By D.virtue

“ Diana get up.” Xena the clone commanded.

“ I’m not ready to get up, my leg still hurts, so until my leg heals, I’m not
going anywhere.” Diana said as she snuggled the pillow more.

“ Is that right?”

Diana heard the tone and knew what it meant.

“ Fine! I’ll get up, it’s not necessary for you to BEAT me.” Diana sneered.

“ What are you talking about?!” Xena asked angrily.

“ That’s what you were planning to do, weren’t you? Beat me because I wasn’t
getting up, I mean what type of excuse do I have, just a damn broken leg, no
big deal, I’ll get up just because I don’t want another beating!” Diana then
swung her leg over and went to stand up.

“ What are you doing?!”

“ I’m getting up like you commanded me to do!”

“ Sit down.”

“ Why? I’m standing now, I’ll only have to stand back up if I sit.”

“ Because I told you too.” Xena hissed.

“ Well make up your mind!” Diana said with a raised voice.

Xena glared at Diana and then she turned and walked over and picked up a staff
that had the shape of a y, where Diana could place her arm as she walked.
Diana saw it and in a voice of contempt she sneered.

“ Oh.....isn’t that just so s.w.e.e.t....for me? You shouldn’t

Xena’s ears rung with the contempt in Diana’s voice.

“ Don’t push me little girl.”

“ Why not, X.e.n.a...?”

“ Why are you acting like this?!” Xena asked fed up with Diana’s disrespect.

“ Ha! Isn’t that just too funny, matter of fact it was hysterical. I can’t
believe you, your so.....transparent.”

Xena’s eyes narrowed and her nostrils begun to flare.

“ Ahh.... now your pissed because I choose to tell you the truth, so what? Are
you going to beat me now?” Diana taunted.

“ Why?” Xena asked again through her teeth.

“ Why? Because I hate you X.e.n.a.”

Xena’s mouth twitched at Diana’s biting words.

“ Awww....did I hurt Xena the Conqueror’s feelings, awww....and she’s trying
so hard to show me that she wants to CHANGE, hahahahahahahahaha, what a joke,
hahahahaha, that’s funny now that I think about it, I never thought I would
see the day that X.e.n.a....The Conqueror, would be A JOKE, but
congratulations Xena FAKE you’ve succeeded, I salute you with my laughter,
hahahahahahahahahahaha.” Diana ridiculed and then snatched the crutch like
staff from Xena and used it to stand up and limp to the bath chamber to get
cleaned up.

Xena stood where she was for a moment just watching the young woman make her
way to the bath chamber, still chuckling to herself, between quiet gasp of
pain from her throbbing leg, which had now been reset by Xena, obviously while
Diana was asleep, she put the touch on her.

Xena heard Diana cursing to herself, but she heard her name and Questra’s, and
it was then that Xena lost her cool and striding over to the bath Chamber and
slamming the door open, Diana jumped at the unexpected noise, but then when
she saw who it was she calmed back down as much as she could, considering the
flames dancing in Xena’s eyes.

“ Oh, so now what? You’ve come to take me?” Diana mocked.

“ Little Girl l don’t know what your problem is, but you obviously have a
death wish.

“ Xena your my problem, you and your buddy, but you more so.” Diana said
simply and with a slight raise of mock in her gaze.

“ Why me in particular?”

“ Isn’t that something, the cruel and wicked Xena wants to know what I think
about her, well Xena....” Diana said as she turned her body around and swam
backwards so that she could sit against the opposite wall of the bath, and
face Xena and watch her. “ It’s because Questra at least has no reason to feel
that much for me, not like you who despite the fact of me feeling nauseate at
the thought, the fact is we are connected, and you claim you want me, in more
than just a bed warmer, you claim that your a lot like My Xena, as well as
Questra being like Gabrielle’s, but yet, you can’t even make up your mind what
you really want, ME, or to take over the world, I say your a fool to think
that even if you succeed in getting your God here, and keeping My Xena and
Questra stuck in that other place, I would not let you run rampant over this
land and destroy for the sake of destroying, I will fight against you, and if
it came to it, I would either kill you, or die trying, because you see Xena,
despite my fear of you and Questra, my fear for this world and the two of you
running through it like locust, scares me more, so, beat me, break my legs,
arms whatever, but I will continue to hold nothing but contempt for you,
especially after you let Questra beat me, and then break my leg, KNOWING I had
never had a broken bone in my body, my tooth came back, but still, they only
thing you said to her afterwards was, she didn’t have to do that. Ha!! Your
pathetic, so....anything else you want to know?”

“ Let me tell you something, and I’m only going to tell you once more, I did
try to warn you, I tried to tell you to free me of those chains, it was your
choice to not trust me, therefore your choice to try and take on Questra,
knowing you couldn’t win, I told you she was coming, I begged you to release
me, but you and that stubborn will of yours caused you to be beaten to lost, accept it and move on, because I won’t be blamed
for your miscalculations. Now as far as this behavior of yours, I suggest you
lose it and lose it fast, because despite the fact that I am like your Xena in
every way, there is one difference between us, I will beat you, and a lot
worst than Questra. I told you I won’t put up with your disrespectfulness, and
I meant it. So just because I made the mistake of showing you a side of
myself, that I thought you would appreciate, I assure you, I won’t make the
mistake again, you want our relationship to be truly one of Master and slave,
well so be it, from now on I will treat you like a slave, you will do what I
say, when I say, and How I say, and if you deviate from it, then I will punish
you the way a slave of mine would be punished. You think this is all a joke
Diana, well I’m here to tell you it’s not, and I’m deadly serious, if you try
to stop me, I will not only hurt you, but Gabrielle as well, so....keep
pushing little girl, you think you can speak to me any way you choose and I
will just accept it, well here’s news for you, your wrong, now finish bathing
and come and help me get dressed....slave.”

