By: Warrior X

Disclaimer: Xena, Gabrielle and the other characters in this story
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WARNING: This story contains the consensual love of two women, both
emotionally and physically. It also contains strong and explict sexual
love and bondage. If this bothers you go someplace else. If you are
underage go watch some cartoons or go outside and play!

To my friends who encouraged me, I thank you and love you all.
Especially Croucthy who is always there. This is my first attempt at
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Xena leaned down and kissed the forehead of her sleeping bard and
felt her body move in closer and hold on tighter. Her thoughts ran
through the events of the past five years. Finding Gabrielle in
Poteidaia, living and learning from her. Xena's face tensed as she
remembered Gabrielle's wedding to Perdicus and how lost and empty she
felt. *CALLISTO! My worst enemy went after Gabrielle and almost killed
her but instead she killed Perdicus. In my anger I let Callisto die in
the quick sand. NO GREAT LOSS!* She looked at Gabrielle and her face
brightened remembering the day she was given the Rite of Caste by
Terris. Staying in the Amazon Nation as the ruling Queen meant Xena
traveling the road alone. Instead Gabrielle handed the mask over to
Ephiny who then became the Queen Regent in her absence. *How Valaska
tried to take the Mask and Gabrielle's life when I died, only to lose
her own in the Temple of Ambrosia. Another NO GREAT LOSS!*

*What would life had been like without Gabrielle in it?* Xena
shuddered and blocked out all thoese thoughts. With a hugh smile she
began to think of the night before and how they had made love for hours
collapsing exhuasted into each other's arms.

Outside she could hear the bustle of preparations for the fifth year
of their joining celebration. She thought back to the first day she saw
Gabrielle, the day she fell in love, seven year's before. A loving
smile crossed her face as she listened to her lover's deep steady
breathing. She didn't declare her love until their second year, when
caught off guard Gabrielle declared her's. They were joined soon after.

They had been back in the Amazon Nation now for a whole year now.
Xena could still not believe she had stayed in one place this long. She
knew she could be nowhere else without her love, and this is where she
wanted to be. Gabrielle moved in her arm as her hand gently cupped
Xena's breast. She felt the fire begin to burn between her legs; but
she pushed it down so her bard could rest. She kissed Gabrielle, *Even
after five year's together our passions and desires for each other have
never waned. For this my love I am truly thankful. I also thank you too
Artimis!* Xena closed her eyes and blissfully drifted off to sleep.

Gabrielle's eyes fluttered open as she looked at the chisled face of
her Warrior. Tears began to fall from her beautiful sea green eyes as
she softly whispered "I love you Xena and I have from the first day I
saw you" Xena's eyes opened as she wiped away Gabrielle's tears "I
know my love, so have I" The kiss that started out softly soon turned
into a burning passion that ignited both their flames, as it always did.
Their kiss ended with both of them gazing into each others eyes. Xena
wipes away a stray hair from Gabrielle's face and gently runs her
fingers down her cheek. Gabrielle brings her hand to Xena's face and
feels the fire begin to rage between her legs.

"Xena do you realize that every time we kiss it is as if it is our
first?" "Yes, I know!" she said. She was slowly trailing kisses along
her neck. Gabrielle moaned "Xena, I could not exist here without you"
"Nor could I my love." She looked down and kissed her with such passion
that it took both their breath's away. They held on tight trying to
bring their bodies into each others. They began to move together,
rocking,locked in each others arms beginning a new day.

A knock at the door caused Xena to growl "WHO IS IT?" "Queen
Gabrielle, It's Ephiny. I need to speak to you of the celebration."
Gabrielle leaned over and kissed Xena softly "My love we have the rest
of our lives, with many days and nights of passion ahead of us, but now
we must tend to the affairs of our reunion." Xena growled again and
reached for Gabrielle, but she was too quick this time and jumped off
the bed out of Xena's reach. She tumbled to the floor and Gabrielle
trying not to laugh, did! She grabbed her shift and tossed it over her
head. She heard Xena growl again "You better cover yourself up!" she
told her Warrior "We have company!"

Gabrielle crossed the room and opened the door. Ephiny entered "I've
brought you some food and it look's like I did just in time!"smiling
at Xena crumpled on the floor. Xena smiled and began to realize that
she was indeed ravinish and with the bedsheet wrapped around her went
in search of her shift. Ephiny dismissed the young girls that brought
the food, and the three of them sat to eat. When they were gone she
began to speak. "The preparations for your fifth year reunion are almost
finished. Tonight you and Xena will sleep in seperate beds until the
ceremony tomorrow night." Xena stopped in mid-chew and looked at
Gabrielle who dropped her nutbread. "What do you mean?" Gabrielle
exclaimed. Xena realized that her and Gabrielle had not sleep apart
since their joining five years before. She watched her bard realize
the same thing, at the same time. Gabrielle looked at Xena with tears
in her eyes.

Xena rose and knelt in front of her as Gabrielle spoke. "I cannot
be without you!" as she leaned against Xena. "I know Gabrielle, I feel
the same way! She wiped away the tears from her face and smiled in a
half grin "Besides just think about tomorrow night!" as her eyebrows
raised and she chuckled. Gabrielle smacked her on the arm and kissed
her neck. She took Xena's face in her hands and kissed her. Xena
tightened her grip and moved in closer not wanting to let go. Neither
one wanted to end the kiss but they slowly pulled apart.

Gabrielle turned to Ephiny, who cleared her throat and began to
speak again "You both will be happy to know that this ceremony will
not be marred as the first one was." Xena rose to her full Warrior
height as memories flooded back of that day five years before, when
Janece had challenged the Queen's throne. Gabrielle shuddered as she to
remembered. Xena had defended her throne at the cost of Janece's life
and almost of Xena's too. She rose from her seat and Xena moved in
closer whispering "It's alright my love." Ephiny continued "The whole
Amazon Nation will be here to celcbrate a long and happy life for both
of you."

Xena filled with pride thinking what a wonderful Queen; Gabrielle
had become. She had reunited all the region's together and under her
rule had once again made the Amazon Nation strong and peaceful. She was
known as the greatest Queen of all Amazon time. *To think that the
little girl I saved so long ago would turn into an Amazon Queen, a well
known Bard and my wife* Xena smiled as she looked down at Gabrielle.
Gabrielle looked up with a questioning look, but before she could speak
Xena kissed her.

Gabrielle pulled away and turned to Ephiny she smiled and quitely
spoke "Thank you Ephiny, but one last thing- Do Xena and I really have
to be apart!!" Xena smiled as Ephiny answered "Yes my Queen,
according to Amazon tradition you must prepare for the ceremony, to
renew your vows before Artemis and the Gods." She turned to Xena
"I don't want to be away from you, but it is so important to renew our
vows face to face with Artimis. If there were time I would change the
rules!!" She glared at Ephiny over her shoulder. Ephiny just shrugged
and looked down at the floor. Xena was lost in her bards sea green eyes
and whispered "I know my love you would. I agree this day is important
to both of us, but I promise you that after tomorrow I will never allow
us to be apart again." "Oh Yes Xena, Never again!" Xena pulled her
close as Gabrielle wrapped her arms around Xena's neck and kissed her
passionately. Neither one heard Ephiny leave as they explored each
others mouth's and moved together into their own universe. Xena had to
have her now and so did Gabrielle.

