Gabrielle's Desires

by Noriko


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Xena’s hands searched Gabrielle’s body, stopping at the wetness they found
under her Amazon skirt. Moving the bard’s knickers aside, Xena’s fingers
began an easy exploration of the wetness.....

“Gabrielle! Gab-rielle!”

Startled by Xena’s voice, the bard dropped her quill and quickly started to
roll up the scroll. “What is it Xena?” she asked trying to keep the quiver
from her voice.

“I’ve been calling you forever. We need to get going if we’re going to make
it to the lake before sunset.” grinning Xena looked at the rolled up scroll
now in Gabrielle’s hand. “What ever you’re working on must be great to make
you so distracted.”

“Um, well, uh.” Gabrielle stumbled for words making the warrior arch an

“What? You’re at a loss for words? I can’t wait to read this scroll.”
reaching for the scroll, the bard snatched it back and shoved it into her bag
before Xena’s quick hands could grasp it.

“Not yet Xena. It’s not finished. I was just lost in thought. That’s all.”
Gabrielle said securing the bag of scrolls on Argo. “I was trying my hand at
fiction.” she smiled. “And you remember what happened the last time I tried
to write fiction.”

Blue eyes smiling Xena nodded. “I fished and went visiting. Well, at least
we know this scroll isn’t cursed by Aphrodite.” easily climbing on Argo, she
clucked her tongue and the horse began a slow walk with the bard next to them.

“I’d forgotten how beautiful this part of the country can be at this time of
year.” Xena commented as she and Gabrielle began to make camp at the edge of
their favourite lake.

“It is beautiful. More so than last time since we don’t have Joxer acting
like an ape in the trees.” Gabrielle stated. “And you aren’t obsessed with
fishing and I’m not obsessed with myself.” she finished.

“True.” Xena said. “However, I think fishing is a good idea if you’d like to
eat tonight.” grinning Xena dropped her leathers and dived into the lake.
“Come on Gabrielle. The water feels great!”

Quickly dropping her clothing next to Xena’s Gabrielle entered the water
too... slowly wading in as her pulse began to race. How she loved seeing
Xena’s naked form. She and the warrior had been lover’s for a short time, and
Gabrielle’s heart still raced when she thought of their first night under the
stars exploring each other’s bodies. She blushed and was glad that instead of
a solitary trip into the woods that night, she would be in Xena’s arms.

The women played in the water, easily gliding over its surface as they raced
and relaxed. It had been a hard few days fighting a warlord in another
village and they needed the break. Gabrielle watched intently as Xena fished
bare-handed and shivered with want as Xena’s muscles rippled. Shaking her
head, Gabrielle headed out of the lake. “I’m going to get a fire started.”
she called.

Xena nodded and Gabrielle exited the lake. She quickly dressed and started a
small fire. Standing she walked to her bags now on the ground near their
bedrolls. She removed a scroll and quill, their frying pan, and some herbs
before returning to sit by the fire.

Carefully unrolling the scroll, Gabrielle began to write: Xena’s finger’s
probed Gabrielle’s wetness. The warrior, finding the bard more than ready,
removed Gabrielle’s knickers and began to explore her bard’s sex with
abandoned passion before turning the woman face down on her lap......

“Here we go. Two trout.” Xena stated throwing the fish on the ground next to
Gabrielle. The woman jumped and once again hurriedly rolled her scroll.

“Great. Oops. Forgot the knife. I’ll be right back.” she said. Taking the
scroll with her, Gabrielle gently replaced it and the quill in her satchel and
then searching, finally found the cutting knife. Returning to the fire, she
noticed that Xena was in her leathers once again. Sighing deeply, Gabrielle
handed the knife to Xena. “You catch ‘em, you fillet them.”

“My pleasure.” Xena said smiling.

Lying down on their bedroll, Gabrielle looked up at the stars. She and Xena
had eaten, cleaned up camp a bit and Xena had gone in search of a few more
twigs for the fire. Slowly rubbing her stomach, Gabrielle began to dream of
Xena touching her there.

“Tired already?” Xena’s voice brought Gabrielle from her reverie and she
rolled over on her side.

“Not really.” she smiled coyly. “Just looking at the stars and thinking.”

“Thinking of what?” Xena asked.