“ Xena....?” Diana called quietly, which made the storming woman stop in her
tracks at the sound of the voice.

“ What?!”

“ Don’t do me any favors. I have no need of them from a soulless bitch, if I
die, I die, what have I to live for, you’ve taken away two of those who make
me happy, you threaten the only other person I have love for, and I will tell
you now Xena, I will kill Gabrielle myself, before I let you or Questra hurt
her because of me, then I truly won’t have a reason to live, which would only
give me more reason to fight against you and Questra, my fear would be
completely gone. You stated you thought I have a death wish earlier, well, not
as long as I know Gabrielle is alright, it’s only when she’s not, that I will
have. So for the sake of peace until we do this opening ceremony, I SUGGEST
YOU not threaten me with hurting Gabrielle. I’ll do what you say, I’ll be
whatever you want me to be, if that’s a slave then so be it, I’ll play that
role, I’ve done it before and survived, I know I can do it again, especially
because I know that your not My Xena who’s treating me like that of a slave.
Bed me, beat me, whatever you want, but don’t threaten me with Gabrielle
again.” Diana said through her teeth as she now floated to the nearside once
again and went to climb out of the bath.

Xena looked over her shoulder at Diana, and then she stormed back over to
where Diana had just righted herself. Diana stood up straight holding the
staff, as she balanced on one foot for the moment.

Xena leaned in close to Diana’s face and she stopped just before her lips
touched Diana’s slightly parted lips, due to the need to breath more. Looking
Diana straight in the eyes, and seeing both the fear and the contempt in them,
Xena then said as smooth as ice.

“ So be it. You’ll be my Consort, servant, slave, and whatever else I choose
for you to be, and I won’t mention Gabrielle again, in threat. But, if you
disobey me once, or if you don’t willingly serve all ways, or if you
refuse my attention one time, then I won’t threaten you with my hurting
Gabrielle, I’ll hurt the rest of your friends, starting with Nebula, and
working down from there, and then if you give me one bit of grief about it,
then.....I hurt Gabrielle, right in front of you so badly, you’ll be throwing
up everytime you think of it. Clear Consort?”

Diana licked her dry lips, and answered the only way she could. She realized
she was playing a very dangerous game, one that could backfire and kill her
and Gabrielle, and their friends.

“ Yes.”

Xena then sneered and pulled Diana into her and kissed her hard and
passionately. Diana heart was racing, and despite her contempt of the woman
kissing her, her body was responding to her. Diana moaned and then Xena broke
the kiss and a wick grin crossed her face.

She then let go of Diana and Diana almost fell back into the water, but she
caught herself and leaned heavily on the staff for more support than just for
her broken leg. Diana was blushed from the kiss, but also from her
embarrassment and anger.

“ Now come and help me dress.” Xena called again over her shoulder as she
strolled out of the bath.

“ Your such a b----......”

“ Say it.” Xena sneered, stopping in her tracks, waiting for Diana to
disrespect her.

Xena heard silence and she looked over her shoulder back at Diana who looked
away as a result of the mocking gaze Xena leveled on her. Now it was Xena’s
turn to laugh mockingly. Diana glanced back at Xena and then looked away
again, Xena continued on her way out of the bath chamber leaving Diana feeling
all the more embarrassed.

Diana picked up her robe and put it on as she went out to help Xena get dress.
Xena dressed in her leathers and light armor, along with her weapons. Diana
then went to dress, but just as she reached for something more conservative to
wear, Xena’s hands reached in and took out one of the outfits that Diana had
treated for the purpose of Xena seeing her body, but no one else.

“ Wear this.” Xena commanded.

“ I’d rather not.” Diana stated.

“ So, who cares what you want? I said...Put It On.” Xena said glaring at

Diana went to snatch the outfit from Xena’s hand but Xena moved it away.

“ Now is that how My Consort, servant, slave behaves? Now ask me nicely.”

“ You can keep it for all I care.” Diana stated with contempt.

“ Take off your robe.”

“ Why?”

Xena’s eyes narrowed and she cocked her head at Diana, while raising a
questioning brow. Diana swallowed somewhat hard, but then she removed her robe
and was once again standing in front of Xena nude. Diana went to cover her
breast with arms, but Xena’s hand came up and knocking Diana’s arms back down.

“ Keep them there. From now on, until we do the opening ceremony, which I am
moving back for two weeks or so, you will not wear anything, until you can ask
nicely, and you know what I mean by....NICE. You do have an incredible body,
and those bronze nipples of yours that I caused, are all
ways, I’m sure the guards and the rest of the household will think so also,
don’t you?”

“ Okay, may I please have the outfit?”

Xena looked at Diana and then with a wick curl to her lips, she said, “ No.
You blew it for today. Now, let’s go.”

Diana glared at Xena, but Xena just arched a brow and waited for Diana.

Diana strided by Xena and as she did she looked at her and then went past.
Xena laughed again and begun commenting on the view she had.

“ Just the perfect body, those curves, that behind is really something,’s tempting, but I told Questra to meet us by the lake, I thought a
nice relaxing training session would be nice.”

