Gang Relations

by Willowluvyr

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Note: My thanks to my beta reader Katia for her wonderful help in writing this piece.


Brie was lying bed waiting for her lover in the nude. She idly thought of her teenage sweetheart and their down and up day. The young social worker vowed she was going to start being more open and honest with her choice for lifemate. Brie knew that Zan was damaged and that it was up to her to be the stable one in this relationship.


Zan showered luxuriously, while taking the time to clean her body thoroughly. It had been a hard day and she needed this. She thought of her fiery lover and their down and up day and vowed to make more of an effort to consider her sweetheartís feelings, which were much more open than hers. The dark teen knew that she must redouble her effort with the therapy to be a more attentive lover.


Zan entered the bedroom wearing only a towel. Brie grinned and seductively asked, "Is that for me?"

Zan removed he towel and spun around and queried, "Why? Do you see anything you like?"

Brie nodded vigorously, "Oh, yeah!"

The sensual teen glided to the foot of bed and crawled onto it. Beguilingly the alluring young female crawled catlike up the length of her sexy bed partner and quietly removed the covering that hid the blondeís treasures. Zan ran her hand lightly over the green-eyed womanís warm form, who squirmed sexually under the light ministrations.

Brie grabbed Zanís hand and said, "I think itís your turn."

Brie gently pushed her young lover onto her back and licked her lips. The strawberry blonde licked one nipple lightly, then the other. Softly the young social worker blew on the hardening nipples. A soft moan escaped from the aroused teen, when Brie suddenly took the right nipple between her teeth and nibbled it lightly.

Slowly, the green-eyed beauty stretched her loverís breast using the nipple. She released the breast and repeated the action on the other breast. Zan gazed into her partnerís eyes and asked, "Arenít we a little rough tonight?"

Brie smirked and inquired, "You up for something a little different?"

The teenaged took a deep breath and swallowed hard, then replied, "What did you have in mind?"

The blonde lover asked, "Do you trust me?"



Zan was blindfolded as laid on the bed nervously. She could hear faint noises. Her lover had left the bed and was opening closing drawers or doors. The apprehensive teen felt her love get back on the bed. Then she felt something cold and wet touch her sensitive nipples, first one, then the other.

Suddenly an image flashed into Zanís mind, a blonde, not Brie. She had dark brown eyes and was taller than Brie. The image solidified and the teenager started having trouble breathing. Her breaths became stilted and rasping as she hyperventilated again. Tears moistened the blindfold.

At first Brie mistook the shallow breathing for passion, until she felt her loverís body stiffen. Then she knew something was wrong. The loving blonde stopped and removed the blindfold and held her young love in her arms. Brie held Zan gently and cooed, "Come back, Zan, concentrate on your breathing. Come back to me, Baby. Shhh. Calm down. Itís over, Baby, I am so sorry. Itís me Brie, come back to me."

Slowly Zan started breathing better but tears flowed from her freely and for the first time since the strawberry blonde had known her, she saw the stoic teenager weep openly and without reservation. Brie felt shame.


When the tears stopped, so did Zan. She didnít move, she didnít speak, she just stared into space. Brie could not reach her. The teenager was practically comatose. She was breathing well, now, but would not respond to any of her loverís pleads for communication. The normally active teen laid in her loveís lap and stared into space, silent and brooding.

Brie went to call Cassy for help, but when she attempted to leave the teen would convulse and scream pleadingly for her to stay. Eventually the young woman would calm down as her older lover held her gently, while stroking her raven hair.

The young social worker was getting desperate as her young sweetheart lay unmoving and she was unable to get any help. Using her foot she managed to knock the cordless phone onto the floor. Then stretching her form Brie managed to drag the phone towards her. Carefully she managed to curl her toes around the phoneís antenna and lift it onto the bed. Once she had it on the bed, she grabbed it and called Cassy.


