Desperations Part 2
By D.Virtue

All disclaimers remain in effect.

Diana was squirming underneath Xena's ravishing, and this only increased Xena's desire and need of her Consort. Xena lifted her mouth from Diana's nipple and went up to her mouth and laid a passionate kiss on her. Diana's eyes had already turned and her passion was as high as Xena's. She pulled at Xena's clothes with obvious frustration as she whimpered from the need to touch Xena.

Xena simply melted at Diana's sounds and she broke away with much effort. Diana raised up quickly to help Xena strip, but Xena didn't want Diana to move from the position she was in, so she pushed Diana back down on the bed.

"Don't move from there." Xena's voice husky but firm. Diana drew in a much needed breath at the way Xena's voice rang in her ears. A knowing smirk curled the corners of Xena's mouth.

Xena quickly shed her clothes and then moved to re-cover Diana's hot and ready body. Hands were everywhere, seemingly at once, but each touch eliciting deep sighs and moans from each woman. When Xena's hands found Diana's flower, she worked Diana up to a near frenzy. Diana was pleading with Xena to allow her release, but Xena while containing her own release with effort, refused Diana's request. Every time she brought Diana to an imminent orgasm, she would stop and move her hands to other parts of Diana's body, working each area up.

Diana was so tight with need of the volcano-like orgasm that she tried to turn things around on Xena, and work her up more than she was already. Diana knew she would have to convert the weakened feelings of her need to those of strength, so with a lot of effort she suddenly pushed Xena off of her and Xena fell to the floor. Her knees were wide open as she sprawled out on the fur covered floor of the bedchamber. Diana immediately followed and came to land between Xena's spread legs, where she quickly brought her soft lips to connect to Xena's Jewel.

Xena's response was more of a growl than anything else as her hand wrapped in Diana's thick mane of ebony hair, holding her against her, as Diana feasted ravishingly on Xena's Jewel. The taste of cinnamon encouraged Diana more and more.

Xena's head suddenly went back as her body arched deeply, making Diana have to follow in order to remain connected. Xena's body suddenly shook almost violently as her ecstasy crashed over her. Diana's body coiled in on itself as it wanted more than anything to respond to Xena's ecstasy, but she knew she would have to wait. Beads of perspiration formed on Diana's forehead, as she
strained for control, while feasting on every sweet creamy bit of Xena's Jewel.

After long, long moments, Xena's body crashed back to the floor, her breaths coming in gasps as she once again took in air. Diana remained where she was, until Xena's breathing eased, then she lifted her head. Suddenly, Xena pulled Diana up to her by her hair which she had not as of yet let go of, and looking deep into the matching orbs, a wicked, lustful gleam lit Xena's expression.

It was such an intense look, that Diana's body seemed to be responding to it by tightening her more. Diana's breathing increasing with every passing moment as her eyes were locked with Xena's demanding gaze.

"Xe....Xena???" Diana managed.

Xena simply began baring her teeth, making it appear as though she was expecting something, something that her eyes alone would bring about. Diana tried to move towards Xena to kiss her, but Xena's firm grip on her hair, held her where she was. Diana's breathing now becoming ragged, Xena's eyes commanding, demanding. Diana's body trembled from need and fear of releasing
without Xena telling her it was okay. The trembles slowly changed to shivered responses, which changed to shaking, as Diana's body was near it's peak. Xena felt it and her tongue peeked out to swipe across her lips. Diana lost her composure at the gesture and the intense gaze, and before she knew what hit her, she was having a soul stirring orgasm, which caused Xena to orgasm again.

Xena never allowed Diana's eyes to close. Her eyes demanded that Diana continue to look at her. Diana's breathing had stalled in her lungs as her ecstasy eclipsed her very being. Through the beauty and sheer pleasure of the orgasm, Diana heard a growling sound coming from Xena, just at the same moment she saw Xena's eyes slit to those of a cat's once again. Diana's eyes joined
her lover's demanding statement, and her ecstasy increased tenfold, as did Xena's.

Finally, when Diana took her first fully inhaled breath, ragged as it was, Xena's own ecstasy ended, and with a slight pull on Diana's hair, she pulled her to her mouth and kissed Diana deeply. Diana was dizzy and lightheaded by Xena's kiss, but it was after Xena broke the kiss, Diana swooned, and then slipped into a deep slumber. Xena smirked and wrapped her arms around Diana's body that was lying lengthwise on her own body. She soon slipped under as well; holding Diana on top of her, with Diana's head turned and nestled in the crook of Xena's neck.

The next morning Xena fought to wake up sooner than her body and mind was ready too, but through sheer willpower, she did it. Once she was awake, she felt Diana's warm breath on her neck. She turned her head to look upon her sleeping mate, and the peacefulness seemed to melt Xena's soul. Xena through just an overwhelming need, hugged Diana close on her, and kissed her lips and nose and eyes; Diana sighed, but did not awaken. Xena smirked at the sound and just sighed deeply with contentment at how soft Diana seemed at that very moment.

So, as a result, rather than Xena getting up out of the bed, she laid there and just held Diana on top of her, once again Diana's warm breath, caressed along Xena's neck.

A few candlemarks later when Diana stirred, Xena opened her eyes to watch her love struggle for her own consciousness. Diana stretched her body along Xena's nude body, which sent an electrical impulse racing up Xena's spine. Xena's passions were re-lit and Diana had yet to open her eyes from the previous lovemaking session.

"Come on kitten, you can do it." Xena purred in her kitten's ear. Diana stretched again and this time when she settled, her knee had come to rest against Xena's nature. A shiver ran up Xena's spine as she debated whether to allow the misplaced limb to stay where it was, or to move it, so as to not end up attacking Diana, before she could completely come around.

As Xena was thinking about it, Diana moved again, this time, Xena gritted her teeth and with a look of pure lust, she spoke through her teeth, to the still recovering young Consort.

"Sorry kitten, but I have to have you!"

Xena then rolled over and came to a stop with Diana beneath her. She then began kissing her, starting at her face and lips. Despite everything, Diana as usual responded, unbeknownst to her really, considering she was still somewhat out of it. Xena ravished Diana again and again, and before she was done, Diana once again was in a very deep slumber. Though Xena had the
looked of the proverbial cat who just ate the parrot. She hummed to herself as she then decided it was time for one of them to get up, and since she was the ruler, it was perfect that it was her.

Diana slept into the next day, and when she finally did awaken, she was starving.

"Ludmilla!" Diana called hoarsely.

"Yes, My Lady?"

"Where is My Lord?"

"She has gone for a walk with Lord Questra and Lady Xena."

"Where are their mates?"

"Princess Gabrielle has gone to the Amazon land to visit with Queen Ephiny and the others, along with her children."

"And what of Lady Noor and her children?"

"They have gone to the market in the town of Gabrielle to do some shopping."

"And Lady Xena was okay with that? Please bring me some water Ludmilla?" Diana said, pausing long enough to take a drink of the cool water Ludmilla brought to her.

"Well not at first, she was quite adamant about going with Lady Noor, but you know Lady Noor, she has a way of being stubborn without being obvious, plus she knows how to handle Lady Xena. By the time Lady Noor was finished she was on her way to town with only a small contingent of the royal guards as escorts."

Diana laughed inspite of herself and then told Ludmilla to have some food brought up for her and to send Kalissa to attend to her.

"You realize Xena, that at the rate that the children are growing they will be adults within the next two years?"

"Yes Questra, that would be true if they continued as they are, but the reality is that they won't, they will reach the ages of 7 and then their rate will slow to a more normal pace. That is why what you are both doing with them; the immediate training in both theory and practical knowledge and
fighting skills is very important. By the time they are 7, they will be able to not only carry on a conversation with pretty much anyone, but they will be quite capable of defending themselves against average attackers. My only concern is the one's that are not average." Xena said thoughtfully as she looked at each of the women with both concern and admiration.

