By D.virtue

“ hahahahaha, you have this all planned out don’t you?”

“ Yes, but I know that I’m not the only one who will be making the request of
Lord Xena, most of the others will also, the one’s who haven’t decided yet are
waiting to see how things turn out with all of us.”

“ What happens if she refuses?”

“ Then we will force her.”

“ Force Xena The Conqueror?! How?”

“ I don’t think I should say just now, but trust me I can say we have some
unbeatable help.”

“ Really? Who?”

“ She Has powerful backing.”

“ She? Who?”

“ You’ll see, we’ll give Lord Xena time to think about her decision to allow
us to settle our desperate people on lands around her kingdom, and for good
measures we’ll suggest if she has any concerns then she can settle the people
either as close to her palaces so as to be able to keep and eye on them, or as
far away from the palaces so as to keep whatever problems that may arise from
spilling over into the other areas of her kingdom.”

“ But doesn’t that defeat what you would be trying to do?”

“ No, because the soldiers that would be patrolling the lands closes to the
Kingdom probably have a set schedule as to what time they make their rounds,
and having our soldiers there, they’ll be able to discover those times and
then make their move after the soldiers make their rounds.”

“ Hmm....well it sounds like a good plan, although I would like to know how
your going to force her if she refuses?”

“ I’ll tell you later Lord Brenos.”

Diana stood with her arms crossed over her chest the whole time and her eyes
started flashing Sapphire once again, but she thought about whether to kill
them now or tell Xena, she decided to tell Xena. So she left the area before
the men discovered she was there.

Diana had been gone for over 3 candlemarks from the chamber, so by the time
she arrived back at the chamber Shatara was gone to the chamber next door and
the outer room of Xena’s bed chamber was a flurry of activity.

Diana was just about to open the door of the chamber when she was grabbed by

“ Little Beauty? Where have you been?!”

“ I went for a walk, I didn’t want to stay there and listen to ......well you
know what! Just because I no longer hate or even dislike you, does not mean I
like the idea of the two of you together. I still want her for myself

“ Ok, I can understand that, I had no choice, I hope you know that?”

“ Yes I know, but I’m sure you didn’t protest?” Diana said as she raised a
brow at Shatara.

Shatara blushed, but then shook her head of the memory and then said in a
quiet voice.

“ I’m a little sore from Xena letting out some of her frustration on me,due to
me not being able to satisfy her, I hope that helps you feel better?”

“ It does.” Diana stated matter-of-factly.

“ I thought it would.” Shatara said with a sigh.

“ Ok, now that we have that straight why did you pull me away from the door?”

“ Oh, yeah, Lord Xena had Lord Brenos’s soldiers as well as her personal
soldiers all out looking for you. She is so angry right now, I think if you go
in there at this moment with all of the activity going on, and all of the
adrenalin flowing, I’m afraid she would lay into you right there in front of
everyone. I think you should wait until everyone leaves to go back out and
look for you, then you should go in, that way she’ll be alone and it’ll just
be the two of you?”

Diana turned to look back at the door and hearing Xena’s voice raised with the
anger obvious in it sounding through the corridor, Diana decided to take
Shatara’s advice and wait.

After another candlemark, everyone finally left to go back out to look for
Xena’s other slave. Diana thanked Shatara, and then said in a somber tone of

“ The next sound you hear will be me screaming.”

Diana then turned and left the chamber where all of the slaves and servants
that Xena brought with her were staying. Diana walked next door and taking a
few deep breaths she slowly opened the door of the chamber and easing it open
she started to look around the outer chamber to see if Xena was nearby.

Suddenly Diana’s hair was grabbed and she was pulled all the way into the room
and brought to stand on her toes staring at the flaming eyes of Xena. Diana
tried to stay calm, but she found it harder with every second Xena glared at

“ My Lord? I know your upset, but I can explain.”

“ Don’t worry, I’ll let you explain.” Xena said through her teeth as she
pushed Diana towards the bed chamber.

Diana opened and went into the room and begun backpedaling as Xena came
towards her, all the while taking out the leather strap. Diana fear was now

“ Xe...Xena, My Lord, please I can explain?”

“ Strip.” Xena commanded as Diana was now crawling backwards over the bed to
the other side.

Xena motioned with her finger for Diana to come back over to her. Diana stood
on the other side of the bed with her fingers touching the blankets.

“ If I have to come over there and get you....” Xena said leaving the rest up
to Diana’s vivid imagination.

Diana immediately moved back around the bed to come to stand in front of Xena.
Diana stood with her head down as she waited for Xena to say or do something.
Finally Xena spoke, and with every word Diana flinched.

“ Where... in..... Tartarus..... have.... you..... been slave?!! “

“ I went for a walk My Lord.” Diana said without looking up at Xena’s piercing

“ A WALK?! What were you doing walking anywhere around this place without my
permission yet alone BY YOURSELF??!! “

” I needed to get out of hearing range of this room.” Diana said flatly.