Cassy came right over and found the two naked lovers in Brieís bedroom. She rushed to her friend and asked, "What happened?"

Brie lowered her chin to her chest and through the tears said, "We were making love and I blindfolded her and was using an ice cube and she started hyperventilating. Then when she started breathing right, she cried for a good fifteen minutes. Now sheís like this. She wouldnít let me up or I would have called sooner. Could you hand me our robes? Itís a little breezy for our attire."


Between them they managed to get Zan lying on the bed and Brie was able to get up and get some blood flowing in her legs. Cassy gave the non-responsive teen an injection. Brie wanted to ask what she was giving her lover, but she knew it would do any good to ask, it would be over her head anyway.

Zan hadnít moved for three hours now and Brie was beside herself with worry and remorse. Cassy took the teenagerís pulse and checked her pupils and announced, "Well physically, sheís as healthy as ever. This is mental, Little Sister. Iíve given her an injection of B-12. Iím hoping to give her a jump start. Iím going to call an ambulance. We have to get her to a hospital."

The word hospital registered with the entranced teen and she blinked. Then, Zan said almost in hysterical tears, "No hospitals. Please, sweetie, no hospitals."


Brie rushed to her loverís side and took her into her hand and cried, "Baby, youíre back! You had me so worried. I thought Iíd lost you."

Zan looked at Cassy and said timidly, "Hi, Cassy, sorry to cause you so much trouble."

Cassy shook her head and replied, "No trouble, Tiger, you just had us a little worried. One of us more than others."

Zan sheepishly responded, "Iím sorry I worried you guys, Iím not sure what happened. Iím sorry, Sweetie, I guess I ruined the day after all."

Brie wiped the tears from her cheeks and said, "No, Baby, it was my fault. I should have realized..."

Cassy interrupted the mutual guilt trip by saying, "It was both your faults. You should have talked about what you were doing more thoroughly before starting such games. You two had better start communicating better or Iím going to kick both of your asses from here to Christmas."

That outburst made both the young couple chuckle. Cassy wasnít a match for wither woman. The visual of the intellectual psychologist kicking the ass of the tall athletic teenager disarmed the two distraught women, as it was intended to do.

Cassy asked Zan, "Do you remember what caused your reaction? Itís obvious you didnít expect your reaction or you wouldnít have agreed to the activity that led to it."

Zan thought for a minute and said, "I remember a blonde with brown eyes. I knew her, but I canít remember who she is."

Cassy organized her thoughts and then instructed her young patient, "Zan, I know our next appointment isnít until Friday. However, considering what happened tonight, Iíd like to see you first thing in the morning. I doubt that Dr. Jones will be able to join us, but since I am still your primary psychologist I donít see a problem. Can you make it?"

Zan and Brie both nodded affirmative as Brie added, "Sheíll be there if I have to drag her there myself."

Zan gave her lover an evil smirk as if to say youíre welcome to try. Brieís burst into a bright smile as she saw her heart return to her. Cassy smiled at the interplay and added, "Iím going to give you both a mild sedative to help you sleep tonight. You will both take them in my presence and then you will both go to sleep."

The feisty psychologist went to the kitchen and got two glasses of spring water from the refrigerator. Then she handed a glass of water and a pill to each of her friends and watched as they swallowed the pill and the water. Then she made sure that they went to bed and left as they fell asleep.


Brie went to work, while Zan went to see Cassy. Brie had wanted to go, but Wednesday was her busiest day. So, Brie decided to go to work. Marge greeted her with a stack of papers and a cup of coffee. Brie took the coffee, but left the papers. She forced Marge to follow her into her office.


Zan walked into Cassyís office. This time she was alone. She apologized for her colleagueís absence, but that this meeting was on such short notice that her fellow psychologist couldnít clear her calendar to be available.

The young psychologist informed the teenager, "We need to get past the walls you have set up. We need to hypnotize you. The question is are you willing to try?"

