(Sequel to The Assassin)



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Amazon Moon

"Gods, you are one lucky man, Joxer," the lanky warrior sighed to himself
as he watched his... "sidekick" Kristabell, otherwise known as Chriss, sleep
peacefully by their small campfire. They were camping out in the woods as they
had been travelling on foot, saving villages in peril or just plain helping.

The soft glow from the light of the low fire complimented her red
locks, making him want to reach over and stroke it. Her features were soft and
peaceful, her chest rising rhythimically with each breath.

"I could just sit here forever watching you, you know," Joxer mused as
he looked fondly at the sleeping figure before him. He shut his weary eyes as
his hand reached deep into his pocket. He groped around for a bit before finding
what he wanted.

In his hand, he held a small box. It wasn't a very grand looking one
but there was something special inside. Joxer lifted the lid up a little and
a splice of gold light shone on his smiling face. The bright light came from the
engagement ring within. It was the ring that he was going to give her.

Joxer gulped as he took the ring out, concentrating on it as he felt
emotional tears starting to build. After Gaia, he and Chriss had travelled
together, aiding those in need. He wasn't much of a fighter but they were quite
a team. And she was one of the rare few that actually liked having him around.
And he was crazy over her.

Everything about her- her hair, her eyes, her voice... the way she carried
herself, gods, just every single detail about her made him go crazy. What he had
for Gabrielle before was just infatuation. This was LOVE that he was feeling.
And he wanted to marry her. That was what the ring was for.

He had gotten it from the last town they had visited. He had sneaked
off to get the ring while she was having her bath at the resthouse. It had cost
nearly all the dinars he had on him but she was worth more than it, he decided.
He loved her that much.

"Tomorrow," Joxer whispered as he replaced the ring, slipping the box
back into his pocket before deciding to catch as much rest as possible before
the sun came back up in a couple of hours. Yes, he'll pop the question tomorrow.


"Rise and shine, Chrissy baby, rise and shine!" Joxer chirped as he brought
the breakfast over. They were having scrambled goose eggs, compliments of Chef Joxer.
He watched as the lovely young woman stretched from her comfy position and
yawned. He admired the way her long, flowing red tresses tumbled down her shoulders.
Today, he gulped, yeah he'll ask today.

"Morning, Joxer,"Chriss kissed his forehead as she accepted her share of
breakfast from him. Deeply inhaling the wonderful aroma of the scrambled eggs,
she grinned,"Cool beans- goose eggs... my favourite!"

Joxer grinned as he sat down beside her, watching her wolf down his cooking.
He beamed with pride. The way to a woman's heart was to her stomach, he decided.
"Slept well?" the warrior asked nonchalantly as he poked around his bouncy egg.

"Yeah," the ex-assassin nodded, her emerald eyes twinkling at him,"...dreamt
pretty pictures. And you?" She stopped her chewing and looked over at him, taking
in the sloppy features she so adored- his puppy-like warm brown eyes, his floppy
jet black hair, his fair complexion... everything that made him uniquely who
he was.

"Uhuh," Joxer nodded shakily as he looked away at a red flower nearby,
"... yep, pretty pictures." He felt terribly afraid, more chicken than usual.
Cos he knew today would be the day, after all this while. He had to do it. Do it

"Chriss?" Joxer cleared his throat as he pushed aside his breakfast.
The redhead looked up from her breakfast, her expressions quizzical,"Yes, Joxer?"

The warrior took both her hands into his and looked into her sparkling
green pools, one hand extending the important little wooden box. Joxer took in
a deep breath,"Chriss, will you... will you marry me?"

He was down on bended knee, the shiny gold band offered. He gulped nervously,
she would accept the proposal... wouldn't she? He looked at the object of his
affection pleadingly, the golden band in hand.

"Oh Joxer," Chriss breathed, her green eyes glistering with tears. She was
touched. Most men would probably treat their girls like toys but this man... this
man was one of the rare species left that were so good and loyal.

"Joxer, I accept," the ex-assassin blinked back happy tears as an over-
joyed Joxer slipped the ring on her slender finger. It was a perfect fit.

"I'm crazy about you," Joxer grinned as he engulfed his fiancee in a tight
bearhug, his cheesy grin stretching so widely on his gleeful face, it hurt.

"Tell me something I don't already know, you silly boy,"Chriss whispered
into his ear, the ring on her finger shining quite happily in the morning sun.
This was the happiest moment of their lives.


"A letter from Kristabelle!" Gabrielle exclaimed excitiedly as she ripped
the letter open, eager for news from her long-lost-recently-found cousin. She
had found her little cousin in the town of Gaia some months back when she was sent
by Callisto to assassinate her. But in a twist of fate, they realised they were
related and Chriss changed sides, helping them fight against Xena's nemesis, Callisto.
The cousins duelled with the demented warrior queen and won, sending her back to
her men brusied, broken and defeated.

"It's about time," Xena drawled from opposite her, a full cup of port in hand.
They had stopped by an inn for a rest, after being on the road for quite a while now.
Argo was in the comfy stables being carefully attended to. Xena licked her lips,"So
what's it say?"

