By D.virtue

Xena stopped her progress not sure if Diana was ready for her to take her once
again, so soon after. But it was Diana who answered her question, before she
could ask it.

“ Make love to me Xena?”

Xena heard the underlying tone, and recognized the need for what it was. Diana
needed to feel closer to Xena and this was one of those ways. A look of
complete both sadness for what Diana was going through and the desire she had
for her beautiful innocent looking Consort.

A sigh came from Xena and then a loving smile. Xena covered Diana’s lips
with hers and begun claiming them. Diana fed off of Xena’s love and with every
orgasm she cried, and Xena held her and loved her again and again. Finally
Diana was exhausted as was Xena and Diana laid in Xena’s arms and slipped into
Morpheus’s Realm.

One of the guards knocked on the door of the outer Chamber, Xena eased out of
Diana’s arms and went to see who it was, although she knew the servants would
get it.

“ Lord Questra would like to speak with our Lord.” the Sentry informed Dancea.

“ Oh, Lord Questra, please come in, I will go and get my Lord for you?”

“ Fine.” Questra said with a edge to her tone.

Xena went over to the bed and looking down at Diana, and seeing her sleeping
so peacefully, she didn’t won’t her to wakeup and find her not there, Xena
knew it would only cause Diana undue fear, so Xena bent down and put a touch
on her that would keep Diana asleep. She then leaned further down and kissed
Diana’s lips.

Just then Dancea knocked on the door lightly.

“ Yes.” Xena called as she put her robe on.

“ My Lord, Lord Questra is here and would like to speak with you?”

“ I’ll be right there.” Xena stated and then tying her robe she went out to
the sitting chamber.

“ Lord Questra? What brings you here at this time of night?”

“ I needed to speak with you.” Questra stated as she ran her hands through her

Xena noticed the tension in Questra’s neck and so she ordered for Dancea to
get them something to drink and then leave them alone for the rest of the

The drinks were brought and offered to the two rulers, then Dancea made her
exit, leaving the two alone.

“ Have a seat.” Xena offered.

Questra sat down on the sofa and Xena sat on the sofa chair.

“ So what’s going on Questra?”

“ Xena, I know you have your hands full with Diana, and normally I would
handle this myself, but in this case, I have to admit it’s not in my hands.”

“ What is it?”

“ it’s Gabrielle, she firmly believes more than ever now that what’s happening
with Diana is her fault, she keeps saying that if she had not fallen in love
with me, then Callisto would not have done this to Diana. She blames herself
for Diana’s decision to pretend to be her, to protect her.”

“ That’s ridiculous, Gabrielle should know that any of us would have done the
exact same thing and for her to think it is her fault for falling in love with
you is absolutely wrong. You two are perfect for each other, I know she knows

“ She does, and that’s why she is going through this emotional turmoil. She
thinks the only way to make it up to Diana is for her to break things off with

“ Your not going to allow that are you?!”

Xena asked with surprise in her voice.

“ Xena of course I don’t want to allow it, but how can I honestly make her
stay, when she believes I am the cause of what happened to Diana? I mean if
she were talking about leaving me because of some other reason then of course
I would put my foot down and not allow it. But with this, how can I do that?
She would resent me for trying to show her support for her sister.”

“ Questra, you know as well as I do that what happened to Diana was not
Gabrielle’s fault nor yours for being in her life. It was the act of one
demented woman, who has yet to be punished.” Xena hissed as she locked her
eyes on Questra’s.

“ I know, but what do you think I should do?”

“ I think you should tell Gabrielle in no uncertain terms that you will not
allow her to break things off with you, for it is not her decision to do such
a thing, but yours, and as Lord she will do as you say. “

“ What if she brings up the subject again?”

“ To prevent her from bringing it up you tell her that if she even looks like
she’s thinking that this is her fault then you will punish her. You will not
allow her to think such a thing even if it means putting some pain to her

Questra nodded her head in understanding and agreement at Xena’s advice in
handling the situation with Gabrielle. She knew that she would incorporate
love on top of any punishment, but she realized, she had to get Gabrielle to
understand that it wasn't her fault, and in order to help Diana she couldn’t
believe that it was.

“ Besides Questra, Diana had already told Gabrielle that it wasn’t her fault.”
Xena stated interrupting Questra’s revelry.

“ How do you know that? Did Gabrielle tell you?”

“ No Diana did.”

“ Diana? I thought she didn’t remember anything?”

“ She doesn’t, she told me the same day she told Gabrielle.” Xena informed
Questra with a slight smirk crossing her lips.

“ I see, that’s why you said I had nothing to worry about, because you had
seen Diana also?”

“ Yes.” Xena admitted.

Questra once again nodded her head. Xena took a sip of the wine she was
drinking and just looked at Questra. Then Questra became serious again.

“ So how is Diana doing, after what happened today?”

“ She’s fine.” Xena said without expanding.

Questra raised a brow at the limited statement and then made her own
assumptions. Which considering she was a Chosen of Diana’s she would be good
at it.

“ I think there’s more Xena?”

“ Really?”

“ Yes.”

“ More like what Questra?” Xena asked curtly.

Questra caught the change but ignored it.

“ I think Diana is worse than your admitting, I think Diana is literally
panicked stricken at the very thought of you not being physically near her,
I’d even wager that Diana wants to always be in physical contact with you, and
at the very thought of not being sends her into sheer terror?”

