By Penelope Downs, AKA Doc

Disclaimer: This is the third sequel to the story Getting the Devil into Heaven, which is humorous spin-off from a tale in The Decameron. WordWarior has recorded the first three stories in the series. Once I have the time, I plan to digitize her recording and convert it to MP3 to post on the Web. I've sped up writing the next three stories in this series because WordWarior has indicated that she will retire at the end of the year. I would like to get Opus 1 (the first six stories) on tape before that happens. This story borrows from another work that is in the public domain, Dante's :L'Inferno. If you haven't read that great work yet, I would encourage you to do so. It's even on a number of pages on the Web. Check out the following site: As usual, the characters in this story are mine and I own the copyright. Use without my permission is prohibited. Any resemblance to a person, dead or alive, is unintentional. If you under 18 years of age, are offended by same sex romances, or it's illegal to read about it where you live, stop now and read no further. Beware, this story contains an explicit sex scene (yes, I try to respond to e-mail requests). Since it's set in Hell, it also has some graphic depictions of violence. If either of these things bother you, don't read this story.



The first thing that the little angel could not help but notice when they had passed through the gates of Hell was the awful noise. It assaulted her eardrums, hitting her like a tidal wave, and was so fierce that she covered her ears with her hands. Tears began to well up in her eyes and she looked to the she-devil. The she-devil did not attempt to speak but just put her arm on the angel's shoulders to lead her on. The noise bothered her too, but she was more concerned for her love. She turned her head and saw that Michael's large guards also had covered their ears. All of the delegation, devils and angels alike, hurried to get away from the woeful sound. As they moved forward, the she-devil knew her blonde lover would become even more upset if she saw the pitiful souls that merely existed at the portal to Hell without any hope of entry. They were the unfortunates who were neither notorious enough in life to be condemned to Hell or virtuous enough to be allowed into Heaven. They were the source of the awful noise and were tormented by wasps and hornets that continually stung their naked bodies, making them bleed. However, it was not the pain that made them cry out. Rather, it was their despair at the hopeless state of their affairs. The she-devil tried to use her free hand to cover the little angel's eyes so she would not see those weary and forlorn souls, but the angel moved one of her hands off an ear long enough to swat the she-devil's hand away from her eyes. Not knowing whether her devil could hear her above the noise she yelled, "No, I must see everything. Don't try to protect me, love."

The angel began to cry when she saw the painful expressions that those weary souls bore. She became even more upset when she recognized those that had at one time been angels like herself; the caitiff choir that had been expelled from Heaven because they had not taken sides with Bel or the All Powerful One. The she-devil was pained to see her angel cry but was even more worried when she noticed a new expression on the little angel's face. She thought that the look resembled anger and wondered if the angel would become an advocate for those souls before both Bel and Michael. That worried her. She wasn't sure what Michael's reaction would be, but she was pretty certain that Bel would not tolerate any hint of criticism, even from a guest that he had vowed to protect. (Management in Hell brooked no behavior that even resembled insubordination. Malcontents were dealt with severely at Bel's direct orders.)

The she-devil breathed a sigh of relief as they approached Charon's dock. Knowing that Bel himself was leading the delegation, the ferry-man had been prompt. He even suppressed his tendency to sarcasm, knowing that Bel would have his head if he insulted one of his guests. The she-devil helped the angel onto the ferry and then wrapped her arms around her protectively. The angel had been able to move her hands away from her ears once she was on the ferry. The noise did not penetrate that far. She wiped away her tears and buried her head in the devil's tunic, taking deep breaths to try to calm herself. The devil did not try to make the angel speak. She waited for the angel to calm down. She knew she could not discuss her fears on the ferry without being overheard and she hoped that she would have some time alone with her angel before the banquet. Since they were starting their tour of Hell in the lowest part, which housed the worst of all devils, Vi did not want her angel to do or say anything that could upset Bel. It was essential that he continue to extend his protection to her for the she-devil knew that she could be bested by a gang of the unruly sorts in the "pits".

After an unusually long period of silence the little angel looked up at the she-devil. Sensing that they should keep their conversation private, she quietly asked her questions in a low voice. "Why are those souls made to suffer so? What did they do to warrant such punishment?"

Vi sighed, looking down at the little blonde whom she held in her arms. Whispering, she replied. "Love, I cannot account for the actions of our superiors. Management in both our organizations did not deem them worthy of entry. I know it doesn't seem right, but who are we to question their judgement?"

Vi knew that her response would not satisfy her love, but hoped that she would ponder it for the remainder of the ferry-ride so that they wouldn't have to draw even more attention to themselves by whispering. Vi had noticed a number of the devils in the delegation starring at them intently. She recognized their expressions. They were lusting after her little blonde. She suspected that her colleagues thought that she was whispering words of endearment to her companion to get her aroused so she could have intercourse with her as soon as they arrived at their first stop. It made Vi even more determined to keep the angel with her at all times.

