By D.virtue

The guards looked at one another and it was the same one who had the
tenderness in his eyes who spoke.

“ I don’t think that will be a problem Your Majesty, take as much time as you
would like, we will wait out here.”

“ Thank you. “ Diana said tightly, but her eyes showed a lightness.

The guard picked it up and once again he gave a slight bow of his head and
then called for the others to step out and leave her alone with Lord Xena.

Diana went over to where Xena’s body was laying, they had laid her on a cot of
sorts and she was covered with a thick blanket. Diana stood looking at Xena
for long moments and then as the tears fell she went to her knees at the side
of the bed where Xena’s head was.

Diana moved strands of Xena’s raven hair from her face as she gazed at her
love, then while her hand was near Xena’s face she let it lightly caress
against it. Xena’s skin was cool, and her coloring was not that good. Diana’s
heart tighten more and finally out of need even though she knew Xena was
unconsious and probably would not be able to hear her she still had to talk to
her just in case. Diana thought it would be better to use her mind rather than
talk considering the last time Xena was only able to hear her thoughts.

“ Xena? Love, please come back to me, I need you, you can’t leave me, I would
truly be lost. You have given me the family that I’ve always wanted and we’ve
only been together for such a shorttime, so you can’t leave me....please
Xena?? I love you so very much, your the other half of my soul, and my heart,
if you died so does both of those in me. The lights in my eyes are because of
you. You once told me that if I had not come to you after you made me that
offer, then you would have come after me, and taken me as your slave willingly
or unwillingly. Now, when I think about that, I find that it was best that you
waited for me to come to you, I think I would have never found out the type of
person you really are, because I would have resisted you at every turn. You
would have been so frustrated with me, I know you would have punished me
almost daily for it, and then possibly taken me to your bed anyway,’s something how the Fates have a way of doing things. Don’t leave
me Xena,please don’t leave me!”

Diana was so overcome with her pain that she crawled up on the cot and laid
down against Xena, so that her head was resting on Xena’s shoulder. Diana soon
fell asleep and the guards outside the door looked in to see her asleep on the
cot with Xena and while one of the guards started to go and wake her and have
her leave the cell, the guard with the tender eyes, stopped him and told him
to let her stay there as long as she wanted, especially seeing how Lord Xena
would probably not make it more than a few days or so.

Diana was allowed to stay there and two guards were left posted outside and
the others returned to the celebration to inform Terson and Gerard of what was
going on.

“ Lord Terson?” The soldier started, but was reprimanded by Terson for not
addressing Gerard rather than him when Diana was not around.

“ Forgive me, Sir. Her Higness has fallen alsleep.”

“ Where? I thought she had gone to see Lord Xena?” Gerard said somewhat

“ She did, that’s where she has fallen alsleep at, she now sleeps on the cot
with Lord Xena, we thought it would be ok to leave her there seeing how Lord
Xena was not looking to well, it looks like she will die any day now.”

“ Really? She really looks that bad?” Gerard asked with hope in his eyes.

“ Yes sir, she was very pale.”

“ Hmmm.....Move Lord Xena to one of the guest rooms right now. That way when
she dies Lady Diana will think I cared about her. Terson you will send the
order to have Lord Xena’s body moved to the guest chambers at the request of
me.” Gerard told Terson who then told the guards and they went to implement
the order.

The Guards arrived back in the cell they went to go and wake Diana so that
they could move Xena, but Diana would not let go of Xena’s leathers and since
the gentled eye’s soldier didn’t want to wake her he lifted the both of them
up and carried them to the chambers at the awe of the other men.

Once they arrived at the chamber he took them into the bedchamber and laid the
two of them down and made them comfortable. Then he left with the rest of the
soldiers and the rest of the night Diana laid with her head on Xena’s shoulder
and tears fell as she slept.

The next day Diana awoke and talked to Xena for a while. Then kissed her and
then got up and went to get water and things to clean her up after she
realized that they had been moved during the night to the room. Diana reasoned
that it was just Gerards way of trying to manipulate her into thinking he
begged Terson to have Xena brought to the room. Diana was surprised to see
Xena’s and her own weapons and saddlebags.

“ You wait Gerard, I swear if anything happens to her, I will hurt you the
same way you hurt me, I will take your family from you, I swear it!” Diana
thought outloud to herself.

Diana then went into the bath and got the things she needed. She brought them
back and undressing Xena carefully so as not to jar Xena, Diana assessed the
wound to her chest and saw it was healing nicely, which gave Diana a false
sense of hope, considering even when she was near death her wound healed, but
she remained still at deaths door.

Diana begun to lovingly clean Xena from head to foot. By the time Diana was
done, Xena looked as if she had just taken a bath and shampooed her hair. She
looked as radiant as ever, except for the paleness to her skin, as well as the
still cooling of it. Diana left Xena nude until she cleaned and polished her
leathers and armor, as well as her weapons.

Diana had planned to put Xena’s clothes back on but then she changed her mind
and decided just to put on one of Xena’s shifts. After she had she covered
Xena up and sat on the bed and held her hand and talked to her again as she
caressed Xena’s hand, and every now and then, she would lean down and kiss
Xena’s lips so tenderly, and then she would breakdown and cry.

Diana stayed in the chamber with Xena for days, and although Gerard was pissed
about it, he allowed it. He reasoned that as soon as Xena died, which he hoped
woud be soon, then Diana would be so heartbroken she would turn to him for
comfort and go back with him, leaving Xena’s time behind her since it would
only remind her of the pain. But Gerard had no idea what Diana’s oath was and
she had no intentions of returning with him.

Meanwhile, while Diana was seeing Xena slipping further and further away from
her, her heart felt it as well as her soul and the light in her eyes were
becoming dim. Diana decided to call up help from one of the Gods, so she
called for Aphrodite to ask her help with bring Xena out of what was happening
to her.

“ Aphrodite!! Diana called. Then she waited for a moment.

Suddenly she saw a flash of light and then there stood Aphrodite, she had
tears in her eyes as she looked at Diana and then looked down at Xena.

“ I...I am so sorry Diana.” Aphrodite said offering her sympathy.

“ Save it! I want you to heal her.” Diana said sharply.

Aphrodite stared at her at first, and then when she saw Diana’s eyes she
realized Diana was changing right before her eyes, there was a darkness taking
hold of her and if Diana wasn’t careful she would be lost to it.

“ Diana, I can’t do anything for her, it’s the same as when you were injured
By Rah’s sword, the only difference is, if you had died then there would have
been no way of bringing you back seeing that it was a God who would have
killed you, but Xena, if she dies, which I hope she won’t, there is the chance
to possibly bring her back.”

“ REALLY?!! Diana exclaimed.

“ Yes, but, there is a price.” Aphrodite interjected.

“ I dont care whatever it is, I will gladly pay it, anything, just please help
me to get my Xena back?” Diana choked out as tears now fell from her eyes as
she sat back on the bed and took Xena’ hands in hers and just gazed at her
with all the love she had left inside.

Aphrodite stood looking at the heartbroken young woman and her own heart felt
for her, she knew she would miss Xena and it would be a devastating lost to
her. But Aphrodite had to tell Diana what the cost was so that she would be
ready for it.

“ Diana, you need to know that the cost is high if Xena was to die and then be
brought back by one of the Gods.”

“ I don’t care what it is, just tell me!” Diana said sharply once again.

Aphrodite then said, “ If Xena were to die and then be brought back, her
memory could be erased as far as the God who brought her back chose. That
would mean that God could give her memories of whatever they chose.”

“ You mean whoever brings her back could make Xena think she and I were

“ No, it would only be the memory of her character that could be changed,
meaning that she could be made to remember how good it felt to conqueror.”

