By D.virtue

“ Ok...whatever that means.” Xena said as she turned to go into the bedchamber
to get her weapons and things ready for when she wanted to put them on.

“ Why are you getting your weapons?”

“ Because of where I decided to hold my meeting with Nebula.”

“ On the practice field? How are you going to talk to her while we’re working

“ Because it won’t be we, it will be me and her.”

“ X.E.N.A?! You can’t do that to her?” Diana shrieked in fear.

“ Why can’t I ? It’s the best place to make my point, plus let her see what
the penalty is should anything happen to you.”

“ Xena you can’t do that with her, she’s never fought with you, therefore
she’s not use to fighting with you.”

“ Who is? Don’t worry Diana, I wont hurt her....much, I’ll just scare her a
bit, just enough to make sure she understands.”

Xena then walked over to Diana and taking Diana in her arms , she then said,

“Ok that’s enough of talking about this for a while, I have other things on
my mind that I want to do until my meeting with the pirate.”

Diana was ready to say something.

“ Xena...?”

“ Not another word...I told you what I want, and I want it now.” Xena warned
and then she claimed Diana’s mouth.

Diana melted into Xena, and Xena into her, they made love for only a
candlemark and a half, considering Xena had a meeting with Nebula set up half
hour later.

Later Xena and Diana were on the practice field, Xena was sparring with her
men, while Diana watched. While Diana was watching she heard a few people
gasp, when she looked around she saw Nebula being escorted to the area by a
few of Xena’s Royal Guards. Xena also saw her but she acted as though she
hadn’t she continued to spar with a few of the soldiers. Cutting some who let
their guard down and landing painful kicks to others.

Diana started to get up and go and greet Nebula, but Xena saw her and sent a
thought to her.

“ Stay there Diana.”

Diana looked over at Xena and saw she was now standing still watching her and
the approaching Nebula, with a look of “ don’t argue.” flashing in her eyes.
Diana sat back and let her legs swing out while she sat on the bench waiting
to see what Xena’s greeting would be of Nebula.

Nebula came to stop for a moment by Diana and looking down at her she gave her
a slight smile, but Diana saw the concern in her eyes, and giving her a smile
in return as a reassurance that everything was alright Nebula relaxed a bit.

“ Come! “ Xena ordered and Nebula looked over at Xena and saw the look and so
she headed for her.

“ My Lord You wanted to speak with me?”

Nebula said as she rendered a bow to Xena The Conqueror. Xena stood tall and
studied the woman for a moment and then Nebula stood up once again and waited
for Xena to answer her and hopefully tell her what she wanted. Especially
considering she said she would kill her the next time she saw her.

“ Do you know how to use a staff?” Xena asked casually.

“ Ye..Yes My Lord.” Nebula answered as her brows knitted at the strange

“ Good. I figured we would talk while I worked out. Staffs!” Xena ordered and
was immediately handed one and the other was handed to Nebula.

“ But My Lord, what is it you wanted to talk to me about?”

“ Your voyage, when do you leave?” Xena asked as she turned to walk to the
middle of the field.

“ The voyage My Lord?” Nebula asked in surprise.

Xena simply turned and cocked her head as she waited for the answer to her
question. Nebula saw it and immediately answered.

“ Three days My Lord.”

“ THREE DAYS?! Xena asked in stunned surprise.

“ Yes My Lord.”

“ Hmmm.... I see. Anyway, let me warn you, when I workout, I do it as though
it were a real situation, which means if you leave yourself open I will take
advantage of it, and I expect the same from you. Is that clear?”

“ Yes My Lord. “ Nebula replied dubiously.

Diana saw the look in Nebula’s eyes and she recognized it for what it was, she
knew Nebula thought The Conqueror had sent for her to kill her and thereby
eliminating any and all conversation about her Consort going with her.

“ Good, let’s go.” Xena invited as they begun circling one another.

Xena was also testing Nebula to see if she had the skills to protect her
Consort if the need ever arose, or at the least help her.

“ So how long is this voyage?” Xena asked as she dodged a swing by Nebula.

“ Three months My Lord.” Nebula answered as she blocked a swing by Xena.

“ How long is the actual voyage over to this new land?” Xena said faking one
way and turning and swinging the other, catching Nebula on the side.