Gabrielle slowly placed the letter on the table, her eyes wide and her
mouth agape. She then suddenly grabbed her friend by the shoulder and burst into
a huge grin,"My little cousin's getting married! Kristabelle's marrying Joxer!"

Xena stiffened suddenly. "Joxer?"

Gabrielle froze, then sat down and reread the letter her cousin had written.
"Yeah, she's marrying... Joxer!" The bard blinked then shrugged,"Well, I guess we
both had got our different tastes."

Xena remained indifferent. She had that "Why Joxer?" look clearly written
on her disgusted weather-beaten face. "But *why* Joxer?"

"C'mon, you should be glad for them," Gabrielle chided as she tucked
the letter into her bag,"I'm sure they truly love each other. And besides," she
paused for a beat as she searched Xena's clear blue eyes,"...Joxer's a good man."

"Well, yeah," Xena grunted as she drained her drink,"So when's the wedding?"

The Amazon bard grinned,"It's in two days- at the village church of Phonecia,
which is just a few hours worth of travelling from here."

"All right," Xena squeezed her partner's warm hand,"I'm sure you can't wait
to see Chriss. We'll leave in an hour, but for now..." The warrior princess grinned
evilly as she jerked her head upstairs,"I've booked a room for the both of us-"

Gabrielle grinned as she let herself be lead upstairs by her determined
partner. She absolutely loved the games they played together. It's just that
she could get embrassingly loud at times. Not that she could help it.


"Joxer, I'm so excited!" Chriss smiled as she wrapped her arms around
his neck, his hands around her waist,"...we're finally getting married!" She
knew she must have finally found true joy and happiness now, ever since she
found the man of her dreams.

"Yea-ah, I can't wait!" Joxer laughed as he admired her sunny face.
They were in the village of Phonecia, a quiet place which should be a safe
haven for a blessed marriage. They had arranged to be married two days from now
so that Xena and Gabrielle could attend their ceremony.

Chriss smiled as they walked past a group of kids playing hide and seek.
She wondered if Joxer prefered boys to girls. The suddenly, in the corner of
her keen eye, she caught a suspicious lurker in the shadow of the palms spying
on them. But before she could get a closer look, the man disappeared and she saw
no more.

"Did you see that?" she tugged at Joxer's arm, pulling him to a halt.
"See what?" Joxer questioned as he craned his neck around, looking a tad confused.
"Nevermind," Chriss sighed, taking his hand into hers as they continued down
the village. But she just couldn't shake that feeling of fear down inside her.
He reminded her of one of Callisto's men. No, it couldn't be, she assured herself.
That was over. The warrior queen wasn't going to bother her again... wouldn't she?


Logan shrank into the shadows then slipped away. He knew the ex-assassin
must've spotted him. Callisto had sent him out to spy on Chriss. She had a score
to settle. Four months ago, she was sent back to camp bruised and bleeding
and half hanging from her horse. And ever since then, she had been plotting to kill
the young assassin who had turned her back on her.

And Logan himself had a personal score to settle. Chriss had killed one of
his buddies and she was going to pay. Big time. Callisto hadn't exactly instructed
him to kill the redhead yet but hell, why not now? Logan grunted as he noticed
the pair link hands affectionately and continue strolling down the lane. He couldn't
quite believe that such a hot babe like that ex-assassin would actually fall
for such a feeble excuse of a warrior.

Wasting no time, he hurriedly scribbled a message to his warrior queen
and attached it to the leg of a messenger-pigeon, instructing it to get to Callisto
as fast as it could. He hated weddings. He hated them real bad. They reminded him
of his slutty wife who ran away with the milk-man. Hera's tits, he swore, there'll
be no wedding for the two of them. Miss Redlocks would be dead before she could
even say "I do".


"Gabrielle!" Chriss exclaimed as she hugged her cousin tightly,"It's so
good seeing you again." It was true and she meant it. It was great seeing family
again. Especially her bardy cousin Gabby.

The Amazon bard smiled warmly as she returned the affectionate hug,"Chriss,
I wouldn't miss your wedding for the world!" She studied her younger cousin as
they pulled away. She certainly had put on a little weight. Must be Joxer's cooking.

Beside the cousins, Joxer extended his hand to the warrior princess. Xena
gruffily shook it, a smile on her lips. "Glad you could make it for the wedding, Xena,"
Joxer shook her hand furiously,"It means a lot to Chriss... as it does for me."

"Anytime, Joxer," Xena patted his back as they both looked at the pair beside
them affectionately,"This wedding's important to Gabrielle too." The two cousins were
in their own worlds, laughing and smiling happily. They had loads to talk about.

"C'mon," Joxer pulled his wife-to-be to him,"...let's show our guests to
their rooms." Chriss eyed her cousin mischeivously before correcting him slyly,"I
think you meant *room*, Joxer."

Behind them, the warrior princess turned a slight pink as she guided Argo
along. Gabrielle noticed the change of colour and swallowed her giggle, trying
hard not to laugh.