Diana didn’t speak she just limped, The royal household that saw her averted
their eyes when they saw the anger in Diana’s face. Xena noticed it, and she
sneered as a result. No one looked openly at Diana, and it angered Xena.

“ So it would seem that those of the household are being respectful to you,
isn’t that nice?”

“ Well, it’s more than I can say about how I feel about you Xena.” Diana
finally answered and to her painful regret, she felt the bite of Xena’s whip
on her behind.

Diana fell to the ground as a result. Just as she was about to roll over,
Xena’s foot came down on her back and held her on her belly. Xena didn’t say a
word, she just coiled her whip a bit and then let it loose, twenty times
successively, onto Diana’s now red streaked behind.

Diana screamed with each lay, and then when Xena finished she removed her foot
from Diana’s back and picking up Diana’s crutch staff, she then grabbed Diana
by her arm and lifted her to her feet, and placed the staff under her arm and
pushed Diana onwards towards the lake. Diana had tears rolling down her face,
and she angrily wiped them away with her free hand as she hobbled and faltered
at times, while making her way to the lake. Xena didn’t even bother to help

“ Finally made it, we heard screaming?” Questra stated as she cut a knowing
glance to Diana.

“ Yes, it would seem like My Consort, servant, slave, has a bad case of
disrespectfulness this morning.”

“ So I would take it that’s the reason for the wonderful view?”

“ Hmm.....she didn’t know how to ask....nicely, maybe tomorrow she will.
Speaking of which, I decided to move the opening ceremony back two weeks or
so, until her leg is a little better.”

“ That’s fine with me. Questra said as she continued to look at Diana’s nude
body, with pure lust in her eyes.

“ Diana are you alright?” Gabrielle asked.

“ Fine Gabrielle, you?”

“ Yes, for the most part.”

“ What does that mean?” Diana asked as she turned her body to face Gabrielle
and Questra, and her eyes cut up to look at Questra.

“ You haven’t learned a thing have you?” Questra said with a dangerous tone.

Gabrielle heard Questra’s tone and knew what it could mean for Diana.

“ Oh, Diana , I’m fine, I just meant that I miss our mates, I haven’t been

“ Honest?” Diana asked less tense.

“ Honest.”

“ Good.” Diana said as she gave a loving smile to Gabrielle and then cut her
eyes back up to Questra’s who had not stopped looking at Her.

Diana averted her eyes, and Questra nearly growled at her.

“ Your such a little fool sometime Diana.” Questra said angrily.

Diana shrugged her shoulders and then turned and hobbled over to a different
tree than Xena was sitting, and was ready to try and make herself comfortable
until she heard Xena call her.

“ Come here, I’m thirsty.” Xena said dubiously.

Diana hobbled over to where the spread of food and drinks were laid out on the
grass and standing on one foot Diana gracefully bent her knee and picking up
the container and a goblet, she then went back to her full height and once
again put the crutch under her arm and hobbled over to where Xena sat.

Diana handed the goblet to Xena, and then poured some of the milk from the
container. Then she waited to see if Xena wanted more, before she put the
container down. But instead of Xena drinking any of the milk, she threw the
goblet full of milk over her shoulder. Diana knitted her brows at her, and
then Xena smirked.

“ I didn’t want milk, I want Orange juice.”

Diana sighed and then she turned around to look over all of the different
containers that would hold liquids, and she turned back to Xena.

“ There is none, would you like for me to go and get some?”

“ No need, come here.” Xena ordered.

Diana now looked at Xena with questioning eyes. Xena’s eyes answered the
question for her.

“ Haa! You can’t be serious?” Diana gasped at the thought.

“ Get down here right now.” Xena commanded.

“ I’m not some cow you can milk anytime you want to!” Diana whispered somewhat

“ Your mine.” Xena stated simply as she gestured where she wanted Diana.

“ My backside hurts, remember?”

“ Hmm, too bad.” Xena mocked.

Diana averted her gaze from Xena’s piercing one, and she moved to Xena and
then lowered herself to where she was now sitting across Xena’s lap. Xena
didn’t bother to wait, she just turned her head slightly and begun sucking
hard on Diana’s bronzed nipple that immediately firmed up as a result of
Xena’s touch.

Then Xena bit down on it and Diana turned her head towards Xena, thereby away
from Questra and Gabrielle. Xena begun moaning her pleasure as Diana’s body
became tighter and tighter as a result of Xena’s ardor. And soon her breathing
was rapid and labored, Xena had been drinking from her breast for over a
candlemark, and yet it did not seem as though her thirst was being quenched at

“ Xena please?”

Diana asked with her mind as tears were formed in her eyes. Xena didn’t answer
but instead she laid Diana back on her back and she hungrily, drunk from
Diana’s nipples.

Diana begun squirming to get loose from Xena, only to have Xena’s body come
down on her to hold her in place, Xena then bit hard on Diana’s nipple, so
hard that Diana actually cried out. Xena acted as though she didn’t even hear
her and she continued to bite on the nipple.

“ Please? Please Xena, please?” Diana cried as she felt Xena’s teeth become
razor sharp. “ Gods Xena please?!!”

“ Xena your hurting her!!” Gabrielle screamed at Xena as she came to her feet
to stop Xena from whatever she was doing to Diana.

Questra went to stop her, but Gabrielle had made it out of her reach just by a
hair, and she was on Xena, trying to pull her off of Diana.

“ Please Xena let go?!!” Gabrielle cried as she saw a trickle of blood running
down the side of Diana’s breast.