“ Are you asking me or telling me?” Xena said stoically.

“ Both. You know I’m right.”

“ Questra I understand what your trying to do, and I appreciate it, but I can
handle Diana.”

“ I know you can.....normally.” Questra said clarifying herself.

“ What does that mean?” Xena asked somewhat offended at the idea that Questra
thought she couldn’t handle anything about Diana.

“ No offense meant Xena, but you have to realize your just as needy as Diana.
You don’t need to be in physical contact with Diana, but you have to have her
near enough that you can get to her in a moment’s notice.”

“ So what’s wrong with that?’ Xena asked agitatedly.

“ Nothing usually, but right now, you need to begin breaking Diana of this
unhealthy need. She will never get over this if you coddle her. You need to
enlist some tough love Xena.”

“ What?!! What are you talking about?”

“ Xena I know it sounds harsh, but if you don’t, then Diana will not be able

“ Questra your asking me to be hard on a young girl who has just been through
the most horrible experience of her life! How can I do that to her? I won’t do

“ Xena you know you have too.”

“ I don’t know any such thing.”

“ Okay Xena, I see your not ready to admit it too yourself yet, but, as your’s
and Diana’s friend, I will keep pushing you, until you do it.”

“ Questra I don’t need you to push me to do anything.” Xena said tightly.

“ You don’t see it right now, but Xena you have to admit that as a new person
to this environment, I am able to see some things with a fresher eye, and
right now I’m seeing two women hurting so badly that one clings physically and
the other enables her by catering to it. Xena this has nothing to do with the
control you wanted over Diana, this is a weakness, that Diana is going through
and as the person most important in her life, you have to be her strength
right now. She can’t do it for herself. She’s been hurt so badly, she’s
scared, and the only comfort she sees is in you, but it’s not a comfort of
merging her strength with yours, but of trying to feel secure without having
to depend on herself. Xena if you don’t do something soon, I know it’s just
going to get worst.” Questra said trying to get her point across to Xena.

“ We’ll see Questra, now I need to get back to Diana.” Xena said ending the
confronting conversation.

“ Alright Lord Xena, tell Diana that Gabrielle and I will see you both
tomorrow for morning meal.”

“ I will.”

Xena then stood and Questra gave a polite tilt of her head and Xena returned
it. Xena then returned to her bedchamber and removing her robe she climbed
back up in the bed and pulled Diana into her arms once again.

This time she took off the pinch and Diana moaned and then cuddled closer to
Xena’s warm body and Xena held her tightly enough to hear Diana moan in her
sleep as a result.

Xena stayed awake a longtime just thinking about what Questra had told her.
She didn’t want to believe Diana was just afraid and clinging to her out of
fear, but rather Diana just wanting to be close to her. Xena finally drifted
off and when the morning came Diana awoke first and she snuggled into Xena’s
arms, and then she begun to kiss on Xena’s neck, from there she started to
suck gently on it and received a moan from Xena.

Diana then moved downwards to Xena’s chest and once there she spared no time
in taking one of Xena’s soften peaks in her mouth she begun sucking on it, as
she did it begun to grow and tighten, and Xena’s eyes opened as she stretched
form the sensation, and once again she moaned.

“ little kitten is amorous this morning I see.” Xena purred as she
squeezed Diana to her with one arm while her other arm was resting behind her

Diana lifted her eyes up to look Xena in hers, and saw Xena gazing at her with
both love and passion. Diana moaned from the comfort she felt, and lowering
her eyes back to Xena’s breast she brought her other hand up and begun
caressing Xena’s other nipple.

Xena moaned again and Diana moved over top of her and begun to focus on
pleasuring Xena. Diana moved down Xena’s long firm body kissing and sucking
all the while. Finally she made it to Xena’s jewel and once there she lavished
affection on Xena’s jewel.

Xena was thrusting her hips onto Diana’s talented tongue and holding on to the
bed coverings as her strong fingers dug into the bedding.

“ Kitten, turn around.....” Xena ordered breathless.

Diana moved to position herself as Xena had ordered, Once she had, Xena begun
to ravish Diana’s flower. Xena brought Diana up to where she was rapidly and
now Xena ordered Diana to give herself to her. Diana’s body stiffened as did
Xena’s and then both released their ecstasy onto the others filling tongue.

Diana released as long as Xena wanted and Xena released as long as Diana
pulled it from her.

“ Enough kitten.” Xena commanded completely drained of tension, if she had any
tension when they had started.

Diana started to move back up Xena’s body, but then she thought better of it
and stopped.

“ What is it kitten?” Xena asked wondering why Diana had stopped.

“ I just realized, I have never felt your other tool in my mouth.”

Xena gave Diana a curious look and then said, “ So?”

“ So, I want to see what it does to you to have me loving it?”

Xena sighed at the loving words, although she thought it was a strange
request, she decided to accommodate Diana’s desire.

“ Ok. “ Xena said as she thought the phallus into forming.

Xena now rested her head on both of her arms as she watched Diana admire the
large tool, then slowly caress it up and down the length. Xena shivered at the
sensation and Diana saw the blush traveling up Xena’s abdomen.

Diana then let her tongue lick the length of it, then when she got to the top
she teased at the tip, and once again Xena shivered and a moan escaped her
lips. Diana looked up at her and smile and Xena gave her a smile in return,
but she had a look of curiosity in her eyes as well.

