Desperations 3

By D. Virtue

Disclaimers: See Part 1 for the full disclaimers.

Somewhere within Diana’s deep slumber, she felt Xena’s need and pain, as tears of her own filled her own closed lids and spilled out to run down her cheeks. Later that day, a few candle marks before they were supposed to leave, Xena had awoken Diana. They made love a couple of more times, and then got up, cleaned up and dressed. Xena allowed Diana to wear whatever she chose, except warrior clothes, as it would raise red flags with Questra. Diana picked out a very conservative outfit and then the two of them went to meet with Gabrielle and Lord Questra and Lady Xena. Noor was even allowed to
attend the goodbye.

"Diana I shall never be able to repay you or thank you enough for what you are doing for our child. Thank you so very much." Lady Xena said as she enfolded Diana into her arms and hugged her tightly. Diana wrapped her arms around Lady Xena and hugged her also. They then broke their embrace and Lady Xena kissed Diana on her lips out of gratitude and love.

"Diana..." Noor started, but choked on her words, and so all she could do was hug Diana. Diana’s heart felt as though it was about to break for Noor, knowing how hard all of this was for her. She inhaled slowly and deeply, and despite the tears that ran down her own cheeks, she put a smile on her face.

"Everything will be alright, and I will be back here before you know it, but the best part Noor...Anthony Marcus will be back, safe and sound, and then I will return soon after, okay?"

"Okay." Noor managed as the two of them hugged each other and then it was Gabrielle who came forward.

"Sis...I wish I could go in your stead, I don’t mind, really. You’ve done so much for everyone, let me take your place, she wanted either one of us. "

"No, it’s not even an option Gabrielle. I don’t care if I was going to be there for years, I would still go rather than let you. That Questra is pure evil and she would hurt you just as soon as look at you. But thank you. I love you sis, I’ll see you soon."

Gabrielle couldn’t speak any further, she just wanted to be in her sister’s arms for as long as possible, so they embraced for long moments, and then Diana pulled back and kissed Gabrielle on her lips in a sisterly fashion, and then turned and was met by Lord Questra.

"May the Gods watch over you little one, and return you safely into all of our arms. We love you, never forget that."

"Never! I love all of you also." Diana then wrapped her arms around Questra as Questra enfolded her in her arms, and when they pulled back Questra kissed Diana on the lips in a loving fashion.

Xena’s voice broke through.

"It’s time to go kitten."

"Oh, okay, I’m ready."

Xena put out her arm, and Diana slid into it as the two of them then waved at everyone and walked out of the palace with the four women following them. Xena lifted Diana up onto her horse, and then jumped into the saddle behind Diana. Lord Xena then threw out a traveler, and then walked her horse through it.

The two of them arrived outside of the gate of the city that the malevolent Questra had said for them to be. While they waited for the short time, Lord Xena and Diana talked and Xena reassured Diana that she would get her out as soon as possible.

"I know. I’m not scared." Diana lied, trying to put on a brave front for Xena so that Xena would not destroy herself over having to turn Diana over to yet another person, so as to save someone else. But there was really no choice, if they wanted to get Anthony Marcus back, then this was the only way of doing that.

"I know what you are trying to do Diana, but you forget whom you’re talking to. But I love you for trying, I’ll be fine the minute I have you back in my arms Kitten."

"Xena I don’t want you to feel guilty about any of this, it’ll just make this harder for me to deal with knowing you’re feeling guilty about what may or may not be happening with me. This is not your fault, it’s no one’s but that evil Questra’s, but soon she’ll be caught and we won’t ever have to worry about her again."

Xena hugged Diana to her and then the two kissed and just as they were having a moment with each other, a voice cut through the moment.

" very sweet. I’m glad to see your reputation for being on time is still a priority with you Lord Xeeena." Questra drawled out evilly.

"Well there really was not a lot of choice, now was there?"

"Hmm..I would say, no choice." Questra corrected.

"Where’s Anthony Marcus?!" Xena inquired now out of patience with Questra.

", the deal was I get Diana first, and get your son back."

"I want to see him first!" Xena hissed.

"Hmm...a change from what was agreed upon, but...I’ll grant it..."

‘What?? You’ll Gra..." Xena’s temper starting to show it’s self.

"Xena please don’t?" Diana said with her mind only, and Xena cut her words off and willed herself to relax.

"Fine! Whatever, just show me Anthony."

Questra brought out a drawing of Anthony, and then while facing the picture towards Diana and Xena, she past her hand over the drawing and it suddenly came to life. Both Xena and Diana were surprised to see Questra perform such a thing. Although they both wondered how she did it, they let it go for the moment and focused on the image and the sounds that were coming from the now moving real image of Anthony and the soldier that was with him.

"I’m thirsty." Anthony said to the soldier.

"Me too." The soldier said and then went and got the water sack off of his horse. He brought two of them and he let little Anthony drink from the one, and made sure that he didn’t waste any of it. Then he methodically closed it back up and then opened the other container without concern if any were wasted or not, and drunk his fill even as water ran down the sides of his
mouth. Diana didn’t catch that, but Xena did, and she didn’t know why it bothered her to see the unusual actions by the man. The soldier returned both water bags back to the horse that he had taken them off of, making sure to put them back exactly where they had come from. He then went back over to the child and began talking to him as they waited for orders from
his ruler. Then the image changed back to a drawing, and once again all was quiet.

"As you can see...he is perfectly fine. Now...give me Diana." Questra commanded.

Xena was ready to call the whole thing off, until she felt Diana start to try to get off of the horse, and she reflexively tightened her grip on Diana. Diana stopped moving for a moment, and then looked back at Xena with a question in her eyes. Xena looked down at Diana, and for a moment she tightened her grip more.

Diana smiled trying not to cry at the glistening she saw coming to Xena’s eyes as her heart seem as though it were going to break completely.

"I’ll be fine." Diana whispered, and then leaned back and kissed Xena.

Xena took hold of Diana’s face and held her to her as she kissed her as if she was trying to imprint upon Diana’s very soul.

"Ok, ok, that’s’s my turn to enjoy our little sweet Consort."

"She’s not YOUR Consort, and she never will be!" Xena shot back angrily.

"So you say. Anyway, come here Diana...NOW." Questra ordered.

Diana looked back at Xena once again, and this time she waited for Xena to release her. Xena slowly loosened her grip and as she did, Diana sent her a message with her mind.

"I love you, I’ll be back in your arms before you know it." And then Diana slipped down off of the horse with Xena’s help. Their eyes remained in contact until Diana reached Questra. When Questra put her hand out for Diana to take, so that she could be lifted up into the sit area in front of her, Diana’s eyes were about to break contact with Xena’s, but just before
they did, Xena sent a message to Diana.

"I love you too Kitten."

Diana smiled and then reached her hand out as her eyes now left Xena’s and focused on the outstretched arm of Questra’s. Suddenly her hand was caught and she was whisked up into the saddle.

"Welcome home my sweet...little one. I knew it would be you. I knew you wouldn’t let Gabrielle come to me...although I do miss her, but...I’ve missed you more. Now give me a kiss!" Questra commanded as she grabbed Diana’s thick mane of hair and whipped her head around and planted a lust filled kiss on Diana. Xena stiffened in her saddle as she watched and the
rage raced through her.

Questra opened her eyes to watch Xena’s reaction, but Xena saw it and once again she didn’t want to give her the satisfaction. So she allowed her mask to cover her expression so when Questra saw the simple raised brow, she was somewhat disappointed, but not fully because of what she knew was in store for her with Diana in her possession once again.

"Oh, I can’t wait to get you back." Questra stated to Diana, and then turned her attention onto Xena. " Xena? My soldier will tell you where you can find your son, but only after I have gone. Goodbye Lord Xena. Diana, say goodbye
to your ex-Lord." Questra ordered.

"I love you." Was all Diana said, and Xena returned the sentiment. Both understanding the other.

Then Questra turned her horse, and she rode off with Diana held tightly in her grasp. Meanwhile, Xena in a somewhat surprising reaction now had a look of anticipation in her eyes...almost to the point of a smirk. As she watched
Questra ride off with Diana.

"Don’t worry Kitten, if my plan works, I’ll have you back sooner than you think." Xena said to herself as she now had a tight smile on her lips. Xena turned her horse and the gates opened and she entered inside, where she would soon be told where to find Anthony.

But in the meantime, she got her suite in the town inn and went to it after leaving a message that she was expecting a message to come for her in about a candle mark or so. She went to the suite that all of the inns in Xena’s realm had reserved just for her and her entourage. She pulled out a slim diamond cylinder looking apparatus, and after applying a little pressure to
the apparatus, a light activated on it, sending an image onto one of the walls of the chamber. It was lit up showing a map of the land, and along that land was a small gold colored line. It would soon show Xena what she wanted to know; within a week if not sooner depending on if Questra’s hideout was somewhere in the realm or surrounding realms. If it were in another time
whether a day ahead or more, then it would take a week for the tracker to locate Diana, and Questra’s hideout.

