By D.virtue

1. The Characters of Xena Warrior Princess, and Hercules The Legendary
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2. Sex: This story contains scenes of two women making love as well as those
of men and women making love/having sex.If you are under 18, or this is
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trouble. It's not worth it. This is only a story. It also contains explicit
sexual encounters.
3. Violence: This story contains scenes of graphic violence, at least I think
it's graphic, as well as the possibility of sexual violence.
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5. This is for the most part an alternative piece of writing



“ Mmmmm....kitten, that feels so....nice. “ Xena purred as she laid on her
stomach on the padded table.

“ Well, I’ve learn a few more techniques from the best teacher I’ve ever
known.” Diana said whispering in Xena’s ear, and then nipping at the lobe as
she went back to what she was doing.

“ Keep that up and it’ll be a different type of massage happening.” Xena
warned as she looked up at Diana and gave her a seductive raise of her brow to
emphasize her point.

Diana blushed and then gave a charming smile and then refocused on the massage
she was giving Xena. The last few months since Xena and Diana had gotten back
together Diana had been pampering Xena so much that Xena found she couldn’t
get enough of seeing her kitten, everytime she thought about her she would
think of a way to show Diana how much she appreciated her and what she had
been doing. Although at first Xena just thought it was an after effect of
everything Diana had been through with the slavery and things.

She thought Diana was feeling as though the things that had happened was
because of something she had done, Xena remembered many conversations she had
with Diana about those days. Diana finally convinced Xena that she was not
being so attentive to her because of anything that happened in the past, but
because of the sheer joy she derived from seeing Xena’s smile.

So, after many of long days and nights of worrying about Diana’s reasonings,
Xena finally accepted Diana’s explanation and melted into the pampering. Xena
found she really loved when Diana played the appetizer and dessert to her
meals. Diana would make the meal, usually evening meal, but every now and then
it was noon meal, but she would only wear an apron that she had made
specifically for the purpose.

The apron would cover her breast just to the nipples, covering them just
enough to where they were not visible, but because of the material of the
apron, the shape was vividly clear. The apron also covered Diana’s flower, but
the back was open. There was two places that tied, one was around the neck,
and the other was around Diana’s waist. thus accentuating her curves.

Diana would make a special meal herself, and would have it setup in their
chamber near the fireplace. She would have candles lit which were scented.
She would then prepare the chamber with pillows on the fur covered floor, near
the fireplace where the food was setup. Diana had soft music filtering into
the chamber.

When Xena arrived that first time after a long day of handling the many royal
duties, she finally made it to their chamber and when she first walked into
the sitting area of the chamber she smelled the scented candles, and then she
noticed that the bedchamber door was slightly open and the smell of different
foods came to her nose. Xena’s stomach growled it’s appreciation of the
smells, and a slight smile came to her lips as she moved towards the chamber.

The music filtered to her ears and a bigger smile showed on her lips. By the
time she made it to the room, her curiosity was out of control. Xena pushed
the door open a little more and stepping in she scanned the candle lit room
and finally her eyes came to rest on Diana.

She was standing by the fireplace with her hip and shoulder resting on the
wall next to the fireplace with her arms crossed and an alluring smile gracing
her face. Diana came off of the wall and strided over to Xena to greet her.

“ Hi love, you look a little tired.”

“ A little, but my strength is definitely coming back now that I’m here.” Xena
said with a big smile as Diana wrapped her arms around Xena’s neck and just
before she kissed her she said in all sincerity.

“ I’ve missed you love.”

A caressing and loving look came into Xena’s eyes and she swallowed and then

“ It couldn’t have been as much as I’ve missed you kitten.”

Diana smirked and then placed a tender kiss to Xena’s sweet lips, but soon it
became more passionate, and before Diana knew it Xena was about to take her to
the floor. Diana sent a thought to Xena before it happened.

“ Love, first I want to do this my way, if you let me this time, then I'll do
this for you more often.”

Xena stopped kissing Diana, but she did not remove her lips from Diana's. She
looked deep into Diana’s eyes and then after a few more moments, she kissed
Diana hard one last time and then broke it.

“ Ok, we’ll do this your way. What first?”

“ Thank you love, you won’t regret it, I promise.”

“ I’m sure I won’t, as long as it ends with me taking you?”

“ Ok, if you insist.”

“ I do.”

“ Ok, as you wish.” Diana said as she gave Xena another tender peck and then
freed herself from Xena’s embrace.

“ First let me help you out of all of these clothes.” Diana stated as she
begun her evening of romance, that would become a routine of sorts, but
definitely the start of Diana’s pampering of Xena.

After Diana had bath Xena and then oiled and massaged her, they went back into
the bedchamber where Diana had Xena make herself comfortable on the large
pillows that were on the floor by the fireplace. Xena laid reclined on some as
Diana put her apron on. After removing her robe she was wearing when Xena
first came into the room. Diana made sure to put it on out of Xena’s sight and
then when she came back into the room Xena’s eyes were locked on Diana’s every
move. Diana moved to where Xena was reclined and going to her knees she
pretended she did not see Xena admiring her apron.

She pour a glass of wine and pour herself a glass of cider and resting back on
her heels she handed Xena her glass. Xena took the offered wine and taking a
sip of it she raised a brow at Diana as she cocked her head.

“ You like?” Diana asked already knowing the answer.

“ It’s wonderful. It’s not from here?” Xena recognized.

“ Your right, I asked for a favor and it was brought.”

“ A favor? From who?”

“ Doesn’t matter, it was one of many favors owed.”

“ Ah...ok.” Xena said with obvious relief sounding in her voice.

“ Are you hungry?”

“ Very, I haven’t eaten all day.”

“ I know, which I had a talk with a few people about that.” Diana said with
seriousness in her own voice.

Xena smirked and then brought her hand up to Diana’s chin and pulled her over
for a heated kiss. But Xena broke the kiss after a few minutes when Diana
moaned into her mouth.

