By S Derkins
©Dec 1998


Disclaimers: This story is entirely my own. This is an Uber story only because X & G can't but help influence my characters-but in my story, who is Xena and who is Gabrielle? I enjoyed mixing their characters into entirely different people. This story is based on a dream I had not long ago. You may copy for personal use only.

Violence and Sexual Warnings: 'Raid so. The beginning is somewhat on the kinky side. It doesn't last long though and falls back into my normal mushy style later on. <BG> The story, of course, is about two women who fall in love. If this would make you uncomfortable to read or if you are underage, please hit the back button now.

Please Note: This story takes bits and pieces from several cultures, so please don't claim I'm stereotyping any one. And no, I'm not into the kinky stuff and I normally don't write any sort of graphic scenes, but a friend issued a little challenge and my fighting spirit came out. Better enjoy this one cuz I doubt I'll write another graphic one! Too much work! Love making in real life should take the amount of time it took to write about it!


What the public wants is the image of passion, not passion itself.

--Roland Barthes, Esprit


Skye stared out the tiny portal of her small cabin. Her fury and pride long vented; she had nothing more to feel. The slave trader would no doubt be angered. Pleased by her arrogance and pale beauty, he had gladly paid the silver the marauder had asked for her. Her understanding of the foreigner's language had been less than perfect, but the tall blonde understood enough to know he had great plans for her resale. She had no idea what the Kardan was, but suspected it was ruling class of some distant land. Perhaps it was the name of a person. It mattered little to the once free-borne woman. All she knew was that she could never go back.

When she was first taken aboard the trading vessel, she had been determined to gain her freedom from slavery by forcing the men to kill her. Death was preferable to life as a slave. Amused by her actions, he only ordered her locked up.

He also ordered her left alone. There were plenty of other women his men could used to find their pleasure-Skye he wanted unbroken. He didn't realize total solitude could be just as harsh. Left alone during the long sea journey, she had only her memories to interact with. Homesick and isolated, she slowly lost hope of ever seeing her cold northern homeland again. This wasn't lost on the captain, Abu. Seeing her listless behavior, he began to reawaken her fighting spirit.

With her honor and pride stung, she lashed out at the small trader. He walked away with several bruises and scratches, but his hope of a great fortune from her sale was restored. Abu kept her spirit challenged until they docked at the seaport.

He knew the palace residents and buyers for the ruling family attended the auction the first day of every new month. The Captain had worried he wouldn't make it on time, but the gods had blessed his journey. Making it within hours of the market's opening, he had hurriedly had his slaves bathed and dressed. His men reshackled the unfortunate people and led them to the market, Skye leading the line. Men and women alike stared at the extraordinary blonde with her icy blue eyes and proud bearing. Adu hid the pleasure he felt from the excited murmuring. He knew she had pricked the bidders' interest. He could already feel the weight of the gold in his purse. Now all he had to do was wait until his turn for the block. A bribe to the auctioneer guaranteed a favorable place in the lineup. He sat in his seat, drinking his cut wine.

Skye and her fellow captives waited in the meager shade in the holding area. The heat of the new land was almost unbearable to the northern tribeswoman. She felt the trickle of sweat run down her back and chest. Wishing for a breeze, she lifted a chained forearm to her face, wiping the perspiration away. She suffered the heat silently-as she did all hardships, and allowed herself to ignore everything around her. Time meant little to her as she let herself drift in the inner silence until a harsh jerk of her chains brought her to the present.

The auctioneer's assistant was told to prod the woman's fighting spirit before bringing her to the central area, insuring a larger bid and percentage for them both. He grabbed the tall northern woman roughly and pulled her closer. He brought his large hand to her backside and squeezed, attaining the desired effect. Outraged, she fought him off. The assistant barely dodged a hard knee and laughed. He pulled on her chains and dragged her to the central auction stage.

Thrust into the limelight, she held her head high and glared at those who would dare to bid on her, promising nothing but trouble for their money. All in all, it worked. Many only wished for well-mannered servant girls--not a slave bent on destruction. Only those with the need to conquer would bid on this female warrior.

The auctioneer stood closer and began.

"Honored ladies and gentlemen, we have a rare treat from the uncharted northlands. This giantess is both strong and healthy. Her spirit has been left unbroken and would bring untold pleasures to one daring enough to take her. Who shall begin the bid?"

Skye ignored the babbling from the little man and continued her hateful gaze at the dark people around her. A hand reached out and she snarled, displaying a set of strong, sharp teeth. The man withdrew his hand, swearing he saw almost canine-like teeth gleaming down at him. Blue, feral eyes put fear into him. Deciding she would be too much for him, he didn't make a bid. He broke eye contact and stepped back. Let another take his chances. Someone did.

"Five hundred dinarii," a quiet, authoritative voice spoke out. The crowd hushed and looked at the man standing by the princess' dais. There were no doubts the tall servant spoke for the daughter of Rajj of the Ruling House. No one bid against him. The auctioneer bowed towards the dais, agreeing to the bid. Skye was sold.

Within minutes, she found herself in the presence of a small red-haired woman with green eyes. A mixture of desire and pleasure was clear to see as those dangerous green eyes slowly traveled over her body.

As Skye looked upon the young woman's face, she felt her first true shudder of fear since her capture. Being raped by raiders was one thing. It was a common occurrence and all women knew it could happen to them one day-but this? Being sold as a sexual toy to a woman had never crossed her mind. Now the only thing she was certain of was that she'd fight this to her dying breath.

Her determination renewed, Skye swung her chained wrists into the face of the eunuch next to her and attempted to run. Shouting quickly brought the attention of everyone and she heard the sounds of pounding feet behind her. She shoved her way through crowds of people; hearing startled gasps and screams as she plowed between them.

Rushing headlong, she turned around a corner only to find herself trapped within a small alley with no where she could even climb. She spun around and faced a small troop of guards. Not waiting for them to take her, she charged into them, her fists flying. One man was down and another stunned. She snapped out a kick to another man's groin, connecting solidly. He wheezed out a groan and slid to the ground. That was as much as she could accomplish. The remaining men grabbed her as one, overpowering her. They dragged her to her waiting owner.

Flavia calmly looked over the ruffled guards and hid her pleasure. This slave would prove to be exciting. Ordering her fully bound, she had several of her men to toss the blonde over a donkey's back and bring her to the palace. Now humiliated, Skye could only fume during the uncomfortable ride, vowing her vengeance.

They arrived at the commoners' entrance and she was dragged into the building. The interior was much cooler to her relief and she stopped fighting the men long enough to enjoy the cool sensation. The men carried her through the kitchens and into the quiet hallways that led to all wings of the palace. Their booted footsteps could he clearly heard upon the marbled floors and each sound seemed to echo within the confines of the hallway. Finally, they arrived at the double doors belonging to the princess and they asked for permission to enter and carried their burden inside.

Unknown to Skye, new slaves were normally taken to the head eunuch for inspection by the physician. After being certain the new slave had no diseases, she would be bathed and told what would be expected of her. Flavia had ordered these steps ignored. The head eunuch had been asking too many questions of late and she wished to thwart his curiosity. She was eager to enjoy her newest acquisition. She ordered the tall northerner chained to the shackles she had installed just for her little games.

Skye glared defiantly at the woman that ordered her bound. Three burly men forced her wrists into a single shackle that hung from the ceiling. Her legs were spread and her ankles were also clamped into metal cuffs that were about two feet apart on the floor. Once locked into place, she stopped fighting long enough to catch her breath.

Once more humiliated, Skye shot her hatred and fury with her cold blue eyes down upon the petite woman who had bought her. The towering woman suspected exactly why she had been chosen. Her own temper had brought her here. Lust shined clearly in hazel eyes and posture and Skye felt revulsion from the idea of being violated by this woman.

One of the men neared the red-haired woman, his manner meek.

"Princess, do you-"

"Leave us. I want to break this one myself," she purred.

