Eternity in an Hour

by Ri


Disclaimer; This the third part of my Time Flies series this one you really do need to read both Time Flies and In a Grain of Sand to understand what is going on.JI claim no ownership of Xena, Gabrielle or Lara Croft and friends I'm just borrowing them for this little adventure. There is a committed loving relationship between to woman. There is some bad language and sexual content but nothing graphic.

I'd like to thank Larisa and MJ for putting up with my torturing them with this tale and all the help they gave me, Thanks you two as always.JEnjoy


        "Yes, my darling?"

        "What are you doing here? Am I dead?"

        "No Sweetheart, of course you're not. I am here to warn you and your beloved."

        "You know of my Angel, Daddy?"

        "Yes Sweetheart, I am very happy for you both. I am here to warn you that you and your beloved are in great danger. When you awake you must prepare to..."

***                ***

        "Daddy!" Cried Lara as she sat up in bed in a cold sweat.

        "Lara?" Sarah woke up from the cry and was already gathering her love in her arms trying to calm the shaken woman. Lara grabbed a hold of her wife and brought her even closer. There were tears pouring from the frightened eyes and she couldn't speak yet. At the moment all she wanted to do was hold her love close and be comforted by the soft skin that she could feel next to her own.

        Once she got her heart rate back to normal and her mind was functioning normally she pulled back slightly and said softly, "Angel...My Father warned me of danger to us..."

        "Your Father, but I thought he was..."

        "Dead, yes my Angel he is. He seems to be able to reach me from the other side when I am in great danger. He has done it before. By the way he seems to know all about you Sweetheart..."

        "Me?" Sarah squeaked. She had been drying Lara's tears and brushing the long hair out of the beautiful blue eyes.

        Lara smiled into her beloved's shocked green gaze and chucked her little chin gently, "Yes you. He approves of course, how could he not? He was warning us both..."

        "Of what?"

        "I'm not sure. We just need to be ready."

                ***                ***                ***        ***

        They were relaxing in the large back yard of their antebellum mansion that was once Janice's and Mel's home. Their beloved housekeeper Mrs. Peterson had just fed them and they were sunbathing by the large Olympic sized pool.

        Sarah opened her eyes under the protection of dark Rayban sunglasses and turned on her towel to ask the dark woman a question that had been troubling her all morning. "Do you think your Father was warning us of something that was to happen very soon?" She hated that thought because for the last two weeks all they have done is enjoy the total peace and the bliss of their love. Sarah bit her bottom lip thinking she'd hate for it to end so soon.

        "I don't know, Love. The last time he warned me of danger all the pieces of the puzzle came together very quickly," Replied Lara her eyes still closed totally relaxed.

        "Well do you still want to check out the new lay-out at the exhibit this afternoon?"

        "Sure," Lara purred.

        Sarah's face lit up into a blinding smile as she moved closer to her love. As if knowing this Lara suddenly pulled Sarah closer cuddling the smaller woman in her long protective arms. Sarah sighed happily against the strong shoulder as she enjoyed watching how relaxed her love had become lately. She had never seen her this unwound and it was a lovely sight for her to see.

        All they had done for the last two weeks was play and relax. Once in a while they would go to the university to poke their noses into what their researchers had come up with on the new scrolls that they had found. But really this had been a pure vacation with no danger and no tension. They were really getting to know each other and enjoying every moment of it.

        As if reading her mind Lara whispered into the ear right next to her mouth, "As much as I'm enjoying this lovely quiet time with you and I am. I really don't mind the thought of excitement and adventure, that's apart of me too, my Angel."
Lara then proceeded to nibble that ear till the small woman moaned in delight. Then she pulled back and lifted the glasses off her sparkling blue eyes to meet amazed green.

        "How on earth did you know I was thinking that, Sweetie?"

        Lara shrugged and gently cupped both cheeks of her loves face bringing her lips to her own and kissing her tenderly. Then she pulled back slightly and said, "I sort of felt don't really know how..."

        Sarah kissed her wife's nose and nodded saying, "I get that I know how you're feeling in my own soul. Do you think its part of our soul mate connection?"

        Lara smiled as she gently rubbed the soft cheeks with her thumbs replying quietly, "Yep, I like that..."

        "Hmm, so do I..." Slowly Lara brought their lips together and kissed her love deeply pulling her right on top of her body and holding her close.

        After they ran out of breath Sarah smiled down into the beautiful blue eyes and asked, "Sweetie is it so wrong to enjoy this lovely peace and quiet. Just you and me and nothing else?"

        "No Love, I'm relishing it too. It's just when the adventure does present itself you and I are meant to follow it. We have to be ready."

        "Ok," murmured Sarah as her lips went naturally back to her wife's soft lips and she kissed her loved deeply again. After necking for a while they just held each other close and cuddled together until they both fell into a deep sun induced sleep.

                ***        ***                ***                ***

                "Auntie Mel? What are you doing here?"

                "Hello my Darlin'. I am here to guide you Sweetie."

                "Guide me? Why?"

                "Cause you will be leaving soon and you need to be prepared."

                "Why now, Auntie? Were having so much fun."

                "Cause that's the path you and your beloved chose. The path of adventure just like me and your Auntie Janice."

                "And our Grandmothers?"

                "Yes, my little one."

                "What is the adventure, Auntie?"

                "The way of the Tarot..."

                        ***                ***

        "Auntie...No wait please....Wait!!!" Cried Sarah sitting straight up her eyes still shut. Then slowly she opened her eyes to meet very worried looking blue eyes hovering above her.

        "Damn it Angel, you scared me, "Cried Lara who pulled Sarah into a tight hug. Sarah realized she must have been in Lara's arms when she woke up but couldn't understand why Lara was so scared.

        "How did I scare you?"

        "I couldn't wake you. You woke me up crying and moaning. Even when I picked you up and cradled you in my arms and kissed you all over your face you didn't wake up." Said the anxious brunette hugging her tight.

        Then they pulled back slightly and Lara asked her quietly, "Were you visiting with your Auntie Janice?"

        Sarah shook her head no, "No Love, It was my Auntie Mel. She says she's our guide too. Like your Father. She said we will be leaving soon and we need to be prepared."

        Lara gently brushed the tangled hair out of the big green eyes and asked, "Oh? Did she say why or where?"

        Sarah shook her head and said, "All she said was we had to follow, "The way of the Tarot.""

        Lara's eyebrows both shot up, "You mean the fortune telling deck?"

        Sarah nodded, "Auntie Mel taught me how to read it when I was a kid. We always were reading each other's cards much to my Auntie Janice's annoyance." She said with a smile of memory. "Um, when I am in doubt I still use one of my old decks to guide me. It' it helped me decide to go to Greece after all the dreams I was having."

        Lara smiled and hugged her love saying, "Well I am very grateful to that deck then." She said kissing the smaller woman tenderly. When she drew back she carefully got up bringing her love with her and carrying her into the house and out of the blazing sun.

As she carried her into the downstairs bathroom to shower she said, "I don't know much about that stuff. I have read hieroglyphs in Egypt about the ancient art of the Tarot but I never tried it myself. So Angel you're the expert this time. We will follow your lead." She said with a smile. She had gently placed her love on the floor and was adjusting the temperature of the shower.

        "What?" Sarah's face was stunned.

        "Well its about time you led us on an adventure..."She said taking off her one piece black bathing suit smirking at the hungry green eyes.

        Sarah tried to get back on track stuttering, "L...L...Lara, I am not a leader..."

        "Bullshit Angel, you can be anything you want to be," She said with a knowing look and then with two quick movements took off her loves string bikini, picked her up carrying her into the shower for their mutual pleasure.

                ***                ***                ****                ***

        After a rather lively shower they put on their robes and went upstairs to Sarah's childhood room. It was the room they now shared. Lara loved it; it truly felt like home to her. As soon as she walked in she could just feel her loves imprint on the bright and cheery place.

        Sarah walked over to an old World War 2 footlocker and sat cross-legged in front of it and opened it. Lara admired the old storage space. It was one of her favorite pieces in the room though she had never seen inside it before. It had stickers lovingly placed on it from all over the world by Mel and Janice. Lara knew that Sarah kept all her childhood treasures in it and now she eagerly awaited seeing them. This was her first glimpse because Lara believed even married people needed some privacy.

        So she sat behind her love as Sarah absent-mindedly put her beloved bits and bobs behind her looking for the bag with the tarot deck inside. Each piece made Lara smile because it gave her so many clues to her loves inner life as a child. A traveling checker set which was well used. An old rag doll kept in lovingly good condition. Several Barbie's in various states of undress that made Lara smirk. Several pretty clothes, shoes and accessories that went with the famous dolls. Lara shook her head because she knew how much all that was worth, and that her Angel couldn't have cared less about their value. It was the memories that were important to her little one.

        There was a Chinese checker set, an old dog-eared teen book called, "Hey God, Its me Margaret," That made Lara smile because she read the same book. A very well loved Winnie the Pooh. A Steif bear in a Greek warrior outfit, which made Lara's smile, brighten even more. A set of stuffed Bambi and Thumper toys. All piled up behind Sarah as she kept looking.

        Suddenly with a sigh of relief Sarah pulled out her cards. Lara tried to hide it but she felt disappointed. She was really enjoying this glimpse into her beloved's childhood.

        "What's wrong?"

        Lara shrugged, "Nothing Angel..."

        A frustrated looked crossed the pretty face and there was slight growl in the voice as she said, "Lara?"