“ Arrghh! Fourteen days each way My Lord. Nebula said as she recovered from
the blow.

“And what arrangements would you have made for Your Highness Diana?” Xena
asked delivering a series of fakes and landing most.

“Arrghh...By The Gods! Nebula exclaimed as she felt the pain from each blow
run through her body.

“ Well?” Xena asked casually once again. While continuing with her assault.

“ I have a special team of soldiers standing by ready to board if and when you
allow Your Highness Diana to accompany me to this land, I also arranged for
servants for her, she of course would have her own Cabin, with guards posted
outside at all times, I will be completely responsible for her safety and
comfort, if anything were to happen Gods forbidding, then I would risk my life
to save hers.”

“ Hmmm... I am impressed Xena said as she blocked a few swings of Nebula’s
staff only to have Nebula fake and catch her on the side of the face with it.

Xena’s head snapped around from the strike and a small trickle of blood was
seen at the corner of her mouth. All of a sudden there was a deadly quietness
that took over. Xena narrowed her gaze at Nebula who if she had been lighter
she would have looked like a ghost.

“ By The Gods My Lord Forgive me?!! Nebula pleaded as she saw the look cross
Xena’s face.

Diana saw it too and was immediately on her feet heading towards them. Xena
saw her coming and just as she got within reach Xena grabbed her by the arm
and pulled her to her.

“ Didn’t I tell you to stay where you were Consort?!” Xena scolded as she
gave Diana a penetrating glare.

“ Yes My Lord, but I was concerned that you would .....”

“ Silence! go back and sit down, and stay there! Is that clear?” Xena

“ Yes My Lord.” Diana said as she was let go and a swat was laid on her
backside that made her yelp once again and blush at having been scolded by
Xena for disobeying her.

Diana went to sit back down on the bench and she sat on her hands as she
chewed her lips looking down at the ground for a long period of time while
Watched her for a few moments, and then Xena turned her attention back to
Nebula and using her tongue Xena licked the blood from her mouth and then

Nebula’s eyes were wide with fear as she now thought she saw her life passing
before her eyes.

“ It sounds like you have had Royalty on your ships before?”

“ whew! Nebula sighed and then she answered. “ I have My Lord. “Nebula said
as she wrung the staff in her hands not sure if she should continue or not.

Until Xena took a fake swing at her to tell her that she was expected to
continue. Nebula blocked the swing and then came around with her own and it
too was blocked by Xena’s staff.

“ know there are provinces that are looking for you?”

“ Yes My Lord.”

“ So tell me why I shouldn’t arrest you right here and now? And why you even
think it’s a good idea for My Consort to go anywhere with you, when there are
people looking for you for one reason or another to hurt you or arrest you?
Tell me why I would allow My Consort to even get in the middle of that?”

Xena said as she delivered a series of blows to Nebula, one of which was the
same as Nebula had landed on her, only Xena did it to both sides of Nebula’s
mouth thus sending her sprawling to the ground dazed. Xena leveled her staff
at Nebula’s neck and then asked...... So do you have an answer for me?”

“ Yes My Lord.”

“ Good, then get up and tell me.” Xena ordered as she tossed her staff to the
weapons keeper. Then taking a cloth from her servant she wiped her face and
then handed it back to the servant.

“ My Lord, yes it is true I am wanted by the authorities for theft, and other
crimes, but they were as a result of self defense, and then figuring that I
was owed for my trouble of killing someone who wanted to kill an innocent
friend of mines, just to try to make a point to me. As far as people being
after me to hurt me, it’s true there are those out there, but I refuse to let
that stop me from what I want to achieve, there just mad because I’m not into
that life as much anymore., and it’s also true that there would be people out
to hurt those around me, but I can only say again that I would give my life to
protect Lady Diana, as well as my crew. It is prudent of you to have such
concerns for your Consort, mate, only someone who cared would have them.

“ I’m glad you understand my concern.” Xena interjected.

“ Yes My Lord I do understand. But I have to say without Diana, it will take
years to develop this new land.” Nebula admitted.

“ She’s that important to this voyage of yours?”

“ Yes My Lord.”

“ Well I like your plans you had set up for Diana’s comfort, but I will have
my own soldiers guarding her and she will have her own servants from here who
will serve her, she will also have a food taster for every meal and every
drink she takes, also How many ships do you have?”