Now both Diana and Gabrielle were pleading with Xena to let go of Diana’s
nipple, but Xena was sucking hard and relentless on it and despite how hard
Gabrielle hit Xena in the back, it was as if she were using a feather on her,
Xena’s body didn’t even flinch from the blows.

Gabrielle then grabbed Xena’s hair and Diana screamed as she felt the teeth

“ Let go Gabrielle!! God!!! Let go!!” Diana screamed to Gabrielle, who was
stunned by the request, but she let go immediately upon hearing it, then Diana
sighed slightly, as Xena’s teeth, eased back, but her sucking had not abated

Gabrielle then saw a knife on the blanket of laid out food and she snatched it
up and charged at Xena’s back with it. Questra now was on her feet, and just
as the knife came down, Questra knocked Gabrielle’s arm enough to prevent the
blade from striking Xena in the center of her back, but it caught Xena on the
back of her shoulder and embedded.

Xena howled from the pain thus releasing Diana’s tortured nipple, Diana
immediately rolled away holding her breast, as the blood was pouring from it.
Gabrielle stumbled back as a result of the scream that came from Xena. Her
eyes wide with fear, and Questra now standing in her, looking at her, and then
glancing at Xena, who now came to her feet, mouth covered with blood, and her
teeth were razor sharp points, as she focused her gaze on Gabrielle.

“ Since you interrupted my drinking, with this knife in my shoulder, and since
I’m still very thirsty, I will have to finish my drinking with you. Come
here.” Xena commanded.

“ Xena....this is my Consort, you can’t do that to her.” Questra said stepping

“ She should have thought about that before she stabbed me.”

“ You were hurting her! Look at her, she bleeding!’ Gabrielle argued.

“ She’ll heal, with no scar, but I’m still thirsty. Now get over here!!”

“ Xena, no please?” Diana called from behind Xena, with a shaky voice.

“ I’m still thirsty. “ Xena stated still focused on Gabrielle.

“ I’m your Consort, not her, please?” Diana begged despite her fear and the
pain that was in many places at once, her leg, her one nipple, which soon
would be joined with her other one, her behind, and mostly her heart.

“ What are you saying Diana?” Xena asked still looking at Gabrielle.

“ Quench your thirst with me.”

“ And you won’t complain?”

“ No.”

Xena then turned suddenly and located Diana and immediately claimed Diana’s
other firm nipple. Diana screamed , but didn’t move away, but instead dug her
nails into the grass as Xena once again begun sucking hard, and drinking
deeply from Diana’s producing breast, which soon had the trickle of blood
running down the side of it as well. Xena’s hand came up and removed Diana’s
hand from her other now stopped, bleeding breast, she covered it with her own
and immediately, the palm changed and sharp teeth clamped down on the already
painful nipple and it begun sucking.

Gabrielle had buried her head in Questra’s arms and was sobbing hysterically
as she heard the sucking and moaning Xena was making, as she drunk both the
orange juice and the blood from Diana’s breast. Questra allowed Gabrielle’s
sobbing, but she was turned on to no end by what she was seeing and hearing
coming from both Diana and Xena.

Xena suddenly stopped sucking as she felt herself about to release, and her
teeth tighten and tighten as her release waved over her. Diana screamed her
own release which only added to her pain seeing how her breast enlarged at
that moment and then returned to their normal size afterwards.

After their releases ended, Diana collapsed back to the ground, and Xena
abruptly let go of Diana’s nipples, and then rolled off of her, and laid on
her back as she slowed her breathing and heartbeat.

Diana’s nipples showed Xena’s teeth marks, and the blood was still flowing
from them, but as Diana’s breathing slowed, so did the blood, and soon it
stopped. When Gabrielle tried to go over to help Diana, Xena’s voice stopped

“ Don’t touch her.”

“ I was just going to....”

Xena opened her eyes and a pair of bright sapphires burned into Gabrielle’s
emerald colored eyes. Gabrielle swallowed hard and back away, Xena then sat up
and looked down at Diana, she then picked up a folded blanket and threw it
over Diana’s nude body, then she casually stood and walked over to the spread
of food and begun eating, mouth still covered with the mixture.

“ Eat.” Xena commanded as she noticed Gabrielle staring at her as if she were
evil incarnate.

Gabrielle picked up a piece of fruit with her shaky hands, and bit into it,
and Xena watched her until she swallowed it, and then she turned her attention
back to eating. After a while, Diana woke up and groaned as she rolled over
onto her belly only to find, that her breast hurt to touch the grass, she
groaned again and rolled back onto her side and tears rolled down her face as
the pain to her leg told her she was once again not on the correct side, she
rolled onto her other side and sobbed.

Xena watched Diana’s struggle to find a comfortable position, and all the
while she just had a brow arched and she continued to talk to Questra and
Gabrielle about what the plan was.

“ Why do you have to hurt her?” Gabrielle finally asked not interested in
Xena’s and Questra conversation at all.

Both Xena and Questra stopped talking, and Xena cut her eyes to Gabrielle and
cocking her head she asked in a malevolent voice.

“ Do you question the other Xena like this little girl?”

Gabrielle blushed from the pointed statement.

