By D.virtue

“ Consort, we’re going to have to get some things straight, because it seems
as tho you’ve gotten a little confused about things since we’ve bonded. While
I am totally devoted to you and would do anything for you. You have to realize
I am still Xena The Conqueror, and that means you are still expected to behave in certain
ways, I will continue to allow you to freely speak and do whatever you want in
private, as long as it does not go against the public things, but I will not
allow you to disrespect me, refuse me, or defy me in public, if you do I will
punish you publicly by either scolding you or flipping you over and reddening
that round behind of yours, I haven’t done that in a while, but trust me, I
will not hesitate if you break any of my rules , do you understand?”

“ Yes.” Diana said not looking at Xena.

“ Look at me Consort and answer me properly!” Xena said agitated

“ Yes My Lord, I understand.”

Diana was now near tears as she gazed into Xena’s commanding eyes.

“ Good, now the other thing is that I am as sick of this Nebula situation as
much as I was with the Sahi situation. I don’t want to talk about this again
because I’ve said all I had to say about how I feel about it. But for some
reason you feel the need to say more, fine say what you have to Diana, but I
warn you now, this is the last conversation I will have about this Nebula
person, if after this you bring this conversation up with me or ANYONE else, I
promise you I will reddened that behind of yours so red you’d think I was
trying to draw blood. Do I make Myself PERFECTLY CLEAR DIANA?” Xena asked
through clenched teeth.

Diana’s eyes were locked on Xena’s hypnotizing gaze, after swallowing hard a
few times to clear the lump from her throat she finally answered.

“ Yes it’s perfectly clear My Lord.”

Xena exhaled a slow breath and then said...” Ok, so what is it that you feel
the need to talk about?”

“ May I get up?”

“ no, I like you there. Now tell me.” Xena said refusing Diana’s request.

Diana lowered her eyes for a moment and then decided it didn’t make a
difference if she was standing, sitting on the couch, or kneeling on the
floor, it would not change what she had to say.

“ As you wish My Lord. Before I get into that Xena, I want you to know I’m
sorry that I hurt you the other day, I truly did not mean to do that, it just
came out the wrong way. I am quite proud of you and the changes you have made
for ME, I need you to know that, when I compared Nebula’s behavior to yours, I
was trying to make the point that you both lived the same way at one point or
another. But Xena My point was just as you have changed, it’s possible for her
to change, she’s obviously trying to. I mean think about it, if I had
originally refused your challenged, you would not have changed, because you
would have felt rejected, and the fact that You are The Conqueror would have
only served to make that rejection even more apparent. Xena I know you would
have destroyed Poteidaia and everyone and everything in it, and still captured
me and made me your slave, and the ironicness is I would have been powerless
to stop you, just because of Who you are and our natural connection because of
Rah’s influences. Xena I saw you continuing on that dark path, I saw myself
being beaten with the whip many, many times. I saw my spirit finally break
because of the helplessness I felt in trying to battle against you. Xena I
never told you or Gabrielle about any of this, matter of fact I never told
anyone, it was just too scary to think about that Xena...Gods even now I
tremble at those images....”

Diana paused for a moment to collect herself and then she continued. She moved
to kneel right between Xena’s legs as Xena sat back in her chair with one hand
resting under her chin and then the other on the armrest on the other side of
the chair. She sat studying Diana as Diana laid out her case before her.

“ Xena, when Gabrielle spoke to me about coming to you, her words were a great
influence, but they were not the reasons why I came, I came to stop you.”

“ Stop me?”

“ Yes, from becoming even more dangerous to all the innocent people you would
have destroyed because of my rejection of your sincere offer. I came to stop
you from losing yourself to Ares, he told me that you were his Chosen and he
had no intentions of losing you to me, I knew then that if I refused any offer
from you, it would mean that you would be his for only the Gods themselves
know how long, and the destruction that would follow would be beyond that of a
nuclear weapon, I know you know what that is, having been to other times and

“ Yes, I know what they are. Continue.”

“ Anyway, I came to you because of those reasons...”

“ Those are the only reasons you presented yourself to me? to save people?”

Xena asked with some resentment sounding in her voice.

