By D.virtue

After multiple orgasms, Xena finally let Diana go to sleep to rest, but not without
making it clear what she wanted when she awoke. When Diana gave her the
answer she wanted Xena then rolled over onto her back and Diana pulled herself
onto Xena so that she could rest her head on Xena’s shoulder. Xena wrapped her
arm around Diana and held her tight against her and with the warmth radiating
from Diana’s still flushed body, she followed Diana into Morpheus’s realm.

The next morning Diana awoke before Xena and she wanted to try to see how she
felt with gettingg up, as it stood right now she wasn’t as sore, generally
speaking, but she found she was still sore there. But she still wanted to get
up, so she eased out of Xena’s arms, as only she could, and then she rolled
over onto her back and then onto her side, until she was at the edge of the
bed, she then swung her legs over the edge and coming to a sitting position
she flinched at the discomfort she felt.

But she was determined to get up, so she put her feet on the floor firmly and
using her arms she pushed herself up to a standing position. She felt a little
lightheaded, but she endured it until it passed and then she took a tentative
step, testing the muscles in her thighs and behind as they flexed and relaxed.

Diana found it very uncomfortable but she wanted to get back to the site to
see how things were going, although she knew that if there were any problems
she would have been told, but she missed working there. Diana did admit she
didn’t think she would be able to do much in the way of physical work, but she
figured she could handle the supervising, especially considering all it
required was just telling others what and how she wanted things done. But then
she rethought that also when she thought about her drawings and how detailed
they were, and the fact that Nebula was there and Gabrielle, she figured she
could just send a message, so that’s what she decided to do.

While Diana was writing the note to Nebula, and instructing the servant, she
found the movements of bending and or sitting were not comfortable at all, so
she stood and wrote the note. Meanwhile Xena awoke and feeling for Diana she
opened her eyes to find her gone.

Xena’s eyes narrowed when she thought Diana had returned to the site without
letting her know for one thing and going there even after she was told she
was not to, and finally getting out of the bed.

Xena got out of the bed and putting her robe on she called for one of her
servants. Diana heard Xena and the tone and her brows knitted as she wondered
what Xena was upset about. Diana sent the servant on her way and turned to go
back into the bedchamber to see what was up with Xena.

Just as Diana was about to touch the door handle it hit her....” For Gaia
sakes how could I forget?! Ok, ok, I’ll just explain it to Xena, she’ll
understand.....I hope.” Diana said unconvinced.

She opened the door and Xena had her back to it and thinking Diana was the
servant she scolded, “ I don’t like waiting!”

“ Sorry.” Diana answered.

Xena whirled around to stare at her.

“ I thought you left? I was on my way to come and get you.” Xena stated.

“ I wouldn’t leave again without telling you, plus you already told me I
couldn’t go back just yet, so I was just sending a message to Nebula to tell
her to send word if she needed me, or if there were any problems. I hope your
not upset about that Xena?” Diana humbly stated.

Xena stood pinching her lips at the thought of how she scolded Diana to
herself thinking she had disobeyed her.

“ No Consort, I’m not upset anymore, I understand.” Xena said honestly.

Diana sighed audibly and then went to Xena.

“ But...I am upset with you about getting out of the bed Consort, you know

“ I know, I just wanted to stretch my legs a bit, and see how I felt. I’m
sorry, it won’t happen again.”

“ See that it doesn’t Consort, otherwise you’ll have a different discomfort to
deal with.” Xena warned as she gave Diana a hard look.

“ It won’t.”

“ Good, now get back over there.” Xena ordered as she pointed to the bed.

“ But I want to stay up, I’m fine really.” Diana stated.

“ Go.”

Diana looked at the set expression on Xena’s face and she knew , once again
she’d lost this arguement. With a big sigh she turned and eased her way back
over to the bed, and climbing on she laid down on her side facing Xena as she
maintained her balance on her proped up elbow.

Xena then turned and headed into the bath chamber and cleaned up, she then
came out and carrying water and other things to clean a person with, she then
sat on the side of the bed and begun to clean Diana up. Diana laid back and
let her but she had to ask....” Why are you doing this? Not that I’m
complaining, but I can go into the bath and get cleaned up?”

“ You could ....if you were allowed out of the bed.” Xena said leveling a gaze
on Diana.

“ Hm...I guess it would be a little hard wouldn’t it? Ok fine, I can deal with
you waiting on me.” Diana said as Xena rolled her over onto her belly.

Meanwhile across the seas on the other side of the world, Shatara was fuming
about Xena and Diana and she wanted to get Diana away from Xena, but she had
to come up with some sort of plan, She sat down in her lab and watched the
two, the way they teased and joked, she watched how they gazed at each other
at unexpected moments, love shining in both of their eyes. Shatara sat
thinking how she once saw love in Xena’s eyes towards her, at least that’s
what she believed it was, but Xena would probably say it was a deep affection,
but no matter what it was,Shatara wanted Xena back in her life as her Lord and
she was determined to find a way to make Xena lose her temper with Diana and
possibly , hopefully, throw her out of her life.

“ W.E.L.L.....isn’t this something?”

Shatara whirled around to see where the voice came from and then HE appeared.

“ Who are you? And what are you doing here, in my castle without my

“ Oh, take it easy Sorceress Slave, I just couldn’t help but over hear what
you were thinking and I though we could posssibly help one another?”

“ Who are you?”