“ This room? Why?!”

“ Because you were in here with Shatara, and I didn’t want to hear her
passions. It’s not right! I should be the only person your with!” Diana said
with more confidence and with a slightly raised voice, as she looked up into
Xena’s eyes the whole time.

Xena let out an exaberated breath of air and then grabbing Diana by the arms
and shaking her soundly as she verbally laid into her. All the while gripping
Diana’s arms harder and harder.

“ OWwww let go?”

“ Did you hear me?!!”

“ Yes I heard you it won’t happen again, I’m sorry.” Diana managed through
being shaken to where she felt a headache coming on.

Xena then pushed Diana down on the bed and stood glaring at her. Diana
straighten herself up and then Xena looked at what she had on.

“ Wait a minute, did you wear just that out there when you were walking

Diana looked down at what she had on and her heart almost stopped at the

“ I......I....didn’t think about what I had on, I just wanted to get away
from..... here.” Diana said as she glanced up at Xena.

“ So.... you impulsively decided to just leave, just wearing THAT shift, the
one that shows so many of the curves of your body?”

Diana looked up at Xena due to the strange tone in her voice and when she met
her eyes her breath caught.

“ Xena? Are you ok?” Diana asked as she saw hunger written all throughout
Xena’s eyes.

Xena suddenly scowled and then told Diana to get out and go next door and stay
there and send Shatara to her.

“ But Xena, let me be the one to calm you, My needs are as great as yours, we
can sate each other without any problem, you know it’s true?”

Xena stood studying Diana, while at the same time thinking about what Diana
had just said.

“ I know, but that’s not the point.” Xena growled.

“ What is?! Tell me!”

Xena licked her lips and then she turned away and called over her shoulder.

“ Leave and send Shatara to me.”

“ But Xena?”

“ Now Slave!”

Diana laid on the bed for a moment longer and then after fixing her shift back
up she rose up off of the bed and walked and stood behind Xena. She then
brought a trembling hand to Xena’s back and placing it against it, she let her
tears roll from her eyes as she spoke through a tightening throat.

“ I’m sorry.” Diana then lowered her hand and turned and left the room and
went and did as she was told.

Meanwhile, Xena who had her back to Diana when Diana touched her back finally
allowed the tears that had formed in her own eyes to roll for a moment down
her cheeks, after Diana had left the room.

The next week was pretty much just meetings and things, Xena had delayed
giving any of the conspirators any answer to their request about the lands,
despite the messagers message.

“ We shall meet again in one month to receive an answer from Lord Xena.”
Brenos stated to all of the people in the meetings.

But Xena had other plans.

“ No, make it 10 months, I have some things I have to see to.”

“ Any problem with that?” Brenos asked of everyone else.

“ No, it’s fine,10 months is fine.”

Diana still had not told Xena what she knew, but she was relieved to hear Xena
forestall the request. That night Xena called Shatara to the chamber once
again, but this time it was going to be different.

“ Shatara, you know what my plans are?”

“ Yes My Lord.”

“ Good, I want you to continue like you don’t know even up to the very day,
and then on that day things are forever going to change. That’s why I called
you here, because I want you to know and understand that from the time we
return things are going to move quickly, and I may not get a chance to say
this then, so I’m saying it now. You are a wonderful Consort, and regardless
of what has happened and what will happen, I care about you, and I don’t want
to ever hurt you. I know what I’m asking is hard for you, but just realize it
is the way things should be. I can’t help how I feel.”

“ I know My Lord, and I accept that, it really is the way things should be.
And I am ever so happy, and I am definitely one of the luckiest people alive.
I am humbled by your request of me, and I will make you proud My Lord.”

Xena smiled and gave a warm caress to Shatara’s cheek and then she pulled her
in and placed a kiss on her that made Shatara go weak. That night Xena was
tender and gentle with Shatara. The next morning came and Xena and her
entourage along with the entourages of all of the other Rulers all headed out
of Lord Brenos’s land, returning to their own lands.

Diana sat across from Xena and just looked out the carriage window. Xena saw
the sadness in her eyes, but the last weeks have been very good for Diana,
despite the situations she had gotten herself into. Diana’s eyes were no
longer hate filled, now they were back to their normal look although the
sadness was obvious in them.

Shatara sat on the same side as Xena but she only spared glances at Diana, and
then she went back to looking out the carriage windows. They arrived back at
Xena’s Palace and just when Xena and Diana and Shatara stepped out of the
carriage they were immediately set upon by a few soldiers from Xena’s Royal

“ My Lord, welcome home, there is a surprise for you, but we were told by
request to blind fold you and your slaves?”

“ I don’t like surprises.” Xena stated.

“ We know Lord Xena, but it was the priestess Kira who made the request, she
said you would understand the request being made by her?”

“ Fine, do it and let’s get this over with.”

The soldiers blinded folded all three women and they took Shatara to her
chamber, while Diana and Xena were taken to the temple, where Kira met them.