Skye shuddered. She didn't understand much of their language, but understood the look in the woman's eyes. The male slaves left them and she now was alone with the woman. Flavia stood there for long moments, merely looking at her, her breathing becoming rather shallow and rapid. The taller woman knew she wouldn't like what was to come.

The smaller woman took a pair of bronze scissors and approached her, a feral smile curving her lips. What little clothing she wore was quickly cut from her body and she was left shivering in the cool room. Her nipples tightened from the cold, bringing a pleasurable smile to the red-head's face. Flavia brought her hands up to cup the soft flesh and stroked her rigid peaks with her thumbs. Repulsed, Skye tried to pull away from the touch. She was punished by cruel pinches to her recoiling flesh. Flavia kept up the pressure and leaned closer.

"I'm going to enjoy you for a long time," she purred softly as she lowered her mouth to the abused nipples. Her tongue snaked out and tickled the very tips, circling the small aureoles before biting them. Skye flinched and sucked in her breath. Never had she felt such shame. Gathering her emotions, she let them build to a new fury and she lunged forward, bringing her teeth to the smaller woman's shoulder and bit her. A fist struck her eye and she was stunned enough to release her hold.

Now equally furious and aroused, Flavia picked up her favorite toy. A six-foot long whip. She cracked it against the floor to loosen her arm and walked behind the chained woman. Skye stiffened, knowing what would happen. Within seconds, the leather found her back with such force that she lost her footing. Hanging by her wrists, she felt tears sting her eyes. Another agonizing crack found her lower back, then another across her ass. She attempted to regain her footing in spite of the pain but another lash to the back of her knees knocked her down again.

"Not even a whimper slave? I'm going to enjoy this very much," she smiled. Flavia didn't know that Skye was a mute.

* * * * * * *

Rasha sighed in self-pity, staring at the boring walls of her small quarters as her personal servant ran a brush through her honey brown hair. Since she was the fifth and lowliest wife to the Ruler of the Kardan, she was given the smallest set of rooms. It contained a tiny bedroom, a servant's quarters, and a reception area. The reception room was rarely used.

She had no friends in the palace. Her marriage to Rajj was a political one. After he spent the required time in attempt to impregnate her, he ignored her very existence. Bedding one woman who had been given to him by her father had little appeal to him-not when he had a harem full of trained and eager concubines and wives.

Childless, she had no influence over Rajj or anything more than the barest of respect from any of the staff. She kept to herself and avoided the scheming and backstabbing that normally went on inside the palace walls. She had no desire to advance, had no children to place into power, or favors to have fulfilled. All she wanted was to be left alone.

Rasha secretly wished she would be returned to her father's home but knew that wasn't likely. One possible way would be for Rajj to take another wife. He would then be forced to divorce one of his current wives-but lose the monies that came from the marriage. Rasha's father provided Rajj with soldiers for his army and gold to his treasury so the Ruler wouldn't risk losing them over a woman. Her only hope was if Rajj died and his successor allowed her to retire into her father's household.

Restless, she waved away the servant woman and got to her feet. Perhaps a walk would make her feel better. A glance outside told her the walk would be indoors. The rainstorm still raged and she didn't wish to get soaked. Rasha pushed open one of the doors to her quarters, walking past the saluting guard.

The place was huge and it would take hours for her to cover most of the more private women's hallways. She hoped expending her energy would take away some of the restlessness she felt. She walked past the doors that held the concubines' quarters. She secretly referred to them as the giggle rooms. The vapid creatures had about as much intelligence as gnats. Their only concern was their looks and attracting the attention of Rajj. The guards outside kept their eyes dutifully forward, not acknowledging her passing. She continued on, passing the doorways of Rajj's daughters. Each had their own private quarters until they were married off. Only three remained unmarried. Two were too young as yet, and the other was Rajj's favorite.

Flavia had told her father she wished to remain with him rather than being married off. Believing she was virtuous and religious, he had given in and allowed her stay unwed. He had made arrangements so she had her own allowance and left her to herself, unaware of her nature. She took her pleasures from the slaves she bought, both male and female. No longer a virgin, no prince would ever take her as a wife. If Rajj ever learned of her actions, she would be exiled to some out of the way location to prevent any scandal.

Rasha disliked the young woman. She put on a sweet face in her father's presence, but was a mean and spiteful bitch away from his eyes. Rajj's wife avoided her stepdaughter when she could. The walking woman increased her pace to quickly pass the quarters but stopped in shock as she heard the sound of a whip striking flesh.

Listening intently, she was convinced that she must have imagined the sound. Another crack filtered through the doorway. No scream of pain was heard, even when the blistering snaps repeated over and over. Each whooshing snap caused Rasha to flinch in sympathy. No slave, regardless of his or her behavior, deserved such treatment. Unable to withstand it any longer, she rushed to Flavia's door.

The guards attempted to restrain her, but her position as Rajj's wife left them uncertain. She ordered them aside and entered the quarters. Seeing no one in sight, she followed the cracking sound into another room. The view left her horrified and angry.

A tall, foreign woman dangled from chains attached to the ceiling. Almost unconscious, she hung limply by her wrists. Reddened welts covered most of her unusual pale skin, from shoulders to knees. Pain induced sweat left her fine blonde hair in damp strings, which stuck to her face, breasts, and back.

Flavia stood there, a cloth-wrapped whip in her hands. The cloth prevented the skin from being torn but the pain it caused was not diminished. Her arm stopped before delivering her next blow, shocked to find her private fun discovered.

"What are you doing here?" she demanded of her stepmother. "Get out!" the redhead demanded.

"And leave you to torture this poor slave? What kind of vile creature are you? Release her at once!"

"I will not! This slave is mine to do with as I will. She's a barbarian and I'm teaching her who's in charge. The bitch bit me and I'm making sure she'll never do it again."

Rasha looked into the face of the tall captive and felt a clenching in her own stomach. The proud blue eyes that gazed at her pleaded for mercy. Unable to look away, she softened her voice as she spoke to Flavia.

"She's dangerous?" she asked.

"Yes. The woman has fought her enslavement from the day of her capture I've been told. My eunuchs all bear the marks of her attacks. Several of them are limping at this very moment. No one can come near her. She has to be taught obedience or be killed. It's that simple." Flavia was hoping her stepmother would accept it and leave. The blonde barbarian was close to surrendering. Rasha moved closer to the chained woman and stroked the face of the captive, only to have sharp teeth snap out and latch onto her hand. Flavia raised her arm, intending to force the blonde to release the bitten hand.

"No! She's not hurting me," Rasha informed her. Flavia lowered her arm and watched, unsure how to proceed.

Skye had reacted without thinking, only biting in anger and frustration. In the confines of a second, everything slowed to an agonizing and slow clarity. The second became minutes. She was aware a forearm brushing against her left breast and shoulder as a hand touched her cheek. A subtle scent that reminded her of wind and wildflowers enticed her nose. A gentle voice spoke nearby, and between her teeth, a hand that bravely allowed her attack.

The hand didn't stiffen in fear and pull away as expected, but rather stayed in place, allowing the contact confidently. Confused, she stopped her bite short of being painful and damaging. Skye didn't release the hand, finding herself wishing that the moment would last forever. The sting of the whip was unfelt, her anger gone, and a peace unfelt before turned her combat ready muscles to mush. Shifting her eyes, Skye looked down into the gentlest hazel eyes she had ever seen. No longer able to maintain the bite, she released the hand.

The small woman before her smiled and brushed aside the hair that was adhered to her cheek. The touch was soft and warm and Skye felt her eyes droop in pleasure. Skye marveled at the contrast of their skin tones. Everyone in this hot land seemed much darker skinned than her own fair people. Even their hair gleamed in ebonies and burnt umber. The only exceptions seemed to be women in this household. Perhaps they were like her self-from other lands.

'Are you a slave of sorts too?' Skye wondered.

"Seems I can touch her Flavia," she humorously bragged to the enraged redhead. "Why don't you sell her to me. Perhaps I can tame her well enough to be a decent servant. Name your price."

Flavia thought furiously. She wanted the barbarian for herself, but the opportunity was too good to pass up.