“ Ok, ok, I’ll behave, but you better hurry up kitten, I don’t know how much
longer I can be patient?”

“ Well if you would stop doing that to me, then I can continue.” Diana
returned in the same teasing yet serious tone.

Diana then picked up a plate of food and moving closer to Xena she broke off
small pieces of the Venison, and brought it to Xena’s mouth Xena raised a brow
at her, and Diana lipped the word please and Xena smiled which made Diana
smile and then Xena opened her mouth and Diana placed the meat on Xena’s
tongue and Xena chewed and swallowed it.

“ Mmmmm.....that’s good.” Xena slight exclaimed.

Diana sat on her heels, and when Xena stated her appreciation of the meat,
Diana flashed a wide smile to Xena. Diana then used her fingers to scoop up
some of the rich creamed vegetable, she brought her fingers to Xena’s mouth to
which Xena immediately opens and took it and Diana’s fingers into her mouth.

Xena sucked the cream from Diana’s fingers and then proceeded to suck Diana’s
finger and caress them with her tongue. Diana tried to remove her fingers from
Xena’s provocative mouth, but Xena wasn’t quite ready, so she raised a brow at
Diana and noticed Diana’s breathing was increasing, so she decided she would
free her to continue.

Diana let out a sign of relieve when Xena let go, and taking a moment to calm
herself she then reached for some of the baked bread she had made herself.
Breaking off a piece of it and dipping it in a fruited type dip she then
brought it to Xena. She took it into her mouth and once again sucked and then
caressed Diana’s fingers after swallowing the fruited bread.

Again Diana’s breathing started to increase. But once again Xena saw it and
let go of the fingers. Diana didn’t say anything about Xena’s behavior because
she figured that it was Xena’s way of showing her that she still controlled
things despite the appearance.

Diana fed Xena enough of the main meal to fill her up but not make her to full
to where she didn’t want dessert.

“ Now love, what would you like for your dessert? You have a choice?”

“ Oh? What’s the choices?”

“ Well you can have any of these fed to you, using any part of me you want? Or
I can just continue to just use my fingers? Or, you could feed yourself?”

Xena’s eyes narrowed in anticipation and she motioned for Diana to lay back on
the pillows she was kneeling on. Diana kept her eyes on Xena’s as she did what
she was told. Xena did not say anything she just made her choice known by her

She started by spreading a creamy fruited dish over Diana’s body, then
starting at Diana’s feet she licked her way up. As the cream was being cleaned
from Diana’s body a fierce blush could be seen covering Diana’s body. Xena
took advantage of every place the cream touched, from the back of Diana’s
knees to the sweet flower that had it’s own fruit flavor.

Diana was moaning and whimpering as Xena would either use her tongue to drive
her wild or use her teeth to bring balance so that Diana didn’t not peak
before Xena was ready for her to.

After Xena finished her cream dessert, which had Diana’s heart as well as her
breathing racing, at the same time Xena was finding it difficult to finish the
different desserts. Considering how tight she was due to all of Diana’s
sensual moves and sounds.

Xena decided she wanted to taste of Diana specifically, so she brought her
hands to Diana’s breast once again but this time she sucked hard and then bit
down on the taut peak and Diana shrieked from the sensation.

Xena smiled into Diana’s breast but continued drinking deeply of Diana’s wine
producing breast.

“ Xena?! I.....don’t know....”

Xena abruptly let go o Diana’s nipple and with the air hitting on it Diana was
now trembling. Xena made her way towards Diana’s flower but Diana decided this
was her plan so she grabbed Xena’s Raven hair and pulled so that Xena was now
moving back upwards.

“ What are you doing?” Xena asked huskily.

“ Finishing what I started.” Diana said breathless.

Xena came back up Diana’s body and Diana immediately slid downward so that now
Xena’s jewel was right above her mouth. Diana lifted slightly and claimed
Xena’s peak. A shudder ran through Xena’s body at the same time Xena gasped.

“ Ah....kitten take it easy.” Xena exhaled.

Diana was delighting in what she was doing and the taste of it. Xena was
moaning as well and using the pillows to hold herself up so as not to fall on
Diana’s face. After a few more minutes Xena’s head went back and her ecstasy
begun feeding Diana’s ravishing tongue.

Finally Xena pulled Diana up by her hair and then collapsed on top of Diana
and kissed and caressed Diana’s hot body. Then after Xena caught her breath
she then took over. She made her way down to Diana’s flower and with ravish
anticipation, she dove in and begun feasting on Diana.

“ Ahhh....Xena...? wait......wait.....I...I.....Gods......Xena......Please
turn around?”

“ No.” Xena said with her mind, and then said “ You have my permission

That was all Diana needed to hear, because the next moment Diana’s back arched
off of the pillows and her ecstasy actually shook her frame. Xena felt all of
the muscles of Diana’s lower body shaking and she saw her upper body doing the
same thing.

Xena orgasmed again as a result of Diana’s bodily orgasm. After it ended Diana
collapsed to the pillows and her breathing was so rapid that Xena thought she
was actually going to hyperventilate.

Xena’s eyes changed at that moment and her need and desire of Diana was
greater than before they started. Xena seized Diana’s mouth and buried her
tongue deep down Diana’s throat , which served dual purposes, one of which was
to prevent Diana from hyperventilating, and the other was out of Xena’s need
for Diana’s.

Xena thought with her mind what she wanted her body to form and soon it was
there. Xena didn’t even wait for Diana to gain some similance of composure
from her last orgasm, before she buried the phallus deep inside of Diana’s

“ AH!! GODS XENA!!” Diana screamed as Xena thrusted into her flower again and
again with deep filling passion.

Both women orgasmed multiple times from it, and then Xena took Diana the other
way and again the multiple orgasms claimed them. Xena then reached into the
silver box that Diana had sitting near them and she brought out the phallus
that Aphrodite had given them, and while Diana was trying to catch her breath
she placed it around Diana’s waist.

