Gang Relations
by Willowluvyr

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Note: My thanks to my beta reader Katia for her wonderful help in writing this piece.

Summary: A green-eyed strawberry blonde, Brittany (Brie) Cainteoir, is almost robbed by a street gang only to rescued by the gangís quasi-leader Alexandra (Zan) Agair. Brie is a young idealistic social worker and is determined to find the teenager and rescue her from the streets.


Brie and Zan looked lovingly into each other's eyes as they rode the elevator up to Brie's penthouse. Zan tenderly raised Brie's head by her chin with strong tapered fingers and kissed her lips lightly. Brie opened her mouth in a silent plea for more. Zan slipped her tongue between her sweetheart's parted lips and teeth. Brie lightly pampered the young teen's shy offering with her lips and tongue. Gently, Zan drew Brie into her body in an attempt to merge her lover's body into her own.

The elevator door opened and they nearly held their embrace too long as the door started to close. Zan's hand shot out and prevented the door from shutting. Unwillingly, they released their kiss and left the elevator. After taking the keys from her purse, Brie struggled to open the door with trembling hands. To ease her own anxiety, Zan covered her loveís shaking hands with her own allowing the young blonde to overcome the closed door.

After they entered the apartment, Zan embraced her new lover and closed her blue eyes to feel and concentrate on the warmth she held. As the raven-haired youth opened her eyes, she lifted Brie to eye level, so that she might gaze into the eyes that had captured her heart. Then the excited teenager kicked the door shut loudly. Zan drew the smaller woman into her arms so she could carry her precious cargo to the large sectional. Her muscles rippled under Brie's touch as Zan lay the missing part of her soul tenderly upon the couch.

Blue eyes marveled at the beauty that lay beneath her. Zan reached out to brush away a wisp of untamed red hair. Moving her hand slightly, she stroked her sweetheartís hair gently. Zanís hand quivered as she uttered weakly, "Iím scared."

Her green eyes fluttered as she asked, "Of what?"

Zan looked away and said, "I donít want to screw this up."

Brie replied as she captured Zanís chin and moved her lovely face to make eye contact, "I donít think you can. Iím too far gone to care what you do."

Zan pleaded with tears in her eyes, "Donít..."

Brie stroked the young teenagerís face and told her, "Zan, I love you. I could leave my heart in a jar before I could leave you. I know this is scary. I know that itís hard for you to trust. I know I could crush your heart. But you have to know that I have the same fears. You have the same power over me. Love is a sword that cuts both ways."


Zan was nervous. She was experienced with sex, but she had never made love. The teenager didnít want to make any mistakes. So her first moves were tentative and clumsy. Gently she cupped the older womanís full breast. Slowly she absorbed the texture of the mound through her callused hand.

With her thumb, the dark-haired teen aroused her loverís hardening nipple. Slowly, the tall woman lowered her head to the neglected breast. Zan flicked the nipple tantalizingly with her tongue. Blue eyes looked up and gave the impassioned social worker a sensual wink.

Then, the seductive teen lowered her head again and took the stimulated nipple into her mouth and gently nibbled on it. Brie arched her back in need of more contact. With her idle hand, Zan sought Brieís wet center.

Zan placed her hand gently on Brieís moist lips and lovingly moved the folds to expose the young blondeís stimulated opening. Zan moved her hand from Brieís aroused breasts and touched two fingers to the smaller womanís lips. The golden haired beauty captured the fingers with her mouth and sensually suckled them.

Zanís hand moved from Brieís tender nether lips to trail moistened fingers to the enraptured womanís inner thigh. The sexual tension solidified the air. Both women momentarily gasped for breath. Zan began to softly caress Brie's inner thigh ever so slowly.

The teen raised her head from the sensitized breast and caught the aroused womanís green eyes. Patiently Zan waited for them to focus. Then she removed her fingers from the Brieís mouth and gave the young social worker a wicked grin that sent sexual shivers through her. Taking the moistened fingers she exposed the womanís stimulated clit. She then lowered her head slightly and placed her tongue against the older blondeís hidden clit. Brie's head fell back as a groan ripped from her throat.

Zan flicked the swollen flesh four times. Each flick sent a ripple of pleasure through Brieís body. Brie moaned, "Please..."

Wickedly Zan asked, "Please what Baby?"