“ I’m Ares God Of War.”

“ Ares?! The one whom Lord Xena praised during her battles?”

“ Yep, the one and only.”

“What are you doing here?”

“ Well, your looking for a way to get Xena angry with her Consort, so that you
can move into the vacant spot, and I know what will make Xena livid. “

“ What do you want for this information Lord Ares?”

“ Nothing much, just Xena back in my fold as My Greatest Warrior and for her
to lead her Massive army against those whom I choose.”

“ You know Lord Xena will choose her own battles Lord Ares?”

“ Yes I know, but I can manipulate things so that it is her decision to do

“ What about the little beauty, surely she will try to talk Xena out of it?”

“ Your right she would, and so would her little sister Gabrielle, but she
belongs to Artemis right now so we’ll focus on Diana for the moment. I figure
we can get Xena so argry with Diana that everytime she sees her she wants to
hurt her.”

Shatara’s eyes lit at the idea.

“ How?”

“ Simple, Xena is very possessive of her tastey Consort, she would kill just
as well as look at ANYONE who even caught the sweet morsels eyes.”

“ Well that ends it before it starts, I saw in my visions that she will stay
with Lord Xena through anything, so for her to have a wandering eye is about
as unlikely as it is for her to bed ....YOU.”

“ One would think, but I have a few cards up my sleeves, one of which is to
bring someone else here who wants Diana back, and their willing to kill for

“ I don’t want Lord Xena killed, I want her for myself!!” Shatara stated.

“ I know but there has to be some risk, otherwise what fun would it be,
besides, I heard what you said....”If you can’t have her then no one
would.”Well...I’m giving you that, either Xena let’s go of the ...little
beauty, or she dies.”

“ But who will be this woman?” Shatara assumed.

“ Not a woman, a man, from Diana’s time, someone who was not quite happy about
the idea that Diana had left them for another person, and a woman at that.”

“ You mean he’s resentful and feeling sort of....vengenceful?” Shatara beamed.

“ Yes, and he has the battle skills to lead an army, he had a LOT of convert
skills that would even impress Xena, anyway, he’s been doing some research
from his time, the same type that sent Diana here, he’s secretly working to
get himself here, he wants to build an army and then go after Xena, so he can
get his little Diana back, and I sort of had my niece Discord provide some
creative insight as to how to get here and where he should go to get the help
he wants to build an army.”

“ Let me guess, He’ll go to The Temple Of Ares, God Of War, for this H.e.l.p,

“ Where else but to the God Of War himself. That is my specialty.” Ares said
as he spread his arms.

“ Ok, so who is this eperson and how is he going to go about getting to

“ I figure he’ll will be among a group of settlers who will come to this new
land to settle, and it will be by accident that he runs into his ex flame.”

But isn’t there something special about Diana?”

“ Yes, this man was one of HER CHOSEN.”

“ Was?”

“ Yes, when Diana left there to come and live with Xena, Xena made them
promise not to come after Diana, or to ever see her again, they all swore,
except him, he instead swore that he would come after Diana and get her back.
WELL It’s that time, and he’s going to be on his way in a very short time. I
can’t wait.”

“ Me either, but I have a question, how is all of this going to make Xena
angry at Diana?”

“Simple Diana will see him across a crowded room and not believing her eyes he
will make contact, and that contact will start out innocent enough, Diana
spending time with him when Xena is here spending time with you, My plan is to
have my Niece provide a little...discord, an illusion if you will.”

“What type of illusion?”

“ well, I figure the best thing is to have Diana come across a scene of you
and Xena in an embrace up here, only you two won’t actually be in an embrace
but the illusion will make it appear that way, and the little beauty will be
seeing red, and too get back at Xena for breaking her word to never bed anyone
for her purpose, then she will turn around and turn right into the arms of her
ex Chosen, her body is still tuned to his, even though he is not in her life

“ That’s why Xena made them swear and oath, because she knows they still have
a connection to Diana.”

“ Ares, it’s brilliant, but why didn’t you do this before?”

“ Because I hoped that I wouldn’t have to resort to bringing someone from
Diana’s time back here, I think we have enough in this time with Diana.”

“ One thing I am concerned about .”

“ What’s that?”

“ The fact that Diana has gifted Xena with bits of herself, therefore Xena
might be drawn to this man also, only she has the ability to win against him,
but then again it might work well that if Diana went for this man and Xena
decides to take him from Diana that might bring about an even bigger battle.
The way I see it is it’s a win, win don’t you think?”

“ I Love it Ares, the idea of seeing My Xena in all of her glory in war, I
don’t care against who just as long as it’s not me.”

Ares and Shatara both stood grinning evilly at their plan. Meanwhile, Nebula
was writing a note back to Diana to tell her what had happened yesterday up at
the castle, and that maybe it would be a good idea if she came back within the
next two days.

“ My Lord?”

“ Yes?”

“ A message has just arrived for her Highness.”

“ give it here.”

“ Who is it from Xena?”

“ The pirate, she says that she thinks it would be good if you could get back
there within the next day or so.”

“ Is everything alright?” Diana asked with concern registering in her eyes.

“ yes kitten, she says she just needs your help with one of the sites.”

“ Oh, ok, I’ll go tomorrow.”

“ No you won’t, you’ll go when I say you will.”

“ Well can I go tomorrow?”

“ No, maybe the next day, but I’ll see.”

