Morgan the Pirate

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A little while later Camilla made love to Alesandra like a believer at
the altar. She nearly wept when she heard Alesandra’s cry and felt her
first tighten, then slowly release into divine comfort.

The two women slept wrapped together until long after the cacophony of
the morning birds and the industrious clatter of the town’s labors had
settled into background sound along with the soothing music of the sea.
The room was growing quite warm in the tropical sun when they finally
stirred. Camilla was disoriented when she woke, but when she remembered
the woman curled against her, she smiled. Alesandra’s eyes opened, then
closed. She burrowed in a little closer and said, "I’m starving."

"Come with me to my room so I can change." Camilla said, "And I’ll
introduce you to my friends if they’re around."

They walked down the beach to the funky little resort where Camilla and
her friends had rented a small, thatched cabin. The padlock was on the
door, indicating that no one was inside. When they went in, it was
clear that no one had been there. Camilla’s towel was still thrown
across one bed. The other bed still had some guidebooks and pamphlets
that Ellen and Margie had been consulting before their outing the day

"They didn’t come back last night." Camilla was clearly a little

"Where did you say they had gone?"

"To Coba, and then to another place east of there if they had time."

"How did they get there?"

"They rented a car for the day. They couldn’t afford it for more than
one day. I hope they didn’t get broken down somewhere."

"If they did, help would have come along by now." Alesandra’s face took
on an expression of concern. "Unless they headed further into the
interior. Those roads are barely tracks and not often traveled."

Camilla couldn’t help feeling alarmed. She thought that Margie and
Ellen were a little too adventurous sometimes, and could picture them in
the jungle somewhere with a dead car, being eaten by bugs, without
enough water or food. There might be poisonous snakes. At that
thought, Camilla forced her attention back to the room and to Alesandra.
She watched as her hopes of spending the day blissfully reveling in this
woman’s attention dissolved into worry for her friends. She wanted to
just be selfish and forget about the lost women — it was their choice to
go off into the wilderness, and they would find their way back. But
Camilla’s conscience would not allow her to relax again until her
friends were safely back.

Alesandra could see that Camilla was distraught, saw her eyes darting
about the room as if looking for some solution to the dilemma. Laying
her hand on Camilla’s shoulder she said, "Change clothes. Then we’ll
get something to eat. If they’re not back by then we can make some
calls. I’m sure they’re fine."

Camilla changed into shorts and a tank top. Alesandra, being used to
the climate, was wearing jeans and a cotton shirt. They walked into
town and chose a table in an outdoor cafe in the shade of a great tree.
While they ate, Alesandra plied Camilla with questions about her life,
her work, her family. Whenever Camilla would return a question to
Alesandra, the later would give a brief and vague answer, then pose
another inquiry. This maneuver was so smooth that Camilla didn’t even
notice it until they were finishing their huevos rancheros. They each
paid for their own meal.

A quick check of the room showed no change, and Camilla looked
plaintively to Alesandra for guidance. "Is there anything we can do to
try to find out what happened? Can you help me with this, or are there
other things you need to be doing?"

"There are a few things we can try. They must have rented a VW bug from
Joaquin, since that’s only car rental in town?"

"Up by the post office?"

"Yes, that’s the place. Let’s go over there and see what we can find

Joaquin was thrilled to see Alesandra, hugged her, looked her up and
down the way a grandparent would a growing child. They spoke too
quickly in Spanish for Camilla to follow, both threw their heads back
and laughed more than once. Then she introduced Camilla and Joaquin and
went on to explain that she was a friend of the two woman who had rented
the car for the day but not returned. Joaquin, too, was wondering what
had happened to them, and gladly offered any and all information that
might lead to finding them and his car. They had the yellow car,
thought they would be back by dark or shortly after, since they were a
little nervous about driving at night in a country that takes traffic
laws very, very casually. When they didn’t return last evening, he
assumed they had encamped for the night so they could finish the drive
in the daylight. But even if they were coming all the way from Coba,
they would have been back by now. It was clear that Joaquin did not
like it when customers kept the cars longer than they had paid for. Too
many times the tourists had simply shrugged and said that they had no
more money, sorry. And what if he had that car reserved for someone

"That’s not like them." said Camilla. "They wouldn’t just run off for
another day. They would have come back if they could." Just saying
that made her start to panic. They can’t get back. Whatever is the
problem, they should have made it back by now, even without the car.
Something has happened out there in the jungle and it isn’t good.

They left Joaquin with Alesandra reassuring him that they would find his
car and the women.