“ Five ships My Lord, most of which are for supplies. The main ship will have
the most experienced crew around...except for your Royal crew My Lord, of

“Xena smirked, and then said....Ok , but I will be sending more ships one of
which will have all soldiers on it.”

“ But My’ve told me in no uncertain terms that Your Highness would
not be accompanying me to this new land?”

“ I know...but I changed my mind. “ Xena said as she turned and motioned for
Diana to come over to her.

Diana stood and headed for the two women.

“ Yes My Lord?” Diana asked somewhat shyly.

“ Your going to let her go My Lord?!! Nebula finally exclaimed

Xena pulled Diana into her arms once again and this time she kissed her and
while she kissed Diana she watched Nebula’s reaction. Which was to keep her
eyes on Xena’s intense gaze, as if Xena was daring her to look anywhere else.

Finally Xena broke the kiss and then answered Nebula’s question.

“ Yes, but there is one more thing I want to make sure you understand.”

“ Anything My Lord.”

“ If I hear you even tried to touch My Consort, I promise you....I will rip
your heart from your very breast and crush it in my hands. Am I clear Pirate?”

Nebula swallowed a few times before she could finally answer.

“ Very clear My Lord. You have absolutely nothing to worry about.”

“ Good, now let’s go get something to eat, we can talk more about this there.”

“ Yes My Lord. “ Nebula said as she bowed and stepped aside as she fell in
step behind Xena and Diana, who was wrapped in Xena’s arms, as they walked
towards the dining hall, where they were joined by Gabrielle and Ephiny.

“ Nebula?” Gabrielle questioned when she saw the three of them enter into the
dining hall.

“ Who is Nebula, Gabrielle?” Ephiny asked in wonder.

“ She’s a friend of Diana’s she’s the one about to go on the voyage to
discover a new land. Gabrielle explained.

“ She’s going out to discover a new land?”

“ Yes, and she had asked Our Lord if Diana could go with her.”

“ Really?! I know Xena gave her a quick No.”

“ Yes. That’s why I’m surprised to see her here.”

“ Well maybe she just came to visit Diana?”

“ No. I don’t think that’s it, considering she was one of the people who tried
to pick up Diana.”

“ Really?!”

“ Yes but that was before she new who was interested in Diana. And then there
is the fact that Xena told Nebula that if she ever saw her again she would
kill her.”

“ Oh, then it would be interesting to find out why she would risk her life.”

“ I agree.”

“ Hi Gabrielle, Ephiny.”

“ Hi sis, My Lord, Nebula? Gabrielle greeted back and with some question in
her tone.

“ Hello My Lord, Your Highness, hello.” Ephiny address the three.

“ Gabrielle, Queen Ephiny...this is Nebula the pirate.” Xena said greeting and
introducing Ephiny and Nebula.

“ How do you do?”

“ Fine thank you, it’s nice to meet you.”

“ Thank you.”

“ Your welcome Nebula. My Lord Princess Gabrielle has already sent for the
drinks, and the appetizers will be out soon after, if that is ok?”

“ Fine. Sit Nebula, there by Queen Ephiny, Diana you know where you are to

“ Yes My Lord.”

Xena and Diana and Nebula all took there sits, then the drinks were brought
out and served to everyone.

“ So.....what brings you here Nebula?” Gabrielle asked out of not being able
to wait any longer for one of them to start the conversation.

Xena smirked into her glass as she took a sip of her drink and Diana just
looked at Nebula and waited for her to answer.

“ My Lord had requested I come to the Palace to meet with her.”

“ REALLY?!!” Gabrielle shrieked.

“ Yes.”

“ Why?” Gabrielle’s curiosity getting the better of her.

“ To tell me that she was going to allow Her Highness to accompany me on the

“ NO?!! REALLY?!! Gabrielle asked as she looked at each of the three for

“ It’s true Gabrielle.” Diana confirmed with a smile.

“ It’s true.” Xena said simply.”

“ That’s Great!! Your going to discover a new land WOW! that is so
adventurous....can I go?”

“ NO!”
“ NO!”
“ NO!” All three women said at the same time.

Gabrielle looked startled that Xena, Ephiny and even her sister had said no.

“ Why?”

“Because Gabrielle first we have to find out what the dangers are to humans
and any other problems that may present themselves.” Diana explained gently.

