Thea's ribs before resting full across her breasts. Thea's body was flushed with a sudden surge of passion. A heady, crazy need to have Rae, and have her now. The combination of the soft skin beneath her mouth and the flares of electricity Rae's hands were causing were almost intoxicating. Thea kissed her way over Rae's shoulder as her hand moved all over the standing woman's back.

"God I love you." Rae spoke in a raspy voice, crazed by the soft flesh under her hands and the heat from Thea's kisses.

"I love you." She murmured back in between kisses. The heat rose through her body, her heart began to beat wildly. "Rae I need you. I need you now! "

"I think maybe we should move upstairs." Rae used a low tone trying to retain enough control as to not ravish Thea right there in the kitchen.

"Yeah moving is good." She breathed hard.

Not thinking, Rae shifted her hands underneath Thea and picked her up. The crumbled sheet was abandoned to fall useless on the floor of the kitchen. With sure steps she headed towards the stairs.

"Moving is very good." She growled as she took the stairs two at a time. Thea couldn't help but let her hands travel over Rae's back as she tried to stop her kissing and nibbling but found herself failing. Entering the master bedroom Rae gently kicked the door closed before heading over to the bed. Thea kissed and bit Rae's neck constantly. Dizzy from the kisses, Rae placed Thea gently on the bed hovering over her.

"Shirt off!" Thea panted. "Please and the shorts too."

Rae didn't answer as she moved off Thea long enough to strip off the shirt and shorts. Tossing them across the room in a feverish arc. Thea struggled out of her own top and pants and was naked by the time Rae was.

"Gone and gone." She panted back as she moved closer to Thea slowly.

"Oh God Rae..." Thea launched herself up at Rae and locked her lips with her lover's, allowing her hands to once again roam the tall woman's back. Rae pulled her into a hard embrace to match the deep kiss. Thea gasped from the electric feel that Rae's grasp gave her. Rae's hands went around her and snaked up into Thea's hair, holding there for a second before moving down her back in gentle careful caresses.

Thea arched her lower body up to brush Rae's body, wanting her lover to lower herself. Sensing the non-verbal cue, Rae lowered her weight down slowly. Breaking their heated kiss to move her lips lower to Thea's neck.

Thea groaned and tipped her head back. She could feel her heart pounding and hear her breath coming in broken gasps. Her lower body began to move in rhythm against the strong one that held her.

"You are so soft." Rae spoke the words through the kisses in a breathy tone. She matched the rhythm of Thea's movements.

Thea closed her eyes trying to focus at least one of her senses. Sifting her body slightly, she parted her legs and caught one of Rae's between them. She moved to tangle her fingers in the Raven's hair to drawn her closer.

Rae picked up the urgent movement and pressed her leg against Thea. Reveling in the heat against her thigh. She sucked her way across to the middle of Thea's collarbone as she began to trail wet kisses downwards. Without conscious thought Thea increased the tempo of their private dance, her movements becoming more obvious and stronger. Rae kissed the valley between Thea's breasts for a moment before carving a wet trail with her tongue to the right.

"Please Rae." The actress urged her on, as the need inside her grew and her own movement increased. She breathed deep. "Oh God Rae!"

Feeling the increase in Thea's tempo, she kept up with the dance out of both need and want. With a wicked grin against the hot skin beneath her lips, Rae sucked the hardened flesh into her mouth and sucked gently.

"Lower Rae. Please, go lower." She ground her body into Rae's leg. She could feel a light sweat building on ever inch of her and somewhere in her mind it registered that her head was no longer hurting.

"Anything my love." Rae pulled back slightly and whispered the words against her skin. As she moved lower, she dragged her tongue down Thea's stomach in a painfully slow progression.

"Oooooh God." Thea was in agony, her body twitching and throbbing with a need unlike any other she had felt before.

Where her leg had been only moments before, Rae pressed her hand slowly against Thea's inner thighs to open her more. Groaning, Thea realized she was completely under the technician's control. Rae continued to tease, as she moved to settle herself down. Kissing the inside of both the star's thighs in long wet movements.

"Rae!" Thea gasped as she felt the movement so close to where she needed it. "I can't..." She gasped again. "Take this."

"I love you." Rae whispered just as she ended the teasing and entered Thea slowly with her tongue.

"Oh God I love you." Thea relaxed back and let her body go, shuddering and twitching under Rae's exploration.

Rae went on instinct, trying to fulfill her want to bring her lover as much pleasure as possible. Thea's moved her hands back to Rae's head, pushing her lover's face further in, wanting to feel as much of her as she could. Feeling the hands in her hair, Rae pressed herself in harder stopping to suck hard on the throbbing flesh underneath her mouth.

The pulsing between her legs spread right though her body and Thea was completely overwhelmed. Bracing against the bed she pushed herself forward. Rae met her pressure, refusing to back up even an inch as she returned to making quick movements with her tongue.

Thea felt her climax approaching fast and she knew that any second now Rae would be flooded. She made a weak attempt to warn her, but the result was little more than a small groan. The truth was that Rae didn't need warning, as she slowed the pressure of her tongue momentarily before going after her prize with even more want than before.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!" Thea threw her head back and cried out as she climaxed hard and shuddered viciously.

Rae met every thrust of the small woman's hips. Focused on carrying her straight into the next orgasm without a break. Thea realized as the wave of pleasure began to clear that the pressure was still on her. She responded to Rae's movement immediately, her ragged breathing picking up from where it had left off. Holding her lips tight against her, Rae moaned and let the vibration carry from her lips into the flesh beneath. At the end of the moan she began to suck softly.

"Rae..." She gasped through broken breaths. "Hhhhan..." She stopped and swallowed. "Use your hand." She gasped as she managed to get the brief request out. "I need to kiss you." She was impressed she'd gotten the last sentence out, as from the waist down her body was a mass of reaction and pleasure.

Rae reluctantly abandoned her position and moved upwards. Pressing her hand full against the heat and wet between Thea's legs.

"Are you sure?" Rae asked with a wicked grin as her massaged her palm against the spot her mouth had been seconds before.

"Oh yeah!" She groaned as she blew kisses at Rae's face. "Kiss me!" The order came in a husky growl.