Xena watched for a few minutes as the marker marked little by little, on the detailed map, that the futuristic apparatus was displaying. She sat and watched for a candle mark, even though it seemed as if it was like watching water boil, and then there was a knock at her door. She went and answered it, took the message and closed the door before the messenger could
say anything. She then read the message and then Xena left her chamber and had her horse brought to her. She mounted it and after going around the side of the inn she used the traveler and went to where the message said Anthony could be found.

She arrived at the spot and after scanning the surrounding clearing her eyes fell on a single large boulder just a little ways from where she stood. She rode her horse over to where the boulder was. Dismounting, she walked around it to the other side where she came upon a small form, curled up in a small ball, with a blanket on top of the form.

Xena squatted down and removed the blanket, afraid of what she would find under the blanket. When she whipped the blanket off she was relieved to see it was indeed Anthony, she felt for his pulse and realized it was strong, and that he was just sleeping. She lifted him up and carried him back to her horse. Positioning him in front of her, she threw out the traveler once again
and rode through it back to the palace.

She was met by one of her royal guard and she handed Anthony to him and then she leaped out of the saddle and took the little one back into her arms and carried him inside to go and locate Lady Xena and Noor.

Lady Xena had been notified that Xena had returned, and was at the healer’s chamber. She immediately assumed something bad had happened and put Noor under and went to go and see what had happened. She arrived at the Healer’s
chamber, and when she went inside, she saw Xena standing by one of the windows, her hand up under her chin as she stood gazing out the window in thought, in the outer sitting area of the healer’s chamber. While the healer was inside of the hospice area of the chamber with little Anthony.

"Lord Xena?"

"Aha...Lady Xena. Everything went as planned. Little Anthony is with the healer. It looks as though Questra had ordered for him to be given something that would put him to sleep, maybe so that he did not try to leave from where I was to find him. Anyway, he physically appears fine, but I am having the Healer give him a thorough checking."

"I want to see my son."

"I know, but I want the healer to make sure he’s alright, and then you can go in and see him, alright?"

Lady Xena stood looking between the other door, and Lord Xena, and then she relaxed a little and just gave a nod of her head indicating she accepted Xena’s reasoning for the moment.

"Good. Meanwhile, I have called for my Captains and 1st to report to me."


"Because, I am going to lead some of my army in to get Diana, and capture Questra."

"But we have to wait until Diana is alone before you can call Diana back to you, right?"

Xena gave a smirk, and then with a raised brow, she brought out the diamond apparatus from within her robe.

"Maybe not." Xena said displaying the item for Lady Xena’s viewing.

"What is that?" Lady Xena said as she walked over to where Xena stood, still by the window.

"Let me show you." Xena then applied a little pressure to the apparatus, and once again, the maps of the realm appeared on the wall of the Healer’s chamber. Lady Xena looked over at where it had displayed and quickly noticed the golden line that seem to be forming slowly even as they watched.

"What is this line?"

"That’s going to lead me to my target."

"Your target? You mean where Questra is hiding out at?"



"My Diana."


"Yes, she has a tracker that I placed."

"She has a tracker on her? Xena, that’s not a good idea. If Questra finds that and even thinks that it is something that could lead you to her, she will hurt Diana."

"I’m not worried about her finding it." Xena said with a thoughtful gaze in her eyes.

"Ok, so I take it that it is somewhere that is not visible?"

"Oh yes. Anyway, I want to make sure Anthony is alright, and then I am going to go meet with my Captains."

"Does Diana know about the tracker?"

"No, I didn’t know if it would work and I didn’t want to get her hopes up. But now that I see that it is working, well, it makes for a wonderful surprise for my little Consort." Xena now let a full anticipatory grin light her eyes.

Lady Xena smirked and just gave an approving nod of her head.

"So when can you go in?"

"Depends on where Questra’s hideout is, if it is in another time period, then it will be a week, if it is somewhere in this time, then it could be a day to a few days."

"My Lord?" Came the healer’s voice from inside the now open doorway.

"Yes? Is Anthony alright?"

"He appears to be unharmed, but the drug is still in his system, so he will sleep for another day or so, but he does appear to be unharmed."

"Where is my son?"

"Oh, My Lady, I didn’t realize you were here. He’s inside, you may see him if you like, but I would like for him to remain here, with me, until he wakes up, that way I can re-evaluate him to make sure he is alright."

"I thought you just said he was alright!" Lady Xena stated as she came to stand in front of the healer in an intimidating fashion.

"He is, from what I can tell, but because he is asleep, I can’t check his responses to stimuli the way I would like."

"I see. Fine, I will leave him here with you, make sure you let nothing happen to my son after I leave." Lady Xena warned, and then walked past the healer to go inside and see her son.

Lady Xena went over to the bed that her son was on and lifted her son into her arms. She then sat back on the bed and positioned herself so that she could rest her back against the pillows as she hugged her son to her bosom, and let her tears roll down her cheeks and into his hair. Lord Xena stood watching for a moment, and then stepped out of the room and told the healer to attend to her other patients down in the other hospice for the servants and guards. Xena then left to go and meet with her Captains, leaving Lady Xena alone with her son.

Meanwhile, back at Questra’s camp, she and Diana had arrived about a candle mark before.

"Please don’t tie me down Questra! I won’t try to escape. Please?" Diana pleaded as Questra pulled out the very restraints she had used before on Diana the last time she had her in her grasp.

"I’ll only use them when I have to leave you by yourself, although I have to admit, I am using them now for another reason."

"What reason? Whatever it is, you don’t have to restrain me."

"Oh, I think I do, especially for what I have planned. I don’t think you will willingly give it to me, so this way I make sure I have ALL I want." Questra’s tone was lustful and meaningful.

Diana swallowed with difficulty as she thought about Questra’s meaning, and which was worse, being restrained and taken by Questra, or giving herself to her and thereby having some control to ask for breaks. If she were restrained, she would not be able to encourage the break, she knew Questra’s appetite for her was as unquenchable as Xena’s was as well as Lady Xena. Then she thought of another option, one that she did not relish at all, but it was still an option, maybe she could fight Questra. But then she thought of the last time she fought Questra and the thought sent a cold chill racing up her spine, so much so that her body literally shivered visibly.

"Give me your wrist." Questra’s stern tone commanded, breaking through Diana’s debating mind.

"Please?! I’ll do what you want Questra."

"That’s Sovereign." Questra sneered.

"Yes. Whatever you want Sovereign." Diana immediately accommodated.

Questra cocked her head at Diana studying her, sensing if Diana was lying to her, or trying to lie to her. Even though she didn’t sense a lie,
she still didn’t trust that Diana would give her all she wanted from her.

"No, give me your wrist." Questra ordered again, this time with more sternness, as she held out her hand for Diana to put her wrists in it.

Diana looked at Questra’s outstretched hand, and then with tears forming in her eyes, she looked up into Questra’s dark eyes. With a final thought as to what Xena was going to say and think when she found out that she willingly gave herself to Questra, she did something the Malevolent Questra did not expect at all.

Diana started to put her wrist out for Questra to restrain, and just as Questra took hold of them, Diana brought her body into Questra and laid a heated kiss on Questra. Questra was just about to apply the wrist restraints when Diana kissed her. Due to the passion of the kiss, it stopped her from putting the restraint on, but instead focused her attention on the kiss.

Questra’s body rang out with her need, and in so doing, caused Diana’s body to react to Questra’s tightness, which made her own body tight. Questra’s hands immediately caught Diana around her waist and pulled her closer to her. Diana with some reluctance at first wrapped her arms around Questra’s neck and their kiss deepened. Questra and Diana kissed for long breathtaking moments, until Questra pushed Diana back from her, but still held her. She wanted to look into Diana’s eyes.

Diana had her eyes closed as she swayed slightly in Questra’s hold. Questra smiled a wicked yet satisfied smile, as she realized that Diana was going to really give herself to her.

Questra then threw another test at Diana.


Diana without opening her eyes began removing her clothes. Questra let her go as she now stood watching Diana’s body slowly reveal itself to her gaze once again. She watched Diana in wonder, wondering why she was being so
willing, knowing what she had in store for her. She sensed something wrong, although Diana had no way of knowing that Questra had become suspicious about something.

Once Diana was stripped, Questra then gave her another command.

"Go lay down on the bed, on your back...legs... apart." Questra’s gaze narrowed from her suspicions, but she could not come up with anything that was concrete that Diana was up to something. After Diana had moved to the bed and positioned herself as she had been ordered, Questra removed her clothing, and moved to the bed as well.

She lay on her side, balanced on her elbow, as she ran her other hand over Diana’s body. Her fingers caressing along Diana’s belly, upwards towards her chest, to her breast, where she took one in her hand, and manipulated it. Diana was trying to control her breathing, but it was not working.

"I see that your body is responsive to me, but...I want your mind and your soul. I want you to stay by my side."

"Why would I want to do that?"

"Why wouldn’t you?!" Questra sneered as she took hold of one of Diana’s nipples and squeezed it between her fingers, somewhat hard.

"Owww!! Sovereign please?"

"Answer me! Why wouldn’t you want to stay by MY side?!" Questra’s hold on the peak tightening as her anger increased.

"I...I just meant that you don’t care about me except for one thing, but outside of that, I could be just another servant to you."

Questra’s grip eased as she slowly let go and then went back to caressing Diana’s now tender nipple.