“ Xena come on, what do I have to do to get you to believe that I am alright?”

“ Situp.” Xena stated simply.

“ I can do that.”

“ Oh really? Ok kitten, if you can situp then I will allow you to go
tomorrow, but If you can’t then you will go when I say so, which will be in
four days?”

“ four days? Ok.” Diana agreed.

” Ok, situp.” Xena ordered.

Diana lifted her head in answer to Xena’s challenge, and she rolled over onto
her back and flinching a bit she then eased up so that she was sitting. Xena
watched her with a look of I’m not impress.

Diana then looked over at Xena and said triumphantly, “ See?”

Xena smirked and then ordered...” Stay there until I tell you differently.”

Diana’s eyes show worry, and she had to ask,” How long?”

“ Just for the next ten minutes.”

“ That’s all?” Diana said relieved.

“ Yes.”

“ Fine. I can do that.”

“ Uh-hum, we’ll see.”

Xena went to have one of the guards have her advisors present themselves to
her, within the next half of candlemark. Xena then returned to the bedchamber
to find Diana squirming.

“ How’s it going, it’s been 3 minutes?” Xena asked knowingly.

“ Fine.” Diana stated trying to sound convincing.

“ Really? Well then you should have no problem then.”

Xena then strided over to the bed and bounced upon it straightening her legs
out in front of her. The jarring and bouncing of the bed cause Diana to grit
her teeth at the discomfort that spread through her.

“ Xena! “ Diana scolded.

“ What? You said you were doing fine, were you lying to me?”

“ No, I am fine,.” Diana said as she moved her bottom at times trying to get

“ You seem to be doing a lot of..... moving, does something ....hurt?” Xena

Diana gave Xena a hard look. Xena casually played it off. After 6 minutes had
past, Diana was moving almost constantly, she felt like she was tightening up
and her backside was really aching. Diana looked over at Xena who was reading
a scroll, but she knew Xena was also watching her .

“ Yes Consort?”

“ I....Nothing.” Diana said dropping the idea to call it quits.

“ Xena smirked and said, you can lay down anytime you want, all you have to do
is admit it hurts.”

“ No, I’m fine.” Diana said as she repositioned herself once again.

“ Hm...”

Xena then went back to reading the scroll and waiting for Diana to give up.
eight minutes was coming up and Diana had tears in her eyes trying to keep
them from falling. Xena bit at one side of her mouth as she tried to hold her

“ Uh.....”

“ Give up?”

“ No, I only have a minute and a half to go, I can do this.” Diana said as a
tear rolled down her face.

Xena pinched her lips tightly together, at Diana’s stubborness.

“ You are so damn stubborn! Why don’t you admit it hurts and lay down!” Xena
finally blew, scolding Diana.”

Diana now had tears rolling and turning her head away from Xena she positioned
herself again and Xena then turned away snatching the scroll back up and
trying to go back to reading it. Diana was now so uncomfortable that even if
she won, she wouldn’t be up to doing anything about it, so she eased herself
back down and rolled onto her side facing towards Xena.

Xena sat looking at the scroll, but not reading it, she was calming herself so
that she could talk to Diana without scolding her.

Xena then cut her eyes over at Diana, and without saying anything she lifted
Diana’s hand and kissed the back of it. Diana moved over closer to Xena and
laid her head on Xena’s thigh.

Xena caressed Diana’s head as she admired the softness of Diana’s hair. The
next four days were quite fulfilling for both Diana and Xena, they reaffirmed
their relationship, they talked about many things and Xena asked for Diana’s
advise on numerous things, by the end of the fourth day Diana was up and
moving around like she use to.

“ Ok love can I go?”

“ Are you in that much of a rush to get away from me?”

“ No, on the contrary, but I know if I stay any longer I know I will end up

“ Hahaha, your right, and yes you may go, but I will be around to check up on
you from time to time, how much longer do you expect to have to be there?”

“ Not long according to the reports, another few days looks like.”

“ So then I will pay a royal visit to the sight in a few days.”

“ Great, I think you will love what has been done, some of the towns already
have people moving in according to Nebula.” Diana said proudly.

“ Well I look forward to seeing the beauty My Consort has created.” Xena
showing her love in her eyes for Diana.

Diana returned to the site and immediately left the camp with Nebula and
Gabrielle, and went to look and inspect all of the sites once again.

“ They’re perfect, exactly like I designed them, thank you Nebula for
overseeing things while I was away at different times.”

“ No problem, your designs and plans and everything were so detailed I don’t
see how things could have gone anyway but the right way.”

“ Yes, I guess they were, but I’m use to things being done right the first
time. Anyway, news is that Xena will pay a Royal visit in a few days to see
the new land, I want to come up with a name before then, as well as a name for
the Capital City. any ideas?”

“ How about Princess Island for the new land, and Diana as the Capital of

“ hahahahahaha, I don’t know Gabrielle, that’s a little...”

“ Silly?” Nebula interjected.

“ Well what’s your Idea?” Gabrielle challenged.

“ How about Xenadia, for the new land, and Nebula for one of the provinces.”

“ Hmmm...I like those, I think their perfect, matter of fact I think Nebula
should be the name of the Capital city.”

“ I don’t know Diana, how do you think Lord Xena will feel about that?”

“ I agree Diana, I mean think about it, Xena The Conqueror being asked where
she wants to go, and she says.... To the Capital City Nebula in the kingdom of
Xena. Do you honestly think she will like to say offense Nebula.”

