Eternal Love

by Damnation

Warning: This story is of alternative fiction. If you are under 18 years of age or if this type of story is illegal in the state or country in which you live, either stop reading now or change the laws for love should never be illegal. If depictions of this nature disturb you, you may wish to read something other than this story.

Disclaimer: The story is all mine. Please do not use it nor lift off it.

Eternal Love


Raw passion.




The woman was past logical thinking. She brought out the sryinge and lifted it to the familiar place on her arm. Shaking and sweating profusely, her face was smudged with her own mucus as she tried valiantly to fight the withdrawal to no avail. It had won over again. She inserted the needle and sighed.



The place screamed of sex.

Reeked of sex.

Felt like sex.

Alexandra looked around the bar with hooded eyes, a part of, yet apart from. Smoke spiraled up from the many cigarettes that the people smoked from and created a light fog that hung gloomily over the room. When you sat down and really noticed like Alex was doing right then, you would see that the smoke vaguely resembled a lover's hands, gently, erotically, seductively caressing you, touching you, feeling you... encumbering you in its lethal embrace.

Her own cigarette was burning down rapidly but she didn't care. The ash tipped and fell, specks of dust upon the smooth black surface of the counter. Heat and sweat, mashed up bodies. Slick torsos, intertwined limbs. Screams of passion, cries of pain. Begging for release, pleading for mercy. Lust was clawing at her. Frustrating her. Not releasing her. Heat of the liquor, adding to the high, burning a path down her throat, past her chest... Not low enough to satisfy the itch. Never low enough.

Taking a puff from her long forgotten cigarette, she flinched as the burnt down stick torched her lips slightly. She stubbed it out with a small look of disgust and lighted another stick. Her attention turned to a small bundle of trembling rubber in a dark booth on her right. She squinted, narrowing her hazel eyes into thin slits, and realised that it was a hunched up human who was probably high on something. She shrugged. It was a common sight around places like these. Thus, she didn't understand why she was so drawn to that particular figure.

Finishing the remnants in her glass, she rose to her full height. Standing rather tall at 5'9, she didn't really look very intimidating because of her slender frame. Her ash blonde hair was short and unkempt, giving her a wild look. Her features were sharp, and took on many different looks when the occasions arose. Right now, it was one of cool disinterest as she strolled over to the booth. She slid into it and peered at the figure.

It was a girl. No. Woman, in her early twenties, perhaps. Her long wavy brown hair covered most of her face but Alex knew what she would see if she flicked the stray hair from the woman's face. Perplexed as to what made her walk over in the first place, Alex didn't know what she wanted to do next, now that she was here. Taking another puff from her cigarette, she glanced over at the figure who was starting to come out of her trance and was wiping at her face. Her wavy hair fell back to reveal a sticky looking face with Asian features. The slightly unfocused eyes were trying desperately to fix themselves on her. She could barely hear what the woman was whispering. She inched over and put her ear next to the woman.


Flabbergasted at her own actions, Alex shook her head as she stripped her burden of her rubber attire. After the bar closed, Alex had hauled the Asian woman out and into her car, driving them back to her small dinghy apartment. Pausing for a moment, Alex stripped herself and stepped into the bathroom. After a quick shower, she slipped into bed, frowning as the woman beside her murmured and moaned in her sleep. The sounds stopped after a while and Alex finally willed herself to sleep.

There was movement in the room. Alex shifted and her eyes popped open. She was a light sleeper and was very sensitive to her immediate environment. Her eyes searched for the source of movement and landed on a tattoo that was attached to a sinewy body before her.

"What in hell are you doing?" she asked in a cool and hard tone. She could see that the muscles under the body before her was all coiled up and ready to go. The woman turned and faced her. She couldn't help but think that the woman was in a pretty good shape even though she was an addict.

"Where the fuck am I and who the hell are you?" a blond brow rose as Alex sat up on her bed in one swift motion.

"You are at my place." she answered, deliberately ignoring the second part of the question. The Asian woman's eyes were rather wild as she took in the information that was suddenly offered. Alex could see that she was tightly in control now that the effects of heroin have worn off. Yes, heroin. She had seen the woman's arms last night. There were multiple needle mark scars on her left forearm that was already marked with a long jagged scar from a previous accident. Her jaw clenched and unclenched as she spat out her next question.

"Why the fuck did you bring me here for?"

Alex looked at the woman with thinly veiled amusement. "The least you can say is thank you, don't you think?"

Suspicious eyes focused on her. "Before I find out the real reason you took me here, you'll get nothing from me."

Alex was impressed. The woman had spunk. "What's your name?" she tried conversationally and caught herself by surprise. She was hardly a conversationalist. She could see that the woman was surprised as well and her deep brown eyes narrowed.

"Oh, give it a rest, will ya'?" Alex stood up from the bed and stretched for a moment, showing off her pale body to the stranger in that action. "I don't know why the hell I bothered but I did, so just consider it my one good deed alright?" she padded to the toilet. Her head poked out suddenly, catching the Asian woman's lost look before she covered it with a nonchalant shrug. "So, what's your name?"

The Asian woman sat down on the armchair and wrapped herself up with a big towel Alex threw at her. "Kristel."

Kristel felt like a caged animal. Sometimes she felt like clawing at herself, tearing and ripping apart the self made prison that enclosed her. Now, sitting in this strange woman's room, with only a towel around her, she felt herself rebelling. A loud throbbing invibrated in her head like a steady bass beat, making her crazy with the never-ending rhythm. Her head felt like it was going to burst open, spilling its contents all over the tiled floor. Her throat was parchment dry and tasted like something had died in it. She tried to gather some spittle but there was no moisture present. An overwhelming feeling threatened to engulf her, making her feel as if she was about to gag when a mug was pushed into her vision.

"Here, Kristel. Coffee. I take it that you would take anything that could hook you."