        Lara looked uncomfortable but she raised her eyes to meet Sarah's and said, "It's just that I... It was really nice to see all the little things that are your treasures. I've really been enjoying it and I..."

        Sarah looked very shocked, "Really?"

        Lara nodded and smiled sweetly asking, "Can we look at the rest before trying to figure out the clues through the cards? Please?"

        Sarah was shocked that Lara would care about this stuff but she could see by her loves expression that she more then cared. She really seemed to need to be apart of her past in this simple way. "Um...sure."

        "Thanks love," Said the tall woman inching closer so she could hug her wife and kiss her deeply. They explored each others mouth's till they ran out of air and then they began to really look through and play with all the well loved toys and mementos on the carpet.

        They were in the middle of Chinese checker game between Bambi and Barbie when Mrs. Peterson came in with a huge smile on her face. "Hmm! Miss Lara? Miss Sarah? Will you be coming downstairs for lunch this Millennium?"

        "Oops, Sorry Mrs. Peterson. We kind of lost track of time..." said Sarah guiltily looking at her amused mate.

        Lara smiled at the smirking woman and winked at her, "We'll be down in a bit."

        The housekeeper shook her head and went down stairs chuckling.

        Sarah playfully hit Lara's leg. Lara grabbed the little hand bringing the smaller woman into her lap kissing her cheek. "This was fun, Angel."

        Sarah cuddled close and said with a huge smile, "Yes it, do you want me to take the cards downstairs with us?"

        Lara was kissing her way down Sarah's jaw line as she mumbled, "Sure love."

        Sarah forgot about the cards for a while as she was carried to their bed and they played another more grown up game.

        ***                ***                        ***                ***

        After they finished playing upstairs they came down to lunch to receive a lot of teasing from the very amused housekeeper. When they were done they went into the sitting room and sat on the floor. Sarah took her blue silk bag with Celtic symbols on it and pulled out two decks still in their boxes. Lara smiled at how well cared for the cards were it was so like her sentimental love. Sarah's eyes met Lara's and she blushed.

        "Um...This is the Rider deck, it was the first deck I learned on. Auntie Mel actually bought me this one and taught me how to read the tarot with it. This one is the Egyptian one. I got that one myself out of curiosity later. Uh, you're probably the one to use this deck."

        Lara nodded. She took the deck that was handed to her and opened it. Looking at the beautifully painted Egyptian cards with fascination. "Angel, What made you get this one?"

        Sarah continued to look at the cards in her hands as she answered quietly, "I don't know...I thought they were pretty. I also really like Egyptology and just had all that..."

        Lara gently lifted Sara's chin smiling into the shy green eyes as she asked, "And you got to go to Egypt with out leaving the safety of your Aunt's home, Isn't that right my pet?"

        Sarah nodded, and leaned into the gentle hand now caressing her cheek, " know you read me way too well?"

        Lara's smile broadened as she replied, "It's only fair love because you're the only one who can read me at all." Said the dark haired beauty leaning forward and kissing her love on the forehead. Then she pulled back and scooted back a bit saying; "Come on my love lets get to work."

        Sarah nodded as they both took their decks shuffling them and then randomly picked cards to lay them out on the floor in front of them. Sarah then compared them and met Lara's curious blue eyes shaking her head in wonder. "They're the same, Love. I mean they are a bit different in motif and but they are exact same cards in almost the same order. Bizarre huh?

        "No, not really. We are very connected. So what does it mean, Angel?"

        Sarah got comfortable laying on her stomach getting closer to the cards so she could concentrate very hard on both sets of cards in front of her. Her eyebrows were drawn together and her feet were bent at the knees and crossed at the ankles, which were suspended in mid-air. Lara smiled lovingly at her little one she looked like a kid cramming for a big test. She studied her carefully thinking that this must have been what she looked like as a student.

        Sarah's eyes came up and met Lara's. She lifted an eyebrow much like the dark woman would have and asked, "What?"

        Lara chuckled and said gently, "You look like a kid studying for your midterms. You are so adorable." She bent forward and kissed the pert little nose enjoying the pretty shade of red from the blush that now covered the smaller woman's face.

        Sarah rolled her eyes and said with an embarrassed smile, "Well almost, but usually the place is littered with snacks that I'd be munching on..."

        "Oh! Would you like me to run downstairs and get you some cookies and milk?"

        "Nope it would have been coke and chips or crisps as you call them, Love." Replied Sarah with a smirk.

        Lara laughed and said, "Ok crisps and coke it is..."

        Sarah laughed and said, "Don't be silly sit back down. Would you like to hear my interpretation?"

        "Of course," said Lara sitting back quickly next to the blonde her face serious again. "Shoot."

        "Ok, It seems where going on a trip, This first card is the travel card. And we will run into a lot of danger, see the heavy sword card a 10 is a very heavy card." Lara simply nodded listening intensely, "This card with all the staffs on the mans back means a heavy burden. Then we have the Empress and Emperor cards side by side next to them, which I feel, means they are the cause of this burden. They are power cards and the Empress card right next to the burden card means she is the real danger or the greater cause of it. Our out come card is the Ace of Cups which means a great gift of love..."

        "And these mean the same as yours?"

        "Almost, but the travel card and the love card are reversed in your lay out. There all up right in both hands which also means a positive out come."

        "Hmm, So how do you interpret all this, Angel?"

        "That we will travel and oppose a powerful couple, the woman will start what ever it is and be the most dangerous. The outcome will be that our love and strength will over come them in the end."

        Lara face suddenly lit up into smile and she stroked the soft blonde hair as she said, "I love your easy style, My Angel. Ok, so do you feel where we are going to face off against this power couple?"

        Sarah enjoyed the tender attention with her eyes closed as she answered, "Um...That's the part I don't see." She looked up into the soft blue eyes and said quietly, "I don't feel it will be in the cards..."

        "No love, neither do I...I think my Father will tell us."

        "So we wait till tonight?"

        "Yep we wait."

        ***                ***                ***                ***

        They had finished dinner and were cuddled together in Mel's sitting room looking through an old photo album of Lara's. Sarah was studying the picture of Lord Croft seeing some characteristics like her loves and some very different.

        "He looks like a sweet and gentle man," said Sarah quietly looking up into the misty blue eyes with compassion.

        Lara put a long arm around Sarah's shoulders and pulled her closer still, "Oh he was, believe me. He was so kind and gentle with me. He seemed to really understand me. There was no one in my life, till you came along, who could read me like my Father did. He had the softest manner. I always knew I was safe when he was with me."

        Sarah nodded and said, "That's how you know when you're loved. That feeling of loving security you get from people who are special. That's how I felt with the Aunts and now how I feel when I'm with you. Safe and loved."

        Lara smiled and brought Sarah's lips to her own kissing her tenderly. "I know, I feel the same way with you. I know it seems like I don't need anyone, Angel. Until you came into my life I fully believed that. But are my whole life, you mean everything to me. I feel so safe in your arms. Like I finally came home. Daddy always said I should just be patient and someone would come along who would make me feel special. Even when I was a little girl he seemed to know that. He was always saying that I would have someone come into my life that meant even more to me then he did. I never believed that till I looked across a site of history and saw you," She lowered her head and kissed her passionately pouring all the love and desire into the kiss. She explored her love with an all-consuming need till they simply had to part to breathe. As they tangled limbs gently loving each other, the beloved photo album slipped off Sarah's lap on to the rug below.

        When they parted Lara rubbed her cheek softly against Sarah saying with heated emotion that made her quiet voice seemed to echo inside of Sarah, "Thank you my little Angel...Thank you..."

        Sarah pulled back just slightly so she could look at the now dark blue eyes and said quietly, "There is no need to thank me. I love you so much. You're my whole life too. I am so happy we found each other..."

        "Me too darling, I think we need to get to a more comfortable place I have plans that need a bit more room." She then got up swept the smaller woman in her arms and carried her up to their room...

                ****                        ****                *****

        It was cloudy and she couldn't see where she was going. Her hands were out in front of her as she walked and her senses were on full alert. She was all alone and she was desperately trying to find her beloved.

        "Angel...Sarah?" She called. Lara could hear the desperation in her own voice.

        "She's not here, Sweetheart."

        Lara turned quickly and through the clouds she could see the figure of her father. "Daddy?"

        "Yes my child, Please come with me. We have a great deal to discuss."

        She appeared in what looked like her father's old field tent.

        "Sit down, Lara."

        She looked at him quizzically; "It's all right I wouldn't let anything happen to my baby."

        Knowing this to be true Lara lowered herself into one of the chairs but she was still very alert to her surroundings.

        "What is all this mystical stuff, Daddy?"

        "Your challenge this time is not a puzzle of purely human dimensions as you are used to and so good at solving. It is a mystical puzzle that holds several levels and it will be very personal. You must be prepared. You both must be. Your going to rely a lot on your soul mate..."

        "You mean, Sarah?"

        Her father nodded and she could read his approval of her love, which pleased her. "She doesn't realize half her gifts. You will constantly have to encourage her."

        "I'm afraid that's not new for my little Angel, she was very badly emotionally abused by someone. She doesn't feel she's a capable person. Though I think"

        "She realizes she is thanks to your love?"

        Lara blushed and nodded.

        "Yes I foresaw that.."

        "You did?"

        "Yes, I knew she would come to love you..."

        "Wait, how could you know that?"

        "Never mind that now. Child just remember you're her life line just as much as she is yours."

        "I already do know that."

        "That is very good. Because on this adventure you will need her very much."

        "I always need her."

        Lord Croft smiled and nodded.

        "Where are we going Daddy?"

        "First New York City, then the land of the lights..."

