By D.virtue

“ Guess what Diana and Xena??!”

“ Well I take it from the way your bouncing around Questra it’s something

“ YES!!”

“ Okay what is it?” Xena asked knowingly.

“ Questra asked me to bond with her! Isn’t that Wonderful??!!” Gabrielle said
still hugging Questra everytime she thought about it.

Xena cut her eyes to Diana as did Questra while Gabrielle’s attention was
fully on Diana. Diana was surprised by the information so she showed that
expression first, and then shaking her head of the shock she then let a bright
smile come to her face. She then opening her arms and embraced Gabrielle.

“ That’s wonderful Gabrielle, I am so happy for both of you, I know Questra
will make you happy and you her. It’s a wonderful gift to be bonded with your
soul mate.”

“ Thank you sis, your accepting this makes me so happy.”

“ As long as your happy Gabrielle, I’m happy.”

“ Then you should be ecstatic, because that’s the way I feel. I also feel like
the world is floating.”

“ No, that’s just you.” Diana teased.

Diana then broke her’s and Gabrielle’s embrace and walked over to Questra.
Questra and Xena both breath a sigh of relief, but still was cautious. They
both watched Diana approach and then stop in front of Questra.

“ Lord Questra.....”

“ Yes Diana?”

“ I.....I...I just want to say....congratulations, I think you have and will
continue to make Gabrielle happy. It’s wonderful news and I wish nothing but
the best for you and Gabrielle.” Diana then put her hand out to shake
Questra’s hand.

Questra stood up and studying Diana for a few moments, she then brought her
hand up and the two clasped hands, but then Questra pulled Diana into her and
embraced her. Diana embraced Questra back and Questra whispered in Diana’s

“ I’m just adding to your family little one.” Questra said reading Diana’s

Diana nodded her head into Questra’s shoulder and then leaned out of the

Xena then figured it was the perfect time to intervene.

“ So when’s the big day?”

“ We haven’t set one yet, but hopefully soon.”

“ Yes hopefully real soon. Gabrielle wants a small one, but I told her that
because she is an Amazon Princess she has to include them.”

“ That’s true Gabrielle, the Amazons will want to see who their princess is
bonding with.”

“ I know, I was just hoping I could have just the representatives of the
Nation, rather than the whole Nation.” Gabrielle said somewhat wishfully.

“ I think I can handle that for you Gabrielle, as one of my gifts to you and

“ Really Xena?”

“ Yes.”

That’s wonderful!!” Gabrielle exclaimed as she fell into Xena’s lap and hugged

“ Your welcome.” Xena said as she embraced Gabrielle. “ Well this calls for a
celebration. Xena snapped her fingers and Dancea and Ludmilla and two other
servants appeared.

“ Have a feast prepared for the four of us.”

“ Yes My Lord.” Dancea replied and then bowed and her and the others went to
prepare the meal.

While they waited one of the soldiers came to the chamber and told Xena that
Queen Ephiny and a few of the other Amazons were there to see her concerning
news that some warrior was out recruiting people for an army.

“ Looks like our Celebration has to be put on hold for a bit.” Xena said to
the others in the chamber.

“ That’s okay, we understand.” Questra said relieving Xena of any concern of

“ I’ll come with you Xena.” Diana said as she moved to go with Xena.

“ We’ll come also Lord Xena, if that’s okay?” Gabrielle asked.

“ Of Course it’s okay, they are Amazons after all.”

They met Ephiny in the Royal lounge, along with some of the Royal Amazon

“ Queen Ephiny, it has been a while. It’s nice to see you again.” Xena said in
greeting Ephiny.

“ Lord Xena, always a pleasure. Lady Diana hello.”

“ Hello Ephiny, how are you?”

“ Fine, thank you. Princess Gabrielle, it’s nice to see you again.”

“ Hi Ephiny it’s good to see you again.” Gabrielle said as she gave Ephiny a
hug in greeting.

Ephiny hugged her back and then they broke their embrace.

“ Ephiny, you remember Lord Questra?”

“ Ah, yes, Lord Questra hello.”

“ Hello Queen Ephiny, I hope all is well with you and the other Amazons?”

“ Yes, for now, but that’s what brings me here. Lord Xena.”

“ Xena, Ephiny.” Xena said inviting Ephiny to resume the informal addressing
of her as she once had done.

“ Xena, thank you. Anyway, there is something going on. A band of ruthless what they are calling themselves, but I call them worse than
barbarians. There is an aggressive recruitment of mercenaries and others going
on east of Xenadia, some warlord, which I don’t know who it is, no one has
seen the person, anyway there are rumors that are going around in the Amazon
land in Greece that this warlord is planning on attacking the Amazons and
enslave them and the warlord is torturing anyone who does not give the
information that he wants.”

“ What type of torture?” Diana asked.

“ Horrific, so far there has been rumors that people have been skinned alive
and then left hanging for wild animals, others where they were literally being
cut to pieces, piece by piece, starting with the fingers and toes and moving
from there.”

“ It sounds like this warlord is using show and tell to make the point that
they are willing to do whatever to achieve their ends. But what concerns me is
why I haven’t heard about this?” Xena stated with narrowed eyes.

“ Because at the time when the rumors first started I thought they were just
that, I mean if you had not heard about it then it probably wasn’t true. But
then when the rumors started that there were bodies mutilate showing up on
Amazon land then I thought it was an Amazon problem, and I was determined to
solve it.”

“ But Ephiny, I’m an Amazon princess, I should of at least been told.”
Gabrielle affirmed.

“ I thought so too, but then the message got back to me that you were not in
Xenadia, but with Lord Questra in her kingdom, so I thought As Queen that I
would handle it since you seemed to be otherwise engaged.” Ephiny stated

Gabrielle’s cheeks colored out of hurt feelings, and Questra saw it and spoke
for the first time.