She glared at the implied sarcasm but accepted the drink nevertheless. She never knew how good it felt to have liquid running down her parched throat until that moment. Smacking her lips, she ran her tongue over the top of her teeth and stole a glance at the ash blonde reclining in the chair opposite her.

"What's your name?" she asked. It had been quite some time since she asked anyone such information. Her vocabulary had steadily shrunk down to a few essential words- "Cigarettes", "Whiskey" and "Drugs" in the past few months , and there was little need to change that.

"Oh. So now someone wants to know my name." the blonde was driving her nuts with her taunting and she had had enough of it. She stood up abruptly, her gaze hardening more than before. "Aw, sit down. I was just.... kidding." the last word was said with a ton of sarcasm buttered on it and the look that accompanied it was half condescending and half amused.

"I don't take.... jokes... Well." Kristel answered. The woman smiled, showing that she was enjoying their verbal assault just this little bit. She motioned for Kristel to sit down but the Asian woman remained standing, jaws clenched, eyes shooting fire at her.

Oh, she was more than impressed. Both women stood their ground, each trying to wait the other out. Finally, Alex spoke up. "Do you wanna sit down and carry on with our conversation or waste the whole day staring at me?"

Kristel took a deep breath. Her brain was pounding so hard against her skull that it took her all her will to remain standing. She sunk back down into the armchair and closed her eyes tightly, trying to will away the deep throbbing. Her eyes opened again after a long time and met those hazel gold ones across her. The blonde's eyes gleamed as her name escaped her lips. "Alex."




"Dammit! You stupid, moronic, goddamn irritating piece of modern technology machine that suck!"

Kristel peered at the blond woman who was on the roll, verbally assaulting the poor little laptop that sat defenselessly before her on the kitchen table. Frustration clouded the woman's sharp face as she babbled on in other languages. Kristel unfolded her legs and strolled over to Alex. "Whaddup?" she asked, leaning against the wall behind the blonde.

"Damn machine, God knows what's wrong with it. It blacked out!"

Kristel smirked. This side of the woman was amusing her so, at least it was less unsettling and more humane than her cool and calculative, taunting mood. "Here. Let me try." she leaned down and hit a few keys. The screen flickered back and Alex looked up at Kristel, her admiration for the woman lifted a notch.

"Where did you learn that?" Kristel shrugged. "University." Alex opened her mouth for a moment and clamped it shut without saying anything.

"Gonna ask me why the hell I'm wasting my life away since I went to the university?" she asked, reading Alex's mind. "Uh huh."

Her work forgotten, Alex turned herself from the machine and settled her gaze on a lazily lounging Kristel who remained silent. "So?"

Kristel lifted her brow. "So what?"

Alex shot a look at her, annoyed. "So are you gonna tell me why?"

Kristel shrugged again. "I knew you were gonna ask, I never said I was gonna tell." Damn, it felt good to taunt the ash blonde back. Hardly keeping back a snicker at Alex's disgusted snort, she watched as the woman turned back to her laptop.

Kristel felt the craving for heroin tugging at her again. Shit. Not now. Please. She didn't want to do it anymore. It all started when she was recovering from her attack by Jason and his men. She was given morphine to help with the pain. Then when her life started falling apart, she took larger and larger doses of those and finally it wasn't strong enough to give her the kick that she wanted. She started trying other drugs- acid, LSD, ecstacy pills, ice... And finally settled on heroin. She didn't think that it would get this bad this fast. Now all she wanted was to get that part of her life cleaned up and maybe moved on from where she left off even though it hurt too much to be sober.

"What's wrong with you?" Alex's voice interrupted her thinking.

"Dammit. Do you.... Umm..." she licked her dried lips. "Shit... Can you tie me up?" Alex knew that Kristel wasn't trying to be funny. She rose from her seat and went to search for a rope or something.

"Okay. Best that I can come up with." she held in her hands a black leather belt.

"Whatever... Just don't let me get outta here. Quick, before.. before I lose my control." Alex set to work, grabbing the Asian woman's hands and tying them behind her. She made it as tight as possible, almost cutting into her skin. She pulled the woman into her bedroom and locked the door behind her. Switching the television on, she reclined on the bed, keeping an eye on Kristel who was already starting to shake.

Alex couldn't help it. Kristel looked so much in agony. "Please, just one shot. Alex... Help... I really need it." Alex winced.

"No Kristel. You told me you wanted out, and I'm gonna help you."

Kristel convulsed, her face wet with tears and mucus. "No... I'm in pain, please... Oh God. I need it..." Alex jumped to the door as Kristel slammed herself against it in futile attempt to get past it. "Oh God, I feel like shit. Oh God..."

Alex wrapped her slender arms around Kristel, trying to calm her down. Her sister had died because of this crap and she wasn't going to let another woman go that way now that she could help it. "Lemme outta here..." Kristel croaked, her mouth dry. Her lower lips were bleeding because she bit them so hard and her blood was starting to crust on her chin. If Alex hadn't tied her up, she knew that Kristel's lips weren't going to be the only place that bled. The knot held firm, and Alex was grateful that she had tied Kristel's arms really tight. No doubt they were scrapped against the rough leather, but it was better than having her nails slashing down her body and face.

"I'm gonna die... God, I feel so... cold..." Kristel was sobbing freely now. Alex pulled the disheveled woman into the bathroom and pushed her to the floor roughly. Her head lolling from left to right, Kristel was beginning to stone out. At the first blast of cold water hitting her body, Kristel twitched violently. Then she started screaming as the impact and effect of the water were made known. She was defenseless against the assault as her arms were bonded behind her and all she could do was try to squirm out of the way.

An eternity later, the attack stopped and Kristel let her head drop on her knees that were pulled up against her chest in a defensive gesture. Alex approached the drenched woman and lifted her face. "You okay?" A pair of unfocused eyes looked up at her.