Diana was somewhat dazed so didn’t really realize what Xena was doing. After
Xena had it on Diana, she thought her own away and then positioned her jewel
over Diana’s now flesh like phallus.

Xena then lowered herself down onto it and both she and Diana gasped from the
sensation. Diana because of Xena using her inner muscles to contract and relax
on it, and Xena because it was a different sensation with Diana wearing it,
and the very thought of it. Xena then begun to move on it and Diana was once
again gripping the pillows as Xena’s muscles were driving her crazy.

Xena’s body was as flushed as Diana’s and both were wild in their passion, the
two orgasmed multiple times again, but this time Diana slipped into
unconsciousness, as Xena after removing the phallus continued to make love to
Diana’s still responding body. By the next morning Xena had finally stopped
due to exhaustion and fell asleep.

Both women slept for many days, but when they finally woke it was Xena first,
and one look at Diana lying on her back over and across some pillows that made
her breast look so delicious to Xena that Xena leaned over and begun sucking
ardenly on the soft peak, that soon was taut. Xena bit down on the peak and
begun drinking milk from it.

Xena then slid her fingers down to Diana’s flower and once again she slipped
into Diana’s flower and begun slowly at first, but then the more sounds Diana
made the more needing Xena became. Diana started to arouse just as she was
about to peak, and feeling her body so stimulated she opened her eyes and
couldn’t focus, and the only sound she could make was a weakened “ Ah.” Before
the orgasm claimed her.

Xena milked the ecstasy as long as she could using her fingers that had
connected to Diana’s core and was gently sucking on it. Diana’s body shook as
a result and continued to release as long as Xena continued what she was doing
to her core.

Xena was completely euphoric from it and had no intentions of releasing Diana
anytime soon, as long as Diana was not being hurt from it. Xena kept Diana in
that state long after Diana slipped back into unconsciousness. Finally with a
finally few minutes Xena released Diana’s core and Diana’s body went
completely limp.

“ AHH!!! GODS WHAT A GIFT YOU ARE!!” Xena exclaimed through her teeth as she
jumped from the pillows and stretching her muscles she lifted Diana up without
any effort and carried her to the bath and cleaned herself and Diana up.

Then she oiled and massaged Diana’s still flushed body, and every now and then
Xena would either place a kiss to Diana’s lips or she would knead Diana’s
breast and then suck on the tightening peaks, and by the time Xena had
massaged Diana, she and Diana had experienced three more orgasms.

Xena finally made it out of the bath chamber with Diana and laying her on the
bed she went to cover her, but found she had to have Diana once more, but this
time she wanted Diana awake, so she went and got the vile and placing a little
under Diana’s tongue Diana moaned and although she could not move due to her
weaken state she was now awake , albeit, completely dazed, but alert enough to
realize Xena was about to take her again.

“ Xe...” Was all Diana could manage.

Xena knew what Diana was about to say so she answered it for her.

“ Once more kitten, and then I’ll let you rest for as long as you

Diana tried to focus on Xena’s face but she couldn’t so she simply gave a
slight nod. That was all Xena needed she pounced on it. After another full day
of love making Diana was unconscious again, but now she was tucked in and left
to rest, while Xena was in such high spirits that she had a bounce to her
walk. No one was punished that day, or the whole time Xena was in her euphoric

“ My My, My, look at you Xena, you’ve been on cloud nine for this last week, I
assume it’s going well with you and my sis?”

“ Well if you mean by well the fact that Diana is still.....resting from our
encounter of last week, then YES it’s going ....well.” Xena said with a
lighthearted tease.

Gabrielle blushed fiercely from the thought of what Xena and Diana had been
doing to leave Diana this exhausted. Finally by the end of the day Diana was
awake and focusing.

The first thing that Diana realized was that she was sore. Diana called Dancea
to her and told her to bring her a warm towel and to put some of the Aloe Vera
on it and also to bring the crystal vile in the top drawer of the dresser to

Dancea did as she was told and after Dancea left Diana placed it over her
flower.Diana then placed a drop of the liquid from the vile on her tongue and
finally after about two candlemarks, Diana was no longer sore and she had her
strength back. Diana then got out of the bed and going into her closet she
pulled out an outfit she had specially made after convincing Xena to tell Ares
to give Shatara back her sorceress powers.

Diana had then taken a small bit of Xena’s DNA to Shatara’s new lab where
Diana was the only one who knew what was in the flask, Shatara was only told
that Diana wanted it made so that it could be spread over whatever she chose
to spread it over, and not loose it’s special quality that Diana had mixed
with the DNA using her chemistry knowledge so that it would work the way she
wanted it to work.

She only need Shatara magic to expand it and set it. Shatara was more than
happy to assist Diana with anything she wanted, especially now that she and
Diana were friends, and getting closer everyday.

After Shatara had placed the spell on the liquid Diana returned to hers and
Xena’s Chamber and immediately spread the clear liquid sparingly over many of
her garments, then she had them washed by Ludmilla and Dancea and then brought
back and air dried.

Diana now chose one of the outfits and putting it on she looked at the
position of the sun and saw that it was near noon meal and she turned and
Called Dancea to her once again.

“ Dancea is Xena’s noon meal ready?”

“ Yes Your Majesty.”

“ Great, is it one of the ongoing menu items I wrote out for Lord Xena for
the year?”

“ Yes Your Majesty.”

“ Dancea I told you that you and Ludmilla could refer to me as My Lady when
we’re not around others.”

“ Sorry, it’s just so nice to be referring to you as Your Majesty once again.”

“ I understand, well you can call me either when we’re here, I consider both
of you as my friends.”

“ Thank you, we both feel the same way about you.”

Diana smiled at Dancea and then said, “ Ok, I need you to have the men
servants meet me.... By the way where is My Lord?”

“ hahaha, Dancea giggled and then she said, “ My Lord is in a meeting in the
Royal Solarium.”