"Good." Rae answered before kissing her hard. Thea felt as if a bolt of pure magic had struck her. Tasting herself on Rae's lips, her tongue and lips went wild. The kiss took even Rae off guard. Never before had she felt one more passionate, more hungry but with such love behind it all.

The mixtures of tastes and passion crazed Thea further and as they kissed and she ground herself on Rae's palm. Rae increased the pressure and speed of her hand, encouraged by the thick warm juices that covered it. She let the motion send her fingers closer and closer to where she knew Thea needed them.

As Rae's long fingers entered her, Thea closed here eyes in sheer heaven. She could feel the two digits move inside her and she urged her muscles to grip and relax as they moved. The feeling was driving Rae just as mad as she kissed Thea harder and increased the pressure of her hand.

"More!" Thea gasped almost soundlessly. Rae filled the need by immediately adding another finger. "Yesssssss!" Thea breathed between her teeth.

"You feel so good." She growled into the actress' ear before sucking the flesh of the lobe into her mouth. She increased the tempo of her hand slightly trying to gauge Thea's reaction.

Thea could feel herself building again, this was bigger and stronger than anything she'd felt before. She slipped her own hands under her back to add support against the frantic movements of her hips.

"Rae, I'm going to cum so..." She gasped as the reality of her own words hit her. "Hard. Oh Rae!" As her body exploded, she pushed herself off the bed with her hands, driving herself harder onto Rae's fingers.

"Let it go." Rae encouraged softly into her ear as she moved her free hand underneath the small woman to support her. "I've got you." The muscles in her arms strained in effort as she met every thrust of Thea's hips with her hand. Feeling Rae's hold on her Thea relaxed and let everything release. Her warm fluid flooded over Rae's hand as she collapsed into the technician's tight grip.

"You are so beautiful." She purred into Thea's ear as she gently slowed the motion of her hand.

"You make me that way." The spent woman replied as she fought to bring her breathing under control. Sweat soaked hair plastered the forehead of her flushed face.

"I want to make you that way again." The tall beauty purred as she kissed her softly behind Thea's ear, drawing little circles with her tongue and her hand that was still within the actress. Thea gave an involuntary shudder and gripped Rae tight as her internal muscles contracted in a spasm.

"Soon." Thea said between thick breaths. "Okay?" She opened sparkling green eyes looking for confirmation.

"Very soon." Rae murmured as she kissed Thea's neck and moved to suck at the hollow of her throat as she gently removed her hand.

"Miss. Cassie!" Magaretta's frantic voice called from downstairs. "Miss. Cassie?"

Neither of them heard the voice, but the sound of footsteps on the stairs alerted Thea to the woman's approach.

"Miss. Cassie?" The older woman called again.

"Margaretta, I'm busy." Aggravated, Rae yelled back at her through the door.

"There a call Miss. Cassie." The footsteps continued up the stairs.

"Take a message." She yelled returning to kissing Thea's neck.

"They won't leave a message Miss. Cassie, it's urgent."

Thea tried to control herself and stroked Rae gently on the arm.

"Mother of God!" The technician cursed lightly and pulled herself back.

Thea fell back against the soft sheets on the bed and raised her hand to pull it across her sweat soaked forehead trying to relax herself.

"Love?" Rae looked down at her lover a little lost as to what to do.

"Go." Thea answered smiling at her.

"Miss. Cassie!" The voice called from the hall now.

"Whoever it is, they're going to get ten seconds." She gave her a quick kiss.

"Good." Thea smiled and savored the brief kiss.

"Coming." Rae yelled as she grabbed her robe from the chair near the bed.

"And not one second more!" She grinned as she watched her lover move.

"I love you." Rae whispered with a loving smile as she slipped out the door.

'God, how I love this woman.' Thea thought to herself as she snuggled back onto the pillow. Quite glad for the interruption, cause it would at least give her a chance to catch her breath.


"Who is it?" Rae asked as she closed the door and turned to face Margaretta, already moving toward one of the spare rooms.

"It's Miss. Cleo." The older woman rang her hands as she spoke. "I wasn't sure I should call that out."

"Oh shit!" She cursed to herself. "Thank you, Margaretta." She closed the door to the spare room and moved to sit down on the bed as she picked up the phone.

"Hello Cleo." She spoke in a normal tone, trying to calm her breathing.

"Raven, I have landed. Where are you?" Cleo's voice came back immediately. "Where is my message? Where is my little black bird? This excuse had better be a good one!"

"Hello to you too Cleo." Rae spoke in a softer tone. "I've been very busy with the play. I didn't get your message till three this morning."

"If they are working you too hard give it up darling." A soft voice cooed back through the receiver.

"Cleo, you know I'm not giving up the play." Rae countered. "Please let's not start that old argument."

"Oh all right, I didn't call to argue."

"Good." Rae tried to relax, hopeful that the woman's words were true. "I can't meet you for lunch Cleo, I have a previous date." She used the word before she thought to stop herself, knowing that Cleo would not miss it.

"What?" The sharp word was followed by a deafening silence.

"I promised someone I'd spend today with them." Rae repeated. "In fact she's waiting for me in the other room."

"Someone, someone more important than me?" Cleo continued in a clipped voice. "Blackbird I don't expect that from you"

"Cleo, you can't expect to fly in and give me two hours notice to change my whole day." She hated having to defend herself. "You've been out of the country without a word for six months."

"Oh I see, well in that case." Cleo's voice returned to its normal purr. "Have fun Raven I am in town for a while." A moment of silence hung before she continued. "I am sorry. I know I have been less than communicative."

"Well that's good. We can have lunch tomorrow if you're free then." Rae rolled her eyes at the change in Cleo's voice. "That way I can sign whatever papers you have."

"Darling that would be wonderful, will your toy be coming too?" The question came in a sickly sweet voice.

"CLEO!" She lost control of herself and barked into the phone. "Don't start!" Her voice was harsh.

"Oh have I ruffled my raven's feathers?" Cleo returned to her normal purr. "Forgive me my black bird I have missed you and I am disappointed that's all."

"Cleo, don't do this again okay?" Rae felt the familiar hardened tension in her shoulders. "You don't even know her, so don't put her down. I won't allow it."

"Your friend is more than welcome to join us." Cleo stressed the word 'friend' this time.