"Hmmm," Callisto breathed dejectedly as she tossed aside the message
she got from the messenger-bird her planted spy Logan sent. She was seated on
her throne, one leg propped up on the side of it. Beside her, Theodores picked
it up, reading Logan's handwriting.

"There's going to be a wedding, Theodores," Callisto flashed a twisted
smile which made the tough warrior's knees buckle. She started playing with the
edge of her dagger, her eyes bright,"I absolutely adore weddings." She looked
over at him, cocking her head to the side as she let lovely locks of her blonde
hair trickle down her shoulders,"...don't you?"

Theodores was about to say something when his warrior queen hopped off
her chair, an evil scheme forming inside her head. He saw it coming and kept
his mouth shut. This lady was insane... yet so hot-bloodied. She was such a
turn-on, but yet so out-of-reach. He sighed, she had obviously forgotten all
about their rendezous together.

Callisto paced about her tent, toying with the blade in her hands, the
horrible scheme in her head brewing away like mad. The insanity in her eyes
showed it all. "Now's the time to get back at them," the blonde warrior grinned
evilly,"...I'll just ruin their little party." She paused for a beat then looked
at a sullen Theodores beside her throne, her features like an innocent child's.
"Well, I've always been a part booper."


Xena was having port with Joxer while the cousins were in the bedroom,
catching up with all that they'd lost. Chriss had pooled their savings together
and with it, they had managed to buy a sweet little cottage to call home. It was
small but it was theirs. And Joxer had fallen for the place at first sight.
They were drinking outside his porch.

"So you're getting married tomorrow," Xena handed the bottle over to
him as she wiped her mouth with the back of her hand," d'ya feel?"

Joxer poured the dark fluid down his throat, shrugging his scrawny
shoulders,"Edgy, I suppose. It's my first time."

"And it better be your one and only," Xena growled gently, a shadow
of a smile playing on her lips,"It's Gabrielle's little cousin we're talking
about and if she ever complains to Gabrielle about you," the dark beauty wagged
her finger in his face like she was his headmistress,"...I'll personally come
over and sock you in the head."

"Funny," Joxer laughed at his friend's dry joke as he slapped her on her
shoulder. Then suddenly he sighed,"You know, I sure wished dad and my brother Jett
were here for the wedding. They would be thrilled over Chriss."

Xena squeezed his arm affectionately,"Yeah, they would. She's a terrific
kid. Make sure you keep her happy, Joxer." She reckoned he would try his best
at being a good husband. He was a good man, with a good heart.

"Don't worry, Xena," Joxer grinned as she returned the squeeze,"I will."


The cousins had just so much to talk about. All the catching up to do,
it would probably take a month. But being women, they never tire and talked for
hours, oblivious that their partners were on the porch talking over port.

"Gabby, I'm just *so* excitied!" Chriss gushed as she made frantic
gestures in the air, a huge smile plastered on her face. They were both seated
comfortably on her bed, cross-legged. It was nice and roomy.

"It brings back the memories I had on my wedding night with my husband
Perdicas," Gabrielle mused as she stroked her cousin's hand thoughtfully,"It
was wonderful."

Chriss patted her cousin's hand gently,"It must be hard, just losing
him the day after. It must've hurt."

"Yes it did, it hurt a lot," the bard nodded her head, her green eyes
shiny with fresh tears,"But I learnt to forgive Callisto. It was hard but I just
had to let it go. It was the only way."

The ex-assassin reached over and kissed her cousin on the forehead,
wiping away the tears that fell,"You've got Xena now. And she's enough to
make you happy."

Gabrielle swallowed. But somethings you just can't fully forget. She
forced a grin,"Kristabelle, it's late- you've got a wedding tomorrow. C'mon,
it's time you got to bed."

"Goodnight, cousin,"Chriss smiled before she shut the door. Tomorrow,
she sighed happily, would be the most blissful day of her life. A whole new
beginning with somebody to call her own.


"'Night Joxer," a half-drunk Xena called out to the man before she stumbled
away, Gabrielle at her side. The door shut and immediate giggles could be heard.
Joxer stood wistfully outside. Well, he'll have his fun tomorrow, he grinned
gleefully. Heavy on port, he stumbled unsteadily to the guestroom where he
would spend the night. Tomorrow was important, he mumbled as he tossed in the make-
shift bed, it would be his wedding day.

Everyone in the house was sleeping peacefully so no one noticed a dark
shadowy figure slip into one of the open windows and head for the bride-to-be's
bedroom. Or that he had a mean looking blade in hand.


Logan entered the girl's room quietly, knife in hand. Her peacefully
sleeping form lay sprawled gracefully upon the bed, her lucious red locks tumbling
down her shoulders and upon her pillow. Her breathing was regular and her chest
rose and fell to the rhythm. She looked so vunerable, so pure.

He headed closer to the ex-assassin, knife posed in the air, ready to
bring it down straight into her chest in one fluid motion. Then suddenly her
eyes flew open and she jerked awake.

Chriss was about to jump out of bed and reach for her sword when he back-
handed her across the cheek, making her land backwards and hitting her head against
the wall. She was stunned momentarily. He took the opportunity to grab her by her
long hair and slam her against the floor repeatedly until there was blood.