“ Aha yes there’s a table in there that her meal can be setup on, good. Have
it done.”

“ Yes My Lady, but won’t Our Lord get upset about being interrupted?”

“ Maybe for a moment, but I think that will change rather quickly.”

“ How?”

“ I plan to keep Our Lord quite ......distracted. “ Diana said with a raised
brow as she looked off past Dancea.

Dancea blushed and then bit her lips to keep from giggling again. Diana saw
the attempt and just smiled and then said, “ go.”

“ Yes My Lady. “ Dancea said as she bowed and then ran off to have the men
servants meet Diana at the chamber.

Diana made it to the chamber and the servants were waiting for her. Diana
looked under every lid and tested everything, including Xena’s wine. then she
recovered everything and motioned to the Sentries guarding the door to open

“ But your Majesty, Lord Xena will have our heads if we disturb her during one
of these meetings?”

“ Maybe she normally would, but I’ll make sure she knows it was completely my
idea. Besides, I did give orders that Lord Xena was not to miss a meal
irregardless of the reason.” Diana declared.

“ Yes your Majesty we have heard the order.”

“ Good, now open the door so Lord Xena’s food does not get cold.”

“ As you wish Your Majesty.”

The Sentries then opened the doors and the servants went in first into the
outer chamber and Diana followed, then the sentries opened the inner door and
the servants went in and located the table and immediately headed for it.

“ What in Tartarus is going on?!! Xena shouted as she was disturbed in her

One of the servants was ready to answer, but Diana answered it for them.

“ My Lord, forgive the interruption, but it is time to eat, and I will not
allow you to miss another meal, I expect you to remain healthy and.....let’s
just say strong.”

Xena’s mouth had dropped open initiately when she saw Diana and then closing
her mouth before anyone of the people in the room noticed her eyes narrowed

“ Come to me Consort.” Xena ordered.

Diana stroll over to where Xena now stood watching her every move and getting
tight with every one. By the time Diana arrived at her Xena’s gaze was that of
desire, and concern.

Diana knew what Xena was looking at and rather than waiting for the question
from Xena Diana asked a question of Xena. Diana leaned to Xena’s ear and

“ Do you like my outfit?”

Then blew a slight breeze to Xena’s ear. Diana saw the shiver and the
tightening of Xena’s grip on the table.

“ That depends, is everyone else able to see what I see?”

“ No. Just you My Lord. I would think you would have known that?”

“ How?”

“ How? My Lord do you think these people would be looking at the food or
anything else but me if they saw what your seeing?”

Xena lifted Diana’s chin and leaning in close she whispered just a hairs
breath from Diana’s lips.

“ Your right, lucky for you. You know what I’m going to have to do about this?
You can’t just come in here like this and interrupt my meeting especially with
you looking as good as you are and expect me to let you just......walk out,
without taking my appetizer first, do you?”

“ I.....I thought maybe you would, I just brought you your meal so you would
eat, I mean I am suppose to take care of you, right?”

“ No, I’m suppose to take care of you.”

“ No, I’ll compromise, we’re suppose to take care of each other.”

Xena raised a brow and then gave a slight nod of approval.

“ Good, now get over there and eat and I will take care of these people.”

“ No, I’ll do that. Ok everyone, we’re going to take a break for three
candlemarks, I suggest you go and get something to eat, and make sure your
back here on time.”

“ But we have so much to cover Lord Xena?”

“ Exactly why I want to take a break now. So go.”

Everyone stood up and bowing they all turned and left leaving Diana and Xena
alone. Xena then ordered the guards that she did not want to be disturbed for
the next three candlemarks. then locked the inner door.

Now kitten, I’m ready for my appetizer. Xena stated as she went towards Diana.

“ No, first you should eat and then we can do.....whatever.”

“ Why?”

“ Because you won’t eat if we.....start with that.”

“ Hm.....your probably right, but I don’t mind.”

“ Well, I do, now sit down so you can eat.”

“ Are you going to lend me a finger or two to help?”

“ As often as you like love.” Diana said with love shining in her eyes.

Xena smiled and placed a tender caress to Diana’s cheek.

“ You are the dearest person to me kitten. Thank you for trying to lookout for
me, I really do appreciate it, even though I may disagree with you about it,
it is truly a wonderful thing to have a person like you in my life, and I love
you dearly for it.” Xena said with all earnestness.

Diana gave Xena a hug and then placed a light kiss to her cheeks.Then she
leaned away and said, “ I’ve only just begun to show you, I plan on pampering
you like you’ve never been pampered before, anything you want or need all you
have to do is ask love.”

“ Really? Is that what all of this attentiveness has been about lately?”

“ Yes. “ Diana said with a smile and then turned and bowed and sweeping her
hands out towards the table, Xena smirked and then walked and sat down at the

Diana proceeded to make Xena a plate and then poured her a drink of wine. She
also placed Xena’s napkin in her lap and then once he had finished she stated,
“ I have tested everything.”

“ YOU?!”

“ Yes.”

“ I don’t want you to do that again kitten, I don’t want anything to happen to
you , because your trying to protect me.”

“ Love, thank you for the concern, but if you think about this with your head
and not your heart you would realize I am the best person next to you to

Xena gave Diana a concerned look, but then she smiled and said, “ that’s true,
but I still want you to have one of the regular testers to test it first, just
in case?”

“ But Xena?”

“ Kitten, promise me.” Xena stated with a raised brow.

Diana pursed her lips and then reluctantly agreed.

“ Good. Now, sit down so you can eat with me.”

“ As you wish My Lord.” Diana said as she rendered another bow and then sat
down and prepared herself a plate and the two eat and talked about their lives
together and then about Gabrielle and the Amazons and a few other things
before Xena’s mind turned to dessert.

Diana stood up to go and get a scroll Xena had told her about off of the war
table and once Diana headed for it, Xena watched with raptured attention the
way Diana’s body moved with the clothes on, although Xena was seeing Diana’s
actually behind and all of the rest of Diana’s body.

