Fantasy In Gold

by Teagan Jovanka

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TIMELINE: This story is set during the episode ANTONY & CLEOPATRA. There are spoilers for this and other Season 5 episodes. You have been warned.

In an hour or so, I may die…again.

I lay on the bed in the guest cabin of the Roman galley. My body relaxed into the rhythm of the boat, as it cleaved through the Nile. I turned my head on my pillow so that I could glance at the candle set into one of the support pillars. The markings on it indicated my estimation was correct.

An hour or a bit more, that was all.

I sat up on the edge of the bed, careful not to dislodge the helmet I had laid at the far end. I felt ridiculous. I was going into battle dressed as an armored Egyptian attendant. I don’t know why I kept up the disguise, since my host, Brutus of Rome, knew who I really was…Gabrielle of Potedia, friend and lover to Xena, the Warrior Princess.



I let the movement of the vessel relax my nerves, carrying my mind back to how it all began. We had learned of the death of Cleopatra, a murder attributed to one of three Roman "suitors" vying for the use of her fleet to secure his position as head of Rome. Xena, posing as the Egyptian Queen, had sought to discover who among the "suitors" was the assassin and, at the same time, keep Egypt out of Roman hands. We soon learned that it was neither the roguishly handsome Marc Antony, whom Xena had formed an affection for, nor the boyish Octavius Caesar, that orchestrated the foul deed.

It had been Brutus, lead conspirator in the brutal murder of Julius Caesar. Brutus, who had captured me with the followers of Eli several months earlier, and, in effect, was instrumental in the crucifixion of Xena and myself by Roman hands. Brutus, who had slain my Amazon sister, Ephiny, on the field of battle.

Strangely, I never felt rage in my heart for him. Ephiny’s death, I knew, was the spoils of war. He never even knew whom he had killed, until I told him. And, though The Romans crucified us, I couldn’t blame him for that as well. He seemed to naively believe that Caesar had no malice towards Eli and his followers. I wanted to believe Brutus knew nothing of the orders to crucify Xena and myself. I had found him to be an honorable man.

I sighed, trying to reconcile my feeling towards this...this Roman. Did I care or was I simply trying to find a surrogate to use against Xena out of spite. One didn’t have to be a seer to observe how much Xena had become enraptured with Marc Antony. It galled me to watch them exchange glances, smiles, and innuendo. I remember how clever it had seemed at the time when we wrapped Xena in a carpet to be delivered to Antony, her only attire a series of gold chains and manacles that covered nothing. She later told me that her apparel had had little effect on him. Recalling the effect her appearance in that "dress" had accomplished on my nerves, I could only surmise that Antony must have been comatose when they met, a theory disproved when he walked in the next day during her bath.





Yes, he was incredibly handsome. He was also intelligent, bold, and ruthless. From Ulysses to Caesar and others, how many times have I seen Xena weaken for such a type. The " Bad Boy ", she called them. They were many things, but "boys" wasn’t part of it.

I knew it was my animosity that made me ponder if Xena had told me the entire truth of their first meeting. They were both forceful personalities who seized what they wanted…and, despite what Xena’s reassurances, I knew they wanted each other.

At this moment, Xena and Antony were on his barge, probably "relaxing" in his quarters. To keep up the illusion of being Cleopatra, I was sure that they were sharing their last moments before battle locked in passion. Xena and I were playing a dangerous game, to be sure. She was at Antony’s side, while I was a " hostage for trust " that Xena was not betraying Brutus. Neither man could possibly realize that Xena was luring both of them into a trap.

Yes, she was in the same position as I. Yes, we could both be killed by our captors the moment they discovered the deception.

So why did I feel like I was the lamb being staked for the slaughter?

So many things had changed for Xena and I since our return from the Dead. Her mysterious pregnancy, I thought, brought us closer together. I risked my life time and again against the Gods themselves to protect her and Eve, her child that supposedly heralded the Twilight of the Gods.