“ No.” Gabrielle admitted. But your not her, your just some clone, who wants
to be her and Questra, both of you, and yet, you can’t handle her, she’s too
much like Xena herself, willing to die for what she believes in, and just
because she can’t beat you hand to hand, she has already beat you both a
thousand times, she’s survived all of the torture and pain and beatings you’ve
put upon her, and yet she still has the courage to tell you what she thinks
about you. I think you resent her because she doesn’t want you, I’ll even go
as far as to say, your feeling vengeful against her because she won’t even
give you a chance to touch her heart, you actually want to feel her loving you
for you, but she won’t even offer a kind word to you without you ordering her
too, so just because your able to beat her and weaken her in body, you can’t
get to her soul, there’s actually a part in you that wants to feel that light
in her, because of the ugliness of the darkness you both live in, well I know
if she could see your face, and feel your mood, I’m sure she would tell you
this.....SUFFER!” Gabrielle hissed as she stood up and walked away and went to
stand by the lake, and look out over it.

Xena slowly came to her feet and she strided over to where Gabrielle stood and
coming up behind her, Gabrielle suddenly felt Xena’s breath on her cheek as
she whispered into Gabrielle’s ear.

“ Be careful Gabrielle, I gave Diana my word that I would not hurt you if she
did what I told her too, without argument, but I will not tolerate your
attitude or your rosy colored glasses outlook, I can handle Diana just fine,
but I will break my word to her if you say or do one more disrespectful thing
towards me or Questra, but especially me, I am the Conqueror and I will more
than conqueror your little butt, and one more thing, you have no idea what
your talking about, I have touched Diana’s soul, now be a good girl and go to
your master.” Xena commanded.

Gabrielle moved slowly away from Xena and went back to sit next to Questra who
was still looking at Diana lustfully, Diana averted her eyes when she saw the
hunger in Questra’s eyes, and then when Gabrielle came back over to the area
Questra turned her attention on too Gabrielle, and acted as though Diana
didn’t exist, which was comforting to Diana. Xena came back over and saw Diana
leaning slightly on her right hip so that she was not on her behind or putting
any pressure on her broken leg.

“ So your awake, finally.”

“ Why?”

“ You know why?”

“ To connect me more to you?”

“ Yes. What better way?”

“ You are so....devious.”

“ No, I just realized that your trying to keep me totally focused on you, so
that I won’t focus on Gabrielle, well little Consort, you now have my full
attention. But I do have to go to town, and I would take you with me, but I
don’t want the locals to see you like this, so I’m taking Gabrielle with me,
we’re going to do an impromptu inspection of a few of the towns, and hopefully
they are up to my standards, otherwise, their going to have a problem.

“ No, don’t take Gabrielle with you, I’ll go.”

“ No, I told you, I don’t want you to go, not the way you are right now, it
might cause people to feel sorry for you and want to do something foolish, and
then I would have to kill them.

“ You won’t hurt or touch Gabrielle at all to harm her?”

“ I gave you my word didn’t I?”

“ How long will you be gone?”

“ over the next two weeks, until we perform the opening, we will go daily, and
return before nightfall, where you and I will make up for the time that I am
gone, if you know what I mean?”

“ Yes, I know what you mean.” Diana frown.

“ Good. Gabrielle come on, you and I need to go and change, we’re going to
town to do an impromptu inspection. Oh, don’t worry about Diana, she’ll be
fine, Questra’s here, and we’ll only be gone for the rest of the day, and then
we’ll go to different towns daily for the next week, and I gave Diana my word
that I would not harm you, as long as you behave and is respectful.”

Gabrielle looked over at Diana and Diana nodded her head slightly, then
Gabrielle looked at Questra.

“ You won’t hurt Diana anymore will you?”

“ No, not if she behaves.”

“ Questra?”

“ You have my word, I won’t hurt her Xena.”

“ Good, let’s go Gabrielle.” Xena commanded and Gabrielle hugged Diana, and
then turned and walked to catch up with Xena. once they had disappeared, it
was then that Questra turned her eyes on Diana once again.

“ So.....Diana, it looks like it will be just you and I for the next week

“ What do you want Questra?!” Diana said with a sneer.

“ Careful, I could misinterpret that, and think your being disrespectful?”

Diana averted her eyes and then Questra moved over to where Diana still sat on
her hip. Questra’s hand came up to the blanket that Diana had around her and
she moved it off of Diana’s shoulder, and Diana went to move away from her but
the pain to her bottom was so Painful that she just went back to her hip.

“ Please don’t do this to me? I can’t defend myself against you.”

“ hahahahaha, I’m not a rapist, and I have no intentions of taking you against
your will, although if I had the mind to I could. But I don’t, instead I have
a little deal to make you.”

“ What sort of deal?”

“ Something that has to stay between you and me?”

“ Why would I even consider to keep anything from Gabrielle?”

“ Because if you told her then I would just have to hurt her if she decided to
refuse me? But if you keep it just between us, I will make you a deal that I’m
sure is the only thing on your mind, right now?”

“ And what would that deal be, and How do I know you will hold to your word?”

“ I swear. I am not a liar, and you know that, if you know your Questra as
well as you claim?”

“ What?”

“ I want to bed you for the next week that Xena and Gabrielle are not here,
that way I won’t have a need to bed Gabrielle, this way you get everything you
want, Gabrielle doesn’t get hurt, she doesn’t have to sleep with me in that
way anymore, and I won’t even strike you again, unless you get foolish,
so....what do you say?”

Diana had a scowl on her face, but she was determine to protect Gabrielle
anyway she had too, and if she could give herself to Seductra, for the world,
then she could surely give herself to Questra, to protect her sister.

“ Deal.” Diana said tightly.

