By D.virtue

“ Oh, well ...good. then I will say good night on that note and I will see you
in the morning sometimes and we will go and speak with Ephiny.”

“ Alright, Good night.” Questra then turned and headed out of the chamber
leaving Xena alone for the time being.

Xena turned and sat down in the chair and kicking her heels up onto the table
she sat and thought for a while, about what she was going to do with Diana and
if she indeed was doing the right things so far, especially considering how
Diana continued to push her buttons.

“ Lord Xena?” Came a older persons voice.

“ Indite? What brings you here?”

“ You.”

“ Me?”

“ Yes, you were just sitting here doubting yourself weren’t you?”

“ Well....yes, I mean why shouldn’t I? It seems like everytime I tell Diana to
not do something she winds up doing it for one reason or another.” Xena said
with frustration in her voice.

“ Lord Xena I have been watching you and Diana since before you knew. You are
doing everything right so far except one thing.”

“ What’s that ?”

“ Before today, you were not remaining true to yourself.”

“ What do you mean?”

“ You allowed Diana to talk you into letting her become what you knew in your
heart would lead to trouble.”

“ A warrior?”

“ Yes. But it was meant for Diana to go through what she did despite

“ You mean you knew that was going to happen to her and Gabrielle?”

“ Yes, but it was meant to happen, it was the only way she would ever discover
what she did. Xena, Diana’s life has been hard, but like she once said to
Shatara, she didn’t ask for any of the things that have happened to her, but
her greatest gift is her gift to survive, and part of that strength to survive
comes from her deep love of you and Gabrielle, and not wanting to leave either
of you, but mainly you. You have given her a reason to continue to survive,
and because of you she has and will continue, but you must keep a firm hand on
her, you know she is not use to having her impulses reined in, but you must.
You must not doubt your role in her life, you are essential. I told you once
you are the wisdom and strength, trust your heart, and your mind in how you
are handling things with her. You must break her of her impulsive tendencies,
the disobedients. I will also tell you this, Lord Questra is one of you now,
and Diana will come to love her as much as she loves you and Gabrielle, but
you must allow Lord Questra to handle Diana’s disrespectfulness whenever it is
displayed towards her, if you interfere with Lord Questra and her putting
Diana in her place whenever it is necessary, then Diana will not look at
Questra as being a part of her family, but more like a person who just happens
to love her sister.”

“ I understand that, but I will not allow anyone to beat Diana.”

“ Not beat, but if necessary put her in her place, and you can help with that
by reprimanding Diana anytime you hear her being disrespectful towards her.
The Four of you are meant to be great, but it will be you and Diana that
people will speak of first and then Gabrielle and Lord Questra.”

“ it just seems that sometimes Diana seems not to understand why I’m so hard
on her.”

“ But you know why your hard on her, right?”

“ Yes.”

“ Then tell me, why do you think your so hard on yourself?”

Xena thought for a moment and then she looked up at Indite and with a look of
enlightenment she answered.

“ Because I’m afraid for her, I was so horrified to see her there, I was
shocked to see her there, and then to see Gabrielle really just shocked me,
even though I found out that Gabrielle came on her own, but Diana should have
realized that Gabrielle would do that. But I still can’t imagine why Diana
would even want to go near that woman, especially after what happened?”

“ Because she loves you and she cares about Lord Questra.”

“ So you think I was too hard on her?”

“ No. I think you handled it very well, but you know Diana is going to be very
disagreeable for a while, But I know you know how to handle that, the love you
have for her, tempers the punishment you place on her, and because she loves
you and knows you love her, she realizes you aren’t doing anything to her out
of ego or just to be mean. Follow your instincts and you’ll eventually break
Diana of those things that will continue to put her in danger.”

“ You mean there’s going to be more situations like this one?”

“ Nothing like this. But there are times to come when you will need to remind
Diana of some things. She won’t break the law you have invoked, but there will
be other challenges with her that only you will be able to handle. Now, before
I go I need to tell you this, there will come a time when one of Diana’s
natural abilities will be one of two that will help to save a people, you must
allow her to use it, even though it goes against what your bonds say, but have
trust in her that she is yours and yours alone. You may not understand what
I’m saying now, but, one day you will.”

“ Will this happen soon?”

“ I can not say, but when it does, Listen to her, like you always do. I must
go, but I only came to tell you to trust your course, it is right Xena......”
Indite said as she faded from view.

Xena sat and thought for a long while into the night and then finally she went
up to her bed chambers. When she entered the bed chamber she found Diana lying
in bed under the covers on her belly, but Diana had fallen asleep. Xena gazed
at her for a few minutes and then she went into the bath chamber and cleaned
up and put on a robe. She then sat on the bed and pulling the covers back, she
regarded Diana’s nude body.

Xena smooth Diana’s hair off of her back and letting it glide from her fingers
she watched as it floated back down onto Diana’s back. Xena held a bit of the
hair in her hand and brought it to her nose as she inhaled the Hyacinth scent.

Xena then let the hair fall and she let her fingers, caress down Diana’s back
as she watched the flesh blush a following trail. Xena smiled a little, but
she was in a thoughtful mode at the moment and she just continued to caress
down Diana’s back and just as she arrived at the curve of Diana’s back, she
stopped. Xena let her fingers move gently in the same spot, and after a moment
she lifted them and replacing the covers over Diana, she then leaned forward
and kissed Diana’s cheek.

Xena then stood up and went into the sitting room where she sat down and
resting her elbow on the armrest, she sat and thought for a while longer.
Meanwhile back in Gabrielle’s Chamber Questra and Gabrielle were talking.

“ Gabrielle I don’t know what you call yourself doing today, how could you go
against what you were told to do by Xena and Myself, I don’t understand why
you or Diana would want to be anywhere near that camp. Xena and I should not
have had to say stay away from there, you should have just wanted to do it
just because of what happened, But No! you chose to follow us there, knowing
the risk, and Why?! To tell us something we already knew. Gabrielle I am so
upset with you right now, I’m not going to whip you right now, just because
of that reason, I’m concerned I might hurt you right now, so instead I want
you to go and get in bed, I don’t want to hear one word, just do what I’m
telling you, and tomorrow we speak with Ephiny about the change in your

Gabrielle started to say something, but the look she received from Questra
told her it was not wise, so she clamped her mouth shut and gave a bow of her
head and with sadden eyes she went into the bedchamber and cleaned up and got
into bed.

