Gang Relations Part 4

by Willowluvyr


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Brie had soothed and consoled the emotionally drained Zan until she was calm enough to listen, "Zan, you know you have to put what you did right. You psychologically and physically raped that girl. I know you were traumatized at the time, but for you own psyche, you have fix this."

Zan looked into her hands and asked hopefully, "How can I fix it? I can’t undo. I..."

Brie offered, "Zan, I have a friend, she specialized in traumatized women. She can help both of you. I will pay for the sessions. All you have to do is show, and see that Laura shows as well."

"I don’t know, a shrink? Maybe, she could help Laura. We’ll have to get her off the drugs and that won’t be easy. But why me? I don’t need no shrink," she said sharply.

Brie wheedled, "Zan, Baby, the nightmares, the guilt and gaps in your memory are all symptoms. You have problems, but together we can work on them."

Zan resigned herself to the logic of Brie’s argument, but added, "I won’t have you pay for my mistakes, Brie. I can’t accept your money."

Brie pleaded, "Zan, I can afford it. I want to help you. The money is nothing to me. You are all that matters. Let me help you."

Zan stood firm and retorted, "I have money. I will pay for the sessions. It is my responsibility. I will take care of it. You arrange for the sessions. I will pay for them. I have my savings. Plus I have the rents I collect from my building. I can work for the rest of the money."

Brie knew she was fighting a losing battle. So she switched tactics, Brie conceded, "Maybe you’re right, Zan. Maybe you do need to pay for the sessions, as part of healing process."

Brie smiled and took her friend’s hand and said, "I’ll talk to Cassidy tomorrow and make arrangements."


The young strawberry top knew now was the time to talk about Laura. So she said, "Now, Zan, for the next order of business. Do you know where Laura lives?"

"Yes," replied Zan with buckets of reservations.

Brie pressed on, "Do you have room for her at you place?"

Zan held her breath a moment and then responded, "Yes, but she won’t come. I have tried to get to stay here since we came here. But she refuses. She says it’s too hard on her to be near me, if I won’t touch her like she likes to be touched."

Brie was kind of uncomfortable with that answer, but this had to be done. So Brie continued, "Zan, we have to have her in a place where we can control her contact to the outside world, if we are going to purge her of the drugs. We could put her in rehab, but I think it will be better, if we do this ourselves."

Zan doubtfully replied, "We? This is my problem, Brie."

Brie smiled and held the dark teen’s hand and explained, "No, Baby, from now on, it’s OUR problems, that's what being in love is all about. It’s not just sharing dinner or doing Rocky Horror. It’s also sharing in the hassles and the troubles. So for the duration, let me state on the record that all your problems are my problems as well."

Zan was moved and rebutted, "Brie, then that works both ways. I’ll remind youse of that fact, one day."


It took them four hours to find Laura. She wasn’t home. So, they figured she was crashed somewhere in a drugged out state. After asking around a while, they found out she frequented a crack house on Bond St.

When they got there Zan stopped dead in her tracks and couldn’t move. Brie became very concerned and asked, "What’s wrong, Babe? Tell me what’s wrong."

Zan replied with terror on her lips, "This is the place, Brie. This is the place where I killed..."

"Don’t worry, Zan, I’ll go get her," Brie said reassuringly.

Zan would not hear of it. Brie’s safety was too important to the once wild teen, "No, no, I’m comin’. I can’t let youse go in there alone."

Zan took a deep breath and plunged through the door.


The air stank of stale drugs, stale beer, stale urine and stale people. It was early morning and everyone had crashed into they’re drug induced comas. They couldn’t find Laura in the common area. So, they started checking the back rooms.

In the third room they found her strapped to a table with whip marks on her back. Brie almost vomited. Zan had to be restrained from killing the drugged out woman with the razor strap in her hand. Zan cut Laura loose and threw the half-naked teenager over her shoulder.

They were making their way to the exit when they had their path blocked by two hoods with Demon colors on. The smaller of the two hand out his hand and said, "That bitch owes us $300. So either you pay up or she stays to work off her debt."

The other one got really stupid and went over to Brie and put his hand under her chin and said, "You could work it off for her."