Diana then lowered her eyes and slipping her mouth over the large shaft she
begun loving Xena once again and Xena brought her hands down to Diana’s head
and begun caressing her. Diana moaned on Xena and a shudder raced through
Xena’s body as a result.

Suddenly Diana felt the tool stiffen as did Xena’s body. Diana then slipped
her fingers deep into Xena’s jewel and as she pumped on the phallus, she
pumped her fingers deep inside of Xena.

“ Ahhh....Kitten.” Xena moaned as she neared her release.

After a little longer with Diana lavishing the added form on Xena, and
thrusting deep into her at the same time, soon Xena’s body stiffened and she
released. After a few minutes to catch her breath Diana had crawled back up
Xena’s long body and into her arms.

Xena wrapped her arms around Diana and kissed her deeply. Tasting herself on
Diana’s own sweet lips. Diana moaned into Xena’s mouth and then Xena finally
broke the kiss.

“ How are you feeling this morning kitten?”

“ Fine, how about yourself?”

“ Fine. Are you ready to get up and start the day in another way?” Xena asked
teasing Diana.

“ Only if I can stay in your arms while we’re working?” Diana said dubiously,
both playfully, but serious.

“ Well, I have to hold court today, and some audiences today due to some
issues regarding some of the Provinces wanting to increase taxes.” Xena said
listing some of the things they had to deal with throughout the day.

“ Why do they want to increase taxes?” Diana asked as she and Xena got up and
walked into the bath chamber arm and arm to get cleaned up and dressed.

The two went to meet up with Gabrielle and Questra for morning meal in the
Royal dining hall, rather than in the chamber. Xena and Questra thought it was
a good idea to keep Diana out in the view of the people so that they didn’t
think something was going on with her.

“ Well good morning you two. You certainly know how to wake up a kingdom.”
Questra greeted with a tease of the sounds of passion the two were making
early in the morning.

Diana blushed and coyly lowered her eyes, and then looked up at Xena who had a
smirk on her face.

“ Yes, well, my kitten purrs a little LOUDLY sometimes.” Xena stated as she
squeezed Diana to her as they sat down.

Xena sat on her throne like chair and Diana sat between her thighs on the
slightly lower part of the chair, which was made for two at Xena’s orders.

“ Morning Diana, how are you feeling?” Gabrielle asked of her sister.

“ Fine, thanks sis.” Diana said as she reached her hand out and squeezed
Gabrielle’s hand. While leveling a bright smile on her.

Gabrielle smiled back just as brightly, and Questra and Xena watched the
behavior of both, but mainly Diana.

“ So what do you two have planned for the day?” Xena inquired.

“ Questra wants to go and see the Armory Museum, The Jewel Vaults. She
doesn’t believe it’s divided up into Jewels and things in one and gold and
things in the other.” Gabrielle joked.

“ It’s not that I don’t believe it, I just think your embellishing a little.”
Questra clarified.

“ Uh-huh?” Gabrielle said dubiously.

“ Well Gabrielle you have to admit, it does sound a little unreal for a vault
to be literally filled with precious stones, or other metals?” Xena stated.

“ Yes, but you know it’s true.”

“ Hm.....yes I know, but it’s not me you have to convince.” Xena said
gesturing towards Questra.

“ That’s right, by the way, Diana why don’t you join us for the day, it’ll be
fun, just the three of us, we’ll let Lord Xena work while we relax?” Questra
asked for dual reasons.

Xena looked at her with a look of everything is fine. Questra knew if she had
read Diana right from the behavior of yesterday then Diana would try to get
out of it.

“ Well....that’s so nice, but Xena and I have a full schedule of work to do
today. I’m sure you understand, right?”

“ Yes Diana I understand, and I think it is wonderful that you are as
dedicated as Lord Xena, don’t you think so Lord Xena?’ Questra praised while
at the same time using her eyes to tell Xena to make Diana go with them.

Xena studied Questra for a few moments while she drunk her milk, and then when
Diana glanced back at her she lowered her eyes into the cup so as not to be
caught looking at Questra. She put her cup down and then answered.

“ Yes, I think it is wonderful that My Consort is dedicated to the Realm as
much as I am.” Xena said pausing for a moment, as she saw Diana smile a
triumphant yet humble smile at Questra.

Xena saw it and decided to test Questra’s theory.

“ But, I think it’s a wonderful idea, the three of you spending the day
together.” Xena said shocking Diana.

Diana’s eyes went wide at Xena.

“ But I really think I should help you with all of the things that has to be
done today?” Diana said trying to convince Xena that she should stay with her.

“ No kitten, I can handle things, you need to just have time to relax.” Xena
spoke with gentleness to Diana as she hugged her to her.

Diana was starting to panic, and Questra watched the rising anxiety start to
overwhelm Diana. Xena felt Diana’s muscles start to tense, and Gabrielle
noticed Diana started to get restless.

“ Kitten are you ok? Xena asked.

“ Yes, yes, I’m fine, you know Xena, I rather spend some time with you. I mean
after everything that’s happened?” Diana said trying to use the events of the
past to keep Xena from leaving her.

Xena looked at Questra who was looking at her, and with a slight recognition
to Questra, she then answered Diana.

“ Kitten, I think you need to spend sometime with Gabrielle and Lord Questra,
I’m sure they miss you as much as you have missed them?”

“ I will, but today I want to spend the day with you.” Diana stated with a
need in her tone.

Xena sighed, and then said, “ Okay kitten.”