Without losing contact Xena scooped her up into her arms as
Gabrielle softly moaned into her mouth. She gently placed her on the
bed and covered her body with her own. Now they both moaned and the
moaning continued. As their kisses became stronger and more
passionate Xena pulled Gabrielle's shift off of her and then removed
her own. She took in the sight of the lovely bard's body. "You are so
beautiful" she said as she lowered her body back down and placed her
lips on Gabrielle's neck and began to nibble and suck. It did not
take Xena long to bring Gabrielle to a frenzied passion. Xena smiled
and continued knowing what she was doing to her as well as to herself.

Gabrielle opened her legs wider so Xena could slip her leg between
Xena did not hesitate to oblige as she moved her mouth at the same time
to the bard's rock hard nipple. She timed it perfectly, her teeth
grabbing the nipple as her leg moved against the slick juices between
the bards legs. Gabrielle screamed and arched her back to meet Xena's
advance full force. She grabbed the raven hair and forced Xena's face
deep into her chest. Her hips began to rock against Xena's leg begging
for more. "Xena" Gabrielle gasped, "Please....I need you......NOW!"
the words bearly audible above Xena's moans. She lifted her head and
moved to the other nipple to give it the same attention that she had
just given the other one. "Please Xenaaaaaa......I want You..."
gasping "Inside me deep and hard... Xena Pleasssse!!!" she
screamed out.

Xena lifted her head "Yes my Queen, as you wish." Still holding
her hair the bard forced Xena's face between her legs. The deep gurgled
roar that ripped from Xena's throat sent Gabrielle into a higher
pitched frenize. She would not let her lips touch the bard's swollen
nub that was waiting for her. She savored the wetness that she had
caused to her love and took three fingers and buried them to the hilt
in one forceful stroke, deep into the hot wet center of Gabrielle.
Gabrielle arched her back as her body lifted off the bed. "XEEEENAAA"
she screamed. Xena reached around with her left arm and pulled the
bards body back down to the bed. Now she had her pinned and helpless
to move under the Warrior's assault.

She kept up her fast hard assault with her fingers as she found the
rock hard nub and sucked it hard between her teeth. She sucked and
twriled her tongue around the nub as Gabrielle fought to move her hips
against Xena's mouth. It was all she could do not to go over the edge
herself from the pleasure she was giving to Gabrielle. Gabrielle's
breathing raced as she moaned and cried out Xena's name passionately.
"OH; GOD'S XENA,WHAT YOU DO TO ME!!!!" Xena knew she was bringing her
love to the edge and stopped all movement. She lifted her head to look
at her love as her juice's flowed down her chin. Gabrielle raised up
her head and looked down at Xena and screamed "Xena Please Don't Stop..

That was just what Xena wanted and needed to hear. She resumed her
assault harded and faster than before. She once again sucked the nub
between her teeth and licked at it furiously. As always Xena's greatest
pleasure was pleasing Gabrielle. *Why did I ever wait two years to tell
her how I felt?* Xena could feel the tightness engulfing her fingers as
the first wave of orgasm desended upon Gabrielle. Her screams were at
first low and from the back of her throat, but it quickly became louder
until Xena was sure the whole Amazon Village heard. She screamed out

Even as she felt the last wave of juice flow over her hand she did
not release her love. She continued her assault on the nub and the
plunging in and out as well. Gabrielle dug her nails into Xena's back,
she felt the pain and the blood at the same time, and it sent her over
the edge. She raised her head, never once stopping her plunging
assault, "GABRIELLE" she growled in a husky low voice "GABRIELLE,
I LOVE YOU!!!!" They rocked together harder and faster until they both
cried out "YEEEEEES!!!!"

Neither one could move. It was a long time before their breathing
returned to normal. When Xena could finally move she crawled up her
lovers body and wrapped her in her strong warrior arms. Gabrielle
kissed her and tasted herself on Xena's face, she again began to moan.
She stopped the kiss and looked into Xena's azure blue eyes and softly
whispered "I Love You." Xena leaned forward and kissed her softly and
whispered "Forever." Wrapped in a loving embrace they both drifted off
to sleep in each other's arms.

It was Gabrielle that woke first as she tightened her grip around
Xena's neck and watched her Warrior sleep. *Strange it's usually Xena
that's awake first, watching me sleep.* The emotions that flooded her
took her breath away. She could not imagine her life without Xena in
it. *Thank you Goddess Artemis for sending Xena to save me that day so
many years ago? I guess in a way we saved each other. I know Xena
thinks so too. There is so much I am thankful for, Xena, our love and
life together, and the Whole Amazon Nation. I thank all the Gods for
all they have given to me.*

She tenderly kissed her and felt Xena's grip become stronger. She
once again felt her passion begin to burn and knew it would have to
wait till their honeymoon night. She mused *Why is it I can never get
enough of this women. Better yet why is it she can never get enough of
me?* She broke out into a hugh smile *I'll have to ask Xena about
that!* as she chuckled to herself.

The knock at the door caused Xena to stir as Ephiny called out
"Queen Gabrielle, It is time." Gabrielle threw the covers over them
and told her to enter. "My Queen it is time for you and Xena to
seperate. All the preparations have been made." Xena's eyes
fluttered open as she raised one eyebrow "I know it's time." Ephiny
spoke again "Xena a hut has been prepared for you and your Amazon
armor has been made ready." Xena kissed her bard passionately and gave
her hard nipple a strong squeeze. Gabrielle moaned as Xena pulled away
and jumped off the bed. Gabrielle pouted and cried out "Nooooo, Xena!!"
Xena turned and Gabrielle had that look on her face *Why does she do
that, she knows I can't resist her and she melts my heart when she
looks at me that way!* Xena braced herself and shook her head "Just
think Gabrielle how good tomorrow night will be when I give myself to
you once again as I did so long ago." Gabrielle smiled.

Xena dressed as Gabrielle crawled out of the bed, unsure she could
stand on legs that she was not sure belonged to her. Ephiny moved to
her side to assist her Queen. "You really know how to rock a girl's
world, don't you Xena" Ephiny asked. Xena raised her eyebrow and
smiled "I am a Warrior of many skills and talents; but only for my
Queen!!" Gabrielle flushed "You better say that!!" flashing a smile
to Xena. With the door open Xena turned blowing a kiss and a smile to
Gabrielle "Until tomorrow my love." bowing deeply she backed out of
the door.

Ephiny moved to the door and called the young girls with the food
and bath water. Gabrielle tried unsuccessfully to stand once again.
Ephiny was at her side "Gods what that women does to me!!" Gabrielle
said. Ephiny smiled "Yes my Queen, the whole village knows!"
Gabrielle's face flushed as her hand moved to her mouth. "It's okay
my Queen" Ephiny said "Your lovemaking this past year has sparked new
life into many a bed. For this many of us are thankful!!" Gabrielle
was at a loss for words *Boy if Xena could see me now, she'd never let
me live it down.* Ephiny just smiled down at her. Gabrielle finally
found the strength to stand and realized just how hungry she really
was. "Boy that food smells good." They both walked to the table and
began to eat.

