Gang Relations
by Willowluvyr

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The two women sat in the waiting room of Cassyís office. They had gotten there a few minutes early, even though it had looked like they were going to be running a little late. Their shower took longer than they planned. They saved some water, but lost some time in the drying process.

Jennifer, Cassidyís office manager, looked up from behind her desk and said, "Brie, Cassy is waiting for you and your friend. You can go in now."


Cassidy Adams was five foot eight inches tall with dark brown hair and hazel eyes. She came from old money. Her family was related, though distantly, to the Massachusetts Adamses. They traced their lineage through the Sam Adams line of the family.

She met Brie when they were small children. Their parents belonged to the same club and encouraged the girlsí friendship. Cassidy was four years older than Brie, but they went to school together all their lives.

They started in boarding school. Brie was bright and her parents were ambitious for their young daughter. Brie was encouraged to skip grades, and Brie caught up to Cassidy by the eighth grade.

When they went to prep school they became roommates. Their first sexual experiments were with each otherís bodies. Brie comforted Cassidy when a twenty-five-year-old ACLU attorney raped her while they were on a date setup by Cassyís parents. Brie personally kicked the jerk in the nuts during a press conference, when he claimed that the seventeen-year-old Cassy had come on to him.

It was this experience that made Cassy want to become a psychologist who specialized in traumatized woman. It also confirmed that she was gay. She really didnít know if she was gay or not, she only knew that she couldnít trust men to touch her. Cassy knew that Brie was gay since her young friend told her on Brieís thirteenth birthday.

The only person that wanted Brieís new relationship to work more than the two women seated before was Cassy, who wanted her baby sister to be happy.


Cassy looked at Zan and said, "Well, youíre certainly a beautiful woman, but before we start I want to lay down a few rules, because normally I wouldnít see you Zan. Brie is my best friend. We have known each other for eighteen years. Sheís more my sister than my two sisters are, so, I wouldnít normally see her lover as a patient.

However, Brie seems to think you would be more comfortable with a therapist who you or she knew rather than a stranger. Frankly, she feels you wouldnít go to a stranger as a therapist."

Zan shook her head as she said, "Youse got that right."

Cassy smiled and continued, "So hereís my first rule. If my personal relationship with Brie gets to be a problem, Iíll recommend another therapist for you. Then you will go to two sessions, if you donít like or canít work with that therapist, then weíll try another one until we find you one that you can work with. Do you agree to this condition?"

Zan shook her head affirmatively and said, "No problem."

Cassy sighed and continued, "Brie, I want to see Zan by herself. I donít want you hanging around the office either. Go shopping or to work, but donít be sitting in my office waiting."

Brie started to complain, but thought better and shook her head in agreement. Cassy pushed the issue, "Say it Brie."

Brie pursed her lips and said, "Okay."

Cassy locked eyes with her friend. She knew her too well. When Brie relented and looked away, Cassy smiled and stated, "Zan, I am a wealthy woman. I do this for personal reason, not for money. But Brie thinks I need to charge you for my services. She tells me you wouldnít come for free. But I do offer my services for free."

Zan refused by saying, "No way, I pay my way. Iím paying for Laura too."

Casey was beaming inside, but remained professional outside. So, she said, "Fine, Iíll charge you twenty-five dollars per hour. Is that acceptable?"

Zan agreed. Then Cassy held out her hand for Zan to shake as she said, "Iíll have Jenny make up a schedule of office visits. Ladies, I have cleaned my calendar through lunch. Letís go get some brunch and talk. I want to get to know the woman who has stolen my best friendís heart."


The three women sat for brunch at the restaurant in Cassyís medical building. The food was between hospital fare and office cafeteria. Zan decided on a breakfast of ham, eggs and hash browns. She figured no one could mess that up until she tasted it. Then she reached for the salt, pepper, hot sauce and catsup.

Brie got the same order plus some French toast. She was generous with the maple syrup everywhere, figuring sweet was better than spicy.

Cassy, who was the most familiar of the food, took a Caesarís salad. She didnít tell her brunch companions, but the salads were made by a catering service. She observed the interaction of her two brunch companions and came to one conclusion. They got it bad.

The psychologist was surprised by this reaction. She could see that Zan was a very disturbed woman, but she knew that Brie was as well. ĎMaybe they could help each other,í she reasoned.

Now, they had to discuss Laura. She knew that Laura was going to be a sore topic with both these women, but it had to be handled. And she figured that in public was the best place to handle it. There tend to be less dramatics in public between couples than in private.