Questra picked up her glass and took a drink of the juice that was in it, as
she glanced at Xena over her glass, and Xena raised an irritated brow at her,
until Diana leaned back into her, then Xena finished her statement.

“ Kitten you can stay with me today, but tomorrow, you will go with Lord
Questra, and Gabrielle, ok?”

“ Okay.” Diana said readily, not really thinking about tomorrow at the moment,
just thinking about today and staying with Xena.

“ Well we need to get going. Gabrielle, we’ll see you two later. Questra you
and I will talk later.” Xena stated as she and Diana rose from the table and
Diana immediately locked her arms in Xena’s and the two of them headed to
handle the first duties of the day.

Xena decided that they would start with the tax issues first. So, when the
advisors, and Regents from the provinces that wanted to raise their taxes came
into the chamber, Xena and Diana were going over some of the scrolls together,
with Xena leaning over Diana’s back pointing out some of the provinces on the
map that were laying on the table.

When everyone came in Xena kept Diana between her and the table, as she
casually rested a hand on Diana’s shoulder and greeted everyone as they first
bowed and rendered respect.

Xena gestured for them to sit and then she and Diana sat. The discussions were
respectful at first, but then as the issue of money and which Province should
get the larger share of the collected taxes.

Then when one of the Regents turned his anger towards Xena because he wanted
her to decide that it should be his Province period, he pounded the table with
his fist when he saw Xena and Diana talking to each other about something,
which he thought they weren’t listening, when in fact they were just talking
about why certain Provinces shouldn’t get the approval for an increase.

When Windom hit the table with his fist, Xena saw it coming, but Diana didn’t,
so with the strike of the table. Diana startled and she flew to her feet with
her razored fingernails extended out and now leveled against Windom’s neck as
her teeth bared, and she growled at him.

“ If you ever do that again, I’ll rip your throat out.” Diana hissed, her eyes
glowing a bright sapphire color.

I’m....I’m ....I’m sorry your Majesty, I....I, didn’t mean any disrespect.”
The man pleaded as he felt the blades of Diana nails against his throat.

Xena was on her feet in a flash, and coming up behind Diana she whispered in
her ear, and Diana looked at her and Xena used her eyes to tell Diana to
release him.

Diana released him and he immediately brought his hand to his neck to check
it, while Diana turned completely around to face Xena.

“ Please don’t be mad at me My Lord?” Diana asked with fear in her eyes.

Xena sighed and then said in a reassuring tone.

“ I’m not mad. “ Then placing her hand on Diana’s shoulder she lifted her eyes
to the startled people in the chamber and said, “ we’ll continue this

The people bowed and then exited the room as they watched Diana and Xena. When
The two were left alone, Xena focused her attention back on Diana and tears
came to Diana’s eyes.

“ Please don’t be mad at me Xena, I’m sorry?”

Xena was taken back by Diana’s emotional state, and she gave Diana a
sympathetic gaze and then pulled her into her arms. Diana wrapped her arms
around Xena and for whatever reason she cried.

Xena kissed Diana’s head and then she rested her chin on Diana’s head as she
let a thoughtful look come into her eyes. Then Xena walked over to two chairs
with Diana in her arms and sitting Diana down in one and she in the other,
despite Diana’s attempts at not letting go of Xena, or at least keeping some
contact with Xena.

“ Your not mad at me are you Xena?”

“ No kitten, I’m just worried about you.”

“ Why, I’m fine?”

“ No your not kitten, I think your having a problem accepting the fact that
I’m not going to leave you.”

“ Xena I know your not going to leave me, what makes you think I think that?”

Xena studied Diana for a few moments while she thought about why Diana didn’t
seem to remember pleading for her to not leave.

“ Kitten do you remember what happened the other day?”

“ What do you mean?”

“ I mean when we were in the garden with Lord Questra and Gabrielle, do you
remember what happened to you when Questra and I went to speak alone for a few

Diana knitted her brows at Xena and then taking a moment to think about the
question Diana then said, “ No, I don’t remember us being with Gabrielle and
Questra the other day.”

“ Hmmm... that’s what I thought. Diana tomorrow, I want you to go and speak
with the priestess Kiri okay?”

“ Okay, but why?”

“ She’ll explain it to you when you get there.”

“ Oh, okay, so how long will we be there?” Diana asked assuming Xena was going
with her.

“ No, kitten, not us, you.” Xena said clarifying the situation for Diana.

“ Your not going with me?”

“ No kitten, you need to speak to her alone I think.”

“ “ Well, that’s fine, but I don’t think I need to go tomorrow, I’ll go one
day.” Diana said assuming Xena would allow her to forgo talking with the

“ No Consort, you’ll go tomorrow at dawn.” Xena said more sternly.

“ But Xena, I don’t need to talk to the priestess, I like talking to you.”
Diana said as she moved to Xena’s thighs in a seductive matter.

Xena knew what Diana was trying to do and so she called her on it.

“ Consort, even if you manage to seduce me right now, I’ll take you, but
you’ll still go see the priestess tomorrow.”

“ Aww.....but love, who knows what will happen?” Diana purred.

“ Aww, but that’s just it, I know.” Xena said with a smirk, then she looked
lovingly into Diana’s eyes and in a matter-of-fact tone she said, “ You will
see the priestess tomorrow kitten.” Then Xena claimed Diana’s lips before she
could say anything.