"Never felt better." Alex didn't know whether to laugh or to cry. The woman could still joke around with her. She took it as a good sign and let out a sigh of relieve. After a long while, she dried the both of them up and put Kristel to bed after tending to her wounds around her wrists and lips. A weak smile was bestowed upon her before Kristel drifted off.

"It's not over yet, Alex." she whispered. Alex knew that it was just the beginning of a cold turkey.




"What? No! Why the hell are you so... get out. Just get the hell out."

A mousey looking woman scurried out from her employer's office and closed the door silently. She had heard about bosses from hell and hers was one good example. She was planning to quit by the end of the month and would have done so long time ago if the pay had not been so good. She went to her desk and sat down in a huff. "Damn woman." she muttered to herself. "What the hell is wrong with her anyway?" Janice's temper could only take that much. The woman inside had shouted at her, verbally abused her, ordered her around like some dog... God knows just how much she could take.

The object of her malicious thoughts was reclining in her armchair at that very moment. Her long dark hair was tied back in a neat chiffon and she was in a silver power suit. Every bit of her radiated power and authority safe for the small fact that she was sobbing uncontrollably. Rachel De Ruiter had just gone through the worst six months in her life. Make it a year. Ever since she lost Kristel... Actually, it was even before that.

Her relationship with Kristel was going so smoothly and she had never felt that loved in her life. She had never known anything like that and was prepared to spend the rest of eternity for the woman. Then, hell broke loose when her ex-husband found out about her relationship with the Asian woman. She couldn't have kept it from him forever, neither did she want to. Just that she had not expected him to find out the way he did. Eric had told his father about Kristel and Greg had thought that they were merely good friends. It was only when Eric mentioned that Rachel and Kristel actually slept together that started the whole thing. God, but she couldn't blame her son. He was just speaking the truth... Her ex-husband had threatened to take Eric away from her. Eric was her life... How could she do that?

Then came the court order. She was "not fit" to have custody of a child because of her sexual preference. It was a "bad influence" to the child. When did it all become so complicated? Kristel had been very supportive all the way but she knew that if Eric was taken away from her, nothing could make it right.

The trial was messy and her rights to Eric was taken away from her. She could only visit him on weekends and there had to be a chaperon with them. That, was only the beginning of the rift between Kristel and her. Then, her church had started calling her up, giving her "counseling" as they called it. Preaching to her about God's love and his disdain for homosexuals. The ironical thing was that after every grueling session with them, they would tell her "God loves you, no matter what, Rachel. Please remember that."

One Pastor in particular had taken special interest in her case. Pastor Thomas called her almost everyday, talking to her about the word of God and how she could still turn back to him if she gave up her perverted nature. She had sunk deeper and deeper into depression after that. No matter what Kristel said or did, she could not snap out of it. She could feel Kristel's despair as she slipped further and further away from her.

Then one day, Eric came back to her. Back to her house, in her arms. She had cried with joy after he told her that greg was going to let him stay with her. Then she realized that in exchange for that, for her happiness, Kristel had agreed to leave her. For good. Since that day, Rachel hadn't seen her love again. Initially, she had convinced herself that maybe that was for the best, that Kristel was actually doing the right thing, the brave thing that she couldn't do. But as the days wore on, she found herself achingly empty. Yearning so much, every single second, to have the love of her life back by her side. She stopped going to her church, stopped believing completely. When the Pastors and counselors came to her house to find out why, she chased them out with cold words and short replies. They had what they wanted. They had her broken and incomplete. They were hypocrites, all of them. What right had they to judge her? They were as she was, flesh and blood. What gave them the right to act out the will of God?

Pastor Thomas had continued calling her and she had gotten so irritated with them that she changed her number. She had been blind. And for that, her love had left her, thinking that it was what she wanted. She was dying inside without Kristel. That was three months ago. For the past three months since then, she had called countless private investigators to search for Kristel. She had to find her. But no one had succeeded. She threw her folders across the room, littering the floor with her documents. She clenched her fists till her knuckles were white. Rage was her inseparable companion since she lost her love. Her bright light on a pitch dark night. Eric was the only thing that kept her sane and intact. Eric was the reason why she was still holding onto her life. Her head fell back onto the rest of her armchair as a single tear made its way down her porcelain cheek. Oh Kris... Where are you? I miss you so much, my love... I'm so sorry... Please, come back to me...

Another day passed by as the sun completed its track over the vast blue sky. Entering her house, she smiled as Eric looked up from his homework. "Hey mom. Any news?" That was his routine, day after day. The first thing that he would ask when she stepped into the house was if there was any news about Kristel. He had missed her too.

Rachael glanced at her son, tall for his tender age of seven, gazing expectantly at her. She had explained her relationship with Kristel to him, fully expecting him to turn back the way he had come from to his father, but he had stayed with her. What moved her to tears was him telling her that even though he didn't really know what was happening, he was happy if she was happy because he loved her. Why didn't she listen to him? he was much wiser at seven than she was at thirty two. She shook her head slightly, feeling the familiar aching in her chest. Disappointed, Eric got up from the table. "It's okay mom." he said, hugging Rachel tightly. "We'll find her. You'll see."

Nodding, Rachel clutched her son to her. Please, let him be right.


Kristel groaned in her restless slumber. 'God, Rachel I miss you so much...' The woman in her dream smiled a sad, helpless smile. 'i know, love... But you know that I... I can't live without Eric... Maybe it's for the best.' the woman turned and walked away, deeper and deeper into the light, leaving Kristel in the darkness, sobbing and clutching her fist to her heart.

"Hey. Kristel. Wake up. Kristel..." cracking open an eye, Kristel saw a worried looking Alex glancing at her. Her face felt warm and wet. She lifted her hand up and realized that she was crying. "Everything okay? You were... having a nightmare I think." Kristel sniffled and nodded.

