Gabrielle's Torment

By: Amber Annette Thompson


This story contains just a LITTLE bit of violence in it. It's based on a friendship that I have with my cousin/best friend. We always fight, but we always forgive each other and our friendship becomes stronger every time. I wrote this story because we are in a middle of an argument and we haven't gotten through it yet. I hope that you read this story Nichole, because you're not only my cousin and best friend, you're like my twin sister. You're a half of me, and I'm a half of you. So please forgive me, as I've already forgiven you.

"Can't you stay just a LITTLE longer? I mean, it's not everyday that a legend comes and saves our town," Sabrina asked, her big blue eyes wide.
"I'm sorry, but Xena asked me to meet here on the outskirts of Thieves in three days. I wouldn't want to be late, BELIVE ME, I DON'T want to be late. Xena would absolutely KILL me if I don't show up on time. Once when I was late, she tanned my behind," Gabrielle said, rubbing her butt.
"Okay, I'll hope to see you soon," Sabrina said.

As Gabrielle walked down the trail, she heard something moving in the bushes. Then, she SAW the bushes moving. "Okay, whoever's in there, come out NOW," she said as she walked towards the bushes.
Suddenly two people jumped out of the bushes. Grinning, she twirled her staff around and around. As men came towards her, she easily knocked each of them to the ground. Then, without warning, something hard came down on her head and knocked her to the ground.
When Gabrielle came too, her head felt like it weighed a million pounds, and there was this terrible pounding. As she gazed around at her surroundings, she felt this huge rock of dread in her stomach. She blinked as something dripped into her eye. Running her hand down her head, she felt blood.
Unexpectedly, the door opened. The man that walked in walked over to her and picked her up. As he took her down the hall, she looked at her surroundings. Oddly, they looked familiar. Finally he opened a door and laid her face down on a bed. She felt her arms and legs being strapped down.. She screamed as red, hot pain flew down her back. Again and again she screamed as the whip hit her. Finally, it was over.
As she was being brought back to her room, she was told that her dinner was waiting for her back in the cell. Yelping when her back hit the floor, Gabrielle crawled over to the table. As she weakly pulled her self up to the table, she screamed in horror as she saw the handful of worms crawling around on her plate.
The next day brought more whipping. She refused to scream again though. But that brought more torture. She was not only whipped, but they hung her in the middle of the room, each man taking a branch of the tree that was coming in threw the window, and hit her with it. Then she was beat over and over again. When they threw her back in her room, she cried so much she got sick and couldn't breathe. She preyed to the Gods that Xena would find her soon, before it was too late.

"WHERE IS SHE!!!!!! I'm going to give her a beating like she's never received before if she doesn't show up soon," Xena ranted as she punched a tree.
"You must be Xena," stated a calm voice.
"Who are you?" Xena yelled, looking at copper red hair.
"My name's Sabrina. I know where your friend is. Follow me if you EVER, and I do mean ever, want to see her again," The woman said.
"What have you DONE TO HER??!! I swear, if you have hurt her, I'm going to take your insides and put them on your outside," Xena said, shaking Sabrina.
As Sabrina walked away, Xena mounted Argo, picked up the woman, and galloped in the direction that Sabrina pointed to.

"What have I done to deserve this! I promise, if you don't let me go, I'm going to KILL you," Gabrielle screamed.
Suddenly, she found herself trying to hold back screams as she suddenly found herself looking down into a long, narrow hole.
"Since you obviously aren't going to respond to any other punishment for following that murdering bitch, this is going to have to do," The man said.
Tying her hands behind her back, he threw her down the hole.
"AHHHHHHHH!!!" Gabrielle yelled as she flew down the hole. Suddenly she hit a wall, and passed out.
When she woke up, she found herself in rapidly rising water. Noticing a nail on the wall, she cut off her binds. That's when she realized how cold the water was. Climbing on rock, she examined her bruises. There was blood all over her, fresh as well as dried. Plus, there were several infected bruises.
As she tried to clean herself off, she found herself having to swim because the water was so deep. Unfortunately, it was ice cold, and her limbs soon became stiff.
Falling asleep, she thought of how peaceful death would be-for the men who had done this to her and XENA'S death.

Running down the hall of the castle, Xena recognized many of the items in it. She figured that this man was a thief-a very CRUEL thief. She came to a hole in the floor, and looked through it. She could Gabrielle treading water. But all of a sudden, Gabrielle floundered and went under.

She could feel the water going into her mouth and nose. Coughing, she managed to suck in another breath of air before she went under again. Without warning, she felt the water level sink, and her feet hit the floor.
Feeling arms around her, she was suddenly warm. Looking into ice blue eyes, she slapped the face of the person holding her and jumped up.
"Leave me alone Xena! I'm going to kill those men, WITHOUT your help. And when I'm through with them, I'm going to kill YOU," Gabrielle yelled, running off.
When Gabrielle looked into the castle, she saw dead men everywhere. As she traveled up the stairs, she heard a noise. She turned and caught the sword coming towards her-killing the man who had thrown it.
As she ran threw the castle, she killed AT LEAST 10 more people. As she ran out of the castle, she caught site of Xena standing in a middle of a field. Running, she threw the sword and it hit Xena on the arm.
Gabrielle expected Xena to fight. Instead, Xena gave Gabrielle the sword, sat on the ground and prepared for Gabrielle to kill her.
"Get up you coward. Get up and fight like the warrior you are! Or are you to afraid to fight me," Gabrielle screamed hysterically, laughing at her teasing words.
"Gabrielle, you're my best friend. I'm not going to fight you. Why would I want to? I still feel quilty for what happened after Solan's death. How could I have been so cruel and heartless after I drug you through fire, houses, lakes, over rocks, and tried to through you off of a cliff," Xena stated, tears running down her face.
Angry at her response, Gabrielle slams the sword down, stabbing Xena. All of the sudden the world seems to tilt, then spin. Her head was pounding like crazy. Gabrielle stabbed Xena in the side. As soon as she did the world spun and her head began to pound!
Aries tells her that she's just like Xena was in her warlord days. "NOOOOO Gabrielle screams, falling to the ground. The tears fall from her face so fast they look like waterfalls.
Her heart pounds so hard she thinks that it stopped. She runs to Xena, apologizing over and over and over again.
Gabrielle spends weeks and weeks helping Xena heal from her wound. Finally, Xena recovers. "Xena, thank goodness you're all right!J I'm sooo sorry about what happened! I didn't mean too stab you like that. I didn't know what was going on, I didn't mean to do that. I hope you can forgive me for what I've done," Gabrielle babbles.
"Gabrielle, there's noting to forgive. It's not your fault that this happened. It's Aries'. He's a monster, believing that if he can't have me, YOU won't have me. I'm sorry that you had to go through that alone though," Xena says forgivingly.
"Now can we put this behind us? I think Potedia is close by. What do you say? Want to visit your family?"
"Of COURSE I do. But you need to get your strength back. Let's wait a few days, okay," Gabrielle says concerned.
"Okay. I can wait if you can," Xena says as the two friends hug.

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