"I could change."

"Ha! " Diana gasped in shock not meaning to, but having been caught off guard by the statement.

Questra’s eyes seem to darken more as she glared at Diana.

"I’m sorry, I didn’t mean that, it’s just that..."

"What?! I’m too evil to change? You think I am just evil incarnate don’t you?" Questra asked as she gripped Diana’s arm, holding her and slightly shaking her, as if to shake the answer from her. "Don’t you?!! You all do! I know it! Well, since you think I am so evil, why should I be gentle with you, hmm??"

Diana’s eyes widened at that thought and at what she was feeling was radiating off of Questra.

"No...that’s not it! It’s..."

"You’re lying to me Diana. I thought you knew better than to lie to me!"

"I do. I’m sorry. It’s true, you do present yourself as being evil incarnate, and therefore how can anyone even begin to think about wanting to spend any time with you if they have a choice. I mean look at what you’ve done, and why? Because of greed, desire, want, and just because you can. Sovereign, you scare people, heck, you scare me, and I’ve been through some things, including that little stint of time with you and Lady Xena, who wasn’t a lady when we first met. That was horrible, and then...when you broke my leg, By the Gods, I thought I just want to get away from this woman and get far away, and never see her again, she’s just Rah incarnated. That’s what I thought about you."

"You thought; you mean you don’t anymore?"

Diana studied Questra’s face for long moments, and debated whether she could lie to her and her not know it, but then she thought of the lie she had just tried.

"No, I still do. But why wouldn’t I? You haven’t given me one reason why I shouldn’t?"

"I’m telling you! That should be good enough for you?!"

Diana cocked her head up at Questra, and then looked down at where her arm was still being held. Questra followed her gaze. Although still angry and with a scowl on her face, she let go of Diana’s arm. Diana lay down on her back and proceeded to rub her arm, as she every now and again would look up at Questra. Finally after a few minutes more, she finally answered
Questra’s unasked question.

"And you’ve never lied to me or any of us, right?"

"Are you getting smart with me?"

"No. I was just asking you to think about what you are asking me to believe, and why there is NO basis for me to believe you."

"NO Basis??!! Did LORD Xena, give you basis to trust her when she first came to you and said she could change?!! Did LADY...Xena give you A BASIS to trust her when she told you she could change with your help??!! What made them
better to trust than I am?!!"

Diana rolled her eyes away from Questra and then in an angry tone of her own, she tried to change the subject before she said something that would lead to a beating for her.

"If you’re going to take me, then take me, and let’s stop all of this unnecessary talking!"

The Sovereign leaned back from Diana a bit to look at her, a perplexed gaze in her eyes. She smirked and waited for Diana to ask the question that she already knew the answer to. But hoped it was not what she thought.

"I don’t think we should get into this, I know it will end up you more angry with me than you already are, and I know I won’t feel any better. Let’s just drop it and if you’re going to take me, then take me and let’s get this over with, I’m a little tired."

"No, I don’t want to drop this, I want you to tell me what it is that makes me worse than either one of them!"

"You killed my sister!! They never hurt anyone in my family! You not only killed her, you did it with malice and contempt, and just for the sake of hurting me!"

Questra sneered, but not in contempt, out of the truth of Diana’s statement, and the bitterness it caused in her mouth.

"I did it true. But I did NOT do it to make YOU hurt. I did it to hurt The Conqueror. You were just the catalyst by which to initiate that pain in her."

"Oh! And that’s supposed to make it alright?!" Diana now shouted as she came to a sitting position and glared at the malevolent Questra.

"No, it’s not. It’s meant to explain why I did it."

"Fine! You killed one of my sisters to hurt Xena, fine! Fine! Now I know, and Ohhhh I feel soooo much better!! So are you happy?! Are you happy that I feel sooo...much better Questra?!!"

"I don’t like your tone." Questra stated evenly.

"Oh! hahaha, you don’t like MY tone? You kill one of my sisters and you don’t like my tone. Well now, I think I just better beg your forgiveness for offending you with my TONE. Forget about the fact of a dead sister!! By the Gods Questra... I’M SORRY, I’m sorry I offended you with my tone of contempt for you, I’m sorry I offended you with my tone of hatred for you. I’m sorry I won’t even consider forgiving you, I don’t believe in my heart that you will ever receive my forgiveness for what you did to my sister, you can burn in Tartarus for the rest of you immortal life and I wouldn’t give you a sip of hot water. I hate you!! I hate what you stand for! And most of all, I HATE what you did to my family and what you’re doing now!"

Questra’s eyes were glistening with both pain at the contempt that she was receiving from Diana and with hatred for her life and how she believed her life was destined to go. Diana saw it and with venom she taunted her.

"GOOD! I’m glad it hurts. But even still, you could NEVER hurt as much as you hurt me." Diana had a smirk of satisfaction and contempt written throughout her expression.

It was enough. Questra’s eyes now went black, and she now wore an evil grin.

"Fine want me to show you how evil I can be...well that’s just fine, since you seem to not want to have ANY compassion for me, I shall show you none. Questra then grabbed Diana’s wrist and before Diana could react she
was restrained. Questra flipped the struggling woman over onto her belly and grabbing one of Diana’s long kicking legs, she restrained it, then she caught the other and did the same. Diana was now lying on her belly, her legs spread, and Questra was covering her and whispering in Diana’s ears all of the things she was going to do to and with Diana, and then how she was going to start over. Diana was now scared because she knew Questra was going to do all she had promised, and the thing that scared Diana the most was that the Malevolent Questra, promised pain.

The soldiers and others in the camp of the Sovereign Questra, heard the blood curdling screams coming from their leader’s tent. The screams rang out at times throughout the night, and pleaded at other times. It went on into the next day, as Questra took Diana again and again until she herself was exhausted and spent.

Questra laid on the bed completely at peace, or so her appearance suggested, while lying right next to her, restrained, and unconscious was Diana. Her face streaked with the tears that she shed throughout the night and into the day. When Diana stirred, Questra awoke and rolled over onto her side and once again propped herself up on her elbow to look down at the stirring young woman.

Diana flinched with every little move of her body, as she stretched and then moaned as a result. Questra continued to watch Diana come back from her deep slumber. Finally, Diana stretched once more and her eyelids fluttered open,
and after a few moments they focused.

"Well now, welcome back to the land of the conscious. How does my toy feel, did I break you?"

Diana just looked at Questra and then turned her head.

"I asked you a question!" Questra sneered.


"Why what?" Questra asked as her hand glided down Diana’s belly and continued until she slipped through Diana’s soft curls and her fingers caressed Diana’s hidden peak, where she proceeded to titillate.

Diana’s breath caught as she flinched at the purposeful touch. Diana turned her head to try and hide the rising of her desire, despite her efforts to abate them, but her body was a betrayer to her when it came to any Chosen.

"Why did you take me the way you did...painfully?"

"Because, you said I was evil incarnate, therefore I was just living up to the title, evil is not tender I hope you now realize?" Questra taunted.

Questra’s caresses became more meaningful the more she felt Diana’s body responding.

Diana clenched her teeth as she spoke, trying to fight off the rising effects of what Questra was doing to her.

"You couldn’t and can’t expect for me to just forget about what you did? You killed one of my sisters!"

"I told you why that happened!"

"That’s not the point! The point is you killed her just to make someone else hurt. What do you call that behavior, being a saint??!"

"No, I don’t."

"Then you understand why I and others think of you as evil, you have done nothing to show otherwise. Instead, you perpetuate the beliefs by kidnapping
and then threatening a CHILD! How can anyone asking to be believed that they are not evil expect for anyone to take them seriously when they do things like that? A CHILD Questra? How could you, or an even better question is WHY would you threaten to harm a child?"

Questra gave Diana a look of thoughtfulness and irritation as Diana had hit on a nerve, but Questra didn’t want Diana to know it. It was a matter of not showing weakness for anything she had done. Instead, Questra rolled over top of Diana and began kissing her hard on the lips, and then began taking Diana once again, obviously not wanting to think about all she had done. But,
there was a difference in how she took Diana, this time there was no screams of pain from Diana, only unintended moans.

When Questra’s desire was sated, she rolled over and drifted off to sleep, Diana followed from lack of being able to get away, and from exhaustion. Meanwhile, Xena was finishing up plans with her Captains so as to lead the attack against Questra’s hidden camp. Lady Xena and Lord Questra were both in attendance at the meeting.

"Ok, I think we will be set by the time the tracker locates them."

"It looks like it is going to be a week before we know where they are seeing how slowly the tracker was moving. I guess Questra is in a different time."

"Maybe." Xena stated as she thought about the last place she saw the tracker prior to her coming down to meet with her Captains again this morning.

"Maybe??" Questra asked as she studied Xena.

"I say maybe because I don’t know all there is to know about the tracker."

"Ok, we can understand that, so we will wait for it to locate them."

"Or you could summon Diana back to us now?"

"NO. I’ve been thinking about that, and now I am very happy that the tracker is working. I was thinking that if I summoned Diana back, there is no way for me to know if Questra is right there with her, if she starts floating away from her, she may lose her temper and really hurt Diana. I can’t take that chance."