Questra sighed deeply, and then she turned and went out onto the balcony to
sit for a while, her hormones racing, she sat and meditated as the night sky
covered the rest of the light of the sun. Finally after a while, she was calm
enough to go and lay next to Gabrielle and not risk deflowering her with her
need. Questra cleaned up and then went to lay down, and after a short while
she closed her eyes with Gabrielle in her arms and went to sleep.

Xena on the other hand had not gone to sleep in the bedchamber, but instead
had fallen asleep on the sofa, leaning back against the arm rest of the sofa,
still resting her head on her hand, and her elbow resting on the armrest. As
the night progressed, Diana rolled over but did not feel Xena, and she woke up
groggily as a result and calling Xena’s name quietly just in case, she got out
of the bed to go and see where Xena was, since it was not like her to not come
to bed, especially with her need as high as it always was after a battle.

Diana got her robe and walked around the bedchamber and the bath chamber
quietly calling Xena’s name. Finally she walked out the bedchamber door and
saw Xena right away sitting on the sofa.

“ Xena?” Diana called quietly, but not receiving any answer, Diana called
again, but with some timidness in her voice as she did not know why Xena was
not answering her except she thought Xena was just so furious with her and was
punishing her by not answering. “ Xena? Aren’t you going to come to bed?”
Still no answer.

Diana then moved to where she would be in front of Xena, she was shocked to
find Xena....asleep.

“ Asleep? Wow it must have been a long day, and I didn’t make it any better.”
Diana then went back into the bedchamber and brought out a blanket to cover

Diana then caressed Xena’s hair for a moment and then she sat down on the
carpeted and fur covered floor next to Xena’s long legs and leaning against
them she then whispered, “ I’m sorry I scared you.” And then she closed her
eyes and drifted back to sleep.

A while later Xena awoke and felt something by her leg, when she looked down
she saw Diana’s Ebony mane and cocking her head she called Diana’s name once
but didn’t receive and answer, she then realized Diana was asleep.

Xena thought to lift Diana up and carry her back to bed, but when she touched
her hair and Diana moaned in her sleep and snuggled closer to her legs. Xena
smirked to herself and said, “ Kitten sometimes you are so truly lovable,
other times, I could ring your neck, sweet dreams kitten.” Xena then kept her
hand on Diana’s head and closed her eyes and went back to sleep.

The next morning Xena awoke and felt her hormones raging, and in so feeling
Diana awoke with a start at the energy Xena emitted.

“ Gods!!” Diana exclaimed with a start as she came to her feet to stand nude
before Xena’s unexpected gaze.

Diana blushed fiercely and that did nothing to calm Xena’s steady gaze.
Instead it intensified it. Xena came to her feet as Diana stepped back out of
uncertainty. Xena stepped forward and cocking her head she watched Diana move
back. Xena shook her head ever so slightly telling Diana not to move again,
Diana caught the gesture and her breathing became rapid and ragged, she did
not move when Xena stepped forward and continued coming towards her.

Finally Xena was upon Diana, but instead of touching her at that moment, she
instead leaned forward and whispered in Diana’s ear.

“ I can’t take you right now, but I want you ready.....for me when I come
back. I am still pissed with you, so I don’t want you to speak until I say
your allowed, if you speak before then, then I will whip you. Now, as far as
my desire of you, I want you to be cleaned up, lying on the bed, on TOP of the
covers, on your back, with the hand gifts on from Aphrodite. Do you

Diana nodded her head as her eyes were wide, but her desire was on overdrive,
at least she thought until Xena grabbed her around her waist and planted a
hot-blooded kiss on her. When Xena broke the embrace she didn’t wait for Diana
to steady herself, but instead let her go and Diana went to the floor and
landed on her behind. Breathing hard and eyes as bright as the moons glow on
the blue lake.

Xena went into the bedchamber and dressed and when she came out she found
Diana still sitting on the floor breathing hard, her eyes as Sapphire as
Xena’s, and her body blushed a deep wine. Xena looked down at her and then in
a commanding tone of voice she gave Diana and order.

“ Go and do as I’ve commanded you to do Consort.”

Diana looked into Xena’s eyes, and despite her still unsteady legs, she came
to her feet and lowering her eyes she strided into the other chamber and went
to get cleaned up as Xena ordered her to do.

Xena in the meantime went and met Questra and the two of them met with Ephiny.

“ My Lord Xena you called for me?”

“ Yes Queen Ephiny, Lord Questra and myself wanted to speak to you regarding
Princess Gabrielle.”

“ Of Course, what is it?”

“ Have the Amazons heard the new Proclamations that I have enacted regarding
the role of My Consort Diana?”

“ Yes My Lord Xena, and we the Amazon Nation do fully agree with it. It was
very dangerous to return into an environment such as that, especially after
what happened the last time.”

“ I’m glad you feel that way, because the law extends to Gabrielle as well,
except for the fact that she will be allowed to carry a staff seeing that she
does not have the deadly hand to hand combat skills, not that she will be
allowed in combat, but the staff is only to be used in self defense of
herself. Anyway, I know because Gabrielle is an Amazon Princess that it is
usually the leaders of the Nation to lead the armies into battle, but I will
not allow Gabrielle to do so, in fact I only want her role during battle to be
that of seeing to the elders, and the young in the nation and getting them to
safety, and once she has, she will return here to the palace, more than likely
if anything happens where the Amazons are in danger, I will know about it
first anyway, and being that the Amazons are under My rule I will send my army
to protect what is mine. Do you have a problem with anything I’ve said Queen

“ Hmmm....Just one.”

“ What’s that?” Questra asked with a raised brow.

“ Just.....I’m a little surprised it took you this long to decide to do this,
I’ve always planned on telling Gabrielle that’s what her responsibility would

“ Really? Why?”

“ Because I know for a fact that if anything happened to her as a result of
battle, Diana would never forgive us, I mean look what she did when she
thought you were dead, whew, no..... My Lord I would not want for her to feel
that pain again, knowing that I could have done something about it, so I’m
very happy that you’ve made it a law, this way, this gives me the excuse to
change the Amazon laws as well. Thank you.”

“ Hm, okay, I thought I was going to have to override the Amazons, I’m glad I
didn’t.” Xena stated with admiration and understanding of Ephiny’s reasoning.

“ Have you told Gabrielle yet?”

“ Yes, she wasn’t happy about it, but she’ll do as I’ve told her, if she
doesn’t then I’ll teach her it’s not a good idea to push me when I’ve already
reached my point of patiences.” Questra stated with promise in her tone.