“ No. their not the only reason, I also came to you....because I .....had
already fallen in love with you that very first day you brought me here and
was becoming passionate with my breast. Your kisses had taken my strength,
that very first time you kiss me. I was so dazed I wasn’t sure if I was coming
or going, but I was also so very scared of you, even to this day, you have the
means to put the fear of the Gods in me, and I cringe at those times. Your so
unpredictable when it comes to punishing me, the only thing i know is that you
won’t use a whip on me, which I must say is a great relief. Anyway, I
digressed. I came to you because of all of those reasons, but mainly because I
was in love with you, as well as in lust. But my coming kept you from
immersing yourself in total darkness, it gave you a reason to want to change
because you had a motivating factor...ME. and I am so very proud of you and so
in love with you. Xena just as I was a motivating and possibly inspiration for
you to change, Nebula’s inspiration is this voyage, and my helping her with
the discovery of this new land, Xena it’s obvious she has great respect and
admiration for you.”

“ Really? and how do you figure that Diana? By stealing from my people, by
assaulting them, by murdering them, how is that showing me any kind of respect
or admiration?”

“ Xena I’m sure those things were done in self defense, and in her past. The
Nebula I met is someone who is trying to turn her life around and all she
needs is that chance, Xena you are the only one who can give her that chance,
just as you told me I was the only one who could give you the
change. Xena she wants us to discover this land not only for herself, but for
you and this Realm.”

“ So why does she need my Consort to go with her on this discovery?”

“ Because she knows that I can develop it into something prosperous.”

“ How does she know that Diana?”

“ Gabrielle told her about some of the things I use to do before I came here.”

“ Gabrielle told a complete stranger you were from another time?!!”

“ No, no, she told her I was from a different area months by sea to reach and
vastly dangerous. “

“ So she lied to her?”

“ No, not lied, she just substituted certain information, but the heart of the
story Gabrielle told her was true. Xena you know I could do this and do it
well, all I’m asking is that you let me prove it to you?”

“ You don’t have to prove this to me, I know you can do, and be successful
with it. That is not my concern.”

“ If that’s not your concern then please tell me, give me a chance to allay
any and all of them...please?”

“ Diana I told you what my concerns are, this is a woman who has made direct
attempts at wooing you, she’s a pirate and as such I know the nature of them,
having been one myself at one time. They are always looking for a good lay,
and baby I’ll tell you, had you been around in the days of my pirating, I
would have bedded you every moment I thought about you, I don’t think I would
have gotten anything done, I’m almost like that now, it just excites me to no
end to know that anytime I want you your here, I can have you anyway I want
you, and your only response is to return the passion...Gods Diana! How do you
expect for me to give that up? How am I suppose to sleep knowing that there’s
some woman out there with my Consort, trying to seduce her? “

“ Xena you have to trust me, forget her. It’s my response to her, and Xena I
swear to you there is no one I want or desire but you. Your my heart, how can
I betray my own heart? I can’t, and I won’t.”

“ Diana I trust you, your not the problem, but you can’t be naive about this,
I won’t let you. You have to remember when you went to Sahi’s on your own, you
had the same confidence then as your displaying now, but look what happened,
she almost destroyed you, and why? because of her desire of YOU. What makes
you think that won’t happen again?”

“ Xena she had Ares working with her, Nebula doesn’t.”

“ She doesn’t YET, remember Ares didn’t come into the picture until long after
Sahi had her plans made. Besides the fact that Ares was involved what’s to
stop him from attempting it again?”

“ Xena I can’t give you an answer to that, I have no control over those petty
Gods, all I can tell you is that I will be careful, I will not seek out any
danger purposely.”

“ Diana it’s an inherent danger just going to some undiscovered land.”

“ Xena I know that, I meant I won’t get involved in things that are created by
man, like fights and things.”

“ That’s another thing I don’t like about this, there is no way I will allow
you to go anywhere with pirates without weapons. I hate the idea of you having
a sword, but I would not let you go without one, and therefore that puts me at
odds with what I have ordered you not to do.”

“ Xena I won’t take a sword then, I’ll just take my staff, you know it can
handle any one’s weapons Except yours for some reason, but that’s ok, the
point is no one elses sword can defeat me and my staff, you know that.”