        ***                ***        ***                ***

        The scene faded and she found herself in Sarah's arms shaking with tears going down her cheeks. She blinked her eyes and wiped them looking into the concerned green eyes full of love for her.

        "Are you ok?" Asked Sarah, quietly gently stroking her back and running her fingers through the tangled black hair.

        Lara sat up against the pillows nodding. Then she pulled Sarah close and hugged her tight needing the feel of her love in her arms to balance her again. Finally she loosened her hold and pulled back kissing Sarah on the cheek and saying, "Yes Angel, I'm fine..."

        "What happened?"

        "Aparently we are going a mystical journey."

        "Oh?" Sarah's face was comically surprised which made Lara smile slightly.

        "Yes, come closer please," Said Lara pulling Sarah on to her lap and kissing her along her neck.

        Swallowing and trying to keep her thoughts where they belonged, "Um, Didn't your father say where?" She asked in a shaky voice as tingles shot through her body.

        Lara pulled back from nibbling the little ear to whisper, "Sort of, where going to New York City and then the land of lights." Then she kissed her way down to pulse point at the center of the neck sucking gently making the small woman's body shiver in delight.

        Breathing heavily as Lara pulled back to kiss her way to the other little ear, Sarah muttered, "Where?'

        Reaching the other little ear she whispered, "I haven't the foggiest," Then she pulled the lobe into her mouth sucking it gently nibbling lightly causing the smaller woman purr in enjoyment.

        We'll worry about this quest a little later, Thought Lara as she kissed her way to the points south which was far more enticing at the moment.

        ***                ***                ***                ***         

        Lara was in the conservatory looking at all the plants and flowers lovingly maintained by her mate. This had been Mel's pride and joy and from what Sarah had told her she and Mel had a lot fun in this beautiful Garden of Eden learning about plants and just spending quiet time together.

        Lara liked the peaceful setting to think and meditate in. She was sitting in a comfortable chair looking at the orchids that Sarah had just transferred and trying to sort through her feelings about this adventure. She had a feeling it was going to be an all-encompassing one and that it would really test their mettle. She knew what they were about to discover would change their lives and she was very worried about her Angel.



        Lara turned toward the door of the old conservatory and saw her bride in the golden light of a brilliant sunset. "You are so beautiful. You truly are an angel did you know that?"

        "Thank you, but I think your trying to distract me."

        "Who me?" Lara asked with a wicked smile. "I guess sort of but not really. You are so much apart me that when your all right and happy then I am too."

        Sarah chuckled and shook her head; "You're still trying to divert my attention from you. You looked really upset when I walked in. Are you ok?"

        Lara walked over to her wife and hugged her tightly saying softly; "Yes I'm fine. You always read me perfectly, my Angel. I guess I am not sitting very well with this adventure. I don't like not knowing anything other then something is going to happen. I like to be prepared and I am aware this will stretch both of us to our limits. I am very...well I'm a bit..."


        Lara nodded and caressed a soft cheek looking deeply into beloved green eyes getting comfort from their depths. Sarah seemed to always give her a sense of peace some how; "Yes that's the word. Weird, huh?"

        "No, I feel that way too. I do trust Auntie Mel and your father so it should be ok..."

        "Yes I know that, I trust them too. I'm trying to focus on that but I..."

        "Your worried?"

        "Very," Said Lara quietly. She looked around the glass room and asked, "Did Mel design this?"

        "No, her father did. It is so beautiful. I always feel like she's with me here. I used to cuddle in that chair and think about things and I felt that Auntie Mel was protecting me. I think that they guided me the first time to you in that very chair. It's where I had my first dream that led me to Greece and you..."

        Lara's eyes widened, she had no idea of why she too was always drawn to that same chair. "Really?"

        Sarah nodded against her shoulder.

        "Well then this has just become my favorite place in the house."

        ***                ***                ***                ***

        They were now in the penthouse in New York that Lara had inherited from her Father. The tall woman smiled as she watched her love ooh and ahh over the year-around garden with a view of Central Park.

        They were in the kitchen eating dinner and Lara was reading some paper work and a letter from her father. It was arranged that she would get all this information now before his death so many years ago. Once again shocking the hell out of the dark woman when the packet arrived by messenger minutes after they had first arrived themselves at their penthouse.

        Lara sighed as she put the papers down and sipped her coffee.

        "What does it say?" Asked Sarah curiously.

        "It makes little sense to me, Angel. We are just to wait here and whatever we are suppose to do will be made clear to us."

        "What about all that paperwork?"

        Lara shrugged and looked uncomfortable, "Even stranger. It's just a lot of information on Polynesian Mysticism..."

        "Oooh, can I see it, please?"

        Lara smiled affectionately and said, "Sure, knock yourself out." She chuckled as the curious woman seized the papers with unbridled enthusiasm.

        Sarah looked up though her bangs into her wife's amused blue eyes and asked quietly, "Do you think I'm being silly?"

        "No, I think your curiosity is adorable."

        "Um...I just have always been fascinated by this stuff and..."

        "Angel, you don't have to explain to me. Remember on this adventure you're the leader and I'm merely the humbler follower..."


        Lara laughed and said, "Sweetheart I think it's great that you're interested and very good at this. Why on Earth would you think otherwise?"

        Sarah put the papers down on the table and stared down at the napkin in her lap playing with the cotton folds as she replied quietly, "I always kept this part of me very quiet. Auntie Janice and Auntie Mel were like you they thought it was great and encouraged me to follow my interests."

        "Oh that God damn Bitch!" Lara's voice had taken on an angry edge but Sarah still did not look up to see the blazing blue eyes.

        "Um yes...She and my cousins thought such thoughts were either silly or even evil. She forbade me to even meditate and..."

        "Forbade you!!" Lara stood up and walked to look out the window. She felt like flying to North Carolina and beating the crap out of the cruel older woman. She walked over to Sarah and gently lifted the chin till the sad green eyes met her own now warm blue ones. "My Angel, don't let what that old cow said or did affect you like this. You are a free woman. You can do anything you wish. If you want to go running naked in the snow you can do it." Lara was caressing the cheek and gently brushing back the golden hair from the widened green eyes.

        Sarah slowly smiled and nodded saying with an ironic twist to her voice, "Naked in the snow?"

        Lara's smile broadened and became wicked; "Well I think I would have to join you for that adventure and I'd be sure we had plenty of privacy because the snow would melt pretty damn quickly from what we end up doing next..."

        "Lara!" Yelped Sarah blushing deeply as two strong arms quickly picked up the smaller woman and Lara held her close. Sarah snuggled in those loving arms hugging the tall woman around the neck and resting her head against the warm shoulder, "Thank you Sweetie, you once again made me feel better about myself."

        "My pleasure you have an awful lot to feel good about."

        Lara started to carry her out of the Kitchen, "I love you." Said Sarah quietly.

        "I love you too," Said Lara as she rubbed noses with small blonde before she started to carry upstairs to their bedroom.

        ***                ***                ****                ****

        Lara was walking down a long line of great statues showered by the light of a thousand stars. The huge statues were made of stone and were of a very ancient origin.

She couldn't find her Angel. She looked everywhere for her. "Angel...where are you love?" Tears of frustration flowed down her cheeks as she anxiously tried to find her among the monoliths.

        "She is safe, my Child," said a calm familiar voice from behind her.

        Lara whirled around and came face to face with her father. "Really Daddy? I am so scared, I love her so..." Her heart was going a mile a minute she was terrified she would never see her again.

        "Really Sweetheart, She is fine. Please calm down. You're asleep."

        "This dream feels so different Daddy, I feel like she is in great danger.."

        "You both are in great danger so it is not with out reason. There is a great evil force hunting for you both my child. You must come here to this place and face it. Here is the only safety net in this battle against this great evil."

        "But where is here?" Lara was trying hard to calm down but she couldn't seem to bring her breathing and heart rate back to normal.

        "It is now called Easter Island."

        ***                ***                ***                ***

        "No!!!!!" Screamed Lara sitting up in bed trying to catch her breath she was crying and shaking almost beyond control. She was all alone in bed and this terrified her. "Angel!!!!" She cried at the top of her lungs. "Sarah, Where are you?"
She called trying to get her senses back so she could find her.

        Sarah heard the scream from the bathroom but couldn't leave quite yet. As soon as she could she rushed into the bedroom and gathered the shaking woman in her arms. "I'm here Lara, I'm here. Sweetie, Shh, it's all right I was just in the bathroom. Everything is all right." She was holding her close and gently rubbing her back as she tried to soothe the upset woman. "What happened? What's wrong?"

        Lara couldn't speak yet her teeth were chattering she was so terrified. She clung desperately to her love holding her as close as she physically could. Slowly her breathing became normal again and as the soft hands eased her fears she felt herself calming down.

        Once she was back to herself she eased back slightly and said looking into the worried green eyes, "I'm...I...I'm so Angel...I don't..."

        "Shh, don't be silly Lara. It must have been a horrible nightmare."

        "No, not all of it was a nightmare. I talked to Daddy. He told me where we were going to go but then..." She started to shake and cry again.

        "You don't have to tell me, Sweetie. Just calm down, It doesn't matter what happened..."

        "No Angel, I do have to tell was...I was talking with Daddy then I felt these icy hands around my throat. They were made of stone...and it felt....I couldn't...I thought I was going to die..." She burst into tears.

        "Shh, Its ok...It was just a nightmare... Were ok... I love you," Sarah was kissing Lara and trying to calm her as best she could. She was very worried because this was so out of character for her beloved.