Zan had no choice if she wanted a life with Brie. She said, "Yes."


Zan relaxed and closed her eyes. Slowly, she counted backwards in her mind, "100, 99, 98, 97, ... 97, ... 94 ..."

Cassy asked her best friendís lover, "Zan, do you hear me?"

"Yes," replied Zan sleepily.

Cassy nodded and said, "Zan, I want you to go back to the time before your father was mugged. I want you to go back to a happy time. Zan, where are you?"

A drugged and hypnotized Zan replied, "Iím studying Gaelic with my father. Heís teaching me to read Gaelic."

According to her file Zan could only read English at a fifth grade level. ĎCould her reading problems be psychological as well?í Cassy puzzled in her thoughts.

Cassy asked, "Zan, what are reading in Gaelic?"

Zan lazily answered, "Itís a collection of poems, some are fragments and incomplete. My father is translating it for a friend of his. He wanted a second opinion on the third stanza. He was a little concerned over the verb usage.

"Zan, whatís the date?"

"October 16, 1995," Cassy knew this date it was the day before Zanís father was killed.


Cassy knew they were getting close. So she queried, "Zan, what did you do after your lessons with your father?"

"I have a date. Father doesnít like my date. So Iím going to sneak out after dinner. He says he thinks she had something to do with Mammaís disappearance, but I donít believe him. Mamma died; Papa had told her so. Papa said he was wrong and that he just found out Mamma was alive and that Callie was hurting her," the young woman was beginning to get agitated.

In a soothing voice, Cassy inquired, "Zan, whoís Callie?"

Zan squirmed a bit, but replied, "Callie is my girlfriend. Sheís teaching me how to properly make love to a woman. Sheís teaching how to control my women, so they know how to service me better."

Cassy could see that the thought of this woman was causing Zanís irritated state. So she asked the question, to which she already knew the answer, "Zan youíre on your date. Can you describe Callie to me?"

"Sheís about 5í 8", has blonde hair and dark brown eyes. Sheís got a body built by Fisher, very trim lines. Sheís wearing all white leathers. She likes white leathers."

Cassy knew this was the woman in Zanís dream last night. She must get the key to unlocking what happened to the tall teenager last night so she pressed on by inquiring, "Zan, tell me whatís happening?"


"Weíre dancing. Callie is telling me that itís time for me to pick a pet for me to train. Iím looking around and I spot a cheerleader. She is a little on the short side, but is blonde and has gorgeous green eyes. Her name is Melissa Graves. Sheís really stuck up and needs a lesson on how to treat people.

She looks at me dancing with Callie and gives me a disgusted look. I tell Callie I have chosen my pet. I direct her attention towards Melissa. She tells me that sheís a good selection."

Zan started getting fidgety again and starts to squirm as she continues, "I had chose Melissa with care. Callie showed me what to look for in a potential submissive and Melissa was a perfect candidate. I also knew she was interested in me sexually. I had seen the look often enough.

I wanted to get her to the bathroom. So I force her boyfriend into spilling a drink on her. Her boyfriend is apologizing, he has no clue what just happened. I watched as Melissa walks to the bathroom. Iím following her.

She goes in first. I follow a minute or two later. I locked the door and she turns. She has her blouse off cleaning it in the sink. She asks, "What are you doing here and why did you lock that door?"

I answered, "You know why Iím here. Youíve watching me and my date all night. Youíre curious and Iím here to help you."

She looks and around and sees we are alone. She licks her lips and I know I have her now. I move close to her and take her blouse from her and say, "Take it all off."

While sheís taking off her clothes, Iím rinsing her blouse clean. When sheís totally nude, I walk around her examining all her features. Iím standing behind her and I reach around and grab her pussy. I start fingering her and feel her hymen. I whisper in her ear, "Ah, a virgin, do you want me to take care of that tonight?"

She did not answer, but fluid is running down her leg. I whisper in her ear, "Donít you dare cum until I tell you to. Do you understand?"