“ Oh, ok. but I want to go when that’s finished.”

“ Ok.”

Xena listened to Diana’s explanation and then said in wonder....”Hmmmm...So
Diana, why is it that when I used those words on you they didn’t work?”

“ Because I’ve done this type of thing before, Gabrielle hasn’t.”

“ ok, you have a point, I was just wondering.”

“ So, when do you leave?” Ephiny asked returning to the previous conversation.

“ Three days.”

“ Three days? Wow, how long will the voyage take to get to the land?”

“ Fourteen days, then we will setup camp, and then afterwards we will head out
to begin exploring the land and mapping it. The first day will be a long one
with all the things we will have to deal with. But I expect it to go

“ So, you been to this new land before?” Ephiny asked.

“ Not exactly, I’ve been past it, on my way to one of the other provinces.”

“ So how do you know it’s undiscovered?” Xena asked in wonder.

“ Because while I didn’t stop to explore the land I did leave some of my crew
there for a while until we returned to pick them up. They told me they did not
see any other people, although they did not have a lot of time to explore, but
the time they did was enough to find out if others were on the land.”

“ Hm... I see.” Xena said accepting Nebula’s explanation.

“ So this is all set, everything is ready to leave in the three days?”

“ Almost, Lord Xena wants to add some of her own people and soldiers to the
crew, which I am pleased to have any and all assistance, especially from Our
Lord.” Nebula said bowing her head slightly once again at the Conqueror.

“ Xena tilted her head slightly in acknowledgment, and then said...” I’m not
doing it for you Pirate, I do it because My Consort and Your Queen will be on
one of those ships, My Only concern is the safety of Diana, if that happens to
benefit others well so be it, but make no mistakes I don’t like you, but I
will tolerate you for the sake of My Consort., do you understand?”

“ Yes My Lord. But I hope I will be able to earn your trust, and Gods willing
your respect.”

“ Take care of My Consort and you will earn my trust and respect.”

“ Then I look forward to the day My Lord.” Nebula said with confidence.

Xena arched her brow and then tilted her head once again. In the meantime
while Xena was making her point to Nebula clear, Diana, Gabrielle, and Ephiny
all sat looking between the two.

“ O.K... now that that’s all taken care about we eat?” Diana said
trying to change the subject.

Xena cut her eyes to Diana and Diana rendered a hopeful gaze at Xena.

“ Ok, I am hungry.” Xena said conceding to Diana’s plead.

Diana squeezed Xena’s thigh and smiled and Xena cut her eyes to Diana once
again, this time she leaned over and whispered in Diana’s ear.

“ Do that again, and we may not finish this meal.” Xena purred in Diana’s ear.

Diana blushed and picked up her glass to drink some of the cool water, to tame
the fire that Xena was starting within her. The rest of the meal was pleasant,
Gabrielle telling the group various stories during their meals, also they
talked more about the voyage and the supplies that would also be needed as
well as how often they would return with updates and whether it would be
brought by messagers, or by Diana and Nebula.

“ I prefer that it be the two of you to give me the updates, that way I can
see my Consort and also get first hand information. Of course you would bring
with you any of the researchers from the different research groups here also
so they can explain any technical things that either of you don’t know.”

“ Of course My Lord.”

“ Well, I don’t see the need to bring them with us, I mean I pretty much know
the different entities of discovery like the back of my hand.”

“ I’m sure you do Diana, but I don’t want you shouldering all of that, I
expect for you to delegate the way I know you know how. I understand why you
don’t want to do it, but I’m not letting you go there and get worn down from
all the different job responsibilities, so I expect to see the representatives
from the different groups giving their own reports, is that clear?”

“ Yes.”

“Good. I know you probably could do it all yourself, but I don’t want you to,
allow others to help you, ok?” Xena said in a more gentle tone.

“ Ok.” Diana said giving a small smile.

“ Good Girl.” Xena giving a satisfied smirk.

The meal ended pleasantly and Nebula left to go home and was told to return
with updates on what was needed, the next day. Meanwhile Gabrielle , Ephiny
and Xena and Diana spent the rest of the day together.

“ This was a great idea to come here and swim and just relax for the rest of
the day.” Gabrielle said appreciatively of the way the day was being spent.