Alex had helped her get over her addiction, difficult as it was and for that, she was grateful. Life had to go on even without Rachel, and going on as a human trash was not what she wanted. She sat up, not wanting to sleep anymore, and padded to the kitchen to make a mug of coffee. Then she sat down in front of the laptop that she had affectionately named "Simon" over the days. She was now helping Alex with her... "work" as she called it, saving the blonde a lot of anguish over the machine.

"Aren't you gonna catch some more sleep? it's going to be a tough night tomorrow..." Alex grumbled.

Smirking from the laptop, Kristel replied, "Simon says, go to sleep Alex. Kristel will be fine." groaning at the little game that Kristel made up over the days, Alex went back to bed and Kristel turned back to Simon.

Alex was a hired killer. She was a professional, but she only accepted assignments when she needed the money. Being in the military in her younger days, the woman was a sharp shooter and a tough fighter. Many people underestimated her prowess due to her slender build and had paid dearly for it. Discharged due to the strong discrimination in gender, Alex had since then turned her back onto the government and worked solely for herself. She found out that there was equal discrimination in the underworld but at least here, she could show the people what she felt about their prejudices. Mostly, they ended up with some broken body parts. Whatever it was, she got her message through.

Military training or not, though, she was totally bogus with the new age technologies. Computers gave her the jibbies and no matter how hard she tried, she could never get it to work with her. Kristel had been a good asset in that area. Almost a computer whiz, Kristel could get almost any kind of information that Alex needed. She could hack, create virus, mess up data, and get away with almost anything. Alex was duly impressed. The woman was a natural with those machines. She was glad that she had picked her up from the pub. Not that it would have mattered but it was definitely a plus point. Through the days, Alex had tried to get information about Kristel's past, but the Asian woman had kept her mouth shut. All she had managed was to find out that Kristel's visa had expired a long time ago and the fact that she was still in Australia was solely because of the way she had disappeared from everyone's sight. And sunk into the lower end, basically.

Now that she was up and about, she had hacked into some confidential files and saved everyone a little trouble of looking for her. She was now a "Permanent resident" in Australia. That, and a few times the woman mentioned the name "Rachel" in her sleep was all that Alex knew about the cool little woman. Her newest assignment was to track and kill a woman named Pat. She was only given her nick name and picture, the rest was up to her to settle by herself. It was a tough assignment, and so the pay was enticing. Kristel was now on the big dumb machine, searching for the woman's details. Knowing her, they would get everything they needed by the next morning and on the move by nightfall. Alex grinned as she succumbed to sleep. Life was challenging and she loved it.


Dawn broke. The small apartment was assaulted with the thick aroma of coffee. Rubbing her groggy eyes, Alex padded out of her room and saw a relaxed Kristel scanning the information on the flickering screen in front of her. "God, you were up the whole damn night?"

Kristel turned around with a grin.

At least she smiles more often now. Alex thought to herself and then wondered why the heck she cared if the damn woman smiled or not. Grudgingly she admitted that she had come to consider the Asian woman as her friend. Friend. It was something that she had done without for a very long time. Pouring herself a mug of coffee, she moved behind Kristel.

"So, how's it going?" Kristel clicked on a few keys. "Name, age, height, weight... Favorite food, hangout places, size of clothes she wears.... You name it, I got it babe." Alex couldn't help but smirk at the smug tone in Kristel's voice.

"Alright then, smarty pants. You're good, I'll give you that. Now it's my turn to get into action." Kristel chuckled.

"Oh no you don't."

Curious, Alex paused in midstride. "This woman's a dominatrix. You... do know what that is, I believe?" Alex rolled her eyes and nodded. "Well, the club she goes to is like, tight. Know what I mean? You've got to be gay to get in and that's not enough. You'll need to have connections. And trust me, hon, it is difficult to get those people's trust."

Alex's eyes narrowed.

"What the hell, I’ll just wait till she gets outta there and then bam. She's dead duck." Kristel shook her head.

"No can do. This woman's hardly outta those places. Plus, she's got an army of bodyguards flocking around her. Some big shot or something. And check this out." Kristel pointed to a small paragraph on the screen. Alex squinted and read the information.

"Damn, the bitch is..."

Kristel nodded. "Yup, she is selling girls as sex slaves. I know you're not really a knight in shining armour, Alex." she smirked, "But well, I think the least we can do is to..."

Alex cut her off with a glare. "Yes I know that. Save those poor little girls. And unwrap their whole organization... I wonder... Who is her back up? She's too much of a small fry to start this kinda thing." at that, Kristel's eyes turned into frozen flints.

"Whoever the bastard is, they have to be stopped. I'm in this, Alex. You need me." her voice left no room for arguments. Alex thought for a while. "Okay. We'll need some accessories to get into this shithole. You ready?" a nod and they got to work.



Standing back, Alex paused to admire her creation. The same impish looking face looked back at her in the mirror but that was all that was familiar to her. Her make up was devilish, making her look saucy and seductive. Her cheek bones looked more pronounced than before, making her face look sharper. Her lips were painted a dark maroon red and coated with gloss, promising the taste of heaven from her tongue. Her slender frame was garbed in a shiny rubber outfit that revealed more than it covered. Criss crossed with thin slips at the back, the black material came over her shoulders and barely covered her breasts, showing off her deep cleavage. It dropped down her thighs and stopped just before her knees. The slit on the side of the "dress" cut so high that the side of her g-string could be seen.

Completing the foxy image was a pair of high boots that reached her knees. They had decided that the boots shouldn't make her too much taller because Kristel was supposed to be the dominatrix and it wouldn't do if Alex was taller than her. "Ooh. If only all my jobs were this fun." she gave her reflection a wink and giggled, biting on the tip of her index finger.

"Uhm. Alex?" she turned around and her breath caught.

"Kristel?" her voice was incredulous. She knew that she was staring but she couldn't help it.