        Lara swallowed and rubbed her cheek against Sarah's trying to get the feeling of those cold stone fingers out of her mind. Her eyes seared into Sarah's looking for comfort and strength and she was very relieved when she found it.

        "Angel it felt like that thing was going to strangle me... I couldn't get away no matter how hard I tried or what I did. I felt so"


        Lara nodded cuddling close to her sweet love feeling better in just knowing they were together and safe.

        "One of my great weaknesses is that I don't like to be vulnerable. I've fought my whole life to be strong and independent. I guess I will have to face this fear on this trip, huh?"

        "I'll help you. Lara, you've helped me so much I owe you..."

        "Nothing. I know you will help me. I don't doubt that for a second. Sweetheart, I know I've helped you over some bumps but you've helped me too. We have had a loving mutual exchange of support I don't see that stopping anytime soon. That's what this adventure is all about. Love."

        Sarah nodded and smiled, "Yes love. Forever?"

        "And ever," replied Lara kissing the smaller woman deeply. She needed the contact so much. The kiss and love she was getting was the only cure for what ailed her. She pulled Sarah on top her deepening the contact even more.

        When they ran out of breath Sarah whispered, "Interesting position."

        Lara kissed Sarah's nose and smiled saying, "Yes, I like this position."

        Sarah slowly began to kiss her way down Lara's jaw line. Lara allowed her head to roll back against the pillows giving her love full control.

        Sarah looked up at Lara for approval and found submission instead. She was so stunned she stopped. The blue eyes opened and she looked into confused green.

        "Lara, are you sure your ok?"

        "I'm fine. I was enjoying that. Why did you stop, Angel?"

        "Um, I wasn't sure if..."

        Lara looked at her love compassionately and asked quietly, "If I liked what you were doing?"

        Sarah nodded and lowered her head.

        Lara pulled her love up till they were even and kissed her cheek, "Sweetheart, I love you. I love just the feel of you against me. Everything we do is wonderful. You are the only one who ever affected me like this. I need you Sarah...please, I need you more then ever..."

        Sarah raised her eyes till she met sincere blue eyes so full of love she thought she would fly from the pure joy of it. "Really?"

        Lara nodded caressing the soft cheek, She gently angled the little head so she could kiss her passionately. She deepened the kiss holding her tight to her body. When they pulled back she whispered back gently, "Really."

        Sarah smiled and began to make love to the tall woman again, Lara purred in total reaction to the warm mouth against her skin.

        Suddenly the phone rang. Both heads swirled to look at the offensive instrument. Still holding tightly to Sarah, Lara lifted the receiver and said "Hello" In a very harsh voice. She listened for minute then her face reflected shock.

        "Um, ok send him up."

        "Who is it?"

        "A man calling himself, Mr. Seira."

        "Who on earth is that."

        Lara smirked gently brushing blonde lockes from green eyes, "It's our old friend Aries, of course."

        ***                ***                ***                ***

        "Mr. Seira?" Lara asked the dark man sarcastically as he entered their apartment.

        He glared at her and said, " A. You two wouldn't have liked it if I had just popped in the middle of your bedroom. B. If I say my name they usually say something annoying like, "Oh yeah and I'm Mr. Aquarius." And finally C. You damn well know why the hell I'm here don't you?"


        "Shit, Lara do I have to draw a road map?"

        "Ok, ok sit and tell us whatever it is," Lara said just as annoyed. She and Sarah were now seated side by side on the big overstuffed couch. She glanced at her love to see if she was as annoyed at having their intimate moment interrupted. Sarah looked amused more then annoyed which confused Lara but she shrugged and hugged Sarah close to her and looked across at the God of War who was sitting in an easy chair with an annoyed expression on his face.

        "Nice manners, Lady Croft."

        "Give it a rest, God of War..."

        "You know you two could keep this up all night but since it's already 2am I really would like to get on with it. I'm exhausted." Said Sarah quietly interrupting the verbal jousting.

        Aries looked stunned, but Lara looked very proud. She hugged Sarah and kissed her cheek, then looked up at Aries and said, "She's right."

        "Well, well, well, It seems the battling bard is making appearance. Good, you will need that Sarah."

        "Why?" asked Lara suddenly nervous.

        "Someone from your Grandmother's past is targeting you girls since Xena and Gabrielle are unworthy targets at the moment."

        "What does that mean?"

        "It means that our Grandmothers are both infants and really not up to battle yet so as their descendants we are this beings targets of revenge." Said Lara calmly looking right into the dark eyes of the God of War. "Right?"

        Aries nodded, "The bitch Alti is coming after you. You both need to go to a very spiritual place where you will be guided on how to defend yourself..."

        "You mean Easter Island?"

        Aries nodded looking grim.

        "When Aries?"

        "Very soon, I'd start packing."

        ***                ***                ***                ***

        Sarah and Lara walked back to their room hand in hand. The God of War had left with the final words; "Just be ready girls." Lara led her love to their bed and sat down pulling the smaller woman onto her lap. She started to gently kiss her way down from her loves soft lips to her sweet neck. Her fingers were softly rubbing the exposed stomach causing the smaller woman to moan in reaction to the loving attentions.

        Lara kissed Sarah right under the little ear and whispered, "I love you so much. I have such a burning need to protect you." Then she pulled the earlobe into her mouth nibbling gently sending bolts of lighting through Sarah's body making it impossible for her to answer her. Lara really didn't want her to at the moment. She was on the move pulling them back on the bed and flipping them so she was on top and gently starting to kiss her way down the beautiful body beneath her.

        She started to suckle a nipple while her other hand busily kneaded the other one. Then she switched and smiled as she heard Sarah moan and cry out, "Please..."

        "Soon," She purred as she kissed her way across the stomach and sucked on the belly button till she had her love wiggling. She very slowly kissed her way to her love's apex. The legs were spread way out and she saw that Sarah was pushing up like she was trying to get the dark woman's attention where it was needed. Lara smiled and kissed the soaking wet area as she listened to Sarah moan again. She lapped up the sweet nectar causing Sarah to buck and moan. Then she slowly tasted her way into her favorite part of her wife's body with a hungry tongue. She started the ancient rhythm going slowly adding a finger till she sent her love tumbling over the edge in ecstasy falling over herself in pure reaction to her loves eruption.

        When Lara recovered she moved up trembling body till she was cuddling the still reacting woman in her warm loving arms. Sarah looked into the loving blue eyes and smiled, "I love you."

        "Mmm, I love you too." Said Lara kissing her deeply and then hugging her tight.

        Sarah pulled back slightly and then asked, "Why are you so worried about me?"

        Lara's head dipped and she cuddled her head against her loves soft shoulder unable to meet the concerned green eyes. "In all these dreams that I've had so far you were no where to be seen. I was always desperately looking for you. I'm afraid...I'm scared that..."

        "When it really happens you won't be there?"

        Lara nodded against the soft shoulder ashamed and unable to lift her head. Sarah lifted the chin till their eyes met and said gently, "I trust you. I know we will be ok as long as we work together. Our strength comes from our unity."

        "God I love you," Said Lara passionately pulling her love back to her and kissing her deeply.

        ***                ***                ****                ***

        Sarah was walking along a beach looking for Lara. She was worried because she couldn't seem to feel her. She was by a cliff with strange marking on its face, which she felt she understood.

        "Sarah love?"

        Turning she saw her Auntie Mel leaning against the opposite wall.


        Mel smiled and nodded

"Do you know where my Love is?"

        "She is safe and probably fast asleep, Darlin'. You and she are going to have to trust each other completely on this one. You both have so many wonderful gifts. This time though you will have to completely rely and trust in each other."

        "I do trust her. Utterly."

        "Yes Sweetheart, I know you do. You don't trust yourself though and you have to. You will both have to face your greatest fears, you will have to trust yourself and Lara will have to face hers too. When you reach the island you will not only face Alti, but you will face yourselves."

        "Are we going soon?

        "Yes Darlin'"

        "So I will have to try and trust myself what will be my love's challenge?"

        "Her vulnerability. She has never really dealt with that before. She has always skipped around it. Alti won't allow that, she will use it against her. You will have to protect her..."

        "Me? But?"

        "You're the only one who can save her this time..."

        "But I'm..."

        "Sarah, please trust yourself I know Lara does..."

        ***                ***                ***                ***                

        "Auntie? No please Auntie wait! I can't..."Sarah was writhing and crying. Lara held her tight trying desperately to wake her with out scaring her.

        "Sarah, please sweetheart...Love, come back to me," She cried kissing her all over her tear-stained face and gently rubbing her back.

        Suddenly Sarah stiffened and yelled at the top of her lungs, "No!!!!!!!" Then she burst into tears. Lara was shocked by the scream but never lost her hold on the smaller woman. She was trying to comfort her, the best she could whispering into her ear, "Shh Angel, I'm right here. Everything is ok. Shhh, I have you and I'll never let you go..."

        Sarah slowly calmed down in her wife's loving arms. She rubbed her cheek against Lara's warm one. She pulled back and looked into scared anxious blue eyes. Lara gently started to wipe the tears with the back of her hand. Sarah pulled the hand to her and held it under her chin. She said softly, "I'm sorry I scared you Lara."

        "Shh, remember we don't apologize for nightmares in our family. Right?" She said with a slight smile.

        "Right," said Sarah smiling a bit back.

        "Are you all right now, my Angel?"

        Sarah nodded, "Yes, sorry..."

        "Angel," Lara growled.


