Gear Heads
Part 2

by Larisa

Disclaimer: The charactors belong to me me meeee! this is a story from my demented imagination, the area that it takes place in is real I know because I live there. and no you can not duplicate, change or reproduce this story for your own sick needs, unless you beg on hands and knees and or bribe moi!"

Subtext: What do you think? of course there is, would you read it if there wasn't? no!

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The shenadoah river was running low, the water barely came over the dam to the now visable rocks below which are usually under 6ft of tumbling water. On one of the large rocks sat Poni and Stacey back to back with their fishing rods resting on their outstretched feet. tied to PonI's bare leg was the stringer with their single gigantic foot long catfish. Morigan and Mike where downstream where a natural sink hole was surrounded by large smooth rocks, Morigan stood with her rod held between her knees putting a crawfish on the large hook. Mike was walking along the shallow water flipping over rocks and plunging her hand into the muddy water. "got another one!" She held up a blue crawfish then dropped it in to the bucket she carried. weaving her way back to Morigan she put the bucket down at her feet. "I got ya about 3 dozen, I'm going over where the water drops off over the rocks and see what I can catch." She was halfway there when Morigan noticed she didn't have her rod. "Hey don't you need your rod?" Mike gave her a big smile as she wiggled her fingers in the air. "Nope, I got better ways!" shrugging her shoulders Morigan continued to fish and watch the canadian geese dive for minnows near the bank.

Poni was bored, she started to use the end of her rod to tease the minnows that were eating the little pieces of liver she dropped in the water. "Damn worm strippers." slapping her rod tip in the water."Take that ya little shit!" Stacey leaned back and grabbed her ear lobe with her teeth, flicking it with her tongue she worked her way down PonI's neck, who forgot all about torturing little fish. "We could say the hell with fishing baby ducky and go skinny dipping above the dam." She was answered with a breath stealing kiss.

Mike pulled their stringer out of the water and put her catch on it then dropped it back in. Morigan turned to see what she was doing before she could turn back her rod bent almost in two. "son of bitch!" She would have been pulled off the rock if not for the strong arms that had encircled her waist. "Reel it in!" Morigan's brows dipped in concintration. "I'm trying, gods what's on here loch ness?" She grunted while she tried to pull the fish in. the reel howled as the fish fought against the drag on the line. An hour later sweat was pouring down her temples, her arms trembled with stress and fatique. "Mike take it, I can't feel my arms anymore." Mike reached over her shoulders and grabbed the rod, Morigan sunk to the rock and leaned back against Mike's legs. with a mighty groan and strength to out do any power lifter she pulled back on the rod, reeling the line in like a maniac she repeated the action. 30 minutes later they seen the top dorsal of the fish. between ragged breaths she grunted to Morigan. "get.... the... net...go!" Morigan had the net above the water waiting. With one last pull the fish came to the surface. "Now!" She slipped the net under the water with both of them working they got the still fighting fish up on the rock. the net was to small only half of the fish was netted the other half was flipping around on the rocks surface, Morigan dropped to her knees and tried to hold onto it but lost her balance and fell backwards into the water. Mike dropped the rod and grabbed it under it's gills with both hands. "In my tackle box is a rope." Morigan crawled out of the water and scrounged in the box, after finding the 1/2 inch thick rope she ran it through the gills and tied it off above the gapping mouth. exhausted her and Mike sat on the rock side by side with the fish at their feet. "I'm done for, whatdya say we go home." Morigan groaned when she stood up. "How we gonna get moby dick to the truck?" she looked to the now abandoned rock where the amazons had been fishing. "Looks like our help left us!" Mike followed to where she was looking. "You take the rods and tackle box and I'll get moby and the stringer, then we'll find out where they went, ok."

Yhey struggled up the bank with all their stuff. after putting everything in the back of the truck they headed to the other side of the dam to find Poni and Stacey.

"Where ya think they are?" Asked Morigan.

"Some place scaring the hell out of either the wild life or the rednecks!"

"Oookaaay." her brain ran in a hundred different places trying to imagine what they could be doing. "They wouldn't, would they?

