Part 6

Imagine That

By D.Virtue

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"You...My Dear Kitten, are such a romantic soul." Xena said as she turned Diana’s chin to her and lifted it up so that she could plant a tender kiss on Diana’s lips.

"Yes...I guess I am.’ They laid out on the balcony for a while, and then, Xena lifted Diana up into her arms and carried her sleeping form to their bed. When she went to lay Diana down, instead of Diana remaining asleep, she stirred and her arms wrapped around Xena’s neck tighter. She pulled her down to the bed with her, so that Xena was overtop of her.

The two began caressing and kissing, and it eventually led to Xena forming the extension once again, this time, a slow smile crossed her face, and Diana looked at her in all curiosity.


"I love you. That’s all."

Diana smiled a warm coy smile, and Xena penetrated Diana’s flower. They kissed and caressed, and stroked each other. Soon their passions were so high that after each orgasm, rather than feeling tired, they were instead turned on more. Finally, dripping with perspiration, their eyes identifying with each other’s, Xena decided to put her plan into effect. Xena’s body began melting into Diana’s. They both inhaled feeling each other’s soul touch. Once they were as one, Xena whispered to Diana’s heart with her mind. Suddenly, the room filled with a bright light, that lit the room in such a way that it looked as though it was daylight. The light spilled out into the night, and spread, covering the night and temporarily replacing it with light. Diana and Xena both felt a strange sensation spreading through their bodies, but a heat other than from their intense passion was now spreading through Diana. It was different. It seemed to be everywhere at the same time even causing physical changes. Diana’s nipple changed to silver, as her breasts seemed to swell. Her skin began glimmering with silver flecks over all of her body.

By the time Xena’s and Diana’s body returned to two forms rather than one, both women inhaled deeply, as if they had not taken a breath for a long time, then both of their breathing became gasping pants. Finally, after a while, Diana slipped into a deep sleep while Xena rolled off of Diana onto her side and put her arms under her head as a satisfied smile lingered on her lips. Her gaze was now distant and content. Xena lay with Diana for a while, as
Diana remained sleep. While Xena was laying there, her mind suddenly began seeing an image. As she concentrated on it, it became clearer and clearer, and soon, she was looking at images of her and Diana, along with Lord Questra, Lady Xena and The Sovereign Questra and their consorts, all together, and there were more kids in the mix. Xena watched in her mind’s eyes, as her’s and Diana’s life played out in front of her. The images showed kids of varied ages around the two, and the one thing that Xena saw most clearly, was the bright smile that lit Diana’s face, as if she were in a dream world. Xena saw the good and the bad of their new life parade through her mind. Although she was disturbed by some of it, the smile on Diana’s face overshadowed all of it.

The next day, Diana was awake and full of energy. Her mood was adorable to Xena. Diana for some reason that she didn’t realize yet, was at peace and completely content. She catered to Xena as she sang to herself and to anyone who would listen...which was not hard to find, considering Diana and Xena both had beautiful voices.

"What’s going on with Diana, she seems so ....Happy?"

"Yes, I guess she does, but I don’t think she would even be able to tell you why she is so jubilant...why don’t you go ask her and find out?"

"Ok!" Gabrielle’s curiosity running away with her, she jumped to her feet and sprinted off to catch up with Diana. Noor and Rebecca both wanted to know as well, so they sprinted off behind Gabrielle. The children were left with their other mothers’.

"Diana?! Diana?!"

"Hmm...yes sis, what’s up? Did Xena and them want something added?"

"No, no, nothing like that, I...I mean we....we want to know what’s going on with you?"

"What do you mean?"

"You are so happy, and even your skin has a silvery shine to it, and your hair....what is this?"


"The silver at the end of each strand of your hair??"

"Oh...that. I don’t know, I woke up one day and there it was."

"Do you think it has anything to do with your mood?"

"I don’t know....maybe."

"Well do you know why you’re in this joyful mood?"

"No, I just feel....complete, for some reason. I can’t explain it. I am just ....joyful." Anyway, I don’t want to question it, I just don’t ever want the feeling to leave...Goodness I feel intoxicated, especially every time I think of Xena."