“ Lord Xena...The Gods are upset with you that you have not been to see them
in a while. They are also concerned by all of the tension from that one, and
therefore demanded that she also pay a visit to the meditation chamber.”

“ I see, fine, I guess I have been a little busy. Take her where you need to,
I will go with you.”

“ Wonderful My Lord, The Gods will be most pleased. Ladies take her.”

Diana then felt her arm being taken and her being lead away from Xena. Xena
saw the knitted brows of Diana, but she just smirked at it, and then a serious
more concerned look came over her face as she thought about what this would
mean to Diana when she got to the meditational chamber.

Finally, Xena turned and headed off with Kira. When Diana and the priestess
arrived at the chamber Diana was escorted inside and once inside her blind
fold was removed.

Diana immediately looked around to see where she had ended up, and when she
realized where she was she turned to the priestess and asked.

“ What am I doing here?”

“ You must confess your crimes, and forgive everyone who has wronged you, and
acknowledge all of it by writing in the journal.”

“ WHY?!”

“ Because while the Gods are disappointed with you, they still love you, and
Lord Xena has commanded that a way be found for you to get past your anger and
hate. This was the answer. So we will leave you and your thoughts, you will be
here for a week, we will not come to visit you until the end of that time, we
will bring your meals here to you and you will bath in the chamber, and sleep
when it’s time to sleep. Do you have any questions?”

“ No, just a statement. I don’t want to do this, I can’t, it’s too much.”
Diana said with distress registering in her voice.

“ You must, otherwise you will not be allow to see Lord Xena again.”

“ What? What are you talking about?”

“ Lord Xena made it clear that if you did not do this whether for yourself, or
for your profession of love for her,then she will be convinced that you have
been deceiving her all along and therefore she does not want anything to do
with you other than as another slave, but not of her Harem.”

Diana looked at the priestess and then she looked around the chamber. After a
moment she turned back to the priestess and said in a pensive tone of voice.

“ Ok, fine, I’ll do it for her.”

“ Fine, but if I may offer a little advice?”

“ What?”

“ It would be better if you did it for yourself little one.”

Diana gazed at the woman for a moment and then she let a slight smile come to
her face. Diana tilted her head slightly in understanding of what the
priestess was saying.

The priestess smiled at Diana and then turned and left Diana to her thoughts.
The first four days of Diana’s meditative time was filled with horror and pain
and remorse and eventually by the time the morning came Diana was becoming
less and less tense.

The screams and sobs were heard by all, but Diana stayed and went through it
all, at the end of the week Diana was able to meditative and one could
actually see a peace about her, her hair had grown back, and quite rapidly
considering while they were at Brenos’s her hair seemed to be growing at the
rate of a snail. But now it was down to her behind, and just as wavy and soft
as always.

The priestess came back for Diana the next evening and taking Diana to be
cleaned up by the priestess’s, Diana was then reblindfolded and then dressed.
She was lead out of the dressing chamber and with escorts on both sides of her
Diana was apprehensive about being blindfolded with people in front and
alongside of her and behind her. There were gasped by people as Diana past by
them, but she thought it were just other soldiers or something. The only
comfort Diana took in being blindfolded was that Xena and Shatara were being
done the same way.

Diana felt the breeze of the air on her skin as she was lead outside, as she
assumed she was now heading. The entourage of people with Diana all arrived to
their destination. Diana figured they were by the lake, and Diana had thought
to ask many questions during the walk, but for some reason she figured she
would not get any answers, so she did not ask.

When the entourage started dividing up, Diana sensed she was not alone, she
used her body to tell her if Xena was nearby, and sure enough she felt her
right in front of her. Diana also sensed there were a number of others around.
Diana also sensed that Gabrielle and Shatara were near. While Diana was taking
her surroundings in using her senses. Kira the Priestess started talking.

“ We are gathered here at the request of Our Lord Xena The Conqueror because
of her announcement of her intentions towards one of her Harem servants. Lord
Xena will you make your pledge to the servant?”

“ Pledge?” Diana said in astonishment to the statement. As she tried to
determine the meaning of it. But she did not have to wait long, after a moment
or so, she heard Xena’s voice talking.

“ I hereby make my pledge with all of you as witnesses, that I Xena The
Conqueror have willingly and under no distress, decided to take a bonded

Diana’s breath caught in her throat and the only sound she could make was a
weak gasp of ...” no.....” Diana felt her world was truly ending, now she
stood so close to Xena yet she felt so far from her at this moment due to what
Xena was professing for Shatara.

Xena saw the trembling of Diana’s body, and heard Diana’s weak gasp, but she
paid it no attention and continued in her pledge.

“ I have found a woman whom I had lost at one time, but then I captured her
and found she was a bit of a handful, but very willing to please me no matter
what. I know she loves me despite everything, and I could not love anyone as
much as I love her, I feel complete and whole with her, I did think there was
another who possibly could make me happy, but I discovered there is no one
else for me, I pledge to love, honor, and cherish her for as long as we both
shall live.”