"Yeah, what the hell is wrong with you?" Kristel grumbled. "Hey, help me with this, will ya'? The damn zip is like, stuck." tugging at the uncooperative zipper on the side of her rubber pants, Kristel was oblivious to the other woman's stare.

"Hey you gonna stay there standing the whole day or are you gonna come over?" she chided. Alex snapped out of her reverie and sauntered over to the woman who was now a little taller than her in her platform boots. Claded in tight rubber pants that showed every ripple of muscle when she moved, Kristel looked very much like a leather dyke. Her neck was covered by the high collar of the shiny top that she had donned. The material started again at Kristel's throat, curving out to cover her breasts and wrapped round her small back. The top was tight as well, stretching across her stomach that had once held abs but was now just flat. Her shoulders and whole of her upper back was bare, save for her tattoo and the scars on the left side of her body that enhanced her rather than disfigured her.

"What's this?" Alex asked after solving the zip problem. "Huh? Oh. I got it the other day. On a whim." she grinned. A snake, cobra to be precise, coiled round the bicep of Kristel's right arm. It was in a striking position, the head resting just below her right shoulder.

"Looks lethal." Alex commented.

"Wanted to pierce my tongue too, but the man told me that it would hurt for days. Think you want me to be able to speak, right? So I guess that'll have to wait."

Alex shook her head. "What's with you and all these... Whatever anyway?"

Kristel smirked. "Adornments, hon. To... enhance my already perfect image." a playfully disgusted snort left Alex's mouth. "Yeah right."

Still smirking, Kristel turned to observe herself in the full length mirror. She had lost some weight over the months but her rather muscular form had remained. Gotta start punching some bags after this. she mused. Gone were her brown eyes, replaced by the rather eccentric contacts that she had purchased in good fun. When you looked closely, you would realize that the pattern was actually the design on a computer chip, zigzagging its way over the pupil in white lines.

"Damn, I think I'd die of fright if I looked into your eyes in the UV lighting." chortling, Kristel turned back to Alex.

"I've always wanted to possess a killer look. Looks like I've attained that." she put on a cloak that made her look both intimidating and mysterious and her attire was complete. "Well?" she asked Alex, who was eyeing her from her side.

"You look different." came the bland remark. Talk about understatement. Alex almost grinned to herself but she refused to compliment Kristel.

"Fine. And you on the other hand, look positively deeleecious." Kristel purred. Alex jumped in shock.

"What was that?" Kristel snickered. Her fire was rekindled. It had been ages since she had felt so alive and she was loving every minute of it.

"But, you lack something." strolling over, Kristel whipped a metal studded collar. "You're my slave tonight, Alexandra...." Kristel drawled out before clasping the collar around Alex's slender neck.


"What? Really?" for the first time in months, Rachel let a full smile brighten her face. The investigator had found Kristel. Her Kristel. Now, it was up to her to make everything work again.



It was close to eleven in the night when Rachel finally reached the place the investigator had told her about. She had spent half of her afternoon gathering information about the pub and the other half shopping for the right things to wear. She was lucky that her investigator had pulled some strings and gave her some "contacts" to name if she was questioned. She didn't know how much Kristel had changed and if she still wanted her back but she sure as hell was going to try.

The investigator had told her about a woman named Alexandra whom Kristel had been staying with for the past month or so and her heart clenched when she thought about Kristel with another woman. She couldn't blame Kristel though. It was her that drove her lover from her and she had every right to pick up her pieces and move on. But she needed to know for herself if it was what Kristel really wanted. If it was, she would leave her be. She would be happy as long as Kristel was. She stood uncertainly at the entrance to the pub and took a deep breath to calm her fraying nerves. The music was so loud that it could slam her into the next room and back. She was there early so that she could psyche herself to the environment before she met Kristel. Pulling herself together into the role that she had dressed up for, Rachel stepped into the rowdy place.

What a woman. Pat O’Hara was lounging in one of the booths when her eyes caught sight of the tall aristocratic looking woman walk into the pub. Her electric blue eyes scanned the crowd in quiet disinterest and her dark silky hair fell down her back in smooth tresses. It was tied up in a half ponytail with leather thongs weaved into her hair. Her fringe fell in short bangs that ended just above her neatly drawn eyebrows that curved up into a proud arch. Her cheekbones were high and pronounced, giving her a regal look. Her make up was dark and seductive, erotic and alluring. Brown leather formed a dress that could only be carried off by her magnificent body.

Gold swirly pattern covered the whole of the material that covered her front and sleeves and ended in a v-shape at the apex of her legs. The long leather dress hugged those curves beneath it so tightly that left little to imagination. Pat licked her lips that had become dry all of a sudden as her eyes followed the criss cross of the tall woman's flat sandals that winded all the way up to her knees. The dress was cut simply, a high conservative collar and long sleeves. There was a big oval hole in the back of the dress that exposed that flawless back. Then the woman walked across the pub and Pat's breath caught in her throat. The dress was merely two flaps of leather that was attached to the woman's waist. The movement had revealed the whole of the woman's long tanned legs that went on just about forever. Pat grinned to herself. It was going to be a grreeeat night.

Unaware of the attention that she was drawing to herself, Rachel gulped inwardly at the boisterous crowd. Some of the women there looked downright freaky. Those green hair, sticking out in spikes. And oh, those sharp points sticking out from their lower lips and eyebrows. One woman even had a large gold ring between her nostrils which a long gold chain was put through it and linked to her ears. She sat on the bar, ordering her drink and almost did a double take when she saw one woman whipping another. Trying to calm her heart, she forced the burning liquid down her throat in one swallow.

Kris... Where are you? she wondered, looking around, thinking that maybe the investigator had given her the wrong information. Her Kris was never like this. Then her gaze fell onto a familiar yet foreign figure.

Kris... her pulse accelerated in such a rapid pace that she thought she was going to suffer a cardiac arrest right there and then.

My God. She looks.... many adjectives ran through her mind along the lines of gorgeous, stunning, seductive, sexy... But they all stopped short. Everything was an understatement.