“ None taken, I understand perfectly.”

“ Ok how about calling the Capital City, Gabrielle, in the province of
Nebula, in the Kingdom Of Xena the Conqueror?”

“ Hm....that has a nice flow to it, I like it.” Gabrielle readily agreed.

“ You wouldn’t happen to like it becasue it has your name would you?”

“ Well that does help, but I really think it flows better.”

“Ok, great, we have now named the land and the Capital, we’ll name the others
later. Now we have to plan a reception for Xena after she takes her tour of
the land. The gates to the palace make sure they work, and have all of the
servants get over there and polish everything so that one can see their souls
in the reflections. Are there guards posted 24 hours a day?”

“ Yes, the moment the Palace was complete I sent Xena’s soldiers through every
nook of the place to make sure no one was hiding within, and then they were
posted and there they stayed only leaving when their relief showed up, the
furnishings you had designed are inside, the servants have been staying there
maintaining things for the entire time, everything was tested and retested,
the Royal bedchambers is absolutely magnificient, as are all of the other
rooms, but that one, you really out did yourself.” Nebula praised.

“ I tried.” Diana said and then placing a warm grasp to Nebula’s shoulder she
said, “ Thank you Nebula, I could not have handle this and everything else
without your having been here to carry out my orders, and if you had not
discovered this place in the first place.” Diana recognizing Nebula’s
assistances, and help in the flourishing of the land.

“ I will go with you anywhere if everything turned out like this.”

“ hahaha, who knows, there just might be other adventures.”

“ I hope so.” Nebula said with a gleam in her eyes.

“ Ok you two I think we should head back?”

“ Yes your right, you two go ahead and I’ll catch up in a bit.”

“ Are you sure?”

“ Yes Gabrielle, I just want to stand here and look at things for a bit, I’ll
be ok, the guards aren’t about to leave me here by myself, not that I couldn’t
handle whatever came up, but it is Xena’s orders, and I’m not about to go
against it, even if I don’t agree.”

“ Ok, I’ll see you later.”

“ Ok.” Gabrielle and Nebula then turned and headed for the camp, although they
could have stayed at the palace, but they thought it would be better to wait
until after Xena and Diana moved in first.

While Diana was standing looking from the cliff down at some of the different
towns and the people who had already moved in, Diana was also happy that the
capital was also being settled by many wealthy people who wanted an adventure
in their lives and the idea of moving to a new land and being one of the
first, only served to feed their already inflated ego’s, the housing was
actually better than what they left and so they were happy to pay the
difference for the upgrade to their lifestyle.

The merchants started coming by the ship full, all scattering throughout, but
those who’s things were specialized were setup in the Capital City, where
their specialty items would be appreciated, as well as afforded.

“ Well, I must admit little beauty you have brought life to a land that had
only a few, it is quite beautiful.”

“ What do you want?” Diana said without acknowledging the pleasantries.

“ How are you feeling?”

“ Wonderful, and you?” Diana asked sarcastically.

“ hm, I have to admit little beauty, I didn’t think you would want to go there
with Lord Xena.”

“ Go where Shatara?” Diana inquired.

“ I didn’t think you would want to live the rest of your life with Xena,
knowing you have to submit to that side of her as well from now on.”

“ Well I guess you did think wrong, I have not only gone there with her, but I
made her go there with me, at my time, not yours, or hers, whether you want to
believe it or not, I do have some control over my body, but I want to know
everything about MY LOVE, as oppose to most people who only want to see one
side. Now if you don’t mind I have to get back.”

“ I am impressed little beauty, you have surprised me a couple of times.”
Shatara called after Diana.

“ Well you know what they say? When you think you know someone, it’s the very
time you need to rethink, what you thought, you knew.” Diana called over her
shoulder as she headed back to the camp with the soldiers falling in behind

Shatara stood looking after Diana, and then she said to herself....” That’s
pretty insightful little beauty.”

The next few days were busy ones, all the last minute Details to arrange the
processional that was to take place at the time of Xena’s landing. Xena had
not been to see Diana but she had been to see Shatara, she did send word to
Diana that she was able to set the traveller to work on water, so they would
arrive in a day.

Diana didn’t know Xena was visiting Shatara, but even if she did, Xena didn’t
think it was anything wrong with it, because she wasn’t doing anything with
Shatara. On the final day before Xena’s Royal visit, Diana instructed everyone
in what was expected and where the tour would start and where it would end,
that being the palace where the reception and official dedication was to take

Everyone voiced their concerns and had them allayed, and then everyone focused
on their duties. Diana told Gabrielle that she wanted the Amazons to be
present also, so that the Amazon land that was chosen for them could
officially be received by the Amazon Queen, although the land and everyone on
it would be a part of the Realm of Xena The Conqueror, the same as they were
back on their other lands.

“ It seems sort of strange to be doing all of this, especially considering
Lord Xena has been here many times already.”

“ Not really, she’s only been at the camp, or up at the castle, but she has
not been to see any of the development, and that’s the purpose of all of this
planning, besides it is a Royal visit.” Diana explained.

“ Oh, I see.”

“ Ok, I think we all should get some sleep it’s going to be a long and busy


“ Your right, we’ll see you tomorrow morning, are you ok?” Gabrielle asked
noticing Diana seemed a little restless the last couple of days.