“ I know, but I don’t even want you having to go there, I don’t want you
fighting anyone, but I’m not wearing blinders, I know it will be dangerous and
you will need your weapons. Plus the fact that you can not take a ship full of
pirates on your own.”

“ Xena your looking at things that you have no reason to suspect, I know most
of the people on Nebula’s crew and their fine upstanding people who only want
an adventure. Their experienced seamen and women. There’s even a few Amazons.”

“ How do you know who these people are?” When did you meet them Diana?” Xena
asked with suspicious in her tone.

Diana sat back on her heels and looked up at Xena once again, feeling stupid
about what she did. Xena gaze narrowed at Diana as she saw Diana’s eyes lower.
Xena leaned forward in her chair and grabbed Diana’s chin in her hand and
lifted her head up to look her in the eyes.

“Did you see her AFTER I told you not too Consort?”

Diana hesitated only a moment , and then answered.

“ Yes.”

Xena blew. Damnit! I Can’t believe It You saw Her even after I forbade you

“ But Xena....”

“ SAVE IT! That’s It , if you can’t obey me while your here, how in Tartarus
am I to trust that you will obey me there. NO! YOU CAN NOT GO!”

“ But Xena..? Please?”

“ NO! Not another word on this subject again, Do I make myself clear Diana?!”

“ Gods Xena I will obey you I’ll do anything you say I won’t argue with you,
I won’t question you...please don’t shut this door to me? Please.....? I’ll
do anything Xena anything...Gods I so sorry, Please? Please? please? don’t
close the door Please? My Goddess please? My love please?Please?”

Diana begged as she saw her only hope vanishing before her eyes. The Tears
were flowing unhindered down Diana’s face as the depth of her distress showed
in her face. Xena was raging inside as she listen to her Consort plead with
her. Xena now stood towering over Diana, her breathing rapid from the rage she
felt. but she stood there and listened to Diana.

Diana had her head bowed as her tears sent her to sobbing and was rapidly
approaching whacking sobs.

“ Look at me Consort!” Xena Ordered.

Diana’s head immediately looked up into Xena’s raging but yet loving eyes.

“ Prove it!”

“ Diana blinked in confusion to Xena’s statement. Trying her best to figure
out what she meant. Xena saw it and said. Prove that you can obey me without
question or comment.”

“ How?”

“ For the next month Consort...... you will do everything and anything I say
without ONE WORD of argument. Do you understand?!”

“ Yes..completely, but a month?”

Xena gave Diana a tight lipped look .

“ A month no problem.” Diana said with a small smile.

Xena stood over Diana still looking down at her for long moments, and then she
walked over to the sofa and sat down and crossed her legs and bringing one of
her hands up to her head to rest her head on while the other rested on her
hip, and then said in a frustrated voice.

Get up and come over here Consort. Diana got to her feet and strided over to
where Xena now sat. Diana came to stand in front of Xena looking at her in a
humbled fashion.

Xena studied Diana for long moments every now and then she would narrow her
eyes as she thought about different things. Xena then looked up at Diana’s
eyes and saw that they were just as sapphire as her own.

“ Strip.” Xena ordered simply.

Diana immediately strip out of her clothes and stood naked in front of her
love. Xena’s body immediately lit up, but she maintained her composure. She
gazed casually up and down Diana’s body and watched as the blush followed her
line of site upon Diana’s body.

Xena had to smile at the responsiveness of Diana to her. Diana saw the smile
and Xena saw that she saw it and just as Diana gave a bigger smile, Xena’s
smile left and was replaced with an arched brow. Diana suddenly understood
what Xena was doing.

“ Sit here.” Xena ordered.

Diana sat next to Xena on the side that she was leaning towards while resting
her head on her hand. Diana put her hands in her lap and Xena smirked and
said.... “ You know what I want right Consort?”

“ I think so.” Diana admitted.

“ Well we’ll see. “ Xena challenged.

“ Go and get the silver box and bring it here.” Xena ordered Diana.

Diana immediately stood and bowing her head slightly in respect Xena returned
the gesture and Diana went to go and get what she was ordered to do. Diana
returned within moments and stood holding the box until Xena told her what to
do with it.

“ Set it on the table and then sit back down.”

Diana put the box down where she was told to and then sat back down where she
was told to.