Breathe, Rachel. Wouldn't do anyone any good if you died right here, would it? Rachel couldn't believe her eyes. Kristel was the total opposite of all the women she had seen all night. While they had made her stomach feel queasy, Kristel had turned her on with her mere appearance in those oh so gorgeous rubber. Then her heart dropped into her stomach. Following Kris was a foxy blonde that rivaled all the women in the room.

They are probably the best looking couple in the whole pub, Rachel thought sadly to herself. Rachel's eyes followed Kristel and Alexandra as they made their way through the crowd and stood before a table. She smiled slightly as Kristel plopped herself down on the seat and lifted one gorgeous booted leg up on the table. The blonde woman stood behind her, arms wrapped around Kristel and whispering to her. Jealousy surged through her at that sight. Kristel grinned ferally in reply. Suddenly, Rachel felt so much desire for the woman who was across the room.

All the months of missing and loving just crashed down on her all at once and she truly felt the extent of her loss. She swore that if Kristel still wanted her back, she would never let her go again. Ever.


"She's over there. I see her." Alex had whispered to Kristel when she wrapped her arms around the Asian woman's shoulders from behind. Kristel had given her a smile that almost made her forgot why she was there in reply and she shuddered unconsciously. The woman was so much different from her normally cool image. Here, in that costume, she was almost wild and untamed.

What costumes can do to people. Their plan was simple, really. Get the woman pissed off, preferably to the point where she challenges them to a fight, win the fight and take over her place. The gang had funny "Rules and regulations" that few people knew about. It seemed that whoever was strong enough to finish off their commander in a "fair" fight, of course, was strong enough to take charge of their operations. Alex grinned. It was going to be sooo easy once they took over the silly gang. They would, of course, deny any knowledge of the rule and that would save them the suspicion of wanting to get into the gang. the influential back up would have to contact them and with the help of Kristel's technological expertise, they had managed to create a whole new background of themselves.

The "influential back up" would run a thorough check up on their data of course, and they would be clean. After that everything would be chicken feed. The only thing now was the reason to start the brawl. Kristel had assured her that it would come "naturally" but she was dubious. Suddenly, she felt the woman she was hugging tense up totally.

"What?" she whispered, looking around. She could almost feel anger and power radiating from the woman beneath her and she caught sight of Pat taunting a beautiful woman in brown leather. The woman looked slightly uncomfortable with the way Pat was draping herself all over her but that had not put the bull dyke off.

"See, I told you. The reason for the brawl would come naturally." Kristel commented in a smooth dark voice before she stood up in one fluid motion. She stalked over to where Pat was and Alex followed closely behind her, preparing to cover Kristel if need be.

Kristel's blood had gushed up to her head when she realized that it was Rachel that Pat had her hands all over.

What the hell is she doing here? Kristel had cried out in anguish.

Maybe... She had squashed down the rising hope that Rachel was there for her. Then she had felt the flare of anger when Pat leered at her love. It took her an eternity before she reached the hulk of a woman with spiky brown hair and stocky, muscular build.

Damn, is she ugly or ugly. Wonder if she has ever heard the song "Mr. Personality". she wondered to herself skeptically.

"What. The. Fuck. Do. You. Think. You're. Doing?" she pronounced the words singly, the harsh words masked in deceptive smoothness. Two pairs of surprised eyes fell on her and she had to remind herself that she had a job to do when she met those deep blue eyes that she had missed so much. The other pair of eyes were green and narrowed into slits at the rude interruption of her courting.

"Who are you and why's it your business?" she tried to sound tough but it came out in a slightly different way she had expected it to. The woman gave her the shivers. Her eyes were the first thing that threw her offguard. She knew that it was merely contacts that the woman had on, but those mechanical looking chips seemed to be a part of the woman. Her body was perfectly proportioned, like a machine and her voice had a metal edge to it. Rachel, on the other hand, had to tell herself to continue breathing. The woman was so irritating and she was at her wit's end trying to fend off her advances when she heard that familiar voice that always made her melt. Except that this time, it was radiating danger instead of love and warmth. Then she noticed her eyes for the first time and that alone made her wonder just how much of her ex-lover that she didn't know about. Her mouth went dry at the thought of finding it out and her heart clenched at the possibility that she may never have the chance to.

"The woman's mine." Kristel drawled out. Rachel thought that she was going to faint when she heard that. Pat just stood straighter, trying to intimidate Kristel with her build.

"Oh yeah? And who's that behind you then?" Kristel's heart raced as she searched for the right answer. One wrong move and all their plans would fall through.

"I'm woman enough to have more than just one slave." she purred seductively. "Not to mention the fact that they find me so attractive that I just have to share. Can't deprive a girl of a good thing, can I?" Alex was taken aback by Kristel's sultry reply and had almost laughed at Pat's expression. She scanned the crowd lazily and picked out a few possible threats that she might have to take care of and her attention focused back to Kristel.

Pat was stumped. The woman had turned the tables on her. She felt her temper flaring. Their little argument had drawn a crowd and everyone was waiting to see her next move. She could back off and admit defeat, losing her face and reputation, or she could beat the pulp out of the woman before her who looked like she needed it.

Picking her choice with little consideration, she growled. "Fine. We'll see about that. Wonder if your women like you.... Dead?"

Kristel chuckled, a dark sound without mirth and Pat looked uncertain for a second. "Oohhhh... I don't need improvements in my sex life. It's you I'm worried about. I think your women would love you dead. At least then they don't have to feel those disgusting fingers trailing all over their skin." Kristel gave a little shudder and a look of contempt and disgust to emphasize on her distaste of the thought of the stubby fingers touching her.