Suddenly, he was screaming, as Zan grabbed him by his thumb and twisted it at very painful looking angle. She said, "Don’t touch. It’s not polite."

Brie went into her purse and pulled out $300 and said to the smaller man, "Here now move before my friend starts counting your fingers and toes."

Quite satisfied and more than a little scared, he moved out of Brie’s way. Zan shoved the muscle boy out of the way and moved to catch up with Brie. When they reached the door, Brie took a deep breath and sighed. She was happy to be in the fresh air again.


They took Laura to Zan’s building. The first thing to do was to clean her up. Brie ran the water, while Zan stripped off the teenager’s clothes. Brie gasped as saw the bruises and abrasions on the young girl’s body. Brie said, "Put in the tub and clean her up. I’m going to get her some clean clothes and burn these. Then I’m calling a friend of mine who runs a private clinic for drug abusers. We need to get her professional help."

Zan shook her head in agreement and interjected, "Youse’re right Brie, but I can’t afford that kinda place."

Brie held up her hands and replied, "I’ll pay for it. You can owe it to me."

Zan pleaded, "Brie, I’ll be in debt to youse for the rest of my life."

Brie smiled and shot back, "Good. I can live with that. Besides maybe we can take some out in trade."

Zan clouded up and Brie knew she had made a mistake. Tears ran down Zan’s cheeks as continued to wash her drugged out friend. Brie retreated a bit and said, "I’m sorry, Zan. I was just joking. I was trying to be sultry. And came out lame."

Zan sat on the floor heavily and said sadly, "Brie, I am not a whore. I am not after your money."

Brie sat next to her and responded, "I know that Zan. I know that. I was just kidding you. Zan, you do need to lighten up a bit. And the money really isn’t for you. It’s for her. Look finish cleaning and I’ll be right back."

Brie went to a small clothing store a few blocks away and purchased a couple of tee shirts, a couple pairs of jeans, an overcoat, and some underwear. Then she raced back to help Zan.

Brie was kicking herself both ways. She knew Zan was delicate. She was hard on the outside but had a fragile psyche. Brie knew she had to handle Zan with care. She used her car phone to get an ambulance to take the girl to her friend’s clinic. Then she called her friend and arranged for them to take the girl. She also arranged to pay most of the bill. They would bill Zan a fraction of the cost.

As Brie entered the building with her packages, she dialed up Cassidy on her cell phone. "Hello, Cass. It’s Brie," she said.

Cass answered, "Hi, Brie. How’s it going? Haven’t seen at the Club lately."

"I’ve been busy. I’ve found her, Cass. I’m in love." Brie said as she stopped outside the door, "But Cass she’s had a really rough time. She needs your help."

Cass groaned and grumbled, "Brie, not another broken soul. Don’t you ever learn?"

Brie reassured her friend by saying, "Cass, believe me this is different. Talk to her, you’ll see. By the way charge her $25 a session, I’ll pay you the difference. Just don’t tell her. She insists on not using my money."

Cass was a little surprised by this and expressed it, "I like her already. No problem by me. When she finds out, she will be pissed. You should be honest with her."

Brie solicited her friend, "She needs the help. So if I have to get creative to get it for her, I will."

Cass acquiesced to her, "Okay, Brie, bring her by at ten o’clock on Monday. Both of you need to come for at least the first session."

Brie brightened and said, "Thanks, Cass, bye."

"Welcome." she said as hung up.


Brie came into the room and found Zan drying the nearly comatose girl on the sofa. Brie said, "I have an ambulance coming. Let’s get her dressed. I arranged for the clinic. They’re going to bill you directly. I’ll only help if you ask me."

Zan shyly smiled and spoke, "Thanks, Brie. Hell, I may have to start charging you to pay the bills."

Brie smiled. It was Zan’s way of apologizing. Brie looked Zan right in the eye and uttered, "I also called Cass, my psychologist friend. She wants to see both us ten o’clock on Monday."

Zan looked at the floor and asked, "Is it necessary?"

"I think so," Brie said sincerely.

Zan shrugged her shoulders and replied, "Well that settles it anything you want."