"Okay, time to make some calls." Alesandra said as they headed back to
her hotel and bar. Once there, she pulled the phone out and set it on
the bar, then came back around and sat next to Camilla. She dialed
numbers, spoke quickly, wrote down information and other phone numbers,
made more calls. Camilla tried to follow her progress, but couldn’t get
much. Once or twice Alesandra sounded like she might have a bite, but
quickly a disappointed tone came into her voice and she finished the
call with a futile "gracias". "It doesn’t seem like anyone has seen
the yellow VW. The road rescue crews haven’t reported it. The police
have no information. Even the guy who runs the souvenir concession at
Coba can’t say for sure if he saw them, and I had to talk to him by
radio because they don’t have phone lines out there yet."

Alesandra tapped her pen and stared at her notes for a few minutes while
Camilla seriously thought about taking up smoking cigarettes. Finally
Alesandra said, "This other place they were going after Coba, what do
you know about it?"

"Ashcaraba or something like that. They were all excited about
something they had read about a new site being found that might have
belonged to an ancient matrilineal people. They talked about running
off to join the Amazons and stuff. It all sounded too vague too me,
just chasing some story that wasn’t even mentioned in the other
guidebooks. That’s why I decided to stay here instead of going with
them. I figured it would turn into a wild goose chase."

"Xcalpa," sounded like sshh-kalpa. It was all Alesandra said and the
look on her face was not comforting.

"Then you know the place?"

Alesandra took a deep breath, waited, took another. "Yes, I know about
it. We can go out that way if you’d like. But I warn you, it’s a
difficult drive."

"Let’s go."

* * * * *

Alesandra drove one of those jeep-like vehicles, high-axled and small
for getting through the roughest and tightest terrain. They had packed
enough supplies into it to last them for a couple of days, since they
had no idea what might lie ahead. Camilla, even through her worry for
her friends, could not squelch the thought that, if they were soon found
and the trouble was mere inconvenience, then she and her magnificent
lover might actually be able to steal a day or two for an erotic road
trip of their own. Camilla kept glancing hopefully up the highway,
thinking that at any moment she might catch a glimpse of yellow coming
towards them that would be her friends finally returning.

The highway was a flat, two-lane track crowded with thick vegetation on
each side. The only thing that kept the jungle from overtaking the road
was the passing of trucks, their trailers carving an arch into the green
wall. A stalled vehicle would sit in its lane while passing traffic
flashed headlights to warn the oncomers. The speed was a little
nerve-wracking at first for Camilla, but the monotony of the scenery
soon took the edge off her anxiety. When Alesandra reached over to rub
the back of her neck, the warmth of her hand reminded Camilla of the
night before. She let herself melt a little into that capable hand.

"You’re as responsive as a cat." Alesandra said as her fingers pried the
knots out of Camilla’s muscles.

"Your touch feels so good. I can’t help it."

Alesandra let loose a hearty laugh. "Then, by all means, let me
continue." Camilla closed her eyes to soak up the pleasant sensations.
The massage was nice, but this woman’s touch was electric. Camilla felt
her passion beginning to rise and her thoughts drifted back to the night
before and the ways Alesandra had touched her then. As if able to read
her thoughts, Alesandra said, "Tell me what you liked the best last

Camilla was taken aback at the directness of the question and wondered
for a moment if she had misunderstood. "What do you mean?" she said.

"What did you like, what gave you the most pleasure. I want to know."

Camilla puzzled over this, unaccustomed to thinking about sex this way,
unused to talking about it so directly. After a bit she tentatively
offered, "The whole way you were, the way you took charge of me, it let
me let go and enjoy what you were doing to me. It’s never been quite
like that before."

"Did you like having your hands tied?"


"Have you done that before?"


Alesandra smiled in a knowing way. Gently but firmly she gripped some
hair at the back of Camilla’s head. "I like to please you. I want to
do it again."

"I’d like that." Camilla was wishing there were somewhere to pull off
and jump into the jungle, so ready was she to take Alesandra up on the
suggestion. But the road went on without variation as the hand explored
ears and hairline, neck and shoulder. Soon Alesandra was reaching to
Camilla’s thigh, rubbing her skin at the hem of her shorts, then up
under the fabric. Camilla spread her legs a little to let those fingers
explore where they would. Before long a fingertip was tracing the line
of her opening though her panties, pressing slightly at the top.
Camilla slid down in her seat a bit, wanting more, wanting it all.
Alesandra rubbed her though her panties, then maneuvered under the
elastic and into warm moisture. Camilla was so ready, so wet. Gripping
the door of the car with one hand and Alesandra’s leg with the other,
she moved herself against those strong fingers, jerking almost
immediately into a fast but satisfying little orgasm.