"The only thing I would accept for her would be the Tear of Oshar," she challenged. The gemstone was easily worth a hundred times what she paid for the slave. Ever since she first saw the brilliant stone hanging from Rasha's neck, she wanted it. All attempts to purchase it from her stepmother had been in vain.

Rasha reeled from the demand. The stone had been in her family for generations and was priceless. How dare Flavia ask so much for one lone slave! She turned away in anger, intending to refuse-then her eyes looked up unwittingly and met the captive's. She found herself lost in those blue pools, enthralled and unable to turn away. Before she even realized it, she spoke, never breaking eye contact.

"Agreed. Release her and I'll have it sent to you this evening."

Flavia called in her eunuchs, unwilling to risk unchaining the barbarian on her own. The blond snapped out of her daze when the men neared her and attempted to bite at them. Rasha's hand reached out and covered her lips. The fight left her and she meekly allowed the men to unchain her.

When her arms fell to her sides, Skye winced from the pain. Blood returned to her limbs and tingled painfully. She carefully wiggled her fingers as the other two women spoke.

"Does she have any clothing? I don't want to lead her through the palace naked."

"No. Here, use this," Flavia suggested magnanimously, removing the ornate spread from her sleeping platform. Rasha wrapped it around the taller woman and indicated to her to hold the cloth closed. She motioned to the woman to follow.

* * * * * *

The blonde was lying upon the soft bed, face down. Rasha held her slave's hand as the physician coated her painful welts with salve. In spite of the obvious pain, the only indication the woman felt anything was the slight tightening on her fingers. Not a wince or tear was shown.

As the healer worked his way upwards, she gently gathered the woman's hair up and left her back free for treatment. Tiny tendrils escaped her fingers and she smiled as she attempted to control them. A soft chuckle escaped her.

"Something amuses you my princess?" the man asked.

"Even her hair refuses to be tamed," she said cryptically to him. Not sure of the meaning, he continued his treatment of the slave. Rasha saw his confused look and smiled to herself. Giving up trying to conquer the fine hairs, she settled her hand on the blonde's nape, feeling the warmth of her body.

"By the Holy One, she's warm. Is she feverish?" she asked the doctor.

"No, merely warm blooded. I've seen her kind before. They come from frozen lands and just seem to feel the cold less than we do. She'd make a good bedwarmer," he commented offhandedly.

"After seeing how violent she is, do you really think she'd let some man use her as a bedwarmer?"

"I was talking about for yourself. Bedwarmers didn't get the name for sexual reasons, but for the fact it's damn cold at night. It's nice to have a warm body to curl up next to. I have one myself," the eunuch informed her.

"I've never shared a bed with anyone before," Rasha said with a blush.

"Well, try it for a while. If you decide you dislike it, you can always bring in a pallet for her to sleep on. There, I think I got them all." He gathered his supplies as he gave her instructions for caring for the captive.

"She'll have to sleep on her stomach or sides for a few days until the welts fade, but she should be fine."

"Thank you doctor." He acknowledged her thanks with a nod and left.

Now alone with each other, she had no idea what to do with her newly acquired slave. The one servant she had was more than enough for her simple needs. The fierce woman now in her possession served no purpose other than thwarting that bitch's perverted desires-and at a great price as well. Surprised she didn't feel horror at her own impulsive actions; she called in her servant woman to deliver the stone to Flavia as promised. Once more alone with the tall slave, Rasha slid her body down so she lay parallel to the woman already on the bed.

"Whatever am I going to do with you?" she said quietly. She didn't expect an answer. The physician already confirmed her new slave was mute-but not deaf. Most likely she didn't understand their language and would slowly pick up the words she needed in time.

"I wonder what you are called?" she pondered aloud. With a course of action to follow, she touched the woman's smooth arm to get her full attention.

"Rasha," she said as she pointed to herself. The tall woman gathered herself up, bringing herself to a sitting position on the edge of the sleeping platform next to Rasha. Rajj's wife could see the tall blonde was thinking of a way to communicate with her. A sudden smile came to the captive's face, shocking her owner.

The change in her features stunned the smaller woman. Gone was the terrifying female warrior. In her place sat a gentle and happy young woman. Rasha could only bask in the vision, once more a captive of her own slave. Warm hands shook her from her stupor. She allowed herself to be brought to her feet and pulled to the balcony doors. The blonde dropped one of her hands in order to unlatch the double doors and push them open. Her large hand then retook her smaller one and led her outside.

The taller woman's smile increased as she looked out towards the late afternoon view and felt the cooling breeze. Rasha felt the chill of the coming night and wondered how the barbarian could just stand there naked and not feel the cold. A shiver coursed over her and before she could protest, warm arms encompassed her.

Rasha found her cheek pressed against skin that was both muscular and soft. The taller woman smelled a bit sweaty but Rasha found she really didn't mind the scent. Warmth from the slave's larger body seeped into her limbs and she felt her bones melt into her. The sensation was wonderful. If she could, Rasha would stay where she was forever. Never had she felt so safe and protected. Her eyelids fluttered closed and she fell into a mild doze until her pillow moved. Her eyes reopened and looked up in confusion.

Skye had seen Rasha shaking because of the cold. Without thinking, the protective instincts she had for those smaller than her own self took over and pulled the petite woman closer. The sudden closeness made her realize she was unclad. Skye almost pulled away but when her rescuer raised her hands and loosely draped them around her hips and sighed, her body instantly relaxing, Skye realized the contact was appreciated. The tall woman chuckled silently at the sleepy and innocent expression that her owner wore.

The tall blonde waved at her, as though testing her awareness. Satisfied she had her mistress' attention; she swept her arm around in a semi circle, indicating the horizon. Rasha was confused. She released one arm but left the other around the taller woman's waist. The tall woman chewed her lip, trying to think. She then tapped her own chest then swept her arm out, indicating the almost cloudless sky.

"What? You name? Horizon?" a shaking head. "Sunset? Cloud? Blue? Sun? Sky?" With the last word, Skye nodded her head and grinned. "Sky? Your name is Sky?" she asked to make sure. The grin got wider and Rasha returned it; glad she had something to call this towering woman. She had to admit the name suited the statuesque, blue-eyed woman. Once more, her new slave smiled and Rasha felt a warm glow tingle at her belly. Rajj's wife was convinced that many more like that one would melt her into a puddle.

Skye was pleased. Although her name was said in another language, she was able to keep it in some fashion. She grinned down at the tiny woman and felt her heartbeat flutter. Rasha was staring up at her; eyes wide open and vulnerable, lips slightly parted, and panting lightly. Her grin faded, as she stood there mesmerized, her own heartbeat thrumming in response. Suddenly uncomfortable, she tore her eyes away and turned to renter the room.

Rasha felt the warm skin slide from her hand, leaving it and her side cold from the loss. Skye didn't just step away--she retreated while throwing a wall between them. Rasha could see it forming. The warmth left the taller woman's eyes and her face became expressionless. The tiny brunette felt the return of the loneliness that had defined her existence until a few short hours ago-and the sadness unknowingly felt because of it. The isolation sat like a cold stone inside of her dragging her spirits to its icy depths. She walked back into the room, her spirits defeated.

Skye had retrieved the ornate spread she had worn to the room and placed it around her since nothing else had been provided. She sank down into a corner, unsure of her place in this foreign palace. The blonde watched Rasha as she slowly closed the balcony doors. Her shoulders were slumped and the light she had shown earlier was gone. Exhaustion marred her fine features.

Rasha took a shawl from her dressing cabinet and wrapped it around her, feeling cold. She settled into the large padded windowsill and looked out towards the sunset. Leaning forward, she hugged her raised knees and leaned on her arms. Skye watched as a single tear fell down her cheek.

Guilt clutched at her chest. The young woman hadn't done anything to deserve the treatment she had given her. 'No, she only looked like she wanted me to kiss her,' thought Skye. The idea frightened the northerner. Never had the thought of women loving women crossed her mind until today. First she had some sex-starved woman touching and beating her, now this. Skye's emotions were swirling. All she wanted to do was curl up somewhere and escape-but she couldn't. She was a slave now. So the tall woman sat on the floor and just waited.