"Xena what is it that is bothering you?" Lady Xena asked, recognizing the tone that she herself used when there was a real concern to heed.

Xena looked at Lady Xena and came to a stop, just long enough to sigh with some apprehension, then she looked at Questra and once again, the three were on the move, walking.

"I don't know. It's just that I have had this strange feeling since the children were born that something is going to happen. I just can't seem to shake the feeling. My poor Consort is on the receiving end of my inability, so she's in our chamber unconscious from my ravishings. Hmm, although I'm not complaining, I can't keep that up; well I can, but I don't want to." Xena said somewhat sheepishly.

"So, what is this feeling that you are having?" Questra asked now concerned for Noor and the kids as well as for Gabrielle and her own.

"I don't know Questra, but I've learned to trust it, that's why I insisted that Noor have a contingent of my Royal guards go with her and the children. Gabrielle is fine, she is with The Amazons, so they will protect her and the children if anything were to come about.

"I think I will go and find Noor, knowing her, she'll be too stubborn to let the guards protect her without her help." Lady Xena said.

"Yes, I think that is a good idea."

Lady Xena then bid the other two good-bye and went to find her Noor. Meanwhile, in town, where Noor and the toddlers were, they were unaware that they were being watched by a pair of eyes that had nothing but wicked intentions.

"Look Desper! It's Her Majesty-- Diana!"

"You're right, it is her, and look! The three children hanging onto her."

"I see them, but they can't be her children, there was no announcement made about The Conqueror having children."

"Of course not, why would there be, as many people would love to get a hold of those kids, I wouldn't announce it either. Anyway, we have to go and tell Our Lord, she will be happy to hear about this."

"Maybe she'll reward us with one of her slave women?"

"Ahhh, yeah...come on, let's go."

Noor continued her business in the town, none the wiser that she had been mistaken for Diana, and that there was an evil that was out there now being aimed at her and her children. The two men made it back to their camp's hide out where their Lord was. After being told she was in a foul mood out of the constant frustrations of not having anyone who could satisfy her needs the way they needed to be, they were taken immediately to see their wicked ruler.

"Sovereign! These two say they have news for you that they think you will be pleased by."

"Is that so." The Ruler sneered, without taking her eyes off of the young nude women who were crawling towards her on their hands and knees. Her eyes were dark with raw lust, but there was no joy in them. You know if you don't please me, what will happen to you three?"

"Yes Sovereign." The three women said in unison as they neared the Ruler.

"So, what is this news you have for me?" She asked through her teeth just as one of the young women bit down on her discreetly covered nipple.

Lord Sovereign, we have discovered that her majesty, Lady Diana and The Conqueror have had children."

"Children?!!" She shouted as she slapped one of the young women away from her for not performing, to even a minimal level.

" Sovereign. Three as a matter of fact, two girls and one boy."

"How do you know they are their children?"

"We heard them calling her that."

"Really?! And you're sure it was Diana?"

"Yes Sovereign, there is no one who can come close to looking like her."

"Hmmm, you're right there. sweet lover has a family. What of her sister, did you see any sign of her?"

"No. Just Her Majesty."

"Very well then, leave....and take her with you, she is your reward for a good job."

The men lifted the sprawled out woman off of the floor and carried her out of the sight of their Ruler, as the woman screamed for another chance.

" and Lord Xena have had yourselves a little family. Well maybe I need to come and wish the happy family my congratulations." She purred as she pulled a dagger from some hidden spot and began caressing it as she thought of Diana and Xena and most likely the whole Palace being happy, while she was stuck out in some Tartarus forsaken place. The thought angered her so much that she threw her dagger across the room impaling it into one of the walls of the beams supporting the massive tent.

The two soldiers managed to duck just in time to prevent being impaled, but the dagger caught one of the men on the tip of his ear and took that bit of flesh with it to the beam where it was impaled. The man grabbed his ear, and the woman glared at him for bleeding on her rugs. He was told in no uncertain terms what was expected of him.

"I want, Her Majesty followed wherever she goes. I want to know where she is at all times, and if you come back here and tell me you lost her, then I will make sure you have a reason for losing her, and I'll start with your eyes.Now go, and don't fail me!" The woman's voice was seething and meaningful.

"YES Sovereign! I won't fail."

"Get out!" The woman said, now even more frustrated that she had not been pleased in the least bit by the other two women who were trying their best to bring her some minimal pleasure. The two women were taken from the tent and beaten and then given to the men to have their way with.

Meanwhile, the two soldiers along with a group of others went to keep an eye on the woman they thought to be Diana.

"There you are My light, I've been looking for you for over a candlemark." Lady Xena sighed when she saw Noor and the children.

The little one's scurried and gathered around their other mother and wrapped their little arms around each of her legs, while she lifted one of the girls up into her arms and received a big hug for it. Noor, stood smiling at the affection the little one's gave to their mother and she walked over and
wrapped her own arms around Lady Xena's neck, while encompassing the little girl Xena was holding as well, and gave a kiss to her love.

"Hmm, maybe I need to let you out on your own more often if this is the type of reception I will receive upon making an appearance?"

"No, you don't have to be absent to receive such a reception, and you know it."

"Yes, but it's still nice." Lady Xena said as her hand was taken by one of the little one's still standing next to her.

The little boy took one of Noor's hands and the five of them continued the shopping that Noor had gone to town to do.

"Why are you here Love?"

"What?" Xena asked, confused by the unexpected question.

"I was just wondering what brought you to meet us here, is something wrong?"

"No, I just missed my family, is that a crime?"

"No, of course not. Okay, well I need to get some material to make a couple of things for the children.

"Alright, whatever you want or need." The two walked around different shops and market areas, and all the while they were being watched. Lady Xena sensed something, but she just could not put her hands on it. It eventually bothered her enough to end the shopping day.

"Lord Xena, may I speak to you please?" Lady Xena inquired when she saw Xena heading out of one of her meeting chambers.

"Of course, what's up?"

"You know the conversation we had earlier this day?"


"Well, I think you're right, I think there is something about to happen, and it does not seen like it will be anything we will like."

"Hmm...what made you start feeling this way?"

"While Noor and I were at the market in town with the kids, I sensed something not quite right, but when I looked around, I didn't see anything out of the ordinary. I thought maybe you and I and Lord Questra could go back to town and do some looking around?"

" I thought about doing that, but I think it is better if I send some of my soldiers to actually do the looking around. I think we need to stay near our mates at the moment. There's something evil out there that I know is just waiting to strike out at one if not all of us."

"Hmm...yes, that is the feeling I get also. So how are we going to keep the three of them from getting suspicious? Especially when we either go everywhere with them, or refuse to let them go somewhere, when it is usual for them to go anytime they want to?"

"Well I can handle Diana, I'm not worried about her, but I know how much Gabrielle loves to go visiting with the Amazons, especially now with the little ones."

"Yes that is true. So...what do we do?"

"I'll send out a squad of my soldiers to look around town and see what they can come up with. Meanwhile, we need to keep an eye on the girls."

"Alright, well I think Noor and I need to be heading back home. I'm sure my substitute at the school thinks she has a new full time position as instructor to my students." Lady Xena informed.

"I understand, and I have to admit I think it is a good idea." Xena said understanding Lady Xena's need to protect her family.

"Lord Questra, what are you and Gabrielle going to do?"

"We're staying here with you and Diana. I don't think Gabrielle would like it if she found out that something was going on and we left you two here by yourselves. We know you can take care of the two of you, but still, you know what I am saying?"

"Yes, and thank you. I can take care of myself and Diana, but you are right, both Diana and Gabrielle would have a fit if we tried to separate them, even if it was to protect them."


"Alright, so I think we should keep this to ourselves. There is no need to get the girls all worked up just now."

