Part 3 (Conclusion)

By: Teagen2



Alternative and Sexual Warning: This story contains scenes of a sexual nature between two woman. This story is not for those under the age of eighteen.

Uber Warning: This story is an uber. The two characters are based off of the leading ladies of XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS.

Author's Notes: This is the third and final installment of the Fanatic series. Please read parts 1 and 2 before proceeding. All POSITIVE comments are welcome. Negatives I will simply ignore. Send your thoughts to

Her eyes held such sincerity that it scared me. I've never seen that before. She was serious about me coming with her. It wasn't much to give up. Aside from a few friends, I don't have anything to lose. It was a once in a lifetime opportunity. This beautiful woman wanted me in her every way. "I'll go, Randy." Her eyes lit up.

"Really?......Are..are you sure?" I smiled. She was caught between pure excitement and concern.

" long as the job offer stands.......I want to earn my keep."

"You will........I love you, Fara.

"I love you, too." I caressed her jaw and grinned.


"Nothing. Its just.....somehow I feel that I was meant to love you. Ever since I saw your picture in a magazine, before I heard your music. I felt that you were the one. I guess that's how we got so close so fast huh?"

"Yeah, I feel the same way. When I saw you in that line, I froze." I chuckled at the memory. She did freeze and had to be shaken back into reality. I placed my head on her chest. As my eyes closed, I realized that I would be waking up to a new life.

As Randy's alarm clock cut through the darkness, I raised my head from her chest. I felt her move to turn it off. The light from the lamp temporarily blinded us. As I rubbed my eyes, I saw 3:00 staring at me. "We have to be in Williamsburg by 6:00." she said sleepily. I nodded. "Let's go back to your place and get your stuff." I was barely awake as we drove back to my trailer. "Not a morning person, huh?" Randy grinned. She was annoying wide awake."

"Mmmm." I groaned. We stepped out and I unlocked the door. Luckily my mom was asleep on the couch....again. I wrote a quick note that I was leaving with Randy, had a new job, will send money. I left it where she will surely find it, on the refrigerator door. I grabbed a few personal items, CDs, and my clothes.

After a quick stop at Burger Haven, we were heading out of Hamaton at 4 AM. I sat quietly, watching the lights beside the freeway go by. I was scared, nervous. As if she could read my thoughts, Randy took my hand and kissed it. "I know this was a big step for you. I promise I'll make it worth your while."

"You already have." I smiled.

It seemed like an eternity, before we pulled into an empty parking lot. Empty, except for a huge black bus. Randy pulled up next to it. If it was half as roomy inside as it looked, I had a feeling it was bigger than my whole house. We stepped out and a man in a black suit, took my stuff out of Randy's trunk and walked ahead of us into the bus. "Thanks, Tom." Randy smiles.

"We're ready to go when you are." he said.

"Let's roll." We moved through the interior. It was HUGE. There was a big screen TV, couch, DVD player, Playstation. You name it, it was there. There was a small kitchen area. As she led me to the very back of the bus, she moved a thick curtain back revealing a king-sized bed. The black silk sheets she told me about were indeed on the bed. "Wanna get some sleep?"

"Nah, I'm actually kinda hungry."

"Okay......Let's see what we have in the kitchen." I felt the bus begin to roll.

I sat at the table as I watched Randy make scrambled eggs. "So, how private is that bed?" I grin. I see her smile.

"The only people on the bus are you, me, and the driver. Security follows behind us.....I'm sure if we turn on the stereo, he'll never hear anything all the way up there." she chuckled. Just then, a sharp ringing came from Randy. Reaching under her shirt, she lifted her cellphone. "Hello?.......Hey.......What!" Something was wrong. "Damn it. That's the last straw." She turned around with an angry expression. When our eyes met, she grinned. "Hey Fred. Tell her I found her replacement. Tell her to pack her stuff.....See ya."

As she hung up, I was confused. "What was that all about?" With a big grin on her face, Randy leaned across the table and kissed me.

"One of my dancers. Had to fire her."

"And your happy about that?" I grinned.

"Not usually, but I have an even better one." Suddenly, I realized she was talking about me. My stomach churned.

"Randy, I can't just take over for a seasoned dancer the next day."

"You have a week, Hon.......I've seen you. You can nail those routines in a day if you had to." She was right. I probably could. I didn't want to admit to her that I learned a lot of her choreography from watching her videos.