"I'll see if she's free." Rae conceded, knowing she'd never really want to get Cleo in the same room as Thea. "What time do you want to meet?"

"And I promise not to put her down... like a sick animal!" A harshness crept into Cleo's voice.

"Cleo, I'm going to chalk that one up to the long flight." Her voice was steely. "But any more and I'm hanging up on you."

"The usual time darling, usual place." Cleo laughed into the phone. "Oh goodness, protective over whoever she is. This isn't like you."

"Two at the Harbour Club." Rae repeated the familiar appointment. "She's special Cleo." Her voice went soft. "I love her."

"You what?" Cleo didn't try to check the shock in her voice.

"I love her." Rae repeated in a confident tone.

"In that case bring her whether she is busy or not. I have to meet the woman who has clipped my Raven's wings."

"I'll ask her Cleo." She sighed loudly.

"Have to go darling." A rustling could be heard on Cleo's end of the phone. "Chao, two at the Harbour Club. Love to your keeper!"

"I'll see you there and bring the papers I hate going to your office." Rae doubted that her words had been heard as the phone went dead. She shook her head at the phone and replaced it in the cradle. Looking briefly to the heavens as she got up and headed out of the room.


Rae opened the bedroom door and closed it behind her.

"Sorry back now." Her voice was soft and her smile warm. She moved back to the bed and sat down.

"Who was it?" Thea asked from under the tangled sheets where she had crawled.

"It was Cleo." Rae said in a flat tone.

"Oh." The small sound escaped Thea's mouth.

"I have to meet her for lunch tomorrow to sign some papers." Rae rambled on trying to get the conversation out minus the insults.

"How is she?" Thea asked unsure of how to handle this.

"I have no idea." Rae looked at her with a sad smile. "Cleo's not one for small talk. She invited you to come tomorrow."

"I...erm." Thea struggled. "I have the matinee performance Rae, I can't."

"Lunch is at two." Rae added absently.

"The performance is 2:30." Thea cleared unsure if Rae was listening.

"Oh yeah, I forgot." The technician frowned.

"Love are you all right?" She said resting a hand on Rae's arm.

"I'm fine angel." Rae shook the cobwebs from her head and shuffled down to lie next to her with a smile.

"You sure?" Thea's frown was pronounced.

"I'm just a little shook up." She admitted. "Cleo has this habit of disappearing for months at a time and then showing up with papers and deals and demanding lunches and parties."

"Oh I see." Thea said carefully listening to Rae's words. "Are you and her still, close?" She queried and then realising her own statement she added. "I... I don't mean to pry." Thea stammered. "And it's fine if you are."

"No!" Rae shook her head honestly. "Cleo and I are just old friends and business partners. We were over a long time ago." She added trying to be as honest as possible.

"I... I see." Thea lowered her head ashamed that she had asked such an impulsive question.

"You're not prying angel." Rae said concerned. "You can ask me anything at all, about Cleo about my past about anything." She pleaded with her.

"Thank you." Thea said as a deep sadness had entered her tone, not wanting Rae to question her on it Thea looked up with a bright wicked smile.

"Please angel ask me something. I'll prove it too you." Rae moved a hand to Thea's cheek softly. Thea looked up with a bright smile.

"What are you making me for breakfast?" She asked grinning, "That's the best question I can think of."

"Whatever you desire." Rae smiled back at her and pulled the actress close. "Though are you really completely famished yet?" She added with a wink.

"Not completely." Thea replied with a wink in return.

"I hoped not." Rae smiled and moved to snuggle herself back beside Thea's ear. "I was right here if I remember." She kissed the area.

"Ah yes, but I have to go to the bathroom first." Thea slipped out from Rae's grasp.

"Oh okay." Rae pulled back, letting her slip away. "I'll be right here." She smiled and rolled over to watch her disappear into the bathroom.


Thea walked over to the bathroom sink and turned on the tap.

'What are you doing Theandra?' She asked herself while gazing at her reflection. 'You know nothing about this woman and she knows nothing about you. What hope has this whole situation got?'

Thea moved her head back and looked at the ceiling, she sighed heavily and then shook her head. With a second sigh she looked at her reflection, and ran her fingers through her hair. Catching sight of a brush on the side she picked it up and dragged it through her hair then shook her head again.

'Well Thea.' She told herself as she looked down at her naked body and her fingers traced a slight love bite on her collarbone with a smile. 'Even if it goes to hell in the morning, today is worth living.'

Thea ran her hands down her own sides and smiled.

'And I don't intend to end it standing up!' She grinned and turned off the tap.


Hoping Thea would be at least a few minutes in the bathroom Rae rolled over and picked up the phone. She was happy the operator was able to connect her and was even happier when the person on the other end was quick and to the point. She glanced back at the door to the bathroom figuring as long as the tap stayed on she had time.

"Yes, that's the order." She smiled. "ASAP... there's double in it for you if it's speedy." She hung up the phone and rested back with her arms under her head quite pleased with herself. Even though the dark cloud of Cleo hung in one corner of her mind she pushed it away. She would not let Cleo ruin this, not this time.

Thea opened the door to the bathroom and put her head round it.

"What are you doing?" She asked noticing Rae's different position.

"Hello gorgeous." Rae turned to look at her. "I ordered a surprise." Thea stepped into the room and padded across to the bed.

"A surprise? When is it going to get here?" Thea's voice was enthusiastic. Rae smiled happily.

"Miss. Cassie!" A voice called from downstairs.

"For the love of God." Rae rolled her eyes to the ceiling. Thea grinned as she reached out a finger and traced a pattern on Rae's arm.

"Should I take the wild animal out?"

"LET MAC OUT IN THE BACK SHE'LL BE FINE." Rae yelled trying to concentrate past Thea's distractions.

"Very good Miss. Cassie. I think I have finished then. If you are sure there is nothing else I can help with." The cleaning lady called.

"One second angel." Rae jumped up and kissed Thea lightly. "I should give her a little bonus for being so helpful."

Thea nodded and watched Rae as she fished in the drawer and pulled out some money.

"Go for it." Thea said as Rae moved to the door. Rae blew Thea a kiss and went downstairs.


"Everything is done Miss. Cassie." Margaretta said as Rae stepped into the hallway.