“ Oh, so your saying that some God could make Xena the evil Xena again and
there fore if we ran across each other she wouldn’t remember me?”

“ Right and she could do anything to you, even kill you, or enslave you, she
could be very cruel to you, but of course it will all depend on you?”

“ What do you mean?”

“ I can’t tell you, but not because I don’t want to, I just can’t. Diana you
also have to know I can not bring her back, it has to be the God of who’s
environment she was in when this happened that brings her back.” Aphrodite
informed as she looked hard at Diana, as if trying to get her to understand.

Diana stared at Aphrodite for a moment and then she looked back at Xena and
then she said more to herself, “ The enviroment she was in..... BY XENA!!! Are
you telling me that ARES has to be the one to bring her back if she dies??!!”

“ Yes.” Aphrodite said simply, and apologetically. “ But that’s if he decides
he wants to, there is no guarantee, especially considering how Xena has shun
Ares tiem and time again since meeting you, I don’t believe he would.”

“ I can’t believe this, He’s probably the one who did this to her. Diana
accused as she sat looking around the room anxious all of a sudden, Then she
thought most likely he would not, just to spite her for taking Xena. Then
something caught her attention, Xena’s hands had gone cold all of a sudden and
Diana whipped her head around to look at Xena. She felt the pulse point at
Xena’s neck grow weaker and weaker, Diana also felt her own heart start to go
hard, and her soul felt as though it were being ripped apart.

“XENA!!! Don’t leave me!! Please Love Don’t leave me!! Don’t you Dare!! Gods
please help me!! Don’t leave me! Diana cried as Xena’s pulse faded and
finally disappeared.

Diana immediately started doing the medical things she knew from her time as
well as from Rah’s planet, but nothing worked and soon Xena The Conqueror....
was Gone.

Diana felt half her heart and soul die, and Aphrodite Cried with Diana.
Suddenly Diana let out a scream that could have raised the dead if it were
possible as she screamed the name of the only person she had loved with her
very being.

“ XENA!!!!!!”
Aphrodite startled and then stared in horror as Diana’s eyes went from
Chestnut with a sapphire ring, to Sapphire and then Black with no light
shining through at all.
Gerard and the whole castle, as well as the land of Xenadia heard Diana’s
screams of lost. Gabrielle, and all of them all broke down and cried in unison
to Diana’s lost and their own. But what they didn’t know was what Diana’s
plans were.

“ He killed her! Aphrodite I want you to send me back to my time.” Diana said
without emotion, and so unexpectedly that Aphrodite was left speechless.

Diana laid Xena’s hand’s down gently on her chest as she leaned forward and
kissed her for what she thought was the last time.“

Aphrodite, do it!” Diana ordered.

“ But..but what about Xena’s body?”

“ Take her to Gabrielle and tell her to put Xena in her crypt, in the casket I
had made for her. She is not to hold an Amazon Ceremony for her, Xena’s body
is to remain intact and she is to have her body cared for daily as long as it
takes for me to return, But Tell Gabrielle she is not to stay On Xenadia, nor
is Ephiny and her Amazons. Explain to Gabrielle and Ephiny what is to come and
how she needs to go and stay with Xena’s Mother until I return. I don’t want
anything to happen to her, if what you say is true, and Xena is brought back
as the Dark Xena, she’ll be safe with Xena’s mother, and the Amazons will also
be safe from Xena if they make sure that they have Xena’s banner flying
prominently at the outskirts of their lands. Xena will not attack what she
knows to be her’s. Now give me your word that you will do this.” Diana said
now focusing back on Aphrodite.

“ You have my word Diana, and again I’m sorry. “

“ My Xena is dead. My Family, My Life, My Being, and now.....I’ll take theirs
from them. Send me back but don’t tell anyone where, not even Gabrielle!”

“ I won’t. “ Aphrodite then went to give Diana a consoling hug, but Diana
stepped back and sneered at her.

“ Do it Now!”

Aphrodite let her tears continue to fall as she not only sent Diana back to
her time but also took Xena’s body away just as the door flew open to the

“ Where are they??!! “ Gerard yelled at the Guards.

“ They were just here, Lady Diana had locked the door so that they would not
be disturbed. That’s why we had to break the door down.”

“ Find them, search the grounds and the castle, now!” Gerard ordered as he
went to the window to see if he could see any signs of them.

When the guards had gone, Ares and Shatara appeared to Gerard.

“ Calm down Gerard, Diana took Xena’s dead body to be put in her crypt, while
she went to mourn her lost.” Ares informed the agitated man.

“ Oh! Well, fine then, Guards!” Gerard called as one of the guards appeared in
the doorway, and stared in awe at Shatara and Ares both standing next to

“ Call off the search, I know where they are.”

“ Ye...yes..yes sir.” The guard stuttered and then bowed his head in respect
to the God Of War, and then he disappeared out the door and closed it.

“ So, what now? Now that she is dead.” Gerard said with a smile.

Both Shatara and Ares looked at one another and then at him and giving him a
dubious smirk Ares said.

“ Give Diana a little time and then you go after her and get her for yourself,
and if you want you can take over the Realm?” Ares said providing a stale for
the unknowing man.

“ No, I don’t want this Realm, I just want Diana back, and then I want us to
be sent home. Where I can have her all to myself, the way Rah use to have her
before all of the other Chosen.”

“ I see, fine, when your ready to go just let me know and I’ll send you back.”
Ares offered.

“ Thanks for all of this, I love the fact that she is dead.”

“ Your welcome.”

In the meantime Diana had arrived back in her time and she went straight to
work, she never liked Gerards family in the first place and they never liked
her because of all of the other Chosen in her life, they thought she was a
high class slut, and they had tried to get rid of her many times before, but
because of the feelings she had for Gerard she didn’t hurt them, instead she
warned them that one day they would get what was coming to them.

Gerard had a big family and all of the children were adults now and were into
all kinds of trouble, so Diana located them first and without much warning
except to tell them that they were about to die because Gerard killed her
family , now she was going to kill them, and that way neither of them would
have a family any longer, Diana then killed them quickly, and without blood
spilling, she killed everyone of them and after almost 6 months away from
Xena’s time, and Gerard finally being told where Diana had actually gone, he
showed up at his parent’s house to find Diana there.

“ Diana!!!”

Diana turned and with a wick smirk on her face she said in a deceivingly
seductive voice.....” Yes.... Gerard?”

“ What are you doing??!! “ He shouted at her as his eyes were wide in horror
at seeing where Diana held her bladed staff . It was at his mother’s neck,
right at her pulse point.

“ Can’t you tell, I’m taking your family away from you, like you took mine
away from me.” Diana said smoothly.

“ Diana....please don’t hurt my parents, please? I just wanted you back, I
hated Xena for taking you from me, and I’m glad she’s dead, but I am apart of
your family as well, look at me, let me love you again Diana?”

Diana decided to feign as though she was willing to allow it, so she removed
the blade form his parent’s neck slowly as if she were in agreement with him,
she then went as far as to return the staff to it’s wooden form and retract
it, just as an added gesture.

Gerard saw it and a smile came to his face as he looked into Diana’s black
eyes and thought he saw the forgiveness in her eyes. He walked over to her and
just as he was about to wrap his arms around Diana, her eyes went Sapphire and
she whipped out Xena’s breast dagger from her cleavage and stuck it deep into
Gerards’s Chest .

“ You Bastard!! You think I would let you touch me!! After you killed My
heart!!, Well think again you bastard!! Diana hissed as she stuck the dagger
further into his chest as he gasped and then choked out, I’m a Chosen, your
not suppose to kill any of us!”

“ Well, now I have , and for good measure. “ Diana then turned and extended
her staff again and cutdown his mother and father right in front of his dying

“ Di??” Gerard choked out once more and then as he died Diana felt a sharp
pain run up her spine and then felt it in her head, she screamed at the pain
of it and fell down unconscious.