“ Hmmm......” Xena casually said as she thought about what she wanted Diana to
do next. “ Go fill a bath and wait for me there, but don’t get in. Go.”

Diana once again stood and bowed her head and then turned and went to fill the
bath. While she did Xena picked up the box and opening it she looked into it
for certain things. One being an oil that Aphrodite asked most of the Gods to
help her make including Gaia. Aphrodite did not ask any of the men of her
family except her son Cupid and Zeus to help her with the oil. It was a peace
offering to Xena for Diana.

Xena needed to talk to Diana about it because of what it was and the way it
worked. But she knew she could do that while in the bath.

Xena went into the Bedchambers and striped out of her clothes with the help of
her servants, and then putting a robe on she walked into the bath, she saw
Diana sitting on her heels at the edge of the bath with her hands on her lap
once again and her back to Xena.

Diana had taken advantage of the moment to herself to meditate and try to calm
her out of control hormones. Xena saw what Diana was doing but she didn’t want
her calm, in fact she wanted her wild with need, so she let an image of Diana
and her come into her mind.

Diana instantly reacted to it, her body tightened unmercifully, she was now
gripping the edge of the bath, breathing raggedly. Xena smiled at Diana’s
response and then she strided into the room and came to stand directly behind
Diana. Xena stepped to the side and went and sat with her feet dangling in the
bath next to Diana.

“ Get in.” Xena ordered.

Diana took some deep breaths and then slipped into the water. Just in front of
Xena. Xena then slid down into the water and turning Diana around so that she
was leaning against the wall of the bath in front of her so that Diana’s arms
were resting on top of the edge of the bath. Xena then stood behind Diana and
begun to wash Diana.

Xena used her hands to lather Diana, rather than a cloth. Xena lathered
Diana’s back with provocative strokes, she massaged the muscles as she went,
and then she slid her hands down and over Diana’s firm behind and kneading the
firm flesh in her hands. She gripped them in her strong hands and Diana moaned
her delight at Xena’s expert ministrations.

Xena hearing Diana’s moans leaned against Diana and whispered.....” Do you
like that Consort?”

“ yess....”

Xena bit the inside of her cheeks as she continued to move her hands over the
muscles, massaging as she stroked. Xena was doing exactly what she wanted, and
that was working Diana up to a frenzy.

Xena suddenly stopped and turned Diana around so that she was now leaning back
on the wall with her back. Xena laid her body against Diana’s as she held
Diana’s head up so as to plant a fervored kiss on Diana.

Diana went to wrap her arms around Xena’s neck, but Xena caught them while
holding Diana’s head where it was using her mouth. Xena used her hands to put
Diana’s hands behind her back.

Xena then broke the kiss and spoke into Diana’s ear once again.

“ Keep them there, otherwise I’ll stop, and take it as your being
disobedient...and then we know what that means now don’t we Consort?”

“ Yes.” Diana said nearly out of breath.

Xena then gave Diana a look and then took her mouth once again and ravished
it. Diana held her hands behind her back as Xena had her way with her. Xena’s
eyes were full of the heat she was feeling, but she wasn’t quite ready to take
Diana, she wanted to make a lasting impression on Diana.

Xena broke their kiss once again and she once again resumed her bathing of
Diana’s body, she lathered Diana’s neck and shoulders and arms, and she
noticed that Diana had locked her hands together to prevent herself from
inadvertently bringing them forward.

“ Good girl, that is one way to keep them back there.”

Xena then begun a torturous type game with Diana, she purposefully left
Diana’s breast and flower untouched so that she could stir Diana up even more
when she finally was ready to do so. Xena let the palm of her hand graze over
Diana’s nipples and Diana almost went down, if it had not been for Xena’s
quick hands.

“ Where are you going Consort? You don’t want to leave this party do you?”

“ Xe.....a-hem...Xena I need you soooo...very badly, I can barely breath..
Diana said as she closed her eyes.

“ Hmmm that’s new...” Xena said pleased. Open your eyes Consort. Xena ordered.

Diana whimpered and then opened her eyes.

“ You have something to say Consort?”

“ No my lord.” Diana said in a rush.

Xena then smirked and then renewed her torturous play. She grazed over Diana’s
Nipples once again with the palm of her hands and once again Diana struggled
to hold herself up,without using her hands. Xena smirked at Diana’s dilemma
but continued in her play.