"Why is it you never told me this before, Ephiny?" Gabrielle asked,
blushing. "Gabrielle who in their right mind would stop the love and
passion that you and Xena share? Haven't you noticed the love that
fills this village?" "Well yes ,but.. " Before she could continue
Ephiny spoke again "My Queen you have done so much for the Amazon
Nation, most of all your love. It has spread like wildfire and has
brought many of us together as lovers. These bonds have made us
stronger and have taught us the true meaning of love. You will find in
the coming months that many will become joined and others of us will
renew our vows to each other. Your love of Xena has turned her from a
cold hearted murdering warloard to the strong, yet powerful, Amazon
Warrior she is today. You crept into her heart and turned darkness
into light! Only true and lasting love could do that."

Gabrielle felt the tears begin to fall and tried to swallow. She
hesitated before speaking "Thank you" as her voice cracked. She took a
deep breath and spoke again. "I never knew how wonderful and strong
love could be until I first saw Xena. I knew then that I loved her and
would use any means to be near her. Xena was searching for herself as
I searched for myself. Little did I know that I would find it in her
and she in me. As time went on I knew that somehow I had to spent the
rest of my life with her, because without her there is no life. I am
the woman I am today because of her and I guess it's the same for Xena.
Together we have become the women we were destined to be. All this
could not be done without our love. It is nice to know that our
passion for each other has sparked passion in the whole village as
well. I will tell Xena, I'm sure she will be glad to know that
others share our happiness." Ephiny smiled as Gabrielle began to eat
again. They both finished in silence, each reviewing the days events
in their heads.

Xena went to her hut and found food and a hot bath waiting for her.
She looked at her Amazon garb and touched the soft silk material, the
color of her blue eyes. She lifted the bracers and studied the design.
She smiled when she saw that the bracers and gauntlets were
embelished with the symbol of her Queen's Mask. *Leave it to Ephiny to
see to all the fine details* she thought. She would be proud to wear
these with the new breastplate and leathers made for the ceremony.
Her mind drifted to Gabrielle as she touched the Queen's Mask on her
breastplate. *Oh my Queen how I love you and always have.*

She placed the armor down on the table and began to undress. As
she slipped into the tub and under the water she felt the sting of
Gabrielle's marks and felt the passion flood her whole body. *Who
would ever imagine the Warrior Princess being in love and loving with
such passion* she laughed out loud. "Who would ever believe it?" she
asked out loud and then answered "I do,I do!" as she slowly slipped
under the water laughing.

Gabrielle closed her eyes and let the hot bath close in around her.
*Gods this feels so good I wish Xena was here with me now. I have so
much to tell her. I wish I could go to her hut and surprise her. Boy
would she be surprised! The only problem is the Royal Guard outside
BOTH our doors, to assure that we don't see each other until tomorrow
night. Why didn't I change the rules of this tradition!! I can't
believe I forgot about this one. Oh well it's only one night then she
and I will never be apart again. Not now, Not ever!* She let the
warm water wrap around her as Xena's arms do and closed her eyes
thinking of her love. *Soon my love you will be mine; Forever.* With
that she slowly fell asleep.

In the morning Xena was awakened by Solari, Ephiny's joined lover.
Solari stood by the door and called Xena's name. You see Xena has a
reputation of swinging when touched by anyone other than Gabrielle. So
if you value your life you stay out of harms way! Solari called her
name again, this time she got a response. "Good morning Warrior." she
said as Xena rose off the bed. "Good morning!" Xena said with a smile.
Solari watched as the young girls brought in breakfast. When they left
Solari turned to Xena "So today's the big day for you and Gabrielle.
Are you ready?"

Xena raised her eyebrows and looked at Solari "I could never be more
ready! The thought of spending the rest of my life with Gabrielle is
all that I live for. To hold her and love her and feel that in return
is truly a gift from the Gods. What more could one ask for?" She
smiled softly and asked "Do you feel the same way for Ephiny?" Solari
blushed and looked down "Yes I do. I have loved Ephiny from the first
time I saw her four years ago when I first came to this village. On
that day I made a vow that somehow I would win her heart and her love
forever. The rest you know. The greatest day of my life was the day I
became her wife. Next year we will renew our vows to Artemis as you
will today. To be honest I can't wait!" "I know how you feel." Xena
said with a hugh grin "That is as it should be." Xena sat and motioned
for Solari to join her.

"Tell me Xena, How is it that you and Gabrielle have stayed so
long here with us?" Xena looked down at her plate then back to Solari
"My Queen needed to be her with her people and I needed to be with
her. We both love the road but it is time to put down roots. As each
day passes it becomes easier to stay with the people who love us as we
do them. Gabrielle is a Good Queen and seeing what she has done for
the Amazon Nation is important. So here I stay with the woman I will
love for the rest of my life. Besides I have Warrior's to train and
Gabrielle has a Nation to rule. Need I say more?"

Solari found it hard to swallow and cleared her voice and began to
speak "Xena, Gabrielle is a very lucky women to have you as her wife
and consort. She is the Greatest Queen the Amazon Nation has ever
known. We are all thankful that you both stayed with us and hope that
you will stay long after the honeymoon has ended." Xena smiled her
famous half grin and raised one eyebrow "Thank you and I will tell
you this; The honeymoon will never end! But as for the other part we
will be staying on after this. With only short trips, from time to
time to visit our families . We both Thank You. I will tell Gabrielle
what you have said, I know it will make her very happy!" Xena smiled
and pushed a plate towards Solari "Time to eat. We have things to do
today before the ceremony tonight." They finished their meal in

When they finished eating Xena began to dress. Solari helped her
into her leathers *How strange not to have Gabrielle helping me to do
this, but then again she loves to take them off of me!* Xena chuckled.
Solari looked at Xena "Something wrong?" "No, just thinking about
Gabrielle." "Well if your ready Warrior it is time to go the Temple
and ask for Artemis blessing's for the ceremony tonight." Xena rose to
her full Warrior height and strode to the door. Together they walked
to the Temple. "What a beautiful day it is!" Xena said looking to the
sky "I think when we're done I would like to ride and spend some time
with Argo." Solari shook her head "As you wish Xena."

When they reached the Temple, Xena entered alone. Upon hearing
footsteps the High Priestess clapped her hands and the Temple cleared.
Xena walked to the Dias and knelt before it. Before she could speak a
calmness engulfed her and she closed her eyes. When she opened them she
was standing before Artimis. She bowed her head and began to speak.
"Artemis, I am a Warrior and not a Bard, and at times find it hard to
speak the words to express how I truly feel."

Before she could continue Artimis raised her hand and Xena fell
quiet. "Warrior Princess, Consort of my Queen Gabrielle hear me now.
Seven years ago I brought you to the place where Gabrielle was in
trouble. I had taken her from her family without her knowledge and
pushed you two together. You both were in search of yourselves but
without each other it would never had come about. I knew you two
belonged together and would share a love no one else had ever known.
Together you would grow and learn as well as love. You see; Gabrielle
was destined to be My Amazon Queen and you to be the Warrior Princess
of good instead of evil. That has now all come about. I see what is
written in your heart, mind and soul and it is these words you will
speak tonight. Go now my Warrior and let your heart bring forth the
words." Xena bowed and closed her eyes. Again she was kneeling at
the Dias. Artemis was gone but not the feeling of calmness that
flooded her whole body.

