Gang Relations

by willowluvyr

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Note: My thanks to my beta reader Katia for her wonderful help in writing this piece.

Zan looked accusingly at Brie and said, "What do you know about this?"

Marge broke in and said, "Probably nothing. Itís one of your fatherís companies, Brie. You have controlling interest, but your father is CEO."

Brie sat forward and put her face into her hands and sighed, "This is so my father. The man drives me insane. Marge, make an appointment for lunch with him on Thursday, I need some cool off time. Call Horry in the morning and give him the details, I want my options. Zan after diner, weíll go talk to Mrs. Jacobson. She will get her money, even if I have take out of my own pocket.

In the morning, Marge, call my auditors. I want all the companies that both my father and myself are involved in together audited. I also want to find out company policies at those companies. I need the information before my Thursday meeting. Any questions?"

Marge interjected, "Brie, the Mayorís Chief of Staff wants to talk to you. Heís scheduled a meeting for tomorrow at 11:30, which means heís planning on lunch."

Brie didnít like the sound of that and queried, "Any reason why?"

"I know, but I canít tell." replied Marge.


Dinner had gone well. Marge got all the juicy details of the day and Brie got to see Zan eat a cheeseburger. Brie enjoyed the relish on the face of her young lover as she ate her cheeseburger. It was obvious than it was Zanís favorite food.

After dinner the girls went to talk with Mrs. Jacobson. That wasnít going to be easy. Brie felt a lot of responsibility for what had happened. She should have kept better tabs on what was going on in her companies.


Zan knocked on the door of Mrs. Jacobsonís apartment, and after several seconds, Mrs. Jacobson answered the knock. The gray-haired womanís face lit up when she saw who was at her door. She exclaimed, "Zan, Brie, my two favorite people, come in and visit with a lonely old lady."

Zan smiled and let Brie enter first and said, "Mrs. Jacobson, youíre not that old. Youíre just well seasoned."

Brie kissed the elderly woman on the cheek and stated, "Hello, Mrs. Jacobson, how are you? How have you been?"

The two young women went to the sofa and sat down. Mrs. Jacobson went to get the teapot and some cups. Brie call out, "Can I help?"

The elderly little replied, "No, dear, I have it. Would you like some cookies I just baked a fresh batch?"

Zan looked at the expression on her blonde loverís face and answered with a smile, "You better bring a few extras."

While Brie poured the tea, Mrs. Jacobson retrieved the plate of cookies. Everyone got comfortable and Brie started the conversation that she dreaded, "Mrs. Jacobson, Zan asked me to look into your insurance problems. You were misinformed as to the value of your husbandís insurance policy. You husband had a whole life policy, which is more than just an insurance policy, itís also a savings plan. At the time of your settlement your policy was worth almost half a million dollars."

The older womanís face went pale and she asked, "Can I get the rest of the money?"

Brie slowly responded, "Iím not going to lie to you. You signed a release and it could take some time to recover the money from the insurance company. I have my lawyers looking into it.

I have something I have to tell you. Iím the majority stockholder in your insurance company. I feel partially responsible for this and I want to assure you will get your money. I promise, I will find out what happened and it wonít happen again."

Zan interrupted, "Brie didnít know. Someone else runs the company for her. She really feels bad that this happened to you."

Brie patted her loverís knee and interjected, "Zan tell her the whole truth. My father is runs the company for me. He is a shit. I should have been keeping a closer eye on him. I was just happy when he left me alone. No telling what heís been up to."

The kindly old lady smiled and responded, "Child, you canít be responsible for someone else. You canít fix everything. You can only do your best. Youíre not God and itís arrogant to even try."

Brie winced at the reply. She never thought she was God. Zan saw her loverís reaction and jumped to her defense, "Sheís only trying to help, Mrs. J."

The elderly lady got out of her chair and started collecting the dishes and said, "I know and I appreciate it, but I just wanted her to know that it wasnít her fault and not her responsibility to fix anything. I signed the release. If I was foolish, it was my fault."

Brie queried, "Isnít it my responsibility when I am Chairman of the Board of the Company? I mean Iím not involved in everyday policy, but I have an office there with my name on the door."

As the gray-haired lady put the dishes in the sink, she answered, "I guess you do. You are fine young lady to take your responsibilities so seriously. Now, letís talk about something pleasant. I donít get much company you know and I donít get to hear much gossip."