“ Yes, it’s just the same thing, I miss Xena, I thought she was going to come
before the official visit, but I guess she got busy with other duties there,
but I’ll be fine when I see her, go ahead and get some sleep. I’ll see you in
the morning.”

“ Ok, I’ll be right next door, if you want to talk.” Gabrielle offered.

“ thanks Gabrielle, but I’m fine. Good night.”

“ Goodnight sis.”

Diana was then left alone to her thoughts with only two people left which was
Dancea and Ludmilla, and both of them were just finishing with turning down
Diana’s bed and laying out her bedclothing for the night as well as placing
fresh water and flowers and other things so as to keep the tent comfortable.

After they finished, Diana dismissed them for the night and she turned in for
the night. The next day Diana was up early and so was the camp, everything was
packed up and sent to the palace to be stored, and after the camp was broke
down and everything cleaned up at the site to look as though no one had even
been there, everyone cleaned up and changed into their formal clothes whether
that was uniforms for the soldiers ,servants, scribes, engineers, and all of
the laborers, or the new settlers, dressing in their finest wears to receive
their Ruler to the new land Xenadia.

Diana was dressed in an emerald colored silk gown, that was made for her by
one of the clothier. It had a low cut to the front showing her cleavage in a
seductive way, with the bonding necklace positioned. The dress had a diamond
shape opening exposing Diana’s firm abdomen. It then flowed gently over her
hips where slits were made from the lower curve of Diana’s behind on the sides
to the bottom, so that when Diana moved the skirt part of the dress teased ,
not really showing anything, but yet giving the illusion that it was.

When Diana first put the dress on, she was a little surprised by the different
cuts, but once she took a look at it in the mirror she was pleased by what she
saw, it was soft and flowing although the upper part of the dress was fitted,
the lower was flowing. Jewels were sewn into the garment, and earrings that
were chosen went wonderfully the necklace and with the garment as well as
Diana’s long thick ebony tresses.

Gabrielle was dressed in her Royal Amazon garb, as was Ephiny, The Amazons
were dressed in their Ceremonial wears, Solari, and Eponin returned to their
places of service standing by Their Queen Ephiny, Xena’s Royal guard and 1st
were dressed in their Royal uniforms, differentiating them from the regular
soldiers of Xena’s Army. Miki stood to Diana’s right.

After everyone was ready, the carriages that were built and designed by the
forgers, on the land during the construction of the land, now were brought
out for the first time to be used. Diana had white Arabian horses to pull the
carriage for Xena’s and her Carriage, tan ones were to be used for the Amazons
Royals including Gabrielle, and all of the Royal Guards of both Xena’s and the
Amazons would ride black stallions, everyone else in the procession would
walk, including the servants.

Diana had ordered every lead soldier to have one of the travellers and that
they would be responsible for seeing that they all got back to Diana after
they were used to bring the procession to the outskirts of the towns starting
with the furtherest town, and moving towards the Capital city of Gabrielle,
and ending with the arrival at the Palace, where a tour will take place first
and then ending with the reception in the Royal Reception Hall.

The hour approached that Diana and all of the people who had helped develop
the land of her vision, headed for the white sanded shores to meet Their Lord
Xena The Conqueror.

“ Ready?” Diana asked of Nebula and Gabrielle and Ephiny.

“ Yes, I’m so nervous, and I don’t know why?” Nebula stated.

“ Maybe it’s because you know the Conqueror doesn’t like you that much.”
Shatara said as she stepped from the forest.

“ Shatara what do you want?” Diana asked impatiently.

“ I want to welcome Lord Xena to this land as well, I mean I was here first,
but I will let you have the spotlight today,I don’t want Lord Xena to get
upset with me for spoiling her Royal visit.”

“ Your not wanted here Shatara.” Gabrielle stated honestly.

“ I know, but I won’t cause any trouble, see I’m dressed and everything, I’ll
even take whatever position that Her Highness says.”

“ Fine whatever, you can ride in the last group of carriages with the other
Dignitaries.” Diana said compromising so as not to spoil the day.

“ Great thanks.” Shatara beamed.

“Ok, let’s go meet Our Lord.” Diana stated to Miki, who called to order the
other Leading soldiers.

“ Move out!” Miki ordered.

The entourage of people moved out towards the white sanded shores to await the
arrival of Lord Xena. After they arrived, the receiving line was formed and
the lookouts called the sighting of Xena The Conqueror’s Royal Mast, followed
by 15 more ships.

Diana knew the Royal party would be on the ship with Xena so that is the ship
that was focused on. Diana had learned that Xena’s ships were specially made
to sail not only in deep waters, but also in waters that were meant for boats.
So the ships would come right up to the shores and let the gangplanks fall
upon the sands.

Diana waited in the carriage until the ship was close, and then she went to
stand at the opposite end of the receiving line of The Royal Guards. With
Miki at the front who would take her rightful place at Xena’s side as her
personal Guard.

Diana stood in the middle of the line at the end of it, where she would make
the official welcome. All of the Carriages were turned so as to be ready to
head for the interior, even though the travellers were to be used to cut the
time of the travelling down.

Gabrielle stood with the Amazons for the receiving, but she and Ephiny and
Nebula would ride in the carriage right behind Xena’s and Diana’s, so as to
join the two on the presentation of the different towns.