She walked from the Temple and into the sunlight where Solari
waited. "All is well; I hope?" Solari asked. "Yes it is, but you never
know what a Goddess might tell you!" Xena smiled as they began to walk
to the stables. As they left a messenger was sent to the Palace.
Gabrielle had just finished donning her Amazon garb when the messenger

Ephiny crossed the room and opened the door. "Gabrielle it's time to
go to the Temple." She adjusted her boots and headed to the door.
Together they crossed the courtyard as Gabrielle spoke "Ephiny the
flags and banners of blue and green are a very nice touch. Thank You."
"Your welcome but after all tonight's ceremony is a very speical one
for ALL of US." "I agree. Ephiny where is Xena?" "The messenger said
that after she visted the Temple she and Solari headed to the stables."
"Oh Argo will be so pleased to see her. It is such a beautiful day I
know Xena will be pleased to ride her today."

They reached the Temple and the Royal Guard along with Ephiny took
up their positions outside the doors. Gabrielle entered and was greeted
by the High Priestess "Welcome my Queen" she said as she bowed.
"Thank you. You may all rise." with that the Priestess clapped
her hands and the maidens disappered. Gabrielle walked to the Dias and
knelt down. Before she could speak a calmness flooded her whole body
and her eyes slowly closed. When she reopended her eyes she was
standing before Artemis. She bowed "My Goddess Artemis; I come here
today to ask for your blessing of my reunion with my Consort the
Warrior Princess Xena."

Artemis raised her hand and spoke. "My Amazon Queen, Bard of many
words hear me now. I knew the day of your birth that you would become
Queen. As I knew Xena would become a Warrior Princess. When you left
your home and family seven years ago it was not of your own accord. I
sent you into harms way and sent Xena to rescue you. From the very
start you two were destined to be one. You both had many lessons to
learn but the only way was together. The love you both share was also
meant to be. With your strong and bonding love destiny has now come
about. If not Xena would have died a long time ago. A cold heartless
killer never knowing love at all. You my bard would have spent your
days in Potedaia an empty lonely shell waiting for the end to come. I
have watched over both of you and at times have protected you both.
There were many times I stood back and watched to see if you two would
follow the right road. You did! That brings us to tonight. Your love
for one another has faced many challenges but you have passed all the
tests. Both of you have become the women you were destined to be, and
for this I give my blessings."

Gabrielle's mouth was agape and it took her a moment to recover from
all that Artemis had told her. "Goddess.." she finally spoke. Artemis
stood in front of her and placed a finger against her lips.
"Gabrielle; I see what is written in your heart, mind and soul and it
is these words you will speak tonight. Let them flow from your heart
and across your lips." She bowed and was back at the Dias. She looked
around but Artemis was gone. Gabrielle knew what she would say that
night as she turned and left the Temple.

As Gabrielle left the Temple she was rejoined by Ephiny.
"Gabrielle, What would you like to do now?" Gabrielle smiled "How
would you like to take a walk with me? It really is a beautiful day!"
Ephiny bowed and swept her arm in front of Gabrielle "As you wish my
Queen." Gabrielle smiled and laughed she took a step then stopped and
turned to the Royal Guard "You may come too; But Keep Back OK!" The
Guards bowed as they watched their Queen walk away.

Xena rode Argo hard and fast as she felt the wind blow through her
hair. She needed this after all that Artemis had told her. * So
Gabrielle and I were meant to be together. Strange how our lives are
laid out for us. I have learned much from Gabrielle as I know she has
learned from me. One thing I am thankful for is our love and our
happiness. I love the woman she has grown to be as I love the woman
that I am today. I do owe Artemis alot for all of this. After the
ceremony I'll make a special offering to her.*

Xena turned but Solari was nowhere in sight. She slowed Argo as
they turned back to find Solari. *Poor Solari can't keep up* she
chuckled to her self. Solari called out "Argo is much faster and
stronger than I thought. Very much like her rider!" Xena gave her a
full smile "I would not be the woman I am today if it were not for the
two women in my life!" She rubbed Argo's neck as the horse nickered
and stomped her hoof on the ground. "Seem's she agrees with you Xena!"
They both laughed as they headed back to the stables.

While brushing Argo Xena carried on a conversation with the horse.
"You know I have to give Gabrielle a special gift tonight! The
problem is...What!!! Argo I need your help!" The horse began to sway
back and forth. Xena stopped her brushing as her eyes lit up. "That's
it! OH thank you Argo I knew you would help me!" She wrapped her arms
around the horse's neck and kissed her. Then returning to her task
began to hum!

Gabrielle and Ephiny had been basking in the warmth of the day, both
deep in their own thoughts. Gabrielle still could not believe what
Artemis had told her and wished Xena was there with her so they could
talk it over. *Xena, if you only knew what I know now. I'm so happy
to know that you and I were meant to be. Most of all that together we
found the right road to follow. Our path, if not for our love, would
have been a cruel and painful existence. It was love that guided us
and brought us here today. Gods how I love you Xena!* She sighed *I
have to find a gift for Xena tonight. What could I possibly give to her
that would show her how much I love her!* She ponder the thought a
little more when suddenly a hugh impish grin crossed her face. *My dear
Xena tonight I will give you a gift that you will remember for the
REST OF YOUR LIFE!!!!! The grin turned into a full smile as she laid
the plans for Xena's gift.

Ephiny looked over at Gabrielle and saw the expression on her face.
"Good dream, my Queen?" Gabriell turned and rose up on one arm "Not
yet; BUT IT SOON WILL BE!!!" Ephiny smiled "You know Gabrielle I think
that just for tonight I would LOVE to be Xena!!!!" Gabrielle swung at
her but missed as they rolled in the grass laughing.

The time for the ceremony was fast approching and the bustle outside
quickened as the guests filled the courtyard. Xena was preparing to
dress with Solari to help her. Her tunic of sky blue silk slipped
easily over head, the material felt so good aganist her body that she
shuddered. Solari smiled as Xena blushed. Solari helped her on with
her leathers and breastplate. Xena slid her breaves and gauntlets in
to place and stopped again to admire the symbol emblazed on them. When
she finished her boots she stood, Solari could only stand with her
mouth open. "Is something wrong?" Xena asked turning to look in the
mirror. Solari hesitated "No.. No not at all Warrior. But many
tonight will still wish you were Free!!!" Xena blushed and was
pleased at what she saw in the mirror. "As long as my Queen likes
what she see's then I will be pleased!" "I'm sure she will Xena,
I'm sure she will!"

Ephiny was putting the finishing touches to Gabrielle's hair. They
had braided it with the same color ribbon as her tunic. She slipped
the tunic over her head and the Royal Green color set her eyes ablaze.
She was to wear the Black Regulia of the Amazon Queen. "Ephiny this
armor is new!" "Yes my Queen it is your new armor." Gabrielle lifted
the breastplate and breave's as her mouth dropped. It was the symbol of
Xena's breastplate. "Oh Ephiny ...I don't know what to say." as the
tears rolled down her face. "Gabrielle it is a gift from the Amazon
Nation on your reunion day. Xena is also wearing new armor bearing the
symbol of your Mask, also a gift." "Oh Ephiny thank you so much.
You don't know how much this means to both of us."

What Ephiny didn't tell her was that the idea came to her one day
after making an offering at the Temple. Gabrielle quickly dressed and
stood before Ephiny. "Well what do you think?" Ephiny looked her up
and down with her eyes wide open. "Gabrielle you have always been the
envy of every Amazon woman, and tonight as you pledge yourself once
more to Xena you are more beautiful than ever!" Gabrielle blushed a
bright crimson as she looked in the mirror "As long as my Warrior
thinks the same thing I will be most pleased!" She walked to Ephiny
and hugged her, "Thank you Ephiny for all you have done for both of
us over the years. You have always been there as a true friend in
good times and bad. We could never repay you for your loyalty and
friendship. I am proud to have you by my side as my Queen Regent and
together we will continue to rule." Ephiny looked at Gabrielle "You
know it works both ways and I wouldn't have it any other way. Well it's
time for the ceremony." They hugged and kissed each other as Ephiny
turned for the door.