“ Queen Ephiny, I’m sure you thought you were doing the right thing, but you
must realize that Gabrielle would have come back here to help you if you
asked, I mean you two are more than just Royals, you are friends, am I right?”

Ephiny sat and glanced at Gabrielle and then an apologetic smile came to her

“ I’m sorry Gabrielle, Lord Questra is right, forgive me my friend?”

Gabrielle smiled and then said in that ever lighthearted tone of voice, “ It’s
okay, just don’t let it happen again.”

“ It won’t.” Ephiny said assuring Gabrielle.

“ Anyway, so what has the Amazons done to try to find out what’s going on?”

“ That’s just it, I sent out a scouting detail to try and find this warlord’s

“ Did they find it? Gabrielle asked.

“ yes.” Ephiny said with some sadness in her tone.

“ What happen Ephiny?” Xena asked knowingly.

“ The warlord sent a message of sorts back to me.”

“ What was the message?” Diana asked somewhat bothered by the way Xena’s eyes
were narrowing more and more with every word that came out of Ephiny’s mouth.

“ Eponin?” Ephiny called, and Eponin stepped forward and begun telling all of
them what the message was.

“ Lord Xena, the warlord sent the bodies of the scouts back to us all tortured
and broken, and one was so bad that most of the Amazons who saw her became
physically ill.”

“ Why?”

“ Because the actually message was sewn across her chest and abdomen.”

“ What was it?” Questra now asked.

“ It said, Surrender or Die.”

“ Okay, so what’s so sickening about that?” Gabrielle asked naively.

“ Because of what was used as the material to sew on the body.”

“ Which was?”

“ Her insides.” Xena said with a sour distaste in her mouth.

“ Her Insides??!!” Gabrielle asked in horror.

“ Yes, but how did you know Lord Xena?”

“ I used that technique myself when I wanted my enemy to know I was deadly
serious.” Xena stated flatly.

“ You did things like this to people?” Ephiny asked in shock.

“ Yes, when I was the destroyer starting out I used certain tortures to make
my point that I was coming. Obviously it was very effective. After, a few
villages being tortured, the others simply gave up when I sent my messagers
out to inform them that I wanted their lands.”

Everyone was looking at Xena in shock, horror, and disbelief, except for
Diana, and Questra. Diana placed her hand on top of Xena’s and Xena cut her
eyes to it , and then she looked up at Diana’s eyes.

“ I love you, and I understand.” Diana said with her mind.

Xena smiled and placed her other hand on top of Diana’s and gave a slight
squeeze to it. Then she turned her eyes back to the others and taking a subtle
deep breath she then spoke in the tone of The Conqueror.

“ Ephiny, I think you need to organize your Amazons and prepare them for the
possibility of battle, I will lend you as many soldiers as you need and....”

“ No! I mean, one of the written parchments that was sent the normal way, was
explicit. It said that if any of The Conqueror’s soldiers were discovered
helping the Amazons then the warlord would attack the lesser number Amazon
lands and torture all of them and send their bodies to the greater number
Amazon lands.”

“ Okay, then we’ll have to do this ourselves.” Xena stated without a second

“ Just us?” Gabrielle asked completely taken back by the idea of just the few
of them and the Amazons.

“ Yes.”

“ Gabrielle, you won’t be allowed to join us on this one.” Ephiny clarified.

“ Wait a minute Ephiny, I am Amazon and I will not be left behind while my
Amazon sisters and the rest of you go to fight this evil warlord!” Gabrielle
said as she came to her feet.

“ Wait a minute Gabrielle, I’m sure there’s a reason for Ephiny’s decision?”
Xena said with a questioning brow raised.

“ Yes Xena there is, Gabrielle neither you or Diana will be allowed to come,
because of a possibility that the both of you will be prime targets.”

“ Why would I be a target for this demented warlord? I’m not Amazon.” Diana
stated now on her feet at the thought of Xena going alone into this.

Ephiny now stood up and begun walking the floor.

“ A few days ago, a messager came to us with another message and it was
somewhat cryptic in it’s writing, but I think we were able to decipher it.”

“ What did it say?”

“ Here I brought it with me.” Ephiny said as she handed the parchment to Xena.

Xena read it to herself first, then Diana asked, “ Well?”

“ It says, where darkness is always close within, but the reflection of light
and it’s optimism always closer, will soon be in doubt as to the power of one,
with the death of the other. When eyes so pure look upon hate so pure when
shown the still life color of the heart that will destroy that that has
destroyed, purity has stolen the heart of one, and the soul of the other has
dared to love that which has no soul. The Amazons adore one, and the people
adore the other and it is for these reasons that both shall be destroyed.”

“ Wow, sounds like someone has a grudge.” Gabrielle said with a concerned look
crossing her face.

“ True it does, but what has that got to do with Gabrielle, or me for that
fact?” Diana asked still not seeing how it affects her or Gabrielle.

“ Consort you won’t be going. You either Gabrielle.” Xena stated without

“ WHAT??!! Oh, no Xena...I’m am going. I am not going to go through all of
that craziness we went through before. I will be right by your side.” Diana
stated as a fact.

“ Your not going.” Xena said trying to be patient.

“ I am! How can you even be thinking about going after this person with with
the second best warrior sitting here twiddling my thumbs? It’s not going to

Xena lost it at that moment and she came out of her chair and had now grabbed
a handful of Diana’s hair in her hand.

“ First of all Consort, your not a warrior!! Secondly, you will not only sit
here and twiddle your thumbs with Gabrielle, but you will not even think about
defying me in this. Do I make myself clear Consort?” Xena hissed through her

“ Yes!” Diana said through her own teeth as moisture formed in her eyes.

Xena then looked at her hard for a moment longer and then let go of her hair.
Then she turned around and walked back over to the table and picked up the
port she had been drinking a moment ago, and taking a large drink of it she
then picked up the parchment again and read it over once more.