An evil grin came to Questra’s mouth as she lifted Diana up and carried her
back to the palace, where she put her in one of the guess rooms, and she then
stripped out of her clothes and laying down next to Diana on her side, she
begun to stroke Diana’s cheek, and then caressed over her lips and when she
saw Diana’s lip tremble, she covered it with her own.

Questra felt her connection to Diana light up to full intensity as she moaned
into Diana’s mouth.

“ Ahhh... sooo....sweet, wow! I see why Xena craves for you. Questra then
moved to Diana’s neck and slowly to her breast, where she trembled at the
thought of tasting one of Diana’s bronzed nipples.

Taking the peak in her mouth, she covered it slowly, and then feeling it
against her cheek, she slowly begun to suck on it. It was still painful to
Diana from what Xena had done to her, but it was no longer marked with her

Questra’s attention to the one peak soon intensified. She begun sucking with
ardor as she moaned almost continuously at the taste, then when she bit down
on it and it gave her the taste of a strong alcohol, she drank deeply and
thirstily for a while, and then she did the same to the other.

Finally she begun moving her hand down Diana’s belly, and just as she touched
on Diana’s soft hairs she stopped and asked.

“ Has Xena renewed you?”

“ No.”

Questra grinned brightly and then her fingers dove deep into Diana’s flower
and begun thrusting with abandon, and the more she did the closer Diana got to
her release, Questra felt the quiver and she abruptly pulled her fingers out
and positioned herself over Diana and forming an extension to her own body,
the same way Xena was capable of doing, she thrusted into Diana once again,
but this time her own senses were scrambled as built them both up and soon....

Diana’s body stiffen, and Questra’s hip thrusted as if they had a mind of
their own, and when Diana released, Questra’s extension begun to suck the
sweet fruited tasting ecstasy from Diana’s core, pretty much the same way
Questra had sucked on Diana’s breast.

Questra fed off of Diana’s essence, until Diana was near dehydration, and then
she released herself and once again continued thrusting into Diana, until hers
past. then she collapsed on top of Diana completely spent, and exhausted, over
the next few hours Questra took Diana every which way she thought too, and
then when Questra and Diana finally ended it, Questra carried the unconscious
Diana to her bed chamber and laid her in bed after cleaning her up, using the

When Xena and Gabrielle returned, Xena allowed Gabrielle to go to the library
and she sent the guard to tell Questra where Gabrielle was. Xena in the
meantime asked one of her servants, where Diana was, and she was told she was
in bed.

“ Bed? Really? Hmm...well, I will be turning in for the night, and I don’t
want to be disturbed. Xena warned as she then strided up the stairs to her’s
and Diana’s chamber. Once there she went into the bed chamber and found Diana
asleep. “ Sleep? This early? Hmm....must be fatigued from everything that’s
happened today?” Xena said to herself as she moved to the bed and after
undressing, she climbed in behind Diana, and pulled her close to her. Diana
groaned, but soon settled again and continued to sleep. The next day Diana
woke up and was quiet that morning when they all met for breakfast.

“ Diana, what’s going on?”

“ Hm....what do you mean Xena?”

“ I mean your very quiet this morning, I don’t think you’ve said two words
until now?”

“ I just have nothing to say.” Diana said as she kept her eyes lowered .

Xena’s eyes narrowed as she studied Diana’s quiet manners.

Gabrielle also studied Diana, but she couldn’t quite put her hands on what was
bothering Diana.

“ Well are you still having pain?”

“ Where? My leg, behind, breast? you name it, I am.” Diana said with anger.

“ Well....that’s better.” Xena said as she heard Diana’s tone.

“ Glad you appreciate it.” Diana continued.

“ Well, we have to go, Questra I’m trusting you to take care of Diana until I

“ No problem, I will, you can be sure.”

Gabrielle hugged Diana, and whispered to her, “ tell me later?”

Diana looked up at her with knitted brows, and then smiled slightly.

“ I love you.” Diana said in all sincerity.

Gabrielle smiled and then gave Diana a look of “seriously”.

Diana smiled again and just hugged Gabrielle once more and then sent her to go
and catch up with Xena. Questra then turned her attention back to Diana.

“ You handled that very well.”

“ Whatever. Let’s just do this and get it over with?”

“After a short period of time we will.”

One hour later, while Questra and Diana were still sitting at the table, with
Questra asking Diana different Questions, Xena walked into the room

“ Xena?! What are you doing back? Is Gabrielle with you?” Questra asked

Xena looked at the two still sitting at the table,and Diana still taking small
bites of food.

“ You two are still eating?”

“ No, well Diana is, those bird bites I don’t think will fill her up, so I’m
making her stay here and eat until I’m satisfied that she has eaten enough.”

“ Hmm....good, I hate when she doesn’t eat. Anyway I came back to tell you
Consort, I expect for you to be awake when I return, last night you had fallen

“ Well what do you expect, the way you two have been treating me, I’m
surprised I woke up at all today.” Diana said sarcastically and bitingly.

“ I absolutely hate when you do that, so I suggest you lose that by the time I
return tonight.” Xena said with a raised brow.

Diana bit on her lip, and lowering her gaze she just nodded her head slightly.

“ Good. I’ll see you later Consort.” Xena then turned and went out the door
and left this time for good.

Questra now turned her lustful eyes on Diana and Diana felt both the eyes and
Questra’s mood. And despite everything, Diana’s body tighten and her breathing

Diana slowly lifted her eyes up and looking over at Questra, her eyes meant
the radiate Sapphires, and Diana’s breath caught.