The full moon lit up the country side like the sun lights the day.
The courtyard was filled with Amazon sisters from all the regions. The
sky above was clear and every star in the sky shimmered and waited for
the ceremony to begin. They had come to join in the reunion of Xena
and Gabrielle. This was to be the biggest ceremony of a decade and
so would the party afterwards. Everyone knew that even the Gods and
Goddess's were watching tonight. The village had been decorated in
blue and green ribbons and flags to match the eyes and tunic's of the

Suddenly the drums began to beat and all fell silent. From the
Queen's Palace Ephiny, in her full Queen Regent's Regulia, crossed the
courtyard and mounted the platform. When she turned the drums fell
silent. "The reunion shall now begin." She turned to her right "Xena,
Warrior Princess come forth." From her hut Xena stepped into the
courtyard. Flanked by the Royal Guard and followed by Solari she walked
to the platform. The Royal Guard took up their positions on each side
of the stairs as Xena and Solari acsended the stairs.

All eyes were on Xena as she bowed in front of Emphiny. "Rise Xena,
Warrior Princess, Consort of Our Amazon Queen Gabrielle." When Xena
turned and faced the crowd mouths agaped and the whispers began. Her
face blushed, it didn't happen often but it happened now and it made
her quite nervous.

Ephiny rasied her arm and the drum's began to beat again. From the
Queen's Palace came the prosession of the Royal Guard. In the center
was Gabrielle. At that point Xena began to desend the stairs to meet
her Queen. The Royal Guard lined the stairs and seperated on each side
of their Queen as Xena approached. Xena could no longer hear the
whispers or the cheers only the sound of her heart beating in her ears,
as Gabrielle came closer. She was in awe at how beautiful Gabrielle
looked, even with her Mask on. It was then that Xena realized that she
had stopped breathing and walking and forced herself to do both. She
took a deep breath and suddenly moved foward.

At that point Xena caught sight of her loves sea green eyes and
again stopped breathing. The sight of Xena also had it's affect on
Gabrielle. It took her breath away and made her feel lightheaded as
her knees became weak. She slowed her pace afraid that she would fall
flat on her face. She gulped a hugh gasp, that even the Guards heard
as they moved to her side. Gabrielle raised her hand and looked into
Xena's azure eyes. Xena's body shook as she reached out and took
Gabrielle's hand in hers. At their touch both of them could feel the
burning passion as it rolled through their bodies.

No longer able to move Gabrielle's knees finally gave out as Xena
wrapped her arm around her waist. Neither one could speak. They began
to acsend the stairs, half way up they stopped and faced each other.
They could no longer hear the voices around them only the sounds of
their hearts beating as they stared into each others eyes. Their words
came in unison "You are so beautiful, I Love You."

Ephiny spoke "Sister's of the Amazon Nation. We are here tonight
to celebrate the reunion of Gabrielle and Xena. According to Amazon
tradition they will renew their vows of love and unity in front of
Artemis and all of the Gods and Goddess's above." A hugh cheer rose
up from the crowd as Ephiny and Solari desended the stairs. When they
reached the couple Ephiny told them to turn to the crowd and take each
others hand. Ephiny held up a ribbon of blue and green silk "Raise
your hand's as I bind you both together." She then proceeded to tie
the ribbon around their locked hands that they had been holding.
Another loud cheer went up as the couple began to desend the stairs.
The Royal Guard followed on both sides of the couple as Ephiny and
Solari followed behind them as they made their way to the Temple. The
crowd fell in at the end of the procession.

At the Temple the Royal Guard lined the stairs as the two couples
walked up the stairs. They would be the only ones allowed into the
Temple to face Artemis. Regent Ephiny and her Consort Solari would
stand as witness to the vows. As they entered the Temple Ephiny
removed Gabrielle's Mask as well as her own. The High Priestess met
them and bowed to her Queen. "Please follow me my Queen." she said as
she led them to the alter. She once again bowed as she backed away.

Xena and Gabrielle looked deeply into each others eyes as they both
felt the nervous tension in each other. They knelt together at the Dias
of Artemis as Gabrielle spoke "Goddess Artemis, We have come on the
night of the full moon to renew our vows of love before you." Before
she could continue a bright golden light appeared as Artemis
materialized. "Gabrielle and Xena rise and face each other." They did
as they were told. When their eyes met again all their tension's faded
away. "Xena Warrior Princess speak what is written in your heart, mind
and soul." "Gabrielle, seven years ago I was lost and searching for
myself. Then I found you and on that day I fell in love. You have
given me life,and have made me the woman that I am today. More
important you have given me your love, a love beyond all my dreams, a
love I know I cannot live without. With you in my heart, mind and soul
I will love you and stand by your side for all eternity." Xena tried
desperately to hold back the tears but they came anyway as she looked
at Gabrielle's tear streaked face.

Artemis turned to Gabrielle "Gabrielle my Amazon Queen speak what
is written in your heart, mind and soul." "Xena seven years ago I
left my family and my home in search of life and myself. The moment I
saw you I also fell in love. You have given me life and have made me
the woman that I am today. All of this from the love you've given and
have shared with me. You have given me love beyond my wildest dreams.
I know that I too could not live a day without your love. With you in
my heart, mind and soul I will love you and stand by your side for
all eternity." Their stream of tears never stopped and rolled on

Artemis looked at both of them and placed her hand over theirs "You
two together have traveled a long hard road that has led you here
tonight. Your love and devotion for each other has never been matched
by anyone before you. To both of you I give you this scared gift."
Suddenly a small gold box appeared in her hand. She untied the ribbon
that bound their hands and let it float to the floor. "You must both
place your hands on the box to open it." She placed the box in their
hands as they both reached to touch it.

As they did the lid opened and a beautiful blue glow grew from
inside. They looked at each other and then into the box. Reaching in
at the same time they each pulled out a gold chain with a gold heart on
the end. On each heart was a symbol, in Xena's hand it was her
breastplate and in Gabrielle's her Queen's Mask. As they stared at
the hearts both had the same thought *I have never seen anything more
beautiful* Artemis spoke again. "Turn them over. Gabrielle read what is
written." Gabrielle hands were shaking and she was not sure she could
speak. She looked at Xena and found her voice in her eyes. "Xena, For
All Eternity, Gabrielle". Artemis then turned to Xena "Xena read what
is written." Xena had never been this nervous or so afraid in her life.
She looked to Gabrielle and found strenght in her eyes. Xena's voice
shook as she began to read "Gabrielle, For All Eternity, Xena."
"These hearts are a symbol of your undying love for each other, and
you must place them on each other at the same time. Xena and Gabrielle
raised their arms and placed the hearts over each others head. When
they were in place a flash of blue light shot between the two hearts.