Presently, the servant woman from before came into the room, carrying a tray of food. The older woman sat it upon a small table and softly informed Rasha it was there. A nod from the brunette sent the servant on her way.

Rajj's wife rose to her feet and sat down. She picked at the food but wasn't hungry. She felt Skye's eyes on her and she turned. The tall woman quickly turned her head and wouldn't look at her. Rasha realized her new slave was probably starving.

"Skye, come here," she gently commanded. Blue eyes turned and stared emotionlessly. Long seconds passed before she hefted herself to her feet and did as she was told. Standing by her side, she stopped.

"Sit down. I'm sure you're hungry. Help yourself." Rasha pushed the tray towards the slave.

Skye slowly sat down and gingerly lifted the only utensil that looked familiar to her-a spoon. She took a small sample of the grains and tasted it. It was spicy. It burned at her lips and she choked a little. Tears burned her eyes. A glance at the small woman across from her revealed a knowing smile. She felt a little better and took another bite. The burn was still there, but she decided she liked the flavor. She tore off a piece of fowl from the bones and ate it. It was moist and well seasoned. Skye took another bite and smiled. It was the best meal she had in ages.

"Good?" Rasha asked. Watching the tall blonde eating with such relish made her own appetite return. She picked up a small leavened roll and took a bite. It would do. She'd eat more tomorrow for breakfast. Suddenly, a spoonful of food was held to her mouth. She looked up into sparkling blue eyes and grinned. The spoon nudged her lips and she opened obligingly, allowing Skye to feed her. They finished the meal in alternating bites, both feeling better emotionally.

Ready for bed, Rasha led Skye to the small room set aside and they cleaned up with the scented water provided. They returned to the sleeping quarters and the servant helped Rasha remove her clothing. When her newest owner didn't don a sleeping shift, Skye suddenly felt panicked. The fright in her eyes must have been clear. Rasha grinned mischievously.

"I don't bite Sky. Just get in," she ordered as she pointed at the bed.

The blonde crawled into the bed, careful to lie on her side. The welts on her back wouldn't allow her to sleep in her accustomed position. Telling herself to relax against the pain, she settled into the soft cushioned bed. Rasha crawled in on the side Skye was facing and scooted backwards until her back was against Skye's torso. The tribeswoman stiffened.

"Shh. It's okay. All I want is your warmth, nothing more. Go to sleep," the slave owner murmured. Her breathing soon deepened as she drifted to sleep, content to be next to her. Skye listened to the rhythmic breaths and slowly relaxed, although her mind wouldn't quiet down. Shifting her arm so it rested over Rasha's, the blonde sighed and allowed her thoughts to fade.

* * * * * *

The sunrise came, its light filtering gently in the morning mist. The gradual lightening of the room woke the northerner, who was accustomed to waking at dawn. Taking a deep breath, she found herself restricted. Opening her eyes, she saw the top of Rasha's head and a dark-skinned arm that hung over her hips. Her own arm was wrapped around the smaller woman's shoulders.

The dark honey skinned woman was nestled between her breasts. A warm breeze grazed the northerner's skin with each exhale from the tiny woman. Now sharply awake, she studied their positions. Her thighs were parted by one of Rasha's own trim legs. Skye could feel the warmth of the silky limb as it pressed intimately against her.

Embarrassed, she attempted to gently separate from the embrace without waking her new owner. Skye didn't count on the sheer stubbornness of the tiny woman even in her sleep. The arm around her waist tightened and a warm palm pressed against the small of her back, holding onto her tightly. Unwilling to waken her, Skye resigned herself to remaining in the bed.

Rasha sensed her relaxation and shifted in her sleep. Her thigh pushed harder against the slave's center for a few seconds as her hips pressed closer. Now belly to belly, she stretched cat-like against the larger woman.

Skye swallowed a gasp at the sensation of skin brushing skin. A shiver ran along her flesh and then seemed to settle as a warm tingle in her stomach. Looking down, she could see that Rasha's dark nipples had become erect from the contact. Unable to help herself, Skye felt her own nipples pucker in response-one of which was resting on the sleeping Rasha's cheek.

The slumbering woman turned her face to sleepily nuzzled the erect peak for a few seconds before once more burrowing between the warm valley of Skye's breasts and settling down.

The warm glow now flared to arousal. Skye felt herself throb and dampen, yearning for fulfillment. The thigh pressed against her shifted and the northerner knew she was on the verge of a climax. Horrified and ashamed of her body's reaction, she panicked and shoved the smaller woman away from her. She scrambled out of the bed as though the demons from the underworld were on her trail. The tall woman grabbed the discarded covering she wore the day before and wrapped it around her.

Rasha tried to gain her senses from the abrupt awakening and sat up. Looking around her, she saw her newest slave cowering in a corner, her body in a fetal position. Confused and worried, she left the bed and approached her.

"Sky, what is wrong?" she asked as she placed a hand on the woman's shoulder. The woman reacted badly to the touch, yanking away from her hand. Now even more confused, she knelt on both knees and tried to calm the distressed woman. Rasha spoke softly to her, murmuring reassurances to the quaking slave. The woman kept shaking. At a loss, Rasha didn't know what to think. She leaned back onto her heels and just watched. She rested her hands on her legs and felt wetness there. She lifted her damp hand to examine it and the scent of a woman's arousal teased her nose. Sudden insight hit her.

Rasha felt hope emerging from the situation. She had felt drawn to the large woman from the beginning, and now perhaps, with patience, it could be returned some day. In this hellishly lonely life she lived, it was possible she could find someone to love and love her in return. With patience, she reminded herself. Just have patience.

* * * * * * *
Kalem, the head Eunuch, found his curiosity peaked when Rasha arrived at the women's baths with a tall blonde slave. The woman was unknown to him and he wondered when she had arrived. The tall woman hadn't been processed through him. He headed towards them.

"My Lady," he said with a respectful bow. "Pardon my rudeness, but when did this tall beauty arrive? I haven't seen her before this day."

"You haven't? I purchased her from Flavia yesterday. I would have assumed she had brought her before you already," she commented.

Kalem's eyes narrowed with disdain from the mention of Flavia. The princess often taunted him, flouting her disregard for following the rules. He had his suspicions about Rajj's daughter, but without solid proof, he dared not say anything to the Ruler.

"No, she had not. Curious." The eunuch watched as Rasha motioned to her slave to remove the cloth that covered her and was shocked by the sight of the whip marks.

"She has been whipped!" he gasped.

"Yes, I know. I caught Flavia beating her half to death yesterday. That's why I bought her. I couldn't stand seeing her treated like that. Buying her was the only way to get her away from Flavia."

Kalem nodded, well aware of Rasha's soft heart. The woman was known for her gentleness and kindness. She didn't fit in with the petty and cruel world of a harem where plotting was the norm.

Silent, he watched the two women as they entered the sunken pools to bathe. The tall blonde acted nervous, her eyes darting everywhere. Rasha was the picture of calmness, patiently showing her towering slave how to scoop the herbal tallow from the bowls. She mimed the actions she wanted from the frightened woman, patience and affection clearly seen in her eyes. Kalem could see the obvious attachment Rasha already felt for the tall slave.

The head eunuch knew he should probably discourage the Ruler's wife, but he flouted rules himself on occasion. The gentle woman deserved having someone to care for. He knew she would be discrete-unlike other women of the household who would flaunt their relationships. The Ruler didn't mind what his women did as long as it was kept private. Word was, he would often take two or more to his bed, enjoying the sight of the women pleasuring each other.

Grateful that he was gelded before he was old enough to feel the passions himself, Kalem often found the act amusing. He continued watching Rasha and her slave but didn't find amusement there. Instead, he suddenly felt the longing to have someone care for him the same way. Sighing at his own wishfulness, he left them to their privacy.