Brie tried to concentrate enough to think of what she wanted and replied, "Please, finish me."

Zan took pity on the woman and took the engorged clit into her mouth and put two fingers at the enraptured womanís wet opening. Each stroke and each suckle sent waves of desire through Brieís warm body. Until the young blonde could hold back no more and she exploded with a climax that ripped through her body. Zan feasted on her loveís offerings until the small body could take no more and collapsed into a puddle on the couch.


Both women were having trouble catching their breath. Zan looked up with obvious desire in her eyes. Brie after several gasping attempts said, "Baby, give me a second to get some blood pumping. I think I saw God, and she was smiling."


Somewhat recovered, Brie tenderly pushed her lover onto her back and lowered her body onto the dark warm teenager. Using her arms to keep her weight off the young raven-haired woman, Brie began to stroke the young teenager between her legs with her naked thigh. An almost growl escaped Zanís throat.

Brie slowly began to kiss and suckle Zanís earlobes, first one, then the other. Then Brie kissed the young woman lightly on the lips only with her own. Then, she used her tongue to draw a line from her loverís lips to her ample cleavage. Brie softly licked the perspiration from between Zanís breasts. Then, she used her tongue to mark a path from the Zanís cleavage to her right breast. She licked smaller and smaller circles on that breast until she circled the nipple.

Zan released another moan. Then the younger womanís left breast received the same treatment. Brie moved her hand to Zan legs and spread them further apart. She, then, inserted two fingers and stroked the teenagerís wet opening momentarily, and then Brie stopped.

Brie lowered herself further onto the couch until she was looking into Zanís folds. She could see the impassioned teen needed release. So, Brie caught the girlís tender lips between her teeth and began to suckle them gently. Then, the golden blonde began to stimulate the blue-eyed teen with two fingers. With her other hand, Brie caught Zanís swollen clit between her fingers and fondled it. Zan arched her back to encourage more contact.

Suddenly, Brie stopped. She raised up and looked for eye contact. Frustratedly, Zan opened her eyes and gazed pleadingly at her new lover. Brie smiled and said, "Paybackís a bitch, huh?"

Zan could only nod. Brie winked and asked, "Whatís the matter catís got your tongue?"

Zan gasped for breath, her center was enflamed. She at last managed, "Please let me cum?"

Brie smile wickedly and replied, "All you had to do was ask."

Once more the young social worker inserted two fingers into the aroused teenís center. Brie leaned forward and captured the swollen clit with her teeth and nibbled it gently. Finally, Zan had an orgasm that rippled through her body and a piercing scream exploded from her throat.


Zan lay panting her body gleaming with perspiration. The satisfied teen pulled her lover up to face her. The raven-haired youth could see her essence dripping from her loverís lips. The tall youth used her tongue to lick the juices away. Then Zan pulled the smaller one into her for an animated kiss, tasting herself.


Slowly the taller woman took more initiative. Zan rolled on top of lover and kissed her sensually. Her tongue seductively circled the older womanís lips. Then, Zan lightly traced a path with her tongue along the blondeís cheek to an earlobe obscured by tangled reddish blonde hair. The teasing teen nipped the social workerís delicate earlobe gently with her teeth.

Skillfully, Zan took Brieís other earlobe between her teeth and gently began to nibble it, while placing her hand on the strawberry blondeís inner thigh. Playfully, the teenís hand began to gently caress her sweetheartís inner thigh. Slowly, Zan moved her hand erotically higher. Brie caught her breath and arched her back, trying to lean into the sexy teenís touch as her green eyes shimmered with golden sparks.

Zan left the earlobe and sought Brie's mouth. Their tongues warred with each other in an attempt to out explore the other. While Zanís hand continued to knead Brie's warm flesh. The sensuous teenís other hand gently reached under Brieís firm rear and massaged her tight cheeks.

Brieís hand reached out and secured the back of Zanís neck to continue the ferociously passionate kiss. Finally, Zanís hand found what it sought and playfully fondled Brieís outer lips. Slowly, one finger invaded the golden blondeís moist opening.

Seductively Brie was stroked gently by the one finger. Then a second finger was inserted. The tempo increased and Brie started to pump her back to the rhythm. Quickly, Zan inserted a third finger. The aroused blonde lifted herself off the bed and shoved her hips into her loverís fingers. The fiery blonde saw stars with the force of her orgasm.

