Firelight Surprise

by Callisto Wolf

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Love/Sex Disclaimer: This story depicts graphic sex between two concenting women. If this is not your thing. Leave now. NO kids under 18 allowed. This is most definitely NC-17.

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Dedication: I want to thank Red Hope for all her help. Thanks.

A very sated Gabrielle layed by the banked fire. She could still not believe what had actually happened. Xena had finally taken her. It was about time. Gabrielle's outfit couldn't have gotten any more revealing without her running around naked. Lets face it a nude warrior bard would have been a lot more hazardous.

It had all happened innocently enough. After setting up camp and having a nice cooked meal that Gabrielle had fixed. Xena had stood up, removed her armor, and simply said it was time for desert. Before Gabrielle could resist, the warrior was on her.

The kiss was unbelievable to say the least. Xena gave Gabrielle no chance to protest as she practically ripped the maroon top off her body with one hand as the other was busy fighting the buckle of her skirt. Gabrielles underwear didn't stand a chance as Xena destroyed the offending article of clothing.

Gabrielle let out a gurgled squeal around Xena's kiss as the warrior uncermoniously began to stroke Gabrielle's slit. Trying to push away from Xena and breathe was beginning to become an increasingly difficult task. Her mind was reeling from all the emotions that were bombarding her. She couldn't seem to decide if she was enjoying this rough attention or appalled. From the fire in her center she quickly decided that she most definitely was enjoying herself.

Her hands immediately went to Xena's hair as Gabrielle threw herself completely into the kiss. There was absolutely no way she was going to pass up this possible once in a lifetime opportunity to have this bearutiful warrior pleasure her to oblivion. Gabrielle vowed to not question whatever happened that night, only to do as she was required.

Xena pulled her hand from between Gabrielle's legs. Grabbing two handfuls of the luscious bards arse, she lifted her. In no time at all Gabrielle felt a bedroll against her back. Xena finally pulled her mouth from Gabrielles, only to dive into her neck. Xena's lips, teeth, and tongue attacking the sweet skin there without mercy. The bard knew she'd have quite a few bite marks the following morning. Just proof of how ravenous Xena was this night.

Xena's hand quickly went back to it's haven between the bard's legs. Devling back into the liquid warmth of Gabrielle's arousal. There was no doubt in Xena's mind that Gabrielle didn't want this. Xena wasn't even sure if she would stop if the bard didn't want this. The bard had tempted her long enough. Xena couldn't control herself. Gabrielle had gone to far and there was no going back now. Her outfits had pushed the last button on the warrior princess. Xena was going to have her this night and there would be no stopping her.

Gabrielle's eyes had rolled up into her head from the shear pleasure of what Xena was doing to her. Her hands, her lips, Gabrielle couldn't decide which was better. "Her lips where her hands are." she thought.

Xena abandoned Gabrielle's neck to feast from her firm, plump breasts. Discarding the pleasantries of starting off slow, she sucked in Gabrielles nipple with tremendous force causing the blonde woman to intake a breath harshly. Xena could feel Gabrielle's fingers digging into her scalp.

Xena's hand choose that moment to stop teasing the bard and drove two long fingers into her soaked flesh. A quick hard rhythm was established. Xena didn't relent one ounce, keeping the rhythm strong as she switched breasts.

The night air was filled with Gabrielle's chant of "Oh gods." over and over again. Her hands released Xena's head, to grip Xena's bare shoulders. Marks would definitely be worn by both women the following morning.

The next instant Gabrielle felt Xena's arm slip under her back, then she was pulled into a straddling position on Xena's lap. Xena's fingers recieved more room to manuever in this very accomedating position. Through the whold move, Xena's very determined digits never lost their rhythm within the bard. The bard was ready to come, the fire was almost becoming unbearable. Xena had only to touch Gabrielles very engorged clit and it would be all over for the bard.

Gabrielle had her eye's clamped shut, letting her body drown in sensation. Gabrielle wanted to feel Xena's mouth between her legs but couldn't form the words. Placing both her hands on top of the warrior's head she pushed none too gently. Taking the non-subtle hint Xena placed her back on the bedroll and began to lap at Gabrielle's copious amounts of come.

Xena pulled her fingers from their playground of Gabrielles crevice. Gabrielle felt Xena push at her mouth. Not caring what it was, she excepted the come coated digits. Sucking them clean of her essence. Taking her hand away from the bards talented mouth she fumbled with the bag beside the bedroll. Dumping it's contents till she felt what she was looking for.

Gabrielle let out a long deep moan as Xena took her clit in her mouth and flicked her tongue across it sending the young blonde over the edge she had been standing on. Xena's hands wasted no time, after completeing their task of harnessing the warrior, in taking the bards hardened nipples into their grasp.

Licking the flood of Gabrielle's juices from the bard. Xena moved up the beautiful woman reclaiming her lips with that of her own. Gabrielle's hands tried in vain to push the warrior away. Only to succeed in having Xena take and place her hands above her head. Using one hand to hold Gabrielle's wrists, the other helped guide her extra appendage into the wriggling bard.

Gabrielle's eyes shot open at the invasion locking with Xena's. Smiling ferally Xena began a rather fast paced rhythm again. The pleasure again causing Gabrielle to close her eyes and begin moaning anew. Releasing Gabrielle's wrists, Xena rose up onto her knees. Grabbing Gabrielle's hips she pulled her into her hips. The bards legs clamped around the warriors waist, locking at the ankle. Placing her hands on either side of Gabrielle's head she began to thrust powerfully into the waiting bard. Her hips flexing with each thrust, punctuated by Gabrielle's cries with each in stroke.

Again the chanting renewed, this time instead of "Oh gods.", "Oh Xena." could be heard. The warrior's labored breathing and the bard's cries had effectively scattered the wildlife.

Xena dropped her head down to Gabrielles shoulder. She could feel the bards nails digging trenches into her back. The pain only served to drive her harder. Sweat coated both women. Xena's breathing was becoming even more ragged with each stroke. Gabrielle was sure her ride would becoming to a halt soon.

As Xena's thrusts became more forceful, Xena wrapped her arms around Gabrielle's waist. With each thrust Xena would pull Gabrielle into her hips, driving the phallus deeper. Gabrielle was beyond thought, her only was to reach the Elusian Fields for a second time that night. She was so close, all she needed was to reach between her legs and touch her clit and she'd be flying high again.

"Touch yourself." Xena growled into her ear. The sound of her voice nearly sending Gabrielle over the edge. Sliding her hand between their bodies, she ran her fingers through the down at the junction of her legs. Her hand coming in contact with her swollen clit.

In no time at all Xena heard Gabrielle scream he name. Hearing her name being screamed out into the night by Gabrielle sent Xena over the edge as well. After a few more violent, jerky thrusts the warrior laid still draped over Gabrielle's body.

With her breathing back to normal Xena pulled out of Gabrielle. Taking the harness off, Xena grabbed a blanket and fell asleep. Leaving a very satisfied Gabrielle awake beside the fire.

The End.

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