"I agree with you Lady Xena." Lord Xena said as the three of them made it back from their walk and went to go and locate their respective mates so as to begin active surveillance of the ladies.

Xena made it to her chamber where she had a wonderful surprise waiting for her. The bedchamber had scented candles scattered throughout the room. There was music coming from one of Diana's futuristic gadgets that Xena did not see, but she knew that's where it was coming from.

There was a table full of food, from hot fresh breads, to stews, meats, fruits and vegetables. Xena could not help but smile and be touched by Diana's thoughtfulness. She walked further into the room over to the table and plucked a grape from the many that were sitting upon the table. All the
while she took in the view, with one particular view she was interested in seeing. Finally, after taking everything in that was within the room, she located Diana.

Diana was out on the balcony, dressed in a long, blue, flowing, silk robe that only had fasteners on the front, just enough to cover her taut abdomen and womanhood but not enough to conceal the fullness of her cleavage, or her long legs. She stood leaning back against the railing of balcony with
her eyes closed and her long thick hair playing in the breeze of the warm air.

Xena's breath caught at how beautiful Diana was. Diana looked as though she didn't have a care in the world. Xena stood in the doorway of the balcony leaning against it, with her arms crossed casually in front of her, and her head cocked so that it was also resting on the doorway entrance.

She smiled again and then something told Diana to open her eyes, and when she did, they locked on Xena. A slow smile came to Diana's soft lips, and by the time it was finished, Diana had a bright radiant smile on her face. Xena responded in kind and Diana lifted herself up from against the railing and stood up straight and just waited for Xena, who now stood up and started moving slowly towards Diana.

Their gazes locked on each other. Xena came to stand in front of Diana, and she brought one of her hands up to cup Diana's chin and lift it up to look deeper into Diana's eyes.

Xena lowered her head slowly as she continued to watch Diana's responses to her. The closer Xena got to Diana's lips, the more Diana's eyes lidded, and finally when Xena's lips touched tenderly onto Diana's, Diana's eyes were completely closed. Xena wrapped her other arm around Diana's small waist and pulled her closer to her.

Diana sighed, and the sound was so sweet to Xena's ears that her passions were making themselves known. They kissed for long breathless moments, before Xena finally broke the kiss and let them catch their breaths, as she laid feathery kisses all over Diana's face and neck. Xena was really into what she was doing and had planned to take it to its conclusion, but Diana was
determined not to waste anything. So with that thought, she squirmed out of Xena's grasp and strode over to the other side of the balcony.

Xena's eyes narrowed as her brows knitted in confusion.

"What are you doing?"

"Nothing. I just didn't want you to get carried away, before we get you cleaned up so that we can eat. I don't plan on wasting all of that wonderful food that I had the cooks prepare, so...come on so I can have Dancea bathe you, and...."

"Dancea??" Xena asked in surprise.

"Yes. Dancea. I've already bathed and I don't plan on taking another one, so...go ahead, Dancea is waiting for you. The bath is already filled. When you come out, then I can massage and oil you down. Then we can sit down and eat and you can tell me about your day."

"Well at least I get SOMETHING from you." Xena's tone sounded almost like a pout was trying to make it's way out.

Diana smiled and moved back to Xena's arms, which brought a smile to Xena's mouth.

"You sounded so adorable. Keep that up and I may forgo some things and jump ahead to other things." Diana promised as she leaned forward, lifted to her toes slightly and kissed Xena. A sweet loving kiss, that sent shivers through Xena.

Xena's eyes were needful and wanting by the time she allowed Diana to pull back.

"Okay. " Diana said as Xena gave her a look of "I'll be back", and then with a final quick kiss she strode rapidly into the bedchamber and on into the bath, where Dancea was indeed waiting for her.

Diana leaned back against the rail as she watched Xena disappear. Then after a moment to steady herself, she headed into the bedchamber. By the time Xena came out of the bath, wearing a robe, Diana was kneeling on the bed waiting for Xena to come over to it so that she could oil her down. Xena glided over to the bed and slid upon it just as smoothly as a cat, she lay on her belly
and waited for Diana to begin.

Diana's hands were soft and warm upon Xena's body, her strength evident in them, yet her appearance hid that strength. Xena melted under Diana's expert touch, every muscle Diana oiled and massaged, appeared to give up their tension to the demanding hands. But by the time Diana was done, Xena was one big knot of tension of another sort. Her eyes sparkling with wanton desire, her body radiating such need, that Diana's eyes had changed during the massaging and oiling.

"'re not supposed to be tensed up like this, you were supposed to be relaxed."

"Oh...I relaxed alright." Xena purred as she gripped Diana's hips on each side, as Diana sat astride Xena's hips.

"Yeah right, for all of about 5 minutes! Diana accused as her breathing became more ragged with each passing moment.

" All of 2 minutes, but that's alright, I'll soon be thoroughly relaxed once again…real soon." Xena's tone was meaningful, as she began caressing Diana's hips and as much of her behind as Diana's position would allow.

Diana knew she was losing her resolve to try to make Xena wait, so she had to think fast, while her mind still had some rational thought to it. Diana suddenly leapt off of Xena and landed on her feet on the floor. The move took Xena by surprise.

"What in Tartarus are you doing?!"

"I...I refuse to let all of that wonderful food go to waste! I planned this whole evening out, and I plan on it taking place like I planned on...I can't calm down until you down Xena!" Diana demanded in a somewhat uncertain manner.

A raised brow and inquiring expression was Xena's response to Diana's daring demand.

"Please??" Diana asked sweetly, her eyes giving Xena that "do this for me," type of gaze, so much so that Xena decided she would allow Diana to carry out her evening the way she had planned for it to occur.

"O.K. on one condition."


"You promise me that you will not complain, NOT ONCE, when I satisfy this intense need with you?"

"What do you mean by complain?"

"You won't utter the words rest, water, or any of that, until... I...decide for us to take a break?"


"No...No buts, do you agree, yes or no?"

"If I say no, what happens?"

"Then I take you now and damn the food and the rest of your plans for the evening."

"That's not fair!" Diana said with a pout now formed on her lips, as she paced back and forth, eyes unable to break the gaze of Xena's.

"I'm The Conqueror, it doesn't have to be fair, it just has to be carried out."

"Oh…Now that makes it better...ha!"

Xena laid balanced on her side, assessing Diana, and enjoying Diana's increased restlessness as a result of her reaction to Xena's highly aroused state.

"So...what's your answer kitten?"

Diana stopped her pacing and came to a stop directly in front of Xena. The pout still on her lips, her eyes still focused on Xena's.

"Ok." Diana's voice was quiet but very sweet, especially in its passiveness, to Xena's ears, which sent shivers up her spine as a result.

"Come here kitten." Xena's beckoning had such a seductive tone to it that it caused Diana to exhale unexpectedly.

Diana began moving towards the bed before she even thought about it, her resolve weakening with each step, her body ringing with need for Xena, yet her mind kept trying to tell her to remember the plan for the evening. When Diana made it to the bed, she crawled up on it and Xena rolled onto her back as she took hold of Diana's head from the back and pulled her in for a kiss
that made Diana forget all thought.

Xena kisses were sending all sorts of shock waves through Diana's heated body, her bronze colored nipples were glowing and taut. Xena slid the robe from Diana's shoulders, as she feasted on Diana's sweet mouth. Diana had no strength to resist as Xena kissed her way down her neck to her breasts, where she hungrily sucked on of the tips into her mouth. Diana was now moaning
continuously as Xena rolled them over so that she was now above Diana. Xena sucked for a few minutes on one, and then the other, before she suddenly and without warning, stopped and jumped up off of the bed. She strolled casually over to the table and sat down, taking a piece of bread and breaking it, she popped it into her mouth as she watched Diana.

Diana was struggling to compose herself, her shock at Xena's actions didn't help her aroused state. Diana laid on the bed squirming, and finally after realizing Xena was not going to come back and take care of her raging need, Diana's hands came up to her breast and she began to caress them.