* * * * * *
Skye felt a little numb. Here she was, a slave and naked in front of strangers and felt little embarrassment. Maybe she was just getting used to it. Everyone here seemed comfortable with it. Maybe that was it. Shaking her head, she tried to keep her attention on the here and now.

Her owner was behind her, attempting to get her to lean her head backwards. Shakily, she did as she was asked and tilted her head. Cool liquid dribbled into her hair. Before she could jump, warm fingers began kneading and lathering it until she felt her tension fade away. Her blue eyes closed in enjoyment from the pleasant sensation of having her hair washed. She always enjoyed the feel of her hair being played with. Her mother used to spend hours brushing and combing her daughters' hair. She and her sisters often took turns brushing each other's hair as well. She found it relaxing.

She drifted into a dream-like state, basking in the pleasant sensations. She felt her hair being rinsed and then washed again before warm water was poured over her scalp once more. Skye was on the verge of falling asleep until hands cupped her elbows and lifted at them. Shaking herself awake, the tall woman straightened and turned to face the small brunette.

Rasha handed her a metal bottle and turned around, leaning her head backwards. Skye felt suddenly awkward. She peered in the bottle and knew it was the same cleanser used on her hair. She poured some onto her hand then placed the bottle at the side of the sunken tub. Lifting her hands, she began washing Rasha's hair. Lather foamed and she worked it through the soft, dark strands. Skye got lost in the action.

The cleaning took far longer than needed but Rasha didn't seem to mind. She basked in the gentle, lathery caresses and sighed with pleasure. Skye's touch was both relaxing and sensual. She wished she could enjoy this forever.

The northerner heard the soft sigh and realized she had taken too much pleasure from the act. Red-faced, she took the waiting bucket of warm water and rinsed Rasha's hair. The tiny woman turned around in the water and smiled up at her happily, a smile spreading across her face. She took a step close and hugged the taller woman.

Skye stiffened for a moment until she realized it was just a somewhat cuddly hug. A wet cheek rested against her collarbone and warm arms wrapped around her ribs. Reluctantly, she felt her own long arms rise up and return the hug.

"Thank you. I needed a hug since we woke up. I was scared this morning."

Skye tried to make sense of the few words she had understood. She understood the thanks and the word 'scared'. Mixed feelings bounced around inside of her. Did Rasha refer to her own panic this morning or was the fright her own? Protectiveness reared up for the small woman. Her petite owner had done nothing but help her since they met. Her kind hazel eyes had expressed more caring and concern towards her than the tall woman had ever experienced before.

Thinking about Rasha's actions so far, she realized she had no right to pull away from her affectionate owner. Other than her sleep-innocent touches, the smaller woman did nothing to show she was interested in anything other than affection. She had been kind, friendly, and caring. What right did she have to treat her like a sniffing mongrel? Sighing, she hugged the tiny woman closer and gave her a gentle squeeze.

"Hmmm…as much as I enjoy this, we need to dry off before we look like prunes," she murmured.

Skye understood 'prunes' and looked upon her fingertips. 'Too late,' she thought to herself with a grin.

She wasn't looking at Rasha when she smiled. The tiny woman felt a lurching of her now speeding heart at the lopsided grin. The thought that seeing that silly grin was well worth losing a family heirloom crossed her mind. Rasha felt her own smile form into what she was sure resembled that of a court jester but she didn't care. She loved Sky's smile and the way it made her seem so wonderfully appealing and lovable. She hoped she would be blessed with the sight often.

* * * * * * *

The day passed in quiet pursuits. With no outside contact or friends, Rasha spent her day in pursuit of knowledge. Reading texts of history and tales often helped her wile away the long hours. She sat contentedly, reading a collection of poems.

Skye stood by the window, staring to the garden outside. She was restless but didn't know what to do. She glanced once more at the tiny brunette as she read, wondering who taught her to read. The northern woman, like most people of her lands, never learned to read. Education was only for the sons of nobles or the clergy-not some daughter of a poor fisherman. Books were written by hand, very rare, and well beyond the means of the common people. The only texts a commoner may ever see in their lifetime were copies of the bible in the hands of the local cleric. Reading for fun was unheard of and seemed decadent to Skye. With a sigh, she returned her gaze to the garden. She allowed her thoughts to drift as she listened to the sounds of birds singing.

Lost in thought, she was startled when something warm and furry brushed past her shins. Skye jumped and looked down. An orange tabby sauntered by after a quick circle around her legs. The cat made itself at home and headed straight for Rasha. It jumped up onto the padded lounger and sat next to her. Without looking away from her text, the brunette reached out her hand to stroke the animal.

The northerner watched as the small woman's hands that seemed to instinctively find all the cat's favorite scratching places. A loud purr began as Rasha continued her petting. After several minutes, the tabby contentedly settled down, perching on Rasha's chest, its head nestled under the woman's chin. The feline remained still except for the tiny twitch of its white-tipped tail.

Skye watched the scene, feeling a mixture of longings emerge inside from deep within. The slave didn't understand them at first-the feelings were too new for her. She tried to interpret it, letting it bounce around inside unhindered. Then one separated and let it be known. Envy.

She envied the cat, wishing that she were the one close to the woman. The other feelings quickly followed. Growing fondness for the small woman, admiration, gratitude, and finally; attraction. The last one bothered her.

Skye was never drawn to women in the past. In fact, she had been happily betrothed to Gar at the time of her capture. She remembered the few times they had snuck away from the watching eyes of her father. They had often engaged in loveplay in the garden, enjoying touching and kissing. Skye remembered the sweetness of the feelings it provoked. Her virginity was intact-that was for their future wedding night, but she had craved his touch. Just like she wanted Rasha's.

Now she was confused, ashamed, and scared. Her upbringing said this was sinful. People who strayed from the church's teachings were scorned and cast out. What did she do now? She was a slave, owned by the one woman that brought out these shameful feelings. Feeling overwhelmed and lost, she tore her eyes away from Rasha and returned her gaze to the garden.

Rasha looked up and saw the worried look upon Sky's face. Concerned, she stood with the cat in her arms. The tall woman was lost in her thoughts and Rasha didn't think she had never seen such isolation on a person's face in her life. She walked to her side and lowered the cat to the blonde's breast and held Zeno there until startled arms drew up to hold him. Blue eyes rose to her own, looking confused.

"Are you okay?"

Skye shrugged sadly, bringing out Rasha's protective instincts. She placed her arms around both the cat and her tall slave and hugged them both. Needing more, Rasha leaned forward and placed a small kiss on her temple. Blue eyes lifted at the act and Rajj's wife saw the glimmer of confusion there. Rasha followed her heart and lowered her head ever so slowly, giving Sky every opportunity to turn away if she wanted to.

The smaller woman's eyes darted back and forth between eyes and the full lips that were within a breath of her own. Sky seemed frightened but didn't pull back. Her breathing came faster in soft pants and her heart could be felt pounding beneath her resting hand. Rasha wanted to reassure her just before she kissed her, so she lightly stroked the tense muscles of her back. Skye seemed to find comfort at the touch and released a soft sigh of enjoyment as her eyelids lowered. Their breaths mingled warmly, sweetly, before lips met lips.

Rasha softly explored the mouth below her own, pleased Sky didn't stiffen and pull away. Feeling bolder, she opened her mouth more and tickled the blonde's generous lower lip with the tip of her tongue. Sky suddenly stiffened and pulled away. Afraid that she had panicked the foreign woman, she quickly looked up, heart in her throat.

Rasha watched her mute slave rubbed her own lips with her large hand and shudder. Now certain she had pushed the woman too far, she was surprised when Sky suddenly grinned hugely. Confused, Rasha could only stare at the woman in front of her. Her expression must have been comical to her slave, who silently laughed.

"What?" she complained, feeling lost.

Skye extended the hand not holding the tabby and wiggled her fingers. The royal wife still didn't understand and shrugged. Suddenly, blunt fingers found their way to her ribs. Rasha jumped and squealed from the tickling. Then she knew what the slave had been trying to tell her. Giggling, she returned to her position next to Sky and dropped an affectionate kiss on her nose.