Suddenly Artemis roared out "HEAR ME GODS AND GODDESS'S OF THE
DONE!" Outside was heard a loud clap of thunder. Both Xena and
Gabrielle knew who did that - ARES!! "Xena and Gabrielle for all
eternity you will be as one. Even after your bodies grow old and weak
you will be joined together in Elysian Fields. Until the time that
you will once again walk this earth, you will be as one. Kiss now and
seal the bond that we have made here tonight!"

Xena and Gabrielle leaned into each other both speaking "I Love
You" as they kissed passionately. The steel blue light from the hearts
grew stronger until both were bathed completely in it's glow. Their
kiss lasted what seemed like a lifetime, no an eternity! When they
finally stopped to breath their tears had mingled together on their
faces. They both turned to look at Artemis as her golden light faded,
but the hearts still glowed.

They heard sniffs and sobs behind them. Both Ephiny and Solari
were crying, holding each other in a strong embrace. Xena pulled
Gabrielle closer and kissed her softly. "Shall we go my love" "Yes Xena,
I will follow you anywhere." They turned back to the Dais and both
spoke "We thank you for the scared gift but most of all each other."
Xena bent down and retrived the blue and green ribbon and carefully
handed it to Gabrielle. "Here my love we must keep this always.
Gabrielle folded and placed it in the open box, and closed the lid.
She then tried to reopen the box but it would not budge.

Xena watched in amusement as the bard struggled. "My love we must
both touch the box to open it." she reached down and touched the box
and the lid opened. "Thank you love. You know this means I have to
keep you around just to open this box, don't you!!!" Xena could not
help but to burst out in laughter as she grabbed Gabrielle and
whispered "I will get you later for that comment." Gabrielle put
her arms around Xena's waist and replied "Not if I get you first!"
as she kissed her.

Ephiny spoke "Solari and I would like to congratulate you both,
if you would come up for air long enough." They all hugged and kissed.
Solari said to the couple "You two are very lucky to have each other
PLUS a Goddess on your side." "Yes we are truly blessed." Gabrielle
replied. "Well there is a celebration and some hungry and very thristy
Amazons awaiting us!" said Ephiny. "Shall we present ourselves to the
Nation Xena." Gabrielle asked. Xena bowed and smiled "Shall we!"
Ephiny and Solari stepped aside to let them past. Hand in hand they
walked to the door and out to the waiting crowd.

A hugh thunderous roar erupted as they reached the top step. They
both waved as the moonlight shone down on them like a spotlight.
Gaberielle turned and put her arms around Xena's neck as she spoke
"I Love You, Xena." Xena smiled "I Love You too, Gabrielle!" As
they kissed long and hard another loud roar rose up from the crowd
as the drums began to beat wildly. Neither one heard a thing. They
became lost in each others arms and were brought back to reality by
Ephiny's hand on their arms. "Excuse me you two but the Festival
Awaits!!" "If we must!" Xena said with a raised eyebrow. "Yes we must!"
Gabrielle said laughing. The Royal Guard decended the stairs and the
crowd seperated. Xena and Gabrielle took their place in the center of
the guard and the whole procession began to move foward.

Hugh trays of food were brought to the Queen's table. Gabrielle's
eyes lit up when she saw all the wonderful delicies that both her and
Xena enjoyed. Xena laughed "Gabrielle make sure you save some for
everybody else!" The whole table began to laugh. Gabrielle turned
"You'll pay for that Warrior!" Xena laughed and kissed the bard who
half-heartly tried to resist. Resistence was futile as Xena wrapped her
arms around the bard. As the kiss ended Gabrielle's eyes were glazed
"Gabrielle are you OK?" Xena asked. "HUH, OH, UM- No I'm okay" she
replied "I guess seeing all this food sent you to Elysian Fields."
"No, Xena my love; only you send me there!" Gabrielle took Xena's face
in her hands and kissed her hard. Xena felt the passion begin to burn
between them. "Maybe it's time I send you there, now!" Xena said as
she pulled her tighter to her. "Xena we have to stay here for awhile,
then I promise we'll both go to the Elysian Fields together!" a wicked
grin crossed her face "I Promise!!" as she kissed the Warrior again.
They pulled apart reluctantly when well wishers came to congratulate

The music flowed as the Amazon's danced. Xena was drinking a mug
of port when Gabrielle turned to her "Xena will you dance with me?"
Xena slowly put down the mug and turned "Gabrielle, You know I don't
dance!" "Yes you do Xena!" "Let me rephrase that, Yes I do, but, only
with you in private!!" "Oh Xena this is a special day for us, Please
Xena dance with me." "No Gabrielle, you go and have a good time."
Reluctantly Gabrielle rose and with Solari and Ephiny went to the dance
area. She never saw the look that crossed Xena's face *My poor bard.
I guess it's time to give her my reunion gift.*

Xena continued to watch Gabrielle dancing and laughing as she
finished her wine. She rose and strolled over to the stand where the
musicians were playing. She leaned over and talked to the leader.
Gabrielle had her back to the band and did not see Xena come up behind
her. Suddenly the music changed to a song that Gabrielle recongized.
It was a song that her and Xena had heard at a wedding festival in
Athen's. *What is the name of this song again? Oh I remember "Always
and Forever"* Gabrielle's face lit up as she turned and found Xena
bowing behind her.

"Gabrielle, May I have the pleasure of this dance?" Gabrielle
froze and could not speak. The dance floor cleared as the leader began
to sing. "Always and Forever..." Xena stepped foward and with two
fingers closed Gabrielle's mouth. "I take that as a Yes!" She slipped
her arm around her waist "No words my bard??" she chuckled. Gabrielle
could not speak as she began to move in Xena's arms. She was lost in
thoses beautiful blue eyes as she was lead around the dance floor.
They both became lost in each others eyes when Xena began to sing
"Take time to tell me, you really care and we'll spend tomorrow
together, I'll always love you, forever...." The whole world melted
away and all that existed was the undying love they shared for each
other. The music slowed and their bodies stopped moving but not their

"This is my gift to you my bard, my wife." "Oh Xena, you could not
have given me a greater gift." She hugged Xena tight as the tears began
to flow down her face. "My love why do you cry? I thought this would
make you happy!" "These ARE tears of love and happiness, which only
you can give to me!" Xena softly kissed her neck and leaned back and
kissed her lips. Gabrielle held on tight and then pushed away. "Xena
don't you start, Not Now!!!" Gabrielle pushed away from Xena but again
her knees betrayed her. Xena reached and held her up "If not Now then
When??" Xena whispered impatiently. "Soon my love, very soon." Neither
one heard the clapping or saw the wine glasses raised in their honor.
The dancing resumed and Gabrielle moved away and blew a kiss to Xena.
Ephiny came up from behind "Shall we have a drink Xena?" "That sounds
like a great idea." Xena patted Ephiny's back as they walked to the
wine barrells.

Gabrielle socialized and accepted well wishes from her Amazon
sisters from other region's. After several candlemarks she went in
search of her Warrior. She found Xena drinking wine with some of the
other warrior's. She slowly came up behind her and wrapped her arm's
around Xena's waist. "Oh!" she said in a low raspy voice "Is this the
beautiful Amazon that came to my hut last night and stayed till
morning?" Gabrielle dropped her arms and smacked Xena hard in the arm.
She stomped around and faced Xena. The other Amazon's began to fall
back not knowing what to expect next. "Oh Gabrielle, It's you!!!"