Cassy decided to leaped right into the fire, "Zan, when do you plan on seeing Laura?"

Zan looked slyly at Brie and said, "I was planning on this afternoon."

Cassy noticed the shocked look on Brieís face. Cassy jumped in ahead of her best friend and asked, "Where you going to tell Brie?"

Zan decided on honesty, "I donít know. Iíve been trying to talk to her about visiting since Saturday, but there never seemed to a right time."

Cassy shook her head and stated sarcastically, "Common excuse. Brie, donít get that look on your face. When were you going to tell Zan that youíre paying part of Lauraís hospital bill."

Brie was stunned. Cassy had given her away. She knew Zan would never accept money from her to help Laura, but she also knew that Zan couldnít afford it. Brie was about to fuss at her best friend, when Cassy held up her hand. The young social worker also noticed that this held up an outburst by Zan.

Cassy said flatly, "You two have got to learn to talk to each other. Youíre going around trying not to step on each other toes and not getting where you need to go. Zan do you believe that Brie loves you?"

Zan replied without hesitation, "Of course."

Then Cassy turned to her best friend and queried, "Do you believe that Zan loves you?"

Brie immediately answered, "Absolutely."

Cassy looked directly into Zanís eyes and said, "Then you shouldnít be afraid to let her help you. She has more money than God does. So it wonít break her to help you out some. Thatís what lovers do for each other. Pride is a sin for a reason. Pride can kill a relationship faster than infidelity or jealousy."

Then she peered at Brie, "And you know better than to lie to a lover. You tried to lie and conceal in order to get your own way. Sometimes Brie you are such a spoiled little rich girl. And donít give me any guff. I know you too well. You are always trying to live down your money. Damn it, Brie, it is not a sin to be wealthy ... yet. Now, Iíve had my say. We are going to civilized about this and talk one at a time. Zan you start. Weíll go in reverse alphabetical order"

Brie muttered childishly, "Well that isnít fair."

Zan and Cassy both gave her the Ďitís-not-your-turn-so-shut-upí look. So, her green eyes flared anger as she sat quietly.


Cassy smiled at Brie and slapped her arm and fussed, "Stop pouting. Itís not very becoming."

Zan attempted not to laugh by saying, "What Cassy says is true, having money is not a crime. Itís nothing to be ashamed of and Iíve been treating it like it is. Iím sorry. Sheís right about my pride. I want to be with you the rest of my life. I need to be with you. I guess I need to work on taking help. Iíve never been good at it."

Cassy smiled and thought, ĎI feel like Iím refereeing a fight between twelve-year-olds. These two were going to be a lot of trouble. Theyíre both too stubborn for their own good.í

She encouraged further exchange by saying, "That was good Zan. Now, your turn Brie."

Brie gave Cassy a scorching look and took a deep breath. The feisty strawberry-blonde hated this, because she knew Cassy had been right.


Brie mumbled, "Iím sorry, I tried to pay part of the hospital behind your back. I shouldnít have tried to deceive you."

Cassy and Zan waited. When it was obvious that nothing else was forthcoming, Cassy shook her and said, "Tsk, tsk, tsk, that was pitiful. I thought you were the talkative one. Come on Brie, if this is going to work you have to make your feelings known."

Brie rolled her eyes, turned around and sighed. Then she turned her gaze to Zan and took a deep breath and said, "Zan, I love you and I promise to be more straightforward. You have shared many of your secrets with me, but I havenít shared any with you. I think Cassy thinks I should tell you about my family."


Brie thought for a second and started her story; "My mother was born to wealth and position. When she was young she became involved in an affair with her college roommate. It was quite the scandal. It seems my mother wasnít very discrete and she got caught in a very compromising position with drugs and her girlfriend.

Her family arranged for the girlfriend to take the fall for the drugs and had my mother married off to her fatherís assistant. My mother agreed to the marriage under two conditions. The first condition was that my mother kept control of the money. The second condition was that she be allowed to have her girlfriends."

Brie was nearly in tears when she continued, "My grandfather agreed to the arrangement provided my mother got pregnant in the first year of their marriage. She accepted the deal and I was the result. Not exactly a love child, huh?"

Tears ran down Brieís cheeks as she said, "My mother gave birth; hired a nanny and left for Europe with her first personal slave. My mother was a regular Carol Brady. When I was four, my father and my nanny, his mistress, decided to ship me off to boarding school. Thatís when I meant Cassy.

I graduated high school when I was fifteen and my parents were in the front row proudly holding hands. That was the first time I had seen them together. I had seen them individually, but never together. I saw them together one more time three years later when I got my bachelorís degree."