"Thank you, for all the extras." Rae handed her the folded up bills.

"Thank you Miss. Cassie. But there must be something more I can do for you both. Yes?"

"No, no, in fact you can have tomorrow off as well." Rae said thinking about the morning to come.

"But Miss. Cassie, with Miss. Thea sick...." Margaretta began.

"Miss. Thea's feeling much better." Rae managed to keep a straight face. "I'll take care of her it'll be okay. Why don't you go, have a good day. You could go shopping, buy yourself something nice."

"I could stay and cook you both a nice supper."

Rae almost laughed out loud.

"No Margaretta." She opened the door and shivered a little as a hint the cool air came in through her light silk robe. "You go home and have a nice day with that husband of yours. We'll be fine." She added with a smile trying to convince the older woman.

"Very good. Have a good day Miss. Cassie." With a nod she shuffled out of the door.

"I will, thank you." She was about to close the door when the small hatchback pulled into the driveway.

"You ordered these?" The young man raced up the drive with the wrapped package.

"Yes, I did." She quickly signed the clipboard he had and added a generous tip to the total. "Thanks for being so quick."

"No problem!" The young man said happily when he noticed the figure. Rae slipped back inside. She shut and locked the door. She ripped off the packaging and left it on the hallway floor and raced upstairs.

"Angel, surprise is here." Rae called as she entered the room. Thea put down the photo of a tall slim blonde that she had been looking at and turned to give Rae a smile.

"I love surprises." She turned to she her tall lover stood behind her, trying to keep control of the armful of orchids. "Orchids!" She gasped. "They are beautiful, thank you love."

"Well I figured Michael couldn't claim these one." Rae looked down at the flowers smiling. Thea raced over and hugged the flower laden woman.

"I just wanted to make you smile angel." Rae beamed. "But the hug is even better."

"Thank you so much." Thea raved.

"No thanks." Rae smiled.

"I will thank you if I feel the need!" Thea said adamantly.

"Well then thank away." Rae grinned as she looked at Thea's sparkling green eyes. "Where should they go?"

The young actress looked at Rae and then at the orchids.

"Give them here." She held out her hands and grinned.

"Okay." Rae held out the armful and placed them in Thea's arms spilling a few on the carpet.

"Stay there." Her instructions came with a smile.

"Okay." Rae curiously watched Thea's every move. The young actress and laid the blossoms on the bed, spreading them out carefully. Then she picked up the ones that had fallen and put them on the bed too. She looked at them all for the moment and the picked out five and placed them carefully on the side table. She moved back to Rae and untied the silk tie at the tall woman's waist.

"On the bed, on your back." Thea breathed, sliding the fabric off Rae's shoulders. All Rae could do was nod as the fabric slipped away, her eyes glittered. She moved slowly to the bed backward not losing eye contact with Thea, gradually she went down onto her back. Thea moved carefully and stopped by the bed.

"Roll around." She instructed with a smile, her eyes locked with Rae's. The techie laughed for a moment and then rolled back and forth once.

"Again." Thea directed, with a smile Rae repeated the move. Thea walked gracefully to the side of the bed. "Once more."

Rae did as Thea asked grinning, completely unsure of Thea's next move. Thea licked her finger and began to trace her wet finger over her lips.

"Just once more." Thea breathed. "For me." She added cheekily. She loved the look of curiosity and pleasure on Rae's face.

"Anything for you angel." Rae said in a low tone as she rolled back and forth slowly.

"Now come to the edge of the bed, near me."

Rae made the move in silence rolling over on her stomach right next to Thea's leg.

"Sit on the edge, with your legs on the floor." Thea smiled as she caught sight of the crushed blooms scattered on the bed and her lover's flesh. Rae moved to sit up with a raised eyebrow placing both feet on the floor and not breaking eye contact with her lover.

"Spread your legs and keep your feet on the floor." Were the actress' next instructions. Rae completed the motion with a slight grin. A part of her mind knew she had never let anyone command her around like this but with the words coming from Thea they were heaven sent.

Thea licked her finger again and then reached out and touched Rae's warm flesh, just at the shoulder. She traced a line across travelling until she reached the centre of Rae's chest. Then she drew it down. Rae shuddered under her touch. Thea sunk to her knees between Rae's legs as she drew her finger lower still. She circled Rae's belly button with her wet trail and then moved to go lower, but stopped.

Rae watched and felt her every move silent. Thea gazed up into Rae's blue eyes from her place between her legs. Rae held green with her own. Keeping the gaze, Thea brought her finger to her lips again and licked it sensually. Rae licked her lips in unconscious mimic.

"You taste of orchids." Thea whispered.

"Do I really? I can't think why." Rae whispered back. "Do you like orchids?" She asked playfully.

"I am passionate about orchids." Thea replied.

"Oooooo." Rae let the tone fall very low and slow. Breaking eye contact Thea inched closer and slipped both hands behind Rae's back, then lower to her ass. Rae jumped a little from the electricity of the touch. Thea lowered her head and sunk lower on her knees. With surprising strength Thea found a comfortable grip on Rae's ass and then pulled the woman closer. Rae moaned at the hands holding her and shifted forward under their instruction.

Thea moved her warm wet mouth onto the soft warm dark damp patch between Rae's legs. Rae took a deep sharp breath with the contact and she tried to keep her feet flat on the floor and not arch up onto her toes. Thea nestled herself in as she dragged her tongue roughly the full length of Rae's clit, as she reached the end Thea repeated the action.

"Oh God!" Rae let out the words in a low throaty moan. Thea repeated her action: once, twice, three times and then on the forth time as she reached her lover's engorged centre that was now open and easily accessible as she teased her tongue on the edge of the warm wet orifice. Rae moaned again without words and shifted her arms behind her a little to lean back on them as her hips went forward out of need. She swallowed hard and tried to find a breath in the now airless room.

Thea darted her tongue in and out, and then round clockwise. Rae's legs went taunt as she stretched up onto her toes. Thea reversed her direction and dragged her tongue counter clockwise. She tried to keep calm but as her lover reacted Thea shivered and she pushed her tongue deeper still. Rae moaned low pushing her hips off the bed slightly as she braced up on her hands and toes.