She tried fighting back but he had the upper-hand. She tried using
pressure points but he blocked them off neatly. All she could manage to inflict
upon him were scratches. She tore off a bit of fabric from his trousers, causing
him to start slapping her across the face furiously until her cheeks bacame red
and puffy.

"Stop-" Chriss croaked as she tried freeing herself from the strong man's
hold, blood dripping from her broken nose. Logan did not cease her torture. Not
so easy. Tossing her back onto the bed, he slammed a hardy fist into her stomach,
making her throw up. She lay writtling and groaning in agony on the bed, bleeding
profusely from her wounds. She couldn't fight back as she hadn't even the energy
to defend herself.

"Say 'Goodbye', little girl," Logan snarled evilly as he brought down the
blade of his knife straight into her bossom. It must have plunged straight into
her heart for she ceased her thrashing and stopped breathing. He had killed her.
He admired his handi-work for awhile before slipping away into the dark of the
night when he heard somebody in the house awaking.


Joxer stumbled out of his room and lit a lamp, rubbing his sleepy eyes.
He could've sworn he heard something. And it was coming from the bedroom his
baby was sleeping in. He lumbered over to see what the problem was.

"Chriss?" Joxer knocked on the door tentatively,"Is everything okay?"
Two more knocks, no response. "Chriss?" Joxer was worried now. Something didn't
sound right. He swung open the door and dropped his light, sending it crashing
unto the floor.

"Nooooooo!!!" the distraught man cried out as he made his way over to
his lover's bed, her body limp and cold in his hands. A knife stuck out of her
chest and there was blood all over. Her room window was open and the cold breeze
blew in, flapping the curtains wildly.

The commotion had caused both Xena and Gabrielle to rush out of their
room to check out what the matter was. "Joxer, what..." Xena started to say when
she stopped mid-way. She turned hurriedly to her bard,"Gabrielle, maybe you should
stay back in our room and-"

"No," Gabrielle stated firmly as she pushed her way into the room, a light
in her hand,"Chriss, Joxer, what's going-" She didn't have to finish her sentence.
One look at a heart-broken Joxer carrying the lifeless body of her cousin was
enough to make her realise what had happened.

Her cousin had been murdered.


"She can't be dead," Joxer cried as he pulled on his hair,"We were
getting married today!" He bent over the fresh grave and sobbed. Xena walked
over and squeezed his heaving shoulders. His sobs relaxed abit but he was still
very much upset.

"You've got to let it go, Joxer," Xena told him gently as she turned
him around to face her,"She's gone... you've got to accept the fact." She looked
over at Gabrielle, she was weeping silently, absently picking at the bouquet
of flowers meant for the bride.

"It's my fault, Xena," Joxer said bitterly as he brushed away her
hands,"If I hadn't... Xena, the point is that I wasn't there to protect her when
I should've. I was lying in a room, dead-drunk and too deaf to hear her cries."
He squeezed his eyes shut, tears of sorrow rolling down his pale cheeks. He blamed

"Look Joxer," Xena pointed firmly,"...even if you were there, you might
not stand a chance with whoever that killed her. Chriss was taken by surprise
in her sleep by her murderer. He was probably well-trained in combat. And he's
also one of Callisto's men."

Joxer jerked his head up, a strange light smoldering in his eyes. Xena
had never seen him this angry before. It was like he had changed. She was more
comfortable with the old Joxer. He narrowed his eyes and his voice hardened,

"The dagger we found, it had the markings of Callisto's army on it," the
warrior woman stated,"...and the piece of fabric Chriss ripped from her attacker,
it's the same material Callisto clothes her men in."

"I'm never going to put this down," Joxer roared, his fists balled,"I
want revenge!" He could kill Callisto for ruining their happiness. Why? Why did
she have to kill the love of his life? Now that he had finally found true happiness?

"Joxer, you are *not* going up to Callisto like Gabrielle did," Xena
warned as she grabbed the upset man by his collar,"...remember what happened?
I promise I'll get to the bottom of this. I just want you to grieve... and take
things easy."

She left Joxer grieving over the tombstone and headed over to her bard.
"Are you all right?" She sat down beside her and wiped away a stray tear that
rolled down her cheek.

Gabrielle nodded her head sadly, tears glistering in her eyes,"I just,
I just can't believe she's dead, Xena. It's all too sudden-"

"She's probably with her family in the Elysian Fields now, Gabrielle,"
Xena hugged her friend as she smoothed her hair lovingly,"You should be happy
for her." Chriss had a good heart. She was a good kid. So she didn't see why
Hades wouldn't put her in the Fields.

"Yeah, I suppose you're right," the amazon bard sighed into her chest,"I
should be happy for her. But Xena?"

"M-hmm?" the warrior woman stroked her back lovingly, unwilling to let
her go just yet.

"Promise me you'll find the person responsible for killing her and bring
him to justice?" Gabrielle requested as she fixed her eyes on her grieving
friend Joxer. There was something about him that looked different. He looked
haggard and bitter, no longer the comical fool. She didn't like the change. Not
one bit.