Brie broke down and started crying openly. It was obvious she couldnít continue. Zan reached over and starting stroking her loverís golden hair. Cassy continued for her young friend, "Sometimes I forget how young she is. Right after she got her bachelorís degree, her mother died. She was killed by one of her slaves, who couldnít take the humiliation anymore and snapped. It wasnít pretty. Brie had to identify what was left. Her father refused."

Brie recovered somewhat and took up the story from Cassy, "At the time, I was in a very volatile affair with a couple of submissives. I guess I figured it would get me closer to my mother. After I saw my mother, I decided love wasnít safe. You see, I didnít know what love was. My only experience was sisterly love with Cassy.

Anyway, Mother left everything to me in trust with my father as executor. His only income was from being my executor and as president of one of my companies. When I made twenty-one, I took over managing my own affairs. Now my father is totally dependent on me. And heís not even my heir. Cassy is. Needless to say, he and I are estranged."

Brie took one more deep breath and took the final plunge, "Iíve made an appointment to see my lawyer this afternoon. We are going to get some legal opinions on your troubles Zan and Iím changing my will. Like Cassy said, she doesnít need my money. I plan on making you my heir."

Zan shook her head, "Brie, you donít know me that well. I could be just after your money. I could be setting you up. Once you make me heir I could have you killed and get it all. You donít want to do this. I donít what you to do this."

Brie held her young loverís hands and said, "I have to show you I trust you. We have to get past the money issue and this will do it. I also want to set up some charge accounts and a bank card account."

Zan eyes clouded over a bit, but she saw Cassy glance at her in encouragement. Cassy was telling her that this was important to Brie. Zan knew from Brieís story she needed some love in her life and she wanted to be that love. So Zan bit her lip and said, "Okay."

Brie smiled, but she was not satisfied with this victory. "Weíre also going to the bank and Iím going to set you up a checking account. Iím going to arrange that liquor license. I want to get that restaurant going," the smaller woman stated daring Zan to disagree.

Zan looked to Cassy for help. Cassy said, "Zan, Iíve known Brie a long time. This is important for her to do, and believe me if something happens to her, you wonít live to enjoy the money, because I will kill you."


Cassy went directly to her office and made three phone calls. The first one initiated an investigation into Zanís background. The second phone call setup a consultation for Zan in her office at her next visit. Cassy decided she couldnít treat Zan; it was too personal. She hoped that if a therapist established some rapport with Zan in her presence that Zan would be able to transfer her treatment to a different therapist. Her third call was to Julio.


Brie and Zan sat in the office of Horatio Hollingsworth Hamilton III. He was 6í 3" and 235 pounds of muscle. He had sandy brown hair and blue eyes. He was fashionably dressed in a dark gray Armani suit. No one has teased him about his name since second grade, when he hit his first growth spurt.

One of his ancestors was Alexander Hamilton or thatís what he told everyone. Brie didnít know for sure and didnít care. He was a great attorney. He had two clients, Brie and Cassy. He was about to have a third, as he said, "I need you to sign this and give me one dollar."

Zan glanced at Brie indicating she should sign. Zan signed the paper and pulled out a manís wallet from her pocket. She pulled out a dollar bill and handed it to her new attorney. The lawyer activated his intercom and said, "Beth come in a moment please and ask William to come in please."

A neatly dressed middle aged brunette came into the office. The brown-haired attorney handed the efficient secretary the signed document and the dollar bill. He smiled at Zan and gave Brie a wink while saying, "Open a file for Alexandra Agair, sheís our new client."

A small well-built man entered the office. He had sandy blonde hair and blue-green eyes and he was dressed in a light brown Armani suit. Horatio made the introductions, "Brie, you remember my partner, William Prescott. William, this is Alexandra Agair. She is our new client and she likes to be called Zan. William is our criminal law expert. Iíd like him to sit in on this meeting. Iíd like to hear his opinion."

Brie interjected, "Horry, Before she tells her story, I want you to draw me up a new will. I want to name Zan my heir. She gets everything except for the art collection that still goes to Cassy and the hundred a month allowance for my father."

The large lawyer wrote some notes and called his secretary back in and handed the middle-aged woman the note as he said, "Brie, are you sure this is what you want?"

Brie smiled and nodded yes. The short lawyer asked, "Mind if I ask why?"

The senior lawyer started to say something, but Brie held up her hand to indicate, she would answer the question, "I love her and if it were possible legally I would marry her, and I donít want my money to come between us."


Both lawyers shook their heads and the bigger one asked, "Zan, can you tell us your story?"