Diana had tears rolling down her cheeks despite the blindfold, She stood with
her arms wrapped around herself, utter despair trying to set in. The Priestess
then bowed at Xena and then stated that now the confession must be made by the

Diana heard a parchment being pulled out, and she thought to herself, How
tacky is that, Shatara is suppose to be able to tell lord Xena how she feels
without having to look at a piece of parchment, but Diana didn’t let her
mocking be heard.

Shatara cleared her throat and then read from the parchment.

“ My Lord Xena, I have traveled this world and others, in this time and
others, as you have, I have loved, and have been loved, My life has been
changed by the touch of one man. I thought I had been cursed because of that
touch, and the resulting change. But since the first day I saw you my heart
fell in longing for you. My mind fought against the irrational idea of having
anything to do with you, but my heart knew , even though I didn’t , I never
believed such a day would ever find me, but here I am. Totally and completely
in love.... with you, about to truly become one with you.... My heart, My
soul, My very life is yours and yours alone and will forever be so I.... I
have had many offers of marriage by men, but never by any of those who claimed
to adore me, I never understood least not until now, I was not
suppose to be with any of them, my destiny was and is here, with you, I shall
forever be grateful for your efforts and success in coming to find me, and
bring me HOME....for truly My Lord Xena, You Are My Home. I hope I will be
your comfort in those times that you need comforting, your joy in life, your
strength when you are weak, your inspiration, your song, your muse, your
protector when you need protecting, I hope I will be able to fulfill any and
all of your dreams, I make my confession before all of these witnesses that I
will Love and Honor and Cherish and obey you....My Lord Xena, Now and
Forever...and a day.”

Diana stood with knitted brows and although she recognized the sentiment as
her own she held her tongue, she figured it was just Shatara’s way of giving
Xena a memory of a past, Diana continued to let her tears roll down her face.

The the Priestess stepped back up and made the announcement that would seal
the bond legally. “ Let all who have heard these vows and confessions, take
heed that as of this day The People will now address Lord Xena’s Consort as
Her Royal Highness, or as Lord Xena deems. While being known to our Lord Xena
The Conqueror as Her Legal Consort, with all rights and privileges as a result
of this bonding, Our Lord will now present Her Highness a gift and symbol of
this bonding and the claim that goes with the presentation. But first she will
present a token of appreciation to the Ladies who have stood witness for Her

“My Lord?”

Xena moved and placed pins to each of the two women standing up for her mate,
and she rendered a tilt of her head to all of the Ladies in Waiting. But
rather than stopping, Xena raised her hand behind and to the side of her,
where Miki stood holding a necklace, with a large teardrop shaped Diamond
hanging from a silver and gold chain.

Xena took the necklace and moving closer to Diana she reached her long arms
around Diana’s neck and with Gabrielle holding Diana’s hair out of the way
Xena fastened the necklace on and laid it gently onto Diana’s chest just at
her cleavage. Xena then leaned down and whispered in Diana ear.

“ Thank you kitten, you will never know how much this means to me.”

“ Our Lord Xena the Conqueror has publicly acknowledged the bonding herself
with Her Royal Highness. Let the Gods continue to bless their bonding.”

The haloing light started to descend onto the two women, just as the priestess
finished with. Xena saw it.

“ You may seal your bonds.”

Xena smiled a mischievous smile, and then Xena pulled Diana into her body and
bending her backwards as she planted a passionate kiss on the lips she had
missed painfully.

The guest whooped and howled and whistled their approval of Xena’s way of
sealing a bond, The Gods who had graced the ceremony blushed at the passion
they were seeing by two almost immortal women, and at the fact of their secret
longing of the two women.

Xena broke the kiss and then ripping the blindfold from Diana’s eyes she
allowed a look of intensity to come into her eyes as she leaned to one side
of Diana and whispered in her ear.

“ Your mine.....forever. “

“ What?” Diana said through her breathless yet dazed mind.

“ What do you mean what Consort?” Xena said with a smile on her face.

Diana’s brows knitted further at Xena’s behavior.

“ What are you talking about Xena?! You just bonded with Shatara!” Diana
stated with resentment coming into her voice.

“ Shatara? What are you talking about? I just bonded with the only person I
could ever love.” Xena stated back matter-of-factly.

“ What? But I heard you make your pledge to her? I heard her use my Pledge
from our first bonding as her own to you?”

“ No kitten, I told her to read it, I thought you would jump in sooner, but
you didn’t so I told her to read the whole thing.”

“ You mean..... I mean.....Your telling me....the..that you and I....are
bonded again, for Real?”

“ Yes kitten. Who else could I ever love the way I love you. “ Xena said with

“ But...but all of this time?” Diana started, but Xena place a finger over her
lips and simply stated the truth of the matter.