"You have ticklish lips. I'll have to remember that," she grinned as Sky turned pink. "Come on, join me while I read. Bring Zeno with you too." She took Sky's warm hand and lightly tugged until she stood.

Rasha collected her reading material and asked Sky to get onto the bed. She then placed the books next to her and retrieved the sleepy cat from the slave's arms. With words and gestures, she had the tall woman sit up against the cushions with her legs spread, knees up. Rasha crawled in and settled herself against the towering woman like she was a tree.

Skye was unsure what was intended and kept her arms carefully away from the small woman leaning against her. Rasha didn't allow that. The brunette took her by the wrists and tugged on her arms until they were wrapped around her waist. With a happy sigh, she picked up her book and began reading aloud. The tall woman didn't understand most of it of course, but enjoyed the pleasant tones of her voice as Rasha read.

Lost in the moment, the slave didn't allow herself to think, but a quiet revelation came to her as she held the woman close. It felt right-and she was home. For better or worse, she wanted to be with this person. It didn't matter Rasha was a woman. It didn't matter this was would be condemned in her homeland. All that mattered was this moment and all those that would follow. The tension left her and she melted into the embrace, her fears gone.

* * * * * * *

"There, finished. What did you think of the story Sky?" A hand lifted and made the universal so-so sign. Rasha chuckled. Zeno had left them as well, a bored expression on his face.

"Not into evil jinn stories I guess. Would you like to hear another one?"
She didn't expect a verbal response of course, but she certainly didn't foresee feeling warm lips nuzzling into her hair and seeking out her earlobe. Her breath caught, relishing the sensation and hoping it wasn't her imagination playing a cruel trick on her.

The lips barely grazed her skin, constantly in movement. Her ear, neck, and shoulder were all lightly caressed by a soft mouth. Her skin rose with pleasurable shivers. Rasha moaned, wanting the pressure to increase. She arched pleadingly and her hands sought the back of Sky's thighs, needing to brace her self somehow. The flesh under her hands tensed and she could feel the powerful muscles quiver.

'She's strong. Sky could easily hurt me if she wanted to,' Rasha thought without fear. 'But she never would.' The smaller woman had known this from the very first moment. The feeling of security and trust has been instinctive on her part. Now she savored the way she felt protected and vulnerable at the same time. Rasha shifted and turned in the taller woman's arms, wanting desperately to be kissed. She wanted every connection she could find with this incredible woman. As she turned, her thigh nudged its way between two powerful thighs and found a welcoming niche to settle against.

Skye cradled her in one arm, lifting the other hand to cup her cheek. Their eyes met, seeking and asking the other, wanting reassurances. Rasha could still see a little nervousness in her slave's eyes and her impatience and driving need eased. She wanted Sky but was willing to let the statuesque woman set the pace.

"There's no hurry my heart. I love your touch but you don't have to do anything you don't want to. No demands. I'll take whatever you want to give me," she said softly. The blonde gave her a grateful and shy smile, her nervousness fading. The tall woman reached out with her hand and brushed a dark tendril aside.

Enjoying the silkiness of the hair, Sky took a strand and let it curl around her finger and brought it to her mouth. She brushed the fragrant hairs across her lips, relishing its softness for a while. When she opened her eyes, hazel eyes smiled up at her indulgently. Skye returned the smile and continued with her sensuous explorations. Raising her hand to Rasha's face, she ran a blunt finger over her features. She followed the contours of a soft jaw and cheek. The cheek was baby soft and she leaned forward to place a quiet kiss there before returning to her study.

The northerner ran her finger slowly over and down the cute nose slowly before letting it glide down to smiling lips. Rasha kissed her fingertip and shot her a saucy wink. Skye gave her a lopsided grin and gently tweaked her nose. Rasha giggled and reached out to tease an ear. Sky squirmed and before either could take time to think, a small tickling fight began.

Fingers sought out sensitive spots on the other. Rasha realized her tall slave was ticklish everywhere. No place was safe. She lightly brushed her hand everywhere she could reach. Skye discovered her ticklish underarms and ribs. Both enjoyed the tussle but only Rasha could laugh out loud, then squealed when the larger woman ended the battle by pinning her to the bed with her weight and trapping her arms above her head.

The laughter died as they looked at one another. The smiles faded slowly away as the moment changed to one of need. Skye lowered her head and sought out waiting lips as she shifted her weight to one side of the tiny woman.

Skye sought out every contour and angle, needing to learn everything about the lips below her own. Over and over, she returned to memorize the lush and sweet taste while her hand roamed over soft curves. Needing more, she took the lower lip between her teeth and lightly nipped Rasha's lower lip before soothing the flesh with a gentle tongue. The brunette took Skye's sensitive upper lip and ran the tip of her tongue along the upturned center, sending a shivering heat down the taller woman's spine.

Skye had trouble catching her breath and pulled away from the tempting mouth. She buried her face into Rasha's neck and tried to drag air into her starving lungs. Warm arms hugged her closer and stroked her heaving back soothingly. Once Skye felt less winded, she returned to place teasing kisses on Rasha's mouth before moving on to explore new territory. A nose tip was nibbled and kissed, eyelashes lightly grazed, a temple savored.

Rasha didn't want to be left out of the game. When a chin neared her mouth, she reached out to kiss beneath a strong chin. Skye pulled back and silently laughed. She was ticklish there too.

"Oops, sorry," she grinned as she ran her warm hand against a soft cheek. Skye captured the hand and nuzzled her palm. The smaller woman smiled, enjoying the feeling. Her smile widened when lips kissed each fingertip one by one. She wanted to return the act and pulled the larger hand to her own mouth.

She too, kissed a palm then nipped the muscle at the base of her long thumb. Skye gasped her pleasure and her head dropped to Rasha's shoulder. Another ragged breath was torn from her when a finger was drawn into a warm mouth and suckled. Heat settled in her stomach and she pressed an aching center against a curved hip. Her response to the touch brought on a sudden fear and Skye pulled her hand away to clutch the small woman and hold her still.

Rasha froze except to bring a hand to the back of Skye's head in concern.

"Too fast?" she asked nervously. Skye gave her a weak smile and nodded.

"It's okay. We can stop-"

Skye shook her head no. She didn't want to stop, but did need to feel more in control. She didn't know how to express that perhaps this time, she didn't want Rasha to pleasure her. She wanted to be the one to give. Maybe another time she could accept it but not at this moment. This moment would be for Rasha only.

The northerner shifted and gently pinned the smaller woman. Rasha still looked concerned and Skye let her gaze fall into those warm eyes. Suddenly, she knew then and there that she loved this small woman-and the fear was quickly gone. Skye gave her a smile, wishing she could say the words, not realizing Rasha could see reflected in her eyes. All the tall woman believed she could do was show her.

Skye once more returned to the lips she craved and tried to tell her how she felt through the kiss. Thinking it wasn't enough, she rolled over, taking Rasha with her, and allowed the smaller woman to lay on top of her. She spread her arms-telling the woman she loved of her trust. The symbolism wasn't lost on Rasha. Grateful tears brimmed in her eyes.

"Thank you. I hope you know how much I love you. You may be the slave, but I'm the one who is enthralled by your heart," she whispered as she leaned down to kiss her once more. Kissing her forever wouldn't be long enough but she reluctantly left the soft lips to savor a broad shoulder. She trailed her mouth along a long collarbone and followed it to the hollow of Skye's neck. The brunette enjoyed the slightly salty taste she found there, dipping her tongue into the shallow dip. A heartbeat pounded against her tongue and she pressed it against the strong thrum for a moment. With so much more to discover, she wanted to continue downward but paused when large hands stroked her back.

Skye ran her hands slowly along Rasha's shoulders, down her spine, then finally turned in order to grasp a soft backside. Rasha breathing stopped as she felt herself pressed tightly against a clothed pelvis. Damp heat made her own clothing unbearable and she pushed herself away, wanting to bare her skin.