“The usual. Working out my stories in my head, wondering why the gods put the
stars where they did in the sky.”

“I see.” Taking her place next to the bard on the ground. Xena laid down on
the bedroll. “So, tell me, what is this fiction story you’re working on?”

Lying on her back once again, Gabrielle’s fingers grazed her stomach briefly
before she spoke. “It’s a story about you and me. Except instead of writing
about us like I usually do, you know, writing about your adventures and
all....” she trailed off.

“Yes?” Eyebrow raising, Xena thought she detected a blush in the bard’s

“I just am putting us in new situations. Things we’ve not encountered.”
Gabrielle finished in a rush.

“Oh.” Xena was silent. “Will you tell it to me?”

“Sure. When it’s finished, but that may take a while.” Gabrielle answered
wishing that she dared tell the story to the warrior now.

“Good. You tell wonderful stories Gabrielle.” the warrior placed her arms
around the bard. “I guess we need to get some sleep, after we have an
adventure of this kind.” Xena said as she kissed the bard deeply.

“Yes. It’s been a long day.” Gabrielle agreed smiling up into Xena’s face.
“Let’s really wear ourselves out”.
Dawn came with amazing speed and Gabrielle slept through it. Xena smiled as
she watched the golden haired woman sleep. How wonderful it had been when
Xena dared tell Gabrielle of her feelings for the woman. Remembering how
Gabrielle had looked up at her, grinned, and then thrown herself into Xena’s
waiting arms made Xena grin even more. Looking at the bard once more, she
moved from the campsite to do some early morning hunting.

“Wake up sleepyhead.” Xena urged as she gently shook Gabrielle’s shoulders.

“Ummm, what?” the bard replied sleepily before opening her eyes. “Xena.
Good morning.” she said a sleepy smile on her face.

“Hungry?” Xena asked.

Nodding, Gabrielle rubbed the sleep from her eyes and sat up. Looking toward
the fire she inhaled deeply and grinned. “Smells wonderful Xena.”

“I managed to find a rabbit.” Xena said kneeling down to turn the meat over
the fire. “It’s almost ready.”

Standing up, Gabrielle stretched lazily. “It’s so nice to wake up and not be
under attack.” she said with a grin. “And to find you cooking for a change.”
she teased sitting down next to the warrior. She pulled the blanket around
her still naked form to ward off the morning chill. “Should I get dressed?”

“Not yet.” Xena answered leaning over to kiss the bard and fondle her breasts
beneath the blanket. “I have a few other ideas, after we eat.” she winked at
Gabrielle and returned to the rabbit to remove it from the spit.

“So, what were you dreaming last night.” Xena asked as she easily cut the
rabbit meat from the skewer and handing Gabrielle a plate before sitting back
to eat her own breakfast.

“I...I don’t really remember.” Gabrielle replied quietly taking a bite of the
meat. “Mmm. Wonderful Xena.”

“Glad you like it.”

“Why do you ask what I was dreaming?” Her green eyes never stopped staring at
the food on her plate.

“You were talking that’s all. But I couldn’t really make out what you were
saying. Something about me, and the gods.” Xena’s blue eyes looked closely
at the bard.

“Sorry Xena. I just don’t remember.” shaking her head for emphasis,
Gabrielle decided to change the subject. “So, are what are the plans for
today?” she asked as her mind replayed the dream she’d had of Xena and she
making love after another new experience that Gabrielle found highly erotic.

“I thought we could spend the day here. Swim some more, and relax.” putting
her empty plate down, Xena leaned back against a log. “Maybe fit in some
lovemaking.” Gabrielle put her plate down and opened the blanket reveling her
naked form to the warrior. Xena’s smile was feral as she quickly removed her
leathers. Her eyes never leaving the bard’s.

“I’ll take your flashing me as a yes.” the woman growled as she pushed
Gabrielle down onto their bedroll and lay claim to the woman’s breasts with
her mouth.

“Hmm.” muttered Gabrielle, “that feels fantastic, Xena.” her eyes were half
closed and she allowed her senses to focus on her warrior.