Xena loved Diana every way she knew, and then some. Then when Diana laid in
bed in deep exhausted sleep, Xena eased her arm out from around Diana and she
went and dressed, and then told the Guard to tell Lord Questra she wanted to
see her in her’s and Diana’s chamber in half a candlemark.

Xena then returned to Diana and lifted her and carried her to their chamber
and laid her in the bed, then she was told that Lord Questra was awaiting her
in the sitting area. Xena told the servant to get food and drink for Questra
and herself then she turned to Diana and with concern that Diana would awake
and become anxious, although it was still early in the day, Xena put the touch
on Diana once again.

Xena then went out to speak with Questra.

“ Xena, what’s going on?” Questra asked seeing the concentrating brows of

Xena sighed, and then sent to have a sit on one of the chairs in the room.

“ just a while ago, Diana almost ripped the throat out of one of my Regents.”
Xena stated in business like fashion.

“ Xena! Is the Regent alright?”

“ Yes, she didn’t cut him, but she sure would have if he had even blinked the
wrong way.”

“ Why did she attack him?”

“ He was frustrated about something that was being discussed and he struck the
table with his fist and it startled Diana, she thought he was about to try and
hurt one of us.”

“ Aha....I understand, she’s reactive now. Xena you have to do something
before she kills someone by accident.”

“ I know, that’s why I told her she has to go and talk with the priestess
tomorrow.” Xena sighed as she looked back at the bed chamber door with worry
in her eyes.

“ Xena I think that’s a wonderful start. I think the priestesses will be able
to help her a great deal. I have Gabrielle doing the same thing, for slightly
different reasons.”

“ Hmm...I know it will help her.” Xena said agreeing with Questra.

“ Yes, I know, the two of them went through a very traumatic time, and they
both have to deal with it. Gabrielle’s is based off of guilt, but Diana’s is
based off of fear, she is afraid of being away from you, even when her sister
is near. Xena you have to find someone you trust and who is strong enough to
handle Diana.”

“ So what are you saying Questra, you think Diana is going to become worse?”

“ Yes. But I think you know that. Xena I know what it’s like to see a love one
hurting, and I know you don’t want to put her through anymore pain, but she
has to be made to learn to deal with being away from you during the day, and
even at night once in a while.”

“ I know. I just hate the idea of making her go through the anxiety of it
all. “

“ I know. But your going to do it right?” Questra asked hoping Xena would want
to help Diana regain her confidence.

“ Yes. Right after she sees the priestess.”

“ So who are you going to get to help you with this?” Questra asked in wonder.

“ Well, there’s only one person that I know of other than myself who can
handle Diana, and that’s you.”

“ Me??” Questra asked amazed knowing what was ahead of the person who Xena
chose to handle the responsibility of her Consort.

“ Yes you. Your the one who knows what Diana needs, and your the only other
person who can handle her.”

“ But Lord Xena you realize, I may have to disciple her at times?”

” Yes, I realize it, the only thing I will say about that is DON’T BEAT MY
KITTEN.” Xena warned.

“ I have no intention of doing that, that is your job. I will only disciple
her when it is absolutely necessary.”

“ Good, because what she will need is support, and love.”

“ I know Xena, and believe it or not, I do love Diana, not like I love
Gabrielle, but I only want to see Diana whole again, and I know that as she
gets better, so will Gabrielle.”

“ I understand. Ok, fine, I’ll make myself scarce during the day, and we’ll
decide on what nights later.”

“ Ok. One more thing Xena, I know she tries to get you to change your mind
about times that require her to let go of you.”

“ Yes, so?”

“ So, you’ll have to be strong, and not give in to her.”

“ I realize that.” Xena said somewhat put off by Questra’s presumption that
she was a pushover where Diana was concerned. Although she was to a point.

“ Just making sure.”

“ Very well then, I will tell you this Questra, if it were not for the fact
that I realize this as a weakness in Diana, I would not do anything about her
wanting to stay close to me all of the time, I really enjoy it, I love having
my Consort right in arm reach of me. But as it is, it is a weakness, and she
has to get over her fear. But, once this is all past, I will keep her within
arms reach, I won’t allow something like this to happen to her again, so if
that means she stays right at my right hand, then so be it.”

“ Lord Xena I understand all you have said and I would feel the same way if it
were Gabrielle, but I do have to ask you this, what about Nebula? Isn’t Diana
suppose to be deciding whether to go on this next voyage with her?”

“ Yes, but I’ve already decided it for her. She’s not going.”

“ know that young girl in there will not agree with you on that
decision once all of this is over with and she’s feeling more confident, and
even adventurous again?”

“ That maybe true, but it makes no difference, she is not going anywhere
without my say-so, period.” Xena said ending the conversation.

“ Very well, I need to go and check on Gabrielle, she should be back from
seeing the priestess by now.”

“ Ok, and thanks for doing this for Diana.”

“ Your welcome.”

Questra then stood up and left the room, and Xena turned and strided back into
the room and removing the touch she sat on the bed and caressed Diana’s face.

“ Kitten, tomorrow is going to be the start of a long road for you, it’s going
to be scary, but I’ll be here for you.” Xena then sighed and continued to
caress Diana’s head and face.

The next day Diana awoke and found Xena on her side balanced on her elbow
looking down at Diana. Diana moved closer to Xena to feel Xena’s body touching
her’s and Xena raised a brow at it and just continued to study Diana.

Diana looked up at Xena and seeing the steady gaze, Diana’s brows knitted as a

“ What?” Diana asked softly.