But somewhere, the baby’s birth had changed us as well. Since turning from the Way of Love and embracing the path of a warrior, my physical self had never felt more alive. Battle had brought forth passions in me, a need for physical love beyond that what Xena and I had shared before our capture by Caesar. But Xena had changed. The pregnancy and the motherhood seemed to diminish her needs, her focus now almost totally on the baby. I smiled, made jokes, and hoped that her desire for me would return after things settled down.

But it hadn’t.

Worse, that sweet idiot Joxer, who must have smelled the urges on me like a dog sniffing a bitch, was annoying me. He followed me everywhere, proclaiming his love, acting like we were a couple. At one point, I even toyed with the idea of using him as a sex toy, just to see Xena’s reaction. But that would have made him inseparable from us. And I would have rather have fallen on my Sais than be the cause of that.

I tried flirting with a young man we found in Chin, hoping that Xena might become possessive. But, so absorbed was she in avenging her mentor Lao Ma, she barely noticed my actions. It was only when we later faced Alti together with the Amazons did I feel the old love within ourselves, but there was still no passion.

When Eve arrived on that fateful day, I believed that, after a reasonable period, Xena and I would resume our physical relationship. But, even during another brief stay with The Amazons, we were sleeping in separate beds like an old married couple.

Then Antony came into the picture. And all her desire came forth…for him. I was the sidekick again, the partner. I might as well had thrown my weapons aside and returned to my old method of fast-talking our way out of situations, for all the attention she gave me.

Throwing my left arm across my eyes, I wondered why I had to spend my last moments upset, angry, and jealous of the woman I loved so much. I let my right hand lie upon my exposed midriff, feeling my flesh under my fingers. The door was locked from the inside, I knew, so I decided I might as well enjoy what little time I had left.

I slid my hand lower under the waistline of the white silk trousers, seeking the nub between my legs. My forefinger found it and began a slow rhythmic motion. How I missed Xena’s touch there, her finger probing, her tongue darting, her lips caressing. By The Gods, how I wanted her now!

I pulled myself up to a sitting position and pulled off the silken trousers. The top and the wig were the next to go. Brutus had guaranteed me privacy when I came aboard and now I was going to use it. I lay back on the bed and began to fondle the nub between my legs. I groaned, closing my eyes. As my fingers dipped within, I dreamed of Xena.


* * * *


I was at the end of a long stone corridor, the passage lit by torches at regular intervals. I was still dressed as an Egyptian overseer, so I assumed I was somewhere in Cleopatra’s palace. At the other end of the corridor was a portal, from which I heard laughter emanate. Carefully, I walked towards the chamber and cautiously stood at the entranceway.

Xena was laid out on her back on a soft bed of white silk, her head on one of several pillows. She still wore the guise of Cleopatra in her wig, make-up, and arm bracelets. Other than those implements, she was naked, save for the golden chains that we had put on her a few days before. Xena had her head craned back over a pillow for a young slave girl to drop grapes into her open mouth. Her expression was totally blissful, despite being manacled.

Antony sat on the foot of the bed, rubbing Xena’s feet. He was attired in his armor, looking every inch the soldier, save that his helmet, sword, and a small sack lay by his feet. He smiled at me, but continued to massage Xena’s feet, no small task considering her ankles were manacled.

" You do that very well, my love," She purred.

My love? Was this another part of Xena’s plan? Or had my deepest fears come true? I walked into the room to the side of the bed, looking down on my beautiful companion.

"Gabrielle!" She said brightly, "Where have you been? I’ve been looking everywhere for you!"


I didn’t know how to answer her. I remember how much her beauty tempted me when I had first locked her in that outfit. She looked even more beautiful than ever.

I realized suddenly that she called me Gabrielle. That could only mean that Antony knew she was not Cleopatra, but Xena.

"I have wonderful news," She continued happily, "Antony and I have come to a compromise. We help him defeat Octavius and we rule Egypt."

"We rule?" I asked, dreading what her answer would be.

"Antony and I!" She declared with a smile, "Everyone still thinks I’m Cleopatra, so why destroy the illusion? Antony and I will have a royal wedding and jointly rule both kingdoms. And you can coordinate the arrangements!"