"Well...I’m happy that we have the treacker also, and that you didn’t tell this to Diana or Gabrielle, I can only imagine their reactions."

"Oh, if I had thought about this before, then I would have definitely followed Questra despite her telling me not to."

"I understand." Questra stated.

"Yes, so do I." Lady Xena said in understanding of Xena’s possible dilemma, which she was happy, had not come about.

Meanwhile, Diana and Questra were out of the bed and eating. Questra continued to watch and study Diana as they ate. Diana every now and then would glance up and see her watching her. Diana would immediately lower her eyes back down to her plate so as not to have to deal with Questra’s gaze... out of no where Questra shocked Diana.

"You know little one, you are probably more evil than I am, or I should say you have had times of unbelievable callousness."

Diana’s hand stopped in mid rise to her mouth as her eyes looked up over her brows in total disbelief.

"Excuse me??"

"You heard me." Questra stated simply as she casually took a sip of her drink and continued to watch Diana.

"No...I couldn’t of heard you correctly."

"Yes..yes you did. I said you have shown just how cruel and wicked you can be, and you actually surpassed me."

Diana slammed down her fork onto the table and sat back in her chair, her arms crossed over her chest as she glared at Questra in stunned and utter disbelief.

"You...I can’t believe this! You’re actually sitting there telling me that I have been cruel and wicked, and what’s worst, you’re saying I can and have been WORSE than you?? Give me strength! I can not believe you. You know...I was about to get really pissed, but I decided it’s not even worth it, and you know why... Sovereign??"

Questra simply raised an inquisitive brow, indicating for Diana to proceed. "Because you are so twisted inside, that you want to believe that there is someone just as twisted as you are, well...I’m not buying, because you see Questra...I know me."

"Oh, I believe you do know a degree, but I believe you know yourself well enough. I also believe you have selective memory when you choose to."

"Selective memory? I don’t know what you’re talking about."

" do, you’re just not allowing yourself to admit it."

"Stop playing games and tell me what you THINK you know about me that I am being selective about?!"

"Be careful little one, I could take your tone as disrespectful."

"Take it how you please. Just tell me your point." Diana stated defiantly.

Questra leaned back in her chair as she took a sip of her drink and debated whether to punish Diana for her insolence, or let it go. She decided to let it slide this time, and proceeded to tell Diana her point.

"I’ll let it go this time Diana, but you are warned. Anyway, you say that I am evil because I killed your sister to spite The Conqueror. Then kidnapped you and had my way with you the first time, and now again I have you, and also for my kidnapping your child. Plus some of the other things I had done like the raids into the villages in other lands so as to build my
army to where it is now. all of that Diana, I have YET to kill a CHILD, OR an ELDERLY woman." Questra stated as she leaned forward in her chair, emphasizing each statement.

"Ok, so why would that make a difference?"

"Hmm...still refusing to admit it to yourself huh?"

"ADMIT WHAT??!" Diana now asked with more anger in her tone.

"Hmm...I think I will let you think about it for a while."

"NO, I don’t want to think about it, I want you to tell me! Tell me what you think I could have possibly done to equal or as you put it, surpass what you have done?"

"Very well. But...before I do, I want you to agree to something."

"What?" Diana asked suspicious of any bargain Questra was offering.

"If I can come up with something, anything at all, that would show my point, then I want you to agree to stay with me."



"I told you why. But even more than that, I couldn’t and wouldn’t want to be away from Xena...the woman I love with all of my very being."

"Ok, then another will visit me when I call for you."

"Why in the world would I put myself back in this situation willingly?? That makes NO sense to me."

"If I promise not to hurt you when you come, will you come?"

"Every time you take me, you hurt me."

"I’m not talking about this time, I’m talking about if I let you go, and I ask you to come, will you come and talk with me?"

Diana’s arms relaxed down and rested on her lap as she cocked her head slightly to study Questra, a perplexed look expressed upon her face at the actual sincerity she heard in Questra’s tone.

"You’re saying if you can come up with ANYWAY that I have been crueler than you, then you want me to agree to come back here, or wherever, to visit you whenever you call, and you will not TAKE ME at all, and you won’t hurt me
no matter what I say??"


"Just to TALK with you??"


"What about your needs??"

"I will deal with them, but I will not force myself on you. But of course I wouldn’t turn you down if you offered." Questra stated with a smirk.

"Ha! You don’t ever have to worry about that!" Diana shot out to Questra’s disappointment.

"Well, what do you say, do we have a deal?"

"What makes you think I won’t lie to you to get to you let me go?"

"Because, when you give your word, I have yet to see you break it, no matter the cost."

Diana raised a thoughtful brow at Questra’s statement due to having heard it from Xena herself.

"Well I really can’t lose, considering this is ALL contingent on your being able to prove to ME that I have EVER been anywhere close to being as cruel as you have been!"

"Yes, that is the deal I am offering."

" do I know you will keep your end of the bargain?"

"I’m giving you my word."

"Not good enough. You’ve lied before, you have to do better."

"There IS no better! I give you my word that I will live up to the agreement should I prove what I believe to you."

Diana heard the sincerity, and she was surprised again by it, she thought about the only other times she had heard that same sincerity was only three times. Once was yesterday when Questra first made the mention of her deal, and the other two times were when Questra told her she was going to hurt her and then proceeded to carry out what she had given her word to do.

Diana looked down at her plate as she was perplexed by Questra’s seemingly sincere words. Meanwhile Questra sat watching Diana and she felt a funny sensation deep down within. A feeling that she had never felt before, and never dared or thought that she would ever feel, but yet...there it was, that flicking feeling of hope that Diana was actually considering helping her.
Maybe someday she too could be like those people that Diana sacrificed herself for time and time again out of Yes, that was it, the love that she had for all of them and they for her. The thought brought an unexpected genuine smile to Questra’s face. Diana during one of her many glances over at Questra happened to see it, and in so seeing it her brows knitted
deeper as she wondered what brought such a...beautiful smile to Questra’s now less stressed filled features.

"What is that all about? What is she thinking about? Maybe I can..." Diana let her mind go through possible reasons for the smile, but then she thought about how she could find out and she cleared her mind and attempted to read Questra’s thoughts.

Questra felt Diana’s mind trying to probe into hers and she smirked and just as quickly shielded her thoughts from Diana. Diana sensed the shield was suddenly in place, and so she pulled back and with a look of frustration she glanced up at Questra to see what happened. She was stunned to see an amused look upon Questra’s face. This time Diana actually flinched at the
expression, and Questra saw the look upon Diana’s face and decided to probe her mind to see what it was that she was now thinking.

Diana felt Questra probe her mind, but by the time she did, Questra had already gotten the information she wanted. Diana despite trying to shield her thoughts remembered that they, (Xena, Lady Xena, Questra and this Questra all would still be able to probe through her shielded mind).

Again Questra had an amused expression upon her face and Diana studied her and then decided she didn’t like the idea that Questra was so sure of herself. What upset Diana the most was the fact that Questra has only gotten

the information from Diana due to Diana trying to probe her mind. Questra

had bested her at her own game.

" that you know what I was thinking, it doesn’t tell you anything, just that I was curious about what you were thinking about."

"Why were you so curious?"

Diana shrugged her shoulders and lowered her eyes back to her plate. She picked up a piece of bread and played with it for a moment, then looked back up at Questra and she saw the brows rise.

" we have a deal?"

" I’ll let you know."

" Well let me give you a couple of incentives; while I wait for you to decide, I will continue to have my way with you, until you decide one way or the other."

"But what’s going to change if I decide to not take you up on this DEAL of yours? You’re going to be angry and you’re going to be even more resentful."

"I will admit, that is definitely a possibility, but it wouldn’t be without warrant."

" I don’t get it. I am not a Goddess! It is not my place to offer forgiveness or redemption to ANYONE! Why come to me with all of this??"

"Because you have a gift that no one else on this planet seems to have. You have changed two of the most ruthless people who NO ONE ever thought would or could ever change. You have saved countless people by your actions. People
see a greatness in you that you yourself do not see, but Xena obviously saw it and still sees it. Lady Xena sees it, and I see it, and you, whether voluntarily or forcibly will be made and held accountable to continue. We are all here for a reason, some of us have yet to discover what that purpose is, but even so, most people see one of your purposes as their salvation. And Why
Are You Looking At Me Like That?!"

"Huh, oh, sorry, I felt like I was in the twilight zone or something just listening to you."

"What does that mean??" Questra asked with suspicion sounding in her voice.

"Just that the words coming out of your mouth are so far from the person who I am looking at sitting here. Since when did you decide you wanted to be...well good??"

"Isn’t that what most people want?"

‘Yes, most, but not all, and you are one of those who surely didn’t want anything to do with goodness and love and things of that nature, so I have to ask again, since when?"

"Never mind when. Do we have a deal or not?"

"You said the longer it takes me to make up my mind, then you would continue to take me until I did?"

"Yes, so for me, I would rather it take you a long time to make up your mind, because that gives me more time to enjoy you. But I will say this, even if you make up your mind today, it will not go into effect until tomorrow. I plan on having you today no matter what! It has been way too long since, although last night helped...a lot! Still I hunger for you and I will have
you throughout this day until I am completely exhausted and unable to see straight, although by then, you will have been unconscious for a while."