Diana awoke months later still lying in the same place she had fallen with
Gerard and his mother and father lying next to her, she was covered in old
dried blood from all of those she had killed as well as the recent blood of
Gerard and his mother and father.. She immediately went to stand, but found
her legs were like jello.

“ What happened to my legs? Diana asked of herself as she thought about the
pain that had shot through her spine and up into her head. “ I can still move
them, so at least I know the bastard didn’t cause me to become paralyzed.
Hmmm... how long have I been here? Diana thought about the day and then she
went and crawled over to the phone and called the operator for the time and

“ Thank you.” Diana said as she hung up the phone and sat on the floor stunned
at how much time had past since she had killed Gerard.

“ Ok, now I know what happens when I kill a Chosen, it’s not anything I want
to experience again anytime soon. “ Diana said to herself, and then she called
for Aphrodite.

“ Aphrodite?!”

“ Diana. I thought you would never call, you are really needed back there!”
Aphrodite exclaimed without any sort of greeting, and then she turned and saw
what Diana had done. You....You killed him and his family?”

“ Yes. All of them.” Diana said flatly.

“ I thought you would never do this again, after what happened with your

“ No, I said I hoped I would never have to do it again, but this time it was
different, they didn’t like me, and I didn’t like them, and they had tried to
hurt me many times before, plus they were a bunch of thugs anyway, they
terrorized their neighbors because of who their son was in the land, and the
kids were the same way. So it wasn’t hard to kill them.” Diana said without
any emotion showing in her eyes.

Aphrodite noticed the darkness was still there.

“ Diana, why didn’t you come back after you had done this? Why are you on the

“ My legs they’re not working at the moment, I’ve been unconscious for the
last few months.”

“ What?”

“ Yes, after I killed Gerard something happened to me, I felt a sharp pain run
up my spine and hit me in the head and I went out. I guess it was due to me
killing one of my Chosen, I guess it’s like breaking a connection of sorts?”
Diana reasoned.

“ Will you be able to walk again?”

“ I think so, I need help getting back.”

“ Diana are you sure you want to go back? I mean seeing you like this I can’t
even tell if your a person under all of that blood and dirty, your hair , your
face, your clothes, you don’t even look like you, you look like you’ve been
rolling around in the dirt and just let it dry on you however it would. I
can’t even tell what your skin tone color is or the color of your hair, it all
looks red and dirty brown, Let me clean you up at least?”

“ NO! It doesn’t matter what I look like, All I want to do is kill all of
those responsible for killing Xena!” Diana sneered.

“ Your blinded by your grieve, but this isn’t the Diana that I had come to
know. I never thought you could be so dark or blinded.”

“ LISTEN APHRODITE! I have no interest in what you think or feel about me, all
I want from you is to get me back heal my legs, so that I can finish, what
they’ve started. Now do it!” Diana hissed at the Goddess of Love.

Aphrodite did as she was told and after another few months of nursing Diana
back to health as far as her legs were concerned she told Aphrodite to give
her a list with pictures of all of Terson and his Captains, and Lieutenants
families, and also where they were themselves.

Aphrodite did as she was told and Diana went about the land killing every
member of Tersons family as well as his ranking warriors. The slaughter of all
of these people made it back to the ear of the Ruler of the land.

“ Who is this army that is killing MY Citizens??!!”

“ We don’t know My Lord, they appear to be like ghost, they show up and kill
and then leave without a trace, no one sees or hears anything, and when the
sun rises there are dead women men and children.”

“ This army is killing the children?”

“ Yes My Lord, but it appears the children are poisoned, they have no marks
upon their bodies, and their laid between their parents, the bodies of the
children are in pristine condition, as if they had been washed up and then
just laid down to sleep, but the parents bodies are struck down by swords.”

“ It would seem that this army has some heart, well at least it’s not a
monsterous army, always better to go up against an enemy with a bit of a heart
than one without, Not that I plan on using any heart when I get my hand on
this army!” The Ruler proclaimed.

“ My Lord, My Lord, I have some news about the murdered people.”

“ What is it Wenson?!”

“ It seems My Lord...” The soldier started and then he looked over at Terson
one of the Rulers Lieutenants standing to her side.

The Ruler saw where he shifted his eyes and she followed the gaze and then she
looked back at the soldier and saw the sadness come to his eyes.

“ Wenson! I’m waiting!”

“ Oh, yes My Lord Forgive me, it seems that the murdered people are the family
members of a few of your soldiers.”

“ What are you talking about?!”

“ Well My Lord we just came back from your Lt’s homeland and we found his
parents and all of their children and relatives throughout the land were all
dead. It appears that this army has a malice towards him and his Captains and
his old lieutenants. This army is killing all of the lines of these soldiers,
and reason would suggest that it will soon come here to get the very one’s
that this army ruler seems to appear to hate for whatever reason.”

Terson had gone as pale as a palomino horse.

“ My....My Family? kids? All dead?” Terson managed as the shock was making
it’s way through his body.

“ I’m afraid so sir.”

“ GODS!! Have mercy on me, NO!!!!” Terson shouted to the heavens as he fell to
his knees and let the shock run it’s course.

The Ruler startled at the reaction, but then composed and turned to her
Advisors and told them to prepare a quarter of her army and have them sent out
to find this army and bring them, Especially the leader back to her alive.

“ Also have a reward posted for the capture of the Leader of this army for 10
thousand Dinars.”

“ Ten Thousand My Lord?!”

“ Yes. Now do it!”

“ Yes My Lord.”

The Advisors sent the orders and they were immediately carried out, the Ruler
sat stroking the head of one of her slaves, who seemed to have a look of
concern etched acrossed her face.

“ What is it Shatara? You look like your worried about something?”

“ I....I’m a little concerned as to who is doing this and why? My Lord?”

“ Well I intend to find out the answers to all of that. I am a little
surprised that you don’t know who or why?”

“ I’m sorry My Lord, I have not had any visions to tell you anything.”

“ I forgive you. I’m a little tense right now, I think a massage would be
nice, think you can handle that, or should I call for one of the women of my
Harem to handle it”

“ My Lord?!”

“ Ok, I think you’ll do, let’s go.” The Ruler and her favored slave went to
her chambers and Shatara proceeded to attend to her Lord’s needs as best she

“ Now what Diana? You’ve killed all of the line of these people, now where do
you go?”

“ After the people themselves!” Diana stated with passion.

“ But? They’re in the Palace, guarded I’m sure by now, by all of their soldier

“ And your point?!”

“ My point is what happens if you get caught?”

“ Then I die, what is there to live for?”

“ Gabrielle?”

Diana’s face softened at the mention of her sister, but then it harden back

“ Like I said I have nothing to live for, Gabrielle would hate me, if she
already doesn’t, if she knew what I have done and will continue to do until I
am either done, or I am captured. I leave for the Palace tomorrow.”

“ Do you ever wonder who runs the land now?”

“ No, it doesn’t matter, it’s not who should be, she’s dead! No thanks to all
of Terson and his people.”

Aphrodite sat staring at Diana wondering. The next morning came and Diana was
gone, she had made it to the Palace and she immediately located and then
killed the Captains and Lt’s as she found them, but after killing one of the
lieutnants she left the breast Dagger sticking out of his chest as she chased
down and then killed one of the fleeing soldiers. When she started to go back
and get the dagger she heard a detail of soldiers coming so she had to get
away so as not to be seen. In the meantime, once she had fled, she found
herself near the practice field, looking out onto it she saw Terson. Diana’s
blood begun to boil at the site of the man who helped kill her heart.