Sheís nodding her head yes. I ask her again, "Do you want me to take your virginity tonight."

Sheís nodding her head yes, again. I say as I continue to massage her virgin mound, "Good. Now, you are going to put your blouse and skirt back on. Your underwear stays here. Now, you must answer my next questions verbally. Okay?"

She breathes, "Yes."

I am still rubbing her wet center as I ask, "Will you do everything I tell you to do?"

She gasps as I rub her clit gently, "Yes."

I switch from her clit to her moist lips as I inquire, "Are you my slave to do with as I please?"

She moans as I pinch her clit between by thumb and forefinger, "Yes."

I continue to work her clit as I ask, "Are you ready to cum?"

She pleads with a raspy, "Yes!"

I work her clit a little harder and faster and then whisper into her ear, "Hold off until I tell you to come. Are you my pet?í

Sheís having trouble forming the word, "Yessssssssss."

I stop my ministrations and say as she moans in frustration, "Grab the sink and spread your legs."

Sheís doing it. I take a pair of nipple clamps that are connected by a chain and put them on her. She gasps and I can feel a mini-orgasm ripple through her. I whisper in her ear, "I felt that you. If you cum, I will make you walk home nude tonight."

I take pity on her and tell her, "You may get yourself off."

She drops her hand to her wet mound and quickly gets herself off."

Cassy looked at the dark teen and wondered if she was truly good for her friend as she asked, "Zan, youíre back at the table with Callie, Whatís happening?"

Zan recalled, "Iím leading my new pet using a leash. She is very embarrassed, but I know itís turning her on. Callie sees us and says, "Letís go to my place and we can party."

As we leave, Melissaís date blocks our way. As I had instructed her to do in the restroom, she told him, "I belong to Zan now. So, leave us alone."

I push past him as he reddens. He attempts to hit me, which I block and I hit him four times before he hits the ground.

Cassy can see that Zan is very agitated. She is near convulsions, but she pressed on, "Zan you at Cassyís apartment. You opened the door what do you see?"

Zan starts to convulse, but Cassy presses harder, "What do you see, Zan?"

Zan shouted, "I see my mother chained to the ceiling."

The teenager burst into tears and starts to cry openly. Cassy can see she has had enough and says, "Zan, you are in my office. Zan, when I count three you will wake and remember everything you have seen. One, two, three."

Zan opened her eyes and wept some more as Cassy held her tightly.


Julia looked at the folder the private detective had given her. Every brain cell she had was screaming, ĎStay away.í

But her brain wasnít in charge right now and her libido pushed her out the door and into the car in a drive that would lead the excited woman to Zanís front door.


Zan wasnít ready to face Brie yet. The revelations she had in therapy had caused something terrible to wake up in her. The teenager decided to go home and get some rest. Then maybe she could put jack back into the box.


Zan was very frightened. Her mother was alive; she knew it. How she knew, she couldnít remember, yet. Zan took pride in her memory. Now, she couldnít trust it. She asked herself, "What am I going to do? When Brie hears that story, sheís going to hate me. Cassy wonít tell her with patient/doctor privilege and all, but I promised Brie to be open and honest with her. So I have to tell her."

A despondent woman entered her apartment and searched her kitchen cabinet to find the bottle of JD she kept for guests and poured herself a tall one. She was on her second tall one, when someone rang the front doorbell.

Zan answered the door to find that bitch who kissed her Brie. So the jealous teenage angrily asked, "What do you want, Bitch?"

The smartly dressed woman had a strange quivering reaction to the surly words from the tall imposing youth. Zan wanted her to go away so she could get drunk and think. She wasnít in the mood for this bitch.

Julia had no idea as what to say. She had come here on impulse, when the private detective she hired found the address of the young woman about which she had such wild dreams. She couldnít just could come out and tell the tall domineering woman that she wanted her to possess her. Ever since that scene in the shower room of her club, she could think of nothing else, but the wild animalistic eyes of this teenager.