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[And now, back to our story...]

Chriss found herself standing in a lush greenscape of sweet-smelling
flowers and tress with a gentle lake meandering. The gentle gurling sounds of
water complemented the giggles of the the maidens nearby, having some sort of
picnic. Suddenly, the figure of a dark knight loomed infront of her.

"Hades?" the young woman asked uncertainly as she unconsciously stepped
two steps back. She had a bad feeling to all this.

The god gave a brief nod, his steel grey eyes solem,"Welcome to the
Elysian Fields. You will be spending the rest of your eternity here." He was
a magnificient figure, standing in full splendor in his impressive armour,
his infamous helmet of invisibility tucked under his arm.

"Elysian Fields?" Chriss blinked her green eyes in confusion,"Don't
dead people go there?" She paused for a beat and looked down at herself. Her
regular leather armour was gone, replaced by a soft looking, silky white caftan.
It had to be a bad dream, the ex-assassin screamed inside her head, she can't
be dead- she was supposed to be blissfully married tomorrow!

"It's not a bad dream, Kristabelle," Hades read her thoughts, calling
her by her proper name,"You were killed in your sleep by one of Callisto's men.

Chriss gasped. Yes, she remembered- he had come to her during the night
and they had a struggle. And he killed her. So there she was, in the realm of
the dead. She bit her lip, squeezing her eyes shut. Why did it have to happen?
She was supposed to be married.

"Wait," green eyes looked pleadingly into cold grey ones,"Can I see my
love? I hadn't even said my good-byes... please?" She had to go back somehow.
Her departure was too abrupt.

"What makes you think...," the god started when his wife Pheseptone
appeared beside him in a brillant flash of silver suddenly. She smiled as
she took his arm.

The greek god shifted his weight uncomfortably. He frowned, then relented.
Tartarus, he was in a good mood that day. He nodded,"All right. Xena helped me
before and since you're a friend, you'll be granted that request. I'll allow you
to make contact with Joxer- just this once."

"Thank you," the red-head smiled through her tears,"Thank you so much."
And with that, both disappeared into thin air.


Logan sat in the inn, downing his fifth cup of wine. He had killed the
bitch who slayed his buddy. Sure, Callisto hadn't asked him to kill her but heck,
she probably would order her death anyway.

He dropped five dinars on the table before heading upstairs to his room.
Opening his door, he found the messenger pigeon by the window, a note tied to
its leg. From Callisto.

The warrior grunted as he swaggered to the bird, untying the note. He
opened the letter and read its contents. "Bloody Tartarus!" the heavy man cried
out as he clutched at the letter, his eyes wide as saucers. He really blew it
this time.


It was late and the skies were dark. The moon was full, her soft beams
of light shining down. Stars were twinkling in the dark cloak of the night,
illumiating the dark sky. Gabrielle and Xena sat huddled together on the steps
of the house, admiring the beauty of the star-lit night.

"Xena?" the bard whispered softly, breaking the silence as she slowly
pulled away.

"Hmm?" the warrior princess questioned as they pulled away unwillingly.

"See the stars?" Gabrielle pointed at the twinkling diamonds dancing
in the dark night,"One of them could just be Kristabelle."

Xena ran her hand gently over her bard's arm, trying to sooth the sadness
in her heart. "Gabrielle, I know you miss her. We all do. She was a good kid,
she'll had a special place in our hearts *always*. Right now, I'm sure she's
happy in the Fields. With her family."

Gabrielle searched her friend's blue eyes, her green ones glistering
with tears," You think so?"

The warrior princess squeezed her side-kick's shoulder comfortingly,
her warm breath brushing across her ear,"I know so."


Joxer lay on the wide bed, staring up at the wooden beams of the ceiling.
This was supposed to be their bed. Their room. Their dream house. They were
supposed to be sharing their lives together. Then last night, all this meant
happiness was robbed from under his nose.

He rolled over his side, swallowing the lump in his throat as he touched
her pillow. It was in this bed, this very bedroom, that she was killed. This
very house. And now she lay cold and buried.

Before the burial, he had clipped off a lock of her beautiful red hair,
keeping it in a small pouch he now wore around his neck. At least in this way
he felt that she was around him. Although she just wasn't here anymore. He closed
his eyes wearily, his fingers lovingly caressing the pouch around his neck.


His eyes flew open. He couldn't have mistaken it... it *had* to be her.
"Chriss?" He jerked up from his bed, voice trembling.

"Joxer," a figure stepped out from the shadows,"It's me."

Joxer rubbed his eyes then grinned. Yes, it was her. He leapt out of
bed and rushed over and hugged her tightly to him, afraid to let her go. "Your
back," he whispered, blinkling back happy tears,"By the gods, I missed you...
missed you *so* much."

Chriss stroked his hair, her tears rolling down her cheeks. At least
she could feel him. Touch him. Hold him close. But she had to leave before day
break, Hades' rule. She had so much to say, so much to do... but so little time.

"Joxer, I have until daybreak," the young woman wiped away her warrior's
tears,"...then I'll have to go back- Hades' orders." Her eyes studied his face,
locking in the memory forever.