"And if I asked you to show good faith and not take me?"

"I would say not with this."

"Uh huh, I figured."

"I wouldn’t with this, I have something else that will show my good faith that I think you will like better."


" Come here."


"Because I said so." Diana rose out of her chair and started to go and stand in front of Questra, and as she went Questra told her to remove the robe she had asked to cover herself with.

Diana’s breathing started to increase because she knew what was about to happen, and she didn’t want it to, but she could do nothing to stop her short of fighting her, but that would only lead to pain for Diana in the end and she would still be taken. Diana slowly removed the robe as she walked and then came to stand in front of Questra who immediately pulled Diana down onto
her lap and planted a heated kiss on Diana’s lips.

The kiss went on for long moments, and then when Questra finally did break it, she kissed her way down Diana’s blushing hot body. Diana was blushing because of embarrassment that her body was once again betraying her. Questra latched onto one of Diana’s golden nipples and she sucked hungrily on them. Diana’s breathing sped up and her heart felt like it was going to beat out of her
chest for many reasons.

Questra ravished Diana’s nipples for hours just focused on seeing if she could drink all of the wine that Diana’s sweet breast produced and the feel of Diana’s hard tips within Questra’s mouth. Questra would periodically bite down on one of the tips somewhat hard so as to make Diana’s body tighten more than it already was. Questra wanted Diana so in need of release that she wouldn’t be able to move from the bed even if Questra left her unrestrained.

Questra purposely focused on different areas of Diana’s body feasting and enjoying each area for hours at a time, before she would move on to the next area. Diana was so tight with need she was pleading with Questra.

Questra’s gaze showed her satisfaction in what she was achieving with Diana, despite Diana’s mind not wanting to cooperate, Diana’s body was doing what Questra wanted at the moment.

"Pleasure me my sweet jewel, and I will release you from your torment." Questra had missed being pleasured by Diana and/or Gabrielle, and she wanted to feel that talented tongue on her once again. Diana with unfocused eyes looked up at Questra and despite the blurriness in her gaze, she managed to see that Questra was not going to release her unless she did. Diana had
NO strength or will to resist, so she rolled with effort onto her belly, and luckily Questra was accommodating, she positioned herself so that Diana didn’t have to move from the position she had rolled to. Within moments, Questra felt for the first time in a long time, Diana’s gifted mouth on her.

Questra peaked numerous times before she allowed Diana to stop, and then she rolled Diana back over onto her back and quickly kissed her way down Diana’s body, until she was feasting on Diana’s flower as if she were starved for food or something. Questra stopped only long enough to tell Diana she wanted to taste her essences, and that was all Questra needed to say because Diana was too ready and she immediately released when Questra went back to sucking and licking and kissing. As she orgasmed, Questra slipped her tongue deep inside of Diana and connected to Diana’s core. She converted her tongue so that it to was now a miniature mouth, sucking on Diana’s core as if there were no tomorrow. In so doing, Diana’s orgasm deepened and she would pant intermittently as Questra sucked her essences from her very core.

The longer Questra did that, the longer Diana’s orgasm lasted. But that was not all that was happening. Questra’s own body was responding to Diana’s deepening orgasm and she too peaked again, this time it mimicked Diana’s, and Questra found herself trying to hold on to Diana. Her fingers were digging into Diana’s thighs as her arms encircled Diana’s thighs holding her tightly to her as she continued to feast on the semiconscious young woman.

Diana was nearly unconscious and it didn’t seem as though Questra was anywhere near ending. Eventually Diana slipped into unconsciousness although her body was still locked in what seemed to be a constant state of orgasm due to Questra’s insatiable appetite, and her thorough enjoyment of the orgasm that just seemed to go on and on throughout her own body.

Finally, Questra was exhausted, but before she pulled back from Diana she converted her tongue once again, this time into a miniature penis. One small enough to insert into Diana’s womb, where she released D.N.A material into Diana’s body, and then stimulated Diana’s ovaries to release. She pulled it out and converted her tongue back to it’s original form, thus allowing Diana’s body to return to a relaxed state. Just as she did, Diana, even in her state of unconsciousness, sighed deeply, and her breathing was rapid for a short time, and then silence, except for Diana’s now quite even breathing.

Questra meantime gasped a sigh of total satisfaction and then crawled up Diana’s body and rolled over onto her side falling back onto the bed with a deep sigh and smile of contentment on her face.

"Mmm, my sweet little one, By The Gods you are fulfilling!"

While Questra was purring over her extraordinary orgasms, her men were sitting around their many campfires holding their own conversations.

"Has anyone seen the Sovereign?"

"No, not since she brought back that little beauty. I think she is wearing her out, making up for all of the women who failed to give her pleasure."

"Well I don’t believe she is having that problem with the little queen, not from all of the sounds coming from inside. Especially this morning! Did you hear them? It seemed like it lasted forever! By Ares would I love to be with either one of them. I know I could satisfy our Sovereign, and then I would take that sweet Queen and I would show her what it was like to be with a MAN!
And she would never want to be with any woman again!" The man boasted as the other men sat with their mouths open, and their eyes wide with fear.

"Is that right?" Came a smooth even voice from behind the men.

"AH! Sovereign! We....we...we were just talking about..." The man’s words died in his throat as he now lay dying from the fatal wound that Questra inflicted on him.

"Does anyone else want to even THINK that they could have me or my Diana?!" Questra’s tone meaningful.

None of the men could speak from fear, but they all nodded their heads in complete understanding.

"Good, nice to know I have such virile MEN!" Questra mocked as she turned and calling over her shoulder. She gave the men orders to carry out and she headed around the camp to check on things, and then by the evening she returned to her quarters to check on Diana.

Diana was still unconscious and had not moved from the position that Questra had left her in, unrestrained at that. Questra sat down on the bed and began stroking Diana’s long black hair away from her beautiful, softly chiseled features. Questra sat just admiring Diana’s beauty and the sweet innocence that seem to be written all over the gentle face of the sleeping woman.

Questra allowed Diana to sleep into the next morning and then she used some of the elixir she had taken from Xena’s vial that she had in her dresser.

After she had given some to Diana she sat once again on the bed caressing Diana’s hair as Diana struggled for consciousness. Finally after a few minutes, Diana’s eyes fluttered open unfocused at first and then they slowly cleared and she was looking up into the face of a smiling Questra.

"How do you feel?"

‘Drained. I don’t have any strength in my limbs or body for that fact. What did you do to me?"

"Nothing, I just thoroughly enjoyed your sweetness, as well as the sheer bliss that flowed through my own body. It was beyond words."

"Oh, I see." Diana said solemnly as she closed her eyes in shame at having brought so much pleasure to anyone but Xena.

"Don’t worry about it, it wasn’t like you had a choice. Besides, I assure you, you did thoroughly enjoy yourself."

"No, my body just responded because of who you are! How could anyone enjoy being taken against their will? They couldn’t, and I know I definitely don’t! So although you may have my body, you don’t have my heart or mind."

"Hmmm, well I gave you a choice, so now all you have to do is decide what you will do."

"Oh, you’re talking about my coming to visit you?"

"Yes. Although you don’t have to decide today."

"I’m sure you would like that, that way you can continue to take me, and yes I am basing this off of the fact that you will hold to your word and not take me anymore against my will?"

"I gave you my word, I won’t repeat myself."

"Ok, I will agree with your terms...but! Only if Xena says it is ok."

"No. Irregardless if she says it is ok or not! I would rather you get her permission, therefore, that means you need to talk her into it, otherwise it will be hard for you to deal with and I would prefer for you to be relaxed when you come to visit."

"There is absolutely NO WAY that Xena will ever agree to something like that."

"I may be able to help you by a show of good faith."

"What sort of good faith?"

"Guards!!" Questra called unexpectedly.

"Yes Sovereign?"

"Here, take this to Lord Xena and tell her to give it to Little Anthony."

"Yes sovereign, right away." The soldier said as he took a small round vial of bluish looking liquid, and an already written message, from Questra and then turned and left.

"What was that??" Diana asked horrified at what she thought.

"It’s an anecdote."

"So you were going to kill Anthony Marcus?!!" Diana’s tone was full of anger and resentment.


"So you lied to me!"

"No, I didn’t. I never said I wouldn’t kill him, in fact I said I would." Questra shot back with the truth.

"So why give the anecdote if you planned on killing him?"

"Good Faith."

"Oh, so you think that Xena will be more inclined to let me come and visit you if I use this little act of...kindness? Dare I say; To show her that you really don’t mean any harm to me OR her realm, or anyone in it, and that all you’re looking for is redemption? From me?" Diana asked still unconvinced.


"Right. And let’s just say for arguments sake, that I was able to convince her to let me come here, then what? What are we supposed to talk about?"

"Whatever you want to. But I am looking for you to be a sort of guide for me."

"Hmm...why me? Why not some priest or priestess, they are the ones who can tell you how to live a righteous and just life."