Laughter floated around the pub at that and Pat exploded. She lunged headfirst into Kristel, who was prepared for her reckless move. She stepped to her left, leaving the stool that she had been leaning on in her place and Pat ran smack into the metal structure. The dazed woman turned around and grabbed Kristel, tearing her cloak off her back. The room gasped audibly at the sight that was revealed to them in that move and Kristel gave a feral grin.

"Like my tattoo, hon? I just got it... especially for you." she flexed her right arm and laughed as Pat growled. She was one easy person to taunt. A dagger flicked into view. Kristel eyed the blade and gave an amused smile.

"Little girls shouldn't play with knives. You could get hurt." her hand settled on her leather belt that could easily serve as a whip if need be. The stocky woman charged at Kristel and she pulled out her belt, lashing it out across her back. The blade came back, flashing left and right. Kristel got nipped on her arm and she winced while Pat laughed. She could sense that Alex was fighting as well and stole a glance to her right. She was engaged with a guy that looked like incredible hulk, save for the green skin. Pat rushed at her again, determined to finish the fight. Kristel turned unexpectedly and her arms grabbed Pat's extended one with the blade, plunging it back into the body behind her. She could feel the life seep out from the collapsing body at the same moment her eyes met Rachel's horrified ones.

Oh god. Why did she have to see this? The anger and heat left her body at that one look from her ex-lover's eyes and she felt limp. Alex had the man on his back and groaning and she was grinning at Kristel. Her smile froze when she saw the expression on her partner's face. What is it with her and that woman? she wondered.

Kristel had expected Rachel to turn away and walk out of her life forever. She expected her to proclaim that it was a mistake having been with her. But never did she expect the tall beauty to walk up to her with all the love showing in her eyes and touching her cheek with those long fingers. She leaned into the caress and Rachel smiled. "My hero." she murmured softly before a man approached Kristel from behind. Alex jumped to her side at once but the man raised his hand in mock surrender.

"Our boss invites the two of you up to talk to him." They had done it. They were in.




They were led up a dark stairway into the vip room. Kristel had whispered for Rachel to wait for her at her old apartment, and she had agreed. She wanted her out of harm's way. Everything else could wait. They were left alone in the room facing the back of the man they had come for.

"Welcome. I see that you have... gotten rid of my partner." a low rumbling voice greeted them. Kristel tensed.

"It was a fair fight."

A deep chuckle. "Yes. No doubt about that. I was thinking of a replacement some time ago already. Looks like you took care of it for me. Thank you." Kristel wanted to clap her hands and laugh but she didn't.

"What do you mean?" she asked, feigning ignorance. She knew that Alex was grinning like she was inside. Bingo. They caught the big fish.

"I mean. You are my next partner. If I decide to let you live, that is." the chair swivelled around and Kristel felt like someone had squeezed the air out of her lungs. She knew that face well. The sickening face of the strongly religious and pious who had preached about the word of the lord to her ex- lover. The man looking at her was Pastor Thomas.


"Wait for you in safety while you're in danger? I think not, love." Rachel mumbled under her breath. She had almost lost Kristel twice, once to Jason and his men and when she had let her walk out of her life. She wasn't about to let it happen a third time. The brunette slithered down the pipe that was connected to the side of the building and peered into the window. Her breath caught when she heard the voice addressing her love. It was so familiar. So irritatingly familiar. It was the same voice that preached God's words to her. It was Pastor Thomas' voice. She waited silently as the conversation unfolded within the room.

"You thought you had her, didn't you?" he pointed at Kristel, hate in his voice. Alex looked from the man to her partner, wondering where she had made such a powerful enemy even though she was out for the past god knows how many months, high on drugs and alcohol. "But no, I made sure that she made you leave her. With all my words of persuasion... I almost had her where I wanted her. In my arms."

Both Kristel and Rachel did a mental double take at that. "Then something happened and she stopped believing. God, how I wanted to just kill you. Not that you weren't doing such a good job of it yourself with your heroin and crap."

Rachel's heart lurched. Heroin? her love was on heroin?

"Just when I thought that I've had you out of my life for good, you come back here. So, what's it gonna be?" Kristel didn't get what he was asking.


the man laughed maniacally, an insane tone that made all three women's skin crawl.

"Do you wanna kill yourself or do you want me to do it for you?" he asked. Alex smirked. This man was way too sure of himself. She inched her hand lower and lower to where her boot touched her inner calf. The man's attention was focused on Kristel and she used that to her advantage. Pressing against her leg was a dagger. She pulled it out slowly.

"I'll tell you what, asshole." Kristel spoke in her clear voice. "Why don't you go fuck yourself in some hole on the wall a few times before you come back and talk to me?" the enraged man rose from his seat.

"What? You dare talk to me like this?" right that moment, the dagger flew across the room, embedding itself in the man's shoulder. Alex did a somersault and landed before the man on his desk. She kicked out at him, making him land back onto his chair. She rounded behind him and tied him to the chair before he knew what was happening, so deep was the pain in his shoulder.

"Okay, Kris!" Alex shouted. Kristel ran to his computer, clicked a few keys and got the information they needed. Rachel chose that moment to enter the room from the window.

"Rachel? What the- didn't I tell you..." Rachel cut Kristel off with her fingers.

"I know, love. I just couldn't leave you. Not again. Never again." Kristel didn't know what to say. Alex smiled to herself.

So this was Rachel. The tall woman's warm gaze froze as she turned towards the bonded man by the desk.

"You." she said pointedly. "Bastard." her leg came up and kicked at the man's groin.

Owwwwie... Alex thought to herself as blood and other stuff stained the man's pants.

"C'mon. Let's go." Kristel said, breaking the silence. They had printed out all the information and had called the police. The sirens announced the arrival of the good guys and it was time they got out of the place. Taking one last glance at the pathetic Pastor, Kristel slipped through the window.


"Thanks for everything, Kris." Alex murmured into her partner's ear as they left the building. The night had gone by so fast that she almost didn't believe that they had completed their assignment in one day.