“ Sound the Alarm! There’s an intruder on the grounds! Lock the gates!” The
leader of the detail of soldiers called, as one of them were sent to inform
the Ruler of what they had discovered.

“ I need to see the Ruler right away!”

“ My Lord is busy . What is it?”

“ An intruder is within the walls of the palace grounds and has already killed
8 soldiers, all from Lt. Terson’s army.”

“ Oh. Stay here.” The Sentry said as he knocked on the chamber door and was
angrily told to go away.

“ But My Lord, I think the Leader of that Army is on the Palace grounds, 8
soldiers, all from Lt Terson’s old army were found murdered.”

“ Come in!” The ruler ordered.

The Ruler was up dressing in her leathers when the soldier came in.

“ How long has the soldiers been dead?”

“ Just a few minutes My Lord, their life blood was still flowing.” The
messager soldier interjected.

“ Good, then he’s mine! The Ruler sneered as she grabbed her weapons and
headed out of the Palace to search for the intruder.

Shatara had dressed and was also heading out right behind to see if she could

Diana in the meantime, made her way to the field by dressing in one of the
soldier outfits she had swiped from one of the murdered soldiers, and walking
out on the field she twirled her sword a few times showing her deftness with
it, she caught Terson’s attention, although he did not realize Diana was a
female, he thought she was just one of the young soldiers, so he sent his
Captain to challenge the soldier.

Diana’s eyes narrowed and they changed to Sapphire as she focused on her next
enemy, before she would have Terson. The Captain pulled his sword and the two
circled for a few minutes and then just as the Captain was about to make his
move Diana did a series of moves seemingly all at the same time and cut the
Captain down, before he even had a chance to raise his sword to even make a

Terson and the other soldiers froze at the site of the Captain being killed by
one of

their own, and Terson pulled his sword as did the others and they proceeded to
surround the killer soldier.

“ Who are you?!” Terson asked as he circled Diana, along with the other

Diana kept her eyes locked on him and didn’t really pay the other soldiers any

“ Who do you think I am Terson?” Diana asked with a seductive ring to her

Terson’s eyes went wide as he realized he was looking death in the eyes.

“ Yes Terson, you are going to die, the question is how painfully. Should it
be as painful as the lost I suffered at your command? Or should it be a quick
death?” Diana sneered as she removed the helmet , her hair matted to her head
by the dried dirt and blood.

“ By The Gods! Your a Demoness!!” Terson exclaimed as he saw the disheveled
woman standing before him and the only bright spot on her was her Sapphire

“ Lady Diana?!” Terson asked out of amazement.

“ Yes, now that you know who I am, are you ready to die?”

Terson stepped back and the line of Soldiers stepped before him with their
weapons drawn and ready to strike. Diana scanned the numbers and and saw they
were building all the while, so she did Xena’s Warcry and flipped over all of
them and came to land behind Terson.

She raised her sword and just as she was about to strike the cowering soldier
down, she heard a whistling sound, She turned to see what it was, or couldn’t
possibly be and she ended up having to drop her sword to catch the weapon, or
be sliced in half by it. In so doing, it sent her flying backwards and into
the wall of the palace. The air from her lungs was forced out, and her head
striking the wall sent her into unconsciousness.

Terson grabbed his sword and headed over to finish off the woman, but just as
he was about to strike the blow that would kill anyone else, the Ruler’s
commanding voice rang out.

“ STOP!! I want the warrior alive.” The Ruler said as she strided over to the
gathered group of soldiers who were looking at the woman in curious curiosity.

The soldiers made way for the Ruler as The Ruler came to stand before the
unconscious woman. Brow raised at the sight of the disheveled woman slumped
against the wall, still holding the weapon that rendered her unconscious.

The Ruler bent down to retrieve her weapon and when she opened the palms of
the woman’s hands and saw they were not cut just slightly red, her brow went
up more and then it knitted down. She lifted the young woman’s head to look at
her face but because of all of the dirt and grime and dried blood she couldn’t
see any part of her skin.

The ruler dropped the woman’s head and stood back up to her full height and
called out orders to Terson.

“ Take her to be cleaned up by one of my servants and then take her to the
dungeon. The sight of THIS offends me. When she wakes I want her brought to
me.” The Ruler sneered and then turned and strided away from the area with two
slaves trotting after her.

Terson ordered two of the men to pick her up and carry her to the hot springs,
once there they chained her and then sent the servant girls into clean her up.
When Diana’s body touched the water she begun to arouse from her unconscious

“ Mmm....” She groaned as her eyes slowly opened to find three young girls
about the age of Gabrielle standing in front of her , and then when she went
to move she felt the water and the chains.

Sudden;y she was awake, she begun to struggle to get free but for some reason
she could not break the chains that were now holding her. The Servant girls
startled back initially at the struggling mess of a woman, and then one of
them finally found the nerve to speak.

“ Please Miss we were ordered to clean you up by Our Lord, if we don’t then we
will all be punished?”

Diana recognized the voice when the young woman stepped between the two

“ Dancea?” Diana asked quietly.

“ Yes Ma’am, that is my given name, do I know you?”

“ Not anymore.” Diana said as she relaxed her muscles so that the women could
proceed with their given duties.

Dancea tried to see who the woman was underneath the grime but it was
impossible, every inch of the woman’s body was covered. So she and the other
slaves begun cleaning her up. When they had finished Dancea’s mouth had fallen
open and tears were rolling down her face.

“ My Lady?” She whispered from where she stood.

“ Yes, Dancea it’s me. Can you unlock these chains? I assume their from

“They are, but I can’t unlock them My Lord has the key.”

“ Hm...Who is this new Lord? And how do they know Terson?” Diana asked as she
allowed Dancea to comb out her hair.

“ It’s Our Lord. Lord Xena.” Dancea stated not sure whether Diana had known
she was alive or whether she didn’t care since Xena The Conqueror was crueler
than ever, and now had a harum at her beck and call.

Diana whipped her head around to glare at Dancea.

“ What are you talking about?! You Know Xena Is DEAD!!”

“ My Lady I’m sorry, I thought you knew and just didn’t care?”

“ What are you talking about?” Diana asked with acid dripping from her lips.

“ That Lord Xena was brought back to life a few days later by Ares God of

“ Ares? Your telling me Xena is alive??!!”

“ Yes My Lady.”

“ Why wasn’t I told?!!” Diana asked with anger now flashing in her eyes.

“ No one could find you, and Queen Ephiny told Princess Gabrielle to stay away
from here because she had heard that Xena The Conqueror was back, but her
memory was erased of almost everything, and some things were rearranged so
that they were updated. The main difference in her is that she is so much more
crueler that she use to be even before you and Princess Gabrielle came here
that first time.”

Diana understood what Dancea was telling her, but she still had some trouble
processing the information that Xena was alive.

“ Is she alright physically? I mean she doesn’t still have the scar of the
mortal wound does she?”

“ No, she’s as beautiful as ever, if not more so, if that’s even possible? But
so are you my Lady, if anyone can reach her heart again it will be you I’m
sure, she seems to like beautiful things around her, whether they be things or

“ Where is Gabrielle?”

“ She went to Our Lord’s home town like she was told to do.”

“ So Xena hasn’t found her yet?”

“ No My Lady. I don’t think she would attack her own home?”

“ Your right she wouldn’t even think about doing that, that’s why we sent
Gabrielle there. We knew she would be safe, plus I don’t think Xena would know
who Gabrielle was anyway.”

“ Slaves?!! Are You done yet?!!”

“ Dancea, I want you and the other ladies to continue to act as if you don’t
know me, I think it will be safer for you.” Diana ordered . “ Answer him.”

“ Yes Sir.” Dancea answered.