“ Good, well, now that we’ve taken care of this, then I need to go and take
care of something with My Consort. Ephiny....always a pleasure to see you,
give my regards to the Amazons, and please send me a a scroll of the revised

“ I will My Lord, and to the two of you it is also always a pleasure,
hopefully it won’t be so long before the next time we see one another, and
under more pleasant circumstances.”

“ Agreed. “ Xena said as she clasped Ephiny’s arm in a warriors grasp.

“ Well, I’ll return and have the papers written up. Goodbye My Lord Xena, Lord

“ Goodbye Queen Ephiny.” Questra called as Ephiny turned and headed out of the

Xena then stood up out of her seat after reading over what the scribe had
written and then signing it she handed to Questra to look over and afterwards
Questra handed it back to Xena who gave it back to the scribe and sent him on
his way to the Magistrates chamber.

“ Well, I really must go and take care of something with my Consort Lord
Questra, so I will see you probably sometime tomorrow or the day after.” Xena
stated as her eyes flashed their intentions at Questra.

“ I see, I understand, but right now I need to do what I couldn’t do yesterday
with Gabrielle because I was so angry.”

“ What’s that?”

“ Punish her.”

“ Why couldn’t you punish her yesterday?”

“ Because I was too angry, I would have hurt her. But I am now less angry and
better able to control myself.”

“ Hm....actually I understand that, I’ve been at that point with Diana many
times, and this time was no different from those. I could ring her neck for
what she did. Anyway, I will say good night, if you need the healer you can
have her sent for.”

“ No, I have that cream you gave me to treat her if I need to, I won’t need
to, I’m very good at not leaving any scars, but now with that gift that Diana
gave Gabrielle, scarring is not a concern any longer, too a point I mean, I’ll
still punish her as if she did have the possibility to scar, but I’ll know she
won’t. That’s a good trade off. Anyway Lord Xena, Good night to you.”

Xena nodded and then the two women headed out of the chamber, and once out
they talked on their way up the staircase, and then once at the top they
separated and Xena went one way and Questra went the other.

Questra entered into the chamber where she found Gabrielle writing in one of
her scrolls. Questra looked over at her and Gabrielle looked up slowly from
her writing. Questra had a serious look on her face and Gabrielle swallowed
hard as a result of it.

“ hi.” Gabrielle greeted timidly.

“ Gabrielle.” Questra acknowledged, then told Gabrielle what the result was of
her’s and Xena’s and Ephiny’s conversation. “ We spoke with Ephiny, and she
agrees with what we told her.”

“ Why did you do that?” Gabrielle asked somewhat annoyed by it, despite what
fear she was feeling also.

“ Why? What do you mean Why?? Why do you think we did it?!” Questra asked with
disbelief in her voice.

Gabrielle looked back at her scroll due to the tone, and swallowing hard
again, she looked back up at her and continued.

“ Questra I admit we were wrong for coming there, but we only did it because
we were worried about you and Xena.”

“ Yes you were wrong, seriously wrong, But Gabrielle this isn’t about just
that, my concern is not really Diana, it’s you, she is not mine to discipline,
that is Xena’s responsibilities, my concern is you, and I am very disappointed
with you that you did not have the strength within yourself to do as you were
told, but instead you followed Diana’s lead, which was wrong on both

“ But she told me to stay here, I chose to follow after her and you and Xena,
it’s not her fault.” Gabrielle cried.

“ Gabrielle you are so influenced by all of us, but especially Diana, and
usually there is nothing wrong with that, but Gabrielle, in times like these
where you are mislead because of Diana’s influence over you, then I will
always step in and correct you if I feel you need to be, and in this case, due
to this last stun of yours and her’s, I truly feel you need to be corrected,
and that’s exactly what I plan on doing.”

“ But Questra I’m sorry, I promise I won’t do it again.” Gabrielle pleaded.

Questra gestured with her head for Gabrielle to move to the bed chamber.
Gabrielle stood up and slowly moved towards the chamber as she continued to
plead with Lord Questra not to whip her.

“ Please don’t whip me, I promise I won’t do this again, I promise.”

“ I know your sorry Gabrielle, and I KNOW you won’t do this again because you
will remember what will happen if you do. Now go ahead inside and remove your
robe, and you know the rest.”

Tears began to roll down Gabrielle’s face as she eased by Questra into the bed
chamber where she then came to stand by the bedside holding her robe tightly
around her and trembling. Questra didn’t say a word she only moved to the
dresser and reaching in she pulled out the leather strap, she then turned
around and saw Gabrielle still standing up holding her robe around her.

“ Now little girl.” Questra stated sharply.

Gabrielle flinched, but then she slowly removed her robe and sitting down on
the bed, she eased back and swung her feet up, she then rolled onto her belly
and holding a pillow tightly against her face she buried her head in it.

Questra moved to the side of the bed and positioning herself to the side she
let the leather strap straighten out as she spoke to Gabrielle.

“ Gabrielle do you know that I love you?”

Questra saw Gabrielle’s body visibly relax as a result of the question.
Gabrielle lifted her face out of the pillow and slowly she turned her head to
look up at Questra. Gabrielle saw the love in Questra’s eyes and despite what
was about to happen Gabrielle let a small smile come to her face and she
answered in a soft voice.

“ yes.”

Questra gave a slight nod of her head, and Gabrielle returned her face to her
pillow. Questra let out a silent sigh and then she raised the leather strap
and brought it down painfully onto Gabrielle’s back. Gabrielle screamed into
her pillow as tears soaked the pillow.

Questra delivered twenty lashes to Gabrielle, and when she had finished she
looked down at the shaking young girl and then she placed the leather strap on
the table next to the bed and sat down on the bed. Then sitting back against
another pillow, she raised her hand and caressed Gabrielle’s hair as she
thought about how much she loved her and how bad she felt at having to punish
her, but realizing the need to do so at times, when Gabrielle didn’t use her
own judgment about things that she knew was wrong.

Gabrielle cried herself to sleep and Questra stayed with her while she slept
and when Gabrielle awoke many candlemarks later, she cried again from the
pain, and hurt she felt, as well as the shame she felt from disappointing
Questra, and frightening her by showing up at the camp.