Squeezing Rae's ass Thea delved as far as her tongue would go. Rae growled under the pressure of Thea's hands as the first sparks of her impending orgasm began to flare up her back. Thea moved her face slightly as she nestled her tongue inside flicking and licking, as her nose rested on the hard nub just below Rae's entrance, pushing it overtime she licked with her tongue. Rae moaned again as her she clutched onto the sheets underneath her hands.

Thea released one hand from Rae's ass and let it snake up her lover's body. Landing it on the soft mound of her left breast, the thumb rubbing over the hard raised nipple.

"Oh God Thea!" Rae managed to find the three simple words and blurt them out in a quick thick voice. Thea worked on getting the flicking, licking and rubbing in sync. When she achieved this she increased the tempo, changing the licking to sucking. Rae clenched her teeth and moaned as the speed increased. Her hips rocked without her guidance and her arms threatened to give out underneath her.

Tasting Rae's fluid made Thea almost lose the synchronisation but she controlled it where as everything within Rae was focused on Thea's touches. Her breathing becoming nothing more than ragged heaves as Thea moved faster again. Rae's chest rose and fell hard under Thea's hand. Thea's ears hummed with the mixed sounds of their desire and passion. She wanted her lover to experience the heaven she had earlier.

"Tttttthhhhhhhheeeeeeaaaaa!" Rae dragged the word out as a warning as she tumbled over the edge and into pure pleasure. Thea sucked hungrily as Rae released.

Rae bit her lip hard as her body hung on one heartbeat longer before going on without her. Thea's hands slipped from their place and instead found Rae's waist and held tightly. Pulling the other woman closer still, her sucking and rubbing becoming frantic. She drank eagerly from her lover, the taste of orchids and sex filling her every sense.

"Please don't stop." Rae begged in a low sultry tone, feeling her next orgasm rising before the first had even played itself out completely. Thea had no intentions of stopping, she kept up the complete pressure and instead of easing at all she lowered one hand and trailed it over the hairs at the top of Rae's mound. She traced it over her hip and round the side.

"Ohhhhhh." Rae's sound turned into a wordless deep moan as the movement of Thea's hand tuned each of her senses to the hilt. Thea's mouth, tongue and nose still moved furiously as she drew the hand along the underside of Rae's thigh. Rae shivered under the touch. Thea's calculated move brought her hand to where her tongue worked feverishly. The next time Thea thrust with her tongue she slid a finger in with it.

"Sweet Goddessssss!" Rae hissed the words out with the new sensation as it filled her from head to toe with a dizzy feeling. Sweat pooled at her temples and wept into her hair. Her weak arms finally gave out under her and she fell down to rest on her elbows.

The feeling of warmth and wetness that covered her finger made Thea shiver. She drew her tongue and finger out and this time slid two in with her tongue, enjoying the feel of the ribs of muscles inside her lover's tunnel. Thea worked on a rhythm with this. Rae let out a low pleasured scream as Thea's fingers and tongue moved in to fill her. Thea's rhythm started slow, but was soon fast and heated.

Rae somehow managed to rock her hips, rising and falling with the tempo that Thea created with her hands. Thea's own body now was aching for release but she wanted to make Rae let her self go completely before anything else.

"Sweet Thea." The high pitched words came out as Rae gasped for air and braced herself for the wave that crashed down out of nowhere. Her hips rocked violently and she shook uncontrollably. She screamed again, loud and deep as everything in her world became about the woman touching her, loving her.

Thea moved her mouth back keeping the rhythm with her fingers going, though slowing it gradually. She licked her lips.

"I thought so, you taste of orchids there too." She gasped breathlessly grinning madly, before sliding three fingers deep inside her lover aiming to take her breath away completely. All Rae could do was make a wordless noise in response. Thea pulled her hand back a bit and then thrust again moving her whole body up she lay on top of Rae's sweat covered body. Rae gave a long moan and thrust herself against Thea's hand.

Thea added a forth finger boldly and then wriggled them around inside. Rubbing on the ribs of muscles urging them to contract and force her hand out in her finally flood of orgasm. Thea moved each finger on a different muscle and began panting loudly, licking and kissing Rae's body.

Rae's eyes shut closed on their own as she fell completely on the bed, the movement inside her driving her already overloaded senses to a place they'd never been before. Her insides went tight against Thea's hand, before in a loss of breath the final wave rocked through her.

"That's it love." Thea encouraged.

The sound of her lover's voice drove her further as her hips locked down and all the motion came inside with a flood of hot liquid. Thea kept everything still for a moment as things settled a little, before pulling her hand free of Rae's body. Lovingly she lifted it to Rae's breasts, dancing there for a moment before Thea replaced her fingers with her lips. Tasting the heavenly mixture of sweat, Rae's fluid and orchids.

"I love you." Thea said softly between licks and kisses.

"Oh God Thea." Rae murmured out with the little voice she could find. "I love you."

Thea stopped her oral assault of Rae's spent body as Rae moved her arms out from behind her and captured Thea's head in her hands. Gently she guided the actress' face upwards.

"I love you so much." She repeated when Thea's face was close to hers and kissed her lovingly on the lips.

"As I love you." Thea ran a hand over Rae's hair.

"Though I think you're trying to kill me." Rae gave a little grin as another shudder rolled through her.

"Nah." Thea whispered. "If I were going to kill you, I would have used a gun!" Thea let Rae think about her statement, before smiling with a glint in her eye.

"I'd rather die in your arms my love." Rae said in a low sultry tone letting her hand drop to Thea's stomach to draw patterns there with a feather fingertip.

"You should move up and lie properly on the bed." Thea said gently. "If you can move."

"That's a big 'if' love." Rae laughed.

"You want to try?" Thea asked with a grin. "I could help you."

"Help would be nice." Rae grinned back. "Then I could thank you for that help."

"You could? You honestly think you could?" Thea smirked, satisfied with her lover's spent state.

"Oh yes." Rae growled. "I most definitely good."

"In that case let me see how I can help you. Tell me what to do."

"Well you could help me get my legs on the bed."

"Okay." Thea slipped off Rae and as she placed her feet on the floor she remembered how uncomfortable she was inside. Perhaps this wasn't such a good idea, just touching Rae's legs may send her over the edge but she was determined to try. She cupped her arms around Rae's legs. "Ready?"