I was aghast, though I kept my face as emotionless as possible. The woman I loved was lying there like a golden bondage slave, chattering about betraying a nation of people and marrying a handsome, but ruthless, conqueror...not to mention discarding our relationship, our love

"What about Cleopatra’s murderer?" I inquired softly.

"Done!" Antony stated cheerfully, seizing up the bag on the floor and rolling its contents out onto the tiles for all to see.

I nearly screamed.

Brutus’ eyes stared up at me, as if pleading for mercy, the stump of the throat of his bodiless head bleeding across the stone floor.

The slave girl giggled.

"Well, he did confess to us, you remember," Xena remarked offhandedly, before the slave girl popped another grape in her mouth.

"Justice was swift," Antony added proudly, "Roman justice always is."

"And Octavius?" I asked, averting my eyes from the monstrosity staring up at me.

"I’m off to lead the Egyptian fleet against him," Antony replied happily, seizing up his sword and helmet.

He then bent down and kissed Xena’s toes, who moaned and wiggled them in response.

"Don’t forget your head!" She reminded him.

Antony slapped his forehead in mock forgetfulness, then scooped Brutus’ head back in the sack. As he walked by me with his abominable cargo, I could see the desire for me in his eyes as well. I had to stifle the shudder in my bones.

As soon as he left, I turned to the slave girl.

"Get out!" I snapped.

They both looked at me askance, and then a smile crossed over Xena’s face. She gestured for the girl to leave.

"You want to feed me," She said, more a statement than a question.

As the slave scampered away, I slid to my knees by the end of the bed in her place and peeled a grape. Xena opened her mouth sensuously, waiting for her gift. It was not long in coming.

I gently took her head in my hands and pressed my mouth against hers, my tongue darting within her beckoning lips. She met mine with her own, and we dueled for a long moment. I slowly released her, looking deep into her eyes. I ran my finger softly down her cheek.

"What about your plan?" I asked gently, " To drive the Romans out? Is this a ploy to deceive Antony?"

"Gabrielle, listen to me," She said in an excited tone, "Think about the opportunity here. As Cleopatra, Ares and the other Gods won't think of looking for me in Egypt. I can raise Eve in complete safety, the heir to one of the biggest empires in the world! And you’ll be with us, Gabrielle…like always!"

"And Antony?" I asked.

"He won’t be here all the time," She replied in a sly tone. " There will be plenty of time for us to…play."

"And what of the Egyptian people?" I demanded harshly," And Cleopatra’s honor?"

" Her honor has been satisfied and her murder avenged!" Xena spat, "And I’d like to think I could rule her people better than she could."

"It’s wrong, Xena!"

Our eyes locked for a long moment, before her face suddenly softened. She looked at me with a maternal expression, bringing her manacled hands to my face.

" You’re upset because I had sex with Antony," She said sympathetically.

"NO!" I cried, rising to my feet, "This is wrong, Xena!"

"Oh, hush!" She shushed me, " I understand. I knew if I had him, I’d have to be punished."

I looked at her uncomprehendingly


"Dear Gabrielle," She smiled, "I’m not wearing these chains for Antony. I’m wearing them for you."

With that said, She rolled off the side of the bed, landing on all fours. I gasped, as I saw that her back had what looked like a series of ring patterns…tiny open wounds with droplets of blood. I glanced at the bed to discover that Xena had been lying upon a curled golden whip, a whip whose length was encircled in golden thorns. She had been lying upon it, obviously enjoying the pain.

"I’ve done wrong, Gabrielle," She said in a submissive tone.

"Xena, I..." I stuttered.

" I betrayed Egypt to the Romans, " She continued, " I betrayed you, Gabrielle. I took another lover. Punish me!"

" I can’t!"

She looked up at me with lust in her eyes, anxious anticipation in her voice.

" Do you want me to describe what it was like when Antony and I were together?" She asked slyly, "Do you want to know about the rough feel of his hands, the smell of his sweat? Would you like to hear how it feels to be filled inside by…"


Before she could finish the sentence, I had seized the whip, uncurling it in one quick motion, and struck her back in a sharp stroke. She flinched, the breath rushing through her gritted teeth.