Xena cocked her head at what she was seeing, and although it was quite a site to see, Diana squirming and now planning to bring herself to release, Xena's eyes darkened at the thought that Diana would dare to release herself. Xena; The Conqueror was now watching her Consort.

Diana appeared to now be oblivious to Xena's presence and the fact that Xena's mood had now changed to that of an ever increasing anger. Diana was now about to self-pleasure herself to release, when...somewhere in her desired filled mind, she thought of Xena. That thought, somehow managed to bring her back enough to where she opened her heavily lidded eyes to look
over at where Xena was sitting.

Once Diana's eyes locked on those of Xena's, and she saw the look of a temper being controlled, her desire suddenly eased enough to where she was able to just breathe. She closed her eyes, and lay still on the bed, just letting her body relax enough so that she could walk over to the table to
join Xena.

Finally Diana calmed enough, and with some effort headed over to the table where Xena was sitting. When she arrived she went to sit down, but Xena stopped her.

"No! Explain yourself."

"I just couldn't believe you left me like that...this."

"I don't care. You know better! You KNOW better!"

"Yes. I just want to be with you. I need you Love."

Xena sat back in her chair and regarded her love and consort, and then she gestured for Diana to take a seat.

"Don't worry kitten, I'll take care of you. Now, shall we eat?"

Diana reached over and poured wine for Xena and a blended fruit drink for herself, and prepared a plate of food for Xena and herself. She then waited for Xena, whereupon Xena leaned forward and kissed her. Diana then handed Xena her wine.

Xena smiled and leaned back in her large chair. Xena leaned back to observe and appreciate Diana as Diana used her fork to lift some of the rice and sauce, and offer it to Xena. Xena opened her mouth and Diana slipped the food inside and then pulled the fork out slowly.

Xena chewed thoughtfully as she watched Diana meticulously obtain each bite of food for her, and lovingly offer it to her. After Xena's plate was empty, Xena then lifted her fork and proceeded to feed Diana her plate. Only Xena wasn't just about the simple act of feeding Diana, she showed Diana why she was the Conqueror, used to being in control and taking control. She lifted up a fork full of food and leaned forward in her chair so that she and Diana were only inches away from each other. Xena rested her elbow on the table as she held the fork of food teasingly out to Diana.

When Diana leaned forward to take the food off of the fork, Xena moved the fork away just enough to cause Diana to come close enough for her to kiss her, then Xena gave the food to Diana. Xena did that with all of the rice part of Diana's meal, then when she fed her the stew, she allowed her hand, mainly her fingers to caress along Diana's neck and down to her exposed

Diana's body was already flushed from what she and Xena had already been involved in prior to Xena's provocative touches now. Diana opened her mouth to take the offered food, and after Xena placed it on her tongue, just as Diana started to swallow, Xena's fingers slipped inside of the blouse and tweaked one of Diana's taut nipples. Diana nearly lost the food she had in her mouth as a result, but she somehow maintained and was able to swallow. Her breathing increasing as her body was buzzing for relief, but she knew she would not have any relief until Xena was satisfied with the amount of food she ate. Diana knew it wouldn't satisfy Xena until all of the food on the plate was gone.

Diana was ready to say something, but Xena arched a brow and said in a sensual voice.

"Do you want to talk, or do you want to finish eating and then pursue other pleasures?"

Diana's mouth changed from wanting to say something to wanting to eat. Xena smiled a satisfied type of smile, and went on feeding and stimulating Diana. Finally the food was gone, but by then Xena had scooped Diana up in her arms and carried the highly aroused woman back to their bed where she proceeded to quench the fire within the both of them.

By the time Xena was done, Diana was exhausted and unconscious. Xena's body was completely relaxed as well and thoroughly satisfied as usual. Diana slept way into the next day, while Xena attended to her duties as The Conqueror. Questra joined her for some of the meetings, then went to spend some time with Gabrielle and their children.

Everything was going well for Gabrielle, Diana and Noor, with Kalissa chaperoning everywhere Diana and Gabrielle went along with Xena or a contingent of the Royal guards. Although they balked at first at not being able to go some places alone, they soon got used to it, and soon things seemedto be going great. Diana and Xena were great aunts, the kids loved them as much as they loved they own parents, especially Diana who spent almost every moment of the day with the kids, when she was not with Xena or needing to do some royal thing. She even volunteered to baby sit the kids when Noor and Lady Xena either came to visit, or if they had to go out of the
kingdom on some type of business.

Xena loved seeing Diana so happy and carefree they way she used to be before all of the talk about them having children. Now Diana had five kids to pour all of the love she had inside upon.

"Come on Xena, join us, please...?" Diana asked as she and the five children ran towards the water with the intention of jumping in all at once. Diana was playing with the kids while Xena and the others all talked, and Diana wanted her Xena to come and play with her with the kids.

"What about us?" Lady Xena asked with a tease in her voice.

"Oh, the more the merrier I always say." Diana called over her shoulder as she and the kids continued their trek to the lake.

"That's all I needed!" Lady Xena whirred as she jumped to her feet stripped off her outer clothes and headed for the water where Xena, Diana and all of the kids had just jumped in and were now frolicking. The laughter from the kids and Diana and Xena and Lady Xena was too much for the others to ignore, they all soon had stripped to their undergarments and now ran and dived into
the water.

The group spent the entire day at the lake, playing and relaxing in the warm autumn sun, having been joined by Ephiny and some of the Amazons, and their children. During the activities of the day, Diana at one point was sitting down watching everyone with the kids, while she took a moment to rest. She watched and as she did, she found herself thinking about how wonderful it was to be surrounded by children, and the laughter they bring to a home, or in this case a palace. It was during this revelry that Diana somehow began to think about her and Xena, and how it was sad that they did not have their own children.

"Everyone seems to have kids now, my Lord Xena why can't we, why won't you give us children?" Diana's said quietly to herself as she began to slip into sadness, but then one of the kids ran over to her and called to her.

"Auntie Di come on, we're going to play the water hide and seek game! Come on!"

Diana came quickly out of her thoughts and allowed herself to be pulled to her feet by the little man that Lady Xena and Noor was allowing to hangout with some of the Royal guards so that he would see how men behaved. They also allowed him to stay at the palace in the kingdom where they lived so that he could watch the king. The children looked and acted like they were five from the way they had grown so quickly in a matter of two years.

One day while Noor and the kids were at the market in their own land, the girls were playing around right near their mother, and the soldiers that were assigned to watch Lady Noor and the kids were focused on the girls more than the little boy. He somehow sensed it, so he took the opportunity to go and explore. He eased behind one of the carts and from there eased behind
another, and soon he was on the other side of the market, playing with a bunch of boys; some older than him, others the same age.

It was then that something struck Noor and she turned and scanned for her three kids, the girls she heard and saw playing with one of the guards, but she didn't hear or see her son.

"Where's Anthony Marcus?!" Noor called out to the guards, who suddenly went into their military bearings and began an immediate search for the young boy, calling out his name as they searched the entire marketplace.

Noor was beside herself with worry, her heart seemingly ready to stop at the very thought that her son was lost or worst. The soldiers came upon the young boys that the little one had snuck off to play with and when they got to them one of the soldiers asked one of the older boys if they had seen a younger boy.

"Yes sir, but he left."

"Left? Left where? With who?"

"He left with a talk dark haired woman. She was very good looking, she looked almost like the teacher at school, but it wasn't her. Anthony went with her when she called to him and said it was time to go."

"Ok, you said this woman was tall with dark hair, did you see her eyes? What color they were?" The guards were now all gathered around the young boy.

"They were blue, a real clear type."

"Okay, I want you to think about this real carefully, alright?"


"Did this woman look anything like The Conqueror?"