“ I was just wondering something.” Xena responded in a scrutinizing tone.

“ really? What?” Diana asked not realizing where the conversation was about to

“ Why did you move closer to me?”

“ Oh, I just wanted to be near you, I love the feel of your skin next to mine,
but you know that.” Diana replied hoping she was convincing.

“ Hmm....really? Well let’s just see something okay?” Xena said calling Diana
on her explanation.

“ What do you mean?” Diana asked raising her brow.

“ You’ll see.” Xena replied as she moved back away from Diana, but continued
talking as if nothing were happening.

Diana continued listening to Xena as she moved towards Xena so as to touch her
again. Xena looked down at Diana into her chestnut and sapphire eyes, and with
a stoic gaze she asked, “ Why did you move over here kitten?”

“ Because you moved here, and I just thought you were just making yourself
more comfortable.”

“ No, I just moved to see what you would do?”

“ What are you talking about Xena?”

“ Diana, it’s time for you to get up and get dressed and head to the temple to
talk with Kiri.” Xena stated factually as she watched Diana.

“ Okay, your coming right?”

“ No Consort, you have to do this alone.”

Diana tried to give a smile as if it were alright but she only managed a weak
grimace. Xena then saw Diana’s eyes start to moist up and her pupils begun to
dilate as the fear begun to creep up inside of her.

“ Kitten, there’s no reason to be scared, I’m right here, always for you.”

“ Will you go with me?” Diana asked hoping Xena would.

Xena maintained her mask, both outside and inside, she knew Diana would be
able to sense her feelings.

“ No kitten, I have work I need to get done today, I put it off as long as I
could, but people in the dungeon deserve to have a speedy trail, or at least a
timely one, and right now their not getting that, you understand don’t you

“ Yes.” Diana whimpered as the tears begun to roll down her face.

Xena took a slow deep breath and willed herself not to give in to just wanting
to hold and comfort her panic stricken Consort.

“ Stop it Consort, and get up and get dress.”

“ But....?”

“ NOW!!”

Diana’s tears rolled more, but Xena maintained her determined course of

“ Consort, you have 5 seconds to get up and start to dress before I really
give you a reason to cry.” Xena stated sternly.

Diana gave Xena a hurt look, but when Xena started to move towards her, Diana
rolled off of the bed and with terror written in her eyes, she backed away
from the bed towards the bath chamber all the while watching Xena. Diana’s
breathing was becoming more and more rapid the further from Xena she got.

“ Go Consort.” Xena commanded as she pointed to the bath chamber.

Diana cried harder, but with another look of hurt, and receiving a stern look
from Xena she opened the door and taking many deep breaths she stepped inside
and closed it.

Xena let out the breath she was holding, and taking her own deep breath and
sighing, fell back against her pillows and wiped her forehead. Diana in the
meantime was leaning against the door and her nails were growing more and more
as she stood there trying to breath and control the terror inside of herself.

“ How’s it going Diana?” Xena asked trying to sound business like.

Diana took a few deep breaths and then answered.

“ fine.” Diana then walked with effort over to the bath and got in.

Diana washed up quickly and then dried herself and oiled, all the while she
cried and trembled with fear, she then dressed in her clothes and taking a few
more deep breaths she went back out to the bed chamber trying to put on a
brave face.

When Diana came out of the bath chamber she found Xena had cleaned up using
the mirrored apparatus, and dressed. Diana stood by the bath door just
shaking, and then the tears she had dried her face of now begun to roll again.

“ Come here kitten.” Xena said opening her arms to Diana.

Diana flew into Xena’s arm and held on tightly as her body shook with relief.

“ It’s okay kitten, I know that was hard, but you have to get use to being
away from me for brief periods of time. I’ll always be here for you.” Xena
whispered lovingly to Diana.

“ Please don’t make me go?” Diana pleaded into Xena’s chest, as Xena held her.

“ I’m only making you go because I love you kitten.”

“ I don’t want to go, I want to be with you.” Diana whimpered.

Xena sighed again and then became the firm Conqueror.

“ I know you don’t want to go, but you have to, now give me a kiss and get

Diana held onto to Xena for a few minutes more until she felt Xena’s firm grip
on her arms and realized Xena was serious about this.

Diana looked up at Xena and let go of her. Xena then turned Diana and gave
Diana a gentle push towards the door. Diana moved slowly towards the door, and
with each step it became harder and harder.

Xena made no move towards Diana, she just watched with her heart tightening at
every labored step Diana took. Finally Diana made it out the doors, and Xena
heard her sobbing almost in distraught. Xena told the guards to escort Diana
to the temple and wait with her until the Priestess took her.

Diana finally made it to the temple after almost two and a half candlemarks.
The guards that had escorted Diana to the temple were a wrack when the
Priestess finally took her.

“ Lady Diana, come with me.” Priestess Kiri said gently.

Diana was shaking and her eyes were wide and wild. Kiri took Diana’s hand and
gave it a slight squeeze as she lead her away to one of the meditation

Diana stayed there the whole day and was told she had to return for the next
week. Diana seemed to be somewhat less stressed while in the meditation
chamber of the temple, but when it was time for her to lead she begun to shake
from the thought of having to walk alone, but to her surprise someone was
there waiting for her.

“ Lord Questra?” Diana gasped when she saw her, partly out of relief and
partly out of disappointment that it wasn’t Xena.