Xena stood up and followed Diana over to the table and the moment Diana leaned
over to reach the scroll from the opposite side of the table, Xena made it to
her and running her hand up Diana’s back to keep her leaning over the table.

“ Xena? What are you doing?”

“ don’t know? Then I have not been as attentive as I need to be
with you. But that’ll change right now.”

“ Xena then proceeded to strip Diana of her clothes and proceeded to caress
and love Diana.

The two made love on the war table for the rest of the time, until Xena
finally allowed Diana to get dress.

“ nice kitten.” Xena praised with a passionate kiss to Diana’s

Diana could only moan and melting off of the table she proceeded to get dress
again, albeit with lots of help from Xena who had already dressed and was
watching Diana dazely try to dress herself.

“ Your so cute kitten, and you know how much I love this helplessness of yours
afterwards, it just keeps me hungry for you kitten.” Xena purred in Diana’s
ear as she helped Diana with her clothes.

“ Hmmm....I know, but I don’t know if that’s good or bad?”

“ What do you mean?”

“ I mean, the more turned on you get the more likely it is for me to end up
like I was this morning. Sore and unable to focus and unable to walk without
help.” Diana said with a smirk.

“ Aha, well, I just couldn’t get enough of you, I’m sorry I made you sore, but
I wasn’t worried about it, I knew you would know what to do.”

“ Uh,huh?”

“ I did.”

“ Ok.” Diana said with a look of wonder in her eyes.

Xena heard the people coming back and pulling Diana into her, she planted
another kiss on Diana, one that made Diana’s knees weaker feeling than they
already were.

Xena then broke the kiss and both she and Diana inhale a large amount of air.

“ Now, I’m ready to go back to work>” Xena stated with a fire in her eyes as
she looked up and down Diana’s flushed body through her clothes.

“ MMM! Your Beautiful kitten!”

Diana could only blush as she staggered over to the sofa that she had put in
every meeting chamber just in case Xena wanted to rest without returning to
the chamber. Xena sat down in her chair and just watched Diana move unsteadily
to the sofa and then finally make it and collapsed onto it lying on her

“ Kitten?” Xena called.

“ Hmm?”

“ Turn over on your back.” Xena commanded.

“ Huh? Why love?” Diana asked wearily.

“ Because it’s what I wish.” Xena stated.

Diana opened one eye and cut it to Xena, to see her looking at her with a
raised brow and so she turned over onto her back with effort, and putting her
hands acrossed her chest to rest she then looked over at Xena who was
motioning for her to put her hands behind her head, rather than over her
chest. Diana smirked and then placing her arms behind her head she glanced at
Xena to see if it meant with her approval and seeing Xena lick her lips, told
Diana that it did.

Diana then closed her eyes just as the people came in. Xena made her final
comment at the same time.

“ Beautiful kitten, it’s very pleasing to my eyes.”

“ Your welcome Love.” Diana called back.

The next four candlemarks Xena handled the group and every now and then Diana
would throw in her two Dinars about what she thought about one of the people’s

“ Lord Xena, do you always allow your Consorts to speak during business?”

“ My Consort is also one of my advisors Trevis.”

“ Oh, I didn’t realize.”

“ Well now you do.” Xena stated with an edge to her tone.

“ Thank you love, I’ll give you a gift for it.” Diana said with her mind.

“ Pleasure me and I’ll consider it full payment?” Xena sent back.

“ Hmm the torture you put me through.” Diana thought teasingly.

“ I know, it’s not like you love it or something.” Xena teased back.

Diana chuckled to outloud , and Xena smirked when she heard it. Finally the
meeting ended and Diana and Xena returned to their chamber and Diana paid her
fee in full, a few times over. Soon the two were back at it making love, and
then falling asleep from exhaustion they slept into the next day.

Xena awoke first and immediately thought of Diana lying in her arms.

“ MMmm...kitten you were truly made to be loved and made love to, everything
about you. Mmm...I just love you so much!” Xena thought to herself as she
pulled Diana closer to her and kissed her forehead.

Diana moaned and snuggled closer to Xena.

“ Ahh....kitten, I just can’t seem to get enough of you.” Xena said to
herself, and then she proceeded to wake Diana up.

Candlemarks later Xena jumped out of the bed and went and cleaned up and then
headed to take care of some Royal duties. Diana had Xena’s breakfast sent to
her along with the taste tester.

Diana finally made it out of the bed and got cleaned up and dressed. The next
few months Diana pampered Xena in ways that not even Xena thought could be
done. Xena and Diana’s relationship was as envied as any legendary lovers
relationship ever was.

“ Diana?”

“ Yes?”

“ You know how much I love you and Xena, and Love how absolutely wonderful the
two of your relationship is, Everyone in the Realm is taking about The Consort
who pampers her lover in ways never heard of, and even the Gods themselves
talk about the two of you and how they wish they had either or both of you as
their own lovers. two are perfect together.”

“ Gabrielle. What’s going on?”

“ What makes you think something is going on?”

“ Hmm...just the way your talking and acting, like your trying to find the
best way to tell me something?”

“ Well....”

“ Gabrielle your not sick or something?”

“ No, no I’m fine, it has nothing to do with that.”

“ Oh, ok, then what is it?”

“ I’ll just come out with it. There are a few people interested in me and I’m
not sure what you think about any of them?”

“ Really? My Little sister is being pursued, wait. By Who?”

“ Well, one of them is Ephiny.”

“ Gabrielle, tell me honestly, she hasn’t done anything to you? I mean she has
not touched you in some inappropriate way has she?”

“ No, but she’s told me how she feels.”

“ Hmmm....I see, well, how do you feel?”

“ I don’t know, I mean I love when she and I are together, but I don’t know if
I’m ready to make a commitment to anyone just yet? I mean I am still young and
I have my whole life to settle down, right?”

“ Right. So what’s the dilemma?”