“ I agree but I’m just a little curious Xena, why?” Diana asked while casually
stripping out of her clothes.

“ Because I want to spend the next three days just enjoying you.” Xena replied
as she pulled out one of the travellers and begun examining it.

“ I see. That works for me. What are you doing?” Diana asked as she walked
over to where Xena was sitting leaned back against a tree turning the
traveller around and over in her hands.

“ I’m looking to see if this thing can be reset, or something.” Xena said with
a serious looking irritation coming to her face at the thought of not seeing
Diana for fourteen days and nights.

“ Here, let me see.” Diana said holding out her hand to receive the traveller
from Xena.

Diana took it and reaching down into Xena’s breast, where she lingered for a
moment under the pretense that she was looking for something, while Xena
raised a brow of appreciation at the touch, and then said in a flirting

“ like it there kitten?”

“ Love it.” Diana confirmed but then she pulled her hand out as she saw Xena’s
muscles begin to ready themselves to move, which she knew what that meant, and
she didn’t want to start something that they would have to stop due to having
others around.

“ Haaa! D.i.a.n.a.....?” Xena called in a warning at the sudden removal of
Diana’s hand.

“ Sorry, but I was just going after this.” Diana said showing Xena the dagger
and smiling a mischievous smile.

Xena smirked and said in reply....” You wait Consort, paybacks a bitch.”

Diana blushed and sat back on her heels as she looked at Xena over her brows
and then proceeded to focus her attention on the item in her hand. Diana used
the dagger to open the traveller, and then she handed it back to Xena.

“ Here, this might help.” Diana said with a grin trying to spread across her
face as she saw Xena’s reaction why didn’t I think of that.

“ Yes it will, thank you, but don’t get a swelled head Consort.”

“ I won’t....maybe.” Diana added as she jumped to her feet and headed for the
water where Gabrielle and Ephiny were already splashing around. Look out here
I come!” Diana called as she jumped high in the air and did a somersault and
then aimed herself towards the water looking like a rocket about to pierce the

Gabrielle and Ephiny as well as Xena watched Diana and when she entered the
water one would not have known it, there was no sign that the water had been
disturbed and Diana went deep and swam under the surface while Gabrielle and
Ephiny looked around for her wondering where she would come up at. Xena sat
watching as she worked on the traveller, because she figured she knew what
Diana was up to.

Finally after a few moments Diana shot up out of the water taking Gabrielle up
out of the water with her!

“ Arrrrrghhh!!!! “ Gabrielle yelped, as both she and Diana flew into the air
and then Diana broke away and dived back into the water, leaving Gabrielle to
reenter the water feet first. D.I.A.N.A......?!!! Gabrielle shrieked as she
fell from the dizzying height that Diana had taken her.

Gabrielle reentered the water with a splash and went down and after a moment
surfaced sputtering water. Ephiny and Xena laughed at Diana’s antics,
Gabrielle scowled at Diana at first for scaring her and then seeing the
laughter in Diana’s eyes she then tried to hold back a smile. Diana saw it and
swam over to Gabrielle and asked her if she was alright.

“ I’m scarred me.. “Gabrielle scolded as she laid a punch to
Diana’s shoulder.

“ Feel better?” Diana asked playfully.

“ Yes, yes I do.” Gabrielle admitted.

Diana then leaned over and whispered in Gabrielle’s ear and the two women
laughed to themselves as they watched Ephiny laughing.

“ Can you take her higher?” Gabrielle asked.

“ Yes, easily. “

“ Ok do it.” Gabrielle said conspiringly

“ ok, I’ll dive under and you pretend to be worried that I’m coming after you
again ok?”

“ Ok.”

Diana then dived under the water and went deep again, only this time Gabrielle
and her were on the same side.

“ DIANA? Diana?! Don’t you dare do that to me again! I’m serious, Diana?!
where are you?” Gabrielle called pretending to be worried.

“ She’s coming after you again?”

“ Yes, but I’m not going to make it easy for her.” Gabrielle said as she
splashed her feet around, thereby making sure Diana didn’t have clear access
to get between and lift her.

Suddenly just as Ephiny was about to start laughing again she found herself
flying into the air, yelping the same as Gabrielle had.

“ ARRRRGH!!!” For Artemis’s sake Diana!”