Xena’s mouth had turned Gabrielle’s nipples into hard points and the warrior’s
tongue slowly moved down the author’s body. Stopping briefly to lap circles
on her wash board abdomen before once again moving lower. Finally reaching
the golden, sparse, curls, Xena’s breath quickened, as did Gabrielle’s.
Xena’s tongue began to tease her bard. Slow, light caresses on the woman’s
outer lips, light nips to her inner thighs. Finally, Xena blew across
Gabrielle’s hooded nub before sucking on it gently.

Gabrielle’s body began to writhe in ecstasy and her moans became louder as
Xena’s fingers delved deep inside her, keeping the rhythm her tongue began.
Finally, Gabrielle’s screams shattered the stillness and the women lay
together in a loving embrace.

Gabrielle broke the silence with a whisper. “Xena, how long do you think we
can stay here?” her eyes danced as she forcefully rolled on top of the
warrior. “Because I think that if we make this a contest, we could be here a
long time.”
Lying her head on Xena’s breasts, Gabrielle sighed. “I suppose we should
clean up a bit.” she said slowly tracing circles with her finger tips on
Xena’s taught nipples.

Xena moaned. “Yes, I suppose we should.”

Taking a nipple into her mouth, Gabrielle sucked eagerly before jumping up.
“Race you to the lake.” she said as she started running.

Shaking her head, Xena slowly stood and then began to run. Lifting her left
foot, she started to do a flip and easily landed in front of the bard at the
water’s edge.

“No fair!” Gabrielle protested. “You cheated!”

“I cheated?” Xena’s eyes were laughing. “Who is that mentioned racing while
already moving?”

“Well, that’s only because your legs are longer than mine.” Gabrielle stated.
“I’m going for a swim.” she slowly waded into the water very aware that the
warrior was watching her naked form glide through the water.

Sighing heavily, Xena and joined Gabrielle in the lake.


The women had spent the day in the lake, swimming and sunbathing. They were
now huddled by the warmth of the fire drying off before getting dressed. Both
were nude and seemed unbothered by the picture they presented in that state of

Finally, Xena rose. “I guess I’d better get dressed and go get us some

“Okay Xena.” the bard replied slowly moving to get dressed herself. “I’ll
cook tonight.” she said with a smile. “Since you managed to cook our
breakfast without burning it.”

“Thanks.” the warrior gave a toothy grin and grabbed her weapons before
heading into the woods.

Gabrielle stood and retrieved her scroll and quill. Returning to the fire,
she placed another bundle of branches on it, and began to write: Gabrielle’s
moans began to echo through the night as Xena’s caresses on her backside
brought the bard to ecstasy.

Putting her quill down, Gabrielle closed her eyes and began to visualize what
she had written on the scroll. Unknowingly, her hands began their own
exploration of her sex and Gabrielle soon brought herself to a wonderful
orgasm. Coming down from her pleasure. Gabrielle straightened her knickers,
returned the scroll to her bag and walked to the lake to wash before Xena

Xena’s eyes followed the bard as she headed toward the edge of the lake. Her
own passion was flowing freely from watching her bard pleasure herself. Xena
sat down, the quail she had killed tossed aside. She had found the game early
and killed it rather easily. Returning to camp, she found Gabrielle writing
and had stopped to watch her. Gabrielle had put her quill down and it was
then that Xena noted the bard’s hands moving lower until Xena was certain of
the destination. She continued to watch, not being able to pull herself away.
“The gods but Gabrielle was beautiful.” Xena’s azure eyes stared at the scene
and the warrior decided that she would find what Gabrielle was writing on that
scroll no matter the outcome.

Xena made a loud entrance back into the camp. Throwing the quail near the
fire, she smiled thinking of what she had just witnessed. She noticed a
lingering blush in Gabrielle’s face and knew that later, it would be her
fingers bringing the bard to such pleasure.

“So, are you going to clean them, or must I?” Gabrielle asked starting their
familiar meal making banter.

“Dinner was wonderful Gabrielle.” Xena commented as she leaned back against
the log next to the fire.

“Thanks Xena.” the bard smiled and looked up at the sky. “The stars are
beautiful tonight, aren’t they?”

“Yes. They are.” the warrior agreed as she placed her hands behind her head
and gazed upward. Muffling a yawn the warrior removed her gaze from the
heaven’s and stared at the bard watching as she finished cleaning up their

“I guess we’d better turn in so we can...”