Xena’s ship was the first to pull up to the shores of the white sands. The
gangplank was dropped and Royal carpet was rolled down and onto the sands.
Afterwards the Musicians that were on the land begun to sound their horns as
Xena The Conqueror stepped up onto the top of the gangplank in all of her
Royal Dress, including her Crown.

Everyone gasped at her Magnificient, which is what they did when they
initially saw Diana in her gown. Diana stood looking up at Xena and a smile
came to her face. Xena looked over the large group of people and then
bringing her gaze around, she noticed that Shatara was in the group, a slight
raise of her brow followed that, but it was not seen by anyone but Diana, who
when Xena brought her gaze to rest on. Diana subtly shrugged her shoulders.

Then Xena begun to descend down to the sands, and as she did Miki stood at
the bottom of the walk saluting her Lord.

Xena stepped onto the land and giving a nod to Miki, Miki dropped her salute
and stepped to Xena’s left side, Xena then leveled her gaze on Diana and with
a majestic air Xena strided towards Diana.

Diana waited for Xena to arrive at the end of the receiving line so that she
could make the formal announcement. The music played as Xena strided towards
Diana. Once there, the music stopped and Diana brought one arm and hand across
the diaghram area of her chest, and swung the other outwards as she Bowed low,
and waited for Xena to give her command.

Xena gazed approvingly at Diana’s dress and the submissive type of bow.

“ Arise Consort.” Xena commanded.

Diana arose to her full height once again and then stated in a voice full of
confidence and pride.

“ Welcome My Lord Xena, I your Bonded Consort , do hearby Welcome you to the
land of Xenadia under the Realm Of Xena The Conqueror.” Diana stated with the
spreading of her arms as she kept her eyes on Xena. Xena looked in both
directions without turning and then she refocused her attention on Diana.

“ Xenadia?” Xena inquired of the name, although she knew it was a merging of
her’s and Diana’s but she was curious why Diana had named it as such.

“ Yes My Lord. To Honor you as Our Lord and your Consort because I was the one
to bring new life to a land that was but a shell. As I was told by the person
who came up with the name.” Diana said with a smirk on her face.

Xena knitted her brow and searched Diana’s eyes for the reason why she had not
named the land, but instead let someone else name it. Diana saw the question
and answered it without being asked.

“ I allowed the naming because of the reasons behind it, as well as it being
the same name I would have chosen for the same reason My Lord.” Diana

She now studied Xena to see what her reaction to the explanation would be.
Xena raised a thoughtful brow, and after a moment she looked back at her

“ So who came up with the name?”

“ My Lord, allow me to present her Highness, Princess Nebula?” Diana said
biting the inside of her cheek to keep from laughing at the subtle expression
that crossed Xena’s face.

Xena pinched her lips containing some words that she would surely have for
Diana later, as Nebula stepped up dressed as a princess to Xena’s stunned
surprise. Nebula herself had no idea why Diana had insisted that she wear such
a outfit, but now everything was clear.

“ Princess?” Xena questioned of Diana as they waited for Nebula.

“ Yes My Lord, Princess Nebula of Sumaria, her brother is King.”

Xena ran her tongue behind her teeth as she maintained her mask for everyone
else, but Diana saw the subtle muscles tensing. Nebula stepped forward and
bowed low, rendering Xena the respect of her title.

Xena assessed Nebula for a few moments before she told her to rise.

“ Arise Princess Nebula.” Xena rendering the respect of her title to the

“ So does that mean you are no longer a pirate?” Xena questioned of Nebula.

“ Right now My Lord....yes.” Nebula admitted.

Diana smiled at the response Xena gave her and Nebula.

“ I am pleased with the naming of the land.” Xena said returning things to the
formal state as to the reason for the visit.

“ Thank you My Lord, I am honored and humbled at your aproval of the name.”
Nebula said as she bowed and then stepped back to her place.

Diana then retook control.

“My Lord Allow us to show you the developed land?”

“ Proceed.” Xena commanded.

Diana then clapped her hands and Xena’s and her coach were ridden to them. The
footsman and coachman received the two and everyone else took their respective
places either in their own carriages or horses, or on foot. Miki lead the way
on her horse in front of the royal carriages, and all of the other lead riders
took their place.

Raising her hand Miki started the processional on it’s way to the first site,
using the travellers they arrived at the first town, at the outskirts on a
hill looking down at the town. Xena and Diana stepped out of the carriage for
a moment so Xena could get a good look at it.

Xena scanned over the town with her eyes and then she looked back at Diana
with amazement shining in them.

“ It’s wonderful Diana.” Xena praised.

“ Thank you, would My Lord like to see it up close?”

“ Yes I would.” Xena stated distractly as she looked at the town and the
people moving about. Readying for the Royal visit.

The Royal processional arrived in the town and Diana called for the carriage
to stop. Miki raising her hand brought the processional to a halt and Xena
stepped out of the carriage and looked at the buildings and assessed all of
it, along with the people.

The Regent of the town would be appointed later by Xena, but in the meantime
one of the Magistrates that came with Diana initially was placed in charge of
maintaining order.

“ My Lord Welcome.” The Magistrate that was put in charge greeted the Royal

Xena gave a slight tilt of her head as she looked at the layout of the town,
it had Soldiers posted on the roofs of every business, with stairs that
allowed them to come down without having to hold on with both hands, they ran
up the side of the buildings and were made of the same material and color the
buildings were.