“ Diana, the day you showed me those images was the same day I left our bed
after you fell asleep and I went and had a few words with Ares, he gave me
back my memory, but he told me that because of all of the hate you had in you
towards him and Shatara and everyone else, that you would one day be eaten up
by it and therefore ripe for him to take as his Chosen, I could not allow
that, no matter how much it hurt me to treat you so coldly.”

Diana stared at Xena in utter disbelief, but yet she saw nothing but the truth
in Xena’s eyes. Finally Diana let out a breath . Xena saw the forgiveness in
Diana’s eyes and she smiled at her and then had to catch her as Diana’s heart
seemed to leap right into Xena’s hands due to the smile. Xena caught Diana’s
arm to steady her. Xena then smirked and then she planted a kiss on Diana
that was so thorough, that when they finally broke their fiery embrace,
Diana’s blush became apparent to everyone despite her Caramel Bronze skin

“ Your blushing quite hard kitten...again. It’s apparent to everyone, I would

Xena informed Diana as she held her , still dipped back in her arms. Diana
simply said.

“ your point?”


Xena smirked and once again planted an arden kiss to Diana’s sweet lips. Diana
melted into their renewed contact, but....then Xena Broke the kiss once again
and swinging Diana up into an upright position, the Priestess announced the

“ Honored guest, May I now present for the second time, Lord Xena The
Conqueror and her mate for life, Her Royal Highness.... Lady Diana, Legal
Consort of Xena The Conqueror.”

The Crowd burst into a thunderous applause, the Gods offered their gift of
fireworks once again as a signal for the bonding. The crowd awed at the sight
of the multicolored lights flashing in the sky.

Xena and Diana headed back for the palace, but then Diana suddenly stopped and
looking back at Shatara, she saw the sincere smile on her face and Diana
turned to Xena and said,

“ I’ll be right back.” Diana then headed for Shatara.

Shatara and Gabrielle as well as Ephiny and the others were all holding their
breaths not sure of what Diana’s reaction was going to be to Shatara and then
eventually towards them.

Diana stopped in front of Shatara and Shatara stood looking back at Diana.
Suddenly Diana wrapped her arms around Shatara’s neck and hugged her as she
let her tears roll down her face in sincere gratitude to her, and out of
empathy to her. Shatara wrapped her arms around Diana as her own tears rolled,
and the two women who’s hearts were stolen by Xena The Conqueror, now found
compassion for one another.

“ Thank you.”

“ Your welcome little beauty, I consider you to be a friend, and I realized I
wasn’t being a true friend by trying to hold on to Lord Xena, knowing how much
it was hurting you. You two belong together, I realize that What My Lord and I
had was no where near what you and her have and it was and is wrong of anyone
to come between the two of you, and I am so sorry for my part.”

Diana hugged Shatara again and this time she whispered in her ear.

“ You will always be a cherished friend, and I hope you will stay with Xena as
her seer?”

Shatara leaned into Diana once again and the two stood holding each other
while the guest stood watching and reacting to the emotional scene. It was
Gabrielle who finally went to talk to the two women.

“ A-hem, excuse me you two, but I hope you don’t take this the wrong way,
but....I’m hungry, I heard there was nut bread and I would like to get some?”

Both Shatara and Diana looked at each other and then at Gabrielle and finally
they both just had to laugh. Gabrielle along with everyone else, including
Xena all stopped laughing and was staring at Diana.

Diana noticed that everyone had stopped laughing and looking around she looked
back at Gabrielle and Shatara and asked in a curious voice.

“ What?”

“ You.” Gabrielle said somewhat choked up.

“ What about me? “ Diana said with brows starting to knit in concern.

“ were laughing.”

“ Yes, so....” Diana asked at the curious statement.

Xena walked back to where the women stood and lifting Diana’s chin up to look
her in the eyes, she answered the question for her.

“ Kitten, it does all of our hearts a world of good to hear laughter coming
out of those lips.” Xena also choked up, but managed to get it out before it

“ Well, I agree, it has been a longtime, but it felt so good, besides,
Princess Gabrielle’s appetite is something to see, isn’t that right sis?”
Diana said teasing Gabrielle.

Gabrielle blushed and then said, “ I’ll remember this sis, now can we go eat?”

Diana again laughed and then taking hold of Xena’s arm and Gabrielle’s arm and
Shatara taking Gabrielle’s and Ephiny on Shatara’s side, and Nebula on
Ephiny’s all of the women then headed back to the palace, arm, and arm, and
arm, and arm, and arm.

The soldiers then fell into line behind them and then the servants and then
finally the guest. After they had arrived at the reception, Xena and Diana
took their rightful place at the head of the table, where Xena had Diana’s
throne made to match her own, only it was smaller than hers.

Diana looked up at Xena and Xena gave her a wink of her eye and Diana’s heart
once again felt as though it would rupture, but this time from the
overabundance of light she felt flowing through her.

The group headed up and sat in their respective places. Xena clapped her hands
and soon there was dancing and merriment going on. Meanwhile Xena and Diana
were renewing their vows again and again with the passionate kisses they were
engaged in.