"Yeah, she did, a lot! But she looked more like the other Lord. "

"Lord Questra ?"

"Yeah, that's her name!"

"Okay, thank you, you kids better get home, it's getting late." The soldier said as if dismissing troops.

He then turned to the other guards and they all took on a relieved look.

"Okay, it's alright, either Lady Xena or Lord Questra came and got him."

"But why wouldn't they tell us, or especially Lady Noor that they were taking him home?"

"Probably because she didn't see us, or maybe she saw him but was in a rush and didn't have time to look for us, I don't know. The point is, he's alright. Let's go tell Lady Noor, she'll be so relieved."

Meanwhile Noor was still calling out to her son, along with her two daughters and the soldiers that had remained behind with them.

"Lady Noor, we have news."

"What? Where is my son?!"

"It's alright, either Lady Xena or Lord Questra has him. We spoke with some kids who were playing with him, and they described Lord Questra mostly, but said the woman favored the teacher here in this province as well, which is Lady Xena."

"Are you sure that's what they said?!" Noor asked with some hope sounding in her voice.

"Yes ma'am. Positive."

"Okay, then I want to go." Noor said as she took hold of her two girl's hands and they left the marketplace and headed home.

When they arrived, Noor ran inside the house with two of the women soldiers carrying each of the girls.

"Xena?! Anthony Marcus?!" Noor called out frantically as she and the soldiers once again spread out and started to search until a servant appeared.

"Ma'am is something wrong?"

"Where is Lady Xena?"

"She's at the school."

"How do you know?"

"She sent a messenger here to give word that she would be staying a little late because of a meeting she has with the Prime Minister about one of her children."

"Oh...ok." Noor said trying to maintain her hope.

"My Lady, it must have been Lord Questra."

"Yes! That's who it was!" Noor exclaimed as she ran up the stairs and then came back down after a few minutes, and using one of the travelers that Lord Xena had given to them to use. She threw it and then she and her children and the soldiers all went through and when they came out they were
all inside of Lord Xena's Palace.

"Lady Noor, what brings you here?" Shatara asked as she was passing by the entrance of the palace heading to go and talk with Diana and Gabrielle.

"Is Lord Questra here?"

"Yes, she and Lord Xena have been in a meeting with the Regents of the different provinces of Lord Xena's realm and Lord Questra's Kingdom."

"How long?"

"All day, they haven't even taken a break for noon meal or anything."

Suddenly Noor's hopes shattered and her heart's anguish exploded as her screams rang throughout the palace. Shatara was startled off of her feet by the sudden scream.

"BY The Gods!! What's wrong?!!" Shatara shouted at the guards.

"Little Anthony Marcus was taken from the marketplace today by someone who looked like Lord Xena, but even more like Lord Questra."

"Oh My God!" Came a voice from around the staircase. It was Diana, she saw Noor on her knees consumed by wracking sobs. "Go get Lady Xena.... NOW!!" Diana shouted at one of the guards as she went and gathered Noor into her arms and tried to soothe her.

"My Child! My Child! Where is my child?!! I have to find him!! I'm such a horrible mother, how could I lose my child like this?!!" Noor sobbed into Diana's arms.

Everyone suddenly surrounded them. The Conqueror and Lord Questra made their way to the two women on the floor, with everyone parting the way to let their ruler through. Xena and Questra came to stand over the two women.

"What's going on?!" Xena asked sternly, concerned by what she was feeling from both women but especially Noor.

"It's Anthony, he was taken from the marketplace today, by someone who looked like you and even more like Questra." Diana explained as she continued to soothe Noor.

"He's gone!! My Lords, please tell me you have my child? Please?!!"


"Gods Please?!!" Noor said coming to her feet and grabbing onto Lord Xena's robe right at the belly area of the robe as she pleaded for hope.

Xena's eyes started to glisten, but then she brought her mask to bear and taking Noor in her arms she lifted the young distraught woman up and carried her away from the mass of gathered spectators. Diana, Shatara, Questra and the royal guards all followed, and were joined by Gabrielle on the way as Shatara filled her in on what had happened.

Lady Xena made it to the palace just as Xena and the entourage made it to one of the guest bedchambers.

"Where are they?!! Lady Xena asked with venom seething in her every word.

"They're in your guest room My Lady." Ludmilla informed as she moved quickly out of Lady Xena's way. Lady Xena flew up the stairs at a speed nearly forgotten by those around.

"Noor?!! Noor?!!" Lady Xena called as she flew in the door of the chamber and into the bedchamber.

Lady Xena was ready to go over to the bed but Xena caught her and stopped her progress. Lady Xena gave her a perplexed gaze then anger came into her eyes.

"Move so I can get to my Noor!!"

"We need to talk."

"No! First I want to check on Noor, MOVE!"

"She's fine for the moment. I put her under, she was highly distraught and it was doing her no good. She'll be fine right now, Kalissa and Gabrielle and Diana...."

"No, I want to go with you." Diana called from beside Xena.

"As I was saying..." Xena said with some agitation in her voice at Diana's interruption. "The three of them will stay here with Noor while you and I and Questra have a talk in the other chamber."

"NO! I want to see Noor!!"

Xena took a deep breath and sighed, as she stepped aside to allow Lady Xena to go to Noor's side for a moment.

"I'm here my light, it's going to be alright, I promise you it will, whatever happened it will be alright."

Lord Xena and Lord Questra's eyes both went wide when they realized she had not been told what happened. Xena then realized she needed to talk to Lady Xena.

"Lady Xena, we need to talk, now." Xena said with a tone of command in her voice.

Lady Xena looked over her shoulder back at the Conqueror, and then with a thoughtful gaze, she turned her attention back to Noor. She then cast a hard gaze on the three women whom Xena said would look out for her Noor.

"Watch her!" Lady Xena warned, and then leveled one last gaze on Diana.

Diana lowered her eyes and just nodded her head, not wanting to push any of Lady Xena's buttons with any argument. Lady Xena leaned down and kissed Noor, then got to her feet and followed Lord Xena and Lord Questra out of the bedchamber.

"OK! What's so important that you have to pull me away from Noor?!"

"Xena, listening to what you said in there, I suspect you don't know what has happened."

"No. The guards only said it was an emergency and I needed to get here now. So what's going on?"

"Well first let me tell you, I have 3 quarters of my army out searching...everywhere."

"And half of the soldiers of Lord Questra's Kingdom also are out searching."

"Searching? Searching for what?"

Xena The Conqueror took a slow deep breath, but then just came out straight with it, knowing that Lady Xena was like her in many ways, one of which was having no patience for beating around the bush.

"Your son."

"My What?!!"

"Your son. He was taken from the marketplace today by someone resembling us...but mainly Lord Questra."

"My...My son is missing?!! What in Tartarus are you telling me Xena?!! Someone stole my child?!"

Xena allowed Lady Xena to vent her anger and the rage that was rapidly making an appearance.

"Someone took him and Noor thought it was one of us three, but found out it wasn't any of us."

Lady Xena was now backing away from Xena and Questra as her eyes began to change to a dark empty color. Her heart was beating wildly in her chest at the thought of her child being out there somewhere with some stranger.

"So who has my child?!"

"We don't know but..." Xena was ready to answer but was interrupted by Diana suddenly making an appearance out of the bedchamber.

"I know who it was." Diana interjected, but then regretted coming out of the bed chamber.

"What in the hell are you doing out here? Get your disobedient ass back in that chamber before I punish you myself for your hard headedness!!" Lady Xena threatened.

Diana's eyes went wide, and she looked over at her Xena who offered no support, because she felt the same way.

"You heard her Consort, get back in there, now!!"

"Yes My Lord! Diana directed at her Xena, and then directed the other to Lady Xena. "I'm sorry." Then she disappeared into the bedchamber once again.

The three women returned their attention back to each other.

"Who has my child?!"