Everyone was quiet for a moment not sure of what to say or do, Diana was the
one to break the silence.

“ Xena?”

“ What?!” Xena said sharply, as she looked over her brows at Diana who was
still standing in the same place trying to find a place to put her hands,
finally deciding to clasp them in front of her.

“ Will you at least tell me why I can’t go with you, I....I mean what do you
think that message is saying?” Diana asked timidly, not sure if Xena was still
ready to blowup at her.

Xena noticed that Diana was not saying she wanted to go out of pride, but out
of love and concern, she then sighed and sat back down in the chair and
motioned for Diana to come over to her.

Diana moved to where Xena sat, and Xena motioned for her to sit in the chair
across from her. Diana did it and with her hands in her lap she waited for
Xena to tell her as well as everyone else.

“ This message is talking about you and Gabrielle, and Me, and one other
person whom I don’t know. But the person believes they have been wronged in
some way, probably a battle or something and they feel the best way to punish
is to hurt those that are closer to the Amazons and myself, and whoever this
other person is. The first part of the messages says, where darkness is always
close within, but the reflection of light and it’s ever present optimism
always closer, will soon be in doubt as to the power of one. The person is
talking about the darkness that is always close to the surface with you Diana,
when those you love are threatened. The reflection of light is Gabrielle and
her ever present optimism in people, is what helps keep that darkness from
over taking you. The doubt the person is talking about is the doubt that
Gabrielle will have in me as a result of something happening. The pure eyes
are also Gabrielle’s and the person has a plan that will cause you to turn
within yourself because of some horrible thing you see, the person plans on
showing their heart to you in so cruel way, which will be the cause of you
being destroyed in some way, thus destroying me as a result of how you are
affected. The purity is also you Gabrielle and you stole the heart of one,
again I don’t know who the one is, there are a few out there who were and are
in love with you.”

Gabrielle looked at Ephiny and Xena saw it so she continued before Ephiny saw.

“ I don’t believe it’s any of our friends, but someone else who either has
professed their love for you in the past or just loved you from a distant, but
either way you stole someone’s heart and now their angry about it. The soul
that has dared to love the soulless, is you Diana loving me. The person
obviously knows my past and can’t believe that someone like you could ever
love someone like me, and therefore they think your as evil in some way and
they don’t like it at all. The Amazons adore Gabrielle, and the people of My
Realm adore you Diana. which I can truly understand why.” Xena added with a
caress to Diana’s tear streaked face. Anyway kitten, that’s why I don’t want
you or Gabrielle to come along on this one.” Xena said trying to explain more
for Diana.

“ Xena, I understand your feelings, and what you said makes sense, but what if
your wrong this time?” Diana asked not doubting just hoping.

“ But what if I’m not, I can’t protect you or Gabrielle if I don’t know where
you are, or if you don’t listen to me. I want you to stay here, promise me you
will do this for me, please?” Xena asked with her own fears for Diana starting
to show.

“ I promise, we won’t leave the grounds okay?” Diana said noticing Xena was
about to lose her composure in front of everyone.

“ Thank you.” Xena said as she pulled Diana onto her thighs and she wrapped
her arms around Diana and buried her face in Diana’s thick hair to cover her

Questra recognized what Diana and Xena were doing and she pulled the attention
back to the subject to give Xena time to compose herself.

“ Well, Lord Xena has made a valid argument for Gabrielle and Diana to stay
here, and here they will stay, right Gabrielle?”

“ yes. “ Gabrielle said somewhat shaken from what she had heard, but due to
Questra’s astuteness, she had pulled Gabrielle to sit between her thighs as
she wrapped her arms around her love.

“ Okay, now that that’s straight, how are we going to find out who this person
is and taking them out?” Ephiny asked now ready for a plan.

“ Well I think the first thing is that the Amazons undergo some intense
training, and then organize. Ephiny I will come back with you to the Amazon
land and help with that training, and organizing.”

“ So will I.” Questra said volunteering herself, before she was asked.

“ Lord Questra, I couldn’t ask such a thing of you, you barely know us?”
Ephiny said surprised by the offer.

“ Actually I know the Amazons very well, but one in particular, and there is
no way that I will allow anyone to threaten her, and me not do anything about

“ I understand and I and the other Amazons welcome your help. Thank you.”

“ No thanks necessary.”

Ephiny bowed her head in recognition of Questra’s offer, and Questra returned
the gesture.

“ Okay, now what will we do about these two?’

“ What do you mean?” Gabrielle asked confused by the statement.

“ I mean where will you stay?”

“ I think they should stay here, that way my army will be able to guard them.”
Xena stated.

“ Yes, normally I would think that was the best idea, but considering the fact
that there maybe someone acting as a double agent and just waiting for you to
leave so that they can put their plan into action? I think they should stay on
the Amazon land so that we can all keep an eye on them. Ephiny said to both
Xena and Questra.

“ Hm...that’s an idea.” Xena said thoughtfully, but then said, “ I think it’s
better if they stay here.”

“ I think they should stay with the Amazons.”

“ Why don’t they stay on the Amazon land, but have some of Xena’s female
soldiers dressed as Amazons mixed within the nation?” Questra said throwing in
her two dinars.

After a few moments, both Diana and Gabrielle were lifted from their
respective love’s laps, while Ephiny , Xena and Questra debated where they
should stay for their safety. While Diana and Gabrielle sat down and begun
eating and drinking the food that was brought in for all of them doing their

“ Let’s ask them what they think shall we?” Xena asked finally taking control
once again.

“ Okay fine.” The two other women agreed.

The three of them turned around to ask Diana and Gabrielle what they thought
and found them eating. The three women stood with their mouths open at the
sight and all three crossed their arms in stunned surprise.