“ well, the other interested parties are Atalanta, and Shatara.”

“ Shatara?! “ Diana exclaimed somewhat more than she intended.

“ Diana I know how you two hated each other, but now you are the best of
friends, and I really like her as well.”

“Wow Gabrielle, you really know how to throw a sister for a loop.”

“ Are you mad at me for even considering Shatara?”

“ Of course not, I would be the last person to ever tell you not to follow
your heart, unless, I saw danger. But I don’t see any in any of the people
you’ve told me about. But I don’t want you to rush into anything either.”

“ I know and that’s what I wanted t talk to you about.”

“ Oh, what?”

“ You remember how I played the buffer between you and Shatara?”

“ Yes.”

“ Well I need you to be a buffer of sorts for me?”

“ Sure what do you want me to do?”

“ A double date?”

“ A double date? hahahahahaha...why a double date Gabrielle?”

“ Because, that way I can see who I’m more interested in. I mean right now the
only places I’ve dealt with these people are in some sort of work related
environment, I think if I can get them into a more private environment then I
can really see, or at least start to see.”

“ Hmm....seems like you’ve been thinking about this?”

“ I have.”

“ Ok, then let the assessing begin.” Diana said as she gave Gabrielle a big
hug of encouragement and support.”

“ When do you want to start? And more importantly, what do you want me to do?”

“ Well I’m not sure yet but I’ll let you know. I want you to plan things that
will just include you and Xena and me and whichever of them.”

“ Alright sis, anything you want. Hm.....I already have and idea, but I’m not
going to tell you, that way it will be a surprise for you as well.
Hhahahahahaha, I feel like a matchmaker.” Diana said with a light shining in
her eyes.

Gabrielle blushed and then hugged Diana again.

“ Well, I hate to break this up, but it’s time for Xena’s massage.” Diana
stated with a smile.

“ You really love pampering Xena don’t you?”

“ Yes. She’s my life, and all I want to do is make her happy. Plus it’s not
one sided, she pampers me just as much...well, maybe I do a little more, but
she has other ways of showing me how she feels.”

“ I know, like I said, everyone is talking about the two of you.”

“ Hmm.....well that’s interesting. Well I have to go, but we’ll put your plan
into action once you tell me when?”

“ Ok, and thank you sis, I love you.”

“ I love you to sis.”

Diana then turned and headed to her chamber where she was to meet Xena.

“ Why are your shoulders so tight love?”

Xena slowly turned her head and looked up at Diana and with desire in her eyes
she told Diana what was causing it.

“ Oh, I see.” Diana said as a blush colored her neck and cheeks.

Xena smirked and then turned her head back around and rested it on her arms as
Diana continued the sensual massage.

“ kitten.”

“ I’m glad you like it.” Diana said as she motioned for Xena to turn over
onto her back.

Then Diana continued her massage as she focused on the tight areas of Xena’s
body. Then Diana made her way down Xena’s body. After doing Xena’s legs and
feet, Diana moved back up and started massaging between Xena’s powerful

“ Ah......kitten, I do love these... SPECIAL massages, Hmmm...I couldn’t
dream of a better lover. “ Xena purred as she let Diana massage her inner
muscles with her talented tongue.

Finally after truly relaxing Xena and herself, Diana finally finished the
massage and she and Xena went back to the bedchamber and continued where Diana
had left off.

The next morning once again Diana was laid spread eagle unconscious and Xena
caressing her back and behind, while listening to Diana moan from her touch.
Xena soon got up and left to attend duties once again, and about a candlemark
or so later Diana aroused from her slumber and laying in bed trying to focus
after a bit she was finally able to , and then she rolled out of the bed and
begun cleaning herself up and dressing.

Diana left their chamber expecting to be the same wonderful day, but little
did she know a few things were about to happen to change that. Diana was
heading to go and talk with one of the engineers about something she was
having made for Xena, when Nebula came through the doors of the Palace.

“ Nebula? What are you doing here?”

“ Well I came to see if you were still going to go with me on this next trip?”

“ Oh, of course. Come on let’s go have a seat in the lounge Chamber?”

“ Ok.”

“ Now, how is everything going as far as the plans?”

“ Great, but I didn’t want to commit to anything until I heard from you.”

“ Hmm....well you know I plan on going?”

“ Yes. So you’ve talked to Lord Xena about this?”

“ Well, no, but I don’t see any problem with it. Like I told you before, she
let me go to Xenadia, so why wouldn’t she let me go and do this, or any

“ Yes I know that’s what you told me, but I also remember hearing about all
sorts of
things about how upset she was about that trip at first?”

“ Yes, she was upset, but that was before she knew you and trusted you, now
she does.”

“ Well I’ll feel better once I know she’s alright with this?”

“ Ok, I’ll go talk to her right now, alright?”

“ Alright, but wait until I leave, I don’t want to be around for the fallout.”

“ Chicken.”

Nebula smiled and then said as she headed for the exit with Diana walking with

“ Well, at least I’ll be a live chicken.” Nebula then strided out the door of
the palace and left.

Diana stood for a moment more just watching the woman, and then shaking her
head she turned and headed to go and tell Xena. Diana arrived just in time.
Xena had called a break since her noonday meal was just brought in.

“ Kitten? What are you doing here? I thought you had some things to do today?”

“ I do, but I wanted to come and see you before I got involved in all of
that.” Diana said as she gave an uncertain type gaze towards Xena.

Xena saw it and she in turned begun to study Diana as she watched Diana
quietly slide onto the chair and only sparing quick glances up at her. Xena
continued to eat as though she didn’t notice, but something told her something
was on Diana’s mind.

Xena waited for Diana to say something, but after a few minutes Xena finally
had to ask.

“ What is it kitten?”

Diana looked up at Xena and with a thoughtful gaze she opened her mouth to
tell Xena. But seeing the steady gaze Xena had leveled on her, she knew Xena
was suspecting something.