Dancea gave Diana a quick peck to the cheeks and then went back into her
servant mode. They dried Diana and put a dry towel around her just as she was
lifted from the water by the soldiers. Terson walked up to Diana and with a
leery type of smile he said, “ WOW! Our Lord will truly take her pleasure of
you. You are a beautiful woman!”

Diana leaned forward, as much as she could and in a low growl she said, “ When
I get free, I’m going to kill you Terson.” She then pinched her lips and then
waited for his next move.

“ Well we’ll see about that! “ Terson sneered back and then he struck Diana
with the back of his hand snapping her head to the side.

He then proceeded to punch her in the stomach, which bent her over. Then
proceeded to beat her until she was once again somewhat of a mess, she had a
small cut to the corner of her mouth and her cheeks had a redden undertone to
them as a result of the numerous slaps to her face, and her chest and back and
stomach were all aching as well from the kicks and punches to them, and
despite all of the abuse her body had taken it was still no where near as
painful as one strike by Xena.

“ Clean her up! And Quickly!” Terson ordered afterwards.

The women recleaned Diana up and once again she was a radiate vision, only now
she had a cut to the corner of her mouth and her body had a few red marks
everywhere Terson’s fist, of foot had touched.

The Guards unchained Diana’s feet enough to allow her to walk , but not enough
to allow her to do anything else. Her wrist were chained behind her back and
she was lead out of the hot spring area with only the towel wrapped around her
to cover her body.

She was taken to the war chamber where Xena and her Advisors were gather as
she laid out her plans to take another kingdom. When she was about to wrap
everything up, The Sentry entered and announced Terson and the prisoner having

Xena’s 1st ordered the soldier to send them in, while Xena continued in her

Diana was pushed through the door and the noise from the chains made Xena look
up in irritation that she was being interrupted by a prisoner. Diana whipped
her head around when she gained her balance to glare at Terson, and then after
a few moments she slowly turned her head to find two penetrating Sapphire eyes
leveled on her.

Diana’s heart beat wildly in her chest at the sight of Xena alive and whole
once again and despite her circumstances she couldn’t help but feel her need
for Xena to hold and be held by her again.

“ Gods!!” Diana finally gasped due to the fullness that had to be expressed.

Xena lifted a brow at the expression, and then she stood up and walked over to
where Diana stood, now trembling at the closeness, although Xena miss read it
as fear, which in someways it was.

“ You are uncommonly beautiful, I am quite pleased with how you clean up.
Pleased indeed.” Xena stated as she circled the young woman. “ I will enjoy
you thoroughly, that is if your in the least bit able to please me in bed, if
not , then I will have you please me with you and one of my other slaves
performing for me. Take her to my Harum!” Xena ordered as she then turned on
her heels an went back to her desk and begun talking about her plans once
again, as if Diana had never even entered the room.

“ Harum?!” Diana asked shocked and without regard for who she was talking to.

Xena didn’t answer she just looked over her brows and with a gesture of her
head at the guards, Diana was taken to Xena’s Harum. Once she arrived she was
again pushed inside and the doors locked behind her with her still in the

Diana looked around the huge Chamber that was lavishly decorated, more in the
ways of comfort than anything else, there were large colorful pillows that
were used for many purposes, but mostly as extra places for the women to sit
when not in their beds. There had to be at least a hundred different women
from all over. All very beautiful in their own right. But None came close to
Diana’s beauty and they all seem to know that. They were in awe at how utterly
beautiful she was, even dressed only in a towel.

One of the women came over to Diana and with sarcasm dripping from her lips
she asked, “ So who are you?”

Diana looked at the woman and her eyes narrowed and she leaned forward towards
the woman’s face and hissed, “I’ll be your worst nightmare if you don’t get
away from me.”

The woman immediately backed away when she saw the promise in the woman’s
eyes. Diana sized up the room based off of that one encounter and she
determined that the women were in competition for Xena’s attention, and would
probably do almost anything to get it, including trying to intimidate the
others, hoping to impress Xena.

“ Hmm....okay, I see what I have to do. “ Diana said to herself as she made
her way over to the indoor fountain and sat on the marbel bench that encircled

Diana sat and leaned against one of the pillars that was a part of the bench.
She looked around the room at the different women who were still looking at
her in awe. A few candlemarks passed and Diana started to drift off due to the
exhaustive year she had had. Then just as she was about to let herself go to
sleep she heard the door of the chamber open.

She opened her eyes to see Xena and a few guards standing behind her standing
in the doorway. Xena was scanning the room and Diana knew what she was looking
for, or rather who, so Diana decided to put her plan into action at that

When the other women stood up and begun primping trying to make themselves
more presentable for The Conqueror’s attention, Diana stayed seated with her
ankles crossed and only spared a glare at the imposing figure that stood in
the doorway, Xena’s presence was still awe inspiring , if not more so with
this dark cast covering her. It made her look more ominious, and powerful.
Diana could feel Xena’s mood and within herself her heart rejoiced at the
feel, and knowledge that they were still connected.

“ Even death couldn’t break it.” Diana said to herself as she cocked her head
at the woman who was now striding over to her.

Xena came to tower over Diana as she sat , and Diana casually looked up and
raising a questioning brow, she asked, “ Yes, is there something you want?”

A wick smirk came to Xena’s lips as she causally reached into her cleavage
area and pulled out the dagger that Diana knew so well. Xena brought the
dagger to Diana’s neck and she let it lightly rub against it. Despite Diana’s
pretense at indifference this she could not hide, her fear that Xena would cut
her and possibly kill her, actually scared her, especially now that she had
found Xena again.

Diana was not a vain person, although she really had the right to be if she
chose, but she didn’t and so to be cut and worried about it bothered her also.
But none-the-less her heart begun to beat faster and Xena saw it at her
pulsepoint .

“ So, you do fear death?” Xena stated without emotion.

“ No, I fear not dying.” Diana stated just as flat. When she saw the dark,
empty eyes of the woman who asked her to bond with her.

“ Hmm.....I’m not going to kill you just yet, if at all, it will all depend on
you.” Xena said as she continued to caress the blade against Diana’s neck.

“ What do you want?”

“ Hm....very good. First I want you to swear that you will not try to escape
when the chains are removed.

“ Oh, is that all? fine, you have my word I will definitely not try to
escape.” Diana stated firmly.

“ Good girl, second, swear you will not try to harm any of my soldiers again.”

Diana looked at Xena for long moments and then feeling the blade more firmer
on her neck, and Xena’s eyes narrowing into slits Diana gave her word.

“ Fine! You have my word.”

“ Good.” Xena said then pulled a key from her weapons belt and handed it to
the servant behind her who then unlocked the chains that bound Diana.

Diana immediately brought her hands to the front and massaged her wrist, as
the servant unlocked those on her ankles. Then the key was handed back to Xena
and the chains taken up and handed to the guards.

Diana sat looking up at Xena and Xena stood looking down at her. Finally after
a few moments of complete silence, Diana finally broke the silence.

“ Is there something else you wanted?”

“ Yes.”

“ What?”

“ Have you no matters?”

“ Excuse me?”

“ Haven’t you been taught that when someone does something nice for you it’s
only polite to thank them?”

“ hahahahaha....I’m sorry, you just don’t strike me as the type who cares
about such things?”

“ Well I do, and it would be best if you learned some matters little girl,
otherwise it can become a very painful lesson if I have to teach them to you.”
Xena said with coolness.

Diana sat looking up at the woman, and then she slowly rose to her feet and
with a cock of her head and a raised brow leveled on Xena’s piercing eyes,
Diana set her plan into full swing.