"I’m not looking to become a saint like them. I am looking...." Questra paused for a moment and debated if she wanted to tell Diana that she was looking for hope and light in her life. Then she decided that Diana would probably laugh at her and she knew she would become very angry by the mocking albeit that it would be unintended on Diana’s part, but none the
less the thought bothered Questra too much, so she adjusted what she was about to say. "I’m just looking to change. I don’t like living like this, I am much too good to live like this."

"Hmm too good huh? Well as a clone of someone that I love very much, I’ve always hated that you had Lord Questra’s face, yet your soul was as dark as night."

"I know."

"It really is ironic when I think about it, two people exactly alike in a lot of ways, yet very different in almost as many. One I love and would die for, and the other all I wanted was for her to die and blow away like ashes in the wind. Now, I’m being asked to help the very one I hated."

"So are you?" Questra asked tired of the constant reminders.

"Yes, I will do it. I will come and see you whenever you call, IF I am not involved in something that Lord Xena or any of my loved ones want or need me for."

"Very well, I will agree to that addendum as long as it does not cause you to refuse me more than once a week."

Diana studied Questra for long silent moments, still unsure, but she really didn’t have a choice because she had no intention of letting Questra take her anymore. She didn’t want Questra to know that was the only reason she was agreeing to her terms. She really didn’t believe Questra was going to stick to her deal, but at the moment she had to go along with her.

"Great! Once you regain your strength, then I have a surprise for you, one that I am positive you will like." Questra leaned down and placed a kiss on Diana’s lips, and then leaned back.

"Get some sleep, you’ve earned it."

Diana’s eyes narrowed in wonder as to what Questra was up to, and what the surprise was that seemed to put her in a good mood. Diana lay in the bed with her eyes closed, but not asleep as of yet. Thinking about things. Over the next few days Questra and Diana talked, as Diana slowly regained her strength. Questra had not touched Diana in any inappropriate matter except to kiss her good morning or goodnight, or anytime she had to leave Diana to go and check on things.

Meanwhile, back at the palace, Lady Xena and everyone including Noor were concerned that Little Anthony had not awakened from the drug.

"Why won’t he wake up?! Lady Xena asked.

"I don’t know, it’s like he’s been given something to make him sleep for a long time." The healer stated as she re-examined the sleeping form.

Lord Xena was attending to some of her Royal duties. Mainly holding court, so that those who committed petty crimes, would receive their punishments and then be released to help keep the dungeons from being full. While she was in chambers, a messenger came with a message for her.

"My Lord, this message just came for you along with this vial. The messenger said some soldier told him to deliver it to the palace and bring it to you specifically."

The Conqueror gave her personal guard a look of understanding, and then took the message and quickly read it. She looked at the vial, and it instantly came to her why Anthony had not awoken since the day he was brought home; he had been poisoned. The Conqueror then flew from her throne and out her private door, and headed for the royal infirmary, while her Magistrates
ended court for the day.

Xena arrived to hear Lady Xena asking why her son would not wake up and the healers response to it.

"Because he’s been poisoned." Xena’s voice cut through.

Everyone looked up at her in horror.

"What?? What do you mean my son has been poisoned?"

"I just received a message from her."

"That bitch poisoned my son?!!" Lady Xena hissed as she came to her feet and headed for the doorway where The Conqueror stood. Her intention to go and find the evil Questra and end her miserable existence.

‘Where are you going?" Xena asked, catching Lady Xena by her arm.

"I’m going to find her and make her give me the anecdote, and then I’m going to kill her!" Lady Xena sneered as she snatched her arm from Xena’s grasp, only to have her shoulder caught.

"No need. She sent it with the message."

"What? Why would she do that? It’s a trick! It’s probably more poison." Noor now interjected as she held her son closer to her bosom.

"I don’t know why she would do it, and right now it doesn’t matter. What is important is to give it to Anthony to save him." Xena reasoned. Then she looked back at Lady Xena and at Noor.

"No! I won’t let you give that to my son, she’s already hurt him, I won’t let her finish the job on my child!!" Noor shouted as she held her son protectively to herself.

The Conqueror looked back at Lady Xena imploring her with her eyes to convince Noor that it was the only way. Lady Xena then asked.

"Are you believe this stuff will not harm my child any further?"

"I am sure. I recognize it for what it is and where it comes from. It is from Diana’s time, well...actually from Rah’s planet. Anyway, it will cure and heal our little Anthony Marcus."

"Very well Lord Xena, if you are certain, give it to him." Lady Xena stated with surety.

Xena walked over to where Noor still held her son. At first Noor was still not convinced, but when her love came over and sat down next to her and spoke with love and certainty in her voice, Noor relaxed slightly and she slowly handed her son over to her other mother. Lady Xena laid him against her and then Lord Xena gave a small amount of the anecdote to the little one.
Lady Xena laid her son on the bed and caressed his thick mane of hair. Lady Xena had planned on staying by their son’s bedside until he awoke, but Xena told her that she needed to speak with her and Lord Questra. It would take a few days for the medicine to work, but Noor and the others could stay with Anthony in the meantime.

Lady Xena kissed both Noor and her son, and then told Noor she would be back back as soon as she could. She and The Conqueror and Lord Questra all left the chamber leaving Gabrielle, Noor and her son, and Ludmilla, as well as
Xena’s personal servant and the healer, all to watch out after little Anthony. Kalissa was with the other children attending to them in the meantime.

"Ok, Lord Xena, what is it that you needed to talk to us about?"

"Diana. The tracker seem to be pointing in a certain direction, I think in two days we will be able to go and get Diana as well as capture Questra and her army."

"Ok, so the tracker will be at the striking point?"

"Not quite. But I will wait two more days, and then we go and get Diana and capture Questra."

"But how are we going to know where they are if the tracker doesn’t make it to the location before the two days is up? I mean they could be anywhere." Lord Questra stated with concern in her voice.

"It will make it a little more difficult, I admit, but I think the tracker will be close enough that we can locate them. Plus Diana and I do have our unusual connection."

"Well that is true. Ok, then in two days we go and get our little Diana back and destroy Questra!" Lady Xena stated with a look of anticipation in her eyes.

"NO. We will not kill her; we are going to capture her. Besides, if we did kill her, no telling what effect that would have on Our Questra. No, we capture her." The Conqueror corrected.

"Very well, we will do it the way you say. But if she gets out of line, I can’t promise you I won’t take her head off. "

"Well I can promise you Lady Xena, I’ll make sure to stop you before you strike that deadly blow." Lord Xena said with a smirk.

Lady Xena just gave her a look of "Uh Huh."

Meantime, back at Questra’s camp, Diana was now up and around.

"So why did you amass such an army?"

"Because, I wanted to rule Xena’s Realm, and the only way I could see even starting was to get myself an army."

"But now?"

"Now, if you hold to your word, then I will hold to mine. I am looking at living a peaceful life, but I will admit, I want to rule some land. I like the title Sovereign."

"I don’t know of any lands that have not already been conquered or that have not already gone into alliance with Xena. Her reign reaches far and wide, and I know Xena especially right now wouldn’t even consider the idea of
letting you rule anything. You realize she is not the type to trust right away? Matter of fact you are going to have to prove to her time and time again that you really are motivated to change."

"I realize that. But I know of a land that The Conqueror has not conquered yet, and I do plan on conquering it."

"Where is this land? And are you sure Xena hasn’t already conquered it?"

"I’m sure."

"Ok, you don’t have to tell me where. I can see you have some reservations about my knowing that, and I guess I understand, after all I am The Conqueror’s Consort. " Diana quipped as she let a small smile show on her face.

Questra gave Diana an inquisitive look, and it soon settled into a look of admiration. The two walked around the camp, Diana still had many reservations about Questra, but she wasn’t as scared of her as she had been. Although, Diana didn’t let Questra’s seemingly pleasant disposition fool her, she knew Questra could hurt her in a moment if she were to do anything to provoke her. So with that thought Diana decided to accept the peace at the moment for what it was.

"So...what is the surprise you had for me?" Diana asked as she and Questra arrived back at Questra’s area of the camp.

"Well since you agreed to come and talk and visit with me on a regular basis to help me in my attempt to become acceptable to you, then I am going to show my appreciation and hopefully show The Conqueror my good faith."

"And what is that good faith gesture Sovereign?"

"I’m going to let you go."


"I’m going to let you return home to Xena and the others."

Diana was stunned. Her mouth agape, her eyes staring at Questra, while all the while her mind was trying to come up with all the many reasons for Questra’s seemingly sincere offer. Questra meantime continued on to her chair and took her seat and proceeded to watch and feel and listen to Diana’s every mood and thought. And despite all that Questra was sensing from Diana, her face never showed any of the feelings she herself was feeling, about what all had went through Diana’s mind.

"Why?" Diana finally managed to ask.

"Good faith."

A puzzled look crossed Diana’s face and then she shook her head slightly as if trying to shake the confusion from her mind.

"Ok, ok, wait. You’re saying you’re going to let me go? Just walk out of here free and clear, without any questions or problems?"

Questra just gave a nod of her head as she popped a piece of fruit into her mouth and continued to watch Diana’s emotions flash across her face. Diana was still shocked, but she moved to where Questra sat and at first she stood just staring at her, unsure of Questra’s motives. Questra saw Diana’s uncertainty, and therefore held Diana’s gaze.

"When can I leave?" Diana asked quietly.