" Thank you, Gabrielle," was all she said.

I struck her back and her buttocks again and again, watching her trying to absorb pleasure from every stroke, embracing the pain like a lover. Specks of blood began to dot my white apparel. Sweat formed on my flesh from the exertion. With one hand, I ripped the flimsy clothes from my body, tossed aside the wig, and stood there naked, repeatedly striking my love again and again.

"Thank you, Gabrielle", was all she could say, over and over.

Exhausted, I threw the whip aside and dropped to my knees next to her prone form. I stared at the bloody torn flesh of the harshly breathing woman before me. I reached out and touched her wounds, my fingers playing over the fissures in her flesh. She winced and groaned at my touch, her ecstasy obvious in her exhalations.

"Please," She hissed.

I knew what she wanted. I dipped my fingers in her blood, and brought them to my mouth, enjoying the coppery taste of her life fluid, as I licked them clean.

"The jug!" She whispered harshly.

There was a jug by the bed. I took it in my hands and dipped my fingers into it. I brought the clear liquid to my lips and tasted it with the tip of my tongue.


I lifted the container and gently allowed the contents to flow over her wounds. She screamed, as the salt water cascaded on the open apertures. I washed the blood from her cuts, knowing full well that the treatment was worse than the injury. But I also knew that she wanted this. Xena shuddered, wallowing in her agony.

"Thank you, Gabrielle!" She moaned, the breath barely escaping from her ragged lungs.

I reached behind me to the bed and pulled the sheets, bringing several cushions to the floor as well. I laid the sheet over the excess water on the tiles and the dry cushions upon them. I then slowly turned my love over on her back. She winced and twitched as she settled onto the pillows, but she smiled with every jolt through her body.

I leaned down and pressed my naked body to hers, our mouths meeting in another duel.

I knew she could taste the remnants of her blood in my mouth .As we separated, I bit her lower lip and felt her quiver. With a smile, I leaned down towards her right ear.

"I’m going to kill him," I declared softly.

"I know," She whispered back, "But not for a while."

"I just go along with this marriage?" I asked incredulously.

She held me closer as best she could.

"It’s a chance, Gabrielle," She said softly into my ear, "A chance to raise Eve in safety…and to keep you safe as well. I can’t let that opportunity slip by. Besides, the marriage means nothing, since I’m already married."

" WHAT!?"

I rose up on my arms and looked own on her with surprise and outrage.

"WHO!?" I demanded, " Who are you…?"

I stopped short, when I saw her laughing softly. I slid back into her arms feeling a bit foolish.

"My friend, my love, my life," She said gently into my ear, "We don’t need a ceremony to sanction it."

"Your dominatrix," I added in a wry tone.

"And you do it so well."

"I’m still going to kill him," I repeated in a sulky tone.

" I love you, Gabrielle," She whispered hotly.

" You’re a bitch and a slut!" I whispered back with a grin.

"Then punish me…always!"

I took her manacled arms and raised them above her head, planting soft bites on her throat and shoulders. She winced at each touch and I could feel the breath of her joy escaping from beneath her throat.

I moved down to her breasts and took her left nipple in my teeth, beating on it with rapid movements of my tongue. She moaned. I released my grip on her arms, trailing my hands down her flesh with my nails. She rolled a bit under the pressure and lowered her arms behind my head. Her manacles bumped my skull, causing me to release my hold. I raised up in her grasp and looked down at her with a smile.

"Ouch!" I said, "Where’s the key?"

She said nothing, but gave me a bewitching smile.

It was not in her mouth, I knew that. I looked towards the bed, but she bumped me with her arm to look back at her. I tried to discern what she was telling me with her grin.

Then it came to me.

I lowered my face to her breast and started to kiss her nipples. I then lowered myself down her body, licking and nipping at her flesh as I went. I could feel her manacled hands caressing the back of my head, guiding me down to my objective.

I reached the mound between her legs. She spread them open as far as the chain between her ankle manacles would allow. It was wide enough. I lowered my face to her lips, nibbling at the flesh. Xena winced, almost bucking her back to press herself closer to me. I needed no encouragement. I pressed my mouth harder against her body, dipping my tongue in as far as I could, probing deep into her honeyed recesses.