"Ready!" Rae nodded.

Thea pulled gently to see how much Rae was going to help her. Rae lifted every so slightly, hiding the fact that she could move and would when the time was right. Thea smiled and put a little more effort into lifting them. She managed to get them to bed height and then began to move them over.

"Still okay?" Thea asked.

"Yes, working wonderfully." She encouraged. "I'm almost in the right position."

"What more can I do?" Thea asked as she released Rae's legs.

"Come here." Rae gave her a sultry smile and held out a hand to her. Thea took it and moved closer. With a laugh Rae shot up, embraced Thea and pulled her down on top of her gently. "No, I meant come here." She said the words in an even lower more sensuous tone.

"Woo!" Thea said as she felt herself be pulled over. "Rae!" She growled laughing.

"Now let's get you comfy." Rae laughed back.

"Okay go for it!" Thea played along happily.

Rae worked her hands down the small woman's body and guided one knee to each side of her own stomach. Thea bit her lip as her legs were parted, a flare shot up between her legs reminding her how close she was to the edge.

"Now for the tricky part." Rae smiled and using her arms pulled them both up into a semi-sitting position with her back firmly supported by the wall. She raised her legs to bend her knees and braced them behind Thea's back for support.

"Nice move!" Thea breathed almost silently.

"Thank you." Rae breathed back and kissed the neck just in front of her.

"Rae..." Thea said her voice loaded with warning.

"I know angel." Rae whispered back having felt the dampness already on her stomach.

"Good!" Thea gasped.

"I won't make you wait." She added in a hushed tone as she moved one hand up under Thea's leg to where she knew it was needed.

"Oh God Rae." Thea thrust forward as a gentle glide of a thumb past her centre told Rae to not waste time. "Ahhhhh!" Thea gasped as she felt the movement of Rae's hand.

With a hard thrust she entered the wet opening with two fingers and used the position of Thea's body to give her complete access. Thea's breath quickened and her body began rocking. Rae started at a slow rhythm keeping time with her thumb on the outside.

"Oh shit." Thea braced her hands on Rae's shoulders squeezing hard as her body pushed in response to Rae's actions.

Rae locked her mouth onto the hard nipple of Thea's left breast and sucked. She shifted her legs a little to lock Thea in a smaller place and increased the movement of her fingers and thumb. Thea moved sharply, as Rae changed her actions. She groaned as her heart beat raced on.

Rae released the nipple only to take it lightly between her teeth as she flicked at it with her tongue. Matching the ever increasing rhythm of her hand with that of her mouth.

Thea suddenly realised that Rae's hand was moving fractionally too slow for the building need bearing down hard. She pushed the rhythm forward as the grip she had on Rae's shoulders grew even tighter.

The slick wetness running down her palm and her arm made Rae's insides shudder. She smiled against Thea's breast with the change in tempo and moved not only to meet it but to double it as she added a third finger.

"Jesus Rae!" Thea gasped.

Rae moved her free hand to Thea's ass and held it tightly. Thea began to move her hips in a circular motion, as well as the in out motion trying to drive Rae's fingers deeper. Rae matched the circular motion by going against her in a circle of her own, keeping the tempo of the in and out at a feverish pace. Missing only a heartbeat she switched breasts and gave the nipple on the right the same treatment.

"Rae, I am Oh... I... oh... Oh shit... RRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAEEEEEEEEEEEEE!"

Rae growled against her skin and drove her hand deeper and harder than ever before. Fluid flushed from Thea, but she wanted more. Rae didn't slow the rhythm, though she tried to go deeper and harder with each new thrust.

"Fist me angel." Thea begged. "Please!"

Rae moaned low and entered with the remainder of her fingers curling them up carefully once inside and driving harder. She moaned from the sweet sweat the friction was building up between them. Tears slipped from Thea's eyes as she felt Rae driving into her. She let go of all of her passion and just let her bodies unchecked reactions rule. Rae pulled back to watch Thea's face, finding herself being driven closer and closer to release from the sight.

Thea's muscles spasmed and clenched Rae's hand as she opened her green eyes and caught Rae's.

"I love you." Rae whispered to her softly. Unable to say anything, Thea tried to make her eyes show that she loved her too. Rae nodded that she knew just before Thea's final orgasm hit suddenly and hard. Thea cried out and released Rae's shoulders and collapsed forward completely spent.

Rae stilled her hand slowly then gently pulled herself out. She moved her arms to cradle the woman against her.

"Thank you." Thea whispered.

"My pleasure." Rae said back in a whisper she reached up and gentle brushed the sweat soaked hair from Thea's forehead. Thea was aware of Rae's hand moving over her head but didn't have the energy to react. She nestled into Rae's strong body and kissed the place her lips rested.

"Wake me up when you are ready to make me breakfast." She said happily.

"I'm ready now angel." Rae whispered softly. "But you sleep for awhile, breakfast can wait."

"I'm sorry love." Thea said trying but failing to lift herself off Rae's chest.

"Sssssh angel." Rae gently held her close. "No sorries, sleep angel."

"Just twenty minutes, don't let me sleep longer than that." She closed her eyes again. "Twenty minutes okay?"

"Just twenty." Rae smiled and kissed her gently on the forehead. "Sleep angel." Rae coaxed her. "I'll be right here when you wake up."


"Thea? Thea?" Rae used a soft voice to call the woman laying on her awake.

"Hummm." The actress replied in a sleepy voice, before nestling down further against Rae's body.

"Wake up love, time for breakfast." Rae kept her soft tone and kissed the actress on the forehead.

"What time is it?" Thea asked, her eyes still tightly closed.

"It's 2:30." She glanced at the clock on the dresser nearby.

"2:30?" Thea sat up in a hurry and instantly regretted it. It was as if all her muscles reminded her at the same time how it had gotten to be so late in the day.

"Yes." Rae smiled. "What's wrong?" She asked stretching her arms above her head.

"Nothing." Thea replied smiling brightly, though wincing behind the façade.

"Good." Rae smiled back at her. "Though if you're still tired I could bring you breakfast in bed?" She made the offer with a loving smile.

"No, it's okay. I'm ready to get up. You got any pj's?" Thea asked brightly tipping her head from side to side.