"I'll try my best."

"That's all I'll ever ask you to do........So, let's eat these eggs before they get cold."

We pulled up into the huge lot. We weren't the only ones there this time. Three semi's and two similar sized buses. My stomach began to twist and turn as we exited the bus to join the crew who were standing around several tables laden with breakfast foods. Everyone greeted Randy. Another unique fact about Randy's tours, she is in charge.

"Okay gang, listen up." Everyone silenced. "This is Fara Jones. She's going to be one my dancers." She puts her arm around me. "Let's her make her feel like part of the family." Almost immediately, I had people introducing themselves left and right. I'm sure I won't remember half the names tomorrow. Randy took my hand and led me over to where most of the women were gathering. "Vicki." A woman about my size stepped up. "I want her to learn Jane's spot. Alright?"

"Does this mean you fired her?" The girls were all smiles. Apartly, no one liked this Jane person. That could work in my favor.

"Yes, I did." Squeals of joy came from everyone.

"I'll get her started at rehearsals today."

"Great.....She's terrific. She'll catch on fast." Randy kissed me. "I'll see you after you finish, Hon. I'll be at my own rehearsal. Meet me back here on the bus okay?"

"Sure." Her arm dropped from my shoulder as she walked away.

The girls were all pretty nice. I can't believe I seemed to be accepted so quickly. I was expecting the "new girl" treatment. I avoided all questions about Randy and I. I wasn't sure what she wanted revealed, but it was pretty obvious by her behavior that she wasn't hiding anything. We worked on each routine. I was relieved to find that I would only have to learn a few new things. I seemed to impress them like Randy said I would. I was able to move through each set with the rest of the girls by the end of rehearsal.

As we were all getting our gear together and leaving, a girl approached me. I believe she said her name was Ann. "Your really good."


"Ever do any street dancing?" I grinned at her question.

"Is it that obvious?"

"Only to a fellow dancer's trained eye." she smiled.

"Yeah, that was my first love."

"Mine, too. There isn't much demand for female break dancers these days."

"Tell me about it."

"Maybe you can show me a few of your moves when you have time."

"I'd be happy to."

"Great. I'm glad your here Fara. No one liked Jane that much." I hoisted the bag given to me on my shoulder and walked with Ann down the hall and out of the building.

"So I gathered. Was she really that bad?"

"Oh yeah. She thought she was the only person capable of dancing on this tour. She kept pointing out things that she thought was wrong. Not only that, she was about as anti-social as you can get."

"What a combo."

"Yeah.........I'll see you tomorrow, okay. We're going over the costume changes."

"Cool. Bye Ann."


I stepped up to the bus and opened the door. I was startled slightly when I noticed Randy was sitting in the driver's seat with her feet facing me. Without saying a word, she locked the door and crushed my lips under hers. She began pulling me towards the back of the bus. "Randy." I mumbled against me mouth.


"I'm all sweaty." I smiled. Her tongue slid into my mouth for a few seconds, silencing


"So.....makes me sweat." She released me.

"So smelly girls turn you on."

"Its the flush of your skin. The heat, everything."

"You can make the silliest thing sound erotic." I commented.

Randy sat down on the couch and pulled me into her lap. "I slipped into your practice today to see how you were doing. You made me so horny I had to leave."

"Really?" I purred as I staddled her lap. I felt her hands begin to pull up on my tanktop. Her cellphone rang......breaking the mood. I groaned as she answered it.

"Yeah?......That's fine. Okay. See ya." She let out an annoyed groan and tossed the phone away. It landed somewhere in the kitchen. My shirt was lifted and removed, along with my bra. I closed my eyes as I felt her tongue on my collarbone.

"Mmm." I moaned as her mouth touched my nipple, biting. My hands searched for something to do. I began pulling her T-shirt. I lost the contact as I pulled the T-shirt over her head. As her mouth returned to my breast, I felt her hands at the waist of my jeans. I helped her slid them off.

"I love you." she whispered as she left my chest and turned me as she stood up. She slid to her knees. I felt my wetness triple as I saw her head lower.

"Randy." I nearly screamed as her tongue slid between my folds. I felt my orgasm almost seconds later.

Suddenly I felt exhausted. When Randy's eyes met mine, I smiled. I love her smile. It seems she smiles all the time. "What?" she asks.