Questra spoke words of comfort to Gabrielle, and then she hummed a sweet song
as Gabrielle cried intermittently from the pain. Meanwhile over in Xena’s and
Diana’s chamber, Diana was being ravished by a battle lusted Xena who was
taking Diana every which way and then some. Diana almost couldn’t keep up with
Xena, but somehow she managed and the two feasted on one another for what
seemed like forever. Xena held Diana in her ecstasy as she herself allowed
herself to have multiple orgasms. Diana was completely drained of energy, and
focus by the time Xena allowed her body to collapse in rest.

Diana laid unconscious by the time it was over, while Xena laid still glowing
from the effects of her’s and Diana’s ecstasy. The next five days, Xena took
Diana, and every night when their lovemaking ended Diana laid in deep sleep
until the next day. Xena used the strengthening elixir to allow Diana to have
her strength during the daily routine of their arden lovemaking.

Finally, after the fifth day and night, Xena let Diana awake, but she did not
give her any of the elixir, but instead had cleaned Diana up herself and had
the servants make the bed, where afterwards Xena laid Diana back in the
freshly made bed covering her, she told Diana what the plan was for the day.

“ Consort, you will remain in bed for the next day, until you get your
strength back,and then once you have, you are to be escorted to where I will
be and I will give you your agenda for the day.”

Diana started to speak, but Xena raised her hand to stop her.

“ Don’t forget what I told you, you are not to speak unless I say it’s okay.”

Diana saw the look of anger in Xena’s eyes, although during their lovemaking
she did not see it, all she saw was the passion and love Xena had for her, as
Xena saw the same in Diana’s eyes at that time.

Diana chewed her lip, but then she raised her hand as if she were in school or

“ What is it Consort?”

“ How will I communicate with you if I need to?”

“ I’ll allow you to use your mind with me. But! That’s it. You are not to
speak to ANYONE using those lips, not even Gabrielle, I don’t care how you
communicate with her or anyone else, but I better not Hear your voice, CLEAR?”

“ Yes.” Diana answered with her mind.

“ Good Girl. Now I have to go and take care of some of my Royal duties, but if
you need anything Ludmilla is available for you, she will bring your meals in
here to you and you will eat alone and think about why what you did was
completely and totally wrong and irresponsible.” Xena then leaned down and
kissed Diana tenderly, and before she raised back up she whispered, “ You
scared me kitten, and for that I am so disappointed with you. “ Xena saw the
effect her words had on Diana, as tears of diamond instantly began rolling
down Diana’s cheeks.

Diana’s breathing had increased, and she searched Xena’s eyes for any sign of
a joke, which she knew she would not find. Xena then stood back to her full
height and with sadness in her eyes she turned and headed out the door.

Diana laid in the bed unable to move her legs, due to the weakening effects of
their lovemaking, but she was able to move her arms just enough to turn
herself onto her side, where she cried into her pillow. The rest of the day
Diana either laid in bed or sat up in bed with the help of Ludmilla, who fed
her, her meals, but was not allow to talk with Diana.

Diana did as Xena had told her, more because she had no one to talk to, but
also because she felt ashamed of herself for what she did to Xena and Questra.
Diana at times tried to justify her behavior that day, but everytime she did,
she saw Xena’s eyes, and the shame swept over her again.

During Diana’s time of ordered meditation, Gabrielle was finally left alone
to think about things as Questra used one of the travellers and went to her
palace to see to things there, and to see how her Prime Minister and the
Appointed Regent were getting along.

“ My Lord??” Came surprised calls from some of the servants, when they saw
Lord Questra.

“ Yes, Why are you surprised to see me?”

“ Oh, no reason My Lord, we...we....we just didn’t expect to see you.”

“ Really? Why?”

“ It’s just that we were told that The Prime Minister was running things while
you were away?”

“ That’s true, but why would that make you react the way you did when you saw
me? I mean, it’s not like Prime Minister Turor has not ran things before?”

“ Your right of Course Lord Questra, forgive us.”

“ It’s alright.”

Questra then turned her attention back to entering the Palace.

“ Lord Questra welcome home, how long will you be here for?”

“ Not long, I just came to check on things, is there anything I need to know?”

“ Not really My Lord, everything seems to be going very well right now.”

“ Really? Well I’m pleased to hear that.”

“ Your Majesty? Welcome home, how is Princess Gabrielle and Lord Xena and
Queen Diana?”

“ Fine, thank you for asking. I was just talking to the Prime Minister, he
says that everything is going well here, and that I have nothing to worry
about, do you agree with him?”

“ Yes My Lord Questra.”

“ So, there is nothing happening here that I should know about, is that what
your both telling me?”

“ Yes My Lord.”

“ Hmm...then why do I get the feeling that your both hiding something from me?
and you know how I feel about lies Prime Minister.”

“ Yes Lord Questra, I know.”

“ And you still say there is nothing going on?”

The two men looked at one another and then back at Lord Questra. Questra

watched the two and then they looked back at her and in low voices they said
in unison.

“ We need to talk to you in private, here let’s go to your private chambers My

“ What’s going on Turor?”

“Please My Lord, let us talk to you in your chambers?”

“ Very well. “ Questra then proceeded to her private Chambers where she was
bombarded with information from the Prime Minister, and The Regent.

“ When was the first time you heard about this?”

“ We heard it from some of the servants who came here from one of the other

“ And what did they say?”

“ They said that they heard a bard telling a story about people who would
disappearing at night, and then come the next day the people would be found
lying in their beds, unconscious.”

“HA! I can’t believe it, Grown men scare of the tales of a bard. Hmmm, you
make me wonder whether I put my kingdoms day to day responsibilities in the
wrong hands?”

“ My Lord the servants were so convincing in their story, they said that the
bard started out by saying it was a true story.”

“ Hahahahaha, Gentlemen, I’m not interested in stories, when it comes to
running my Kingdom, do I make myself clear?”

“ Of Course My Lord, your right we should not be listening to such things and
taking them serious, besides, when we spoke to the owner of the inn, he said
he did not know that bard, in fact they had not seen him before.”

“ So why the big secret then if you thought this bard was just doing his job,
and telling a good story?”

“ I guess it’s because some of the guards had heard the story and were spooked
by it.”

“ Well I’ve never heard the story, and you know I know most of them.”

“ hahahaha, Yes My Lord, we should have not acted like a couple of school
boys, forgive us.”

“ I will, as long as you can promise me that you won’t sell my Kingdom to a
traveling Minstrel?” Questra teased.

“ Of Course not My Lord, you can trust us.”

“ Good, because I was beginning to wonder.”

“ No need to worry My Lord everything is well in hand.”

“ I’m pleased to hear that. Besides, have anyone from any of my Provinces come
up missing, or unconscious?”