Brie collapsed into the bed in total exhaustion. Zan rolled off the older woman onto her back and allowed Brie to nuzzle into her warm body. Zan wrapped her arm around the older woman as they both drifted asleep.


Zan woke up and looked the clock, which read 9:46. With startled realization, the tall teen jumped up, waking Brie with a jolt. Brie shook her head to clear the confusion and asked, "Whatís going on?"

"Weíve got an hour and ten minutes to get up, showered, dressed and over to Margeís place," informed Zan.

"Damn, race you to the shower."

Zan smiled brightly.

"Nothing but showering, now," warned Brie.


It was 10:58 when Zan dropped Brie at her friendís house. Brie nonchalantly walked up the steps and rang the bell. Marge answered the door; glanced at her watch and asked, "Just made it, huh? Whereís Zan?"

Brie calmly replied completely ignoring the first question, "Parking the car."

As she showed Brie into the house, Marge playfully questioned, "Running a little behind are we?"

Brie responded cautiously, "Why would you ask that?"

Marge smiled and nodded toward Brieís exposed stomach, "Because your hair is still wet and you missed two buttons on your blouse."

Brie blushed shyly and asked, "Busted?"

Marge smirked her answer with a wink, "Oh yeah, big time."


Walter was grilling ribs and chicken, while the three ladies sat in the kitchen drinking iced tea. Brie and Zan sat across from each other taking sips of tea in nervous unison. Marge decided to have a little fun and ease the tension. She timed her question perfectly and asked, "Zan, Iíve always wanted to know is Brie a moaner or a squealer?"

Each young woman sprayed the other with iced tea. Marge smiled as she mouthed to Brie ĎGotcha.í

Zan laughed heartily as she stammered, "Definitely a moaner."

Brie slapped at her from across the table. She was a lovely shade of purple from her blush. Marge roared with laughter, as Walter came in and asked, "Whatís so funny?"

Brie grinned evilly and asked, "Walter is Marge a squealer or a moaner?"

Marge stopped laughing, when Walter gamely replied, "Sheís a screamer," and he tactfully retreated outside.


A little later in the after noon, Brittany Ann came home from Sunday school. The 5-year-old was Marge and Walterís only child. Brie was her godmother and namesake. Marge named the child after her best friend, when Brie saved the childís life.

Young Brittany was born with a heart defect. It took six months of surgeries and intensive care in the hospital, before the baby was allowed to come home. Now she was a healthy 5-year-old with some interesting scars.

Brie was sitting nervously with Walter when the doctor came in and explained the problem with his new daughter. While Walter was asking questiona about prospects for his newborn, Brie was on the cell phone calling for a specialist. She had the best pediatric cardiologist in the city examining the baby within two hours. Four hours later, the first of five surgeries were being performed on the newborn.

Marge never found out how much it cost. Brie would never tell her. When ever the young mother would ask Brie would change the subject. Brie did it out of friendship and had asked for nothing in return. Marge owed her friend everything and would tear up every time she thought about her kind friend. So, Marge and Walter were very concerned and protective of their daughterís godmother. Zan didnít realize the scrutiny she was under.

Anyone bringing hurt to Brie would have to deal with Walter and Marge. Zan didnít know this story when she picked up the giggling child and rode her piggyback. She hadnít heard the story when she played red light with the young girl nor as she told her the story of the Fairy Queen. Brie watched Zan, as she played with a young girl oblivious to her surroundings.

Walter came over to Marge and whispered in her ear, "I like her."

Marge smiled for Walter that was a huge commitment of faith. He had never liked any of Brie's possible suitors. Marge had always thought that Walter was like a jealous father with Brie. So she went anxiously to tell Brie Walter liked Zan. Marge knew it would mean a lot to her best friend.


Everyone sat for a wonderfully fragrant meal and Walter queried, "Will everyone bow their head for the blessing?"

Zan felt very uncomfortable. She had been raised Catholic, and her father had had her go to church regularly. Her lack of attendance to mass and the sins that always weighed heavily on her heart made this exercise very difficult.