"Nothing." I yawned. "You have a beautiful smile........It matches the rest of you."

"Likewise, Baby." She stood, pulling me up into her arms and carried me back to the bedroom. Laying me gently on the bed, she covered me with sheet. I watched as she stripped. "You're tired."

"Mmmm.......I wasn't until that great attention I got." She slid in with me and almost as soon as I felt her next to me, I fell asleep.

I awoke to Randy's sweet voice. "Fara, wake up Honey." I opened my eyes. She was fully dressed standing next to my side of the bed. "Your dress rehearsal starts in an hour. I ordered a pizza."

"Mmmm." I kissed her softly. "Yummy."

"Me or the pizza?" she grinned.

"Both." I dragged myself out of bed and ate.

I got to practice just in time. As we moved through the various costume changes, I was impressed at the wardrobe of the dancers. Each outfit seemed to perfectly compliment Randy, who is always in front of us. It was my style. I recognized some of the changes from the concert. After a full rehearsal with Randy, I was feeling more confident. I focused on her for strength. As my dancing got better, I began to think about the crowds. As the last number came to a close I saw all those empty seats ahead of us and realized that every one of those seats represents a person. My stomach flip flops have returned.....with a vengeance. "Okay everyone listen up." Randy addressed the crew.

"We'll head for Nashville tonight. Tomorrow we'll relax, then one date. Then on to Chattanooga. Everyone be on your bus by eight. One hour. See you there."

As soon as she dismissed everyone, I bolted to the nearest bathroom. I felt the tears come before I even reached the door. I locked the stall door. As I expected, I lost my lunch. My tears blurred my vision. I wiped them away as I stood up. A sharp knock on the door startled me. "Fara, Honey.......You okay?" I opened the stall door. I walked to the sink without a word. "Here." she handed me a bottle of water.

"Thanks." I said quietly.

"Gotta bug or was it the pizza?" she smiled. My tears flowed again. "What's wrong?"

"I can't do this, Randy." I cried as I went into her arms. I shivered as she caressed my back. "All those people."

"Hey, everyone gets stage fright. I had it."

"Stage fright is one thing, but thousands of people."

"You'll get used to it. I'll be right there with you." she said softly.

"Randy, I don't know if......"

"Think of it this way.....There's not one time that you'll be on stage without me."

"That's true." I wiped my eyes.

"I have faith in you."

"Thank you."

I didn't sleep all that night. I never want to eat another bite in my life. At least, that's how I feel at this exact moment. I never loosened up the rest of the day. Here I was dressed in my first outfit of the night, waiting to run on stage. As the opening act's removal crew finished, we took our positions in the darkness. The first number is a favorite of mine, Last Chance. Good thing its a dance number, plenty to keep me concentrating on the moves and not the audience. The music boomed from the speakers behind me. The bass seemed to go straight through me. I saw Randy's figure as she took her position at the head of our formation. I was one dancer behind her. I wish I was closer. The lights flew on as the curtain went up. The rhythm of the music signaled us to start. As I heard her voice, I felt a warmth go through me. Suddenly, I was confident again. A flashback to the energy I used to feel listening to her in my room filtered through me. I was going to be okay. The first song ended and we lined up in single file as Randy addressed the crowd. "Helllllooooo Nashville!!!" Roars radiated throughout the venue. "How we doin' out there?" I took a deep breath as the worst experience of the show was about to happen. "I'd like to introduce you to my dancers." Another beat pulsed through the speakers. The spotlight was going to be on me for about four seconds. "Rodd......Jamie...." Each dancer has to do a move of their own. The head dancer, Rodd, decided he wanted to do my hand plant. "Fara." My name boomed through the masses. I walked up and......did it perfectly! I heard cheers from the crowd. I was going to be on a high for the rest of the show.

I was. Each change went incredibly smooth. No one missed a cue, including me. I was glad that I made it through my first show. With a towel around my neck, I headed for Randy's dressing room. "Kickin' moves, Fara." I smiled as I high-fived the security guard.

"Thanks, John." What a change! John was the security guard that chased me away from Randy that night. I opened the door. "Hey Baby."

"Well." She stood up. "Looks like someone is in a better mood." She put her arms around me.

"I'm sorry about that."

"Its okay. I understand. You were awesome today. Just like I knew you'd be."

"It wasn't that bad. Once I got through the intro, it was pretty cool."