"No problem. It's the least I can do for someone who got me through some of my roughest times." Alex grinned.

"Now, any day you wanna explain the whole story to me, I'm free." Kristel blushed a little and Alex almost laughed out loud. That was rich! "So I figure that you won't be coming to my place tonight?"

Kristel's blush deepened. "No. I... We have things to work out. I'll look you up after I settle everything." Alex nodded. "Yeah you'll need to come collect your pay."

Kristel frowned. "What pay?" Alex sighed. "For the assignment, you dumbo. That's why you're in this outfit, you know." she rolled her eyes.

"You're sharing the pay with me?" Alex was a little miffed. "Well, duh. Did you think I was gonna run away? we're partners, right?"

Kristel grinned. "Yup. Always." she said before she turned to leave. "I'll see ya' soon." Alex grinned back and wiggled her brows.


Entering her old apartment, Kristel was surprised at the sight that greeted her. The place looked spic and span, not a thing of hers out of place. Actually it looked cleaner than it ever did before.

"Um, I bought the place." Kristel looked at Rachel, surprised.

"What for?" Rachel fidgeted a little.

"I... Well I thought maybe you would come back and I wanted you to have a clean place to sleep in." Kristel was moved beyond words.

"Thank you." she whispered.

Rachel smiled back at her love. "I'm sorry. For everything that I put you through. Most of all, I'm sorry that I let you leave me. I'm so sorry. Will you have me back in your life?" Kristel tensed a little. It had been one long hard year and she had slipped into the lowest low and had started climbing back to the light. She was afraid at what would happen if Rachel left her again. Reading the look in her eyes, Rachel walked up to Kristel and stood before her.

"No, love. It would never happen again. I'm sorry that it did and nothing I can say could make it right, I know. But please, give me another chance and I promise you that whatever happens, we'll go through it together. If you will have me.... Please, Kris.... I can't live without you. The past year has been hell. I love you."

Rachel let her eyes tell Kristel the depth of her feelings, still unsure of Kristel's relationship with the ash blonde back at the pub. When Kris finally leaned up to kiss her lips, she let go of the breath she didn't know she had been holding. In that one kiss, Kristel had told her all she wanted to know.

"Oh Kris...." she held the smaller woman to her tightly as tears slipped from her eyes.

"I love you too, Rachel... And I've missed you more than words can say."

Kristel moaned into the mouth that upon hers. She had missed Rachel so much. Missed this so much. The familiar heat engulfed her and she succumbed to it.

"No." she growled into the taller woman's ear when her lips left hers to trail a path down her throat. Rachel looked up into those eyes and felt in them so much passion and love that it sent a jolt of desire down south. The room sizzled with heat and desire. Both women could smell the other's arousal and were more turned on by it.

"I want you." Kristel whispered in a seductively voice that made Rachel shiver involuntarily. Before she knew it, her hands were pulled back and tied at the wrists with the leather belt that Kristel had around her waist.

"Kris... Where did you lear-" her words were cut short by a hot kiss on her lips that left her trembling with need for more.

"Don't talk till I say that you can." Kristel drawled. Licking her lower lips, Kristel gave her an erotic smile that bared all her lust for Rachel to her. "If you want me to stop, just say it and I will." Rachel nodded mutely as Kristel carried out her seduction plan that lasted all through the day. Rachel never said stop.

The sun shone brightly into the room and a small figure groaned as she buried her face deeper into her makeshift pillow- a shoulder of another figure that was lying on the bed beneath her. The smaller figure that was Kristel cracked open an eye when she felt her pillow chuckle.

"What?" she deadpanned. Her companion gave her a dazzling smile that rivaled the sun's rays anytime.

"You haven't changed much, love. Still think the sun rises at the wrong time?"

Kristel snickered, letting a smirk transform her features. "Mm.... That, and the fact that I haven't slept this well in ages." Rachel's gaze soften. "I'm sorry."

Kristel smiled. "Stop saying that. It's over, alright?" Rachel nodded, her guilt somewhat lessened. "I've missed you so much, Kristel. I've missed us so much. I miss waking up with you by my side, miss having to wake you up in the mornings,"

At that, Kristel snickered softly, slapping the taller woman's stomach affectionately. "Miss hearing you say that you're hungry, miss kissing you, miss seeing you smile, miss hearing you say you love me..." Kristel put two fingers to silence her lover. "Okay okay. I get your point."

Then, tracing the outline of those ruby lips, she whispered "I love you. Love you. Love you. Always have, always will. Always, always will." Rachel teared a little at that, recalling the way they had bantered about saying "Never" and "Always" in their past lives. Her fingers brushed lightly across Kristel's right arm that was draped over her.

"Nice tattoo." Kristel glanced at the cobra. "Yeah. Nice job the man did. I was thinking about piercing my tongue." she commented, conversationally.

"Pierce your tongue?" a brow arched up that beautiful face of Rachel's. She had discovered a couple more additional piercings on her lover's body the night before. In addition to the familiar silver hoops that lined her lover's ears, Kristel had gotten her nipples pierced too.

"Yeah, why? Yyou don't think it'll be nice?" Kristel's brows furrowed at her lover's reaction.

"No... I mean, I wonder how it'd feel if you... Umm...licked...uhmm..." realization dawned upon Kristel as she chuckled at Rachel's rapidly reddening face. "Naughty naughty..." she smirked, leaning down to kiss her lightly, letting her know that she knew where her train of thoughts were going.

"Hey, if you're here, where's Eric?" Kristel remembered the older woman's son suddenly.

"I got Jacintha to baby-sit him." Kristel chuckled again. Jacintha was her good friend from the campus days. "Really. That means you have the whole day free?" she asked, raising her brow suggestively. Her lover's smile mirrored her own as she nodded, leaning up to capture Kristel's lips in hers.

"Very free... Mistress..." she growled sensuously as a whole new gleam took over Kristel's eyes. It was going to be a loooong life.

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