“ No My Lord.”

“ Anyone from any of the surrounding provinces, or lands that we know of?”

“ No My Lord.”

“ Then let it go and let’s get back to real business, shall we?”

“ Of Course My Lord, forgive us?”

“ Good, Now, is there anything else, that I truly do need to know about?”

“ No My Lord, there are just some documents that you need to read and sign,
outside of that everything is fine.”

“ Very Well.” Questra and the two then proceeded to deal with the business of
the Kingdom, at the end of the day, Questra gave some instructions and then
she dismissed everyone and she was left alone and she took the traveller out
and tossing it in the direction of the Palace on Xenadia, she came out back at
the Palace.

Questra headed for Gabrielle’s chamber to check on her and see how she was
doing. Meanwhile, Xena was just finishing up with her War Advisors about
Diana’s return to her previous role of Advisor to only Xena’s Counsel for the
Provinces, as it relates to the negotiations of things.

“ She will also continue in her role as a Magistrate. But, she will not deal
with anything that has to do with weapons, and she will not be allowed to
participate in any trials where the accused has been arrested for any type of
war crimes, or anything like that.”

“ But My Lord, won’t Her Highness feel like we’re preventing her from doing
her job as a Magistrate?”

“ Why? Because she won’t be allowed to prosecute cases that goes against My
Laws? If she does, I’ll take care of it.”

“ Very good My Lord.”

“ Okay, I’ll send Advisor Draco the rest of my expectations, and I want to see
the changes within two days of receiving my commands.”

“ It will be done as you wish My Lord.”

“ It better be, now leave me.” Xena gestured with her hand thus dismissing

Xena then left the chamber room and headed to her bedchamber. She walked into
the room and found Diana sitting up looking off into the distances.

“ Dinar for your thoughts.” Xena stated as she went into the bedchamber and
went and sat on the edge of the bed near Diana.

Diana looked over at Xena and she was about to answer her with her mouth, but
then she remembered and instead she used her mind.

“ Am I allowed to speak to you with my mouth, or should I continue like this?”

“ I did ask you a question, therefore I expect you to use your mouth.”

“ Fine, as long as I understand the rules. I was just thinking about some

“ What? Or don’t you want to tell me?”

“ It’s not a matter of not wanting to tell you, I just was thinking about what
you said.”

“ Hmm...and?” Xena asked raising a brow at Diana.

“ And I realize I was wrong, and I know I scared you, I have to admit I was
horrified to see Gabrielle there myself.”

“ So your saying you understand why I am so upset with you?”

“ Yes, but I don’t agree with what you did, at least not all of it.”

Xena took a deep calming breath as she started to feel where the conversation
was going and how it would end.

“ I suggest we drop this now.”

“ Why? Because you may see that you were wrong at how harsh you were?”

Xena’s eyes locked on Diana’s instantly at those words, as if she had just
been challenged. Diana’s eyes widen as a result of Xena’s intense gaze.

“ How dare you even suggest! That I was even close! To being anywhere close!
To being harsh with you! If anything! I have been very restrained in my
punishment of you. I told you what I had planned to do to you if you disobeyed
me, yet I didn’t do that, instead I just took some of your distracting duties
away from you, to help you refocus on who you are to me, and what I expect of
you. So, before I lose my temper, and grace you with what I had promised you,
I suggest we drop this.” Xena hissed as she was now on her feet towering over

Diana was breathing hard, and her eyes were filled with fear at what she
thought Xena would do to her if she continued on the subject, so instead of
being at the mercy of Xena’s wrath with her legs still weak from their
lovemaking, Diana decided to drop the subject at the moment.

“ Fine.” Diana said as she placed her hands on her lap and played with her
fingers until Xena backed away and went to get cleaned up for bed. When she
had gone, Diana scooted down under the covers and rolled over onto her side so
that she would be facing away from Xena when Xena got in bed.

Xena came back into the bedchamber and despite how Diana was laying, it did
not stop her from curling her body around Diana’s and wrapping her arms around
Diana. The warmth of Xena’s body and the protective hold she had around Diana,
made Diana feel safe and at home, in spite of being mad at her.

Diana wrapped her arms around Xena’s and Xena raised a knowing brow and
settled in comfortably with Diana in her arms and they drifted off to sleep.
The next day Xena was just laying in bed with her eyes closed, when Diana

Diana stretched and then feeling Xena’s arms still around her she looked back
to see Xena still asleep, at least that’s what she thought, until she eased
out of Xena’s arms, and was about to get out of the bed. Diana swung her feet
over the side of the bed, but just as she thought about standing up, she
thought about Xena, and how she had told her many times before not to get out
of bed, so instead of getting up, Diana swung her feet back up onto the bed
and just as she turned to make sure she had not awaken Xena, she found Xena
propped up on her elbow looking at her with an arched brow.

“ Xena?”

“ I was just wondering if you were actually going to get out of this bed?”

“ I was going to go and clean up, but then I remembered that I’m not allowed
to get out of the bed without your say so, so, I didn’t.”

“ Good, but you shouldn’t have even thought about getting out in the first
place, it’s not like you don’t have a superior memory over most people, I
think it’s selective with you. “

“ Really?”

“ Yes, really. I think that you choose to do what you want to do despite my
telling you not to do some things. I believe you do them and then you hope
that just because I’m in love with you, that you could possibly talk me out of
punishing you, or letting you off with a warning or something like that, while
with everyone else I would have not only punished them for their disobedient,
but I would have done so for the whole week, and then after they healed
returned them to their duties, and if they did it again, well......let’s just
say before you came into my life, they would not have had a second chance, I
would have either sold them to someone else, even if they were a soldier, or I
would have killed them. But I believe you used my love for you to justify why
I shouldn’t punish you, knowing that many of the things you have done, had you
been anyone else, you would have been punished severely?” Xena reasoned.

“ You think I use your feelings for me to misbehave, thinking you won’t punish
me for it?”

“ Yes. Not consciously sitting down and saying , okay what can I do that I
know Xena has told me not to do, but she loves me, so I can get her to forgive
me, no I don’t think you do that. But I do think there’s a moment within that
impulsive nature of yours, that you do stop for a moment and think, Will Xena
get upset?, and although when the answer comes to you, you annoy it and hope
for the best.”

Diana licked her lips, and having lowered her eyes to her lap, she glance up
at Xena’s penetrating gaze and Xena raised a questioning brow at her, asking
her if she had read her right. Diana lowered her eyes once again and Xena knew
she had.