“ My Lord, not only have I matters in which to access, I shall indeed render
them unto you for your thorough enjoyment. I am very pleased that you have
seen fit to free me of the restraints that were quite uncomfortable. Allow me
to show you my gratitude?” Diana purred seductively as she bowed low and then
looking up over her brow for Xena’s approval to rise and receiving a slight
nod , she arose back to her full height and stepping up to Xena she brought
her hand up to Xena’s cheek and gently placed it against the soft skin and
then leaned up and in and brought her lips to Xena’s and proceeded to show
Xena what she had , but only a taste.

Xena was actually staggered enough by the kiss that she had to take control,
she grabbed Diana’s hair and pulled her away, as they both were breathing
hard, then with a feirce look coming into Xena’s eyes she pulled Diana back in
for an even more passionate kiss.

This time it was Diana who showed the effects. She moaned into Xena’s mouth
and Xena smirked to herself. Then she once again pulled Diana back from her,
and seeing the hue to Diana’s skin she recognized it for what it was.

“ Blushing...How absolutely delicious.” Xena purred in the woman’s ear.

Diana was holding Xena’s arms to help her steady herself, and then Xena said
with a icy tone, and cold sapphire eyes.

“ I’m the one who controls things here little girl. Take her to my chamber and
have her tied to the bed.” Xena ordered as she let go of the woman, and then
turned and scanned the room again and then commanded two of the women.

“ You and you, come!” The two women ran to stand behind Xena and Xena strided
out of the chamber without sparing a glance back at the woman.

Diana was taken to Xena’s bed chamber and once she arrived the guards started
to chain her to the new bed that was now a part of Xena’s bedchamber. Diana
snatched her arms away from the soldiers and they drew their swords ready to
take her on.

Diana sized them up only as a stale tactic. But then one of them stated, “ You
gave your word that you would not hurt anyone here?”

“ True, I did, and I won’t. But I won’t to know what your doing and why?”

“ Our Lord has ordered us to do this, but she does not confide in us.”

Diana knew he spoke the truth but she didn’t like the idea of being restrained
especially in situations like this, and considering she was still wearing a

“ Please?” The Guard asked. Hoping Diana would agree so that they themselves
would not be punished for not being able to handle the young girl.

“ Fine! But the TOWEL Stays!”

“ Okay deal.”

Diana smirked at the soldier and he blushed at the recognition. He and three
of the guards then proceeded to tie Diana to each of the four massive wooden
bedpost, a limb to each side. Diana now stood with her arms spread up and
outward and her legs were spread wide enough so that she was standing on her
flat feet, but she could not move them other than upward and then only onto
her toes.

Diana looked at the leather straps that were used and she recognized them as
Xena’s own, so that ruled out any possiblity for her to get free if she had
to, the thought sent a chill up her spine but she just took slow breaths to
calm herself.

The soldiers then turned and left Diana standing there all by herself. Diana
took the time to look around the chamber and saw that it had changed in many
ways, but it was still beautiful. While Diana was looking around Xena walked
in, but she had only her servants with her, and Diana figured she must have
sent the other women to do other things, they looked as though they were new
to the Harum, probably a few days judging from the way they tried to stand in
the background and not be noticed as did some of the others.

Xena strided into the room and only spared a glare at Diana to see that she
was obviously properly restrained. Then she told one of her servants something
and the servant ran out of the room and she proceeded over to a large sofa
type chair and before she sat down she had her weapons, and other things

“ Draw me a bath.” Xena commanded, and the servant bowed and ran off into
another room, the bath chamber as Diana remembered, and Xena sat in the chair
and picked up a scroll off of the table sitting next to her. She then
proceeded to read it as if Diana was not even in the room, strapped to two of
the bedpost.

“ A-hem, excuse me, but is there a purpose to this?” Diana asked boldly.

Xena looked up over her brow and with a raising of one of them she lowered her
scroll and stated in a matter-of-fact tone of voice.

“ Yes, you seem to talk when you should be quiet. I don’t like my slaves
impudent, I’ve found that nothing good can come from that, first it’s
impudent, then it’s disobedience, and then it leads to a false confidence in
one’s abilities, and that I have found ends with the death of such people.”
Xena said leveling her gaze on Diana.

“ Well let’s see if we can get some of these little issues out of the way
shall we?” Diana said as she begun her list.

Xena in the meantime had lifted back up her scroll to begin reading it again,
thinking she had ended the conversation for now. But when Diana spoke again,
she cocked her head at her and with narrowed eyes she came to her feet and
headed over to where Diana stood just as Diana begun her list.

“ First of all, I’m not your slave!, Just because you captured me does not
mean I will willingly submit myself to anything.”

“ Really?” Xena said as she circled around the woman as if studying what made
her continue to talk when she was told not to.

“ Yes, really. Also, I am not one of your little Harum whores, and I won’t
accommodate ANY of your men, or any of your guest. “ Diana affirmed.

Xena by that time had come to stand in front of the young woman and with empty
cruel eyes Xena laid out her plan.

“ First of all little girl, I am going to take my bath, when I come back I
will discuss with you EVERYTHING I expect from you.” Xena then turned on her
heels and went into the bath area to get cleaned up.

Meanwhile, Diana was once again left in the room by herself with only her
thoughts to keep her company, at least for a few minutes. Suddenly the
bedchamber door opened and the two young women who had been taken from the
Harum earlier that day was now herded into the room and told to get on the
bed, by a silent third person whom Diana could not see who it was.

The two women went and got on the bed and sat there with wide eyes nude and
trembling, as the third woman never said anything or moved from the place she
had come to stand.

Xena came out of the bathchamber a little while later with only a robe on and
sandles on her feet. Her Raven hair hung damp down her back and she looked
like a Goddess in human form.

Diana tried to keep from staring at her, while the two women on the bed stared
wideeyed and opened mouth at her. Xena strolled back into the room and walked
to where the woman stood silently back behind Diana somewhere.

“ Are they ready for me?” Xena asked of the woman.

“ Yes My Lord.”

“ SHATARA?!!” Diana exclaimed to herself, and then proceeded to take audible
breathes in and out to calm her rage.

Xena heard it and then she told the woman to get her leather strap.

“ Your going to whip me?!” Diana exclaimed when she heard the plan.

Xena strided up behind Diana and leaning forward she said,” a few things is
going to happen this night, one of which involves YOU being whipped, but not
by me. The other involves them, you will keep your eyes on them at all times,
if you don’t you’ll continued to be whipped, if you fail to prove to me that
you are appreciative of their skills then it will be them to feel the whip.”

Xena then walked around to the front of the now tense young woman and looking
her deep in the eyes she then said, “ But first we have to discuss a few other

She then walked around the bed and got on it and the two women moved under
each of her hands and didn’t move again until Xena gave them the order. But
for now she simply nodded her head and Diana head the snap of the leather
strap as it was extended out to test it.

“ Now, about you being a slave, that’s exactly what you are, since I did
capture you.”


Diana closed her eyes for a moment and inhaled sharply at the unexpected
discomfort from the lay of the strap upon her upper back and shoulder.

“ Do you understand slave?” Xena asked without emotion showing in her eyes.

Diana didn’t say anything she just glared at Xena. Xena simply raised a brow
and then said, “ I see, you want to play wills, well let’s just see who’s will
is stronger, shall we? Remove the towel, and lay ten on her now and for every
question she

does not answer, or answers incorrectly. I want to hear her.”

Shatara walked up behind Diana and pulled the towel off of her. Diana exhaled
angrily, and Xena inhaled sharply at the sight of the woman’s body as did the
two women on the bed.

“ Wait! Xena ordered as she saw Shatara raise the leather strap to deliver the
ten lashes.

Xena went to the foot of the bed where Diana stood spread before her and she
stared in awe at the young woman’s body.

“ By The Gods! Xena exhaled raggedly as she raised a trembling hand to the
woman’s breast, and Diana jerked as a result of the shockwave Xena’s touch had
sent through her, despite the fact that she was already tight from being in
the same place as a already turned on Xena.