"Great........I love you."

"I love you, too."

"What do you say we get some dinner? I saw a Mexican restaurant down the block when we drove in."

"I'd love to.......Let's go." I pulled her playfully towards the door. Once we were both showered and dressed, we headed hand-in-hand towards the restaurant, along with two bodyguards. She put her arm around me as we went inside.

The last few shows of the tour were uneventful......until the next to last one. As we returned to Randy's bus, we saw something on the kitchen table. I walked over and saw a note attached to a stack of papers. I read it aloud, "Randy, Fara I saw these that the newsstand. John." We both picked up one. It was several tabloids. In bold letters, heading like: Pop singer is really gay!, Randy and dancer are together! They were accompanied by pictures of us hugging and holding hands. "Well its about time." Randy chuckled.

"You're happy about this?" I asked.

"No, but they were going to say something about me sooner or later. Look at it this way." she smiled. "At least its true." I couldn't help, but smile. "It doesn't bother me.....Does it bother you?"

"Not really." I answered honestly. "As long as its true."

"Well, let's head to the next show, so you can come home with me."

"You mean it?"

"Absolutely, I don't want......." She reached into her back pocket. Randy opened up a ring box. "my possible wife to live apart from me." I gasped.

"Yes!" I jumped into her arms before she had a chance to ask."

"Okay, since you're sure." she joked. She slipped the ring onto my finger and kissed me.

"I love you, Randy."

"I love you." she smiled. "I want to spend the rest of my life with you.......Next tour you'll be head dancer."


"Of course."

"Sleeping with the boss does have perks."

The last show, I gave my all. All the while, I was thinking of Randy and our life together. I'll be moving to her ranch in Montana as soon as we wrap up the tour. I can't wait. As the encore began we went into the backflip. I felt it as soon as I landed. I know it showed on my face. I'm sure of it. I struggled through the pain. There was no way that I could slip off unnoticed and trade with a back up. It would ruin the pattern we were in. I managed to finish the sequence. The music ended and the lights died. Luckily we did our bows before the encore. I struggled and stumbled off the stage. I felt Ann's hand on my lower back.

"Fara, what's wrong?" As soon as I was offstage, I hit the floor...hard. I grabbed my leg, screaming in pain. The doctors were around me immediately.

"Fara!" Randy dropped to my side. "What happened?" she asked the onlookers as she

helped the doctor pry my hand away.

"I think it was the backflip." Robb said. "She must have landed wrong."

"You mean she went through the entire arrangement with a hurt ankle?" Randy asked. Robb shrugged.

"Its cracked." the doctor announced as he felt my right ankle.

I was lucky. It wasn't too major. I was hoping it wouldn't ruin my new 'career' in dancing with my...wife. I smiled as she walked into the room. "Ready to blow this joint?"

"You know it." Randy handed me the cane and helped me off the table.

"I signed you out.....I can't wait, Baby. Next week, we'll be home. I've got three months off."

"Great." I smiled as we headed out.

When we arrived, I couldn't believe how beautiful it was. It was a huge expanse of land. Randy has her own stables. It reminded me of one of those old wild west ranches. It was perfect. Randy decided she wasn't going to postpone our ceremony. She insisted on getting married as soon as we settled in. So, we did. My ankle was healing. Randy was beginning her next album at her home studio when I received some sad news. It started with my last letter, with money, being returned from Hamaton. Mother passed a drunken sleep apparently.

I'm still holding the letter from my old neighbor in my hand. As I stare out the picture window facing the horses, I feel her arms come around me. "I'm worried about you, Baby."

"I'm okay, Randy......Really."

"You haven't cried." she said as she kissed my cheek from behind. "You need to let your feelings out."

"I'm still not sure what they are."

"How do you mean?"

"I can't remember anything good about my mother. She was abusive drunk. I mean she wasn't always that way, but that's all I can remember. Strange huh?"

"Not at all. You've been through a lot with her over the years. I'd hate to think you would have lived there for the rest of your life."

"It seemed like I would never get out of her grasp."

"But you did."

"Thanks to you."

"You are the strong one. You're the one that had to put up with that."

"You gave me that strength. Your picture..." I turned to face her. "your words."

"I will love you forever." she whispered as she kissed me. Who knows what Randy's career will hold or mine? Whatever future we have, I'm sure it will be a bright one.


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