They talked pleasantly for hours. Zan and Brie gave a great account of their adventures together. Mrs. Jacobson got immense joy out of Brieís telling of Zanís trip to the Rocky Horror Picture Show. Soon it was obvious that the elderly woman needed to go to bed. So the young ladies said good night and left the gray-haired woman to her bed.

After Zan and Brie left, they went to Zanís apartment. It was too late to go to Brieís. The golden-haired woman was beat. It had been an active few days and the green-eyed blonde zonked out twenty minutes after entering Zanís apartment. Zan snuggled next to her and fell asleep.


A commotion in the hall, startled Zan awake. Not wanting to awaken her sleeping lover, she quietly unwrapped herself from her clinging blonde and slipped quietly out of the bed. Putting a robe on she went out into hall. There she confronted the source of the commotion. It was the Warriors.

Not in the mood for any problems, she asked, "What the fuck is goiní down here?"

Chucky stepped forward and said, "Well, we found out that youíre shacked up with that blonde chick. We figured that was why you wouldnít let us nail her the other night. So we came by for a party, so we can get our share of prime pussy."

Chucky hit the floor hard. He and his buddies never saw the foot that floored him. He felt several ribs crack as a knee landed hard on top of him. When he could refocus his thoughts, he saw his death in a pair of cold blue eyes. They softened as he heard a sweet voice calmly order, "Zan, donít do it, Baby. Heís not worth. Calm down. Itís alright. Leave them alone and come back to bed."

With her knee still in Chuckyís side she pulled him painfully up to eye level and told him, "You ARE sooo lucky. I should kill you and I want to kill real bad, but my lover is right you ainít worth it. But youíre out; leave your colors and go. If you come back we WILL finish this."

The raven-haired fury looked up and inquired, "Does anybody else have anything to say?"

After several seconds of no response, the enraged beauty said, "Then get back to your room, now! If I get anymore shit from you guys, I will finish this."

Brie could see the fear that crossed all their faces as they scurried back to their room.


When they got back to bed, Brie asked, "What was that about?"

Zan shrugged her shoulders, while raising one eyebrow and responded, "Just drunk, I guess."

Brie decided to push just a bit, "They were afraid of you at the end. Why?"

Zan smiled and replied, "Because what I did to Chucky sobered them up."

Zan rolled over and went to sleep. Brie could tell she wasnít faking it. Her breathing was just right for a sleeping Zan. Now Brie knew there was more to it. Zan never went right to sleep like that. Brie had a fitful nightís sleep.


Zan was up before daylight again and had made coffee and there were some fresh croissants, but no Zan. Brie found a note.

Brie Honey,

I had to go and make some muny. It is not bad. Do not worry. You got work. Do not be late. I set the alarm.




Brie didnít like this at all. The note was cryptic and uninformative. Brie though, ĎWhy didnít she wake me? Why did she sneak out? This didnít make sense.í

Brie got out the strawberry preserves and the butter and ate her croissants. After her third cup of coffee, she went home to change for work. She was going to call Cassy and see if Zan made her 10:00 appointment.


Across the street, Zan watched Brie get in her car and drive away. She crossed the street to her apartment. She opened the door and found a note from Brie.


We have got to talk. I have shown a lot of faith in you. You should show some in me. By the way, back so soon? Turn around.



Though Zan couldnít read all the words she did understand Ďturn aroundí and when she did she saw Brie standing in the doorway. The dark teenager was caught and she knew it. Brie smiled and said, "Busted!"

Brie grabbed her lover by the arm and led the reticent teen to the irate blondeís car. Brie commanded, "Get in!"

The raven-haired young womanís chin sunk to her chest as she opened the car door and got in. Zan started to apologize, but Brie raised her hand with a silent order to be quiet. The fiery blonde was very angry and didnít want to say something they would both regret. Zan started studying her boots.


The drive to Brieís apartment was very quiet. Each time Zan attempted to talk, she was signaled to be quiet. The younger woman could tell she had upset her lover immensely. The teenager wanted to make it better, but she didnít know how.

Brie was so angry that she dropped the elevator key three times before she got it to operate. Zan had to physically take the door from the raging blonde before damage was done. Brie glared daggers at her young lover as they entered her apartment.

Then Brie spoke the first words she had spoken since getting in the car by Zanís apartment building, she barked, "Sit! Stay!"