“ Do we have to?” Diana asked hoping she could get out of the deal without
making Questra angry.

“ Sure, but then I’ll just turn back to Gabrielle, and after experiencing you,
well....let’s just say you won’t see much of her. So is that what you want to
do, call off our deal?”

Diana swallowed hard, but then shaking her head slowly she indicated to
Questra that she didn’t. Questra smirked and then a grin came to her face.
Shall we I am literally starved. Diana looked at Questra with anger in her
eyes, and then getting the staff she came to her feet and hobbled to the guess
room she and Questra had shared the day before. Once there Questra begun
taking her liberties with Diana, and by the end of it, Diana was left in a
deep sleep, but not unconscious.

Later when Xena and Gabrielle returned Gabrielle once again went to the
library, and Xena went straight to her chambers. Everytime Gabrielle went to
the library, Xena had a guard sent along with her to make sure she did not try

Xena went into the bed chamber and found Diana asleep, but when she walked
over to the bed Diana felt Xena and she slowly opened her eyes. Xena then
smirked and said in a soft voice.

“ Your lucky Consort, I was about to get upset.” Xena then stripped and she
went through the apparatus and then came back over to the bed and climbed in
over top of Diana, she then begun to kiss Diana, eventually they were in full
mode and everything seemed to be going without a hitch, until Diana peaked.
when she did, being so tired she forgot to asked and just released.

Xena stopped what she was doing and just felt Diana’s essence cover her strong

Xena snatched her fingers from within Diana and her eyes flamed red, as
Diana’s breath caught in her lungs from the abrupt withdrawal, but her
released continued despite it, but less intense. After it ended Diana felt
limp to the bed breathing hard, and trying to catch her breath, as she felt
the darkness in Xena.

Diana tried not to open her eyes, although it would have normally been easy to
do, considering she was exhausted already, but she was afraid to let herself
go there with this Xena’s dark mood flowing over her, so she slowly opened
them, and looking up her eyes met with the enraged eyes of Xena’s.

“ Wh.....what were you thinking, how DARE you even THINK to release, I know
we’ve been through this before.”

“ You and I have not been through this before! My Xena and I have.” Diana said
still slightly breathless.

Xena’s hand wrapped around Diana’s throat, and she begun to squeeze. As she
did she watched Diana struggle for air, as tears begun to roll down her face
at the thought of this Xena was actually about to kill her.

“ pl.....”

“ What? I didn’t hear you, are you trying to say something slave?”

Diana was now trying to push Xena’s arm off of her, but she didn’t have the
strength. Diana’s eyes widen in fear and Xena simply cocked her head at her.

“ Who am I?” Xena finally asked as her grip now increased little by little.

Diana used her mind to tell Xena.

“ Xena.”

“ Then why did you say we haven’t been through this before? Because the fact
of the matter is, everything that you and her went through, you and I have
also. I AM XENA! And I will not say that again, is that clear?” Xena hissed as
her grip now became like a vice on Diana’s neck.

“ Yes! Gods Yes! Please?!” Diana screamed with her mind.

Xena held on for a moment longer, and then she abruptly let go and rolled off
of Diana. Diana rolled off of the bed and curled up coughing, and trying to
catch her breath. She then crawled over to a far wall and curled up in it and
sobbed, as she laid on the floor. Xena watched her and then she rolled over
onto her side and said in a calm voice.

“ That’s where you will sleep tonight and from now on, unless we’re involved,
and even then, afterwards, you will be expected to be there when I wake up.”
Xena then laid down and looked at the ceiling for a few minutes as the
resentment in her continued to eat away at her soul .

Meanwhile in the other time, the real Xena and Questra were enraged at all
the things they were seeing, and Xena’s dark side had taken over her soul and
she didn’t say anything, she just cut her eyes to the evil one and leveled her
eyes on him. Questra in the meantime, had to deal with both her rage at what
she was seeing, but also the unwanted orgasms that occurred each time her
counter laid with Diana.

“ You know ladies, soon, I will be there and then....the fun really begins.
Xena, your rage is radiate.” The evil one said with his deep baritone voice,
that shook the chamber.

Neither woman spoke, they both just looked back at the imager and stared with
revenge in their eyes.

Meanwhile, the next few days for Diana were hard and draining, but she didn’t
let on to Gabrielle that she was having any other problems than the usual with
Xena. The only thing that made Gabrielle suspicious was the fact that Questra
had not said a bad thing to Diana or herself since she and Xena had been going
to the towns doing the inspections. Plus she had been protective of Diana at
times when Xena would have lost her temper with her and probably hurt her.

Finally the day before the opening was to be performed, and Diana was still
using the staff as a crutch for long walks, but for short distances she limped
her way to where she went.

After Questra and Diana finished with their covert activity, Diana pretended
she was in a deep sleep after the last orgasm, and Questra carried her back to
her’s and Xena’s room, and laid her on her pallet she had made herself in the
corner and covered her after once again stepping through the apparatus to get
cleaned up, clothes and all.

Questra then leaned down and whispered to Diana.

“ You have been an excellent bed partner, I shall be full for months, thanks
to your sweet essence.” She then lifted a handful of Diana’s hair and brought
it to her nose and smelled it.

“ Mmmm...wonderful. Well tomorrow we will do the opening and then things
really will be different. See you in the morning lover.” Questra said as she
let the hair in her hand slide from her fingers.