Then, there was a knock at the door, the ambulance had arrived.


Zan took Brie home. It was late Saturday afternoon and Brie wanted to shower and change. Brie said it was her turn to show Zan a good time. Zan said she would pick Brie up at 6:30. That gave Brie about four hours.

The strawberry-haired woman jumped into the elevator and used her key to get to the penthouse. Brie was concerned. A realization was forming in her head. Zan could get arrested. Though she understood the circumstances, Zan had committed multiple murders. There were no statute of limitations on murder.

Brie decided she needed to get some legal advice for Zan, too. She called her lawyer’s service and made an appointment for 2:00 Monday afternoon. Then she called work to tell Marge, she was taking a day off on Monday. Marge reminded her about the barbecue at her place at 11:00 the following day. ‘Oh yeah,’ she thought, ‘Did I tell Zan? I better tell her first thing.’


Zan realized on the way home that had forgotten about Brie’s Cherokee that the boys borrowed. So she decided to go get it. She stopped her bike by the Cherokee. It was still in one piece. Suddenly, Paul came running out of the building with a baseball bat and said, "Am I glad to see you, I’ve guarding that thing all day."

He tossed her the keys and said, "Take it please."

Zan burst into laughter, as she asked Paul, "Can you help me get the bike in the back?"

Paul looked over the situation and remarked, "The tail will stick out. I’ll get some rope."

So they put the bike in the back of the Cherokee and tied it and the tailgate down with ropes. Then Zan took off for her place for a shower and a little sleep.


Brie woke up at 6:00 in a panic. She didn’t even remember falling asleep. She knew Zan was on her way. She zoomed into the shower was out before the floor got wet. Then she jumped into a pair of jeans and a sweater. And she was out door and into the elevator at 6:22.

She hopped out of elevator onto the cold floor of the garage. That’s when she noticed she forgot her shoes. She rolled her eyes in exasperation and went to use her elevator key, which was in her bag in the apartment.

It was then that Zan drove up in Brie’s Cherokee. She slammed her palm against her head and remembered she had lent it Carl and Paul. Zan walked up with a wide smile on her face. As she shook her head, she asked, "We’re a little too casual aren’t we?"

Zan took a leather case out of her jacket and activated the elevator and got Brie into her apartment. Brie gave Zan a leery look and asked, "Do I need better security?"

"Oh, yeah. If you want I can do it," Zan offered with a smirk.

"Please, how much money will you need for equipment," asked Brie.

"Just open an account at Pelican Electronics and I’ll get what I need there." smiled Zan.

Brie went into the kitchen and returned with a key chain with some keys on it. She handed them to a confused Zan, who queried, "What are these for?"

Brie replied, "They’re keys to the apartment, elevator, garage and front door. I already told the doorman you could come and go as you please. Oh the key for the Cherokee, Lexus, Porsche and Limo are also on there. I had them made this afternoon. I got in a hurry and forgot everything including my shoes."

Zan was stunned by the trust in such an act. She was a known felon and this woman was giving keys to everything she owned. Zan looked at her shoes and mumbled, "You ain’t been listening. I could rob you blind."

Brie took Zan’s chin and lifted it until their eyes met and she said with all the sincerity she could muster, "I trust you. I am willing to give all this away and go and live with you in your apartment house. If that is what you want. I’ve said it before. All I want is you."

Zan grabbed her and held on. Brie was her life preserver and she had been drowning. Zan wiped her nose on her jacket sleeve and questioned, "Where to, you said it was your turn. But we have to be home early. Marge is expected at her place at eleven, right?"

Brie responded, "I don’t remember telling you that."

Zan stammered, "I thought you did, but Marge told me when I called her about the wine."

Brie smiled and replied, "Okay, let’s go and see my mom."


Zan drove them in the Cherokee. She liked the car. She wasn’t really into sports car. Brie gave excellent directions. They ended up at a house in Long Island. It was a mansion, but it was a big house in fairly nice neighborhood. Zan didn’t ask any question, but Brie had told Zan that her mother had died and left her all her money.