I found it.

With a deft movement of my tongue, I pulled it out to a point I could latch it, first my lips, then with my teeth. I rose up on my arms, displaying my prize between my wet lips. Xena laughed.

I took the key from my mouth and placed it to side of her body.

"I don’t know if I’m in a rush to unlock you," I stated with a smile, moving one finger to her clit and stroking it, "I like you like this."

"See what I mean about you being good at this?" She chuckled.

I moved up her body between her arms, feeling her manacled hands rest against my spine and pull me closer to her. I looked into her face, as I pulled her wig from her head and tossed it aside. I then clutched her real hair as hard as I could and twisted my grip. I knew she enjoyed that. Her face screwed with discomfort, but her eyes displayed her excitement at my treatment.

"Who do you belong to?" I asked roughly.

"You, My Queen," She answered in a sultry tone.

"Will you have sex with Antony again?"

"Yes, My Queen," She answered in a forlorn tone, "I have no choice."

"Every time you do, I will punish you harder!"

"Oh, yes, My Queen!" She squealed like a little girl.

"You’re a slut!" I declared in mock disgust, releasing my grip.

"A slut who loves you, My Queen," She replied softly.

I kissed her as hard as I could and she pushed back with equal force. I could feel the manacles digging into my back, but I didn’t care. I no longer cared about Egypt, Antony or The Gods either. All that I valued was in my arms.

With a smile, I moved back and out of her arms. I then moved my body over her torso and raised myself above her head. Looking down at her anxious anticipation, I lowered the orifice of my sex upon her face. I could feel her eager mouth suckle against my folds, her tongue lapping at my clit.

"I love you, Xena!" I hissed through my teeth, my head thrown back, my eyes clenched shut.

I suddenly laughed, as I felt the orgasm rise in my body. I could feel the waves of pleasure envelop me. The laugh became a scream, as the joy cascaded through me and I began to cum…

Cum and cum and cum. My back arched, my heels digging into the bed, as I forced myself against my fingers again and again. I opened my mouth to scream, but only a loud hiss escaped my lungs, so intense was my climax.

Slowly the waves receded and I lay back against the bed, my body covered in sweat. I hadn’t felt this passionate since the last time Xena and I…

Xena and I.

Was there a "Xena and I", when my sexual fantasy was to torture and mutilate her? Was the intensity that I had experienced demonstrated how much I hated her feelings for Antony?

I didn’t want to think about it. I was exhausted. The fantasy had so overwhelmed me, I didn’t know how much time had passed nor did I care. I relaxed my naked body onto the bed, my fingers still gently touching my sensitive nub.

" My Lady…My Lady!"


I turned towards the voice behind the locked door. There was a rapping on the portal from outside the corridor.

" Yes?" I replied.

" My Lord, Brutus, requests your presence on deck. We’ll be approaching the rendezvous within minutes. "

" I’ll be there in a moment," I stated.

I rose to a sitting position on the bed. My dress was where I left it, in a heap on the floor. My wig was at the end of the bed, as well as my helmet.

I dressed quickly, girding myself for the battle to come. As I did, I knew that my jealousy was part of my anxiety over my part in Xena’s plan. I would basically be alone on Brutus’ ship, when the attack came. He could kill me at the first recognition of deception. I hated Xena for placing me in this position.

No. I didn’t hate her. I could never hate her.

I stopped and took a breath by the closed door. What Xena and I were doing was for the greater good. I had to believe in her, to trust her. I couldn’t let my jealousy cloud my judgement at this crucial moment.

I steeled myself. I had to be ready to defend myself when Brutus realized he was in a trap. I had to focus on the job at hand, if I were to survive.

And I had an incentive now. If Xena and I survived this, I was going to do my best to ensure she never wanted a man or anyone else again. Even if I had to lock her in those golden chains…or deliver Antony’s head in a sack.

Xena belonged to me.

With that vow, I opened the door and proceeded up to the deck.

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