Till now Xena had a shocked look on her face and slowly burst out
into laughter as she pulled Gabrielle to her. Gabrielle tried to push
away "Who is she XENA?" She was now locked by the blue eyes
"Gabrielle, I knew it was you." Xena leaned down and kissed her as she
scooped her up into her arms "Is it time NOW for our honeymoon?"
Gabrielle pouted "That was not very nice Xena, playing that joke on
me. I would have ripped her heart out and YOUR'S too!" She wrapped her
arms around Xena's neck "I'm sorry, but I promise to make it up to you
tonight." "Well then I guess we better go you have alot of work and a
long night ahead of you Warrior!" Xena turned and began to walk to the
Queen's Palace "Yes my love I guess I do!" As they walked away the
other warrior's scrambled, each looking for their lover's to begin
their own night of pleasure and passion.

Xena carried her Queen across the threshold locked in a deep kiss.
She lowered her to the floor and stepped back. Gabrielle reached up
and began to undo Xena's armor. "Xena I would like to help you
undress." she said with an impish grin. "Only if I can do the same to
you?" Xena said as she raised an eyebrow. "You first Warrior!"
Gabrielle began to loosen the buckles on Xena's breastplate. As it
began to fall to the floor she let her hands run gently down Xena's
chest. "Mmmmmm" Xena moaned as she grabbed for Gabrielle, but she
pulled away. "Relax my love there is plenty of time for that! She
ran her fingers up Xena's arms to her bracer's and pulled them off in
one motion. Xena grabbed her and began to bite and nibble on her ear.
It was all Gabrielle could do to push herself away. "Ahem" she cleared
her throat and shook her head "Xena stop that!" she exclaimed "Let me
finish my task, OK!" "OK" she said in a deep voice.

Gabrielle led Xena to the bed and began to remove her boots. She
laid back across the bed becoming impatient and wanting to take her
bard right there. When Gabrielle finished all Xena had on was her
blue tunic and her underwear. Xena sat up and once again grabbed for
Gabrielle. "Xena please get up on the bed; I have a surprise for
you!" she said softly with her best puppy dog eyes. Xena's heart
melted and did as she was asked "When do I get to undress you?" she
asked "Soon my love, very soon."

Xena thought she saw a strange look pass across Gabrielle's face
and an even stranger glint in her green eyes. *Maybe it was just the
light from the fire or too much wine!* Gabrielle crawled up onto the
bed and up Xena's body. She straddled herself over Xena's hips as Xena
reached for her. She took her hands and entwined their fingers together.
In her deep raspy voice "So where's my suprise?" "It's coming my love,
one that you will remember always!" Again Xena swore she saw something
in her eyes but decided to let Gabrielle continue.

Gabrielle began to inch her way up Xena's body, never letting go of
her hands. She was soon sitting on Xena's chest as she leaned foward
and kissed her. Xena lifted her head to meet Gabrielle lips as her
arms were pushed above her head. Gabrielle pinned Xena's arms to the
bed with her knees as the kiss intensifed. Before she realized it her
wrist's were tied to the bed in leather straps. Gabrielle moved back
and looked at Xena. She tried to move her arms but they would not budge,
she strained and pulled but could not get free.

Xena began to speak but Gabrielle put a finger to her lips "Shhh,
Xena just a minute." she whispered. Gabrielle climbed off the bed
and headed for the door. She dismissed the Royal Guard. Closing the
door she walked to the table and took a long drink of wine, she then
returned to the bed with a full mug. "Here drink this!" she commanded
to the Warrior. Xena raised her head and drank the whole mug of wine.
"Gabrielle let me loose!" she said in her strong Warrior voice. "Now
if I did that it would ruin all my fun!" she said seductivly.
"Gabrielle!" even stronger. "Yes Warrior?" Gabrielle teased "Oh, and
by the way it's Queen Gabrielle, got that QUEEN!" she emphasized again.
Xena was in shock and was flooded with two emotions, one of total
helplessness and the other a strange feeling of excitment.

Xena had done this to Gabrielle several times but never had
Gabrielle attemped to do this to her. She tried to lifting her body up
on the bed to get better leverage. Gabrielle laughed "Now, now..
Warrior just relax!" Gabrielle stood up and straddled Xena's body.
Slowly she slipped her hands up under her tunic and teasingly began to
slide her underwear off. Xena's eyes opened wide as she watched the
show, her breathing becoming stronger. Gabrielle stepped out of the
underwear, turned and lowered her body onto Xena's legs. Her body
jumped as she felt her wetness hit her leg. "Gab..." she stopped as
she felt Gabrielle hesitate "Queen Gabrielle,Please release me so that
I may satisfy you." she said in her most humble Warrior voice.
Gabrielle looked over her shoulder "Much better Warrior!"

Gabrielle laid her body flat down on Xena's legs. As she did, her
tunic began to rise and Xena had a full view of her wet mound and
beautiful firm behind. Xena gasped and began to struggle. "Please my
Queen release me!" "Quiet!!" Gabrielle said in a strong and stern voice.
It was then she realized that as she was watching the lush view in
front of her Gabrielle had succeded in also tying her legs spread eagle
to the bed. She struggled again, but Gabrielle had learned well! She
was now completely helpless and at the Queen's mercy. "Much better!"
she smiled wickedly as she viewed her handy work. She leaned against
the bedpost while Xena struggled to get free. "Xena, I told you
before to relax.... or you may wind up staying that way all night!!!!"
Xena growled as Gabreille laughed.

She slowly began to remove her Queen's breastplate. Xena's eyes
opened wider as Gabrielle smiled. As she was about to drop it to the
floor "OOPS,I almost forgot this!" she purred, as she removed her
dagger from the armor. She shrugged her shoulders and dropped the
dagger onto the bed and the armor to the floor. Xena watched the
dagger hit the bed and moaned as she tried to free herself again.
Gabrielle put her foot on Xena's stomach "You'll miss the show if you
don't pay attention!" "Gabrielle please!!" Xena begged. Gabrielle
stepped harder "What was that you said? I didn't hear you!!!" she
said loudly. "I'm sorry my Queen, Please My Queen." Xena groveled.
"That's what I thought you said!" Xena could feel her passion rising
as she watched Gabrielle seductively remove her tunic.

Now she stood before Xena naked and Xena's breathing quickened. As
she dropped the tunic on the bed she softly ran her hand across her
body. "Mmmmmm" she moaned as she brought her hands up and cupped her
breasts. She gently squeezed her nipples and closed her eyes as she
continued to moan. Xena's breath was coming in short gasps and her
mouth was slightly open. Gabrielle continued until her nipples were
rock hard and standing off her chest. She opened her eyes and looked
at Xena "Do you know how good this feels!" she purred softly. Xena's
mouth opened wider as her tongue slipped between her lips and slid back
and forth. Xena moaned "Queen please set me free so that I may do that
for you! she begged. "QUIET!"

Gabrielle began to move her right hand down her body, across her
stomach and into her now dripping wet mound. She began to rub herself
as Xena's eyes shot open, her tongue licking her lips furiously.
"PLEEESE" she screamed. Gabrielle's body started to move faster
against her hand as she buried her fingers deep inside her hot center.
Her fingers moved back up to her nub as her slick juice's helped them
to move faster. She continued to squeeze and pinch her nipples.
"Mmmmmm......OHH" she said as she inhaled air between her teeth.
Xena watched helpless to feel or taste the juices she saw beginning to
run down the beautiful thigh of her lover. Her nostrils began to flare
as her breathing became more rapid. She strained against the straps but,
that again was hopeless. Suddenly Gabrielle's body began to tense and
she knew that she was going to go over the edge. "Ohh..Yeees!"
Gabrielle threw her head back, moving her fingers faster as the final
wave began to hit. "Yeeessssss!!" she cried out as Xena tried
desperately to get to her.