Brie could sense her new loverís discomfort. The young blonde watched Zan crossed herself after the blessing and just sat broodingly while everyone else starting filling their plate. Brie leaned over and remarked, "If you donít hurry and get some food itíll all be gone."

Zan mechanically took a couple ribs and some potato salad and started to play with it. Walter recognized the teenís obvious turmoil and asked, "Whatís amatter child, not hungry?"

Zan straightened her posture and responded with, "No, the food looks great and I AM hungry."

She started to eat tentatively, but Walter could see her heart wasnít into it. Cautiously, Walter asked, "Did our saying of grace bother you?"

Meekly Zan replied, "Yes, you reminded of my papa. He was a very religious man. He tried so hard with me. Iíve failed him in so many ways. Now in the eyes of our church, Iím an abomination."

Walter smiled knowingly and said, "Zan. Churches are creations of man, not God. The only way to salvation is through God and His Holy Scriptures. Each of us will be judged by him in the end. Whether we are worthy of the Kingdom of Heaven or not will be his judgment alone. It is written, ĎJudge not, lest ye be judged by the same length and measure.í

A lot of religions teach this is wrong and that is wrong. They have the right to teach anything they want, but that doesnít mean itís wrong in Godís eyes. Only God can judge sin. When the final judgment comes if you have Jesus in your heart, whatever sins you may have committed on Earth wonít matter, because He said, ĎBelieve in me and ye shall be saved.í"

Brie looked to Marge with concern in her eyes and Marge gave her a reassuring grin. She knew Walter would handle this situation well. Brie placed her hand supportively on Zanís.

Zan looked at their intertwined hands and her eyes began to tear as she pleadingly said, "I want to believe in God and Heaven so much. I want my Papa and Mama to be in Heaven together. But if all the other stuff is true then Iím doomed. Iím who I am."

Walter gave Zan a compassionate pat on the arm and advised, "Read the Book. It is written, ĎI am the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end. I will give unto him that is athirst of the fountain of the water of life freely.í

That means Heís the only judge. So if you let Jesus into your heart, He will forgive anything you have done. There is only one creature in all creation beyond redemption and thatís Satan. His fate is sealed. Your's isnít."

Zan thought for a moment and smiled weakly. Then she began to eat with some appetite.


After dinner they said their farewells. As Zan said good bye to Walter, he handed her a book and kissed her on the cheek. He looked into her rich blue eyes and said, "Read this and be comforted by its words."

Zan took the book with tears running down her cheeks. Someone cared about her soul and it moved her. She reached up and hugged the big man with intensity and gratitude.

As the young couple walked to the Cherokee, Brie asked, "When do you want to start your reading lessons?"

Zan opened the book and replied, "Tonight."


On the drive to Brieís apartment, Zan quietly asked Brie, "Do you believe in God?"

Brie answered honestly, "Yes, I do. I believe in a Supreme Being. The universe is too ordered and too structured to be a random event.

Now if you had asked me, ĎDo I believe in the Christian God?í I would have answered, ĎI believe in His teachings but not His churches.í I think the churches are more interested in this World than the next."

Zan asked the question that was foremost in her mind, "Are we..."

Brie did not like where this conversation was headed. She had torn down some mighty big protective walls to get to this point. Her heart was on the table. If she lost Zan, she knew she would lose everything. Brie bravely smiled and truthfully replied, "Zan, I love you. Jesus preached love. If loving you is wrong, then Jesusís teachings are wrong. The churches have forgotten that Jesus cherishes love above all things."

To console the troubled teenager, Brie reached over and patted her young love on the leg and said, "Listen, I know of a church in the Village that has services for gays, if youíre interested."

Zan looked at her new loverís supportive hand and responded, "I would like that. My soul needs some work."


Brie had material in her apartment for testing reading level. She gave her teen lover the test and pleasantly discovered that Zan could read at a fifth grade level. So, it wasnít going to be as difficult as she thought it would be.

Brie made another wonderful discovery; Zan was brilliant. Though Zan was uneducated, she was not uninformed. Nor was the blue-eyed teen without opinions. When the young social worker offered the younger woman an I.Q. test, Zan balked by saying, "I donít believe in them. All they do is measure your ability to learn and how much memory youse got. I know I can learn, soís why I needs a test?"

When Brie asked about whom, Zan was supporting in the upcoming election, the tall teenager informed the green-eyed blonde, "Iím not voting."