Xena took both of Diana’s nipples in between her fingers and adding just a
little pressure, Diana exclaimed...”GODS!!”

Xena leaned in and whispered does that cause you problems, me doing this...?”
Xena said as she applied pressure once again, and Diana lost the ability to
Diana’s gaze was locked on Xena, as her eyes pleaded what her mouth could not.
Xena saw the plead and she removed one of her hands from Diana’s breast and
slid it down between Diana’s legs and into the soft curls.

Xena felt how slick Diana was and she realized that Diana’s arousal never ran
out onto her legs, usually Xena had to slide her fingers into Diana.

“ Well, well, well, another new reaction....I’m loving the discoveries
Consort.” Xena purred as she then planted a crushing passionate kiss to
Diana’s tender lips.

Breaking it and with ragged breaths she gave Diana another order.

“ Stick out your tongue Consort.”

Diana’s eyes pleaded but she did as she was told. Xena immediately went to
licking and slowly sucking on it as Diana was trembling uncontrollably, her
legs were jello and she knew if she moved the slightest bit she would just
sink under the water and melt completely away.

Xena’s eyes shone brightly as she watched Diana’s reaction to her torture.
Diana’s body was one exposed nerve that went straight from her groin to the
pleasure center of her brain.

“ Will you ever try to hold yourself back from me again Consort?” Xena The
Conqueror inquired.

Diana shook her head vigorously in response.

“ I’m please to see that.” Xena said sending the thought.


Diana could only breath. Xena then ran her fingers up and between Diana’s
nether lips and slowly caressed her way to Diana’s pulsating peak and taking
hold of it with her fingers while at the same time still holding one of
Diana’s nipples in her other hand’s fingers, Xena leaned close to Diana’s lips
and said in a sultry voice.....

“I want to hear your voice Consort.”

Diana’s eyes were still focused on Xena and she tried to send Xena her
thoughts....” I need you Xena.”

Xena put pressure on both of the areas she was holding in her fingers, and
Diana almost let go of her hands behind her back to catch herself from sliding
down into the water, but she was caught by Xena’s knee that caught her between
her legs, thus sending another shock wave of sensations through Diana’s body.

“ Do as I ordered Consort.” Xena stated deceivingly calm.

Xena’s body was humming loud and she could have lost it right then watching
Diana’s reaction to her tweaking of both Diana’s nipple and peak. Diana tried
to do as Xena asked her she tried talking but even though her lips were moving
no sound came out.

“ I can’t.” Diana sent the thought with her mind.

Xena tweaked the two areas once again, and again Diana would have gone down
had it not been for that knee, which was causing Diana even more difficulty.

“ Talk to me Consort.” Xena ordered again although she felt Diana’s peak start
to pulsate faster and erratically.

Xena’s eyes narrowed at Diana.

“ Don’t you dare Consort!” Xena hissed as she noticed Diana’s eyes were trying
to glaze over as she neared her ecstasy.

Diana’s breath caught at Xena’s tone and with heavily hooded lids she tried to
turn her head away from the penetrating gaze of Xena, but Xena caught her chin
and turned her back to face her, Xena did not remove her other hand from
Diana’s flower, but used it to cover the area possessively.

“ This is mine Consort, you are not to release until I SAY SO! and not before!
If you dare release without my permission, I promise you Consort I will work
you back up and then make you wait is that clear?!”

Diana nodded her head as tears formed in her eyes, she begun to breath to try
to keep control of herself until Xena said it was okay. She closed her eyes,
but Xena said in a firm voice....” Open them!”

Diana immediately opened them and continued her breathing, Xena then leaned in
and with her tongue she glided them over Diana’s lips and felt and watched the
tremble take hold of Diana’s body again.

Diana continued to breath, Xena continued to punish Diana for her behavior of
earlier, and Diana was delirious and her eyes no longer had the ability to
focus but she kept her eyes locked on Xena. Tears were rolling down her face
as Xena watched everything as she would kiss Diana’s lips and then down her
neck, Xena somewhere along the line had slipped over the line and was now
making love to her Consort.

“ good Consort.” Xena purred as she begun sucking on Diana’s taut
painfully tight nipple.