Charon went out of his way to deliver Bel and his party directly to their destination, Judecca--the lowest part of Hell. Although human myth had always put Bel there, he in fact had never liked the place and chose not to live there. He even tried to avoid making trips there, if at all possible. Bel had no love of the three miscreants whom he had placed in charge of different parts of the area--Jude, Bru, and Cas. Although he did not like them, they were appropriately slimy and brutal enough to keep the riffraff condemned to the "pits" in line. As Charon brought the ferry to dock, the three unsightly head devils stepped up to greet Bel. Bel made no effort to acknowledge their presence. Instead, he took on the demeanor of a total autocrat who demanded complete subordination of all those around him. When Jude had the audacity to move even closer to Bel to shake his hand, Bel struck him with his tail, knocking him down. Then Bel turned on the fallen devil, hissed loudly and spoke in an ominous voice. "No one is allowed to touch me. No one here is my equal. Remember that, lest I be forced to demonstrate my greatness to you. Do you understand?"

Jude, who truly was despised by all other devils, simply nodded his head, unable to hide his fear. Vi was relieved, although she couldn't show it. She had been worried by the side that Bel had displayed in Heaven. He couldn't afford to appear "soft" in Hell. There were too many nefarious devils like Jude, Bru, or Cas to contend with; the consequences would be disastrous. The she-devil also hoped that Bel's display would help her convince her angel that there was a different side to him that she hadn't observed in Heaven and that she couldn't afford to earn his anger.

Bel abruptly dismissed the three managers of Judecca. He would be forced to tolerate their presence at the banquet, but he had no plans to socialize with them beforehand. Ever wary, however, Bel did motion for his aides-de-camp to approach him. He pulled them near, whispered instructions and then dismissed them. The four large, winged devils took off to the four corners of Judecca, charged with ferreting out any traitors who might be lurking.

Vi wondered if Bel's decision to send his aides-de-camp off had been a wise move. She didn't think that any of the other devils in the delegation would be as effective as bodyguards, something that even Bel needed in the "pits." Then she noticed Michael's large guards moving closer to him. She suppressed a chuckle when she realized that he felt as comfortable with them as he did with his aides-de-camp, who were his constant companions in Hell. It was then that Vi realized that Bel still completely trusted his old friend. She hoped those feelings would come into play if her little angel got out of line with him.

A subservient low-life approached, apparently charged with leading the delegation to their quarters. Bel was in no mood to tolerate the presence of anyone from the "pits" and dismissed him, reminding the worthless devil that he was the master of every part of Hell and that he would stay wherever he liked. Bel then motioned for the delegation to follow him. Although he purposely tried to avoid Judecca, Bel had made it a point to know the layout of the place from maps and intelligence reports that were provided to him routinely. (No devil could relax. Even Bel, as head devil, had to stay on his toes.) He led the delegation to a small but elegant mansion. Vi had to admire her boss even more when she realized that he had chosen that place because it easier to defend if anyone in the "pits" decided they might want to put a new CEO in place. She looked around 'til she spotted Mach and then waved him closer. When he got close enough, she spoke to him.

"Mach, I suggest that we get rooms near each other. I don't trust the others. I know that if I need help and you're nearby that you'll respond. I'd do the same for you. What do you say?"

Mach, whose angel companion was also among the heavenly delegation, nodded his head in agreement as he spoke. "Vi, I think that's a fine plan. I would have suggested it if you hadn't. Let's try to find rooms on the upper floor. I don't like this place and I'd prefer to be high enough so that the locals will be discouraged from climbing in my window." He winked and swatted at Vi with his tail, which she managed to duck. Scowling at him she hissed. "Knock it off!" The little angel put a hand on Vi's chest and whispered, "Calm down love. He's your friend. He was just teasing you." The she-devil realized that she was way too uptight and apologized to Mach. (That was uncharacteristic for a devil. Devils never admitted to being wrong. It went against their nature.)

The four unlikely companions climbed the stairs of the mansion until they reached the top floor. Vi became concerned when she saw that Bel had decided to take up residency on that floor, too. She had noticed that a couple of Michael's large guards had stationed themselves outside a room that she presumed was Bel's. She half expected them to shoo her and her companions away; however, they did nothing. Emboldened, Vi moved forward to claim an empty room for herself and her angel. Mach did the same.

Secretly, the she-devil was relieved that Michael's large guards would be nearby. She trusted them to help her protect the little angel if anything happened and they were large enough to be effective against the locals. The she-devil was distracted from her thoughts when the little angel grabbed one of her arms and began tugging her toward the bed.

"Come on love. We could both use this to relax."