"Please, don't leave me... don't leave us," Joxer pleaded, his hands
clasping her own desperately,"I need you. Gabrielle needs you." He was near to
breaking down again, he wanted her to stay.

The red head shook her head sadly, green eyes shiny with tears,"Joxer,
I'm dead- my body lies buried now. When I return to the Fields, I'll be reunited
with my family. My real family. But you," she slid her hand by the side of his
face tenderly,"I will miss you. That's why I came back."

"Chriss," Joxer drew out a shaky breadth as he took out the gold band
from his pocket, slding it up her fourth finger,"You'll always be my wife. I'll
always love you."

"Take care of Gabrielle for me, Joxer," Chriss kissed his forehead,"as
well as yourself. Promise me you won't do anything rash to the guy who killed
me when you find him. Leave that to Xena, she knows her stuff."

"Are you going already?" Joxer asked worriedly, unwilling to let her go.
It would be day-break soon and he didn't want her to leave. Not so soon.

"My love, I have to go," Chriss pulled him to her, hugging him tightly.
"But I've got something to sing before I leave."

Joxer stared into her face affectionately, waiting. Her eyes smiling
expressively, she parted her lips and sang:

"Over mountains, over trees,
over oceans, over seas-
Across the dessert,
I'll be there.

In the whisper of the wind,
on the smile of a new friend-
Just think of me,
And I'll be there.

Don't be afraid, oh my love,
I'll be watching you from above
I'll give all the world tonight
to be with you.
I'm on your side, I still care-
I may have died but I've gone nowhere
Just think of me,
And I'll be there."

Somewhere outside, a rooster crowed, signifying it was time she left.
Chriss embraced him one last time, her voice cracking with emotion. "Think of
me, Joxer," she kissed him tenderly,"...they say the dead can hear your thoughts."

The dormineering figure of the Lord of the Underworld suddenly loomed
beside her, ready to take her back to the realm of the dead. "It's time."

"I'll remember you always," Joxer kissed her hand, breathing in her scent
as tears rolled down his chin,"I'll be thinking of you, Chriss." Opening his eyes,
he realised she was gone, and so was Hades. He looked out of the window and into
the early morning sky. A single star was up. He looked at it and swallowed the
lump in his throat, his eyes red from tearing. "I love you."

The star gave a brillant final twinkle before disappearing into the
horizon. Till they meet again.


Gabrielle picked up the breakfast tray she'd prepared for Joxer and
headed to his room. Xena was in the kitchen clearing up the mess they had created
during their food fight. And she had helped her warrior princess get some butter
out of her leathers when it *accidentally* slipped into her cleavage. The bard
from Poteidaia gently rapped on the door before entering. She found her friend
looking out of the window, studying the horizon. He didn't seem to have slept
a wink the entire night.

"Joxer?" Gabrielle called out as she placed the tray on the bed, tapping
his shoulder tentively.

Joxer sighed as he turned away from the window, his eyes red with fatigue.
Or from crying, Gabrielle mused. He was wearing his golden band on his wedding
finger, the small leather pouch slung around his pale neck.

"Yeah Gabby?" he sounded tired and needed a shave. He seemed to have
lost his cheerful nature. He was supposed to be a morning person, Gabrielle
sighed inwardly. But now, she didn't blame him.

"Joxer, we can't go on like this," the Amazon bard pointed as she patted
his arm, leading him to the breakfast tray prepared for him. Xena had tried her
hand at making him bacon with eggs and Gabrielle made him some kind of dessert
thingy (with a high fat calorie content).

"Look Joxer, I'm upset too, she was my cousin," Gabrielle blinked
back tears,"But don't you think she'll be happy with her family in the Elysian

"She was here last night," Joxer rubbed his chin wearily,"...she came.
She sang for me. We talked- she said to take care of you and not be rash when
handling the dude who killed her-"

"Xena would take care of all that, Joxer," Gabrielle squeezed his hand
reassuringly. Especially that taking care of her bit, she bit her tongue. She
searched his weary eyes,"...did she say anything else?"

Joxer smiled slightly, a flicker of life in his sad eyes,"Yeah- she said
to think of her 'cos-

"The dead can hear your thoughts," they both finished together.

Gabrielle patted his shoulder as she got up to leave,"You'll be fine,
Joxer. Just stay strong." She left the room quietly, with her head bent.

Joxer looked over at the tray of food on his bed and started poking
at it. He smiled as he recalled Chriss' past excuse of being bitten by some
pregnant pig in Gaia before. Yeah, he'll be thinking of her often all right.


Callisto crushed the note she just received. She was pist. Really boiling
mad. Mad, with a capital M. She hurled the note into Theodores' chest and snarled
at the messenger pigeon responsible for bring the piece of unwelcomed news,
making it squak with terror and attempt flying off. Callisto's reaction was
faster, however, and she flicked the bird across the room.

"He ruined the plan!" the blonde warrior screamed in frustration. She
was furious at Logan, the spy she'd instructed to keep an eye on the ex-assassin.
The stupid oaf had killed her just when she had plotted revenge.