After Questra left, Diana lifted up and looked out the window across from her
to see what the time of day was, and she judged that she had a few candlemarks
to come up with some plan to get Xena and Questra back, she realized she could
use her imager to tell her the answer, or at least give her a clue.

Diana made her way over to the closet and pulled out the imager and begun
drawing into it, she drew everything as it had happened up to where she was
right now, and the only thing she added that had not happened yet was the
opening, then she pressed on it and it went through everything that had
happened to both Gabrielle and herself, as well as the real Xena and Questra.
Diana’s heart almost leaped out of her chest when she saw them, even though
she new it was not real.

Tears welled up in her eyes and they ran down her face, finally the imager
arrived at the point where she was now and then it showed how the opening
would happen. Diana watched as a portal opened and just as it was opening a
dark cloud began covering the bright sky, the winds picked up and became
stronger and stronger, as it lifted wagons and animals and people, and flew
them across large areas of land.

Once the portal was completely open, Diana saw herself and the others all
return to the ground, and as they did, a man stepped out of the portal and
both of the clones bowed their heads slightly, and he walked up to them and
kissed each of them, then he told them that they had done a great job and they
could have whatever they wanted as a reward.

Xena the clone instantly said she wanted Diana for herself, and Questra
requested for Gabrielle, but for her to have Diana’s abilities. The man told
both of them that they could have their request, and then he stepped back up
to Xena the clone and said, “ I was worried there for a bit, if she had not
been stubborn and hateful towards you my dear clone, she would have won you
over to her side, and then things would have turned out so much differently,
But lucky for me, she did not trust you or give you the chance to change the
way she gave her Xena the chance. Little girl, I’m glad you let your hate
blind you to the power you could have had over my dear Xena, she was truly
ready to try and change for you, she would have even told you how to kill me,
and get your ladies back all at the same time. but blindness is a wonderful
thing, and hate makes it possible. I know that even my Questra would change,
but not because of you, she may have lusted after you, but she desired
Gabrielle, both of my clones tried to touch each of your lights, and although
your more connected to Xena then ever before, she never could feel that light
of yours again once you found out she and Questra were not your real mates.
But when you told Xena that even though you hated both of them, but you hated
her more, my clone actually was hurt by those words, and then you continued
with your biting words, and the more you said the more resentful and dark my
Xena became, to where now, she wouldn’t have a problem with killing you,
except for the fact that you are the only one who can satisfy her the way she
chooses to be satisfied. Now, there’s a lot to be done, and the first thing
is, I have to have temples built and all of the Greek Gods temples are to be
destroyed, all except one of each, that way when they show up, I can kill them
off one by one. Now, let’s go...” Diana then erased everything up to the last
three days, and then she added her being nice and kind and even loving to the
clone Xena and seeing what effect if any that would have on the outcome.

Then Diana pushed on it again and once again it started, but this time it
started where Diana erased it too, and she watched as she put on her act, and
even let her mind think of her Xena so that nothing would be betrayed.

“ Xena?”

“ What?”

“ I know you said you didn’t want me laying in the bed with you unless we were
engaged in something, I was just wondering, seeing that it’s many hours before
the morning, I was wondering if I could get on the bed to tell you something?”

“ Can’t you tell me from there?”

“ I could, but it wouldn’t be the same?”

“ Come on.”

Diana saw herself limp over to the bed and sitting down on it, she swung her
legs onto it, and then turned to face Xena and crossed her legs in indian

“ What is it?”

“ I just wanted to say....I’m sorry, I have been acting like such a b----,
well you know? Anyway, you told me that I didn’t even give you a chance to
show me that you could change, if I helped you.”

“ Why are you bringing this up now?”

“ Because, I’ve had a lot of time to think about it, and I realized that I am

“ How are you wrong Diana?”

” I use to take pride in the fact that Xena changed for me, and the fact that
because of that I fell so deeply in love with her, and she actually had
learned to love, from me, and Gabrielle, and she was able to return that love
ten times ten, and more, Xena has such an abundance of love in her, that had
been pent up, unable to show itself, and who knows, it probably never would
have if I had turned her down the way I had turned you down, I felt how dark
you were feeling when I first told you I hated you more than I did Questra, I
saw it in your eyes, the resentment, rage and hurt. I was trying to hurt you,
the same way you had let Questra hurt me, I thought if I could get you to feel
just a little of the pain I felt while Questra was beating me, then maybe I
would feel better, but instead of feeling better, I just became more angry,
which in turn made you more angry, and darker. Xena I realize now that the
only reason I was angry was because my subconscious was rebelling against my
conscious, I am not one to turn people away who want to be helped, especially
when it means helping them achieve peace and happiness. Xena I remember when
you and Questra first showed up here, at first I felt intermittent, twinges of
Darkness in you, but I put it off to maybe something flashed in your mind that
had upset you that day, or something else, I remember before Nebula came to
see me, everything was going very well, I saw the light in your eyes, even
though it was shadowed as I now realize, but it was there, and I was so wrong
for what I did to you, and I can only ask that you let me make it up to you?”

“ How, and why should I believe you? You’ve been rude, disrespectful, willful,
condescending, arrogant, deceitful, whorish, and a liar?”

“ Whorish? liar? What do you mean?”

“ That’s interesting, out of all of the things I just told you, you pick up on
those two things, why is that?”

“ Because...I.....I’ve never been called a liar or a whore before.”

“ Really? Well are you telling me you haven’t been any of those two things?”


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