"Coming right up." The technician nodded and moved out of bed without any sign of tiredness or soreness. "Let me see." She opened the door to the large closet across the far wall of the room. "How about these? You might have to roll up the pants." She smiled and brought the silk pajama-set over on the hanger.

"They look great." Thea slipped on the top and made quick work of fastening the buttons.

"The green will set off your eyes." Rae said with a little smile. "And for me?" She turned and walked over to the tall dresser next to the bed and pulled out a pair of black drawstring cotton pants and a short sleeve white shirt. She slipped into the baggy pants with ease.

"How does it look?" Thea asked.

"Looks beautiful." Rae finished slipping the shirt over her head and moved closer to the silk clad beauty. "In fact so good I'm not sure how long I can last before I ask you to take it off again." She spoke in a low purr.

"Just remember breakfast." Somewhat gingerly Thea swung her legs out of the bed and pulled the bottoms on, rolling up the cuffs several times.

"Yes angel." Rae laughed. "Why do you think I woke you up in the first place?"

"So what am I getting?" Thea gingerly stood up and pulled the drawstring at her waist tighter. Constantly reminding herself to keep smiling despite the soreness and aches she was experiencing.

"Your stomach was growling so much it was waking the dead." Rae smirked and headed toward the bathroom. "Just have to brush my teeth and then one fabulous breakfast for my beauty." Thea tracked the technician's path out of the bedroom.

"What would you like?" Rae stuck her head back out of the bathroom, toothbrush in hand.

"A surprise!" Thea glanced at the crushed orchids on the bed and smiled.

"Maybe they'll be more surprises later." Rae grinned around the toothbrush in her mouth having followed the actress' eyes to the bed. Thea grinned back and raised her eyebrows to show she liked the idea. "What's your favorite?" The question came as the tall woman disappeared into the bathroom again.

"FOOD!" The star laughed.

"How does pancakes sound?" Rae's voice came over the sound of running water.

"Great." Thea called back.

"Good." Rae came out smiling. "I think there's strawberries down there too." She racked her brain. "Or chocolate chips."

"Pancakes are fine, the others we can use later!" The small woman grinned and rushed over to kiss Rae lightly on the cheek.

"And here I thought you were struggling with being sore." Rae said softly with a little grin.

"Did I say I was sore?" She jumped on the defensive immediately.

"No, but your moving like you are." The soft answer came back. "I was just worried."

"Sorry, I am a little." Thea responded her voice back to calm and loving. "But I am not sure that will deter me!"

"No sorries angel." She smiled. "It's okay, I can bring you breakfast up here if you like."

"Nope, it's good to get moving. I may have a bath later to relax things a bit." Thea tried to keep herself upbeat and downplay her reaction.

"Okay." Rae nodded. "I put a new toothbrush out for you by the way."

"Thanks, I brush my teeth after breakfast." Thea walked to the door. "Shall we?"

"No worries, just wanted you to know it was there." Rae started to follow her. "We shall."
Thea grinned at her. "So pancakes for the beautiful lady." She headed down the stairs.

"You had better lead just in case I fall over." Thea followed her out. "Pancakes it is!"

"Hold on." Rae reached her hand back.

"I am fine!" Thea slapped the hand playfully.

"Oh feeling spunkier already." The technician laughed and then suddenly stopped. 'Oh shit!' The thought hit her suddenly. 'I forgot about Mac!'

"What?" Thea questioned just as Rae raced down the stairs leaving her behind. The actress raced down after her all thoughts of pain forgotten as she made her way to the back door.

"MAC!" Rae yelled loudly after she opened the door and saw the husky was not near the porch. "MARC ANTHONY!" She called again walking out into the backyard a bit. "MARC ANTHONY!" She called again with a little more panic in her voice.

Thea watched as Rae stood calling, hearing the change in her lover's pitch. She walked up behind her cautiously.

"Stay here." Rae instructed in a worried tone. "I have to look for her."

"What's wrong love?" She whispered not quite sure what the grand panic was all about. "Love?" Thea called as the tall woman moved further away from the backdoor.

"It never takes two calls." Rae turned back. "Never!"

"Rae wait, we can both look." Thea glanced around for something to give to the barefoot woman to put on her feet. Grabbing a pair of shoes from the mat near the door she slipped them on and then grabbed a pair of runners. "Rae come here." She held up the shoes as she came out the door after the technician.

"Please Marc Anthony don't do this today." Rae pleaded to the sky in a whisper as she came back to retrieve the shoes. Her mind raced as she moved back to join Thea at the door. "You'll get a chill love." She tried to act calmer. "I'll look for her."

"Why don't you go out the back gate and I go out the front gate?" Thea prompted her. "And we meet back here in ten?

"Thank you." She took the runners and slipped them on. "Love you don't know the neighborhood." She tried to think logically.

"No, but I know the dog!" Thea said a little forceful. "I am not looking at the scenery! I am looking for a large gray and white furry thing."

"Okay, okay." Rae said defeated. "Back in ten."

"Has she got a leash, if I find her?"

"She'll follow you." The tall woman was confident of this fact. "Mac's never had a leash."

"Okay, in ten." Thea glanced at her watch and turned and ran back to the house.

"Ten." Rae repeated and took off into the trees at the back of the yard.


It was only when Thea closed the front door that she realized that she was stood in a Canadian suburb at three o'clock in the after noon in a pair of green silk pj's and that she couldn't get back into the house. On top of that it was bloody freezing.

"Shit!" She cursed animatedly before heading off down the street. Wrapping her arms around herself in an attempt to keep warm

"Roof! Roof!" Mac's telltale bark came from out behind two parked cars in the distance.

Thea jogged toward the noise, smiling at the passerby's as she did. Wishing she'd at least had the sense to grab her own shoes, as Rae's were falling of her with every step.

"Roof! Roof!"

"Toni!" She called and then stopped, remembering that was her name for the dog.

"Roof! Roof!" The dog poked its head around from between the cars carrying a big tree branch in her mouth. Deciding to drop the branch, she bounded out heading in Thea's direction. "Roof! Roof!"

"Oh come here." Thea bent down and opened her arms to the dog. Mac barked again and picked up the pace as she raced into the small woman's arms. "Hello beautiful." She ruffled the dog's shiny coat and covered her head in kisses.