Diana still kept her hands behind her back and before she knew it she was
being carried out of the water. With Xena’s mouth locked in a heart searing
kiss on her own. Xena grabbed a towel as she strided out of the bath with
Diana in her arms, and she dried Diana and herself using one hand as she
headed to the bed.

Xena laid Diana down on the bed and then she finally broke their kiss and she
huskily spoke to Diana.

“ I love you Diana.” Xena said earnestly.

Diana’s eyes cleared just enough to show her own feelings, although she kept
her arms behind her back. Xena smiled and then said...I thought for sure you
would forget about your hands.”

Then Xena kissed Diana again, but then she kissed her way down Diana’s neck
and to her breast and eventually taking her nipple in her mouth Xena begun
sucking ardently, and Diana’s chest raised up off of the bed and Xena moaned
at Diana’s response she then moved down Diana’s sensual body and made her way
to Diana’s flower.

Xena’s chin and cheeks were immediately covered with Diana’s arousal, Xena
brought her hands down and reveled in the new dimension to Diana’s highly
aroused state.

“ Oooooo.......sooooo....w.o.n.d.e.r.f.u.l.....” Xena said as she took a swipe
at the juices.

Diana’s body rose up off of the bed at the sensation and Xena then rotated her
body around to where she was positioned over Diana’s. Diana immediately lifted
her head and connected onto Xena’s peak, causing Xena to Gasp in shock at the
intense sensation Diana was causing so quickly.

Both Diana and Xena buried their tongues deep into one another and Xena sent
the last thought her mind had left......” YESSSSS Consort! “

Just as Diana was about to release the door flew opened and Xena literally had
to stay her own release by sheer willpower. Xena decided quickly that she was
not going to miss Diana’s release at least. So with her eyes blazing at the
intruders Xena waved them out and their mouths were agape as they realized
they had to leave the room.

Just as the door was about to close Diana stiffened and the next thing was
Diana releasing over Xena’s skilled tongue. Xena absorbed all of Diana’s
nectar with her tongue and continue to stimulate the core from which it came.
Diana released multiple times and with such force Xena thought Diana’s body
would break from the rigidness of her body.

Finally Diana’s ecstasy ended and she collapsed to the bed unconscious. Xena
on the other hand was perspiring like a desert worn woman stuck in the middle
of the desert .....on fire with no water to put her out.

Xena summed her strength to pull out of Diana’s flower and then she called for
Ludmilla, Diana’s personal servant that Xena had assigned to Diana despite
her protest.


Ludmilla appeared a moment later at the same door the advisors had and Xena
told her what she wanted her to do.

“ Yes My Lord I’ll take care of her.”

“ Good see that you do. I’m going to get cleaned up and changed. Xena
staggered slightly into the bath and wash herself up quickly and then went
back and dressed in her leathers, she also put her weapons belt on and then
she turned to see how Ludmilla was coming with her assigned task of cleaning
up Diana. Seeing that Diana was in good hands Xena turned and walked out of
the bedchamber and into the sitting room where she immediately located the
soldiers who had dare barge into her chambers yet alone her bedchambers.

The men saw the rage, but what they didn’t realize was that Xena was on
overload with her hormones running wild and hot through her, the look she was
giving the men was one of sheer and total concentration.

“ My....My Lord! Forgive us?!”

“ Depends..... what brings you to my chambers uninvited and unannounced?! Xena

“ My Lord we thought you would want to know what we were just told?”

“ And what’s that Draco?!” Xena hissed as she stood holding one of her many
daggers in her hand while glaring at the three of them.

My Lord we just got word that some dissidents from one of the underground
factions are stirring up trouble in the Western Province, we’re told that they
want all of Sahi’s people released or they will make war on the people there.

“ And You found this important enough to disturb me ?!!!” Xena yelled. “You
have run this kingdom while I was away and yet you can’t handle this simple
problem?!!! Send out enough of my troops to completely surround them and put
them in the dungeon and I will deal with them later at my convience.”

“ Yes My lord Right away.” Draco and the other advisors turned to leave and
Xena called in a deceptively casual tone....

“ Gentlemen? “

“ Yes My Lord they said as they turned only to have Advisor Rete’s impaled by
the dagger Xena had in her hand.


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