It was Diana who finally looked up from her plate and chewing and swallowing
the food she had in her mouth and then washing it down with the cider, she
then asked the staring women a question.

“ What?”

All three women’s mouths dropped open, and it was Xena who’s brows raised,
then in a patient tone she said, “ Okay you two, I don’t understand it, I
don’t think any of us understands what we’re seeing, but none the less I’m
going to ask this question anyway. Where do you two want to stay?”

Gabrielle and Diana looked at each other and then both feigned having not
heard a thing since the debate started.

“ Oh, where do we want to stay? Hmmm....what do you think Gabrielle, where
would you like to stay?”

“ Hmm....good question, but I have one of my own.”

“ Oh? What’s that?” Diana asked totally focused on Gabrielle, as Gabrielle was
focused on her.

“ Well, I just like to know....What was the choices again?” Gabrielle asked
and then both she and Diana turned their attention to the three women who now
thoroughly understood what the two were doing and then Xena swallowed hard and
then licking her lips as she said through tight lips.

“ Okay, we’re sorry for acting as though the two of you weren’t here, it won’t
happen again. Now tell us where would you like to stay?”

Gabrielle and Diana looked at each other again and once again they looked back
at the three women and while the Amazon soldiers were laughing in the
background. Diana and Gabrielle put on their innocent faces and said in all

“ What was the choices?”

Xena’s hands went up and came down in frustration and exasperation.

“ I can’t believe you two, your sitting there eating and acting as if there is
not something dangerous happening out there because of some warlord who is out
for vengeance against all of us for one reason or another. Tell me where you
want to stay doing all of this before I decide to lose my temper and punish
the both of you!!” Xena ordered with her patiences finally gone.

“ Okay, love, okay, we’ll tell you where we want to stay so that you want have
to worry about either of us.”

“ Well?” Questra asked also out of patiences.

“ We want to”

Everyone was now listening and waiting for Diana and Gabrielle’s answer.

“ Questra’s.” they said with raised brows, and then they turned back to
eating, and giving each other a subtle sign with their eyes and then they
smirked at each other and put some food in their mouths as the three women’s
mouths now fell open and then clamped shut as they were all ready to lay into
the two girls. But then they all thought about the two girls idea and then
they looked at each other and then back at the two girls and a smirk came to
Xena’s lips and then it was followed by Questra and finally Ephiny.

Diana and Gabrielle now looked up at the three and with raised brows of their
own they said, “ Isn’t that something? How three great minds can overlook the
simplest thing? Hm...I wonder how such a thing could happened?”

“ Ok, ok, your idea is actually a very good one. I’m very proud of you two.”
Xena said giving the two girls her approval of their ideas.

Diana sucked her teeth and then stood up and walked over to Xena followed by
Gabrielle over to Questra, and coming to stop in front of them Diana said, “
And don’t forget it.” Then kissed Xena passionately and then Gabrielle did the
same thing to Questra.

“ That’s right.” And then Gabrielle kissed Questra, then the two of them
walked up to Ephiny and looking at each other they said in unison.

“ You really should know better.” Then they wrapped their arms around her and
gave her a big hug and then kissed her on each cheek.

The two girls then went and sat down on two of the chairs that were within
close approximation of other chairs, and then Diana leaned back and crossed
her long legs and brought her hands up behind her head she stretched them out,
and glanced over at Xena and winked.

Xena’s cheeks flushed ever so lightly, but enough to be noticed, Gabrielle
gestured a kiss at Questra and a big grin came to her face. Then the two women
looked at Ephiny and said, “’s good to have such a caring family.
Don’t you ladies agree?” The Amazon soldiers now laughed out loud. While the
three women stood shaking their heads in admiration of the two young girls.

After all of the women in the chamber set their plan, they then set the date
to begin the training, and also have some of Xena’s female soldiers dress as
Amazons and join the ranks, Xena also decided to send in some of her elite
spies to see if they could infiltrate the warlords ranks.

Later that night Xena and Diana returned to their chamber. As Gabrielle and
Questra returned to Gabrielle’s. The two couples talked way into the night and
then made love the rest of the night until sleep took them.

“ Diana I want you to keep your eyes open even though your here at Questra’s
you never know.”

“ I will. Xena promise me you will be careful.” Diana said with concern
obvious in her voice.

Xena smiled and then leaned down and placed a deeply abiding kiss on Diana’s
tender lips.

“ I love you kitten, I’ll always be here for you.”

“ I know.” Diana stated without a second thought.

Gabrielle heard Xena’s words, after Questra had planted a loving kiss on her.

“ See you as soon as I can, alright?”

“ Yes. I’ll be right here with Diana, twiddling our thumbs.” Gabrielle teased,
trying to lighten the mood in the Chamber.

“ Good, because that’s what I expect to find you two doing when we come back
here. Now give me a hug Gabrielle.” Xena ordered as Gabrielle came over to
Xena and hugged her and then Xena kissed her on the forehead and whispered in
her ear. “ Take care of Diana if something happens to me, ok?”

“ Xena?”

“ Nothings going to happen, but just in case.”

“ You know I will.”

“ Good.” Xena then kissed Gabrielle again on the forehead and then went and
hugged Diana once more and then she and Questra left the two and headed for
the Amazon land.

“ Do you think they will be alright?” Questra asked.

“ Yes, with your soldiers and some of mine together, plus the fact that this
will be the last place anyone would look for them, I think they will be fine.
By the way, where is your advisor Callisto?”

“ Oh, she’s off handling some of her duties with meeting with the regents
about how the provinces are doing. She’s been gone since the first day Diana
had arrived at the Palace.”

“ Is that normal for one of your top advisors to be gone for so long?”

“ Yes, at least with her, she goes and stays in the provinces for a while,
then she comes back, all the while she sends the information back to me to let
me know what’s going on.”

“ Have you had any problems with her?”