Diana had felt her need for Xena ever since she saw her again. But what Diana
didn’t realize was that Xena also felt that same need of her, but was
controlling it, up until now.

Xena placed her hand back on the breast and this time she felt and saw the
response her touch had on the woman. Diana’s nipples begun to tighten right in
front of her making them more impressive than they already were when they were

Xena brought her fingers to one of the peaks and just as she touched it she
looked up to see Diana had turned her head and was visibly trying to slow her
breathing. A wick glint came to her eyes and she motioned to Shatara to follow
her lead.

“ seem to like to be touched? I wonder if it’s just my touch or
anyones. You come here.” Xena ordered of one of the young women on the bed.

The girl came to the foot of the bed and Xena told her to touch Diana.

“ Don’t you dare?” Diana hissed.

The girl trembled out of fear from both women, but it was a certain look by
Xena that made the girl decide quickly who she was more afraid of. She timidly
reached out and caressed down Diana’s breast to her nipple. Xena saw the
effect which was that the peaks had started to soften as a result.

“ You, come here.” She ordered of the next girl.

“ Are you going to test your whole Harum and your army?” Diana asked

Xena gave a derisive chuckle and then said, “ Yes, until I find out what I
want to know.”

“ You know? I know you would do that to me, if for no other reason than to
make me feel dirty. Thereby assuming it would break me?” Diana stated while
looking straight into Xena’s eyes.

“ No, I wouldn’t do it for that reason, but if it turned out that way, I
wouldn’t be displeased by it.”

“ Hmm....Square one! I can not believe this.” Diana exhaled in frustration.

“ What are you talking about?” Xena asked with brows knitted.

“ Nothing. Let me save both of us a lot of time with this one, I will not
respond to anyone but you, and there are specific reasons for that, but I
don’t think this is the time to get into it. “

“ Is that right? How do I know you aren’t just telling me something just to
save your self from going through all of that?”

“ I don’t lie, unlike some people.”

W.H.A.C.K!! Xena backehanded Diana hard enough to bring tears to her eyes.

“ Are you that impudent that you would stand here and call me a liar to My

“ I wasn’t talking about you.” Diana said as tears ran down her reddened face.

“ Who else is there?” Xena hissed.

“ I was talking about her.” Diana said as she gestured towards Shatara.

“ You know nothing about her, so if anyone here is a liar, it’s you.” Xena
stated with a glare shining in her eyes.

“ I know Shatara, and she knows me. Isn’t that right Shatara?” Diana called
over her shoulder at the still silent woman.

Xena looked back at Shatara with knitted brows and motioned for her to come to

“ Do you know this little girl Consort?”

“ Consort?! U.n.b.e.l.i.e.v.a.b.l.e. You have more gall than I have seen in
anyone anywhere and in anytime. I can’t believe you were so low and desperate
that you would do what you did just to get her away from me! Gods Shatara! I
hate you so much I just want to rip your heart out and crush it in your
deceitful face!” Gods!!” Diana ranted as she laid into the woman, who now
stood breathing harder as a result of it.

Xena watched and listened to both Diana and Shatara’s reaction, and both were
shaking visibly for different reasons.

“ Well?”

“ Yes My Lord I know of her.”

“ OF ME. YOU BITCH! If I could get loose Lord Xena would have one less
defeitful heart witch in her service! Know Of Me, GODS!!”

“ SILENCE! “ Xena ordered.

“ Why? So she can lie some more to you?!” Diana protested.

“ I said silence.” Xena growled, and Diana went silent and whipped her head to
look away from Xena’s penetrating gaze.

Xena then refocused her attention on Shatara. “ Answer me, where do you two
know each other?”

“ My Lord I met her sometime back and we sort of had a conflict that kept us
from becoming friends, at least at that time.”

Diana now looked back over, but this time she was looking at Shatara with
utter disbelief.

“ What?”

“ You My Lord, we both wanted you, but you only wanted one of us.”

“ Can’t believe you told her that?” Diana sneered. But one look from Xena sent
Diana back into the silent mode.

“ Anyway My Lord, the war that you read about, was a result of the desire,
want, need and love of you, but when she found they were losing she was the
female who conspired and then had implemented the assasination of YOU.”

“ WHAT?!! I....Damnit! I KNOW THE SAYING and and yet I allowed her to open her
mouth, Gods! You know Shatara, played me like a violin, Ha. The
saying says history will be as I see it for it will be I who writes it. Well
Damnit you wrote this one, and I stood here and let you spewn that vile lie.
hahaha.” Diana exclaimed at the blatent lie. And then had to laugh out of

Xena now had her eyes squarely focused on Diana and Diana just happened to
look back at Xena sensing she was looking at her, but she didn’t expect to see
what she saw. It scared her so much that she flinched.

“ It’s not true Xena! Shatara’s Lying?! I would have never done that! She
knows it. She’s lying Xena.” Diana said as she saw the hate flowing into
Xena’s eyes and felt it seeping into her heart.

“ I don’t remember you, but I do remember the scrolls I had read that a woman
with remarkable skills was the one who had me assassinated because she could
not have me for herself. Looking at your skills, I’d reason it was you.”

“ No, no it wasn’t me, you can ask anyone who knows me, I would have never
hurt you. I was even ready to die to just stay with you, but you told me to
stay here and live. GODS Xena I would NEVER Never have done anything like this
to you. Please? Please? You have to believe me.” Diana said through her
continious tears as she pleaded with Xena and Xena continued to glare at her.

“ We’ll see if your lying.” Xena said as she climbed off of the bed and
walking behind Diana, she put her hand out for the leather strap. Shatara
handed the strap to her and stepped away to where she was standing at the head
of the bed.

Xena snapped the leather strap and then said , “ Let’s see how long you can
keep up the lie.”

“ I’m Not Lying, I have never lied to you in the past and I don’t plan on
starting now!”

Xena let the strap fly and Diana screamed out in utter pain. Xena let the
strap fly ten more times before she asked Diana anything else. Finally Xena
ended the first ten and with a caustic tone she asked her question.

“ So did you have me murdered little girl?”

Diana had her head dropped and she was breathing hard as the tears rolled, but
now they were black as onxy.

“ No.” Diana managed.

“ I don’t believe you.” Xena said with acid drinking from her lips.

Diana realized what that meant and her heart beat wild against her chest.

“ Gods! Please??!! I didn’t do that to you, I couldn’t.” Diana said brokenly.


Xena let another ten fly and Diana screamed as though death herself was
flowing from her mouth.

“ So.... tell me what happened, now that you have thoroughly ruined my evening
for the moment? Shatara take those two back to the Harum, but keep them warm,
I will take my pleasure from them later.”

“ Yes My Lord. Come you two.”

The two women jumped up off of the bed and were lead out of the bed chamber
and back to the Harum chamber.

Meanwhile Xena returned her attention back to the young woman. Diana’s head
was now hanging down due to her strength having been sapped from the painful
whipping rendered on her by Xena The Conqueror. But she managed to answer part
of Xena’s question.

“ I....I was your Consort.”

“ Your lying again. “ Xena whispered in Diana’s ears.

“ No...I’m not, I can prove it.” Diana said weakly.

“ Really? How?”

“ I can show you.” Diana answered.

Xena strided up behind Diana and standing to her side she grabbed Diana’s
cheeks and turned her head to look her in the eyes.

“ If your lying, I promise you I will make you suffer, despite how much I’d
rather bed you.”

Tears continued to run down Diana face and she simply lowered her eyes as Xena
untied her restraints. Diana caught one of the bedpost to prevent herself from
falling to the floor, due to her shaking body and especially her legs.