"Whenever you like."

"Really??" Diana asked cocking her head slightly to the side as she searched Questra’s eyes for any deception.

"Yes. All I ask before you leave is for one thing."

"Uh Huh! I knew it! What? You want to take me again huh??" Diana stated with suspicion.

Questra’s brow raised slightly almost imperceptibly, but Diana saw it and she lowered her eyes, and then chewed on her lip for a moment, hoping she had not offended Questra into changing her mind.

"Sorry." Diana offered contritely.

"Ok. Now, all I wanted was a final kiss before you left."

"That’s it? And then I can leave? Right now??"

"Yes. You gave me your word that you would help me, so I am willing to trust you. But! I warn you Diana, if you do not live up to your word. I will spend the rest of eternity destroying YOUR happiness, one person at a time. It will not be about Lord Xena, Or Lady Xena, or even my twin, Lord Questra. It will be all about destroying your soul. I swear by the Gods I will." The Darkness that showed in Questra’s eyes for a brief moment as she spoke the words, sent a chill down Diana’s spine much like the chill when Rah was possessing Xena’s body and he made Xena whip Diana to within an inch of her life. And also like the time, during the dark time when Shatara first appeared and Diana was made into one of Xena’s slaves. She had thought Xena was dead only to find her alive, but Xena had no memory of her, and only wanted to possess and control her.

"I won’t break my word, I will help you if you truly let me."

"Fine. So, when are you leaving?"

"I want to leave today!"

"Any particular reason other than you hate me?"

Diana lowered her eyes at the statement, and in a strange way she felt bad for having said those words to Questra. Especially with how nice Questra had been to her over the last couple of days, and the fact that she had not been bedded by Questra again since Questra gave her word that she wouldn’t.

"It’s alright, you have a right to hate me, I did kill your sister, and nearly killed your son. You know I still find it interesting with how much you talk about kids and wanting more. Matter of fact it was very influential in some of my decisions I had and have made about you. Give me a kiss and then, you may go."

Diana was still uncertain, but she wanted to get home to Xena so she put her suspicions at the back of her mind, and leaned down. Questra pulled Diana onto her lap as she kissed her with a passion that radiated through Diana’s body. Then just as suddenly as she had begun, she ended the kiss.

"Ok, you’re free to go Diana." Questra stated with a slight purr to her tone.

Diana staggered to her feet, dizzied by the kiss, but after a moment or so she was once again balanced, and with a look of surprise she gave a slight nod of her head.


"See you later Diana, these last few days has really been very enjoyable. My men will escort you back to the town, and from there I am sure you can find your way home."

"Yes. Thank you. I really do mean that. Thank you for letting me go home, and for sending the anecdote to Xena to save Anthony, and also for holding to your word about not taking me anymore against my will."

"You’re welcome, and you realize that all of those things were a show of good faith?"

" I do."

"Good." Questra’s inquisitive brow now relaxed. Then with a meaningful nod of her head, she gave Diana her permission to leave.

Diana gave a slight smile and then turned and headed for the doorway. She looked back once at Questra to see if she were going to try and stop her, but she didn’t. Instead she gestured for the soldier to blindfold Diana and once that was done, she waved for the soldier to take Diana back to the original spot where they originally met to make the exchange.

When they arrived back at the city gates, the soldier removed the blindfold and pointed at the gate of the city. Diana looked up at the soldier and he smiled and turned his horse and rode off, leaving Diana standing looking after him for a moment. Then she looked at the gate and ran towards it calling to the guard to open it for her, which it was immediately opened.

A candle mark later Diana had gotten a horse and was now on the road riding like Hade’s pet was after her. She made it back to the palace just after dark on the night before Xena was to ride out to find her and capture Questra. Diana eased into the palace not wanting the house disturbed. She didn’t know that Xena had plans to come after her at the break of dawn so
when she arrived at their bedchamber, she saw the guards posted and then she thought about little Anthony and that thought sent her heading towards the Healer’s chambers. She eased inside and found everyone asleep. She then eased into the private chambers for the Royals and she saw Noor lying on the bed with her son, both appeared to be resting comfortably. Diana eased out of the chamber and headed back to their chamber where she saw the guards were now gone.

"Hmmm....that’s strange, Diana eased closer to the chamber but she did not hear anything inside with the doors closed, so she opened them slightly and still didn’t hear anything. She walked inside the darkened chamber, but she didn’t sense anyone around. Diana headed to the bedchamber, fully expecting to find Xena, but again, she found it empty.

Diana looked in the bath area as well as out on the balconies, despite knowing that if the guards were both gone, it was because they were with The Conqueror.

"Now where could she have gone within a few candle marks?" Diana thought to herself, but then the ride and everything to get back to the palace was now taking it’s effects on Diana, she wanted to see Xena and curl up in her arms. She didn’t know where she had gone or when she would be back, so she stripped out of her clothes and cleaned up and then crawled into bed and faded off to sleep almost instantly.

Meanwhile Xena and Lord Questra and Lady Xena were all in the war chamber along with Xena’s captains, and she was going over the plans once more before they headed off come first light.

"Ok, all of you may leave, but make sure the troops are ready. Lord Questra, Lady Xena, if you will both stay, I want to show you something else."

Xena did not want to show anyone except those who knew about the tracker already, so she pulled it out.

"Ok, I just wanted us all to see where it is now." When Xena activated it, the three of them gasped at what they saw. The tracker had not stopped at the last spot Xena had seen it in just a day ago, but it had actually backtracked itself and was now flashing the ultimate location of where Diana was.

"But that can’t be, it’s saying she is somewhere here in the palace?" Lord Questra wondered out loud.

"Yes, something must be wrong!" Suddenly another thought hit Xena. A horrifying one. "Guards!!" Xena called as she raced out the door with Lord Questra and Lady Xena right on her heels. She called orders to the guards as she passed them and they immediately went into battle ready mode.

"Lord Xena?! You don’t think Questra is here in the palace do you?"

"Yes! That is exactly what I think. Why else would the tracker read like that. You go find Gabrielle and your children Questra! Lady Xena you go find Noor and your’s! I’ll locate Diana and most likely there I will also locate Questra!" The Conqueror was in full mode and her mind focused on one thing, finding and now destroying Questra. Just as they were all about to separate
with Guards following each, Xena turned and called out to Questra. "Questra?!"

"Yes Lord Xena?"

"Remember the code word, that’s the only way we will be able to tell who you are."

"I remember."

"Good. Wouldn’t want anything to happen to our Questra." Xena smirked as she then turned and raced to where the tracker had pointed Diana out to all of them. Lady Xena and Lord Questra both raced in different directions to go, find and
protect their loved ones from any possible threat that may be within the palace walls with them.

Xena made it to her and Diana’s chambers and when she entered her senses were on alert for any out of the ordinary sounds or smells or anything. She and her Elite Guards stealthily made their way inside. Xena gave silent orders that were carried out as if she had shouted them at the top of her lungs. She scanned the outer chamber for any signs of danger but she didn’t
detect any. The group of her elite guards reported back their failure to detect any as well. She then gestured towards the bedchamber door and once again gave silent orders that they were to watch that door while she and some of the others entered through the other side that came into the bath chamber from the connecting room.

Xena turned and with catlike grace and speed disappeared into the servant’s chambers only to come to the connecting door to the bath chamber, the servant’s entrance. She made it to the door of the bath chamber and gave further orders and then slowly eased the door open and immediately entered. She eased into the darkened area of the wall that had no light reflecting
into it. She then scanned the chamber and again, not sensing any danger within the chamber she directed with her hands for the guards that were with her, to move to the bedchamber door and prepare to enter it.

She gauged her guards readiness, and then, with a silent count, she threw the door open and suddenly the chamber was filled with guards coming from every possible direction, including the windows and balcony. Diana was so tired she didn’t even stir at the sudden activity within the chamber, she had remained in her curled up position with her head under the covers.

Xena’s focus was on the bed, while her guards were everywhere else, making sure that they were not going to be ambushed. Xena had her sword drawn as she stealthily made her way to the bed and the figure within the bed. She didn’t sense any danger, but then again, it was Questra; no telling what new skills she’d learned. The Conqueror now leveled her sword at where the unseen figure’s head would be and gestured with her head for one of the soldiers to pull the covers back. As the covers slid down from over the figure’s head, Xena’s eyes went wide with shock. She suddenly sheathed her sword and went down onto the bed and began assessing Diana. Since Diana still had not stirred from the commotion, Xena thought maybe Questra had given Diana the same poison that was given to little Anthony. Just as Xena’s hand touched on Diana’s face, Diana moaned and rolled over to where she was next to Xena’s thigh. Xena suddenly lifted Diana up into her arms and hugged
Diana tightly to her as she buried her face in Diana’s thick mane of hair.

Diana of course now stirred as she groaned at how tightly Xena was holding her.

"Xena?? What’s wrong?" Diana asked groggily just as Lady Xena and Lord Questra along with Noor and Gabrielle and all of the kids arrived to witness Diana’s and Xena’s reunion.

"What’s wrong?? " Xena asked with a bemused tone as she continued to hug Diana to her.

"Oh, I forgot...surprise! I’m home."