As she drew back her hand Alesandra said, "Needed that, didn’t you?"

"Uh, yeah, guess I did. Wow, that was nice, thanks."

"My pleasure."

After a bit, when Camilla’s breathing had returned to normal, Alesandra
said, "Now tell me what you’d like to try that you never have."

The time and miles passed quickly as Alesandra kept Camilla talking
about sex: experiences, fantasies, wishes. Once Camilla reached over to
touch Alesandra, but the woman stopped her, "Not while I’m driving. Not
that I wouldn’t enjoy it. I just don’t think it’s such a good idea."

They had turned off the main highway some time back and were traveling
inland along a narrower road. Occasionally they would come to a small
village of single-room thatched houses with tidy yards and fruit trees.
The speed bumps that were present in each town were made of lengths of
very think rope laid across the road. As Alesandra slowed way down,
Camilla looked at the little homes and wondered how it must be to live
so simply and in such close quarters. Through open doors she could see
multiple hammocks hanging inside. Women walking along the roadway were
often holding hands. Men who had probably seen each other every day of
their lives talked and laughed easily as they worked. Camilla knew she
would never know this kind of familiarity, and so was always intrigued
when she saw it.

When they arrived at Coba, there were a dozen vehicles in the parking
area, none of then yellow. Alesandra pointed to the forest and above
the trees Camilla saw the top of a pyramid that had looked over the
jungle for nearly two thousand years. "Perhaps after we’ve found your
friends we can come back for a closer look." Alesandra said as she
unfolded her long legs and got out of the car.

"I’d like that." Being from the United States, Camilla was awed whenever
faced with something so ancient, the unfamiliar spirits that inevitably
inhabit such places being more foreign to her than even the language.
Somehow, seeing work that had been done so long ago made those people
real in a way that no stories or illustrations ever could.

Camilla hurried to catch up to Alesandra who was walking in the
direction of the souvenir stand and ticket booth, where admission fees
were collected before people could walk the paths of the ancient city.
After a short conversation with the man at the counter, he disappeared
into the back. A moment later he returned with a very old, very small
woman. She approached Alesandra and gripped her arm with arthritic
fingers. Alexandra had to bend down to hear the woman, whose voice was
a cross between a croak and a whisper. As soon as she understood she
nodded, and the two women walked slowly away to the far side of the shop
where they wouldn’t be overheard. The old woman appeared to have
something very important to relay, as she was quite animated, using her
hands for emphasis and nodding with her whole body when Alesandra
responded. Alesandra asked more questions and the woman nodded some
more, bobbing up and down while she clung with one hand to Alesandra’s
arm for support. Finally Camilla heard Alesandra thanking her and the
woman led the way back across the shop. When they came to the counter
the man asked the old woman a question, presumably wondering what this
was all about. The woman waved her hand dismissively and muttered
something as she passed him to return to the back room. He looked at
Alesandra, clearly hopeful that she would provide him with some insight,
but she merely thanked him politely for his time, wished him a good
afternoon, and headed back out towards the car with no further delay.
Again, Camilla needed to trot to keep up with those long strides.

"What did you find out?" Camilla jumped into her seat as the engine came
back to life.

"I asked her about the dig at Xcalpa. She’s lived here all her life and
knows everything that goes on in this area."

When no more appeared to be forthcoming, Camilla said again, this time
impatiently, "So, what did you find out?"

Alesandra was silent, clearly weighing in her mind what to say or how to
say it. Then in words that seemed carefully measured she said, "It
sounds like the archeologists think that they’re very close to finding
something important. If your friends are there they might have gotten
caught up in the excitement. We should go there."

"Okay." The foreboding tone told Camilla there was quite a bit more to
this story, but she had already learned that this woman did not respond
to prying, either direct or indirect. She resented a little the feeling
of being left out. But afraid to offend, she decided not to press.

"It’s a long walk. We’ll have to camp out. Are you sure you’re up for

"No, but I’ll do my best." Camilla was as compulsively honest as
Alesandra was secretive.

They drove a ways further on the Coba road, then turned onto a dirt
track. Alesandra expertly negotiated the potholes and they took turns
leaning in to avoid the bushes on first one side, then the other of the
car. At a fork they went left and the track dwindled more. Now the
greenery was brushing both sides of the car at the same time as they
crawled forward in first gear. The heat and closeness combined were
claustrophobic. Neither woman spoke during the hour or so that they
progressed in this manner. Suddenly the vegetation opened up into a
small clearing. There was an abandoned shack, just like all the houses
they had seen that day. There was a van, a Toyota sedan and a yellow
Volkswagen parked in the clearing. They had come to the right place.

chapter three

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