Just as Xena was ready to answer the question a pounding knock sounded on the main door of the chamber and Xena rolled her eyes and called for the persons to come in.

"My Lord, forgive the interruption, but this message just came and the messenger said that it was in regards to your's and Lady Diana's child."

"The Conqueror snatched the message from the soldier and immediately read what was written.

"Well Lord Xena, seems our sweet consort has misplaced something quite valuable I would think. If you are interested in seeing what I am speaking of, get our sweet Consort's toy that she brought from her time, draw a picture of the marketplace and then I will take it from there."

Xena flew into the bedchamber and in so doing startled Diana and Gabrielle and Kalissa. She went straight to get the viewer and once she had it she took it over to Diana and had Diana place her touch on it. Then she took it out to the sitting area where she then drew upon it a picture of the marketplace. Questra and Lady Xena and Shatara all stood watching her and wondering
what was going on.

The minute the marketplace was drawn, Xena enlarged the picture upon one of the walls in the sitting area, and suddenly an image of a little boy came into view. It was Anthony Marcus playing with the other little boys, then there came a familiar voice.

"Time to go Anthony."

"Coming mother!" Then suddenly the sight that caused the hearts of all who were watching to stall for a moment.

"Yes Lord's me, and I have your son...he is so....very handsome, but of course he would be considering he is the child of two of the most beautiful women ever created. Your daughters are sure to grow up to look just like you and your consort, I saw it in their features as they played around our Diana. I couldn't get to them, but he will do, here is what he is doing now." The evil Questra then waved her hand and the screen went black for a moment, when it came back up it showed the little boy playing with some of the soldiers.

"By The Gods! Questra has my child, and she thinks it is yours. I will disembowel her if she hurts one hair on my child's head." Lady Xena hissed as a darkness came into her eyes.

"What does she want?" Diana asked quietly from where she stood just outside the bedchamber door. Everyone looked back at her, and then Lady Xena returned her attention to the screen and Questra appeared again.

" sweet Consort, come nearer to the projection so I can see you clearly."

Diana's eyes went wide at the fact that the image of evil Questra was actually able to see her, this was something new to the viewer that Diana did not know it was capable of. Diana looked over at her Lord and Xena gave a tight gesture of her head for Diana to do it, but then she sent her a message without opening her mouth.

"I want to find out what she wants, and how we can get Anthony back, she thinks he is our child; so don't think I am pleased with you being out here, I'm not, but we will talk about this later. Now go closer."

"Yes My Lord." Diana sent back the same way as she moved closer to the projected image.

"Aha...look at you. You just seem to get more beautiful, and I am at a loss to see how that is even possible. But I am glad to see it is."

"What do you want?"

"You! Or Gabrielle, either one would do, although you had a MUCH higher endurance than Gabrielle."

"It's not going to happen Questra, so you might as well give it up!" Xena the Conqueror hissed.

"Aha...but you see Lord have NO choice other than what I offer you. You must make a switch with me; little Anthony for sweet Diana. I can't image it would be a hard choice, if you truly love YOUR son, you should be willing to give me Diana without a second thought? I'm sure Diana wouldn't have a problem with that decision!" Evil Questra asked directing her question to Diana.

Lady Xena and Lord Questra had not said anything, because Xena had told Lady Xena to hold her tongue seeing how the Questra was thinking Anthony was Diana's and her's. Lady Xena eyes were black with hate and rage, but she held her counsel for the sake of her child. Lord Questra held her own counsel because she was filled with the same hate and disgust that everyone else was
feeling, only more because the image was of her, although the person was not.

"Why do you...." Diana started.

"Silence Consort!" Xena chided, then gestured for Diana to return to the bedchamber. Diana was ready to say something and Xena's eyes narrowed as her teeth started to show. Diana simply bowed her head, turned and went back into the bedchamber.

"See you soon sweetness." The Malevolent Questra called to Diana as she disappeared into the bedchamber.

"No you won't!"

"Well I either see her, or I see Gabrielle, but I expect to see one of them! You have 48 hours. If I don't hear anything by then, well....let's just say you'll be one child short."

"Questra!! You wouldn't kill a child?! Not even you are that wicked?"

"Aha...I almost forgot you were there. What are you doing there anyway?"

"Visiting!" Lady Xena said through her teeth.

"Aha, well I have to tell you, it's a good thing he isn't your child, otherwise I would just have to kill him now. You're a traitorous bitch and any offspring you have I will surely destroy."

"And I Questra would hound you through all of eternity and back, never giving you a moment's peace, you would have to watch your back every moment of the day for the rest of your life now and in the here-after." Lady Xena seethed as she slowly rose to her feet and moved toward the projected image of Questra.

"You know, I believe you. Well then, I guess it is lucky for both of us that little Anthony Marcus isn't your child. Xena... You have 48 hours to give Diana or Gabrielle to me, or you will only see your son after he has crossed over to the other side. Goodbye for now ladies. Oh...Lord Xena...if you want me, just draw me up, and I will be here." With that the Malevolent Questra faded from view along with the image of Anthony playing in the background.


"We won't let that happen Xena. Right Lord Xena?" Questra stated then asked as she did not know how they would get the child back seeing how they had no leads and the image was a neutral background, no help there.

"We're going to do everything we can to get him back." Lord Xena stated factually.

"So how are we going to do that?" Questra asked still not sure of how.

"I don't know yet."

"Well she only gave us 48 hours, and I don't plan on waiting for those hours to tick away, I plan on looking for my son!"

"He could be anywhere and in any time. No that's not the way to go, we have to come up with a better plan. Besides, my soldiers are spread throughout my realm and into other kingdoms, looking for them."

"My Lord?" Diana's soft voice called from inside the doorway of the bedchamber.

"What is it Diana?"

"I would like to help?"

"Help? How?" Xena asked eyes narrowing.

"May I come out?"

" Yes, over here." Xena commanded as she directed Diana to come and stand in front of her so that she could explain herself.

"I....I thought maybe...." Diana paused taking a deep breath because of what she knew would follow after she told Xena what she was thinking, as well as the fear within herself at the very thought that she was going to make the suggestion, but she saw no other way.

"What Diana?"

"I thought because we are talking about a child verses an adult being harmed, I can't see how....anyone could not go for her deal??"

"WHAT??!! Are you suggesting what I think you are suggesting?!!"

"Xena it's the only sure way of getting Anthony Marcus back safely. You know she will kill him, and she'll do it just because she knows it will hurt. She has no conscience or compassion for anyone or anything. You know she will do it! And I can't deal with the idea of my little nephew dying because I was too afraid to give myself to her. Xena I know how against the very idea of
this you are, I know! But you understand there are times when you have to lose a battle, just so that you can regroup and win the war. This is one of those times love. It's just sex that's it."

"NO! It's not! With some average woman, would be just sex. But your body response to her just like it would if it were Questra or Lady Xena, NO! It's not that simple." Xena said through her teeth, trying to maintain the rage she felt for the evil Questra, that once again she had the upper hand on their lives and once again Diana was offering to be the sacrifice. The worst part for Xena was...she knew Diana was right about it being their only hope of getting Anthony back alive.

"She's right Diana. Questra is not capable of any tenderness other than that of deceiving to get what she wants. She does not want you just for sex."

"What do you mean?"

"Questra is filled with anger, hate, lust, and desire for power. She wants to possess your very soul, so that she can use you to get Lord Xena's Realm."

"What?? How is she going to get Xena's realm through me??"

"Because she knows, Xena would give up her realm to get you back. Diana the last time Questra had you in her hands, she nearly broke you, this time, because she knows it is possible to do so, she plans on doing it, and doing it fast. And she will not stop until you are either destroyed, or totally hers."

"HERS??!!" Xena shouted. I thought she wanted Gabrielle?"

"She did, until she had a taste of Diana. Lord Xena you have got to realize that Diana IS what all women only wish they could be, or have."