Theodores stepped forward,"I'll get my men to send out for him right
away if you want." He loved to see her in one of her "moods". It just got his
juices going.

"No," Callisto snarled as she tromped back to her throne,"...the fool
wrote that he'll be back here as soon as possible. He'll come." She drawled
easily but her eyes smouldered with rage. She would deal with this eejit.

Just as she finished, Logan burst into the tent, cold sweat beaded on
his upperlip and smelling of horse sweat. He was weary from racing his horse
all the way to the camp. He pledged loyalty to his warrior queen before looking
on with an unsteady glaze.

"Logan," Callisto stated dryily as she drew a snarl on her cruel face,
eyeing the perplexed man kneeling before her. She narrowed her eyes coldly.
"You went against my orders."

"Callisto, I can explain-" the heavy man exclaimed, his terrified eyes
wide as saucers.

"Save it for later," the blonde beauty waved him off,"...right now you
go into the torture chamber." She smiled sweetly at him,"Where I'll personally
torture your brains out." With a gesture of her hands, Logan was dragged off to
the torture camp.

"Ahh, I *love* my job," Callisto smiled twistedly in a pleasant voice
to no one in particular as she watched the man get dragged out of her camp.


Xena froze for a split second when she saw the man up ahead. The heavy-
set warrior was arguing loudly with a vendor over the sale of a fine looking
steed. He seemed to be in a hurry. He wasn't good-looking or anything, by the
gods, no. But what attracted Xena was his pants (*not* what was inside but just
simply, the fabric)- it was ripped at the knee.

Before she could react, the warrior suddenly skewered the horse vendor
with his mean-looking blade, bearing the mark of Callisto. The bewildered
vendor toppled forward, dead. The murderer than leapt up the horse and started
out of the town in full speed, leaving behind a trail of dust.

"That's our man, Gabrielle," Xena yelled as she called out for Argo,
who came running to here with Joxer half-dragging from behind. He had been trying
to feed her. The warrior princess leapt up her faithful mare in a flourish and
sped off in pursuit of her friend's killer.

"C'mon Joxer!" Gabrielle hurriedly pulled her slightly dazing friend
as she tried running behind Argo,"Xena's found the guy who killed Chriss. She's
after him!"

Joxer perked up on the news and a new fuel of energy burned inside him.
"Faster then," he roared as he took speed and pulled the bard behind him,"...we
can't loose 'em!"


"Daughter," Maebel embraced her grown-up daughter affectionately, her
emerald eyes wet with tears. A mother's tears. Jargoury stroked his daughter's
red hair lovingly. Hair so much like his.

"Mom!" Chriss squeezed her tightly,"Dad!" A bark interrupted her and
looking down at her feet, she saw her all too familiar pup Bark leaping up
joyfully in excitment. "Bark!"

The young woman had found her family in the Fields when she got back
from seeing Joxer. She was picking some flowers when she noticed someone
familiar looking at her. It was her mother.

The family was finally reunited and they sat together in a circle,
speaking about happy times and the times they spent alone. Bark sat contentedly
in Chriss' lap, licking her face as he wagged his tail.

"So how has life been, Kristabelle?" Jar asked his daughter, regretful
that he had not been in the world of the living and thus had not seen his beautiful
daughter blossom into the fine young woman she was now,"Were the fates good
to you?"

"I really shouldn't complain," the red-head smiled," has been
pretty good. And there's somebody out there who loves me." She fingered the
gold band on her finger. "His name is Joxer the Mighty. He's a warrior- a man
with a good heart."

"My little girl... married!" Maebel sobbed happily into her husband's
breast,"But how did you die, my child?"

Chriss shifted uneasily in her seat as she stoked Bark absent-mindedly.
"I was... murdered on the night," she bit her lip,"... before the wedding... by
one of Callisto's men."

Jar squeezed her slim hand comfortingly,"I know about the rift you had
with Callisto. You called out to me that night, some time ago when you were
agonised by the decisions you had to make. But daughter, I am proud of you."

"Thanks, Dad," Chriss sniffed as she hugged her natural father. It was
good to be back.


Logan was chained in a way that he was suspended in mid-air, naked with
not a fig leaf in the way. He was alone in the torture tent, not exactly the
hottest place in camp. He tugged at the chains and tried freeing himself but
damn, he cursed when he realised there was no chance of escaping.

Callisto opened the flap of the tent and walking in like a cat, her
eyes gleaming sadistically at the thought of hurt she would soon be inflicting
upon the man. She smiled sweetly and wiped away the sweat on his face with the
back of her hand.

"Let me off, please, I beg of you," Logan pleaded hoarsely as Callisto
stroked his face lovingly. This woman scarred him bad."Callisto?"

He felt a stinging slap across his cheek which drew blood. He tasted
its coopery taste from his split lip. The anger in his eyes melted into fear
when he turned and saw his leader's twisted face of fury. He rattled the chains
and willed them to free him. He was going to die in her hands.

"You killed her," Callisto narrowed her eyes as she picked up a moon-
shaped scapel,"...when I had further uses for her." She paused for a beat, studying
the sharp blade before grinning madly at his face twisted in terror,"And ruined
a good plan."