        "We have an agreement, you violated it twice there is only one answer to this," Lara said with a serious face then proceeded to tickle the small woman till she couldn't hold back her own smile any more and Sarah cried out, "No more sorry's...I promise."

        "That's better." Said Lara with a lopsided grin pulling her back and hugging her close.

        "I, I don't know how it will come about but I think we will be leaving tomorrow."

        Lara was kissing along her jaw line as she mumbled, "Oh?"

        "Mmm, yes Auntie Mel told me."

        Lara pulled back and said quietly, "Our guides seem to be working over time, huh?"

        "Yes, They are very active."

        "So what did Mel say?"

        Sarah's face suddenly reflected the fear she felt from her dream.

        "Angel?" Lara cupped her cheeks with her warm hands and looked deeply into the scared green eyes. It instantly calmed the smaller woman and she answered softly, "We are not only facing Alti but were going to have to face our biggest fears. For me its to trust myself and for you"


        "You will have to trust someone else. Actually rely on someone else to help you..."

        "Who Angel?"

        Sarah closed her eyes and said very quietly, "Me of all people."

        Lara shook her head and kissed the tiny nose, "Open your eyes Angel."

        Slowly green eyes opened to meet blue eyes full of love and compassion. "Honey I don't fear that at all. That is not my biggest fear I trust you completely."

        Sarah's eyes reflected shock as she asked quietly, "Then what do you fear?"

        Lara's eyes suddenly filled with tears as she replied in a barely heard whisper, "My greatest fear is losing you."

        ***                ***                ***                ***

        Lara carried a large silver tray into their room with two large steaming mugs of hot chocolate and a plate of chocolate chip cookies on it. Sarah's eyes filled with affection at the sight.

        "I feel like we're on an episode of the Golden Girls."

        Lara chuckled as she placed the tray on a side table and slid into bed next to Sarah. "From what I've seen of the show since you hooked me on it this should be cheese cake then..."

        "I'm allergic to cheese cake."

        "I know," said Lara kissing Sarah on the cheek and pulling the tray on to its legs in the middle of the bed. "So this is the next best thing." Lara took a huge cookie and stuck into Sarah's mouth with a playful smile saying, "Mmm, good huh?"

        Sarah chewed the soft cookie enjoying the taste as well as the indulgent look in Lara's eyes, "Yes, this is wonderful. So are we having a picnic?"

        "Best thing to do when you can't sleep," replied Lara as she sipped her hot chocolate.

        "Lara, do you have any idea what all this means?"

        Lara saw that Sarah was scared and trying very hard not to show it. She put the cup down and cuddled her, "Sweetheart, we are going to be fine. I promise. I will not let this thing destroy us and what we've built."

        Sarah nodded her head against Lara's soothing body and said quietly, "Do you want to know something really strange?"

        Lara lifted her head so she could look into the beautiful green eyes and then she licked the small woman's nose. She chuckled at the amusing reaction she looked like a cat washing her face.


        "You are just so cute. I couldn't resist. What's strange?"

        "Its not facing Alti that I'm scared of it's the part where we face our own fears."

        "Angel, that's normal. Do remember the scrolls about Alti?"

        "Yes," said Sarah shuddering at the memory of them.

        "I think that's why are guides are preparing us the way they are she will use our own demons against us. Our fears will be her weapons. They are trying to get us ready for that."

        Sarah nodded slowly and replied, "I know that you will be able to do that. I'm not sure about myself though..."

        "Sweetheart, I don't know about myself either. We really need to face these fears before we face her. Then she will have nothing to harm us with."


        "There is a method I learned in Tibet a few years ago that may help."

        "What is it?"

        "Let's enjoy our treat first..."


        Lara took a deep breath and then said, "It's a meditation technique that if we do it correctly we will be able to face our fears together..."

        "Together, how?"

        Lara sighed and looked into her wife's curious eyes with a tinge of doubt, "We will be able to guide each other. We will join our minds through both physical and mental means and once they are joined we will be able to guide each other over every hazard. We will be able to face our fears and defeat them forever."

        Sarah's eyes were now huge as she asked shocked, "You will be able to read my mind?"

        Lara nodded, "Yes and you will be able to read mine."

        ", how long will it last?"

        "Forever. It will be something we will be able to control but it will be from now on."


        "Do you want to do that? Do you trust me?"

        "Yes, I love and trust you. I have no doubts about that. It's just that you will be bored to tears reading my thoughts."

        Lara shook her head smiling, "I have to tell you this, you never bore me. I find you absolutely fascinating. Everything you say and do sets me on fire. You are an incredible woman." Then she put a cookie in her mouth and brought the other side very close to Sarah's. Smiling Sarah took the hint and gently bit the other end. They both chewed till the reached the others lips and kissed each other deeply. They lost themselves for a while in a loving kiss full of promise.

        ***                ***                ***                ****

        They were sitting cross-legged on the floor of the bedroom with their knees touching and hands entwined with each other's. Their eyes were closed and they were both deeply into the meditative state. Sarah was concentrating very hard on the instructions that Lara had given her before they started the complex meditation. She was following a path of light till she came to a golden door. It glowed and all she wanted to do was open it. When she did there was her love in a bright ray of golden light, and Sarah realized that it was Lara's love for her and hers for the dark woman that made the room glow as it did. They smiled at each other and embraced.

        "You are so beautiful," said Lara quietly her voice seemed richer here.

        "So are you. It, strange here its..."

        "This is our safe room. We are deeply within our minds in a very private and safe place. Nothing can happen to us here, This room is bathed in love. We can come here anytime we need each other even if we are in the middle of nightmare we can come in here and we'd be safe."

        "You mean if we were in the middle of one the dreams we've been having we could just leave it and come here?" Sarah asked in wonder. She was amazed that she felt like they were floating and their voices seemed to echo in her mind slightly. Yet she felt completely loved and safe. Both in this room and in these loving arms.

        "Yes Sweetheart, The thing is we will have to build our bond so we are strong enough to leave a very bad nightmare. If it's powerful it could take every ounce of strength and courage to leave it, but once we did we'd be in each others arms and safe."

        "How will this help us against Alti?"

        "We can communicate through a link that this created when we joined. As soon as one of us needs the other it will open and we will at least be able to guide each other though any encounter."

        "And this is forever?"

        "Yes, how do you feel about that?"

        "Wonderful," Her face glowed with joy which made Lara feel like singing. "I'm really a part of you now..."

        "Oh my little Angel, you have been apart of me from the day we met."

        Lara kissed her love deeply, which seemed to cause the strangest effect they felt like they twirling in a circle still tightly embraced in each other's arms. When they parted Lara smiled and said, "Nice special effects, huh?"

        "Yeah, Wow!"

        Lara's smile widened and she caressed the soft cheek. Sarah leaned into the caress and asked quietly, "What do we do now?"

        "Well we need to concentrate on our connection. It's already very strong but we need to make it absolutely unbreakable. Then we'll um...we will have to go through our fears and conquer them."

        "How will we do that?"

        "It will be a dreamscape. We will always be in the safety of this room but we will feel like we were really in the midst of our challenges. We will have to try not to rely on each other during the encounters, we have to vanquish these fears ourselves."

        "Can we get it all over with in one shot?"

        "No, I don't think that is a good idea. First we will strengthen our bond then we'll rest before we fight our personal demons. I think that is the wisest course of action."

        "Ok, how do we strengthen our bond?"

        "We must become truly one. Close your eyes and concentrate till you feel that we are merging into one person. We will breath in the same rhythm and feel as if we were one entity."

        With in they're minds eye they felt as if they were merging. They could feel each other's thoughts and feelings as their own. They felt all the fear. They felt all the love. They felt all the needs. It all became the same as if there was no wall of self that separated them. They were now so connected that not only could they feel each breath come in and out in the same rhythm they could feel the blood rushing through their veins. They were one.

        When they slowly came out of the meditation and opened their eyes at the exact same time they saw their own spirit in their partner's eyes. Neither woman could speak yet it was as if they were still in a deep trance and they were very reluctant to let go of it. Slowly they felt their minds separate and become themselves again but their spirits were still joined and they could feel the link between them as if it had always been there.

        They both blinked and shook their heads.

        "Wow!" Exclaimed Sarah in wonder finally finding her own voice again.

        "Yeah I couldn't put it better myself." Said Lara with a smile.

        Sarah's smile became slightly wicked as she said, "This will be an added bonus to our love life won't it?"

        Lara's eyebrow arched and she suddenly pulled Sarah onto her lap kissing her deeply. As they kissed the physical enjoyment was increased ten fold by the connection of the link. They could feel each others soaring pleasure and just that stimulated increased contact which increased the reactions till they built up into a powerful orgasm which made both woman fall over the edge at the exact same time.

        As they recovered cuddled together in each other's arms Lara whispered with a lazy voice, "Yep, I think you could safely say it will add a new level to our sex life."

        "Sweetie, if this the reaction to a simple kiss anything else might kill us."

        Lara rubbed her cheek against her wife's and said, "I really doubt that, Angel. We have been through a hell of lot sexually I think this will add some nice spice to it though."

        Sarah kissed Lara's chin and Lara was blown away by the reaction her body had to the simple kiss. It was like a bolt of lightning hit her she moaned deep in her throat and kissed Sarah on the cheek causing the same reaction in her little Angel.

        Sarah recovered and whispered, "Um would you like to experiment? We can use our toy?"

        Lara's head snapped up and met playful green eyes with amused blue, "You are so, I don't think we should do that right now. We need to get some sleep if were going to fly to Santiago tomorrow."

        "Aww Lara," Sarah playfully whined.

