Endless Love

by Ri

Disclaimers: This tale does have the essence of our favorite ladies, but it is entirely developed from my warped little mind.

Disclaimer; This is a story born of boredom, sitting at my desk trying very hard not to allow my mind to turn to mush. So please forgive any silliness, I do not have any rights to Xena and Gabrielle, l think you know who they belong to. Michael and Peter are in public domain and I think they will be cool on this little tale. The girls in the story are mine, mine,mine. There is a scene of slight violence and one deep loving look but nothing to destroy the morals of the world. Believe it or not the title isn't from the song its from Xena's closing of her letter in the Valkerie, Please enjoy.

        Peter flew over to stand behind his brother angel Michael, He landed lightly behind him and smiled, "Hello Michael, Have I got interesting news!"

        Michael was busy working on a computer, It did look a little strange since it was floating on a
cloud. He looked up, slightly agitated as he asked, "Oh?"

        Peter eyes were twinkling and he winked at Michael, "Your two favorite humans, Xena and Gabrielle are about to meet in their latest Incarnation."

        Michael smiled brightly, "Wonderful, When? Let's watch."

        "Well why do you think I came to tell you, Come on..."

***                ***                        ***                        ***                ***

        Rachel Hadley was going to work at the Public Library. She loved her job, She was in charge of the research department. It allowed her two of her passions reading and meeting new people. She worked
hard for her degree and now she was a real research fellow. Life was good, She thought as she stood at the sidewalk waiting for the light for pedestrians to come on.

        ***                ***                        ***                        ***

        Roxana Brinks was enjoying the beauty of the day. Her gym was going great and she was settling in her new apartment very comfortably. Today she was going to just relax since the preview yesterday went really well and the gym didn't open for two more days. She just wanted a couple of days to relax and get aquatinted with her new city.

        She was approaching the crosswalk to go to the park so she could feed the ducks on the pretty lake. She smiled at the beautiful blonde who was waiting to cross in the other direction. The beautiful blonde smiled back and held her eyes for a second longer then was normal. Wow, She has the most intoxicating eyes I have ever seen. The light on her side changed but instead of crossing the street she approached the lovely young woman.

        Suddenly there was a screech of brakes and two cars collided in the intersection and one of the cars careened toward the lovely young woman. Roxana's instincts kicked in and she dived across the few feet of sidewalk between her and the other woman. She grabbed her around the waist and pulled her to safety on the grassy area behind them. The two woman were tangled with each other breathing hard trying to get the breath back into their lungs. Roxana pulled back to look into stunned green eyes. Roxana's concerned blue eyes warmed and she quietly asked, "Are you ok, Miss?"

        Rachel nodded, taking in the fact the tall gorgeous raven-haired beauty with hypnotic blue eyes was a breath away, "Yes, Thank you."

        Roxana's face broke out into the most beautiful smile that Rachel had ever seen,"It was my pleasure."

        Roxana was sorely tempted to just let herself lower her lips to the beauty's beneath her and gently kiss her. Unfortunately they were now the center of attention in public so she reluctantly pulled back and held out her hand. Rachel was saddened by the loss but understood and took the hand. The tall strong woman easily pulled her up to her feet. Suddenly people surrounded them. The police and other pedestrians, as well as the two people from the cars. After all the formalities were taken care of and assurances that Rachel was all right were given to the police, Roxana whispered in the young woman's ear, "May I buy you lunch?"

        Big green eyes brightened and she nodded her head, "I'd love to have lunch with you but shouldn't I pay? I mean, You just saved my life."

        "How about dutch treat? I really don't care who pays....I.....I just would like to get to know you."

        Rachel smiled and nodded, "I'd like that too. Let me tell them I'm taking a mental health day and then I'm all yours."

        Roxana raised and elegant eyebrow and asked with sexy smile, "Is that a promise, new friend?"

        Rachel winked at her and replied, "You betcha."

        They both laughed and held hands as they walked across the street to the library.

        ***                ***                ***                ***                ***

        Michael shook his head and looked at Peter,"Wasn't that a little over the top?"

        Peter shrugged and smiled, "I love to watch Warrior Princess flex those muscles,"
He chuckled and flew away.

        Michael looked down and smiled as he watched the two ancient friends holding hands as they headed off toward lunch together. "Life is good." Said the angel and then he flew back to his computer he had work to do.

The End

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