“ Are you ready to go Diana?”

“ Yes, are we going to go back to Xena now?” Diana asked anxiously.

“ In a little while, right now I want to talk to you for a bit.”

“ No....I want to go to Xena, Please Questra?” Diana pleaded.

“ No.”

Diana searched Questra’s sapphire eyes for any signs of her changing her mind,
when she saw none, she broke down and started crying violently. The Priestess
started towards them, but Questra motioned for her to stay back.

“ Diana I’m here, Xena wants you to get better, and she knows this is the only
way.” Questra said as she kneeled down next to Diana and took her into her

Diana leaned into Questra and before she knew it she was calming down within
Questra’s arms. Questra had no doubt that Diana would considering she was a
Chosen, but Diana seemed to have forgotten that little aspect of Questra’s

Kiri smiled a confused type smile, and Questra smirked and said, “ Xena would

Questra then stood up and Diana came with her, clinging tightly to her, as
Questra kept her arm wrapped around Diana. Questra took Diana to the garden
where she was to meet Gabrielle, and once they arrived, Diana became anxious
about being in Questra’s arms, especially seeing how Questra belonged to

Diana eased out of Questra’s arms, but Questra did not let go of her hand, so
Diana held her hand tightly.

“ Hello My Bard, how did things go?”

“ Fine, I missed you.”

“ Me too. “ Questra said as she leaned down and laid a loving kiss on
Gabrielle’s lips.

“ Hi Sis!” Gabrielle exclaimed and wrapped her arms around Diana’s neck.

“ Hi...How are you?” Diana asked still tense, but not as stressed, as long as
head Questra’s hand.

Diana wrapped an arm around Gabrielle and squeezed her tightly and then kissed
her on the forehead. Gabrielle looked up and smiled, and Diana returned the
gesture. Questra watched the interaction and was pleased to see Diana was
comfortable being around Gabrielle.

“ Let’s sit down, shall we?” Questra asked although she was already in the
motion of sitting down under a tree.

Gabrielle sat down next to her on one side facing her and Diana, and Diana sat
on the other side facing towards the two of them. Questra pulled Gabrielle
into her arm, and held her close to her, and then she started talking about
things with Gabrielle and Diana.

Questra had let go of Diana’s hand and Diana’s anxiety was building and
Questra saw it, but she made no move to accommodate Diana, instead she waited
to see what Diana would do, and before long Diana moved close enough to where
her knees were touching Questra’s thigh.

Questra looked over at her and saw Diana looking at her hands nervously, with
tears balanced to rolled if she became anymore anxious.

“ It’s okay, Diana, you made stay there.” Questra answered the question that
was in Diana’s eyes.

Diana gave a grateful smile, and then she wiped her eyes of the tears that had
not rolled and then she begun to join in the conversation with Gabrielle and
Questra. The rest of the evening went relatively well, Diana was only tearful
when Questra or herself did not have some sort of physical contact.

“ I think it’s time for us to go, I’m sure Lord Xena will be waiting for you
by now Diana.” Questra stated as she stood up and helped Gabrielle up and
Diana stood up and while Questra had her arm wrapped around Gabrielle’s
shoulder, she held Diana’s hand all the way back to the palace, as she
continued to watch Diana discreetly.

When they made it back to Xena’s and Diana’s chambers, the doors were opened
for them by the sentry who was posted.

“ Is Lord Xena in?”

“ Yes she is Lord Questra.”

“ Good.” Questra replied as they entered the chamber and not seeing Xena in
the sitting area they started to head to the bed chamber when Xena suddenly
came out.

“ Lord Xena, I have returned your Consort in one piece, I now turn her over to
you.” Questra stated formally.

Xena gave a slight nod of her head and then turned her attention completely on

“ Kitten?” Xena said as she raised a hand in motion for Diana to come over to

Diana smiled, and was about to let go of Questra’s hand, then changing her
mind she looked back at Questra and wrapping her arms around Questra’s neck,
that startled all of the women in the room, Diana then hugged her tightly and
then leaning back after receiving a hug back from Questra and then a kiss on
the cheek, Diana looked her in the eyes and said softly.

“ Thank you.”

Questra knew exactly what Diana was thanking her for and she smiled and said,
“ Your welcome.”

Diana then gave a shy smile and then letting go of Questra’s hand she turned
and flew into Xena’s arms. Diana held Xena tightly as Xena wrapped her
protective arms around Diana, and kissed her on the top of her head.

“ Thank you.” Xena said as she acknowledged the change in Diana in just one

“ Your welcome Questra called as she and Gabrielle eased out of the chamber to
leave Diana and Xena alone.

“ I missed you kitten.” Xena said as she lead Diana in to the bed chamber and
begun undressing her so as to get her ready to bathe.

“ I missed you so much, Gods it feels like forever since I’ve been in your
arms!” Diana exclaimed as she inhaled Xena’s scent.

Xena lifted Diana’s chin and placed a tender kiss on Diana, that warmed her to
her toes. Diana melted into the kiss and while Xena continued undressing
Diana, moaned into Xena’s mouth.

Xena finally broke the kiss and wrapping her arm over Diana’s shoulder she
guided the nude woman to the bath and once there she undressed herself and
slipped into the comfortably warm water. Xena immediately positioned herself
behind Diana and begun washing her hair, and while Diana was rinsing her hair
Xena washed Diana’s body from top to bottom, lingering in some areas to sample
provocative areas.