        "Angel I promise you we will experiment with our toy. In fact given what just cuddling is doing for my libido I am very much looking forward to it."

        ***        ****                        ****                ****

        They were in their hotel suite in Santiago Chile. This was the connecting point to Rapa Nui the current name for Easter Island and its people. They occupied a beautiful one-bedroom suite in the small hotel that faced a garden in the inner court. They would be staying there for two days before going on to the famous small island. They still had a lot of preparing to do before they stepped foot on Rapa Nui.

        Sara was in their bedroom unpacking. Lara had decided they would need a little down time so she went to arrange a city tour for the next morning. Suddenly within her mind she heard the beautiful beloved voice call, "I'm home My Angel."

        Sarah stopped in mid-movement and replied within her mind, "Experimenting are we, Love?"

        She heard a chuckle and then, "No time like the present, Sweetheart."

        "Shall I come in there?"

        "No Angel. Let's see how we do at a distance. Are you sitting down?"

        "No, I was unpacking."

        "Well sit and get comfortable I don't know how long this will take."

        Sarah smiled sweetly and sat on the bed, "Are you sitting too?"

        "Yes Love, I'm sitting on the couch. Are you all set?"

        "Yep, now what?"

        "Do you want to play or do some work first?"


        Another chuckle was heard inside her head which made her smile widen as she leaned back against the stacked pillows then she heard Lara say, "Ok, Let the games begin"

        Suddenly with in her mind's eye she saw herself and very slowly each piece of clothing disappeared from view. As each garment disappeared Sarah felt a string of warm kisses. When her bra disappeared she felt a warm mouth suckling her breast causing Sarah to moan in ecstasy. Her head was thrown back and she had tight grip on the sheets beneath her. The warm mouth was now gently kissing its way to her belly button where it started to suck and she felt soft hand strokes on her back and in her hair. Sarah could barely contain the pleasure, which ripped through her in a swirling tide. When the warm quick tongue lapped up her juices she moaned aloud as well as with in her mind. When she felt two finger enter her, she felt Lara's name leave her lips as she crashed over the edge in tide of pure ecstasy.

        Both in her mind and out loud in the suite she heard Lara scream her name as she fell over long distance. When she recovered enough to speak she said in her mind, "Lara could you come here? I really need you."

        "I am already on my way, Angel."

        Laura stumbled into the room, the thin sundress she had been wearing had been thrown off and she was naked as she kicked the suitcase off the bed and crawled onto the bed. She pulled her wife into her arms hugging her close. When she felt the real moisture of her beloved against her own skin she stiffened, calling out Sarah's name within her mind she fell over the edge. She heard Sarah do the same and they lay in each other's arms trying to catch their breath.

        Sarah had pulled off her sundress as she had recovered from their first experiment in love making with in their minds. Now the two sweaty naked bodies held each other lovingly and slowly recovered from their passion. Unfocused blue eyes met dazed green and Lara said quietly, "See I told you it wouldn't kill us."

        Sarah nodded as she drifted off to sleep against the warm shoulder her head was resting on. Nuzzling her wife's hair Lara followed her wife into a deep sleep.

        ***                ***                ***                ***

        Sarah was nervously cutting some carrots and celery for their lunch. She knew they were going to work on the big one today it was their last chance to do it before they went to the island. The thought of it terrified her.

        "I promise I won't let anything happen to you," Said the soft voice behind her.

        Sarah put the knife down and turned toward her love who was looking at her with those big blue loving eyes melting her heart in one glance. "I know you will...but I have to rely on myself this time Lara and...I really don't think I can..."

        "Yes you can, I have so much faith in you. I wish I could just give it to you. I wish that I could put it into your head like my thoughts because you deserve to believe in yourself. You are such an incredible woman. Please have faith in yourself Sarah; I have seen you grow so much in just the short time I have known you. I'm so proud of you."

        Sarah had tears slowly slip from her eyes, "Thank you so much."

        "There is no need."

        Sarah threw her arms around Lara pulling her close and hugging her tight against her smaller frame. "Thank you for believing in me."

        "It's easy, you should try it some time," said Lara softly.

        Sarah pulled back shaking her head saying, "You never give up do you, love?"

        Lara smiled sweetly and said with a wink, "Nope."

        ***                ***                ***                ***

        Sarah was alone in a deep dark cave. She had to find the way out and she had to do it all by herself. Her heart was beating wildly. She knew that if she wanted she could call out to Lara but that would defeat the purpose of what they were trying to accomplish.

        She paid careful attention to what she was doing and where she was going. She then gasped as she slowly found a way out and followed it. Much to her astonishment she was out of the dark and in bright sunshine.

        ***                ***                ***                ***

        She opened her eyes and looked into sparkling blue eyes. The link had allowed Lara to observe and she was biting her tongue not to interfere. She was so proud of her Angel she was about to burst when she saw she was going to make it. She had a blinding smile on her face when she saw the beautiful green eyes open and the face lit with joy. She hugged her close and kissed her deeply.

        Sarah pulled back slightly and said, "I did it, Sweetie."

        "I knew you would."

        Sarah blushed and said, "You look like I just took my first step."

        Lara rubbed her nose gently against her loves and said softly, "Well my darling in a way you did just that." Then she kissed her again with a deep loving passion.

        ***         ***                ***                ***

        Lara swallowed as she entered the tomb. She saw that Sarah was in trouble. She was trying to get to her but there were several soldiers shooting at her. When the opportunity came she threw one of her guns to Sarah praying that one of the enemies didn't stop her love from getting it. Much to her relieve Sarah caught it.

        She couldn't see what happened next because a huge man with an oozy blocked her path. She had to use every bit of ability she had to get around him. When she did she couldn't see Sarah.

        "Angel!" She shouted.

        Slowly out of the clouds of smoke Sarah walked out toward her with a sheepish grin holding out the gun toward her love with a shrug.

        ***                ***                ***                ***

        Lara opened up her eyes and met Sarah's eyes who was just as surprised as she was, "Did that really happen?" Sarah asked quietly.

        "In a way, Angel it was real to us so in that way yes it really happened. You did what you had to do and, I...I did nothing..."

        "Yes you did, If you hadn't gotten that weapon to me I wouldn't have been able to make it. We are a team, right?"

        Lara kissed Sarah deeply and then she pulled back gently tilting her forehead against her loves, "You bet we are."

        "We defeated our demons."

        Lara pulled back and nodded, "Yep we sure did. I guess were ready, huh?"

        "Yes, I think we're ready."

        Lara nodded then pulled Sarah into a hug and said into her wife's ear, "Don't worry love we'll be fine."

        ***                ***                ***                ***

        They arrived on the island at dusk and they were setting up their camp in a pre-registered area. Sarah looked around at the beautiful sites and said to Lara, "You know if we have to fight against great evil at least the fates picked a nice spot for it to happen."

        This was greeted with a huge smile and peel of laughter from the seated woman. Lara was working on starting their small-contained campfire as she shook her head still chuckling at her wife's statement. "You are the sweetest nut I have ever known."

        Sarah chuckled too as she sat down next to her love on the log by the campfire, "Oh and how many nuts have you known?"

        "Many but I only fell in love with one of them." Said Lara drawing Sarah closer by putting her arm around her loves shoulders. Sarah cuddled her head on the warm broad shoulder and sighed with contentment.

        "And who was that?"

        Sparkling blue eyes met mischievous green eyes as she bent over to kiss the pert little nose and said, "The one I just kissed."

        "Good, cause I'd hate to have to get up and beat the crap out of someone else I'm really comfortable right now", Lara laughed again bringing Sarah onto her lap and holding her even closer. "You are a very scary woman, Sarah Covington Croft."

        "Is that good or bad?"

        "Doesn't matter a bit which because I love you just the way you are. I don't want you to change one thing. There isn't apart of you that I don't worship and adore."

        "Thank you, I feel the same way," Sarah kissed the dark woman passionately. Lara was about to pick Sarah up to carry her toward their bedrolls when she stiffened and pulled back.

        "Who is out there?" Said Lara in a strong voice.

        "What is it with your line, hmm? Do I smell or something?" Asked Aries with a smirk as he strolled out of the bushes.

        Lara's eyebrow rose and she said, "Yes, you could say that. Could Grandmother tell when you were around too?"

        "Yeah, Xena always knew when an Immortal was around. She seemed to really zone in on me though. I mean she could be really in the thick of things and sense me even though you'd have thought she was too busy. Man it was annoying..."
        "Awww," Said Lara with no sympathy in her voice.

        "Hey! I am here to help."

        "Why?" asked Sarah quietly.

        "Cause I am a nice guy," He tried to look sincere which caused a snort to come from Lara and snicker from Sarah.

        "What are you up to this time?"

        "Maybe I like you girls, did you ever think of that?"

        "Yes, I think you do but I also think you are up to something. What is it?"

        "That is another trait that you and Eve both got from Xena you are way too suspicious."

        "With very good reason, "said Sarah.

        "Listen to me you little brat..."

        "Aries, Why don't you just tell us what you're up to and save us a lot of needless bickering."

        "I like bickering."

        Lara just glared at him and he shrugged his shoulders and created a big comfortable chair to sit in. He made himself comfortable and said, "I hate Alti, she destroyed a lot of Xena that was good. Even I recognize that. Gabrielle saved her but she was never the same after that witch played with her mind. She was purely mine till then. She destroyed all chances that Xena had with Solan and then she came up with that vision to haunt them both with of the crucifixion it was enough to make me scream cause I couldn't raise a finger to stop any of it. She gives any other evil being a bad name. I don't want her evil to continue so I'm here to help.

