by Maria

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Hurt/Comfort: In all reality mostly hurt, but there is always comfort in finding love.

This story is based on a song and the death is inevitable.

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brrrrrrrrrrrriiiiinnnnng ... brrrrrrrrrrrriiiiinnnnng... brrrrrr.

"Hello, Reeve residence."

"Hi, Mrs. Reeve. Is Kit home?"

"Hi, Rene. Let me get her for you."

"Okay, Thanks."

A few moments later Kit came to the phone.

"Hey Rene, what's up?" Came the cheery voice on the other end.

Rene smiled to herself. "Not much, just wondering what you were doing?"

"I'm just watching TV. Why, you've a better offer?"

"Well, I don't know if it's a better offer, but do you want to hangout?"

"What 'cha have in mind?"

"I was going to get together with some of the guys. So I thought I'd call to see if you wanted to join us?"

There was a short pause.

"Hmmm...okay sure."

"Cool, I'll swing by and pick you up first. See you in about twenty."

"Okay see ya in a few, bye"



"Kit, Rene's here," the six-year-old girl called to her sister as she bolted out of the house to greet the new arrival that was coming up the walk way.

"Hey, Beck!" The older girl said as she brought herself to the child's level to scoop her up as she got closer and spin her around.

"Hi...Rene..." The little girl said between giggles as she settled on Rene's back to be trotted into the house.

When they entered the house Kit spoke to her sister in a mock stern voice. "Becky you know better than to climb all over company. Now get down from there."

Rene knelt down to let the little girl climb off her back. "I think we're in trouble." Rene whispered so only the girl could hear.

"Nah. She's just kidding." Becky whispered back giving her a huge smile.

"Are you sure?"

"Yup. Thanks for the ride."

"Anytime Beck. See you later." Rene called to the little girl as Becky stuck her tongue out at Kit and ran into another room.

"Did you see that?" Kit asked Rene in a mock shock tone noticing that the girl was trying to stifle a laugh. "Guess you did."

Rene just smiled at the pout that Kit gave her.

"Are you ready?"

"Oh yeah. Mom, Rene's here, I'm leaving." Kit called out in a loud voice to make sure her Mom heard.

"Hi, Mrs. Reeve."

"Hi, Rene. You two have fun, and be careful."

"Okay Mom. Bye."


"Ohhhh... You got your brother's car. Nice." Kit commented as they made their way towards the Metallic Blue '69' Dodge Charger with the white hard top and leather interior. Rene's brother had spent three summers restoring the classic.

"Yup, I'll be doing his chores for the next month, but at least we'll be hanging out in style."

"I love this car." Kit said appreciatively as she slid into the passengerís seat and buckled her safety belt, she stroked the white leather interior appreciating the feel of it.

"Me, too" Rene agreed buckling her self in and turning the key in the ignition bringing The Classic to life.

"We need some tunes." Kit stated as she began to fiddle with the radio.

"Go for it...listen the guys cancelled.... Itís just you and me." Rene said, as she looked straight ahead.


"Dunno. Do you mind?"

"No, of course not silly."

"Cool, so did you want to do anything in particular, or just drive around?"

Kit took a few minutes to think.

"Oh. I could go for a Friday's sundae." Kit said as she looked at Rene and smiled. Rene looked back at her.

"On a Thursday." The two friends said simultaneously and began to laugh.


It started to rain as they arrived at the restaurant. They decided to have something to eat before getting ice-cream, taking their time hoping that the rain would subside. By the time 8:30 rolled around there seemed to be no relief in sight, so they headed out. Not really having a choice since Rene's age didn't allow her to drive past nine.


"Wow it doesn't look like it's going to let up for a long time." Rene said as she drove.

"Yeah, it does seem to be coming down harder now."

"Nah, It just looks that way because we're in the car now."

"Maybe." Kit said softly as she looked up to the sky. At that same moment a flash of lightning lit up the sky and thunder rebounded in her ears.

"I hate thunder." Kit said as she shuddered.

"Hey, don't worry its not that bad. Besides were not that far from your house." Rene reassured her friend as she placed a hand on Kit's shoulder and squeezed it lightly in support. Kit just smiled back.


Rene came to a four way stop and after stopping to make sure no one else was coming, then preceded through the intersection. Suddenly out of nowhere a speeding truck cut her off.

"What the hell!" Rene bellowed as she slammed on the brakes and the car skidded a little before she brought it to a stop.

Kit's eyes went wide as felt herself throttled in the seat and she hung on to the dashboard.

"Holy crap, what was that?"

"You didn't see that...that...that jerk, cut me off?" Rene said incredulously. Looking at Kit in disbelief.

"NO, I didn't!" Kit snapped back.

"Well, anyway never mind. Are you okay?" Rene asked in a more normal tone.

"Yeah, just a little shook up." Kit answered with a nervous smile.

"Good, now let's see if I can get you home in one piece."

Rene said as she smiled and began to drive.



Due to the weather it was taking longer than usual to make the trip to Kit's. Rene often came down this way and knew where all the traffic signs stood and knowing the next one only had stop signs on the opposite sides of the way she was headed she decided to just keep driving. Normally she would have stopped but it was now 8:45pm and she didn't want to risk not making curfew it was going to be close as it was. The next few minutes went by so fast that Rene didn't have time to react before everything went black...