Brie regretted the shower, it washed away a lot of her anger. She dressed quickly and efficiently. When she was dressed, she grabbed her loveís hand and dragged her out the door. Down the elevator to the Lexus they went.

More silence and more quieting gestures punctuated the drive to Brieís job. After she had parked the car in her designated space, the fiery strawberry blonde dragged her contrite lover up to her office. They were greeted by Marge, who was also met by the silencing gesture. The still very angry young social worker pointed Zan to a chair and stomped into her office.

Marge looked at the guilty looking teenager and mouthed, "What did you do?"

Zan just shrugged her shoulders. Marge was having none of that and asked, "Just tell me one thing, did you cheat on her?"

Zanís face could have curdled fresh milk. She glared at her loveís best friend as to say how-dare-you-even-think-that-she-is-not-the-only-one-for-me. Marge wasnít sure if she was satisfied with the teenís response, but before the curious friend could pursue the situation, Brie asked her to come into the office.


Marge entered the office and demanded, "What is going on, Brie? Sheís out there looking like she shot your best friend and since Iím alive, I figure that canít be it."

Brie was still fuming and stammered, "She lied to me."

Marge sat down and said, "Tell your Auntie Marge all about it."

So, Brie told her about the incident during the night. The young blonde told her friend about the note and how she got up and found she was by herself. Then, she finished with how she trapped Zan. Marge broke out into a laugh and asked, "Is that it?"

Brie was shocked at the answer and stuttered, "Yes, but she lied."

"Are you sure?"

Brie thought for a second and had to answer truthfully, "No."

"Then I suggest before you screw this up over a minor incident, you talk to her."

Brie nodded and asked, "Can you ask her to come in, please?"

When Marge left the office, she found that Zan had left.


Zan was sitting outside Brieís office and noticed that it was nearly time for her appointment with Cassy. She had to hurry. Then, she remembered that she had ridden over with Brie. She scribbled a note and ran to get a cab. The teenager didnít see that in her hurry the note fell to the floor.


Marge was stunned. She hoped the teen hadnít bolted again. The older woman sighed and turned to her friend and said calmly, "Sheís gone."

Brie shot out of her chair and ran to the door and found no Zan. She looked up and down the corridor and no Zan. She checked the restroom, no Zan. When she checked with the receptionist, she found out Zan had been seen running out of the building.

Brie was devastated, and wondered, "Had she gone too far? Had she pushed the young woman too hard? Zan was only a teenager. I keep forgetting that. She seems so damn mature and then she pulls a stunt like this."

Brie stormed back to her office and closed the door. She cried.


Zan barely made her appointment on time. Jennifer directed Zan to go right in. Zan noticed that there was another woman already in the room. The dark-haired teenager started to leave, figuring she was walking in on another patient.

Cassy blurted out, "Donít go, Zan."

When Zan stopped, Cassey introduced her colleague, "Zan, this is Dr. Gwenevere Jones. Dr. Jones is going to sit in on our sessions and when you get comfortable with her, I want to transfer your case to her."

Zan looked hurt as she asked, "Donít you want to treat me anymore?"

Cassey replied, "Zan, Iím too close to this case. You really need someone who is more impartial. With your permission Iíd like to update Dr. Jones on your case. Then when you are ready, she will be ready."

Zan queried, "What if Iím not comfortable with her?"

Dr. Jones interjected, "Then we can try to find someone else."

Zan nodded her approval and said, "Okay, Brie wants this to work and I owe it to her to try."


Marge let her friend cry for a little while then reminded her about her appointment with the Mayorís Chief of Staff. Brie went and washed her face and fixed her make up. Then she left for her appointment.


After Zan left, the two doctors talked about the session. Dr. Jones started the ball rolling, "Interesting case. She is really suppressing something. So many gaps in her memory means a hell of a lot of trauma."

Cassey responded, "I know. I have gotten a private detective looking into her background. Iím hoping to find out something from that. In the meantime, how about regression therapy?"

Dr. Jones acknowledged the idea with a shake of her head as she replied, "I see no alternative."


Brie arrived at the Chief of Staffís office at 11:22 and was ushered right in by a male assistant. Brie had never met Julia Russell, but had heard a lot of good things about her. She was an attractive woman. She was five foot ten inches tall and had a very voluptuous figure. She had dark brown hair and caramel eyes.

Brie was a little stunned by her physical reaction to the lovely woman.