Diana stood up and finding something to do with her hands she picked up one of
the scrolls off of the war table and casually scanned it as Xena watched her
every move.

“ Kitten? I’m waiting.” Xena finally stated with a little impatientness
sounding in her tone.

“ Xena....what would you think about my.....going to develop another land?”
Diana finally said managing to get it out before she lost her nerve,
especially with the way Xena now had a brow arched and her eyes slightly

“ Hmmm....well to save time and eliminate any and all confusions, or
questions, I’ll make this simple.”

“ NO! That’s ok, I don’t need to know, I have to go and get my duties done
before it gets to late.” Diana said interrupting Xena before she could say no.

“ You don’t want my answer kitten?” Xena asked with a knowing arch to her

“ No....I don’t even know why I asked, it was just a curiosity. Well I better

“ Ok, but you still owe me my dessert?” Xena stated to the now anxious young

“ Oh, right, okay I’ll see you later then?”

“ Alright kitten.” Xena said casually as she watched Diana come back over to
her to give her a kiss goodbye.

Diana leaned down and Xena pulled Diana onto her lap and instantly deepen the
kiss. Finally when Xena broke the kiss Diana swayed slightly, but after a
brief moment to steady herself she stood up and with her cheeks flushed she
gave a bow and turned unsteadily and headed out the door of the chamber.

Xena sat smirking and licking her lips as she watched Diana make her way out
of the chamber. Then she turned her thoughts to Diana question and with a
thoughtful look on her face Xena let the idea roll around in her head while
she waited for the counsel to return.

“ Guard!”

“ Yes My Lord?”

“ Have Princess Nebula present herself to me, within the next candlemark.”

“ Yes My Lord.” The guard said as he bowed and was dismissed.

Within the candlemark Nebula was being announced to Xena.

“ My Lord, you wanted to see me?”

“ Yes Nebula, I wanted to talk to you about something.”

“ Anything My Lord.”

“ I’ll get right to the point. You want Diana to go with you on another

“ Ye...yes My Lord. I see she has spoken to you about it?”

“ No, she couldn’t bring herself to ask me.”

“ Oh.”

“ Hmm...anyway, I know she wants to go, I see how her eyes lights up at just
the thought.”

“ So your telling me that your not going to allow her to go My Lord?”

“ That will depend on you.”

“ I beg your pardon My Lord?”

“ Nebula I see how you look at My Consort.” Xena stated matter-of-factly.

“ Lord....I....”

“ I saw you when you first told Diana about this next adventure, how when she
embraced you to thank you for asking her how you took the liberty to
discreetly caress her hair and smell her scent.” Xena said with a steady gaze
on the woman standing before her.

“ My Lord.....I....”

“ I’m just going to ask you straight. Do you desire to be with My Consort? If
you lie to me, then I will never trust you again.” Xena warned.

“ Yes My Lord, I do. But I swear I would never act on it, nor make it known to
her Highness.” Nebula swore.

“ No, I want you to tell Diana how you feel about her.”

“ But....why?”

“ Because then I will talk with her and I’ll let her decide if she wants to go
with you knowing how you feel about her.”

“ I....I....I don’t know if I could tell her My Lord? She may begin to feel
very uncomfortable around me?”

“ No, you will tell her, today, and yes you are right that she may begin
feeling uncomfortable around you, but at least she won’t be around a liar.”

“ A liar? My Lord?”

“ Yes, by you not telling her the truth and asking her to go on these voyages
with you so that you can admire her and take delight in the fact that she is
going to depend on you as her right hand, and the little hugs she gives you,
or the kiss on the cheeks out of appreciation for something that you’ve
impressed her with, only serves to give you the cheap thrills.” Xena stated
knowing she was calling it correctly.

Nebula stood looking as guilty as she actually was. Xena saw it but continued
anyway, knowing she had made her point.

“ Pirate, if Diana still feels comfortable enough to go with you, then I will
allow her to go, but you remember what I told you on the first trip. If you so
much as make any inappropriate move or gesture towards her I will deal with
you quite harshly.” Xena promised as she now stood whispering in Nebula’s ear.

“ You can trust me My Lord. I shall not offend her or you.”

“ Just worry about not offending ME.” Xena said correcting Nebula on whom she
should fear more.

“ Yes My Lord.”

“ Good. Now go and talk with Diana, you can find her in the Gallery of Maps,
the guards can show you how to get there.” Xena instructed.

“ Thank you My Lord.” Nebula said as she bowed and Xena dismissed her with a
wave of her hands.

Xena then told the guard to send the counsel back in, and once again she went
to dealing with the business of the Realm.

Meanwhile Nebula arrived at the Gallery of Maps and was shown inside. Nebula
Located Diana talking with one of the scribes, who’s job it was to draw and
update the maps as needed. She walked over to where they were and waited for
Diana to acknowledge her.

Finally after a few more moments Diana turned and did just that.

“ Sorry Nebula I had to finish my thought. How are you?” Diana asked as she
embraced the woman with a hug.

“ I’m fine, I came to talk to you about something You have time?”

“ Oh, yes, let me get him on his way and then I’ll be right with you ok?”

“ Alright, I’ll be over there?”

“ Ok.” Diana said as she then turned back to the scribe who was comparing his
drawing with that of Diana’s and trying to figure out why she had more
valley’s on her map then he had on his.

“ Feir don’t worry about it, I just know the land a little better, anyway, you
have all of the major places, but I would like you to update every map in
here, you have enough scribes and artist’s who can help you. I’ll expect an
update within the next few days on your progress.”

“ Yes Your Majesty.”

“ Ok, go and get the people you will need and if you have any problems I
expect to hear about them, and your plan for resolving them.”

“ As you wish Your Majesty.”

Diana then dismissed the scribe and turned and headed over to where Nebula
stood looking around the chamber.

“ This is absolutely amazing Your Majesty.” Nebula said addressing Diana

“ Your Majesty? Nebula what’s going on?”

“ Your Majesty...”