Gabrielle's body shook as she removed her fingers from her mound and
slowly trailed them up her body to her waiting mouth. Never once did
she lose eye contact with Xena's now bulging eyes. Xena held her
breath as she watched her fingers find their way to her waiting tongue.
"OHHHHH,This Taste Soooo Gooood!!!" Gabrielle moaned as she ran her
fingers across her lips. Xena had to force herself to breath as she
took a hugh gulp of air between her teeth. "Queen Please!" she said
panting "Please let me go, let me touch you let me taste you." she
begged. "OH, I'm sorry Warrior. Did you want to taste this?" she
laughed holding up her fingers.

She once again straddled Xena's body and slowly lowered herself onto
her stomach. Xena tried to raise her body off the bed but could only
move a few inches. "Please, You are driving me insane!!! I need to
touch you and feel you, Please My Queen set me free!" She begged with
her eyes but Gabrielle only smiled. "Here my Warrior." Gabrielle said
as she brought her fingers to Xena's lips. She lifted her head and
moved her tongue to taste the sweetness she knew waited there for her.
She lapped and sucked trying not to miss a single drop. Her deep
throated moans set Gabrielle's body to burn once more.

"You know Warrior this tunic is very pretty, But, I think I want
to see what is under it!" She pulled her fingers from Xena's mouth
and reached for her dagger. Xena's eyes flew open "My Queen if you
release me I will remove my tunic and you can do as you wish to me."
"Warrior you are a sly one indeed. As you can see I can do as I wish
right now!!" she teased with a seductive smile. "What I wish to do is
take you the way I want!!! Is there a problem with that??" Xena
lowered her eyes "No,My Queen" "Good then it's settled!" Gabrielle
laughed. The fire that burned inside Xena was becoming out of control.
She wasn't sure how much more she could take. She no longer could
control her breathing, let alone anything else. Her heart pounded
wildly in her chest and she believed it would soon explode and she
would die. *My love you will pay for this one, that I promise!* She
fought to control herself but all was lost as Gabrielle lifed her tunic
with the dagger.

"Hummmm" was all she heard as Gabrielle looked thoughtfully. She
slipped the dagger under the tunic and Xena froze. She tried to breath
but couldn't when the cold steel touched her stomach. "AHHHH,
Gabrielle!" she said as she raised her eyebrows. Xena could hear the
the blood racing in her ears as the sound of the material being cut
filtered in. Sweat begin to bead up on her brow as she watched the
scene before her. "Now let's see... Ahhh Yes" Gabrielle purred. Xena
felt the cold steel against her thigh as the blade slipped up and
began to cut her underwear. Xena thought for sure she would pass out
for lack of oxgyen, all she heard then was the loud hiss as she
breathed in through clenched teeth and Gabrielle's words.

"Well look what do we have here?" holding the underwear on the end
of the dagger "My, my Warrior aren't we wet!!" Xena's eyes opened
wider as she felt the blade against her mound. "Pleeeese My Queen be
careful!!!" she begged. Gabrielle let out a loud laugh as she threw
her head back. "You must trust me Warrior. After all wasn't it the
great Xena, Warrior Princess who taught me to handle a dagger? Do you
doubt my expertise?" "No My Queen, but I never taught you this!!!!!!"
"True very true, But I did!!!" Gabrielle laughed again and once again
moved the dagger to the tunic. She began again to cut up towards Xena's
chest. Then she stopped and took the back of the blade and rubbed it
against Xena's nipple. OH! Gods" Xena moaned as gooseflesh covered
whole body. "Well, will you look at that!!" Gabrielle gasped as she
cut away the rest of the tunic.

She continued to rub Xena's nipples with the blade. She could not
believe the effect she was having on Xena's body. Gabrielle had never
seen Xena's nipples so hard and taut. Xena had never felt these strong
feelings before either, but knew she wanted to feel them again...
soon....very soon! "Xena; I really do have an affect on you don't I?"
"Yes My Queen, You truly DO!" was all she could say.

Gabrielle leaned down and took one nipple into her mouth. Xena
strained aganist her bonds as her breathing raced and she moaned
loudly. Gabrielle began to bite hard as she took the other between her
fingers. She squeezed and pulled it straight up at the same time.
Xena's body rose up off the bed "AGHHH, Gabrielle!" "Yes Xena?"
"Please cut me free, I beg you." "I can't do that,I'm not finished
with you YET!!!!!" Gabrielle began to trail kisses down her body.
Once again Xena's breathing became erratic and her moans from deep
within her. She easily slipped between Xena's legs and to her
surprise saw that her wetness had flowed down on to the bed. "Goodness
my love I have never you in such a state!!" her smile went from ear to

"Queen I'm begging you PLEASE release me before I die from wanting
you!!" Xena gasped and strained at the same time. Gabrielle held up
the same three fingers that she had used on herself earlier "Xena my
love I will now set you free!" Xena's eyes shot open as Gabrielle
leaned down and ran her fingers against the wetness she found. She
held her breath waiting for Gabrielle to enter her. What happened
next she never expected. She placed her wet mound on Xena's leg as
she plunged two fingers deep into her hot center and the other up her
backside! Xena's head flew off the bed as her eyes nearly came out of
her head. "AGHHHHH GABRIELLE!!" she screamed. Gabrielle quickened her
pace as she looked up at Xena's face she saw her eyes begin to roll
into the back of head. "YES MY LOVE NOW I WILL SET YOU FREE!!!!!"
she yelled at her. She again quickened her pace, her hand plunging
deeper and harder into both of Xena's openings. She felt the heat
inside Xena's core begin to burn hotter. She loved the feeling of
power that she was feeling and decided this would happen again very
soon!!!! Gabrielle began to move faster against Xena's leg feeling her
own heat begin to burn hotter. She knew she would not be able to hold
out much longer and it would not be long before they both melted over
the edge.

She took Xena's nub and sucked it hard between her teeth. Xena felt
herself coming close to the edge and in and out of conciousness. She
kept forcing herself to gasp for air, she had never felt this way
before and never wanted it to end. *Gabrielle has always been an
icredible lover and has sent me to Elysian Fields every time, BUT
NEVER LIKE THIS!!* What she was doing to her now was beyond words.
Gabrielle knew that what she was doing to Xena would make her body
explode and send them both to the Elysian Fields. *God's why didn't
I do this sooner!!!*

Gabrielle's assault paid off as she felt the first wave of orgasm
hit. Xena tightened so hard on Gabrielle's hand that it took all her
strenght to keep her fingers plunging in and out. The flow of juice
thrilled her as Xena began to fall completly over the edge. Gabrielle's
body began to shake as she too began her ride to the edge. She could
feel the juice flow heavier onto Xena's leg and trying to concentrate
on what she was doing was becoming more difficult. Xena's whole body
began to tense and shake violently. "XENA, COME TO ME NOW!!"
Gabrielle demanded. Xena could no longer hold back from the assault

She sat bolt upright in her bed "Gabrielle!"

The end of part one. Watch for part two "Reincarnation"

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