Brie replied cautiously, "Well, we can get you registered tomorrow."

Zan answered informatively, "Iím registered. Iím just not voting that would make me a hypocrite."

Brie was confused, so she inquired, "How would that make you a hypocrite?"

Zan looked Brie in the eye and responded, "Because I donít believe everybody should be able to vote. I think there ought to limitations on who votes. I think that youse should be able to read the ballot in English. I think youse should have a stake in the economy. Youse knows like owning property or having a job.

Now, I got the property, but I canít read the ballot. Since I believe what I believe, if I voted I would be a hypocrite."

Brie couldnít believe it and remarked, "You donít believe in universal suffrage? You think that a person shouldnít be able to vote, just because theyíre not working. What about all the poor people on welfare and social security? Donít they have a right to vote?

This is America. The poor have as much right to vote as the rich. Just because someone is at a temporary disadvantage doesnít mean they are no longer citizens."

Zan chuckled, "Two points."

She held up one finger, "Welfare is not temporary. At least it used not to be. I know people that are fourth generation welfare recipients. They could work, but they choose to whine about the bad cards they were dealt instead of doing sumthin about it. I donít mind helpiní some poor slob that finds himself out of work because of layoffs or some such, but I know a lot of people who are just on it because they donít know no other way. Theyíre trapped in the system."

Then the dark teenager held a second finger, "If you donít have an economic stake, youíre going to vote for the guy who offers the best deal, not the guy, who will do the best job. Plus, if you canít read how do you know who will do the best job?"

Brie didnít agree with her young lover, but Zan made good points that where well thought out. Brie spent an enjoyable hour arguing universal suffrage. Neither woman gave an inch.


Brie watched Zanís chest rise and fall in rhythmic breathing. She had spent two hours teaching the wayward teen to read. It would take time, but Zan was very smart. She had started dozing ten minutes ago and Brie didnít have the heart to wake her. However, Brie figured that they would be more comfortable in the bedroom.

So Brie, shook Zan slightly and said, "Come on Baby. Letís go to bed. Come on."

Zan stretched and yawned and wrapped her arms around the older woman and pulled her into a passionate embrace and responded, "Okay, but youíll have to warm me up. I donít seem to have any sleeping attire. So Iíll just have to sleep in my undies."

Brie smiled and teasingly said, "Well, if you do that we may not get much sleep."

Zan laughed, "Promises. Promises."


Zan was up at first light. The young brunette turned her naked form onto her side to study her sleeping partner. Zan supported her head with her forearm and watched her equally nude lover breathe softly and silently.

She loved watching her lover sleep as she thought, ĎWhy hasnít she left me? I told her everything, but sheís still here. She should be running. How can she trust me? She has to know I could choke the life out of her while she sleeps.í

The thought nauseated the dark teen. ĎWhen that shrink starts seeing inside this head, Brieís going to leave me.í

That thought started to make Zan tremble. Anxiety seized her chest. Zan suddenly couldnít breathe. Her breath came in rasping gasps. The raven-haired teen sat up abruptly in an attempt to breathe easier.

The sudden movement awoke Brie. She saw that her young lover was having another anxiety attack. ĎWhat brought this on?í she wondered to herself.

The strawberry blonde wrapped her arms around her struggling girlfriend. She cooed, "Whatís the matter, Baby? Come on breath. Calm down Lover. Calm down and come back to me."

Zan felt the arms of her love and started to relax. She heard her blonde sweetheart begging her to breathe. So Zan decided to start controlling her breathing. Soon, she was calmed. Brie asked, "What happened, Baby? You can tell me."

Zan folded her smaller lover into her arms and looked into her trusting green eyes and muttered, "I just thought that youíd leave me when the shrink tells youse how fu ... screwed up I am."

Brie pulled her teen loverís face closer to until their eyes where inches apart. The young social worker focused her green eyes onto her loverís blue eyes and said seriously, "Oh Baby, nothing sheíd say could stop me from loving you."

The older woman pulled the troubled teen into a passionate kiss. Zanís hand started to reflexively roam over tender parts of Brieís body. So Brie broke contact and said, "We need to get ready. We got a lot to do today. We start this again and weíll never get ready. Come on. Race you to take the shower?"


End of Part 5.

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