Xena continued to tease and entice Diana as she bathe her, and then when Diana
returned the bath for Xena, Xena was the one to continue her enticing. After
Diana finished and the two got out of the water and dried each other and then
Xena took Diana’s hand and guided her over to the oiling/massaging table, she
then begun oiling Diana, removing deep knots from Diana’s shoulders, thus
relaxing Diana more and more, by the time Xena finished, Diana was completely
relaxed and when she got up to massage and oil Xena, she had a smile on her
face, and she was even playful with Xena.

Diana oiled and massaged Xena and afterwards they went to the bed chamber and
just as they got there Xena scooped Diana up in her arms and planted a searing
kiss on the nude woman. She climbed up on the bed with Diana in her arms and
without breaking the kiss she laid Diana back on her back and covered her with
her long body.

Xena and Diana made love throughout the rest of the night and into the early
morning hours, and then finally they allowed sleep to settle in on them. The
next morning was less stressful for Diana to go to the priestess, and then
spend the day with Questra and Gabrielle, and over the next few weeks Diana
found comfort in being with Questra and she felt closer to her than she had
ever felt and Questra felt the same.

One day while the two of them were walking along the lake, they were talking
about things that had happened to Diana and Gabrielle.

“ You know it really is strange, I feel so much more freer now that I’m
through those unhealthy needing times. You have been a wonderful friend and I
can’t thank you enough Questra.” Diana said as she took Questra’s hand and
held it to her heart. “ I am so blessed to have such friends in my life, and
Gabrielle is blessed to have such a love as you in her life. “

Questra stepped up close to Diana and lifting her chin with her free hand, she
looked into Diana’s eyes and with a gentle and loving voice she answered

“ Diana you were going through a very trying time, I can’t image the pain you
were in, but Xena and I knew you needed to be separated from one another for a
while because of your fear of Xena leaving you. We had to show you that Xena
would be here for you always, just like I will. I have really enjoyed your
company, and I hope it won’t end now that all of that is behind us.”

“ No it won’t, besides if you and Gabrielle are still planning on bonding,
then we’re going to be family and we’re going to see even more of each other?”
Diana stated with a bright smile.

Questra leaned in and kissed Diana on the lips, and then stepped back and
raising a brow, she said, “ interesting, taste like strawberries.”

Diana blushed and Questra laughed out loud and hugged Diana to her and then
the two continued on their walk. Later that day, Questra met up with Gabrielle
and told her about the conversation she had with Diana and then she told her
that when she gave her a hospitable type kiss on her lips, she tasted like

“ Hmm....really?” Gabrielle said with a knowing look in her eyes.

“ What is that look about My bard? Questra asked as she poked Gabrielle in the
side causing her to yelp.

“ Nothing, it’s just that you just had a taste of Xena.” Gabrielle said as she
poked Questra back and darted for the corridor to meet with Xena and Diana.

“ WHAT?!” Questra yelled as Gabrielle’s words sunk in, and she ran after

Gabrielle was laughing so hard that she did not notice Xena had stepped out of
a chamber with one of her Regents. Suddenly Gabrielle was caught by Xena and
lifted up in the air just as she would have ran into her. Gabrielle yelped
again at the unexpectedness of Xena catching and lifting her.

“ XENA!!!”

“ What or should I saw who are you running from?”

“ Me.” Questra said as she appeared behind Gabrielle.

Gabrielle squirmed to get out of Xena’s hands, but Xena simply looked up at
her and raising a brow she handed Gabrielle over to Questra while she was
still in the air.

“ Xena?!!” Gabrielle shrieked as she was being passed to her lover.

“ Well, I have to give you back to who you belong to don’t I?” Xena teased as
Questra took Gabrielle and turning her to face her still holding her in the
air, she said....

“ Yes, it’s the only thing Lord Xena could do.”

“ No, she could have let me go and I could have gotten away.” Gabrielle stated

“ Hm...well I guess that was an option, but this way you’ll watch where your
going next time?” Xena stated.

“ Well it’s still not fair, it’s two against one, and your both bigger than I
am.” Gabrielle playfully whined.

“ Size don’t necessarily mean that their better.” Diana called from the top of
the staircase.

All of the women in the corridor looked up to see Diana with a playful smirk
on her face.

“ Is that right Consort?” Xena asked in a laughable tone.

“ Yes, You and Lord Questra both are lucky enough to have some wonderful
skills, but I believe Gabrielle and I could outsmart the two of you?”

“ Really?” Questra now asked in the same tone and lowering Gabrielle to the

Diana walked down the staircase to where the women stood along with the Regent
who was just enjoying the conversation.

“ Yes Lord Questra.”

“ Are you challenging us Consort?” Xena asked with a delighted look in her
eyes at the return of Diana’s playfulness, and normal behavior.

“ Are we Gabrielle?” Diana asked of her partner.

Gabrielle looked at Diana with a look of are you sure, and then she looked at
the two towering women and taking a deep breath she lifted her head and said,
“ Yes we are! Diana and I against you two.”

Questra now had a wick smirk on her face as she gazed at Gabrielle and then
she looked at Diana and then she and Xena locked gazes and both women stepped
next to each other and said in unison.

“ Fine, a challenge.”

Diana and Gabrielle stepped next to each other and Diana putting her arm over
Gabrielle’s shoulder, and Gabrielle placing her arm around Diana’s waist they
said in unison.


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