Juliaís essense was soaking her panties as she contemplated what to say. Unable to think of any other response, the attractive older woman went for the truth and replied, "Iím here to find out if you want to play with me."

Zan smiled as she saw the lust in the womanís brown eyes and smelled the musty odor of her desire. It woke a part of the dark teenager that had long ago been buried. The hypnosis had awakened emotions long suppressed and all at once they came rushing forward. With nothing more than animal instincts, the raven-haired teen grabbed the woman by her business jacket and pulled her into the apartment.

The young bureaucrat tripped and fell to the floor, but Zan just dragged her into the room causing long runs in the womanís stylish stockings. The alcohol and the released emotions had knocked down all the walls Zan had carefully built around her hidden darkness. That darkness wanted to play with this woman.

Dazed by the suddenness of the onslaught, Julia said nothing as the dark teen pulled her to her feet by the collar of her jacket. The suddenly violent youngster pulled the woman to her and kissed her brutally. Zan released the kiss and ordered, "Take the jacket, blouse and skirt off."

Quickly the wantabe slave complied with her potential masterís orders. When she stood there in a stylish one piece bra and panties and stockings, Zan backhanded the woman and sent her flying into the couch, which fell over causing the woman to tumble and roll on the floor for several feet. The woman looked up with blood running down her cheek from a busted lip and a missing tooth.

The woman started to get up and her new master growled, "Donít get up. Crawl over her. Is this the game you wanted to play?"

Barely able to think through the desire the woman said, "Yes!"

Suddenly, images of Brie invaded Zanís confused mind. Brieís Zan started struggling with her dark self for control. Zan growled at the woman, "Get out! Run!"

Confused by the sudden change and wondering whether this was part of the game or not, the new slave hesitated. Zan fought for control and the smell of desire in the woman was not helping. So, she grabbed the hesitant woman and physically threw her from the apartment and locked the door.


The woman stared at the locked door. She had had an orgasm and it was running down her leg. She wanted more and started to knock when she noticed a group of bikers in the hall. They spotted the nearly naked woman and walked toward her. Julia knocked panicky on the teenagerís door. The only reply was, "Go away, Bitch."

Donna had taken over leadership of the Warriors, since Chuckyís forced departure. So she led the group towards the woman, who was obviously very aroused. She thought, "Zan was very good at getting these sexy pieces hot."

Donna reached down and grabbed the womanís crotch and found it oozing her fluids. The woman shuttered as another minor orgasm rippled through her body. Donna smiled and said, "She likes it rough boys! Letís party."

Julia didnít want this she wanted Zan. She begged the gang to let her go as they led her down the hall toward the stairs that led to their apartment. In panic the woman tried to run but was tripped by one of the gang causing her to fall to the floor.


Zan saw the womanís clothes on the couch and knew she couldnít let the woman go home half-naked. She reluctantly picked up the clothes and went to give them to the woman. She figured that was why the woman had knocked with such panic in her voice.

When she opened the door she saw her sprawled on the floor with the Warriors going after her. At that moment Brie comes up the stairs and demanded, "What is going on?"

Donna remembered what happened to Chucky and wanted no part of this woman. She hadnít noticed that Zan had walked up behind the gang. So she tried to bluff Zanís woman, "The Bitch wanted to party. Zan threw her ass out so we decided to oblige her."

Brie held her ground and said, "It doesnít appear she wants to oblige you. So you better leave her alone."

Zan coughed to make her presence known. She was struggling to keep the darkness from taking control. It wanted to kill the gang and take its two women and party. The gang caught between two formidable women decided on discretion and went meekly to the stairway so they could go to their room.

Brie went to check the woman and noticed that Zan was holding the rest of the womanís clothes. So she asked the obvious question very calmly with a disarming smile, "Zan why do you have the rest of her clothes?"


End of Part 9.

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