"I realize that!" Xena said through her teeth as she turned and walked over to sit at the table as she fumed.

Diana heard beyond the anger, and with a gentle smile she walked over to where Xena sat and went to her knees in front of Xena. She sat back on her heels and looked up at Xena with eyes that had changed to a radiate sapphire. Xena looked down at Diana and at first she was confused by how Diana's eyes had changed without her being stimulated, but then she realized what and how
Diana's eyes had come to identify.

Xena's eyes glistened with the absolute love she felt consume her suddenly. She reached her hand out and placed it under Diana's chin as she guided Diana back to her feet as she herself came to a standing position.

"You are my life Kitten, if it is my realm Questra wants, then it is her's. I won't let you make another sacrifice for any reason! I am supposed to protect you, and I will be damned to Tartarus if that is not exactly what I plan on doing."

"I won't let you give up your realm for me, although I am so very touched that you would, even though I never thought you wouldn't." Diana said with a loving smile for her heart.

"You have no choice kitten." Xena stated matter of factly.

"Please let me do this. I will be fine...I have a plan." Diana said with a sudden waggle of her brows.

Xena smirked and her eyes narrowed again, this time in anticipation of what her beautiful Consort was thinking.


"Well...I know that whenever I wander too far away from you, or if you feel in need of my attention, it really is amazing how you can seem to just summon me from...anywhere, isn't that something?"

A slow conspiratory smile spread across Xena's face as her eyes showed admiration and respect to her Consort for her astuteness.

"Kitten...I'm just going to have to show you how much I appreciate you later. Come here. Diana went into Xena's arms and the two embraced.

"Uh… Ahem." Lord Questra cleared her throat to gain the two women's attention. It appeared they had forgotten she and Lady Xena were still there and waiting for the revelation that seem to have been discovered suddenly.

"Don't worry Lord Questra, I haven't forgotten you two were here. In fact, my Consort just came up with a brilliant plan to locate your clone, and get your son back Lady Xena."

"Really?? Well it would be nice if you shared this news with us." Xena said curtly. The Conqueror cut her eyes over to the cloned Xena and then decided rather than be put off by the tone, she actually understood it and would most likely have the same tone if not worse.

Xena gave Diana a final passionate kiss that staggered Diana, and would have caused her to fall to the floor had it not been for Xena sitting her down on the chair. Diana's eyes were now identifying for other reasons. Xena smirked at Diana and then gave a gentle caress to her cheek as she turned her attention on the two women.

"Ok, here's the plan. I will make the trade with Questra; first I will see if she will go for giving Anthony back at the very moment she has Diana. Most likely she will not go for it, but I'd rather try it that way first, then, if she doesn't go for it we will go to the other plan."

"Which is?' Lady Xena asked impatiently.

" We make the swap, Diana goes with Questra willingly, and once she is with Questra back at her camp, most likely Questra will have some of her soldiers bring Anthony to an out of the way spot, far from her camp. If she doesn't already have them waiting for the swap to take place and for Questra to send word that they were to release Anthony to us."

"Okay, so how is that a good plan other than the fact that I get my son back? What about Diana? I don't won't her stuck there with Questra."

"Neither do I, and she won't, plus we'll find the camp."

"How?" Lord Questra finally asked out of still having not heard how they were going to get Diana back.

"Well, we have to make sure that Questra doesn't restrain Diana again like she did the last time, otherwise it won't work."

"Alright Xena, enough of the crypticness what is the plan?!" Questra finally said losing her usual patience.

"How about I just show you?" Xena then walked across the room over to the far side from where Diana was sitting, and then casually tapped her finger and drew it towards her. Diana was suddenly on her way to Xena without doing anything, still positioned in a sitting position.

"Oh...OH THAT'S RIGHT!!! You can summon Diana from anywhere or anytime?"


"I get it, if Diana isn't restrained then you can summon her back to you, and she can tell us where the camp is and then we go in and get Questra?" Lady Xena reasoned out from the brief demonstration.


"Ok, that would be a great plan, but you have to know that Questra is not going to allow Diana to just walk around freely. She will make sure Diana doesn't try to escape."

"And the only way to do that is to restrain her." Questra added to Lady Xena's observations.

"I know. That's where we have to come up with a way to keep her from restraining Diana."

"What about having Diana promise Questra she won't ever try to escape?" Gabrielle's voice now rang in from across the chamber as she stood just outside the bedchamber door.

Everyone looked back over at her, and Lady Xena's eyes held a question in them.

"Noor is still under, she seems to be resting without any problems. I don't think she is even dreaming."

"She's not. The touch I put on her doesn't allow one to dream. That way they are able to rest and recover if need be." Xena informed.

Lady Xena relaxed somewhat, and then asked if Kalissa was still with Noor.

"Yes, and Ludmilla and Dancea are there also." Gabrielle answered.

Lady Xena then gave an appreciative nod and then waited for Xena to ask the next question.

"Why would I allow Diana to ever make such a promise to that woman Gabrielle?"

"Because, it wouldn't be like Diana would have to keep it. Besides, everyone knows Diana is a woman of her word, therefore, even that Questra has respect for that and would accept it."

"That's true. That is one thing that is consistent even in the enemies of Lord Xena and Diana, they all know Diana is a woman of her word. I think that could work Xena." Questra said pleased with Gabrielle's insight, as she hugged her tightly to her.

Xena let a thoughtful gaze cast across her brows as she thought about it, then she shook her head and said with conviction.

"NO! The fact that even those against us will accept Diana at her word is because they know she has never broken a promise given despite the consequences. No, Diana's integrity because of her word is something as sacred to me as Diana is. No, we will have to come up with another way."

"Ok, then what about this? Diana gives her word that SHE won't try to escape..." Gabrielle said with emphasis as she directed the statement to Diana. Diana's brows knitted at first in confusion as Gabrielle gave a encouraging type raise of both of her brows as if to tell Diana the ball was in her court to explain the rest. Diana 's eyes suddenly lit with Understanding.

"Yes!" Diana exclaimed as she came to her feet to go and stand by Xena, as she focused her answer to everyone in the chamber. "That's it! Xena...I can give Questra my word that ( I ) will not try to escape, but that doesn't hold anyone else obligated to my oath, you know what I mean? Especially if I have NO control over being pulled away..." Diana said giving Xena a look of
"do you understand?"

Xena smirked again, this time she nodded her head in approval of the tentative plan.

"Just because of you and Gabrielle's wonderful ideas regarding this, I am going to grant each of you one request after this is all over with, okay?"

"Really?? Great! Anything we want right? A request for each of us right?" Diana asked wanting to know the facts.


"Great! Okay, then let's go get our little Anthony back." Diana said, ready to take on the world, but Xena's eyes were suddenly serious.

" realize she's going to bed you a few times before I can pull you out of there?"

Diana suddenly went quiet and turned to look at Xena, and with a solemn look she gave a querulous smile.

"I know. But it's the knowing that it will not last that I am focused on."

Xena opened her arms once again to her heart and then enclosed Diana within as she held her and placed loving kisses on her.

"It won't last any longer than absolutely necessary Kitten...I promise you that." Xena said, giving her solemn oath to Diana.

"I know. Plus, soon she will be captured and put away and we won't have to worry about her again."

"That's the plan Kitten." Diana then cast a bright smile on Xena that melted Xena's heart, as it always did when she saw that smile.

"Okay, so when do we put this plan into action?"

"Well, let's give the soldiers a day to see what they can come up with. If we can capture her before putting the plan into effect then that is how I prefer to do it."

"Ok, but if she hurts my child, I swear by Zeus, I will gut her."

"We understand completely." Questra stated.

"What about Noor? Will you keep her unconscious, or allow her to see and hear everything that is going on?"