“ No, I mean she’s moody, but I haven’t had any problems persa.”

“ Well, do you expect her back anytime soon?”

“ No, she’s usually gone for months.”

“ So you have other advisors while she’s gone?”

“ Yes, of course, how could I run a kingdom if I depended on an advisor who’s
gone for months?”

Xena chuckled and then nodded her head. They arrived at the Amazon land within
the day, and when they did, The Amazons were constantly staring, and gaping at
Xena and Questra, the women who were not bonded with anyone, were primping for
Xena’s and Questra’s attention, even though they knew Xena was bonded with

Only a few knew that Questra was in a relationship with Princess Gabrielle.
During the training times, Xena and Questra would be trying to teach certain
moves or series of moves, but the women were not paying complete attention, so
they would end up on the ground even before the training was half over.

“ Okay that’s it! “ Xena finally said out of frustration at the Amazons for
their inattentiveness, while she was trying to teach them something that was
going to save their lives, hopefully. “ Let’s get something straight right
here and now, since you ladies seem to be having a hard time concentrating
around Lord Questra and Myself. I am already with someone whom all of you
know, and I know she would be VERY upset with each and everyone of you to find
out that people she trust are trying to come on to me, besides the fact that I
have no interest in any of you. Now as far as Lord Questra is concern she is
with YOUR Princess, and she too would be hurt to find out that her Amazon
sisters are drooling after her soon to be Bonded mate.”

“ Bonded?!” Ephiny exclaimed.

“ Yes, Ephiny, Lord Questra just recently asked Gabrielle to be her’s and she
accepted. I’m sorry you had to find out like this, but I need for these
Amazons to concentrate on surviving and not on trying to seduce me or Lord

“ Oh, your right of course, thank you for explaining it to me. Lord Questra
Congratulations on your upcoming bonding.”

“ Thank you Ephiny, I too am sorry you had to find out like this, but Lord
Xena is correct in what she said, the Amazons need to concentrate and not on

“ Your right. Amazons as your Queen I’m ordering you to do what your here to
do, and forget about all of these romantic thoughts, we have a very serious
problem and I will not allow my Amazons to be hurt or killed because of being
love struck by hopeless fantasies, now get to work!”

“ Yes your Majesty, forgive us.” The Amazons called as they then set their
minds to truly listening and training, not that all of them were love struck,
but enough were, to be a casualty to those who were learning.

The rest of the time after that day the Amazons learned quickly and became
quite proficient. Meanwhile back in one of the Inns in one of Lord Questra’s
provinces, Callisto and Discord were talking dangerous.

“ Mmm....Callisto, I think if we go after Xena then we can take her out and
then you can become the Ruler of her Realm, as well as getting even for what
she did to your family?”

“ Discord, think about that, how are we going to get Xena? Plus I don’t think
she will suffer, she’s not the type to scream, plus the fact that many of the
torture techniques that I know, I learned them from watching her, or hearing
about them as a child. No, I think the best way to get even is to make her
suffer the same way I did, when I had to hear my family’s screams. I don’t
know which would have been worse, to hear them, or see them.”

“ I think seeing it would have been worse.” Discord said as she continued to
bite and suck on Callisto’s nipples.

“ Ow, not so hard!” Callisto scolded when Discord bit a little harder than

“ I don’t know, the sounds of people you care about dying in such a horrible
way definitely can leave an impression. I mean look at me, it twisted me into
what I am today?”

“ Yes, but your so good at it.” Discord purred as she made her way down
Callisto’s firm body.

“ Yes I am aren’t I, maybe this was my destiny?”

“ Maybe.”

“ Ahh! Discord your sooo...good at that.” Callisto called as she felt the
active tongue of Discord’s working on her nerve center.

Callisto spread her legs wider to allow Discord even better access and Discord
worked hungrily on Callisto. Soon Callisto’s legs wrapped around Discords back
and she held her there as she peaked.

Discord licked fanatically at the essences. Then when Callisto relaxed from
her orgasm and caught her breath she made a decision.

“ I got it! I’ll send some of my soldiers to find Xena’s Consort, I think that
is the best way to really hurt Xena and make her feel the pain that I felt
then and now.” Callisto said with a satisfied yet wick grin coming to her
face, just as she flipped Discord onto her stomach and placing the phallus
around her she then thrusted deep inside of Discord as she continue to tell
her the plan, and Discord grunted from each thrust as she neared her ecstasy.

“ YES!!!” Discord screamed as she climaxed.

Discord then fell to her stomached and laid breathing hard as Callisto
withdrew from her and removed the phallus and went to clean up. Then Callisto
came back and sat on the bed and finished what she had been saying.

“ I can also get back at Lord Questra, well actually at that little brat
Gabrielle, she took her from me and NO ONE TAKES ANYTHING FROM ME WITHOUT
PAYING.” Callisto growled as she thought about Questra and Gabrielle together.
“ Yes I’ll get them all, I’ll make Gabrielle pay with her’s going to be a wonderful torture, full of pain and nice
and slow.”

“ You sound like you already know how your going to get rid of her?”

“ I do, oil.”

“ Oil?”

“ Yes, Hot, boiling oil.” Callisto purred as she stretched in satisfaction.

Discord smiled an evil smile as well and then Callisto said, “ send a messager
to my army and tell them to dig a deep pit and fill it with oil, and then heat

“ But how are they going tot heat it?”

“ They’re not, you are, your a God, it’s a simple thing for you to do.”

“ Ah...alright. When do you want to go after the two women?”

“ within the week, but first we have to find them, then we have to devise a
plan to get to them. Plus we need a full proof way to keep both of them in
line and get them to do what the soldiers say.”

“ Well, how about a cage?”

“ A cage, it’s has to be more than just a cage. It has to have some special
quality to it that will keep them from trying to get away.”