        "Aries you are so full of shit! I read the scrolls. You exploited what she did with Solan and when Eli resurrected them you tried to use that to your advantage. So honestly why are you suddenly trying to get involved in all this?'

        "That was Gabrielle's interpretation of the Chakram of Light and darkness. I had nothing to do with Solan...Hope killed the boy not me. I just...I did direct...I tried to help..."

        "Aries, I read the scroll you tried to manipulate Xena and you almost succeeded in getting her to kill her soulmate." She growled gently placing Sarah on the log so she could get up and confront the God.

        "Easy...I...Well I...Lara I can help you girls. You need me."

        "No we don't! We're prepared..."

        "Up to a point yes you are. What you did was a good start but you still need me."


        "Cause I know what will finally destroy her."

        ***                ***                ***                ***

        They were both deeply involved in their own dreams; they allowed a light link in case the other was needed. Lara had suggested they needed a night of uninterrupted sleep if they were to face Alti the next day so they made a conscious effort not to be within their mate's dreamscape.

        Lara was on the beach, on the island and she was by the famous Petroglyphs. She looked at them very closely and was astonished to realize she understood them completely.

        "That is because you were there my child."

        Lara looked up at her Father and asked quietly, "What do you mean I was there?"

        "One of your previous lifetimes..."

        "Really? I was a native Rapa Nui?"

        "Yes, you were they're Queen and Sarah was your consort."

Two eyebrows shot up in shock as Lara reacted, "Your kidding?"

        "No, Don't you feel comfortable here? Like everything is familiar to you."

        Lara tilted her head and then slowly nodded, " does. It feels very good here in fact. Sarah and I were just talking about it. She feels the same sense of belonging. Is that why this place was chosen for this battle? Because My Angel and I were once it's rulers?"

        "No, it was chosen because it is a power place. It is called Te Pito Te Henua, which means "The navel of the world." You were chosen to battle because you and Sarah own the spiritual power of this place..."

        "So she wants to fight us to obtain the power?"

        "Yes, exactly My Child."

        "What can we do, Daddy?"

        "Call your wife, she needs to join us."

        Lara nodded and smiled as she sent a message through her link, "Angel I need you please come to me as quickly as you can."

        With in a blink of an eye Sarah seemed to appear out of no where. When she saw Lara she ran to her and hugged her tight.

        "Are you ok?"

        "Shh, yes I'm fine." She kissed her wife's forehead and said quietly, "I needed you here so we can plan our strategy against Alti. Also my father wanted to meet you."

        "Your Father?"

        Lara smiled and gently turned Sarah's head toward the older man. She smiled at the nice looking older gentlemen and held out her hand to shake hands with him. He took her hand and gently kissed the top of it.

        Lara's face was bright as sunshine as she said, "Angel this is my beloved Father. Daddy, This your daughter in law, Sarah."

        Sarah tilted her head so she could see into his similar blue eyes and said, "Sir."

        "It is a great pleasure to finally get to meet you. I am so pleased that you two have found each other."

        Sarah smiled and met her wife's sparkling blue eyes above her. Lara hugged Sarah close and kissed her cheek. Sarah leaned into the kiss feeling very loved and protected.

        Lord Croft enjoyed watching his daughter happily in love, a sight he never thought he would have the opportunity to witness. He quickly sobered though and said, "I need to speak to you both about what is to come."

        "Wait Daddy, You said you foresaw us loving one and other. How?"

        "Soul mates are linked through time and that was my obsession. Through my studies I found your Aunt's works and found that our line was linked to the great Warrior Princess herself. From your looks and early abilities I could see that you were Xena's descendent I had no need for confirmation. Through the scrolls it wasn't hard to figure out Janice was Gabrielle's descendent and that Sarah was her obvious heir. I knew from my research you were meant to meet and fall in love. It was so clearly preordained to me..."

        "Then why didn't you tell me?" Cried Lara clearly hurt.

        "Sweetheart, This was something you had to discover on your own. You had Xena as your guide that was powerful enough. I would have been redundant. I felt it would be better for your both if you discovered each other naturally."

        Lara nodded and looked into Sarah's eyes. What she saw there was pure understanding and she knew that she would have found her Little Angel no matter what. So she instantly forgave her father and said quietly, "Ok."

        "Now as you know Mel and myself are your guides but your protector in this is Aries..."

        "Aries?" Both girls asked surprised.

        "Yes, he volunteered and you will need his help. Even here on this ancient site, your powerbase needs his Godhood."

        "Wait, Grandmother defeated her several times with out help and she became more and more powerful each time. She even defeated her when she was pregnant with Eve. Why do we need Aries help?"

        "She hadn't yet centuries to harvest her evil and she will have the help of a God..."

        "Who?" Asked Lara shocked.

        "That I don't know. This God will be powerful and evil. That's why you need Aries. He is good at manipulating evil and he has much power himself. He knows all they're tricks. Good luck my children..."

        ***                ***                ***                ***

        "Wait!!" The two women called at the same time as they woke up in each other's arms. Sitting up in their joined sleeping bags they looked at each other for a minute then hugged each other with a tender need for their mates touch.

        Lara pulled back enough to see her loves face and then kissed her lovingly on lips that were already seeking hers. Then when she opened her eyes she met dazed green ones and asked, "Are you all right, My Angel?"

        Sarah nodded placing her head on Lara's shoulder and snuggling as close as she could. "Yes, I'm a bit scared. I did like meeting your father though," she replied with a sweet smile.

        Lara smiled back brightly and said, "And I could tell he was delighted to meet you too. I think he loved you when you were an infant way before we met because he knew you would grow up to be my wife."

        "But how is all this possible, Love? How could he know all that?"

        "Daddy belonged to a group of people who wanted to control time. Daddy wanted to control it to help people. You know stop famine and help control storms so less people would die. Several evil men decided it would be better to do what they will with it for their own greedy profits. So they killed my father because he got in the way...I um, I killed the man in a battle to the death a few years ago. It was going to be only one of us leaving that site alive and I decided it would be me."

        "My poor Lara, I'm so sorry. Is that when your father helped you before?"

        "Yes, Sweetheart."

        "What are we going to do?"

        "We have little choice, we'll let Aries help us..."

        "About damn time too!" Said the impatient voice of the God of War from the bushes behind them.
        "Aries." Both girls said at the same time.

        "Who else? How many other God's do you know are hanging about in the bushes waiting for a couple of mortals to come to their damn senses?" Said the annoyed looking God as he leaned against a cave wall near their camp.

        "Aries, Have you ever heard of personal space?" Asked Lara equally annoyed.

        "I'll give you personal..."

        "Enough!" Said Sarah loudly.

        Both combatants looked at the small blonde in astonishment. Sarah smiled slightly and shook her head saying quietly, "You two can play later, right now I feel like we don't have a lot of time. We need to get going."

        Lara could feel the same thing through her link. She could feel that Sarah was now spiritually linked to island it must have happened very suddenly. Lara nodded her head and said to the God of War with a smirk, "Truce?"

        Aries smiled back and nodded, "Yep, enough fun and games. To work we go. Sarah is pretty much linked with the planet spiritually now and your going to be the power source Lara..."

        "Wait, I am? I don't feel that all..."

        "You will. It will hit just like it did with small fry here." He said with a smirk at the squawk that came from the small blonde. Lara squeezed her hand glaring at Aries. "Now go get dressed like good little girls so we can go back to the power base where you once ruled..."

        "You know about that too?" Lara asked surprised.


        "Why the hell didn't you tell us in New York? What is this? The keep secrets from Lara and Sarah quest. Don't you think it would have been common courtesy to..."

        "Shut up and get dressed." Said the God of War disappearing in flash of light.

        "Arrogant, Isn't he?" Asked Sarah with a smirk.

        "Yeah very," said the annoyed tomb raider.

        ***                ****        ****                ***

        They were by the famous ancient row of statues and Sarah went right to a center one and touched a series of carvings in a sequence then she looked astounded when the damn thing actually opened.

        "How did you do that Angel?"

        "I...I don't know. I, strange. Like I'm two people. I feel like a part of me knows this place very's home. She's guiding me and yet...she is me." Sarah's face looked almost distant as she tried to explain it. It was like she was looking off into the far off past but she was still firmly rooted in the here and now.

        "Yes, that does make sense. That's what Aries and Daddy were talking about. Do you still feel our link, love?"

        Sarah smiled and nodded.

        "Good," Lara gently took Sarah's hand and squeezed it. "So do I. Come on lets go in," she said as she led the way. She had a small flashlight in one hand and Sarah's little hand firmly in the other.

        The cave opened up into an incredibly beautiful ceremonial chamber. It had gold everywhere. There were brocades of blue and green silk entwined on the wall. In the center was pedestal and on that there were two large ornate thrones. Lara felt her heart thump when she saw them. It was as if she was being pulled toward them and she couldn't stop herself from stepping up on that pedestal even if she wanted to. Lara walked right up to the thrones as she stepped up onto the pedestal her stature changed she seemed more regal and so did Sarah. They walked liked a couple used to this life. Lara gently handed Sarah onto her consort's throne, which the small blonde gracefully sat on smiling up at her wife. Lara returned her smile and gently caressed her cheek then she sat on the thrown of the Queen and she knew who she was and what her love was at the time that this cavern was in constant use.

        Once comfortably seated a flood of thoughts, memories and emotions came over both women. It was as if they were in two periods of time. Their hands were still tightly joined and their eyes closed simultaneously.