The she-devil smiled and willingly followed her love to the large bed in the middle of the room. When they got close enough, she scooped the angel up in her arms and jumped on the bed so that she landed on her back. When she had settled them fully on it, Vi gently grabbed the back of the angel's neck and pulled her down for a deep, searing kiss. She demanded entry into the angel's mouth with her tongue and then used that muscle to explore every inch of it. All the while, Vi used her other hand to rub the angel's thighs and derrière. The angel began to moan into the kiss as she felt the wetness begin to flow from her core. She reluctantly broke the kiss and, panting, stammered. "Vi. . . love. We. . . have. . .way too. . .many. . .clothes on."

The she-devil had to agree. She surprised the angel when she simply grabbed the bottom of her robe and pulled it off her in one smooth motion. Then, before the angel could speak, Vi pulled her close and flipped her on her back, under her. She kissed the angel again, this time more gently, while she stroked her mound. The she-devil gently inserted two of her fingers into the angel to ensure she was wet, causing the angel to buck her hips. Not breaking the kiss, the devil moved her other hand to her secret pocket and pulled out her growing member. She removed her fingers from the angel and began rubbing her member the length of the angel's nether lips so that it would be well coated and become more turgid. Soon, the devil was also groaning and bucking her hips, although she hadn't penetrated the angel with her member yet. The angel was becoming desperate, needing the feeling of her lover in her. She reluctantly pulled away from the kiss to plead.

"Please, Vi. I need you in me. Please, love. Now."

The devil could never deny her angel anything, plus, she was just as desperate to feel the warm, wet tightness of her lover. She raised herself on her forearms and, looking down at the blonde, thrust her hips in a hard motion, skewering the angel on her now fully erect member. The angel grunted at the deep penetration, as did the devil. The devil slowly pulled her member out of the angel and then trust it into her again. She repeated her actions, deliberately going slowly until the angel grunted, "Fas. . .ter." Smiling, the devil complied and began pistoning in and out of the angel's cunt with increasing speed and force. The angel gripped the devil's back and wrapped her legs around her waist in an effort to pull the member deeper in her. She whimpered when the devil took one of her nipples into her mouth, sucking it hard and occasionally chewing on it lightly. The angel was on the brink of orgasm and felt the muscles of her cunt begin to contract. As she felt the first strong contraction grip the devil's member the little angel heard the devil grunt, felt her push into her even more forcefully and then felt the warm surge of the devil's orgasmic release. The angel continued bucking her hips relishing the feelings that she was experiencing. The devil continued to thrust her hips, too. The devil was surprised when she felt another orgasm begin. She plunged into the angel mercilessly, releasing again. The angel could only grunt and hold on. As the devil moved within her, she felt her contractions begin again, too. Unable to speak, she simply let the devil ride her. After their back-to-back orgasms, the she-devil and angel collapsed into an exhausted sleep, clutching each other. Neither had wanted to break the physical contact.

The angel was awakened by the sounds in the hallway. She listened carefully and then relaxed when she recognized the voices of some of Michael's angels, whom she worked with. She laid her head back down on the pillow and looked at the she-devil, who was still sound asleep on top of her. The angel smiled, yawned and closed her eyes again. Both were extremely tired since they hadn't gotten much sleep the previous two nights. When the angel awoke again, it was dark outside. She realized that she had been awaken by a thumping sound on the door of their room. She presumed it was Mach or one of Michael's angels knocking to get their attention so that they could all go to the banquet together. She started to try to slip out from underneath the devil when the she-devil awoke with a start.

"What's the matter?" The disoriented devil asked, still not fully alert.

"Stay here love, Mach or one of Michael's angels is knocking. I think that they've come to get us to go to the banquet." The angel replied.

Vi, who was still fully clothed, eyed the little angel and barked protectively. "No, you're not going to the door without any clothes on. You stay here; I'll answer it."

The she-devil waited until the angel had repositioned herself under the covers before she went to the door. When she reached it, she made no effort to unlock it. Instead, she called out, "Who's there?" No one responded, which made the she-devil very uncomfortable. She turned her head and put her ear against the door to see if she could hear anything on the other side--she didn't. Although it was against her better judgement, she unlocked the door and opened it slightly to peer out into the hall. She didn't see anything and was about the close it when she felt it being pushed open with great force. Before she could react, two large, surly locals grabbed her arms. She attempted to pull free, kicking at them and hitting them with her tail when a third local, another dark-haired she-devil, approached. That devil balled her fists and hit the she-devil in the stomach several times. The she-devil doubled over, having been winded. The dark, female local smiled and continued to pummel the she-devil's abdomen 'til she was gasping and moaning at the blows. Then she grabbed Vi's chin with one hand and pulled it up, making her look at her. The local she-devil didn't speak but struck Vi's face, bloodying her nose and mouth. Vi shook her head trying to regain her wits and was about to kick at the other she-devil when she felt a sharp blow to her head. Everything went black.




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