Xena nodded her head approvalling at Diana’s forward thinking to have
protection for the town, they went into a few of the business, as well as a
few private homes. Xena showed her approval of what she had seen, they then
went to the market place and saw how it was setup.

Fruit and Vegatable stands were on one side of the market so as to prevent
raw meats from touching ready to eat foods. Grains and such things were at the
other end, and were stored up off of the ground to prevent rats and other
vermins from contaminating them, meats and such things were on the otherside
of the marketplace , all had covers that could be opened during nice days, and
brought overhead during the bad ones.

Xena continued nodding her head in approval at what all she was seeing. After
a while longer They moved on to the next town, and once again Xena was
impressed by Diana’s designs and layout of the town.

Finally after going to all of the towns and touring them, they finally headed
for the Capital.

“ I must admit Consort, I knew things would be wonderful, especially from the
businesses and their buildings that I saw in your time were incredible, and
to find out that you designed and had them built was quite impressive, I was
proud of you then, and now I am so pleased with what you have done here, it’s
incredible to say the least.” Xena said praise worthy.

“ I thought you would like what I have done, but I wasn’t sure how much.”
Diana admitted.

“ Well I rea.....” Xena started and then stopped in mid sentence as the
Capital City Gabrielle came into view.

“ Ah..! “ Xena gasping audibly.

Diana casually looked to her side at what Xena was seeing although she knew
exactly what she was seeing, Diana made sure that they would arrive at the
capital city so as to see the best view.

“ Diana?!” Xena exclaimed, then she called for a halt of the carriage.

Xena stepped out of the carriage with Diana and she went to stand at the
cliffs edge and she looked and stared at the sight of the city, it was white
looking from the distant, as if it had been sand washed.

“ I want to go down there ...right Now! Xena stated as she and Diana got back
into the carriage and the Coachman headed down the otherside of the cliff to
go to the City.

When they were first entering the city Xena noticed the sentries on each side
of a gated embattlement with soldiers on top armed. The gates were swung open
as the call went out as to who was approaching.

Xena studied the setup and she found herself wondering why this city was made
to look so much more important than the others, more richer. As they entered
the gates Xena saw the reason for the guards.

“ Diana?! This is amazing, it’s like something off of Mt Olympus.” Xena stated

“ I tried.” Diana replied through a smile.

The processional halted and Xena and Diana and this time Gabrielle and Nebula
and Ephiny came to walk along with the two by their sides. Xena went into
every building, including the Inns and shops and stables. She was obviously
impressed with what she saw.

“ Diana you have done a maginificient job here, you too Nebula, I am quite
astounded by all of this. “ Xena said spreading her arms to include the

“ Well Lord Xena, if you like this, your going to absolutely love the palace.”
Gabrielle beamed.

“ If it’s anything like what I’ve seen, I’m sure I will.” Xena replied.

They returned to their carriages and set off for the Palace.

“ Kitten you have done an incredible job here, I knew you would succeed, but
this, it’s amazing to say the least, I knew I chose well when I chose you.”
Xena said as she leaned over to place a tender kiss to Diana.

Diana blushed when Xena broke the kiss and winked at her. When they came in
view of the palace Xena once again found herself looking between it and Diana.
They went through a huge gate that had soldiers along it as a huge wall
surrounded the Palace. The gate itself was amazing in that it was clear and
one would have thought to be able to see through to whatever was on the other
side, but one could not.

The gate was as large as the walls, and when the call went out that Lord
Xena’s Royal processional approached, the huge Gates receded back into the
walls, Xena looked at Diana and smiled at the alikeness of the gates to that
of her own Courtyard walls. Diana smiled back and said,” Well I didn’t see the
need to improve on perfection.”

Xena nodded her head and then turned her attention back to the palace.

“ By The Gods!! Stop the carriage!!” Xena commanded.

Xena alighted from the carriage in one graceful motion as she came to stand in
front of the towering Shimmering Palace. Diana came to her side as Xena looked
at the whole scene before her. There before her was a huge green garden with
flowers of every color designed in a pattern of an X, and right in the
center of the X was a large Fountain with marbel statues surrounding it, a
few in front on their knees bowing before the one statue in the fountain, and
one on either side of it facing outwards outside the fountain and a few behind
also bowing but only their heads. The one inside of the fountain itself Stood
upright in a Regal fashion, and within the fountain with that statue was a
Large gilded ring with what looked like a sword going through it, bladed end
up, just behind the figure.

Xena walked closer to the fountain and her mask actually dropped for that
moment, as she looked at the statue within the fountain closer.

“ That’s me?” Xena asked sure that it was because of the detailing, but
confused as to the reason.

“ Yes My Lord, it is you, The Ruler and Protector of your Realm.” Diana
answered simply.

“ And this And Gabrielle on either side?”

“ Yes My Lord, always at your side giving you the respect you deserve, also to
back you up when needed.”

Xena smirked at the dress of the Statue that represented Diana.

“ I see you remembered to dress the part.” Xena said as she let her fingers
touch the figure and glide down to the exposed cleavage and her eyes down to
look at the exposed abdomen and thighs.

“ Very Nice.” Xena stated through appreciative lips and eyes lit, as she
looked at Diana blushing.

Xena’s mask back in place she assessed the statue of Gabrielle and found it to
be dressed in Amazon Royal gard.

“ Beautiful.” Xena praised as she headed for the palace doors.