Zan immediately took the subway back to Brieís office. Both Brie and Marge had gone to lunch. So Zan decided to wait and sat down. The dark teenager picked up a childrenís book and began to struggle with it in an effort to practice her reading. She figured she could surprise Brie a little.


After brief introductions and small talk in her office, Julia offered to buy Brie lunch. They took a limo to her club on Madison Avenue. Julia asked, "Do you play tennis?"

Brie responded, "A little."

Julia smiled and suggested, "Maybe we could get in a couple sets after lunch."

Brie needed something to take her mind off Zan, so she agreed.


They ordered a bottle of wine and some appetizers. Then they studied the menu. Julia didnít really need to study the menu. She knew what she wanted. She wanted Brie, the woman not the cheese.

Julia suggested, "I recommend the roast chicken salad. The dressing is quite excellent and the chicken breast is lightly roasted and tender."

Brie nodded and replied, "Sure, that sounds good."

Julia poured them both another glass of wine and decided to get business out the way before a shot at pleasure, "I guess youíre wondering what this is all about?"

"You could say that, though I am enjoying the company."

Julia was very encouraged by the remark and started her spiel, "The mayor has asked me see if you would head a new department he is forming. Itís title will be up to whoever starts it, but its function will be to come up with ways to merge our diverse communities into one cohesive community."

Brie sat up straighter and said, "This sounds interesting. Let me hear more."


Marge came back from lunch and was pleasantly surprised to find Zan sitting in the waiting area. She approached the taciturn teenager and asked, "Where did you run off to? You had Brie worried sick. She cried for nearly an hour. You better have a good excuse for running off without a word."

"But I left a note."


Zan got up from the chair and walked where she had put the note and said, "I wrote it on a piece of paper and put it on your desk."

After a minute or so of searching they found the note under the waste paper basket. Marge looked very guilty for missing the note and said, "Damn, I bet she forgot you had that appointment. I wish we could get word to her. She was frantic when she left. You go sit down and let me make some calls."


Brie was fascinated by the offer. Starting such an office was a dream of hers. It would take a lot of work and a good staff. She listened to Juliaís concept and the concrete offer. She tempted to jump right on it, but she needed to talk to Zan. This would mean long hours and less time together, if they were still a couple.

Julia noticed that Brie was thinking, so she took advantage and poured the young woman a glass of wine without refilling her own. Julia wanted the gorgeous social worker to have a good buzz on, when they played tennis. She wanted the green-eyed blondeís inhibitions lowered when she made her move.


Marge called Julia Russellís office and found they had gone to lunch at Ms. Russellís club on Madison Ave. A few phones later, Marge had an address. She told her friendís lover, "They have a one-thirty to three court time for tennis. I suggest you take her car and meet her at three and you guys can talk on the way home."

Zan checked the time. She smiled; she had time to get a bit before she went to find her lover.


Brie was a little tipsy when they went to the locker room to change for tennis. Brie remembered she didnít have her equipment and clothes here. She started to mention this when her gym gear appeared. A trainer from her club carried it.

Brie grinned and said, "Thanks Patty."

"Thatís alright Brie, I had a racketball game scheduled here so it was no problem. Hello, Julia, youíre looking fine as usual."

Julia gave her ex-lover the cool it look and replied, "Thanks Patty."

The sexy trainer left the two women with a knowing smirk. Brie claimed a locker and undressed quickly. She never noticed her attributes being appraised by the caramel-eyed chief of staff. When they were finally changed they went to play tennis.


Brie was a novice player in both tennis and seduction. Julia was a veteran at both. She took several opportunities during play to give Brie some instruction that would allow the sly woman to rub against the younger woman and to touch her.


Zan arrived a little before three and went inside. She was stopped at the reception desk. She told the woman at the desk that she was here to pick up Brie Cainteoir. The receptionist found that she was a guest with Julie Russell. The new receptionist found a note from Ms. Russell that explained a non-member was coming with something for Ms. Cainteoir and that she should be sent to the locker room. The efficient woman gave the dark teenager directions to the locker room.


Brie and Julie stripped down to their towels and slippers in order to take a shower. This was where Julie planned to make her move. Julia watched the delicious curves of her quarry enter the shower. When Brie dropped her shampoo bottle, Julia made her move. She moved to help Brie pick up the bottle. Then she made eye contact and felt the younger womanís reaction. As they stood, Julia pulled the smaller woman to her and kissed her, as Zan entered the shower area.


End of Part 7.

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