Large hands pushed her own hands away and took over the job. Skye sat up, carrying the smaller woman with her. The blonde smiled and began an agonizingly slow strip of her partner. She loosened the ties that kept Rasha's silk top bound and then wouldn't allow the cloth to fall. Instead, she let it inch downwards a little, giving her access to the newly exposed shoulders and the upper curves of her breasts.

Skye leaned over and nuzzled the soft skin of her throat, kissing and sucking at the scented flesh. Rasha squirmed uncontrollably, her blood burning with need.

"Please!" was all she could utter.

Skye pushed her backwards a little, leaving Rasha with her breasts thrust forward. The silk slid along the smaller woman's erect nipples, leaving her panting from the sensation. Skye found her eyes feasting on two lush breasts mere inches from her face. Dark nipples strained forward, begging for attention but Skye avoided them for the moment. She kissed her way along the tops of the swelling curves and then painted a wet path in a large circle around one breast.

Rasha could barely breathe. Her whole world centered on the mouth at her breast and the need for Sky to finally take it. Closer and closer, the swirling tongue got nearer to her straining nipple. Rasha gripped powerful shoulders, anchoring herself to the center of her world. The mouth continued its torturous path and the ache had her taut and ready to snap.

"Please!" she begged-and found her relief when a hot mouth suddenly latched onto her nipple. Beyond any words, she found herself quickly back on the rise as teeth and tongue teased and suckled her. The mouth moved to the neglected sister and this time didn't make it wait. Her nipple was grasped by strong teeth and pulled. The bite wasn't painful, but rather it was soothing as it rasped through the sharp teeth before pulling away from the greedy mouth. Skye then tongued the peak as though apologizing before gently suckled upon it. Rasha felt each tug responding with a matching beat lower in her body. The dark skinned woman clawed roughly at Skye's clad back, wishing the clothes were gone. The need to feel Sky's skin next to her own made the brunette straighten and growl.

"Off! I want all these off!" she demanded as she yanked on both of their clothes. A blonde eyebrow rose, a mix of amusement and admiration at the forceful tone. Skye helped Rasha to her feet and they both quickly removed what little they wore. The tall northerner couldn't tear her eyes away from the view in front of her.

Skin the color of honey gleamed softly in the fading afternoon's light. As Rasha moved to drop her clothing to the floor, Skye was given a delightful view of a rounded behind that made her hands clench in anticipation. As the shorter woman straightened, Skye finally allowed herself to look at what she had forbidden herself in the past few days. Her blue eyes lowered then opened in surprise at what she didn't see. She took a step closer and reached out, her fingertips brushing along smooth skin.

Rasha groaned and gripped the taller woman's arms.

"The bed, the bed dammit!"

Still curious, Skye grinned while pointing to the area she wanted to know about, her eyebrow comically raised. Rasha managed to chuckle in spite of her arousal.

"Later," she whispered. "Please…I can barely stand!" she said with a wry smile.

Skye grinned and pulled the smaller woman to her, lowering her mouth to dark hair, and sighed in pleasure at the contact. Her smaller breasts rested on top of Rasha's generous mounds, fitting together wonderfully. She could feel Rasha's damp silkiness against her thigh and she pressed it forward slightly, wrenching a low moan from the smaller woman.

Straightening, Skye easily scooped the smaller woman into the air and placed her on the bed. She had intended to continue on with her path but was pushed onto her back forcefully.

"My turn you imp."

Skye smiled, loving every moment of it. Rasha climbed on top of her, intending to take charge of their lovemaking-only Rasha was thwarted by large hands that grabbed her bottom.

"Sky! Please, I can't think when you do that!" she complained. Skye laughed silently, shaking the smaller woman up and down.

"Beast!" Rasha whined. The hands left her curved backside and rested on her waist before lifting her brow and grinning. Feeling vindictive, the smaller woman reached back and grabbed a powerful thigh. The act resulted in Skye's legs parting and their hips pressed together more intimately. The northerner sucked in her breath at the contact, her grin disappearing.

"That's better. Now behave and take your ravishing like a good girl," Rasha teased huskily. Skye could only nod before her mouth was claimed almost savagely. The time for lingering touches and playfulness was over. Their breathing came in ragged gasps as Rasha began moving her center against Skye's dark blond curls. The pinned woman arched against her, countering with her own thrusts. Rasha gasped and lowered her head to capture a pink nipple, her suckling matching the rhythm of their hips.

Skye took a fistful of dark hair in one hand and pressed her breast forward. Teeth bit gently down and Skye sucked in a deep breath as her world splintered into a million shards.

* * * * * * *

Skye stared up at the ceiling of the darkened room, watching the play of shadows caused by the lamps. The moon was full outside, lighting a glowing path along the tiled floors. Crickets sang a merry tune outside. She could feel the cool breeze from the window but didn't want to get up to close the shutters. Her body was languid, pleasantly exhausted from their afternoon and evening of loving. She was tired but couldn't sleep. Turning her head a bit, she pressed a soft kiss against ruffled hair and tried to settle down her mind enough to sleep.

It was useless. She didn't want to lose one moment of this time. Their experiences of this day kept playing over and over in her mind. She remembered how she had opened her eyes and found herself being held in Rasha's loving arms, her cheek pressed against a soft breast. When Rasha saw she was awake, she smiled and whispered how much she loved her. Skye savored the memory, holding it inside her heart. It felt wonderful. Skye didn't know how the human heart could feel so much love and still continue to beat. Surely she has to be dead and in the fields of Heaven.

A soft snore vibrated against her shoulder and Skye chuckled . 'Okay, perhaps not heaven but certainly close to it.' The peace she felt was too wonderful to wile away in slumber. She wanted to savor every second they had together, fighting an unconscious fear that it would all somehow end before she knew it. Skye tightened her hold around Rasha without realizing it.

"Can't sleep?" Rasha mumbled sleepily. The northerner shook her head sadly. The smaller woman shifted, leaving the warmth of her embrace and laid onto her back.

"C'mer," she motioned, patting her breast. Skye rolled over, settling against the softness. She felt an arm circle her back and the other cradle the arm resting on Rasha's stomach. Rasha ran a lazy hand over her lover's forearm.

"Go to sleep. I'll watch over you, my heart," she promised. Skye felt her eyelids droop, drifting into the darkness.

* * * * * *
Rajj looked over his assorted wives with pleasure during the yearly banquet held for his birthday. His gaze fell appreciatively at Rasha, whom he hadn't seen since his last birth celebration. The young woman positively glowed. Never had he seen her so beautiful. A quiet happiness shined from her eyes, a smile curving her lips. He felt a stirring in his loins. Tonight, yes, tonight he would have her sent to his chambers. He leaned from the table and his manservant rushed to his side. He whispered his instructions to him, handing him a small silken handkerchief. The man took the cloth to Rasha and handed it to her unobtrusively.

Rasha looked at it with fright. Her eyes lifted and she saw Rajj smiling at her. She shuddered at the thought of his pudgy touch, watching him licking his fingers of grease. She nodded as custom demanded, accepting his summons, but her heart sickened at the thought.

The banquet passes all too quickly. Rajj's wife hurried to her quarters to prepare for the evening she dreaded. What was worse, she had to explain to Skye why she would not be with her this night. Feeling ill, she entered her private quarters.

Skye was sitting at her favorite spot at the window, looking out at the evening sky. When Rasha entered the room, she turned her head to smile beautifully at her lover. Rasha felt tears spring to her eyes and she rushed into Sky's protective arms.

The taller woman lost her smile, worry now etching her features. She lifted one hand to wipe away the tears and looked questioningly at her love.

"I'm sorry. Tonight has become a nightmare for me. I received this tonight," she explained, handing the piece of silk to Skye. The blue-eyed woman was confused and it showed.

"When Rajj wishes for a woman to go to his bed, he sends this to her. I have to go-" A hand stopped her words. Rasha pushed it aside. "Yes, I have to, Skye. I can't refuse. I don't want this but I have no choice," she cried.

Skye turned away, unable to take it. Rasha felt a rift forming and panicked.