Gabrielle found that everytime she looked over they were kissing and
whispering in each other’s ears. Finally after Xena had whispered something in
Diana’s ear and then followed it up with a kiss, Diana’s eyes were sparkling

Xena simply smirked while Diana moved restless in her chair for the rest of
the time.

“ Is everything okay sis?” Gabrielle asked somewhat loudly so that it was
heard by many, although she already knew the answer. But it was her way of
getting back at Diana.

Diana gave Gabrielle a look and Gabrielle smirked and said with a teasing

“ Told you I would get you back, didn’t expect it to happen so soon did you?
Thank you Xena.”

Diana’s mouth dropped open and Xena help up her hands in mock defense as Diana
leveled her gaze on her.

“ You set me up?” Diana said incredulously.

“ I’ll make it up to you later kitten.” Xena said knowing her words would
pacify Diana.

“ Well, since you put it like that, I guess I can forgive you.”

“ I’m happy to hear that. “ Xena said as she leaned over and placed another
passionate kiss to Diana’s sweet lips. “ Kitten will you do me a favor?” Xena
whispered in Diana’s ear.

“ Anything?”

“ Will you go and bring me one of the travellers?”

“ Sure.” Diana didn’t even ask why she just stood up as did all of the guest,
and Diana strided out of the reception hall and headed for their chamber to
get one of the travellers.

Just as she got the traveller she felt Xena’s hands on her shoulder and
holding Diana the way she was facing , which was away from her, Xena’s hand
came over Diana’s shoulder and Diana put the traveller in her hand and Xena
turned and threw it to the ground behind her, then grabbing Diana up in her
arms she turned and darted into it. They came out on Xenadia, right at the
diamond and sapphire staircase. Xena took the stairs three at a time without
effort and she arrived at The Royal bed chamber that had not been used since
her death.

‘ What are you doing Xena? We can’t leave the reception?” Diana stated.

“ Too late we already did. Besides, I can do whatever I want to, I am The

“ True, you are.”

Xena then took her precious load into the chamber and Diana looked around and
gasped at what she saw.

“ Xe...Xena? When? When did you have this done? The same time I was planning
our bonding ceremony. I had to make sure the ceremony was on the same date as
it was when we first did it.”

“ You thought about all of this, while you were keeping me at a distances?”

“ Yes, you didn’t make it easy either to keep you at a distances, everytime
those eyes showed hurt, I felt so bad, but I had to keep up the act for your
own good, I could not stand the idea that hate would eat your soul up, because
of your grief, I had to get you past that, and there were many of times I was
angry with you for being so stubborn.” Xena said as she gave Diana a knowing

“ Ok, so I’m a little stubborn, but so are you.”

“ Not the point kitten.”

“ I know, I’ll try to not be stubborn, ok?”

“ Ok, now for the consummation of our reunion.” Xena said as she laid Diana on
the bed and then proceeded to strip her out of her dress.

Diana then laid nude on the bed and Xena looked at Diana and turning she
walked over to the dresser and taking out the silver box she took out the
clear gloves and handed them to Diana. Diana immediately put them on, but then
she came up to her knees and stripping Xena out of her clothes Diana then
stood up and stepped off of the bed and walked over to the dresser and taking
off the gloves she reached in and brought out the vile of liquid that Xena had
used to change her body, so that it now did all the things Xena wanted to do
with just a thought.

“ What are you doing kitten?” Xena asked with concern registering in her

“ I thought it would be a nice gift if I do this for you?”

“ NO! You have given me more than any person alive deserves, and you certainly
don’t need to undergo any sort of further change at your DNA level, I think
you’ve been changed enough for a lifetime. Now come back over here.” Xena

“ But Xena, I don’t mind.”

“ No. Now come back over here.” Xena commanded.

Diana looked at the vile and then looked back at Xena and when Xena’s brows
begun to knit together, Diana put the vile back and picked back up the gloves
and went back over to the bed where Xena still stood, only now she was facing
away from the bed.

Xena grabbed Diana around her waist and giving her hard look, she said, “
Swear you will never take anything that will change you again?”

“ But Xena?” Diana started, but when Xena pulled Diana into her body, and
looking hard at her, Diana lowered her eyes for a moment and then she raised
them back up and said, “ You have my word.”

“ Good Girl. Now give me a kiss.”

“ My pleasure My Lord. Diana said as she lifted her head to place a kiss on
Xena’s lips, but Xena stopped her just a wisp of a breath away and she looked
deep into Diana’s eyes and said with emotion in her voice.

“ No Kitten, it is My Pleasure! I love you even more than what I thought to be
already beyond. My heart is full , My soul is whole and the lights that shines
from your eyes, reflect within me, and I am just overwhelmed by the love I
feel for you.”

Diana didn’t say anything she just leaned into Xena and hugged her, and Xena
wrapped her arms around Diana and the two women just stood by the bed and held
each other.