“ So Consort, tell me why should I continue to allow you more liberties than I
allow anyone else, if anything, I should be even more strict on you, mainly
because I know your capable of great things, and I do expect more from you,
therefore, from now on, I will be more strict with you.”

“ But, that’s not fair Xena!” Diana groaned in frustration.

“ Why?” Xena asked wanting to know honestly why it wasn’t fair.’

“ Because, I am your mate, I should be allowed some liberties as a result of
that, if for no other reason.”

“ hahaha, really? What have you done with the liberties I've already allowed
you? You turned around and used them to push me and push me, constantly
testing the limits of my patiences with your misbehavior. Why should I keep
allowing you to do such things, it’s obvious to me and anyone who can see that
you are too impulsive for your own good, and without restrictions you will end
up getting yourself hurt, or someone else.....”

“ Are you telling me that you think I’m reckless?”

“ No, far from it, in fact I think that if you weren’t so impulsive and
listened to that inner voice of yours that tells you not to do something, then
I know you would be the safest place for anyone to be, but as things stand
now, your desire to try and protect the world, and your impulsive nature are
too incompatible, and needs to be guided with a firmer hand, and I.....My
little Consort, have just the hands to do it.”

Diana glared at Xena for a moment and then turned her head away as tears
formed in her eyes.

“ Well?” Xena asked knowing Diana had something to say.

“ Well What?”

“ Well, what do you think of my plans for you?” Xena asked casually.

“ I think your being unreasonable, all of this, just because I came to the
camp to tell you something that I thought you needed to know? It’s completely
unfair.” Diana stated as she looked Xena in the eyes, just long enough to tell
her that.

Xena took a deep breath to keep from losing her temper, and instead she sucked
her teeth once and then said in a low exaggerated tone of voice.

“ You....don’ There was absolutely no reason for you to come to
that camp.”

“ I had to tell you.....”

“ You didn’t have to do anything but what I had told you to do!! You could
have just sent the soldier back to me with the message, but NOOOO....what did
you do?!! You took the opportunity to use his inability to get back to us the
route he had originally taken, and rather than sending him to me the way you
had come by his self, you decided you could use that as an excuse to come
there so you could help. Knowing! Knowing full well that I forbidded you from
going there!! But You took advantage of his incapabilities and did once again
what you wanted to do, damn what I commanded!”

“ Xena I didn’t do that.” Diana said trying to defend her actions to Xena.

“ To Tartarus if you didn’t!! That’s exactly what you did! It was simple
enough for you to have just used the traveller to send him back to us, but
instead you used it for yourself. So don’t sit there Consort and try and tell
me that wasn’t your thinking! You forget to whom your talking to, I am the
ultimate tactician, and even more than!” Xena

Xena had held Diana’s gaze the whole time she laid into her, and when she
finally finished, she allowed Diana to look away, but she kept her eyes
trained on Diana. Diana’s brows furrowed in guilt and trying to find something
to say, and failing she glanced back at Xena and closing her mouth and giving
a small shrug of her shoulders, she conceded to Xena’s accusations.

Diana lowered her eyes and moving her hair from her face she played with her
fingers for a moment, and then wiping her eyes of the tears, she took a deep
breath and finally she looked back at Xena and with her eyes lowered slightly,
in deference to Xena, Diana made her admission.

“ Your right, I did take advantage of his problem, I did use it so that I
could come to where you and Lord Questra was, so that I could help you.”

“ Figures.”

“ Xena.... I didn’t want to see anything happen to you or Lord Questra, I
thought I could help.”

“ I had told you, that you couldn’t!!!!” Xena scolded.

“ I know, I know....” Diana cried as she flinched each time Xena scolded her.

If you know, then why did you do it??!!” Xena questioned.

“ I....I don’t.....”

“ Don’t even think to tell me you don’t know!!” Xena warned.

Diana’s breath caught in her throat at the warning and looking up over her
brows contritely at Xena, Diana chewed her lips and then she shrugged her
shoulders at the same time her hands also tried to find the words, finally
failing, she eventually shook her head slightly from side to side, not saying
the words I don’t know, but in essences admitting it via her body language.

“ Damnit!! Consort!!” Xena shouted as she rolled off of the bed and came to
her feet to tower over the now wincing young girl.

“ Xena....?” Diana cried, pleading for Xena not to strike her.

Xena steadied herself and took a moment to calm, then she said in a low voice,
“ Get up and get dressed.”

Diana immediately jumped out of the bed to do as she was told, and just as she
arrived at the door of the bath chamber Xena called to her.

“ You’ll learn Consort, I promise you. Now go and get dressed.”

Diana looked down, and then back up at Xena, and then she turned and went
inside the bath chamber to get cleaned up and changed. After the two of them
were dressed, Diana in one of her Consort outfits, while Xena dressed in a
silk pants outfit, with one of her Royal robes over top.

Xena and Diana left the chamber to go and meet with Questra and Gabrielle, in
the Royal dining hall. Along with Ephiny and Shatara, and Charli, and Elain.

“ Lord Xena, Diana, I hope you slept well?” Questra asked of the two in

“ Lord Questra, Gabrielle, Ladies, yes, we slept fine thank you.” Xena
returned the greeting while moving to her seat, and then motioning for Diana
to sit where she normally did.

Diana sat where she was told.

“ How are you doing Diana? We were just talking with Lord Questra and

Diana looked over at Gabrielle, and then back to Ephiny and with a polite nod
of her head she acknowledged Ephiny’s question.

“ Your not going to speak to me Diana?” Ephiny asked somewhat surprised by
Diana’s silence.

“ She’s not allowed to speak Ephiny, I think it will help her to listen

“ Oh, okay, but is she allowed to communicate in any other way?” Ephiny asked
in wonder.

“ Yes.She’s just not allowed to use her mouth to speak. But Diana has many
ways of communicating, isn’t that right Consort?”

Diana nodded her head in agreement. Ephiny nodded her head and then looked
back at Xena and asked, “ Is this a result of what she and Gabrielle did?”

“ Yes.” Xena said simply.

The serving servant came over to the table to ask what everyone wanted to eat,
starting with Xena and Diana and then ending with the Amazons. After the
servant had left Questra spoke.

“ The other day I heard the strangest thing from my Prime Minister and the

“ Really? what?” Xena asked engaging in the change of subject.