"Diana you are positively glowing...literally and figuratively." Rebecca inserted with a warm smile directed at Diana.

"I know, she really is, isn’t she?" Noor’s own smile touched Diana’s heart just as the other two women’s smiles did.

"Well I love the feeling!" Diana then threw her arms around all three women and they all hugged tightly.

Over the next weeks Diana found it somewhat difficult to keep up with Xena on their morning run, so instead of going the whole distance, she would suddenly stop.

"That’s enough...carry me back."

"Kitten we haven’t even gone a quarter of the way we usually do?"

"And your point is??"

"My point Kitten, is that you seem to not have as much energy as you used to...why is that??" A smirk playing at Xena’s lips as she tried to keep as straight of a face as she could. She knew how Diana would react once she realized why she had been so tired intermittently, and why her breasts seemed to
only produce milk no matter what Xena’s thoughts were for.

"I don’t know, I’ve only been feeling this way for the last few weeks."

"You have no idea as to what could be causing it? Or why your hair has silver ends? Or why your skin has speckles of silver over your entire body? Or why your nipples are silver and your breast seems to be getting larger and ONLY producing milk at the moment? You have no idea?"

Diana started to walk over to a fallen tree to sit down as she thought about what Xena had asked her, at first Diana spoke in a sarcastic, yet teasing tone. "Well when you put it like that it makes it sound like I am pregnant, and we
both know that that couldn’t be it....right?"

Xena didn’t answer at first, and Diana didn’t see the grin that was creeping onto Xena’s face.

"Xena, I asked you a question, it couldn’t be that I am pregnant, right?"

" don’t think so huh?"

"What? What does that mean? Of course I don’t think so, I mean you have told me over and over again we weren’t ready, so now that I finally accept that, you go and say some nutty stuff like that." Diana removed bits of grass and leaves from her legs and lap as the wind blew more on her. She was distracted by the dust that was being kicked up by the breeze, and did not think to look up at Xena as they spoke.

"Is it nutty?" Xena teased, enjoying Diana’s increasingly perplexed expression.

"What?? Xena? " When Diana finally looked up at Xena she saw the bright grin on Xena’s face.


An anticipatory gaze lit Xena’s eyes as she watched and waited for Diana to catch on, which she knew was going to be any moment.

Diana’s mouth slowly began to drop open, as her eyes widened at the same rate. She then sat and stared at Xena, mouth and eyes wide open and in shock.


"Xena?? You mean??" Diana finally gasped, as she couldn’t decide whether to get up or stay seated. She went back and forth with the idea of getting up, or just remaining seated so as not to fall to the floor because of the weakness her legs were feeling.

Xena slowly nodded her head, as she continued to grin and watch the many emotions cross her consort’s face, and at the same time she felt them.

"You mean?? Xena?? Really??? I’m...."
Xena nodded her head once again, and then she was suddenly attacked. Diana planted kiss after kiss over Xena’s entire face, tears rolling from her eyes, jewels slid down Diana’s face as she laughed, cried, stared and then started all over again. Diana had knocked Xena over and the two went tumbling to the ground. Xena made sure her body took the weight of their fall on herself, making sure to protect Diana from any accidental injury.

The two made love many times during the rest of the day, and every time Diana thought about Xena she would attack her, no matter where Xena was. By the end of the day, Xena fell asleep first, holding Diana in her arms with Diana curled up against her, just listening to Xena’s heartbeat. Tears ran down onto Xena’s chest from the overwhelming emotions that seemed to be a constant now that she was pregnant with Xena’s child/ren.

Over the next weeks and months the rest of the household had been told and was now involved in the catering to and care of Diana. Xena had ordered that Diana was to have whatever she wanted and was not to be upset by anything, or by anyone, and if she was, they would have to deal with The conqueror’s wrath.

Diana’s pregnancy made for some of the funniest days, and other times made for stressful days. When the news about Diana’s pregnancy got out to the general populace, the palace was inundated with gifts and best wishes. Of course, as with anything, there was negative side, The Palace had received threats that Diana would be kidnapped, or that the baby would be taken the moment it was born, or after. Lord Questra, the Sovereign Questra, and Lady Xena turned their full attention to the threatening messages, by order of Lord Xena. It was so that Xena could focus all of her attention on taking care of Diana. The senders of the messages were soon captured, tried and executed. Word was put out that any and all threats against the realm would be handled in the same fashion, and that there would be NO leniency or mercy granted to anyone who made such threats, whether direct or indirect.