Brie knocked on the door and an elderly Hispanic man answered the door. The man lit up inside when he saw Brie standing there. He yelled over his shoulder, "Maria, it’s little Brie."

Zan heard some running down the stairs and saw the door fling wide open and an middle aged Hispanic woman that was about five eight and two hundred pounds grabbed Brie in a bear hug and lifted her off the ground. She was practically yelling, "Oh, Niña, it is so good to see you. Come in. Come in. And who is your friend?"

Brie provided the introductions, "Maria Alvaréz, this Alexandra Agair. And that fine man is Maria’s father Pedro Gonzales."

Zan reached out to shake hands, but Maria slapped it away and grabbed her into one of patented bear hugs. Zan blushed and said shyly, "Just call me Zan."

Suddenly Zan saw several children run down the stairs and a girl about twelve leap from the pack and charged Brie screaming, "Tia Brie, Tia Brie."

The girl leaped into Brie’s arms. Brie said to Zan, "This is my family."

Brie went about introducing each of the twelve children. The one in her arms was Flora, who was obviously Brie’s favorite. Though she showed each child a lot of attention. She pulled from her jacket pocket a stack of tickets and said, "Okay, bedtime. School tomorrow, but next Saturday, we are going to the Circus. Here are the tickets."

Brie gave Zan a shy look that asked me to join them. Zan looked at the children and saw their faces full of hope and excitement and said, "The popcorn and cotton candy is on me."

Juanito, who was only seven, ran over and hugged Zan’s leg. Zan stooped over and picked up the boy and looked into his eyes. The boy grinned and kissed her on the cheek. Then he said, "Thank, Tia Zan."

Brie could see that the boy had made a conquest as Zan kissed him back and said, "Okay, it’s bed. Come on. I’ll tuck you in and sing you a lullaby."


Zan looked at the parents who smiled and nodded. Zan herded the children away and brought them upstairs to their rooms. True to her word, she tucked in each child and sang each a different lullaby. Brie was lost in her voice, which would make the Angels weep for joy. Brie watched for a bit and was impressed with how well the tough street kid handled the children.

Brie went downstairs to talk with Maria, who met her at the bottom of the stairs. Maria put her arm around the young blond and walked her over to the sofa, where they sat together. Zan’s lovely singing voice filtered down from upstairs. Maria held the young woman’s hands and looked into her green eyes and stated, "You love her."

Brie could only nod in agreement. Maria continued, "Who is she?"

Brie told her surrogate mother everything she knew, suspected and planned to do. Maria listened quietly until her favorite person finished her tale. Then, Maria plunged in, "She has many problems. You have many problems. You try to fix everybody and everything. Had I not seen her tonight, I would have said you waste your time. But I have seen her with the children. She is a good spirit. You say you love her. Have you told her?"

"Yes," Brie replied instantly.
"Does she love you?" inquired Maria.

"Yes," Brie responded less certainly.

"You do not sound sure," examined Maria.

Zan came bounding down the stairs, smiling. She had enjoyed the children. Then, she saw the solemn faces turn towards her. She was instantly nervous. She could think of nothing she had down wrong.

Maria noticed the change in attitude and knew that this child was not as cocky as she wanted everyone to think she was. Maria smiled at her. Brie lit up like Times Square and Zan felt much better. Maria reached out her hands and ordered, "Come sit with us. I need to meet the person who stolen the heart of my Niña."


Zan smiled as she thought, ‘She says I have Brie’s heart. This is looking good. Brie considers this her family. So, she’s introducing me to her family. This is looking very good.’

Maria reached for Zan’s hands and sat between her and Brie. Maria looked into Zan’s eyes and looked into her soul. Zan was uncomfortable under the scrutiny. But she held on, because she knew that this woman was very important to Brie. Maria smiled and asked, "My Niña says she in love with you, but she did not seem sure you are in love with her. Now, tell me, do you love my Niña."

Brie wanted to interfere, she hadn’t expected this question. She desperately wanted to know the answer to that question, but she didn’t want to scare the girl into running again. Brie held her breath and sent a silent prayer to any god or goddess that was listening for their help.