“ Diana, please? We’re friends right?”

“ Yes, sorry. Diana I was thinking about something that I think you need to
know before you make your mind up about joining me on this next voyage?”

“ Oh? What?”

“ Diana I’ll just tell you. I am in love with you, and I know you can’t and
probably have no desire to return that sentiment, and I understand perfectly.
I just wanted you to know that I have been a little dishonest with you. On the
first voyage I wanted to please you so that you would touch me. I loved when
you were near me, your natural Hyacinth scent kept me floating during those
times when you weren’t there. I can’t help myself whenever you and Xena and
all of us were swimming I would have to just stop and watch you. Your
movements are so graceful..... and sexy, not to mention your Goddess type

“ Nebula....I.....I...I don’t know what to say.”

“ I know, you don’t have to say anything, I just had to tell you how I felt so
that way you could decide if you still wanted to go with me on this voyage
knowing all of that.”

“ I see. Ne....”

“ Diana you don’t have to say anything right now, just think about it, I have
already delayed any departure date to next year, but you needed to know the
truth. I hope whatever you decide that we can still be friends?”

“ Nebula, no matter what I decide, we will always be friends.” Diana said
reassuring Nebula.

Nebula smiled and then said, “ Well I have to go, but I’ll be waiting to hear
from you.”

“ Ok. Bye Neb.”

“ Bye Diana.” Nebula said as she headed for the door, and then went out .

Diana sat down and thought about everything Nebula had told her, she wasn’t
sure how she felt about it. The only thing she was sure about was that Nebula
was right about her not having any desire to return her sentiment. After a few
candlemarks she left the Gallery and headed for the gardens to sit in the
fields for a while.

“ Where’s my kitten going?” Xena asked as she came up behind Diana.

“ Oh, Xena, you startled me.”

“ Hmmm...well no wonder, you were a little distracted.”

“ Hahahahaaha, I know, I just have some things on my mind.”

“ Hmmm...really? Well if you want I can take your mind off of it for a bit?”

“ How?”

“ Where are we going?”

“ I was heading to the garden to sit in the fields of flowers for a while.”

“ Hmm...perfect. Let’s go.” Xena said with a smile as she then pulled Diana
with her to the field.

They arrived and Xena pulled Diana a little further into the field so that
they would be hidden by the tall flowers. Xena then turned and taking Diana’s
cheeks in her hands she planted a kiss on Diana that made Diana weak in her
knees. Which was exactly what Xena’s plan was, Xena lowered them to the soft
grass covered ground and soon she and Diana were naked and feasting off of
each other.

After candlemarks of passionate lovemaking, Xena finally allowed Diana to
rest. The two women laid in each others arms looking up at the sky.

“ Xena?”

“ Hmm?”

“ I have a question for you?”

“ What?”

“ you realize that because of who we are that there will always be people who
want us for one reason or another right?”

“ Yes.”

“ Hmm...even people who are our friends right?”

“ Yes.”

“ But just because of other people’s feelings, that shouldn’t stop us from
doing what we want to do right?”

“ To a point your right.”

“ What do you mean?”

“ I mean sometimes other people’s feeling for you can affect a working
relationship. Sometimes it can become very stressful to work with someone who
is either infatuated with you or in love with you.”

Diana rolled up onto her side to look at Xena as Xena had now closed her eyes
and was just enjoying the warmth of the sun on her skin.

“ So your saying that because of other people’s intense feelings
that.....let’s say I shouldn’t go with them, even though they would never act
on their feelings?”

“ No I’m not saying that. I’m saying that you have to look at everyone as an
individual and decide whether that person is trustworthy enough to deal with
little benign gestures of gratitude as just that, and not read anything more
into it. For instance, say Nebula was in love with you, and she wanted you to
go on another voyage with her, do you think you could be comfortable around
her. I mean everytime you went to hug her would you be worried that she maybe
reading something more into the gesture? What about bathing? Would you be
comfortable being around her when you were nude knowing how she felt about
you? Not that you would be around her nude if I’m not around. Do you see what
I’m saying kitten?”

“ Yes, I think so.” Diana said somberly as she laid back down and looked up
into the sky once again and thought about her’s and Xena’s conversation.

Xena heard Diana’s tone and with a discreet glance over at her she smiled and
then closed her eyes once again and let her mind drift to thoughts of her’s
and Diana’s wonderful relationship, and how she truly enjoyed Diana’s
attentiveness and obedience.

Xena then rolled over onto Diana and once again begun arousing their passions.
The two spent the rest of the day together and the two continued to try to
break the others concentration while delivering orders or making announcements
or anything else that allowed for an audience. Xena of course won most of the
time, and the times she would lose would only be seen by Diana, and that was
because she knew Xena so well, but others looking on would just think she was

“ What an absolutely wonderful day kitten, not that all of them are wonderful,
but I really enjoyed our little game.” Xena purred into Diana’s ear as she
pulled her closer to her and wrapping her arms around Diana she kissed her
neck and went to sleep.

“ Hm, you only like it because you won .”

“ Your right, now go to sleep kitten, your going to need your
strength...later.” Xena stated with a yawn.

“ Later? What does that mean?”

“ It means when I wake up, your mine. Now go to sleep.”

“ Xena?”

“ Not another word kitten, otherwise I’ll take you until you are exhausted and
have no choice but to sleep?”

Diana thought about it and then snuggled closer to Xena and closed her eyes
and went to sleep. Xena held to her word, when she woke up she took Diana
again and again.

The next morning Xena and Diana made it out of bed before noon and went to eat
in the sitting area of their chamber. Gabrielle joined them and the three
laughed and talked about different things including Gabrielle’s feelings about
the three women.

“ Gabrielle I don’t know if I like the idea of you and either of the women
you are thinking about.”

“ Why Xena?”

“ Well, because I don’t think their right for you? I mean all of them have
draw backs. like Ephiny, she’s a very nice person, but I don’t think she will
keep you excited.”


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