"Roof!" Mac licked the actress' face.

"Where have you been?" Thea sighed and smiled standing up slowly.

"Roof!" Mac cocked her head to one side trying to figure out the question.

"Well did you have a good time?" Thea asked as she patted her back.

"Arroooooo!" Mac howled in response.

"Do you need your tree?" Thea asked looking at the branch Mac had dropped. The husky looked back and then trotted away in the direction of the house. When Thea didn't immediately follow she looked back for a moment.

"Roof, roof!"

"I guess not." She laughed as she followed the husky home. Mac trotted a short distance ahead, going straight to the front door and waiting patiently for the actress to catch up.

'What a crazy situation this is!' She reflected to herself as she caught up with the dog. Moving to pat Toni on the head she smiled down at the dog. "This would ordinarily be the easy bit but unfortunately I don't have a key."

"Roof!" Mac pawed the door lightly.

"I know love but Rae's looking for you so I can't ring the bell." She patted the dog again.

Mac's ears suddenly perked up and she raced around the garage. When the small blonde didn't follow immediately the husky came back around to bark at her.

"Crazy mutt." Thea whispered as she followed.


"Thea, you found her!" Rae's happy exclamation came as she returned into the backyard and saw her husky bounding towards her. She bent down to give the dog a big hug. "You scamp where have you been?" She ruffled the dog's fur. "I'm going to have to have a word with you."

"Yeah, I found the dog." Thea smiled and waved as she entered the backyard watching the reunion.

"Are you all right?" Rae stood and asked the question concerned as she moved toward the small shaking woman. "You look cold."

"Sort of." Thea said sarcastically.

"What's wrong?" Rae looked her up and down for injury.

"Rae, it is freakin freezing. Half your neighbors think I am crazy being in green silk pjs in the middle of the afternoon, in the middle of the street looking for a dog called Toni. When they all know her name is Mac. They must think I'm the biggest lemon cause it was the dog who showed me to come around to the back." Thea walked back towards the house and stood in front of the backdoor.

"My neighbors are idiots." Rae smiled. " And I think you suit green silk pjs any time of day." She started to laugh. "Like a lemon?" She questioned the reference.

"Argh!" Thea threw up her arms, realizing how much colder the move immediately made her. "Rae, I am gong inside to thaw out!"

"Let's go in the house love I'll make you those pancakes and a baileys to warm you up." The technician smiled again as she moved towards the house "Mac you are in so much trouble." She shot a sad look at the dog. She moved ahead of Thea and tried to open the door. "Angel you didn't leave the front door open by any chance?" She asked in a soft tone.

"What?" Thea bumped into her by the door waiting for her too open it.

"The front door did you close it?" She asked again.

"Of course I damn well closed it. Don't you have thieves in Canada?" The actress' voice came out of chattering teeth.

"Yes love we do. That's why all the doors in the house lock automatically when they close. That's okay though." Rae tried to smile. "I just have to get the spare key."

"Then get it and hurry up!" Thea ordered afraid she was losing the feeling in her feet. "I am freezing."

"Give me a second." She smiled to herself knowing Thea was not going to like this.

Taking a deep breath she leapt up to take a hold of the overlying peak of roof above the back door. Thea suddenly stopped and thought about why she was turning this into an issue but lost her thought watching Rae. With another breath the tall woman lifted herself up half way and with her hands walked around to where the small roof met the larger one.

"Good God Rae." Thea mumbled closing her eyes.

On steady feet, Rae scampered up onto the roof and moved her way across the peak to the bridge of the main roof.

"It's okay angel." She called down trying to be supportive.

"I'm not watching!" Thea called as she heard more noise from the roof. She felt Mac moving to sit by her side and she lowered her free hand to pat the husky.

Smiling at her lover's closed eyes, Rae performed a controlled backward lift to land on her knees on the main roof. Standing up she walked across the peak to the chimney and moved a loose brick at the bottom to pull out the spare key.

"On my way down now." She called as she retraced her steps.

"Are you down safely yet?" Thea asked after a moment.

"Almost." She said when she got to the middle roof and took the fast way down by somersaulting off it to land in front of Thea with a small thud. "Down now, with one spare key." She jangled the key in front of Thea's closed eyes.

Thea opened one eye suspiciously, trying not to smile. Seeing the key before her she beamed and then hit Rae hard in the arm.

"You could have fallen to your death, you idiot!"

"What was that for?" Rae asked. "Love, it was perfectly safe." She tried to explain. "That was a simple climb."

"There is nothing safe about heights without harnesses. Now open the door!" Thea smacked her again playfully.

"Right away angel." She opened the door promptly. "I guess you'd prefer I returned it later?" She asked with a grin.

Thea stepped through it and her teeth chattered loudly. Rae came in with Mac close behind and closed the door.

"You see this key?" Thea grabbed the key once they were all inside in the heat. She stalked through to the hall where she'd noticed that Margaretta had left her purse. Picking it up she marched right back to meet Rae in the kitchen entranceway. "It is going here." She clipped it onto the ring on her purse.

"01171973." Rae said softly.

"And by the weekend I will buy you a key safe so you can keep it in a normal place!" She ranted on. "What?" She stopped to stare at the dark beauty.

"01171973." Rae smiled at her when she finally stopped and repeated the string of numbers. "If you're going to have a key you need the entrance and exit code for the alarm system."

"I... I said until I get a safe." She stammered for a moment.

"Safest place I know is with you." Rae turned back to go into the kitchen and opened the cupboard to take out the pancake mix.

"I can't Rae." She felt her eyes flood with tears as she followed the technician into the kitchen.

"Why not Thea?" Rae turned to her. "It's just a key and a code."

"Can I?" Thea held the key in her hand as a tear escaped and slid down her cheek.

"It's just making this your home too." Rae added softly and moved to close Thea's hand around the key. "I'd get you the spare car keys but I don't think you'd want me up on the neighbors roof." She grinned.

"Oh Rae." Thea threw her arms around the taller woman and held her tight.

"I want you to feel at home here too." She added seriously. "Not like a lemon when you get locked out wearing green silk pjs."

"I love you." Thea whispered.

"I love you too." She whispered back.

Continued in Act Six...

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