“ How about if I make it sulfur hot, that way if they touch it they’ll receive
the worse burn they’ve ever known, it can burn right to the bone if you like?”

“ Yes, do it, but don’t make it so that it doesn’t burns them to the bone, it
might kill them.”

“ Okay, later then.” Discord said as she disappeared from Callisto’s presence.

In the meantime back at the Palace of Questra’s, Gabrielle was showing Diana
around both inside and then outside. It was while they were outside that they
decided to sit by a fountain to talk. The guards were a distance away, but
close enough to get to the two women if they needed to.

While they were talking Diana heard the guards talking louder than they had
been and because of it she stood up and walked around to the other side of the
fountain to see what they were talking so loud about. But she was stunned to
see what was on the other side. Xena’s guards were unconscious on the ground
as was some of Questra’s, and they had one of Xena’s and one of Questra’s
guards with Daggers at both of their throats.

Diana was wearing her leathers because of Xena’s concern that something could
possibly happen, but Gabrielle was dressed in clothes that Diana would
normally wear, only more conservative, so she was not looked at as an Amazon.

Diana’s first instinct was to pull her staff, but something told her that she
shouldn’t, something in the back of her mind, so she left her staff as a
carved piece of decorated wood rather than extend it to look as a staff.

Diana walked back around to Gabrielle and told Gabrielle to just follow her
lead no matter what.

“ Gabrielle I don’t know who these people are, but I think their with whoever
the warlord is.”

“ How did they find us here?”

“ I don’t know, but Gabrielle I sense something extremely dangerous about
these people, I can’t attack them because they have two of our soldiers, I
don’t want them to get hurt, especially considering Gyras just had a new baby.
So I need for you to follow my lead, no matter what, do you understand?”

“ Yes. But.”

“ No Gabrielle, no buts, please just do this okay?”

“ Okay.”

“ You two we want you to join us.” One of the soldiers stated.

“ Why? who are you?” Diana asked casually.

“ It doesn’t matter who we are , right now all that matters is that we have
the both of you.”

“ And who do you think you have?” Gabrielle asked.

“ One of you is The Conqueror’s Consort, and the other is Lord Questra’s

“ Hmm...” Diana said as she motioned for Gabrielle to not say anything else
for a bit, not until they learned more about what was going on.

“ Okay seems like we don’t have a choice, but will you let the soldiers go
unharmed if we go with you?”

“ Yes as soon as we have you securely inside.”

“ Inside?” Gabrielle asked of Diana more so than of the men.

“ Yes, inside of that.” The soldier said pointing to a large cage.

Diana and Gabrielle looked at each other and then the soldier bowed and swept
his hands towards it as a wick smile crossed his face. Diana studied the man
as she and Gabrielle moved towards the cage, and when they got close to it,
Diana stopped.

“ Swear by Ares they will be left alone, unharmed.” Diana said appealing to
the God she was sure they served.

“ Alright we swear, we’re not here for them, we’re here for the two of you.
Now get inside.”

Diana let Gabrielle step in first just so that Gabrielle would be protected
just in case they decided to hurt her from the back. Diana stepped in facing
the men and then the door of the cage was closed and just as it was, the
soldier came over and used a key to lock it. Then he said just as the cage was
being lifted by the soldiers.

“ Oh, by the way, I suggest you sit down, it can get quite painful if your not

Diana looked at the way the man was leering at the bars of the cage and she
immediately sat Gabrielle down, and she sat behind her.

“ Gabrielle fold your legs under yourself and I will wrap my legs over yours.

“ Why ?" Gabrielle asked as she did as Diana had whispered to her to do.

The soldiers begun walking out the way they had been let in originally, so
that they were not seen. The cage was then placed on a cart wagon and Diana
and Gabrielle were on their way to somewhere.

The leader of the soldiers was up front riding leading the way back to
wherever they were going. Gabrielle then asked Diana again quietly, as Diana
sat behind her.

“ Because of this.” Diana then extended one of her razor fingernails and
touched one of the bars with it.


“ By The Gods!!” Gabrielle exclaimed as she saw the nail melt slightly where
it touched the bar.

Diana brought out two more of her nails and use them to resharpen the other
one. once it had been she retracted all of them.

“ It won’t melt anything on us, but it will burn very badly.”

Just as Diana said that the entourage begun a steep climb up an inclined part
of a mountain.

“ Gabrielle hold on to my knees and try to lean in the opposite direction of
the way we’re going.”

Gabrielle took hold of Diana’s knees, and tried to lean in the opposite
direction the cart was going, Diana found they were sliding backwards despite

“ Diana we’re moving backwards!” Gabrielle said in panic.

“ I know.” Diana thought to dig her razored nails into the cart, but one of
the soldiers came back to check on them at that moment and in doing so, Diana
could not use them. “ This is going to hurt.” Diana thought to herself and so
she pulled a leather strap from her belt and rolled it and then put it in her
mouth. Her back then touched the bars behind her.

“ GODS!!” Diana screamed into the leather strap she had put in her mouth, as
her back received a painful burn.

“ Di...” Gabrielle started to cry out but Diana covered her mouth with her

“ I’m ok, Gods that hurt. Gabrielle don’t call my name out, no matter what.
They don’t know which one is which yet, and hopefully they won’t find out. No
telling what they have planned for one of us. I would prefer it be me than you
that they do anything too, at least I will live, you most likely won’t,
especially if we’re being taken to whoever this warlord is that uses torture
as a tool.”

“ But your back?”

“ It hurts, but it’s still not as painful as being whipped by Xena.” Diana
said comparing the discomfort.

“ Let me see.”

“ No not right now, wait until we stop for good that way there won’t be any
chance of you touching these things.”

“ Okay.” Gabrielle said accepting Diana’s advice.

The ride was long for more than one reason, Diana had touched up against the
bars three more times by the time they had finally arrived at the hidden Camp.
They were unloaded and taken to the outside of a large tent., where they were
set down.