Finally Xena broke their embrace and wiping Diana’s eyes with her fingers,
Xena then brought the fingers to her lips and running her tongue over her
fingers, tasting Diana’s tears that had a light salt taste to it, nothing like
normal tears. Xena then put her fingers into her mouth and savored the taste.

Diana couldn’t help the shiver that ran through her at the sight of what Xena
was doing. So much so that she took hold of Xena’s hand and brought her
fingers out of her mouth and brought it to her mouth and she slowly sucked the
fingers one at a time into her mouth as she kept her gaze on Xena’s, who’s own
gaze was on her.

A desirous look played over both women’s faces and Xena soon pulled her
fingers from Diana’s mouth slowly as she traced the outside of Diana’s lips
once they were out. Diana followed the caress with her head, then Xena removed
the crown from Diana’s head and suddenly Diana’s hair fell down about her

“ Ah!! Your Hair?! It’s back, and it’s even more beautiful. But How? “

“ Since I let go of all of my anger, it must have cleared the pours of my hair
to allow my hair to grow out.”

Xena took the hair in her hand and she caress down Diana’s long ebony locks.

“ Beautiful.” Xena said distractly for a moment . Then her attention returned
to Diana completely and she leaned down and claimed Diana’s lips once again.
Diana moaned from the passion in Xena’s kisses and Xena smiled into Diana’s

Xena lowered both of them to the bed as she let her hands caress over Diana’s
body while Diana’s caressed over Xena’s. Both women were trembling by the
touch of each other’s hands upon the others body.

Both women were equal in their arousal of the other, but then Xena being Xena
took over, she ran her hands up to Diana’s breast where she took both in her
hands and then taking both of Diana’s breast in them she begun kneading the
large firm breast.

Diana’s moans became more intense at the provocative touches, but when Xena
broke the kiss and kissed and nipped her way down to Diana’s breast and then
immediately begun sucking hungrily on them as she squeezed them together, and
took both nipples in her mouth at the same time.

“” Diana moaned as she melted at Xena’s wondrous touch.

Xena lifted her mouth only long enough to say, “ Those are the only sounds I
want to hear you make kitten.”

Diana shook to her core from the sensual tone in Xena’s voice. Xena felt it
radiate through Diana’s nipples and she couldn’t help herself, she bit into
the taut peaks at the same time. Both begun producing at the same moment Diana
yelped from the sensation and then begun squirming underneath Xena as she
tried to get to Xena’s breast.

At the moment Xena was thirstily and hungrily feasting on Diana’s producing
breast., and moaning at every swallow of sweet wine she was tasting from
Diana’s breast.

“ Gods Xena please let me....” Was all Diana could say before Xena’s hand
slid over her firm abdomen straight to her flower.

Xena stopped for a moment and whispered something that Diana couldn’t even
begin to decipher at the moment. Her mind was so euphoric she was having a
hard enough time just focusing. So much for trying to listen to whispers.
Suddenly as Diana was being consumed by Xena’s caresses she suddenly was
filled by her.

Xena slipped her fingers deep into Diana’s flower and touched against the
maiden head she had just reformed. Diana stiffened from the touch and her eyes
locked on Xena’s, as best they could.

Xena’s lids were heavy but she managed to lock her gaze on Diana’s and in a
ragged breath she stated and then asked.

“ I won’t to claim you kitten, may I have you love?”

Diana’s breath caught in her throat and tears rolled down her face.

“ Anytime you want My Lord.” Diana stated giving herself over to Xena’s care.

Xena’s head rolled slightly as her breathing was one long moan. She then shook
her head and her piercing blue eyes locked on Diana’s and she begun pushing
against Diana’s shield.

Diana bit on her lower lip at first and then she went to gritting her teeth as
she used her hands to subconsciously push and then grip on Xena’s shoulders.

“ G...o...d....s Xena please hurry?”

Xena didn’t answer she just focused on the feel of Diana giving way to her
will. The shield was giving fiber by fiber and Xena was determined to feel
every bit. Diana begun moving away from the pain, but Xena’s voice stopped

“ STOP!” Xena Commanded and Diana immediately stopped.

“ OWwWww.....Xena........Pl.e.a.seeee....?” Diana whimpered at the snails pace
Xena was deflowering her.

Diana then thought to move toward Xena’s fingers, but just as she was about
to, Xena felt Diana’s muscles tensing to move and she read Diana.

“ DON’T you dare kitten.”

Diana then let the thought go from her mind about moving towards Xena’s
fingers. Xena felt Diana’s muscles start to relax and she then kissed Diana’s
neck and then came up to her mouth and rather than take it she told Diana to
open her eyes.

“ I want to see your eyes kitten when I claim you this time, open your eyes.”

Diana slowly opened her eyes and Xena was looking intensely into her eyes.
Diana was both aroused and intimated by the hypnotic gaze. A shudder ran
through her body and it was then that Xena’s mouth feralled into a carnal

Suddenly Xena pushed through Diana’s shield and just as Diana started to
scream from the pain, Xena claimed her mouth and begun thrusting ardenly into
Diana’s flower and Diana couldn’t stand not touching Xena the way she wanted
so she slid her hand down between them and she slipped into Xena’s jewel.