"That will be up to Lady Xena Gabrielle, if she wants her to remain under for her own good, then Lady Xena will be the one to do it." Xena answered, letting Lady Xena know that although she put her under it would be Lady Xena's choice if she wanted to keep her that way. If she did then she herself would have to be the one to put the touch on her this time around.

Lady Xena gave an appreciative nod of her head for Xena's thoughtfulness and for taking a step back and letting her handle her love.

"I think for now I will keep her under, I don't think it will serve any purpose other than to upset her more than she already has been."

"Yes, I would agree with that." Questra said in agreement, Xena gave an approving nod as well. But Diana did not agree.

"I don't think that is the best thing."


"Because, if something happens to Anthony while she is under, she will be resentful of the fact that she was not allow to see the last days of her child. I know I would."

"Well I understand that, but in this case, it is best for her." Lady Xena stated meaningfully.

"Yes ma'am." Diana said understanding Lady Xena's tone. It was the same meaningful tone as that of Xena's when Xena did not expect to hear anything further on the subject.

Lady Xena stayed by her love's side throughout the night after moving her to the guest chamber Lord Xena made available to them whenever they visited. Lady Xena only allowed Noor to awaken long enough to get some food in her, and then she would put the touch back on Noor so that she was once again rendered unconscious.

Their two girls were being looked after by Kalissa and the nurses who watched over Gabrielle's and Lord Questra's two little one's when they were not with either them or Lord Xena and Diana. Meanwhile Lady Xena and the other women all continued to finalize their plans while they waited for word from the troops of soldiers who were out searching for the little boy.

Later that same night, Xena and Diana were back in their chamber. Xena wanted to spend the time with Diana, seeing how it looked like Diana would have to go to the Malevolent Questra, if all continued as it seemed it was. So far the returning scouts were reporting no success in finding any trace of Questra's army.


"Yes Xena?" Diana said as she laid in Xena's arms after awakening from the ecstasy induced slumber she had slipped into after she and Xena spent most of the evening making love.

"Kitten, you know you don't have to go through with the plan, if you have any doubts or concerns."

"No Xena, I don't have a choice about going through with the plan." Diana stated as she with some effort raised herself up to a sitting position, and Xena followed her to a sitting position.

"Yes, you do!" Xena insisted.

Diana smiled at her love because she knew where Xena's statements were coming from.

"Xena, I know beneath that tough demanding exterior you're just worried about my not being able to handle being taken by Questra again." Diana stated with insight. "I feel your anxiety Xena, you forgot to shield your feelings. " Diana grinned sheepishly. "I think it's because of having
just made love, your senses were on overload."

"Kitten, after all of these years of being together, when was the last time I let my guard down when I didn't want to?"

"Hmm...I guess never. Okay, But I still know that you don't think I will be able to handle this one this time?"

"You're right Diana, I am quite worried about that very thing. I know you are a very strong young woman, that is one of the things that no woman other than your Chosen and myself have in spades. But this is different, you are about to go back into a situation that literally almost broke you the first
time, and now your being asked to go back. I realize you don't believe you have any choice about this because of Little Anthony, but Lady Xena and Noor can have more children, I can't replace you." Xena said with a tender caress to Diana's cheeks.

Diana caught Xena's caressing hand and with a gentle smile she said lovingly.

"I love you too. But I know you don't mean that."

Xena sighed deeply, and then enfolded Diana into her arms and held her tightly as she buried her face in Diana's thick mane of hair, and let her tears roll freely. She knew she didn't really mean what she had just said, she was just trying to find a way to hold on to her whole Diana.

"I promise you kitten, it will not be any longer than necessary." Xena expressed with conviction as she hugged Diana tighter to her.

Diana felt Xena's anguish over the situation, and she instantly knew that Xena wanted her to feel it, because she didn't want Diana to have any doubts about how much she loved her Consort.

Diana, despite her own tears, felt that Xena needed her Consort, so Diana began to kiss Xena's collarbone, and then she sucked lightly on it. She began kissing along Xena's neck, seeing how Xena's hold had loosened. Diana kissed her way up until their lips met.

The kiss started out gentle and loving, but quickly turned to a needful type kiss. Xena's hands were on either side of Diana's cheeks holding her close as they connected. Soon the two were in the throes of their lovemaking, and Xena seemed to not have a lack of energy, desire, or drive for her Diana. Diana however, had been taken to exhaustion and brought back many times during the rest of the night and into the next day. Xena realized that she was going to have to use the elixir to bring Diana out of her unconsciousness in order to carry out the plan. But Xena had to smirk at the thought of herself having gotten carried away with her luscious sweet loving of Diana. It only
lasted a moment before the amused thought changed to a solemn one.

While Diana was sleeping, Xena, Lady Xena, Lord Questra and Gabrielle came together and Xena The Conqueror set up the viewer. After a few moments to make sure that everyone was ready, she activated the viewer, having already gotten Diana's hand signature earlier, while Diana slept. Diana's hand print was only necessary when it involved her in some way, although even then Xena could override it if she chose to.

"Well...Lord Xena, Ladies...what can I do for all of you? As if I don't already know." The sneering, satisfied, taunting tone of voice grated on Lord Xena's nerves.

The Conqueror held her temper, and just dealt with the business at hand.

"Where is Anthony, we want to see him!"

"Certainly, I figured you would. " The evil Questra then waved her hand and once again the screen went black for a moment and then the image of Anthony came up with him playing once again. This time he was playing with some of the young women Questra used as her concubine's, although they were not main women in Questra's life. They were the lucky one's to have survived, by providing her with some minimal pleasure.

Then the image disappeared and the Evil Questra was back.

"There, satisfied?"

Lord Xena looked over at Lady Xena and she gave a nod, and Lord Xena gave a slight smile and then turned her attention back to the image in front of them.

"Yes. So when and where?"

"In the city of Equanimite just outside the gates of the city, just you and Diana, one horse for the two of you. Diana will get down off of the horse and walk over to my horse and I will put her on my horse. You will turn and ride back into the city, the gates will be closed behind you, and I will have my soldier's standing lookout to make sure that you do not try to follow. Once we have gone and have made it back to my place, I will send word where you can find your little Anthony Marcus. But, if you or anyone tries to follow me, I will have his throat cut, and deliver him back to you. Am I clear L.O.R.D... Xena?" Questra sneered.

"VERY!" Xena sneered right back.

"Good! Have Diana there a candlemark after dusk. If you're late, well...I'll just look at it as a breach of our agreement, and do what I have to do."

"We'll be there!" Xena the Conqueror stated through her teeth.

"Well good then, see you later." The Malevolent Questra's image then faded from the viewer, and once it had, Xena exhaled a deep sigh of frustration. Anxiously she swung around, her Royal Robe swinging outward as a result. Xena headed back into her bedchamber where Diana still laid in a very deep slumber. Gabrielle was about to call to Xena, but Questra caught her arm and
shook her head.

"No, Gabrielle, Xena needs to be with Diana until it is time for them to go."

"But she's hurting."

"I know, but none of us in this room can do anything about that, only Diana can and will have to comfort Xena at this time. Why don't we go and look in on the children?"

Gabrielle hesitated at first, but after a moment, she realized her Lord was right. So they turned to leave, and just as they did, Questra invited Lady Xena to go along with them.

"No, thank you. I am going to be with Noor. I will wake her for a while and see how she does, if she gets upset again, then I will put her back under." Lady Xena walked out the door, and headed for her bedchamber where once she arrived she reversed the touch on Noor and woke her up.

Gabrielle and Questra returned to the playroom where all of the kids were playing. They engaged in the games, trying to take their minds off of the time that Diana would be leaving them, again.

Xena had crawled up in the bed and wrapped her arms protectively around Diana. She planned on holding Diana until the last possible moment before they would have to leave.

"I love you kitten." Xena whispered as tears began falling from her eyes at the thought of once again failing to protect Diana.


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