The lead soldier then started to enter the tent but was stopped by one of the
Soldiers standing outside of it.

“ She’s busy at the moment.” The soldier whispered to the lead soldier and
they both smirked a devious smirk and then the lead soldier told the other he
would return when she was finished.

The soldier nodded and then the lead soldier turned and headed off to one of
the tents, that had smoke coming out of it, Diana reasoned it must be the food
tent. Diana then turned her attention to what was going on inside, trying to
see if she could hear any conversation.

But instead of the type of Conversation she expected to hear she instead heard
sounds of wild passion taking place.

“ Yes! Yes! Harder! Harder!, YES, YES, AHHH!! DON'T miss a drop!
Ahh.....yessss....MMMmmm....GOOD My little pet, very good. MMMM...MM!!”

Then Diana heard more sucking sounds and then a sigh emitted by whoever else
was in there with the woman.

“ Well I didn’t need to hear that.” Diana thought to herself.

Then she heard one of the people inside move away from the other and ordered
for the person to get dressed. Then the Guard who was standing outside
motioned to the other Soldier who had just stepped outside to see if the
person inside was done yet and he got lucky that she was. He immediately came
back over to the tent and proceeded to enter it. He went and spoke to the
person within. Diana heard the conversation, but did not tell Gabrielle,
except to say. “ Remember what I said, no matter what, don’t say my name, and
follow my lead okay?”

“ Okay.” Gabrielle said with stress sounding in her voice from the fear.

“ It’ll be okay Gabrielle, I won’t let anything happen to you, I swear.” Diana
said reassuring Gabrielle of her vow to her sister that she would die to
protect her.

“ I know, your here.” Gabrielle said telling Diana of her absolute trust in

“ Gabrielle no matter what happens, remember I love you.”

“ I know, I love you too.”

“ I know Gabrielle.” Diana said as she hugged Gabrielle to her. Gabrielle
wrapped her hands over Diana’s and squeezed back.

“ Aww...isn’t that sweet, two sisters trying to comfort the other, how
completely and sickenly s.w.e.e.t.! “ Came a voice filled with contempt.

“ Callisto?! “ Diana exclaimed and then she realized that Callisto knew them,
but did she know them well enough considering they had only met the one time,
and only briefly, well Diana could only hope Callisto didn’t remember, but the
odds were she probably did.

“ Oh, I’m flattered, you remember me, sorry I can’t return the compliment.
Callisto said unknowingly that she had just answered Diana’s question.

Callisto took a seat on a chair that was brought out for her to sit on and she
faced the two young women within the cage.

“ So....what do you think of my little cage? It’s wonderful isn’t it?”

Neither of the two answered her, they just listened.

“ A friend of mine made it for me, she’s quite handy in that way. So, I bet
your wondering why your here, right?”

Neither answered her again, but they figured she really wasn’t looking for
them to answer just yet.

“ Let me tell you.” Callisto said excitedly. Despite being the only one
showing any jubilation. “ Well, I plan on getting as much information from
one of you as I can about Lord Xena The Conqueror, that I can so that I can
not only take over the Amazon lands and enslave them, but also take Xena’s
Realm from her.” Callisto hissed as the words dripped from her lips.

“ Lord Questra said that you no longer hated Lord Xena?”

“ She’s right, I don’t, but I never forgave her for killing my family, now I’m
going to pay her back, that way I can truly get on with my life, as the New
Ruler of Xena’s Realm, and the Master over all of the Amazons, and I don’t
care one way or the other if the Amazons decide to rebel against being ruled,
I’d rather practice more of my ART on them anyway.”

“ Art? is that what you call the torturing of people?” Diana asked outraged,
feigning naivete.

Gabrielle huffed at the thought of it and Callisto laughed derisively.

“ Well in a few days one of you will see up close and personal.”

Callisto then laughed and stood up and asked before she left.

“ By the way, which one of you is Gabrielle?”

“ She is, Diana said pointing out Gabrielle.”

“ Hmm...” Callisto said as she gave a cursory glance over how Gabrielle was
dressed and how Diana was dressed, she then turned and strided down towards
the other end of the camp.

“ Why did.......” Gabrielle started, but Diana stopped her once again.

“ Shh, don’t say anything, just trust me. She’s up to something.”

“ What?”

“ I don’t know, but in a few days we’re going to find out.” Diana said as she
took a deep breath and swallowed, as she felt a shudder run through her when
she looked Callisto in the eyes just as she asked the question.

Meanwhile back at the Amazons, Xena and Questra were finishing up explaining
the plan of attack, when one of Xena’s soldiers arrived in the camp.

“ Vilean? What’s going on?” Xena asked the soldier.

“ My Lord, Their gone!”

“ Who’s gone?!”

“ Lady Diana and Princess Gabrielle.”

“ Where?” Xena asked her heart tightening at the thought.

“ They were taken by some soldiers posing as Lord Questra’s soldiers. They
knocked all of them out and held myself and one of Lord Questra’s soldiers as
hostages until Lady Diana and Princess Gabrielle were inside of a cage, then
they took them away and knocked us out. When we woke up they were long gone.
I’m sorry My Lord I failed to protect My Lady and her sister, Please forgive

“ I don’t have time for this, we have to get back to your palace Questra so we
can locate the tracks and follow after them.” Xena stated without a second
glance back as she ran and mounted into her horses saddle, She called over her
shoulder, “ Ephiny keep your Amazons here and have them prepare as we
discussed, no telling what this warlords plans are now that they have Diana
and Gabrielle.”

“ That’s fine, but I’m going with you two, Solaris your in charge!” Ephiny
called as she then jumped into the saddle of her horse and then the three of
them and a few of Ephiny’s Amazons headed out for Questra’s palace.