Xena gasped but then begun thrusting more tenaciously into Diana’s flower and
Diana’s hips were right in rhythm with Xena’s strong filling fingers, as
Xena’s hips were matching the same rhythm Diana had matched of Xena’s.

Both women were lost in the feel of the others touch and soon when neither
thought they could take anymore, Diana requested and Xena approved and both
women then floated into the ecstasy that would keep them for long ethereal

Soon the two begun floating in Ecstasies Mist. The watchers turned and saw the
images before them. They saw three women surrounded by other women, all
standing as if on watch for something or someone. But then the watchers turned
to look at the bodily forms of the two women and seeing that they were still
quite thoroughly in the throes of their passions. They returned their
attention to the images.

The two watchers then saw the smaller woman seemingly holding up the taller
woman, but the watchers could not tell if it were due to an injury or what.
After a few more long minutes, totaling over a candlemark, the smaller woman
disappeared from the mist.

The watchers turned their attention to the two women on the bed and after a
few more long minutes, the taller woman then disappeared, and only having
enough strength to roll onto her back and pull Diana with her, without
removing her fingers from within Diana’s flower. She then fell into deep

Diana ended up with one of her legs straddling one of Xena’s and thereby
providing more comfort for Xena’s deeply planted fingers within Diana’s
The next morning Xena awoke as she usually did, but rather than get out of
bed, she felt a warmth on her hand and when she lifted the covers she
discovered she was still inside of Diana’s flower.

“ Well, what a wonderful way to wake up.” Xena said with a wicked gleam coming
into her eyes.

Xena begun to move in and out of Diana’s flower, at first it was slow and
deep , but the more sounds she heard coming from Diana, the more desirous she
became. She converted her fingers that were buried deep within Diana into a
fleshlike phallus.

She then rolled so that she was now over the moaning and writhing young woman.

“ MMMmmmm....Xe.....naaaa....?”

“ Yes kitten.” Xena answered as she leaned down and placed a sweet kiss to
Diana’s soft lips.

Diana continued moaning and after she peaked, and her ecstasy washed over her,
she and Xena continued to make love for the next two months only stopping long
enough to eat at least one regular meal per three days, and to clean up after
a few days of their arden passions. Afterwards the two women returned to
Greece to check on things there.

“ Your Majesty, guess what?”

“ What?”

“ I know where another land is that needs to have life brought to it.”

“ Really?”

“ Yes, My crew and I were on our way from my homeland only we decided to take
the scenic route, and after about four days out we saw an island, so we
decided to stop and check it out, and I think your going to love it. It looks
like it has so much potential.”

“ Great when would we set sail?”

“ Three months, I thought that way we can make sure we have everything we will

“ Great, that’s fine.”

“ Lord Xena won’t have a problem with this will she?”

“ Why would she. This is one of my duties as her Queen, I am Advisor to her as
well as developer, architect, and planner. No she will not have any problems
with this.”

“ What about the being away from each other?”

“ We will use the travellers when I get to the land just like we did this last
time, but I don’t know if I’ll be making as many trips back this time, last
time I sort of left a lot of it on your shoulders, and you bared it
wonderfully, but I am the Developer and I should take a more active role.”

“ Don’t be ridiculous, you were more than actively involved, sometimes to
much, You need to delegate even more.”

“ maybe right, but we’ll see.”

“ Will Gabrielle go with us this time?”

“ No, I think she needs to deal with her Amazon sisters for a while.”

“ Ok, well I’ll see you later this week.”

“ Ok, I know Gabrielle wants us all to get together and spend the day

“ Great? Will Our Lord be able to join us?”

“ I’ll make sure she does, she’s been so busy catching up with things since we
came back from our.....honeymoon, that she hasn’t had time to really just
relax. I love spoiling her when she finally gets a break. She can be like a
big teddy bear sometimes, just so cuddly and soft. She loves when I pamper
her, I’ve even gotten into doing some special meals for her just because.
Hahahahaha, I’m sorry Neb, here I am going on and on about Xena and me.”

“ It’s not a problem, I’m just so happy to see you happy and truly at peace,
both of you, all of you, Gabrielle, yourself, and Lord Xena, you all are truly
a wonderful family.” Nebula said as she gave Diana a hug and then kissed her
on the top of her head.

They soon broke the embrace and gave each other a smile and then Diana walked
Nebula out of the palace and saw her off. Meanwhile, Xena had just come around
the corner just as the two were embracing, and she saw the kiss Nebula placed
on top of Diana’s head, and how Nebula discreetly caressed Diana’s hair, as
they embraced. Xena felt something, but tried to put it off as just her imagination.

This is the end of DISCOVERIES
Thank you all for joining me on this continuous ride
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