Xena was not taking any chances with such threats. She eliminated any and all so as not to have to worry about someone reappearing. She did this because she thought about the old Questra and how she kept reappearing. Diana’s
pregnancy continued for a total of 6 months, until one day they were all out sitting in the garden, just enjoying the evening. Diana went to lean over to get something to eat, but just as she did, a sharp pain caught hold of her and she gasped.

Xena suddenly sat up and began checking over Diana, while at the same time asking her if was she alright.

"Yes...I think it is time."

‘Oh?! Ok, Ok, it’s alright, I am here, ok, will be alright Kitten, just stay calm ok??" Xena the Conqueror was now completely frantic as she went to lift Diana up into her arms with the intention of taking her back to the Palace to their chamber, but Diana had other plans.

"Calm down Xena, and I want to stay out here with all of you and have our children."

"Children??" Lord Questra asked in wonder.

"Yes, sextuplets."

"Six???" Gabrielle gasped as she began caressing Diana’s head, keeping her hair out of her face.

Diana smiled and then gestured to Xena, who when everyone’s eyes settled on her, actually blushed. Then, she composed herself.

"Well, what can I say? If I thought she could have handled more, then who knows?"

"Xena!!" Diana gasped in shock and then a contraction hit her and she gasped for other reasons.

Kalissa had settled down next to Xena, and told her that the babies would have to be taken out due to the number. Kalissa of course did not understand just how special Xena and Diana’s bodies were. When the contractions
became closer and closer, the sky was suddenly filled with light once again, making the evening into day, and the only ray of light that came down was surrounding Xena and Diana. Xena’s hands lightly stroked over Diana’s
distended tummy, which was not distended nearly as much as what was normal for average women. Xena’s hands glided down to Diana’s flower, and she slowly inserted her hand inside. Diana did not feel any discomfort as a
result of it. Xena stroked over Diana’s core and the water that would normally rupture upon commencement of contractions that indicated imminent delivery was taken away. With another touch of Xena’s fingers on the front of Diana’s core, she removed her hand slowly from within. After a few moments, the ray of light condensed so that it was now pinpointed on Diana’s belly, while both Diana’s and Xena’s heads still had a light source around them.

Diana took in a slow deep breath, and then as she slowly exhaled, one of the babies presented itself, and Xena using her mind, changed different areas around them, into cribs. Cribs made from the flowers that surrounded them. Xena caught the first baby with her large hand and with a light stroke over her head, nose and mouth, the baby took in a deep breath and smiled. She handed the first one to Diana who took the small bundle into her arms and rested it on her breast where the baby began to nurse almost immediately. The second baby came almost immediately, and Xena did the same thing. The baby responded the same way. She handed that one to Diana who placed the little one on her other breast, and the baby began to nurse just like his sister was. The two babies nursed as Xena now sat and waited for the next baby to be born. This time she had to wait, and for some reason both she and Diana understood the reason for the wait, and never worried, whereas everyone else was panicking as to why it was taking so long. But the moment the two babies that were on Diana’s breasts finished nursing and had fallen asleep, the next two were born, one right after the other, and the same thing took place. Gabrielle and Noor and Rebecca were all cooing over the two that Xena had put in the first two cribs. Everyone else who was there, sat and either attended to Diana or removed the infants from Diana’s breast after they finished nursing. Xena handed the next set to Diana and this time, after the final two were born, Xena stroked Diana’s belly, and the distended abdomen began to tighten, as the focused beam of light began to diffuse. As it did, it once again engulfed Xena and Diana, but this time, it continued to spread until it surrounded not only the two, but also the babies, and then all of Diana’s family.

The ends of Diana’s hair now glowed, as did her nipples, and her skin once again, but this time, all of the women who were caught in the warmth of the light now had a shimmering to their own skin. Along with that, they all
heard, for the first time, Indite...the voice of the entity that has watched over Xena and Diana since the first time they met.