She walked nearer to him slowly, deliberately, the delicate scapel in hand.
She sighed nonchantly,"I guess I'll just had to show you who's boss around here."
She smiled sweetly, insane sadism glowing in her eyes before slicing off his
privates in one clean sweep, the loud cries of pain and agony followed with the
sounds of rattling chains issuing out from the tent.


Joxer and Gabrielle came running up to Xena, who was up a tree, spying
on the goings-on in Callisto's camp. Gabrielle's face was flushed and she was
puffing hard, trying to catch her breadth. Joxer seemed fine. He was made for
running (and playing messenger guy).

"You're finally here," Xena said as she dropped from the branch, landing
skilfully on both feet. She looked over at her huffing bard and raised an
eyebrow,"Bet you enjoyed the exercise." She smirked as she squeezed her friend's
shoulder. Gabby's BGSB was drenched with sweat.

"What's the plan?" Joxer asked schemingly in a secretive manner, pulling
all three of them into a tight circle.

Xena jerked her head in direction of Callisto's camp."They're torturing
the guy who killed her. Callisto's code of honour, I think. She wanted to do
the job herself... but one of her men did it- the guy who killed Chriss. So now
she's taking it out on him."

"Joxer," Gabrielle steadied herself with her staff, her face less rosy.
"Chriss isn't exactly the blood-thirsty type. Besides, Callisto's already avenging
her death... in a way. Do we have to storm in and make a racket?" The bard looked
at Xena, both eyebrows gently raised,"I don't think Chriss would like that."

"Yeah, it doesn't sound like her," Joxer agreed, his hand unconsciously
fondly the pouch containing her lock of red hair around his neck,"She said Xena
would know what to do... Xena?"

The warrior princess' blue eyes twinkled as she placed both shoulders
over her friends'. "All warlords, Callisto even, work by a code of honour. I say,
let Callisto deal with the murderer. Chriss would like that." With that, the
three friends walked away from the camp, the sounds of a tortured human and
rattling chains ringing in the air around the camp.


It was night and the stars were out. The moon was partially hidden by
a big dark cloud. They were all at Joxer's place, Argo in the small but cozy
stables and the threesome in their respective rooms.

Joxer lay in bed, staring into the space above his head. He thinking
hard about Chriss, willing himself to sleep. His ring lay on her pillow and the
pouch against his chest. Before he knew it, Joxer had drifted off to sleep.

He found himself in a place of lush scenery. A pair of yellow butterflies
fluttered past him and he gleefully chased them to the side of a gently gurlging
river. He stopped in mid-chase when he reconised the figure in a white caftan
sitting by the waters.


The red head turned her head and her green eyes sparkled with happiness
at the sight of her love. "Joxer!" she grinned,"You thought of me!" She rushed
over to hug him,"We're in the Elysian Fields right now. It's a fabulous place,
isn't it?" She took his hand in hers and lead him further down the river.

"Joxer, I'm proud that you didn't loose your head and get yourself in
unneccessary troubles. Logan got what he deserved- Callisto gave him a slow and
painful death. He's in Tartarus right now," Chriss informed the self-proclaimed
warrior as they walked hand-in-hand in their sunny environment.

"Where are we going?" Joxer asked as he admired the beauty of the place.

Chriss grinned as she squeezed his fingers affectionatly,"We're going
to meet my parents."


Xena kicked off her boots as Gabrielle helped her remove the metal breast-
plate. Her muscles felt knotted and fatigued. She rolled her neck and stretched,
before flopping backwards unto the wide bed.

"You could use a massage," Gabrielle popped by her side, tucking back a
lock of her raven-black hair,"...roll over."

The warrior princess grunted but compelled anyway. Gabrielle stripped
off her leathers, laying them carefully by the side of the bed before stradling
her. She applied a thin sheen of olive oil on her back before kneading into the
knotted muscles, easing them gradually.

Below her, Xena sighed contentedly, her eyes closed blissfully. It was like
being in the Elysian Fields. She flipped over suddenly, bringing her small bard
beneath her.

"Wha-."Gabrielle hadn't the time to say "Zippi-di-zoo-za" when she found
herself on the bed, her naked partner on top of her. She raised her eyebrows slightly
when the bottle of oil was wrenched out of her hands.

"Roll over, I'll do you too," the warrior princess whispered huskily as she
ripped the BGSG off her friend,"Can't let you have all the fun now, can I?"
"Hey-" Gabrielle exclaimed as Xena tossed her blouse unto the floor and started
tugging at her skirt.

Xena paused, uncertainty in her blue eyes. She looked back at Gabrielle
with confusion showing on her face. The bard chuckled as she tried tweaking her
friend's nose. "Let *me* do that." And in a flash, the skirt joined the blouse
on the floor as two oily bodies started their dance on the bed.



Disclaimer: Joxer did wake up the morning after with a number of unexplained
hickies on his neck. A series of "The adventures of Joxer the Mighty
in the Elysian Fields" is currently planned for the moment.



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