Admiring the artwork and detail she shook her head in utter amazement, Gilded
Columns adorned the doorway, each one a solid piece of stone that was
obtained from the side of a mountain and brought back and carved into the
dramatic piece of artwork that they were now as they stood as Guards to the
great door.

When the doors were opened Xena stepped inside and taking her time to admire
everything, she didn’t say anything else until later. In the meantime she
wanted to see everything and talking would only slow her down, so she let her
eyes admire the huge foyer with white marbel patterned flooring, walls with
magnificient paintings hanging from them.

There were other statues, some marbel, some granite, and others were carved
into wooden trimmings. Xena continued to shake her head as she headed for what
looked like corridors, but as she got close she saw they were actually works
of art.

The Corridors themselves were artworks.

“ Amazing.” Xena expressed to no one in particular as she walked through the
corridors and looking around as she did she continued to shake her head. Diana
and Gabrielle and Nebula and Ephiny all just followed pleased with the
reaction Xena was providing them.

When the corridor ended it opened to and Interior Court, where another
fountain stood but this one had words written across it.

“ Fountain of the Hawk .” Is what Xena read.

“ Beautiful.” Xena exclaimed as she continued her track through the palace.
Once she passed through the interior court and exited out the otherside, she
came to a small reception area, it was small only in comparison to the main
one which was on the second level.

Xena noticed the huge windows and went to look out a few of them, she was
pleased to see that no matter what window she looked out she saw incredible
views, one side facing a natural waterfall and the rainbow effect the water
and light had on one another, out another she saw the side of a cliff, but
within the cliffs walls were sparkles of many colors from the many minerals,
also a rainbow effect only using the minerals within the walls of the cliff.

“ splendid!” Xena continued to exclaim as she analysized everything.

Then she left the chamber and continued.She then came out into another foyer
area this one was jeweled colored, Sapphire to be specific, when she stepped
into it she looked beyond a few paces and saw a huge staircase.

Xena stood awed, and then she slowly walked up to it and she tentatively
touched the rails of it.

“ Jewels?” She asked as she turned to look at Diana.

“ Yes My Lord, Sapphires.” Diana answered trying to maintain her composure.

Xena stared at Diana for a few moments and then she shook her head and looked
back at the railings, she looked at the steps and her mouth fell open.

“ What?” was all Xena could say.

“ Diamonds My Lord.” Diana said simply as she bit the inside of her cheeks.

Xena’s hands actually trembled, but she continued onward, she went up the
trumpeted staircase and at the top she saw more artful corridors, but as she
came out this time she found she was looking at a set of Loggias, they were
overlooking an open Court .

“ Wow.” Xena said amazed and overwhelmed.

Then picking up her pace she went to the Library, and was pleased to see that
Diana had left the added room for her private Library. She went to the Gallery
of Maps, the Audience Halls, The Concert Hall of Music, The Hall of Arts, The
Grand BallRoom, The Jewel Vaults inside of an Armory. Guarded by Many Royal

She was shown the Royal bathing huts for guest, The Exterior Courtyard setup
somewhat like her own was. The Villas that held the Academy of Science and
Math, History, Languages, also the Academy of Law, which held all of the laws
of the New Land as well as those of The Realm, and the Amazon laws, and laws
from other kingdoms that Diana had obtained by some of Xena’s elite spies,
those were kept behind locked doors, Also guarded.

Xena then was shown the Palace square where plays and things were performed.
Finally Xena asked to see the private rooms, to which she was shown all,
except hers and Diana’s, Diana purposely didn’t show her that, she wanted
something left at the end of all of the touring.

Finally Xena had seen everything and they headed for the Royal Reception hall
of the second level, which meant they had to go down the staircase to get back
to it. Arriving outside the doors of the Reception Hall Diana finally spoke to

“ Soooo...My Lord? You Like My Gift ?” Diana said giving Xena a seductive

Xena turned to gaze at Diana , and levelling a look of ...”I can’t believe you
asked me that question, but since you did.” She said in a sultry voice.

“ I’ll show you just how much I LOVE IT later Consort. But for now, this’ll
have to do.” Xena growled as she grabbed Diana around her waist and swung her
around before her and planting a kiss that caused Diana to squirm and stretch
her legs and hands from the intensity of the passion, and the fact she was
caught off guard.

Everyone stood with their mouths agaped as the doors were still closed and a
gentle breezy blew through, but it was roasting in the hallway. Xena finally
broke the scorching kiss, and literally had to hold Diana up, finally, she
just picked her up into her arms, seeing how Diana was not able to stand up on
her own for the moment and her eyes were as sapphire as the staircase.

“ Open the doors.” Xena commanded.

The doors swung open and Xena strided in with Diana in her arms. A thunderous
applauses broke out, and Diana snapped out of her daze long enough to tell
Xena she could walk. Xena looked at her and then gently put her back on the
floor and for a moment she contiuned to hold Diana, making sure she was
steady. Once he saw she was she let go of her and placed her arm out for Diana
to take, which she did. The entourage then strided to the throne and the
tables at the front of the reception hall.

Everyone waited for Xena to take her seat and once she had the the Applause
stopped and they too took theirs, Diana on Xena’s right and Gabrielle on her
left with Ephiny on Diana’s right and Nebula on Gabrielle’s left. Once
everyone was seated, the Magistrate that had come to the land with Diana
initially stood up and wallking to stand in front of the Head table, she



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