“Sounds like a good idea,” Gabrielle agreed returning the cooking supplies to
their respective bag. Stretching out next to the warrior Gabrielle smiled.
“Good night Xena.”

“Good night Gabrielle.” Xena answered, giving the stars one last glance
before focusing all her attention on the bard.
Rising, Xena looked toward Gabrielle. The woman was still asleep, as Xena had
known she would be. Standing, Xena quietly moved toward the bag that held
Gabrielle’s scrolls. Finding the one she was looking for, Xena quickly
unrolled it and read: Xena’s hands searched Gabrielle’s body, stopping at the
wetness they found under her Amazon skirt. Moving the bard’s knickers aside,
Xena’s fingers began an easy exploration of the wetness....Xena’s finger’s
probed Gabrielle’s wetness. The warrior, finding the bard more than ready,
removed Gabrielle’s knickers and began to explore her bard’s sex with
abandoned passion before turning the woman face down on her
lap......Gabrielle’s moans began to echo through the night as Xena’s caresses
on her backside brought the bard to ecstasy.

Flushing, Xena hurriedly retied the scroll and placed it back into the bag.
Heading into the woods, she ran until she knew she was far from where the bard
could hear her. The warrior’s head was swimming with thoughts. “Why had
Gabrielle written that? Could it be that the woman desired the same thing she
did?” smiling, Xena’s heart felt the answer to her questions and Xena began
to form a plan of action.

Leaning against a tree, Xena’s hands moved to her own sex seeing the images
the bard had written. Bringing herself to climax, Xena moaned Gabrielle’s
name and straightened her knickers before heading back to the campsite.

Xena walked slowly, thinking. She reached the campsite and stopped. Making
sure her leathers were straightened, she strode purposefully into the
campsite, determined to follow through with her plan.

“Gabrielle!” her tone was deep and Xena noted with a gleam in her eye the way
the bard’s cute backside jumped when she was startled.

“Xena, you shouldn’t sneak up on me.” the woman stated as she turned to look
at the warrior.

“You should have heard me. I made enough noise.” Xena grinned. “Or is your
mind on other things?”

Gabrielle blushed slightly before answering. “Yes, breakfast.” She turned
back to the frying pan over the fire. “I managed to catch some fish for us,
before we head out. I thought maybe we could visit your mother. It’s been a
while since we’ve seen her.”

Xena’s nodded, “Yes, I’d like to see mother.” her eyes sparkled, “You

Gabrielle nodded and moved to sit on the fallen log at the campsite. “Yes, I

“You must be really hungry.” the warrior teased as she joined the bard on the
log. “Sorry I was gone so long. I guess all the game was hiding this

“I guess.”

Moving again, Gabrielle removed the trout from the frying pan and placed one
well cooked filet on each plate that Xena held out to her. The women then
returned to sitting side by side on the log. Their silence was enhanced by
the sounds of the morning birds calling.



“I need to tell you something.” Xena placed her plate on the ground and
turned to face the bard.


“I read your scroll.” her blue eyes twinkled as she saw Gabrielle’s

“You what?!” the bard’s cheeks were flushed and her plate had fallen to the
ground. She would have moved except that Xena held her hands firmly in her

“I know I shouldn’t have, but I’m glad that I did.” Xena studied the woman
carefully. “If I hadn’t read the scroll, then I never would have had the
courage to do this.” the warrior stopped talking and bent forward, touching
the bard’s lips to her own. Pulling back, Xena looked carefully at Gabrielle.

The bard was smiling. “I’m still upset that you read my scroll, Xena.” she
said softly.

“Then maybe I can apologize to you.” Xena purred before her lips once again
touched the bard.

Gabrielle found herself enveloped in the kiss before being brought to a state
of flux when she suddenly found herself face down over the warrior’s lap.

“Xena, what are you doing?” she asked quietly.

“Something that you wrote about.” the woman answered, her hand tracing
circles over the woman’s green skirt. “That visit to mother can wait.” she
announced before her hand gently, playfully slapped Gabrielle’s firm backside.

“How long have you wanted this Gabrielle?” she asked, once again rubbing her
bard’s bum.

“A while now.” Gabrielle answered in a husky voice.

“And I have to find out by reading your scroll?” the warrior demanded placing
3 sharp slaps on the woman’s covered backside. “Why didn’t you tell me?”