Xena didn’t want to take the time to ride all the way to Questra’s, she wanted
to get there as quickly as possible so she pulled out one of the Travellers
and called over her shoulder. “ Questra just follow me!” Then she threw it
ahead of them and she went through and disappeared , Questra’s mouth dropped
open but she didn’t slow her horse she just headed in the direction Xena had
disappeared in, followed by Ephiny and her Amazons.

They came out at the front of Questra’s Palace, and Questra was stunned but
she let it go for now and concentrated on why they had returned.

“ Where were they when they were taken?” Xena asked of the guards.

They were immediately taken to the spot and Xena and Questra and Ephiny along
with all of the others begin a thorough search of the area. Xena was the one
to find the tracks and she called to the others, soon they were on their way
to wherever Diana and Gabrielle had been taken, as they went Ephiny and
Questra talked as they looked for tracks.

Xena was too focused on Diana and Gabrielle and making sure that they were on
the right track.

“ Something going on with Xena, it’s like she’s really worried.” Ephiny
observed in Xena’s quiet disposition the whole trip so far, only talking to
give instructions or something.

“ Why shouldn’t she be, we all are worried?” Questra asked of Ephiny’s strange

“ I agree, but this is different it’s like she’s confused about something.”

“ You think she’ll tell us?”

“ I don’t know, but there’s only one way to find out.” Questra said as she and
Ephiny then rode their horses to catch up with Xena and ride along either side
of her.

“ Xena?”

“ Yes.”

“ Ephiny and I are a little concerned about you, are you okay?”

“ Why?”

“ well it’s like something is bothering you and you can’t seem to figure out
why that’s so?”

Xena thought about Questra’s statement, then Xena lifted her eyes from the
trail for a moment and told what was on her mind.

“ The soldiers said Gabrielle and Diana were put inside a cage.”

“ Ok, so what about it?” Ephiny asked still not getting it.

“ Well they said that Diana and Gabrielle went inside the cage because Diana
didn’t want any of the soldiers to get her with her fighting them, so she
allowed herself and Gabrielle to be caught and put in the cage, but after they
left the soldiers were safe, and yet Diana didn’t try to escape?”

“ But how could she, she was inside a cage?”

“ That doesn’t make a difference, if it was safe for Diana to get away with
Gabrielle, I know she would have cut right through the bars, but something
must have caused her to not try. I’m just wondering what it could be, and the
only thing that keeps coming to my mind is that maybe the bars of the cage
were dangerous.”

“ Oh, I see why your worried, if the bars could hold Diana prisoner then Diana
and Gabrielle are in worse trouble than we thought. We have to get to them and
soon!” Questra stated as a fact and the entourage rode as quickly as they
could in order to make good time, but also still follow the tracks.

During the night while Gabrielle slept, Diana decided to try and protect
Gabrielle more than she would be able to if Callisto decided to do her injury
and then turn and do Gabrielle some type of physical harm. So extending on of
her razor sharp fingernails she sharped the tip of it to a fine needle point,
Diana then stuck herself in her arm and drew blood into her hollowed tip nail,
and then she withdrew it from her arm and just before she used it on Gabrielle
she put a touch on her that would keep her asleep, and prevent her from
feeling no pain.

Diana then leaned Gabrielle’s head forward and she inserted the tip of the
needled formed fingernail, into the back of Gabrielle’s head and entered into
her brain, at her Medulla, she then instilled the blood from her arm into
Gabrielle’s brain.

Diana’s blood was immediately absorbed into Gabrielle’s brain and then Diana
removed her fingernail and watched to see what would happen with the pin size
hole in the back of Gabrielle’s head.

After a few minutes, the hole begun to disappear, and then it was completely

“ Good.” Diana said and then she leaned Gabrielle back and reversed the touch
she had put on her. Diana then allowed herself to go to sleep.

“ Well, well, well, isn’t that just the sweetest sight. Too...very sweet
sisters sleeping in each others arms...awww....” Callisto said with contempt
dripping from her lips.

“ What do you want Callisto?” Diana asked with just as much contempt.

“ Well, it’s that time for one of you to see my art up close.” Callisto said
as she came close to the bars.

“ A day ago you told me that she was Gabrielle, well Gabrielle is the one whom
I will show my art too.”

Diana’s muscles tensed at the thought that she misread Callisto, and now
Gabrielle may have to pay with her life. Diana and Gabrielle both came to
their feet, but neither said anything, Gabrielle just looked at Diana and
Diana looked at her and pretended to let fear show in her eyes.

Callisto watched and then a wick grin came to her face.

“ Take her!” Callisto ordered of her guards. They immediately brought their
swords to bear and crisscrossed them in front of Gabrielle, thus holding her
back. Then one of the soldiers pointed his sword at Diana and motioned for her
to come out of the cage.

Diana did as she was beckoned and then was brought to stand in front of

“ Too bad I didn’t believe you....G.a.b.r.i.e.l.l.e.....” Callisto purred in
Diana’s ear.

Diana gave Callisto a look of disgust and then she said, “ Now what?”

“ Oh, you’ll see.” Callisto said with a flick of her hand and the next thing
Diana knew she was knocked unconscious. Then carried away, with Gabrielle
calling after her, but using her name rather than Diana’s. Callisto then said
as Diana was being carried away, “ Oh, but you want see until you get there.”
Then she laughed an evil type laugh.

Then she walked away from the cage that held the real Gabrielle. Diana awoke
from a smell of burning tires is how she thought of it at first, remembering
how burning tires smelled from her time, then her eyes flickered and then
opened and she went to rub her head but found she was chained.

Diana’s wrist were chained together in front of her and then the chain was
connected to her waist where another chain encircled her waist. Diana’s feet
were chained the same way except the chain was connected to a board just wide
enough to hold Diana’s body. Diana’s neck had a chain around it, that held her
head against the board behind her.


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