Renee slowly opened her eyes as she felt the rain drops on her face, her head feeling empty as it pounded mercilessly. She looked around somehow she was partially out of the car. She tried to shake away the cobwebs, which in turn just made her head hurt more. She abruptly bolted up right making her head pound faster and her body scream in protest as she remembered what happened. The thunder crashing down, the sound of metal rubbing and crushing into itself the smell of burning rubber. Accompanied by the explosion of crashing glass and the screams of pain.

"Kit?" When her question was met with silence. Rene began to panic and that fear wrapped its self around her heart and seeped into her voice, as she called out into the dark again, "Kit!" Still there was no answer. She struggled with her body to crawl back into the car to find her friend. Trying to calm her self and ignoring the pain that was ripping through her she called out softly. "Kit?"

The sight before her made tears run down her face. Kit's upper body was mostly on to the drivers side as the passenger's side of the car was so crushed in that Rene didn't know where her friends body ended and the car's began. There were glass shards and blood everywhere. The white leather covered in dark splotches everywhere. She tentatively reached out a hand to her friends blood stained face.

"God please...Kit, Hon.. Wake up." Rene pleaded as she felt her stomach tightened and swallowed back the bile that threatened to come out.

"Kit, please?" Rene whispered as she tilted Kit's face up to her and lightly brushed the blood stained blond hair away. At this distance she could tell that the girl was still breathing.

"Hang on Kit I'm going for help, just hang on for me Love."

Rene began to back out of the vehicle when a soft voice caressed her senses.

Coughing..."Ren... please...don't... don't leave me alone." Coughing...

"Shh...Okay Kit." Rene gave in to the weak plea and crawled in close again. She shifted Kit slightly to try and make her more comfortable.

"Rene...I can't feel anything." Kit said in a soft voice.

"Shh... Youíre just in shock I'm going to get help." Rene tried to keep her voice even as not to panic her friend, but failing.

"No, please don't go...I...I need you...please just hold me?" Green eyes looked up at Rene. That look made her heart ached and she resettled herself so that she could fulfill the girls request. Holding her close.

"Okay...Kit anything you want." Rene could feel the tears coming again and her body shook a little. Kit looked up from her safe haven and saw the tears making there way down the beautiful face above her, Raising a blood spattered hand she wiped a few tears away. She then buried her face under the girl's chin.

Cough..."Rene please...cough...don't cry. It'll be okay...cough..."

"Shh...Donít talk save your strength Kit."

"No please listen...cough...."

"Shh...You can tell me later."

"NO!" Kit said in a force full tone, which sent her into a fit of coughs that shook her entire body and that of the girl holding her. "I have to tell you now...cough.... have to..." Another fit of coughs attacked her.

"Okay Kit, just breathe. Then you can tell me anything you want."

Rene pleaded with her friend to calm herself.

Kit took a few short breaths to settle herself enough to continue.

She pushed away slightly as much as her position would allow so that she could look into Rene's blue eyes and noticed the cut right above her left eye. She focused her gaze on Rene's trying to convey everything she felt.

"I love you."

"I know, I love you too Kit"

Kit didn't have the strength to keep her body up right any longer and just collapsed back into her friend's warm embrace. She shook her head in a negative gesture agains Rene's chest as she let out a sigh followed by a short coughing fit. " don't understand...Ren." She took a small ragged breath and let it out slowly. "I'm... in love with you." She felt Rene's body stiffen a little.

"Please...don't let go." Kit tried to hug the girl tighter as she felt her stiffen. Failing, she just didn't have any strength left. She didnít want Rene to le her go.

"Never. Love. I'll never let you go." Rene answered pulling Kit tighter against her.

"Did you just call me love?" Kit asked in a whisper.

"Yes, I did...I...I've loved you since I met you Kit."



"Kiss me...Please?"

Rene pulled away from Kit enough to put her fingers under the girlís chin and tilt her face up. She lowered her face to capture the lips offered to her. Tasting the blood and the salt from the tears they had shed together. The most innocent of kisses slowly became one that spoke of unconditional love, acceptance and the joining of two halves that have been seeking themselves out forever. Kit's breath came heavy now. Rene opened her eyes just in time to see the sweetest smile spread across Kit's lips as her features relaxed into a look of total bliss. Rene could hear sirens in the background coming closer.

"Do you hear that Kit? Help's coming we'll get out of here soon."

Rene spoke excitedly to her friend. When she was met with silence.

She gently shook the body.


Tears sprang into her eyes as she used a little more force to shake the body and fear gripped her heart once again.

"Kit!!...Kit!!... No!" She raised her voice

"Damit KitÖ no...please. Kit don't leave me...not now...I didn't leave you..."

"Kit, honey please...please ..." She finished her plea quietly whispering into her friend's hair as she hugged the lifeless body against her and the force of her cries wracked her body. She cried for them both now. For the friendship they shared, for the loss they now endured and for what they would never have. She cried for the other half of her soul.

Till we meet again my Love.

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