“I was afraid you’d think I was strange.” the woman answered.

“I love you Gabrielle, you know that you can share anything with me.” the
warrior said before using her hand to warm up Gabrielle’s slowly heating

“I know Xena.” the bard gasped. “I should have told you sooner. I’m sorry.”

Xena smiled. She slowly lifted Gabrielle’s skirt to find a knickerless
bottom. Gabrielle’s usually pale flesh had a healthy rosy glow to it and Xena
began to rub gently, slowly until the woman relaxed.

“I’m very glad that I read your scroll, Gabrielle. I’ve been wanting to do
this for some time now.” Xena’s hand came down in a steady rhythm heating the
poet’s backside and igniting a fire of wetness between the bard’s legs.

“Xena!” Gabrielle shouted as the spanks began to increase in intensity.
“Xena, please stop!”

Xena stopped for a moment, and allowed her finger to probe between Gabrielle’s
legs. The woman felt like a river. The warrior grinned, licking her finger.
“No. I think a few more, you seem to be enjoying this.”

Her hand once again began it’s descent and the bard began to slightly raise
her bum to meet the slaps. A feral grin on her face, Xena made the last ten
count and placed all on the area where bum and thigh met.

Gabrielle’s moans were low and soft, intermingled with a few tears. Finally
noticing that the spanking had stopped, she slowly rose from her warrior’s lap
and on shaky knees, knelt in front of the warrior. Her finger slipped under
Xena’s leathers and Gabrielle felt the woman’s wetness. “Seems that I wasn’t
the only one to enjoy that.” she said shyly. “Wait here, I’ll be right

Rising, Gabrielle, dropped her skirt and Xena watched the red bottom sashay to
the saddlebags. Gabrielle removed something and returned to the warrior
princess. Placing an object rolled in leather on the ground, the bard quickly
removed Xena’s leathers and quickly unrolled their bedroll. Gabrielle gently
lead Xena to the bedroll and the woman lay on her back, watching the woman, an
eyebrow raised in question.

Gabrielle picked up the object and unrolled it’s covering. She straddled Xena
and moaned as the woman quickly unlaced her green top and began to knead her
breasts. “I found something that I think you’ll like.” Gabrielle’s voice was
guttural as she held the object up.

“A phallus.” Xena grinned. “I like very much.”

Gabrielle quickly tied the object to her thigh using the holder she had made
for it and slowly brought her lips to Xena’s. Her kiss became hard, probing
as she parted her warrior’s lips. Tongues explored the other’s mouth and when
they separated, both women were breathless.

“You’re right Xena. That visit to your mother can wait.” the blonde stated
as she pushed the raven haired beauty back claiming her mouth once again. Her
hands explored Xena’s breasts, her fingers dancing over nipples to make them
taught, her tongue flicking the taught nubs. Xena began a low sound, almost a
growl as Gabrielle continued the assault with her fingers and tongue.

Gabrielle’s tongue traced the warrior’s navel as her fingers freely explored
the woman’s wetness. Finally, Gabrielle moved her head between the warrior’s
thighs and breathed deeply. Her tongue began an assault here too. Probing
the wetness and teasing Xena’s nub. Moving a bit, Gabrielle positioned the
phallus at Xena’s opening and slowly began to enter.

Stopping as just the tip entered the depths, Gabrielle removed the phallus and
then pushed it deeper, removing it again. Her movements were slow and
deliberate. At last, the phallus was buried deep within Xena and Gabrielle’s
teeth began to nip playfully at the warrior’s nipples.

Xena’s moans became louder as her nipples were ravaged. An eternity later,
Gabrielle removed the phallus and began to thrust it into Xena’s depths in a
steady rhythm. Feeling her warrior tense beneath her, Gabrielle’s assault
became faster and harder.

“G-A-B-R-I-E-L-L-E!” the one word echoed throughout the forest as Xena’s
orgasm finally exploded.

Slowing, Gabrielle removed the phallus from her lover, then, untied it from
her thigh before lying next to the warrior. She laid her head on Xena’s
chest, listening only to the heart beat. Finally, Gabrielle spoke. “Xena,
what do you think I should do about you reading my private scroll?”

Xena’s sapphire eyes could only twinkle as she grinned down at Gabrielle’s

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