        They saw the chamber filled with people worshipping them. They were the power of the island and they only worked for their people's benefit against many adversaries. Through their bond with each other and the island their people prospered. Life on the island was very good. They fought anyone who tried corrupt their island and when they lost that fight just before they died all the beauty, success and happiness of their people died with them.

        Lara had tears in her eyes as she remembered. She was now the Queen and she felt it all fully. She saw and felt herself in that time. She looked as she did now physically but she had a more aristocratic air and she was much grander in attitude and style. She was dressed in a blue silk dress with a crown of cream colored flowers in her hair. Her wife looked as she did now the same sweetness and goodness radiated from her. She was dressed as she was, but her dress was a vibrant green and the flowers of her crown were yellow almost lost in her shining hair.

        In the hand not holding on to Sarah's was gold encrusted scepter...

        Suddenly both eyes flew open and as one they said, "The scepter!"

        Their eyes met and Lara said, "We have to find the scepter that's what Alti's after..."

        Applause came from across the chamber both heads snapped in that direction, Aries was leaning against the chamber door with a smirk. "Good girl Lara, Now its time to do your thing."

        "My thing?"

        "Yeah, you know, Tomb Raider?"

        "What tomb are you talking about?"

        Aries smiled wickedly and shook his head, "Follow me oh mighty Queen."

        ***        ***                ***                ***

        They followed the War God through a series of hallways. Lara fully herself was really annoyed at the dark man that they were following, "Aries if you knew what this was all about why didn't you bloody tell us!"

        "Sorry my dear, I was told to guide you not help you. You and Sarah have to figure out the puzzle all by your little selves."

        "You know something War God, I think your enjoying this way too much." Growled the dark woman behind him.

        Aries chuckled, "I am. Torturing you a bit is just the appetizer I am really looking forward to the main event though..."

        "Who is the opposing God?"

        "I'm really not..."

        "At liberty to say yada, yada, yada!" Lara crossed her arms and rolled her big blue eyes.

        They reached an antechamber at the end of the hall and Aries stopped and turned to look at the two young women behind him. "Ok girls, I have to leave you for a bit but I'll be back." He vanished with laughter ringing in the hallway.

        "Aries!!" Lara screamed.

        Sarah put a gentle arm on Lara's shoulder, "Wait calm down. I know this place. Look around, Love. It was the preparing room I think...I" Sarah walked straight to a wall and again followed a series of carvings with her hand applying gentle pressure. Then she stepped back looking at Lara expectantly. Lara feeling the same gentle guidance walked beside her and followed a second set of carvings. There was a loud straining groan as the wall slid open.

        Lara shook her head and said, "How did the ancients do that, I'll never figure it out." She smiled at Sarah, who chuckled at her loves curiosity and held her out hand. Lara took it brought it to her lips gently kissing the open palm. Then she led her by that beloved hand into the tomb. Her ancient self was steadily guiding her because she knew where all the booby traps were and easily avoided them all. Effortlessly they entered the main part of the tomb and their ancestor's burial urns were before them. She and Sarah kneeled before them humbly with their heads bowed and waited.

        A small vault above them opened and there was the beautiful gleaming gold scepter encased in black velvet. Lara stood up and took it out of its resting-place. When she turned back toward Sarah, she was once again the ancient Queen and Sarah was her consort. Their posture had changed, as had their expressions.

        In a deep voice void of any British accent Lara said, "Arise my Love, We have much still to do."

        Sarah's hand still firmly in Lara's stood up and nodded. Lara smiled leaned forward and kissed her beloved's cheek. Then she said, "Come," as she led the way back to the Throne room.

                ***                ****                        ***

        They were both comfortably seated back on their thrones when a tornado of light suddenly appeared in the room. In the center the dark tornado the evil witch took shape before them. She was dressed as a shaman of the Northern Amazons. She laughed wildly as she looked at her two potential victims.

        "Well aren't you both pretty. Xena and Gabrielle would have been proud. I am afraid your reign has ended. Now give me the damn scepter before I torture it out of you!"

"We are prepared," said the new voice coming from Lara as she looked with a calm stoic expression at the evil woman of her Grandmother's scrolls.

"You think so, huh?" Said Alti with a vicious laugh. She tilted her head and stared right into Lara's eyes. Lara's head became filled with the pure panic she felt when she first met her Angel and she couldn't revive her in a tree in Greece.

Sarah feeling it through the link called up her new abilities and blocked the memory through the power she had built up from the island itself. Lara slowly came back to herself and felt the power that her love was protecting her with. She redirected it to the scepter and when enough energy was built Lara aimed it sending bolt of pure power toward Alti's chest. The power bolt was strong it sent the woman flying backwards landing on her butt instead of her feet like she would have if she had been prepared for the strike.

"Ooooh, Aren't you special?" She then threw another memory this time her target was Sarah. An overwhelming feeling of falling came over the small woman. She tried valiantly to overcome it herself but she was starting to fail miserably when she felt the calm loving mind of her wife touch her own. Then slowly she remembered that Lara had protected her the whole way down that mountain in Greece. Sarah's heart rate slowed and her breathing became normal as she opened her eyes and discovered she was in Lara's arms in their safe room within the link. They smiled at each other and Lara gently caressed her cheek and winked at her.

Their eyes opened at the same time to find Alti with her hands on her hips smirking at them. "Well it seems you really have prepared yourselves to fight against me. Can you fight him though," She gestured with her thumb over her shoulder where suddenly their appeared in a golden light a tall blonde man with an wicked smirk on his face.

"Loki, Loki, Loki," Aries voice calmly echoed through out the chamber. He appeared in front of the girls and casually strolled in front of the evil Viking God. "Invading my territory again? Didn't get enough last time we had it out huh?" Asked the calm God with a wicked smirk of his own.

"What do you mean your territory? We are not in Greece this is Polynesia..."

"These two are Greek descendants and so is your viscous little witch."

"The dark one called me forth..."

"You know it really is a shame that you have such delusions of grandeur. If you're so damn powerful how did my little brother beat you when he was at his weakest?"

Lara and Sarah remained calmly seated but Alti was fit to be tied. She strode over to where the two Gods were circling each other and said angrily, "Loki, Aries is not the problem...!"

"Maybe he isn't your problem but his is mine." The blonde God growled at Alti. Then he looked back at Aries and asked, "What the hell do you mean his weakest?"

"He was not himself, Old Boy. He was despondent and miserable. I can't say I enjoyed old Herc more then when he lost his little buddy. He wanted to die. He didn't really care anymore. He felt he was responsible because he didn't save him so he was very vulnerable. Did you strike at that? No. Did he defeat you really easily? Oh yeah, I was quite amused..."

With in their link Aries sent his thoughts quickly to the girls, "Ok Kids, now that I have him nice and distracted get them."

Their eyes closed and Sarah brought the power of the island into her body. Through their joined hands she sent it to Lara who directed it toward the scepter. It now glowed bright, bright white. A flashing bolt of pure power hit Alti dead center shattering her into a million pieces hopefully never to be resembled.

A second bolt that was even more powerful left the scepter and hit Loki in the head. It actually melted his essence to drops of power on the floor of the chamber. Aries withdrew his mantel from its sheath and slashed through it destroying the evil God in one quick movement.

Lara and Sarah stood together and walked off the pedestal. As they stepped on to the floor of the chamber they became completely themselves again.

"Thank you Aries," said Lara quietly.

"Hey it was chance to pay back your Grandmothers and get rid of really annoying rival." He winked at the girls and said, "See ya!" And was gone in flash.


They were back in the penthouse in New York City. Lara was in the living room on the phone. Sarah was making dinner in the kitchen. With a smirk she opened the link and sent a message, "Hurry Dinner is almost ready."

Smiling Lara shook her head and completed her conversation. Then stood in the kitchen doorway with her hands on her hips. "You are incorrigible, My Angel."

Sarah looked up from the spaghetti sauce she was stirring and smiled as wickedly as she could with her sweet little face, "So is it all set at the University? What did they say about the scepter?"

"Yep it's set and they can't wait to get their anxious little hands on it."

"Sweetie, can we look more into the island's history? I want to know about ...well the past of...I mean..."

"You want to know about our past lives there?" Sarah nodded and Lara smiled, "Yeah I do too. I already have them looking into it. They should have some good stuff for us when we get back home."

"We're going to Charleston tomorrow. That's not really fair, Lara is it?"

"Weeelll, I thought we could spend another week here. You know relax, play tourist, see some shows and experiment with our toy..."

"Oooh my Darling, I love the way you think."

"That's good because I thought we would put dinner in the refrigerator and have it for breakfast."

"Spaghetti and meatballs for breakfast?" Asked Sarah with an amused look.

Lara stepped closer turned the stove off and then gathered her wife in her arms, "Then lunch but the point is I want to experiment now..." Lara bent and kissed her love deeply feeling the link increase the feeling ten fold she locked her knees so they didn't fall down.

"Yes, my Queen your every wish is my command." Whispered Sarah into Lara's ear as she kissed a spot under it that she knew Lara just couldn't help but respond to.

Lara moaned then picked Sarah up, "No Sarah you are my Queen. My Queen of hearts, we'll leave this till a little later the stove is off so were safe. Come my love lets experiment." She carried her toward their room and murmured against the crown of hair under chin, "I love you so much My Angel."

"I love you too Sweetie."

"Are you ready to play?"

"Any place, anytime, any where."

Lara laughed as she reached their bedroom, "Good, then the game is afoot My Angel." She said with a wicked laugh as she headed toward their bed and bliss.

The End

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