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The hours had slowly ticked by. Although it was only the same evening of Gabrielle's injury, it had felt like several lifetimes to Xena.

After Gabrielle had been hit, Xena along with several Amazon guards had rushed her back to the palace, seeking out the healer though Xena knew there wasn't much to be done. He had told them exactly what Xena had known all along.

Gabrielle had suffered a severe concussion. There was no remedy but time so all they could do was wait. But, with every moment that ticked by, Gabrielle's chance of waking up were less and less. Xena felt so incredibly helpless. She turned her attentions to resolving the aftermath of the battle.

Auto had been able get the army to join him in an attack. When he told them that the legendary Xena: Warrior Princess was leading an army, of amazons no less, they had jumped at the chance throwing their superstitions out the door.

Xena had spoken up for Draco's men, telling Auto they weren't a bad lot…just misguided. Auto had chosen to be a mighty good sport, showing them much more kindness then Xena would have expected from anyone.

He offered the men a place in his navy. If they would give up their piracy, turn their efforts towards protecting Sieves, and swore fealty to the King, they were free to set up homes on the beach. It was to be their own little private oasis.

For Draco, he'd even offered a position of rank, letting him command the men as long as it was for the side of good. Draco, however, with several of the men that turned Auto down, chose to head back to sea. But, for some reason, Xena didn't think he'd be returning to a life of his usual pillaging.

After all had been squared away on that front, Xena turned to the Amazons. Aphrodite had turned up to take the Amazons back. Varia agreed to go back though she was terribly worried about the bard. Xena had convinced her that Gabrielle would want her to go back and insure order in Amazonia. It was for the best. Varia had insisted that several guards remain with Xena for protection purposes. And, even though Xena knew they were unneeded, if it made Varia feel better so be it.

Aphrodite had rushed to Gabrielle's side, seeing her hurt made her heart ache. Xena had tried adamantly to bite her tongue, but finally it was too much. She had to ask.

"Is there anything you can do?" Xena asked hesitantly.

"I wish…." She began in a deflated tone. "In order for me to help her, she needs to ask. And with her like this…." Aphrodite slowly shook her head. "There's nothing I could do."

"I understand."

Aphrodite stayed around a little while longer before simply fading into the darkness. Xena hadn't even noticed her departure.

A night breeze tickled the warrior's skin. She sat in a comfortable chair across for Gabrielle's bed. As much as she fought much needed sleep, she was much in need. She had been long deprived and all the stress and worry, it was simply too much. Her eyes were so heavy; she was so exhausted.

Just as Xena was about to fall asleep, a short mumble came from across the room. Xena's eyes shot wide open. Then another noise rang out. The warrior dashed over to her soul mate's bed.

"Gabrielle." She spoke her name in as calm a voice as she could muster. Inside her mind was reeling and her heart was racing, desperately needing confirmation of her companion's vitality.

"Gabrielle." Slowly two emerald eyes blinked open and stared blankly at her with wide bewilderment.

"Hmmm." She eeked out in pain. "Ouch!" She cradled her head.

Xena was overcome with joy and couldn't stop herself from embracing the bard, placing a light kiss on her head and bringing her in to hold her close. Gabrielle's body was at first rigid but as the embrace lengthened she loosened up and started to mildly return the hug. Xena simply figured she was too weakened to fully return her affection. No matter, Xena would make up the difference for the both of them.

Several more minutes of silence passed before the stillness was broken by Gabrielle's voice.

"Not that I'm not enjoying this," The bard began, mimicking her words at their heartfelt meeting earlier that day. "But can I ask you a question?"

Xena backed away a little bit, still holding Gabrielle in her arms. She brought her face down so that their noses were barely touching.


A couple seconds ticked by.

"Who are you?" Gabrielle asked in honest confusion.

Dun dun dah! Yet another cliff hanger, why do I do it? Well…I was thinking about making this a as yet untitled trilogy. However, if you think this is a helpless effort…tell me to stop. If you like it….tell me to continue. Hey, if you've got ANYTHING to say, I'd love the feedback!

I've already got some ideas, so if another story does come, its tentatively titled
The House of Eegan.

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