“ They told me that some of my servants were in one of the provinces and they
went to hear a bard that no one had heard of, but they said he told a story
based on truth.”

“ What was the story?” Ephiny asked now curious herself, while Gabrielle being
a natural bard was already drawn when Questra first stated she heard the
strangest thing.

Everyone else including Diana were listening although Diana was not obvious
about it, and Xena was her usual laid back self, listening while observing
everything and everyone around her, especially Diana and Gabrielle. Gabrielle
was moving somewhat stiffly as she moved to make herself more comfortable in
the plush seat next to Questra.

“ The bard told the story of a city where people would disappear at night and
return the next morning only to be found in a state of profound
unconsciousness, they never awoke. It was said that they were in that state as
a result of what happened to them during the night, a night that was days and
months in another time, but only candlemarks in ours.”

“ Wow, it sounds intriguing.” Charli stated as she took a bite of meat.

“ Yes, it really does doesn’t it?” Shatara said as she leaned forward in her
chair to listen to the story.

Questra looked at all of the faces, and then she looked at Xena and Xena
recognized the look, she saw Questra was a bard at heart herself and actually
did enjoy telling stories, as much as Gabrielle, no wonder she thought they
were a perfect match, the look was not lost on Diana either, Diana gave a
small smile to Questra and then to Gabrielle who had looked away from Questra
only long enough to pick up her glass and spare a glance at Diana. Gabrielle
smiled back and then Questra continued her story.

“ Anyway, the bard told them that the souls of those people were stolen from
them and were never to be returned.”

“ Why were they stolen?”

“ It’s said that they were stolen to try and save a land of people from being
destroyed. No Lord Xena this is not a war story, so don’t worry.” Questra
stated at the question she saw in Xena’s eyes.

Xena gave a slight tilt of her head indicating for Questra to continue.

“ They were told that there was a land of people who use their voices to try
and calm the ancient one’s hunger. But now that hunger had grown over the
centuries and has a need so great that the people’s voices are no longer
enough to quiet the raging within, so they have started stealing the people at
night, and if the people failed, their souls would be forfeited and they would
never return to their bodies, but instead live in servitude to this ancient
being. Only their bodies are returned, empty of their souls, therefore they
are doomed to live in a state of profound unconsciousness.”

“ But why are their bodies taken?” Gabrielle asked despite her discomfort to
her backside. Which by the way had been eased somewhat with a little of the
cream applied to allow her to move around more easily.

“ No one knows, it’s believed that they are lured away somehow, to initially
help in trying to appease the ancient one, but then upon failing the souls are

“ So the people aren’t volunteers, but captives?” Ephiny asked.

“ Right.”

“ Then why doesn’t someone stop them?”

“ No One knows who is doing it.”

Diana then caught Questra’s eyes, and using her hands, she signed her
question. Questra smiled and Xena caressed Diana’s hair as a result, causing
Diana to look back at Xena for a moment, distracted by the action. Xena sent
Diana a thought without changing her gaze.

“ Keep this up kitten, and I’ll forgive you sooner.”

“ Then that’s my goal My Love.” Diana replied back with her mind as she then
lowered her eyes casually and then turned to ask her question again using her

“ You started by saying that the Prime Minister and The Regent were told that
the bard said it was a true story?”

“ Yes.” Answered Questra.

“ How do they know it’s true, if no one is conscious to tell them?”

Questra laughed out loud at Diana’s logical and practical question, which in
fact made Xena chuckle as well as. Diana blushed as a result and glanced at
Gabrielle, who had a look of concentration on her brow as did Ephiny and
Shatara, as if the question was some profound question lost to the ages. Elain
and Charli were smirking as a result. But Gabrielle’s concentration was
because she was trying to figure out the answer.

Questra saw it and therefore didn’t answer Diana right away, but instead asked
Gabrielle what she thought was the answer.

“ What do you think My Bard?”

Gabrielle smiled and then went back to concentrating as all eyes went to her.
Gabrielle then smiled brightly when she thought she had the answer.

“ I think, one of the people escaped somehow, and made it back and told
someone, but they didn’t believe the person for whatever reason, and the bard
happened to hear the story?”

“ Very good My Bard, you are indeed a good student....” Questra praised and
Gabrielle blushed. Diana smiled to herself at the response and Xena felt
Diana’s mood lighten even more, and as Diana’s did, so did Xena’s.

“ But.” Questra added.

“ But??” Gabrielle gasped.

“ Yes, but, the gist of what you said was right, but how the bard heard the
story was wrong. The bard heard the story from his older sister who had been
taken during the night while she was out with her beau, when he went to go and
relieve his bladder, she said she had heard such a beautiful voice calling to
her, telling her that her passionate nature could be rewarded with such gifts
for her and her beau, but she had to come and now and not say anything.”

“ The voice called to her specifically?” Diana asked with her hands.

“ Yes, as if she was known by the voice for years.”

“ So what happened? Gabrielle asked thoroughly into the story.

“ The girl said she followed the voice, and upon arriving at the place where
the voice stopped, the girl said a portal of sorts opened up and the voice
started up again and she was once again being lured into it with the promise.
Once she was there she was taken to a beautiful land where the grass was as
green as Lord Xena’s, and the waters surrounding the land was as blue as the
sky on a clear day. She said she was met by a beautiful woman, who when she
spoke she recognized as the voice that had called her. The girl said she was
taken to a Castle where she was taken to a room and she was told why she was

“ Which was?” Elain asked.

“ They heard that she was a passionate person, and because of that she drew
the attention of her beau. She was told that the passion she had inside of
herself would be trained and then she would be introduced to someone whom if
she succeeded in the challenge, she would be gifted with a gift that she could
pass onto her beau and anyone else she chose.”

“ What’s the gift?” Charli asked.

“ She was never told.”

“ Then how did she know any gift really existed? “ Diana signed.

“ She didn’t, but she didn’t know what else to do but trust that she was being
told the truth, she didn’t know how to get home, so all she could do was go

Diana nodded her head. Questra then continued.

“ She eventually was told who she was going to be introduced to, and what she
had to do in order to succeed.”

“ I take it she didn’t ask what the consequences were if she didn’t succeed?”

“ No, but she got to see what the consequences were. She was taken to a place,
and when they got there she saw there was a group of people like herself, men
and women all lined up and one at a time was sent to stand before someone that
she assumed was a woman from the sound of her musical voice, that was a deep,
rich, contralto sound. She told her brother that she saw a man go and stand
before the person and the being asked, do you understand what you risk, if you
fail, verses what you will gain if you succeed. He answered her that he did,
and then she asked him how would he please, and he didn’t say anything but
begun dancing, and after he finished, the being said, I am not pleased....”
Questra then stopped for a moment and settled against one of the trees by the
lake they had all walked to after their meal, while she talked.