The dark-haired teen told her story. She was frequently interrupted for questions as the two lawyers scribble several notes. Nearly an hour later, Zan finished her story. William looked at some of his notes and said, "Boy, where to start? Ah, are there any outstanding warrants for you Zan."

Brie scooted her chair closer to her lover and reached for her hands as Zan replied, "Not that I know of."

William consulted his notes again and said, "Well, we need to do some discrete checking to see if Zan is under any active investigation locally on the Bond St. Murders. Then we can do the same thing in Pennsylvania, Ohio, New Jersey and Indiana. If there are no active investigations, I think we should drop the entire matter. No use raising any red flags.

If there are any inquiries being made, then we need to hire some private detectives to look into the incidents being investigated. Frankly, you are your own worst enemy. By taking responsibility for the bills for ... whatís her name again ... Laura, you are connecting yourself to her. You need to cut direct ties to the woman and set up some sort of blind trust."

Both Zan and Brie shook their heads negatively. Zan stated, "No way, sheís my friend and my responsibility."

Brie interjected, "It would also damage her therapy. Youíd have to talk to Cassy to see if that is a good idea or not."

Horatio wrote something in his notebook and interposed, "Thatís something we need. William call Cassy and get a full evaluation of Zanís mental state. She was under a lot of stress and duress. So, if we ever have to go to court we can plead diminished capacity."

Zan asked, "Are youse saying youíd plead me nuts? Iíd end up in some nut house."

William responded, "Thatís true, but it wouldnít be forever. And if you got convicted you die or end up in jail forever. But weíre just discussing possibilities here."

Brie interjected, "Well Cassy is still working on an evaluation. It may take some time. Is that all you guys need?"

The two lawyers looked at each other and had some sort of telepathy. The tall lawyer replied, "No, that will be it. Weíll get on it. Weíll have the will ready in a couple of days. Iíll send it over by messenger for you to sign. Do you want me charge this to the usual accounts?"

Brie shook her head and answered, "Yes, and set up charge accounts for Zan at all usual stores and get her a Platinum card. I want those by tomorrow. Weíre going to the bank in after we leave here to set her up a checking account."

Everyone rose simultaneously. Brie reached over and wrote an address on a piece of paper. The young blonde ordered, "One more thing, I want a liquor license in my name for that address as soon as you can get it."

The big attorney extended his hand to both women and responded, "Okay, weíll be talking. It was nice to meet you Zan."


After leaving the bank with Zanís temporary checkbook, Brie decided to go to the office and see about the investigation of Mrs. Jacobsonís insurance policy. She thought that would cheer up Zan some. The young social worker knew that Zan didnít feel comfortable with all this, yet.

"Zan, letís stop by my office and see if they have anything on Mrs. Jacobsonís insurance policy."

Zan smiled at this suggestion and asked, "How about something to eat after that? Your stomach is starting to violate several noise ordinances."


It was almost time for Marge to leave for the day when Brie and Zan walked up to her desk. Brie smiled in greeting as she said, "Hi sister. Iím glad we caught you before you left. Letís go into my office and bring anything you guys came up with on that insurance business."

Zan smiled at her human dynamo and chuckled, "Hi Marge. Forceful ainít she?"

Marge and Brie looked at each other and concurrently said, "You have no idea."


Brie and Zan sat on couch while Marge sat behind Brieís desk. Marge had to ask, "How did everything go?"

Brie sighed and replied, "Tell you what, after we finish here, weíll go to The Deli and eat. Weíll tell you everything."

Marge nodded and picked up the phone to tell Walter she was going to be late and not to wait dinner.


Brie got serious and inquired, "What did the lawyers find out about the policy?"

Marge answered with a sigh. She had wanted to avoid telling them this news. Her news had the power to damage a very good relationship. But she had no choice so she asked, "Well, I got good news and bad news. What do you want first?"

"Good news," replied the young blonde.

"Zan was right they were trying to pull something. Itís a whole life policy, which means itís not only a life insurance policy, but itís also an investment. Based on the payment schedules we got from Mrs. Jacobson and the terms outlined in the policy we have determined the actual value of the policy is $481,755.63."

Zan was ecstatic and asked, "What could be the bad news be?"

Marge fumbled with the papers and hung her head to her chin. She sighed, "Your friend signed a waiver. Legal says she would have to take them to court and she could lose."

Brie patted her young lover on her leg and soothed, "Donít worry about Iíll get Horry on it first thing in the morning."

Marge dreaded what she had to say next, "Brie, you own the insurance company."


End of Part 6.

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