Zan noticed Brie’s reaction and smiled when she replied, "I’m not sure what love is. If she is mad at me, I can’t breath. If I think I’ve hurt her, I want to die. If she is in pain, my heart stops beating. When we are apart, I feel that my soul is missing. Is that love?"

Brie was sitting behind Zan with tears running down her face. Maria eyes watered as she said, "Child that is as good a definition of love as I have ever heard. I would say you know what love is. Now, who’s hungry?"

Brie smiled through the tears and held up her hand. Zan still looked at Maria and said, "Brie is always hungry, but I could eat."


Maria put out the tortillas and the plates of beans, beef and vegetables. Brie dived in. It was obvious that she was experienced with the cuisine. Zan looked at Brie and started to mimic her actions. Brie noticed this and asked, "Zan have you eaten Mexican food before?"


Brie put down her construction and started explaining the food before her, "These are tortillas they are like bread you put what you like them and fold them and eat."

Picking up individual bowls she explained each item, "This is refried beans, my favorite. This is stir-fried beef with peppers and onions. This is chili. This is taco meat. These are peppers. They are very spicy. The rest of the stuff, you know. Let me build you something I think you’ll like."

Brie put some of the stir-fry and chili on a tortilla and topped it with cheese, tomatoes and lettuce. Then she expertly folded it into a pocket and handed it to Zan. Zan tentatively bit into the concoction and tasted it. She smiled and remarked, "This is great."

"A little messy," said Zan as she wiped her mouth.


Dinner went well. The conversation became light and easy. Zan learned that the children were not all Maria’s. Flora was Maria’s only child. The other children were all children of deported illegal aliens. They were born here and were American citizens. They could have been deported with their parents, Brie had convinced their parents to sign there children over to Maria and husband Hector, who was a night supervisor at a local dress factory.

Zan knew there was more to the story, but decided to grill Brie later. They all went to the living room to drink coffee and eat banana coffeecake. It was Brie’s favorite food. Maria told Zan a story about Brie when she was a toddler over the pleads of Brie for mercy, "Brie was only nineteen months old, but loved my banana coffeecake. I made two cakes and set them to cool on top of the refrigerator. Well that didn’t deter my Niña. She opened the kitchen drawers like they were stairs. That got her on the counter. Then she used the breadbox and the rice canister to get on top of the refrigerator. When I finished doing the laundry I found her eating banana coffeecake while sitting on top of the refrigerator. She was on the second cake."

Zan looked at Brie whose head was in her lap with her hands behind her head. Zan bit her lip so as not to laugh. Zan had to ask, "What did you do?"

"I took her down from the refrigerator and scolded her. I then got my Hector to put locks on the drawers and cabinets. I didn’t have to punish her though. God took care of it for me. She was sick for three days. But it didn’t break her banana coffee cake addiction."

Zan couldn’t take it anymore and burst into laughter. Brie started slapping her on the arm. Finally Zan asked Brie, "I thought ice cream was your addiction?"

Maria laughed and answered the question, "No, that is sympathy food. That is not an addiction. It is therapy."

Brie shook her head in agreement. Then Zan asked Pedro in a sudden inspiration, "Is the freezer full of ice cream?"

Pedro nodded, yes.


While Zan drove them to Brie’s apartment building, she surprised Brie by making small talk. Normally Brie had to drag every word out of the stoic woman. Zan asked, "What did your parents say when they found out you got sick from all that cake?"

Brie’s face clouded in sorrow and sighed, "Nothing, they never found out. They were in Europe at the time."

Zan sympathized and patted Brie’s hand and asked, "That sucks. Maria was your housekeeper?"

Brie replied with tears in her eyes, "She was much more. She was my nanny. When my parents went on their trips, she would do all the cooking, too. She took me to dance class, to school and to music lessons. She went to all my events and to the PTA meetings. She nursed me when I was sick. She was there for my high school and college graduation."

Zan nodded with understanding and muttered, "She was your mother."


They went to the elevator holding hands. Zan started to let her go up by herself, when Brie asked, "Do you want to come up?"

Zan took a deep breath and responded, "Yes, but do you know what you are asking?"

Brie smiled and answered with total open love, "Yes."


End of Part 4.


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