"You all have just witnessed the birth that is only the beginning of many births. Births that will change the world in a profound way. The twilight is upon the Greek Gods. There will be danger to look out for, but if you all continue to have the love that Diana has shown, compassion as Gabrielle has displayed, Courage that Lord Questra has embodied, and Wisdom and strength that Xena has used in the guidance of all of you, then there is no reason to worry about harm coming to any of your children. May love, compassion, courage, wisdom and strength always be your guides. You have all been blessed by love, and her name is... Queen Diana. " The voice went silent, and then the light that lit the evening sky and the wide ray of light that surrounded all of the people in the middle of the garden, slowly vanished.

When the light had faded, everyone looked at each other, and then they all looked down at the one woman whom the message was mostly focused on. When their eyes landed on Diana, they were in awe as to what they now saw. Diana’s hair was now completely silver and glowing with only one streak of ebony strands on each side of Diana’s head. The rest was glowing silver. Diana’s body glowed caramel with the flecks of silver twinkling. Diana’s eyes were sapphire with rings of chestnut. Diana’s long lashes lowered as she watched the two remaining children on her breast nursing. A warm smile was planted upon Diana’s lips, as if she were oblivious to everything and everyone around her. But...just as they began to think it, Diana lifted her gaze to look at each person standing over her, and finally her gaze came to rest on Xena.

"This day has changed my life. I am no longer the Diana I once was. I now know what my purpose is for having been sent here so many years ago. Why I had to go through everything that I had. It was all for this day, and the
days and years to follow. We...You My Lord Xena, and You Lord Questra, and You Lady Xena, and You Sovereign Questra, and my dear sisters, Rebecca, Noor and Gabrielle. We are all meant for greater things, and with the birth of these children, those things are now set in motion to occur. Our children will rule these lands, and they will prosper. We will all remain young and continue to develop the world, as our children spread out to rule each of the newly developed lands, and the Gods of Greece will have no power over any of them, because we will have the power over them. It is a great day for the world. I love all of you, and will always love you. My soul’s true love shall be the ruler of all. So...shall we start on our new lives?" Diana’s voice was calm, gentle, and filled with love as she gracefully sat up and after kissing each of her children, she lifted them up one at a time, and with a loving smile she handed Lord and Sovereign Questra and Lady Xena a basket each. Then she turned and handed Gabrielle and Noor and Rebecca the other three. Finally she went and stood in front of Xena, who without a word, lifted Diana up into her arms and placed a heartwarming kiss to her lips.

Over the next few years, the children grew fast, and soon, the palace had offspring coming out the ears, seemingly. They spread from Greece to the other side of the world. The Lord’s and their consorts all traveled the country, from place to place, aiding their children in the ruling of the different countries. At times fighting in wars other times leading the armies. But each one was for the good of the people, seeing how the Greek Gods tried to reclaim their powers, but were stopped by those of Xena’s and Diana.

As the children grew old and then died, the next group of offspring was already ruling. The group of eight began traveling from time to time, place to place, never aging, yet their children, grandchildren would age and die, generation after generation. Soon Xena and all of them were traveling world to world, universe to universe.

Learning and growing wiser with each contact. In the middle of space the eight women stood floating.

" Our life could not be any more wonderful. In spite of losing some children to war, overall, our world has grown to a more beautiful place, as well as the worlds we have visited. None of them are perfect, and there are still problems, but...nothing like they used to be."

"I agree Kitten, and the Greek Gods now walk as mortals on the earth. All that is, except Death, she is the only Greek God that was not affected by the twilight. But I am still pleased." Xena then looked at each of the women that
floated out in space beside her, and then said in a powerful voice. " READY?!"

"Ready, Lord Conqueror!" The echo from their voices rang throughout the universe. They became constellations in the heaven’s watching and guiding. Their love was known throughout the universe.

Sigh...........well Ladies and gentlemen....this concludes The Chosen Series. The life of Xena and Diana, their existence eternal and infinite as long as their love continued. The other six were at their side the whole time.
Thank you all for riding this ever so wild roller coaster with me, I hope you have enjoyed reading it as much as I have enjoyed writing it. I will now move onto to another story, and hopefully post that read soon.

Love D.Virtue

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