Xena dissolved into laughter that was completely out of character for her, partly out of amusement, and also out of relief that Diana was home and she was safe. Diana didn’t understand Xena’s laughter, except that part of it was out of relief. Diana hugged into Xena and Xena tightened her hold.



"It’s getting really hard to catch a breath with the hold you have on me." Diana gasped out as Xena chuckled and then eased her hold on Diana, who then took a deeper breath, and the two of them leaned back and just looked at each other with all the love they felt overwhelming them. Xena wanted to just be with Diana, just the two of them, but at the moment there was a bigger picture to deal with.

"How did you get away from her?"

"Lord Questra how about we let Diana get some rest and then I’ll call for all the necessary parties to return for a briefing?"

"No, that’s okay Xena, I’m fine, I got a real good nap, and I feel wide awake now, plus there is a lot to tell you about that I think you need to hear as soon as possible." Diana injected as she now sat up and then went to get out of the bed to get cleaned up and dressed. Xena ordered all of the guards to continue there search for Questra, but Diana told her that that
wasn’t necessary, that Questra wasn’t there. With a perplexed look, Xena dismissed her soldiers and Diana went ahead and finished dressing and asked Ludmilla to prepare her something to eat.

"Yes my lady! Right away, I am just so pleased that you are back home safe and sound with all of us." Ludmilla blurted out as she bowed and then with tears in her eyes she made her way out the door to go and get Diana’s requested meal.

"She is such a jewel Xena." Diana commented as she finished dressing and Xena told everyone else who was in the chamber to wait out in the outer chamber and they would be out in a moment.

"Yes, she is, and so is Dancea. Anyway, come here."

"Yes?" Diana asked as she went into Xena’s outstretched arms.

"I’ve been so worried about you. Are you alright kitten??"

"I’m Actually, the first few days I was there were rough, but the last week was not bad at all. She didn’t hurt me or anything after the first three days."

"What are you saying?"

"I’ll explain it all to you better when we get out there, because if I were to try to explain only part of it, you won’t understand. haven’t kissed me yet, didn’t you miss me??"

Xena smirked and suddenly Diana was lying on the bed and Xena was kissing the breath out of her. Then Xena eased back with eyes showing their obvious desire and intent, and Diana whimpered as her mind try to remind her of how to breathe.

"I’ve missed my kitten, and her many different purring sounds when she’s been properly loved." Xena purred into Diana’s sensitive ears, which only caused Diana to whimper more. Xena’s hormones were now racing and her passion for Diana was well lit, so despite knowing there were people waiting for them just in the next room, Xena began kissing Diana with meaningful intent. Diana could not resist despite knowing she needed to tell Xena about Questra and the deal they had agreed to.

Xena and Diana melted into each other’s passion, and before they or anyone knew it, the two were diving into rapture again and again. Meanwhile, those waiting had their suspicions about what had happened to the two.

"I think they’ve gotten into something, and have NO intentions of stopping until both their souls are quieted." Gabrielle reasoned with a smirk playing on her lips.

"I would say you’re right. While they are busy in there and since the threat of Questra is no longer an issue, Noor, why don’t you and Gabrielle take the children back to chambers. I will send the healer to our chamber My Light, to tend to Anthony, so that you can get some rest. You’ve been up too many hours, and I know the healer can handle things with Anthony. Kalissa
will come and check on all of you, plus the servants are there if you need anything. I’m sure, as soon as Lord Xena and Diana tell us what is the plan for Questra, then Lord Questra and myself will be able to join you in our chambers. So, go ahead, and we will be along later."

Noor and Gabrielle gave their love’s goodnight kisses, and the children hugged their mothers and then all of them departed from the chamber. A few candle marks later, Lord Xena emerged from within the bedchamber with a satisfied smirk. With a purposeful raise of her brow, she strolled casually over to the table and poured herself a glass of water. Then she pulled
out a chair with her foot and sat down with a flourish.

All the while, Lord Questra and Lady Xena both watched with amusement and and understanding. As if with one mind, they all nodded their heads in agreement. Then Diana came out of the bedchamber. Her stride was not as graceful, it was obvious who’s passion wore who out, and the thought caused both Lord Questra and Lady Xena to chuckle. This made Diana blush as a result of feeling like they were amused by her holding up the meeting.

"Well I had no choice. It’s a little hard to resist Xena when she gets in one of her moods. I told her you guys were out here waiting for us." Diana said trying to explain what had happened to cause the delay. But instead of receiving the sympathy she was going for, Xena added her two dinars.

"Careful kitten, I’m still in a mood, I just thought I would give you a chance to catch your breath, you begged enough."

Diana’s blush was now evident, as if she were as light as they were. So instead of Diana heading to sit where she had first intended to sit, which was next to Xena, she changed her direction. She went and sat on the chair over in the actual sitting area of the chamber where Lady Xena, and Lord Questra were seated.

The Conqueror chuckled at Diana’s attempt to avoid her, while Questra and Lady Xena now laughed out loud. Diana crossed her arms with a pout expressing itself across her face. Xena walked over to join the three, and lifting Diana up out of the chair, she sat down and sat Diana down on her lap. Xena snuggled against her neck as she whispered into Diana’s soft skin.

"I love you kitten." Diana then cracked a smile, and gave a nudge to Xena as

she leaned in and hugged Xena’s protective arms around her more.

"I love you My Lord." With that Xena kissed Diana’s neck and cheeks. Lady Xena interrupted the two before they got carried away again.

"Ok, ok, you two, we’ve already waited for you for over four candle marks, I think it is time for Diana to tell us about Questra, remember her?"

Xena smirked and gave a nod of her head in agreement.

"You’re right. It was rather rude of us..."

"Us?? What do you mean us? I had NO was all you Lord Xena." Diana inserted for clarity.

"I said US, and I meant US. Anyway, you’re right Lady Xena, Diana does need to tell us how she escaped from Questra and her army."

"That’s just it, I didn’t escape, she let me go."

"Let you go???" The three asked in total disbelief.

"Yes, now if you will just listen I can tell you the whole story, and then we can talk about it, ok? Ok? Diana asked as she directed the question to each woman.



"Great. So, this is what happened that led up to my being allowed to leave." Diana proceeded to tell everything in detail. Despite Lord Xena’s many sounds of total disagreement with what was being said, she held her tongue until Diana had told the whole story.

"Are you finished?"


"Good, now you listen, all of you. First of all, you will NEVER see her again! The only way that will happen is when she is captured or dead!"

"But Xena..."

"Silence!" Xena commanded as she leveled a meaningful gaze on Diana, which did render Diana silent for the moment.

Xena then continued in her thoughts.

"Secondly, her talk of good faith and all of that is just her talking out the side of her face. Was it good faith when she kidnapped Anthony?! Was it good faith when she demanded that you come to her so that she could rape you whenever she wanted to? When did the good faith kick in?! Tell me that Diana! Was it when she poisoned Anthony, with the intent to kill him?! Or how about that first day you were with her when she hurt you because you hurt her sensitive little feelings?!! Where in Tartarus was this good faith of her’s? Because for the life of me I can’t see it! Can she ever take back all of the rapes of you that she has done to you? What about Gabrielle, what about all of the rapes she committed against her and only the Gods know what other
poor souls she has committed it against? " Xena laid out in vivid clarity her total disgust at the very idea of Questra calling what she did good faith.

"But she gave the anecdote for Anthony and she let me go." Diana said quietly, hoping to not cause a flare up of Xena’s temper again.

"What??!! And that’s supposed to make it all better?!! She should have never kidnapped him in the first place! Plus, no one held a weapon to her head when she gave the poison to Anthony, she did it because she wanted to and it was a part of her whole plan from the beginning! And as far as letting you go, that was nothing more than her attempt to make her good faith statement appear to be a real offer! When in fact she just wants me to lower my guard against her, and she then waltz’s right into the palace and destroys whatever and whoever she comes across! Well it’s not going to happen Diana, I will not let her use you as a pawn in her evil plans! There is nothing you can say or tell me that will make me ever believe she has ANY good intentions."

Diana looked into Xena’s determined eyes and she saw that if she was ever going to convince Xena, it was going to be like pulling healthy teeth from a rabid dog.


"Be still. Now, come tomorrow, My army and I will go after her and we will bring her back, and she will be tried for all of her crimes and then she will be imprisoned where she will never be able to escape from again."

"Xena!" Diana called with frustration as she continued to sit on Xena’s lap.

"Diana I won’t say it again."

"Then don’t! Just listen to me for a moment. Please?!"

"Diana there is nothing...."

"Please?" Diana’s voice pleading.

"Fine! What?!" Xena finally said giving Diana some lee way so as not to end up having to punish her from disobeying her by not being silent.

"Thank you. Xena, everything you have said I said to her as well, and I thought the same way you are right now."

"Then why are you sounding like you are trying to convince me to forgive her?"

"Because of something she said, actually two things. Did I tell you how she and I ended up making a bet in the first place?"

"No, you didn’t."

"Oh, I thought I did."

"No you didn’t Diana." Questra informed.

"Oh, well, it came about when she told me that I was actually just like her, and in fact that I was worse than she has ever been."

End of part 3 of Desperations
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