“ Well?” Xena sneered without offering a hand to the young woman.

“ I don’t know if I can because of the changes you had made since I was here

“ Well... you better hope you can, for your backside sake.” Xena warned.

Diana gained her balance and looking back at Xena she took a few deep breaths
and pushed herself up off of the post.

“ There use to be a saddle bag with gold trim and a leaflet type fastener in

“ Yes, I remember it. I liked the bag so I kept it. it’s in there still.”

“ Is everything else still in it also?”

“ I haven’t used it yet, so everything should still be there.”

“ Good. “ Diana said as she looked at Xena with questioning brows and seeing
Xena had no intention of getting the bag Diana took a deep breath and gently
made her way over to the door, once she had she leaned against the door
heavily and was breathing quite hard, perspiration was forming on her hairline
due to the acute pain she was in.

After a moment to catch her breath Diana lifted herself up off of the door and
pulled it open, she scanned the area and locating the bag she lifted it up
with some effort and then staggered to the table that was nearer to the area.

She lifted it up onto the table and then made the mistake and sat down.

“ Gods......that hurt.” Diana exclaimed in a controlled tone of voice, as she
jumped up off of the offending chair.

Diana tossed her hair back out of her face . Xena in the meantime had turned
around and sat on the bed and was watching the young woman and her struggles.

Diana found what she was looking for and turning around she saw Two
penetrating eyes leveled on her. The intensity of the gaze made Diana blush
and Xena actually smirked.

Diana made her way back over to the bed and looking for somewhere to work she
just made a suggestion.

“ If you’ll allow me to lay on ......on your bed, I can do what is necessary
to show you?” Diana asked with contriteness in her tone of voice.

Xena raised a brow at the woman and then made her terms known.

“ I will allow you on my bed to do this only if you understand what it means
to be in my bed?”

“ What is that?” Diana asked as she played with the sketching tool in her
hands, while looking up at Xena’s steady gazing eyes.

“ You become my pleasure slave, starting tonight.”

“ Why a slave, if you don’t mind my asking?”

“ What else would you be?”

Diana lowered her eyes for a moment and then she raised them back and said, “
Why not your Consort?”

Xena raised a brow and then leaning back on the bed and looking up at the
woman in disbelief she then said, “ Now WHY would I do that ? I don’t know if
you can even please me. I’m not like most people.”

“ I’m not worried about not being able to please you, I did it for two years
without ANY complaint from you.”

“ Well if that’s true then you should be able to show me, right?”

“ Yes.”

“ Well in that case if you prove that it was not you who had me murdered, and
you prove that you were able to please me, then I will make you My
Consort.....But! I will punish you if you get out of line, or if you displease
me. If your able to please me in other ways, then I may even think about
taking you as my primary Consort.”

“ How many do you have now?”

“ One right now, but if your telling me the truth then it will be two.”

“ No, when you see the proof I have then you will not want to keep Shatara as
your consort.” Diana stated confidently.

“If your telling the truth then you maybe right.”

“ Xena I don’t .....” Diana started but then with the look she received from
Xena she stopped and knitted her brows, then she realized.

“ Oh, forgive me, MY Lord?”

Xena relaxed back and went back to looking at Diana the way she had been

“ Now what were you saying?”

“ I was just going to say I don’t understand how you can’t just look in my
eyes and see that I am not lying about any of this?”

“ Just show me.” Xena ordered.

“ So is it ok for me to lay on your bed?”

“ Yes, as long as you know what it means.”

“ What the pleasure slave or the Consort?”

“ Depends on what I see, if you’ve told me the truth then it will be my
Consort, if you’ve lied then it will be as my pleasure slave, and that’s on
top of daily whippings.” Xena said fixing her gaze on the young woman.

“ Fine.” Diana simply said as she walked around and gently climbed up on the
bed and positioned herself on her stomach with her head at the foot of the
bed. Xena got up and went and positioned herself at the head of the bed
sitting back against the headboard and pillows on the bed.

Diana proceeded to draw out the first time Xena and her met, and pushing on it
she then reached back and asked Xena to do the same thing. Xena gave her a
curious look and Diana explained it to her.

“ It’s our history together, therefore it takes both of us to do this.”

Xena pinched her lips and with a brow arched she reached down and pushed on
the picture, Diana then brought it back around to herself and doing one more
thing she made it start showing their lives.

The sketcher showed their lives from the first day Diana came to the time, and
how she had come to be there, to everything Diana had done since Xena’s death.
Neither said anything as they watched, Diana simply let her tears roll down
her face as she watched her’s and Xena’s life together, at times she buried
her head in her arms and sobbed quietly.

At those times Xena would look between what she was seeing on the screen down
to the young nude woman lying on her bed sobbing with a broken heart. Xena
would take a few minutes and just watch the young woman. Then she would run
her hand over her chin and go back to watching.

Parts where Xena and Diana were playful with each other, Diana smiled and then
cried, Xena would smile to herself and then frown. During their intimate times
both Diana and Xena became uncomfortably tight. But niether said anything.
They just continued to watch.

When the presentation of the new land came on, Diana heard Xena curse to
herself. Diana did’t say anything, she just continued to lay on her belly at
the foot of the bed with her arms folded under her chin and she watched and

When Shatara came on there were parts that made Xena chuckle, but then there
were the other parts that made Xena curse again. Then things moved quickly
from that scene. Diana finally spoke.

“ My Lord, I don’t want to watch the rest of this, If you don’t mind I would
like to go to where ever I am to sleep?”

Xena thought about the request and the tone in which it was asked and then she

“ No, you will sleep here, turn around.”

Diana buried her head for a moment and then she turned her body so that she
was now lying on her belly at the head of the bed, she rested her head facing
towards Xena.

“ I want you here.” Xena said with a strange tone in her voice, something that
made Diana look up into her eyes.

Diana saw Xena was watching the scene on the wall, but her eyes were slightly
lighter than they had been. Diana lowered her eyes back down and just laid
looking at Xena’s hands opening and closing. When the scene where Xena was
stabbed came on, Xena’s fist and her muscles all tightened, and Diana heard
the forced air being exhaled from Xena’s lungs as she tried to keep her

Diana had not looked at the scene but instead gently placed her hand on top of
Xena’s clenched fist while still laying her head on her other folded arm,
still facing towards Xena, but now she closed her eyes and tears once again
rolled down her cheek.

Xena felt the gesture and she glanced down at the tenderness offered from the
young woman, despite having just been whipped for something she did not do.
Xena allowed Diana’s hand to remain on top of hers as she watched everything
that happened after she had been murdered.

Xena sat stunned at the rage that she saw in the woman, she sat awed by her
skills, she sat feeling convicted when she listened to Diana talking to her
when she was alone after days of none stop killing. She watched the woman make
her way to some area where she would not be seen if she overslept, and day
made it before she awoke.

Xena watched how with every strike of her very own sword she told the person
why she was doing it. Xena saw the wildness in Diana’s eyes, but she also saw
the pain and self loathe when she laid the children down after bathing and
cleaning them up so that their faces were shining like Cherubs. Xena actually
let a few tears roll down her cheeks at those scenes.

She looked down at the young woman who now had fallen asleep, with tears still
rolling down her face as she slept. Xena wiped her eyes and then flipped her
hair out of her face using just one hand. When the scenes were finished up to
the very moment they were at right now. Xena knew then that what she saw was
true. Xena ran her hand over the sketcher tool and swept the original picture
clear and thus ended the showing.

Xena picked up the tool and placed it on the table next to her bed, she then
pulled her hand out from under Diana’s and Diana stirred slightly, and then
she opened her eyes and realized she had fallen asleep.

“ I’m sorry My Lord!” Diana said slightly panicked for falling asleep.


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