"Please, Sky, I need you to be waiting for me when I return. Custom demands I leave his room before dawn. Promise me?" she asked. Skye turned around and pulled the smaller woman tightly to her, nodding her head.

"Thank you. I have to go prepare myself. I love you Sky. Don't ever forget that."

* * * * * * *

The northerner paced the room, unable to sit still. It was an hour before dawn and Rasha hadn't yet returned. Worry tore at her guts, making her feel sick. Finally, she heard a small noise and she froze, her ears listening sharply. The door opened slowly and Rasha stepped into the room, trying to be quiet.

Skye rushed to her side in the dark and pulled her close. The smaller woman was damp and smelled of the baths.

'Rasha even felt dirty from his touch,' Skye thought. The smaller woman began crying, relieved she found Skye waiting there for her and held on tightly. Unable to take the tears, Skye picked her up, holding her like a child. She lifted Rasha closer and kissed her softly while she stood there. Finally, she turned and carried her precious cargo to their bed. The northerner lowered her gently onto the waiting bed and followed her under the covers, drawing them around their bodies.

"Sky, touch me. Take away the memory of his hands, please?" she asked. Skye gladly complied, spending hours tenderly loving away the pain.

* * * * * * *

They walked in the garden, as was their habit during the mild weather. Skye followed a few paces behind Rasha as propriety demanded. She didn't mind. It gave her the pleasurable view of the swaying bottom in front of her. She had to admit the firm backside of Rasha's was one of her favorite features to touch. Rasha seemed so responsive to the action, she thought naughtily. She remembered how she had woken her smaller lover this very morning, nibbling on that firm flesh. They had been later than usual getting out of bed today. She smiled and kept pace, enjoying the sudden heat curling at her center from the memory. Perhaps an afternoon romp could be encouraged.

Skye whistled softly, getting Rasha's attention. She gave a sign that meant the bench they often sat at-the one hidden from view of everyone at the palace. Rasha smiled indulgently and changed her course, heading for the secluded spot. Unknown to the lovers, Rajj was in the gardens, enjoying the newly bloomed Damascus roses. He spotted the two of them as they neared the Lover's Garden. Curious about the tall blonde woman with his wife, he quietly followed them.

Creeping like a thief, he hid behind a low bush and watched. The tall blonde pulled his wife close to her as her lips found her mouth. Passionately, they clung together as they kissed. Rajj felt himself being aroused and winced, knowing he didn't dare indulge in a bit of self pleasuring while watching them.

Skye teased Rasha, her tongue playfully darting into her mouth as she lowered one hand to cup a rounded buttock. Her lover groaned as she squeezed it and began rubbing her hips against her own. She felt the telltale trembling of Rasha's body and knew the small woman wouldn't be able to stand up much longer. She pushed her backwards a little and sat the brunette onto the end of the low bench behind her without breaking the kiss.

The northerner reached for the front of the heavy robe Rasha wore outside, pulling apart the halves to expose the hidden delights. The smaller woman only wore the barest of coverings beneath her robe, but they fell victim to impatient hands. The material tore at the rough treatment and Rasha pulled her mouth away.

"There goes another one. You need to stop doing that," she chided. Skye grinned and ran her hands over her lover's torso, loving how soft she felt. She dived towards her neck and tasted her skin, sucking strong enough to leave a red mark. Rasha groaned and ran her fingers through Skye's fine, blonde hair. She arched, giving the tall woman kneeling in front of her better access. Lips trailed downwards, leaving her burning everywhere her mouth touched.

Rasha's breath came in pants then gasps as a hot mouth captured her hardened nipple and tugged. Skye reached up and found the other breast and cupped it gently even as she sucked hard on the other. The difference between the two touches drove Rasha wild and she groaned out Skye's name.

Unable to wait much longer, the tall woman encouraged Rasha to lay back while her mouth released her nipple. She opened her mouth and found another favorite spot, Rasha's naval. She tongued the bellybutton while a hand sought out her wet center. She thumbed the highly sensitive nub and felt the beginning spasm to her lover's release. A few quick twitches of her thumb sent the woman into paradise. She held her digit in place, wanting to feel the soft throb until it subsided.

Skye sat back onto her heels and kissed the inside of Rasha's thigh before resting her cheek there. She loved these moments afterwards, listening to her lover's recovering breathing. She didn't even need her own release at these times, the act of giving Rasha her pleasure often outweighed her own in satisfaction. Skye felt Rasha shift and quickly rose, wanting to help her sit up.

Rasha reached for her and pulled her close, needing to hold her.

"I love you Sky. So much that I often wish I can capture these moments and keep them safe in a box so we can relive them when we're old."

The tall northerner felt a sadness from the words, unable to explain why she felt the time for them to grow old together would never come about. She could only smile at Rasha and hope her love was clearly seen for the woman before her.

"Very touching my dear Rasha," Rajj said, startling both women. Skye turned, facing the unknown voice, her protective instincts flaring. A steadying hand rested on her shoulder and she stopped herself from attacking the man near them. The northerner felt an instant dislike for the chubby man in front of them.

"What do you want?" Rasha asked without politeness.

"I think you already know," he grinned as he pulled out two silken scarves. I want both of you in my quarters tonight. I look forward to having you both entertain me."


"No? No? How dare you refuse? I'm your husband and I have every right-"

"With me, yes. With MY slave, no. I won't allow it," she growled protectively. She wouldn't allow Rajj to touch Skye, the one pure thing in her life. Fury purpled her husband's face and he stepped forward. Before Skye could stop it, his hand struck his wife hard enough to knock her to the ground. Skye went berserk.

She leaped up and attacked the fat little man before her. She knocked him to the ground and pummeled his face, wanting his death. Rasha screamed at her to stop but Skye couldn't hear her, her blood pounding too loudly in her ears. She didn't hear the approach of the Kardan's guards. All she knew was the darkness that overcame her as they slammed her skull with the end of a spear.

* * * * * *

Rasha watched as the executioner raised his ax. She had pleaded with Rajj for mercy for her slave but her words had fallen on vengeful ears. He didn't care Skye had only protected her, not understanding what had been said. He only wanted the blonde woman's death for daring to attack him.

The disgusting man who was her husband sat next to her, gloating that he would still have her this night. She smiled and turned to him, her hand held out.

Puzzled, he reached out his hand and felt an empty bottle drop into it.

"No, you won't," she whispered back even though her tongue felt numb and her vision was blackening.


"I knew you wouldn't wait. You are the most stubborn-"

"Hush. Did you really think I'd let the man who killed you touch me again?"

"Well, no, but-"

"But nothing. Now, where to next?" she asked her love and the Spirit Guide with them.

The Spirit Guide pointed out several possible lifetimes open to them. Timelines meant little to them and they could move either forward or backwards. When they watched the possibilities, they were giving a brief history that was possible with each life. Their actions during that lifetime determined their course but some things were beyond their control.

The first one was of a couple of girls during in a war-torn country in the early Twentieth Century. The fate of the girls was to die fairly young. Tired of dying horrible just as things were getting good, they turned that pairing down.

The second pair was a man and wife. They would live a quiet, boring lifetime together. It had possibilities but they wanted to see the last one before choosing.

The last pairing was of two women in the ancient past. Their lifelines uncertain, depending on their own actions. It would be iffy at best.

"What do you think my love?" the former Rasha asked.

"Well, I rather fancy the leather outfit and being a brunette for once. I'm tired of being a blonde."

"How come you get to be the tall one? You're always the tall one!" she complained.

"You've never had need to complain before," she said huskily.

"Damn it, alright. You can be the tall one, but I refuse to be some meek miss and let you boss me around all the time. It felt good to actually be your boss for once this last time."

"Bitch, bitch, bitch. Why do I have a feeling I'm gonna regret this?"

"Dunno," Rasha commented innocently.

"Uh huh. Okay, let's get this show on the road. See ya in about 26 years my love. Don't forget me!"

"I won't," she promised as she blew her lover a kiss before all turned to black.

The End

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