Gabrielle settled down next to her, and Xena and Diana settled against another
tree that faced Questra and Gabrielle, and Charli and Elain sat back , back to
back and waited for Questra to finish telling the story, Ephiny and Shatara,
to everyone’s surprise had made themselves quiet cozy, Ephiny had her head in
Shatara’s lap and Shatara was caressing her hair as she gazed down at Ephiny.

Diana was the one to notice it.

“ When did that happen?” Diana asked Xena with her mind.

“ I don’t know, I didn’t know they even knew each other outside of the times
when we were all together. “ Xena answered with her mind, as she pulled Diana
back to her, and begun to casually caressed up and down Diana’s arms and
nuzzle her neck as she planted soft kisses to Diana’s neck.

Diana moaned quietly to herself as she melted into the tenderness of Xena’s
amazing ability to be hard as granite, and yet turn around and be just as soft
and nurturing the next. Diana sent a thought to Xena when she moaned to

“ I’m sorry Xena, I didn’t mean to make any sound.”

“ Those sounds, I don’t mind kitten.” Xena said reassuring Diana.

Diana settled closer against Xena and cocking her head to look at Xena, Diana
saw the tenderness in Xena’s eyes and Xena leaned forward and planted a moving
kiss on Diana, and once again Diana moaned into Xena’s throat, and Xena
feasted on Diana’s sweet mouth for a few minutes, and then she finally broke
it and sent a thought to Diana.

“ I am so proud of you kitten, today you have been so good, keep this up and I
will show you in more ways than one.” Xena promised with a loving gaze in her
eyes for Diana.

“ I told you what my goal is, and I will show you I can follow your commands
of me, and I will do it willingly. I hate seeing disappointment in your eyes,
especially when it’s directed at me, I will earn your trust again Xena.”

“ I trust you with my Life, as well as anyone elses, it’s your own that I
don’t trust you with right now.”

Diana lowered her gaze for a moment, and then looked back up to Xena’s
Sapphires and Xena gave her a steady gaze.

“ I understand, then I shall show you that you can trust me with that as well.
I’m not sure how, but I’ll think of something.”

“ I’ll tell you how kitten, just be my Consort, who does what her love ask of
her, regardless of what her impulsiveness tells her, learn to control that and
you will have my trust without question.” Xena stated in seriousness to Diana.

Diana’s eyes took on a kind of sadness for a moment, but the tone in her mind
was still light.

“ Then that is what I will work on.”

“ I’m here for you kitten.” Xena whispered when she saw the change in Diana’s

“ Always My Lord, always.” Diana stated confidently with her mind.

“ Always kitten.” Xena stated with her mouth, as she once again claimed
Diana’s sweet lips, and this time they both feasted for long moments until
Gabrielle cleared her throat to remind the two, of where they were, and that
everyone was still there with them.

Xena broke the kiss slowly, and looking up over her brows at Questra and
Gabrielle, Xena stated as she leveled her gaze on Gabrielle.

“ I think you need to find something to do with those lips Lord Questra,
considering how everytime I start something with My Consort, I’m interrupted?”
Xena stated with a hint of seriousness in her tone, but humor in her eyes.

“ Yes, I would agree with you Lord Xena, she does seem to have that tendency?”
Questra stated as she gazed at Gabrielle who was now blushing deeply, and
Diana was biting the inside of her cheeks to keep from laughing out loud.

“ Well I just thought.....” Gabrielle started, but was cut off by Questra.

“ Well you thought wrong My Bard.”

Gabrielle blushed more and Questra smirked at her and planted a sweet kiss to
her lips.

“ Ahem, excuse us, but you know we’re still waiting?”

“ Waiting? Waiting for what?” Questra asked feigning forgetfulness.

“ The story!!” Charli and Elain and Diana and Gabrielle all exclaimed, Diana
using her hands to say it.

Questra, Xena and Ephiny all laughed and then Shatara said, “ It would be
nice to find out what happened?”

“ Ok, ok, I’ll finish it.”

“ Well it’ll be about time, it’s been all day since you started.” Gabrielle

Questra poked her in the side and whispered, “ I’ll get you for that My Bard,
when we are alone.”

Gabrielle visibly shivered,and Questra smirked and then rendering a meaningful
gaze on Gabrielle for a moment so that Gabrielle understood exactly what she
meant, Questra then turned her attention to telling the story once again.

“ Ok, where was I? Oh, I remember, so after he finished dancing the being told
him she was not pleased and the man collapsed to the floor and the next thing
the girl saw was his spirit leave his body, and walk over to a door and
disappear behind it. The girl said she was so shaken by it that she almost
passed out.”

“ What happened to the man’s body?” Elain asked.

“ one of the women who had lured him away, walked over to it, and in the same
voice that lured him, she caused him to stand up and walk out of the chamber
and he was returned to his home, once he was in bed, the voice stopped and he
fell into the profound state of unconsciousness. Everyday for a month she was
taken to the chamber to see what happened,and to learn, so that when it was
her turn she would not make the same mistake. There were bards, who tried, and
women and men who were promiscuous in their everyday lives, as well as just
decent people who were passionate about at least one thing or another.”

“ So what was it that enlightened this woman to want to escape?” Xena asked,
knowing there had to be a reason.

“ That’s just it, when the young woman found out WHO, the being was, she
realized no one could ever satisfy such a person.”

“ So who was the being?” Elain asked , anxious for the answer.

“ I want to know who it was, as well as who these people were that were
stealing the other people in the first place?” Diana asked with her hands.

“ Yes, tell us, who they were?” Came the unified cried from all of the
listeners, except Xena and Diana.

“ I’ll tell you this, the young bard said his sister, said people are lured
away by The Sirens Calls, and the being is.... The Seductress.” Questra ended
her story for the time being as she saw mouths drop open in varying degrees.

But it was Xena who shocked everyone.

“ I’ve heard the story from Stylas and his sister, it is true.”

This time everyone’s mouth dropped open, except Questra’s, she simply raised a
brow and gave a subtle tilt of her head in acknowledgement of her belief that
Xena did in fact know the two people. Xena gave an imperceptible raise of her
brow back to her.


The End of Discoveries 2
Part 4.
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