Diana laughed and then once again broke away and dived back into the water.
Ephiny composed herself enough after the initial shock and tucking herself and
aiming her body so her head was down she dove back into the water and went
deep and after a moment surfaced with Gabrielle and Diana laughing
hysterically at her.

“ oh you two think your cute huh?” Ephiny said pushing a splash of water
towards the two of them.

“ Well you laughed at me, so I thought turn-around was fair play.” Gabrielle

“ Ok, ok, your right, but next time Diana....warn me!” Ephiny said sternly
with a hint of a smile playing at her lips.

“ What fun would that have been?” Diana shot back with a bright smile.

“ are something, the two of you deserve each other.” Ephiny said in a
complimenting tone.

“ Thank you, I agree.” Diana came back with all sincerity ringing in her

Gabrielle pinched her lips together to try and control the grin that wanted to
spread across her face. While the three were talking Diana casually glanced
over to look and see how Xena was coming, but she did not see her.

“ Hmmmm....that’s funny.” Diana said contemplatingly.

“ What?” Gabrielle asked.

“ Xena...she’s not there.”

“ Maybe she got pulled away for a moment to handle some business, I’m sure
she’ll be back.” Ephiny remarked trying to hold on the the lightness of the
day, as well as keep Diana from worrying.

“Yes your probably right.” Diana agreed and just as she turned her attention
back to the two women in the water she found herself being launched into the

“ BY THE GODS!!!! XENA!! “ Diana shrieked.

“ So you like to launch people well I thought you should experience it the
same as they had Consort.” Xena said as the two of them continued to go up.

Gabrielle and Ephiny moved far out of the way and watched with their mouths
wide open as Diana and Xena rose higher and higher into the air, they went so
high that both of the water bound women had to use their hands to block the
sun’s glare into their eyes.

Just as they were about to reach the height Xena had chosen for them, she
asked Diana....”Ready?”

“ Yes.”

Diana thinking it was going to be a simple thing, all she would need to do is
turn and dive, but Xena was not going to let Diana just concentrate on the
dive she wanted to distract her. So when they had reached the height, just as
Xena was letting go of Diana’s legs, she swung her arm around behind Diana and
laid a swat to her behind.

Diana yelped at the pain and lost her concentration for the moment as she
caught her behind and just as Xena was breaking away Xena purposely let her
foot catch Diana’s long enough to cause Diana to flip backwards numerous
times. Diana yelped again but this time she realized she was not going to be
able to right herself in time to line up for any type of composed entry into
the water.

“ X.E.N.A.!!!!”

S.P.L.A.S.H.!!!! was the only sound heard when Diana hit the water with her
hands and feet facing up and her back hitting the water first and then she
descended underneath. Xena had already surfaced to watch Diana’s entrance and
now she was laughing hysterically along with Ephiny and Gabrielle.

After a few moments Diana surfaced sputtering all kinds of water. swiping her
face with her hands to remove the excess water from it, she glared at Xena.

Xena then bit the inside of her cheeks to stifle the rest of the laughter she
felt, at the expression Diana had when she hit the water.

“ Fu...nny...very funny... I can’t believe you did that?!” Diana scolded.

“ I couldn’t resist kitten.” Xena rolled the words.

Gabrielle and Ephiny were still laughing unhindered, while Xena was trying to
control her own.

“ It’s not funny!”

“ Aw...but it is kitten.”


“ little kitten can’t take a dose of her own medicine?” Xena teased
lovingly at Diana’s now blushing embarrassment.

Diana then let a different expression cross her face.

“ Your right, I guess it was funny?” Diana said dubiously.

“ There see, I knew you had a sense of humor?”

“ Yes I certainly do, and you three seem to always be able to bring that out
in me, sooo...I thought since it was three against one, then you three deserve
the same congratulations for catching me so off guard, by the way how is it
that you were able to get in the water without me hearing or seeing you?
“Diana asked trying to distract Xena’s concentration for a moment.

“ It was simple, the three of you were so busy you didn’t notice me slipping
into the water .”

“ Ah...that makes sense...hahaha. you did get me, I must admit.”

“ I did didn’t I?” Xena said with a smile on her face.

S.P.L.A.T..S.P.L.A.T...S.P.L.A.T.!!!! Diana nailed each of them with a good
dose of mud from the bottom of the lake.



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