Mike chuckled at her shocked expression. "Ooohh yes they would!"

They rounded a bend to see Poni and Stacey embraced out in the water sharing more than space and some guys on the far bank drolling all over their feet and their now twisted lines forgotten. picking up a flat stone Mike skipped it near the entangled pair, who never noticed. picking up another one she skipped it so that it smacked Poni in the back. "Hey who did that?" Mike just stood on the bank grinning at her. "Come on guys, your disturbing the wild life again not to mention the poor animals on the bank over there." Poni followed her pointing finger. "Damn perverts!" Giving Stacey a deep kiss for the perverts benefit they untangled their limbs. Mike and Morigan watched as the other two started out of the water, before they got to the bank Poni spun her wife around to face the perverts cupping both of her breasts she yelled to them. "Allll mine, yeps their allll mine!"

Mike covered her eyes. "Ooohh boy." Poni had a huge grin on her face. "Got them didn't I?"

"Lets get outta here before they come out of shock." Mike grabbed Morigans hand and ran for the truck. They had just jumped in when Poni and Stacey came running still naked, they jumped into the back seat and closed the doors. Mike looked in the rear view mirror to see 4 rednecks come running up behind them yelling, at the noise Morigan turned to look and saw Stacey stick her breasts out the rear window at them. "What the hell is that back there?" Poni looked into the truck bed.

"Mikey how in the hell did you catch that?"

"I didn't, Morigan did."

Two sets of eyes went to the little blond, giving her looks of amazment.

The taxadermist almost had a coronary at the sight of the fish, after taking it's measurements and weight he had to sit down.

"You realize little lady that you have just set a new record in this area for catfish!"

Morigans eyes grew wide at the news, Mike put an arm around her and pulled her against her side. "Just think, your name goes in all the fishing guides with a picture showing a 5ft 1inch, 127lbs catfish. and as soon as he's done stuffing it you can put it on your wall." green eyes looked up from under blond bangs at her. "I'd much rather put it on your wall." Mike ran her fingers through blond hair and smiled down at her. "Ok, but you pick the wall, come on lets go home. give me a call when it's done." She said to the man. "No problem, it's going to be a pleasure to do this one."

After fighting moby dick Morigan was starting to feel it in her whole body, Mike didn't miss her little looks of pain when she moved in the kitchen, taking her by the hand she lead her outback to a gazebo. "Where we going?" She asked. "You'll see." Morigan stood and looked at a large jacuzzi. "My gods, you have anymore surprizes I should know about?"

"A few, come on my body is aching and all I want right now is to relax in some hot water."

Mike turned the heater on and the jets, Morigan stood stock still, fire ran down her body at the sight of bronzed flesh being bared inch by tantilizing inch in front of her, she couldn't breath let alone remove her cloths. Mike dropped the last of her cloths on the floor then slid into the hot water. blues eyes captured a frozen little blond. "whatcha waitin for?"

"Aahhh....nothing be right there." Turning her back she stripped, with downcast eyes she joined Mike in the jacuzzi, sitting on the other side from her she all but melted when the water relaxed her aching body. "Can I stay here all night, this feels like heaven."

"Only if you don't mind looking like a raisin."

"I don't care."

Morigans eyes drifted shut and her breathing deepend in sleep. Mike crossed the jacuzzi and cradled her in her arms stepping out of the water she carried her to the house, and walked past her housemates who had grins on their faces from seeing her stark naked with Morigan asleep in her arms, going up the stairs to her room she laid Morigan down and covered her up. throwing her boxers on and a t-shirt she went back down to the kitchen. "I guess the big fish wore her out huh." remarked Stacey. "But which big fish was it?" Poni tossed in.

"Come on guys, you know me better than that, I haven't laid a finger on her."

"Whatdya waitin for, tall dark and dense one, haven't you been paying attention to how she looks at you?" asked Poni. "My gods, everytime I look she's touching you some how, wake up!"

Mike dropped her eyes to the table and rested her chin in her hand. "I have to be sure, and right now I'm not."

"What will make you sure?" Stacey reached across the table and clasped her large hand. "I have to hear those words."

"What words, those 3 words."

"No, words only the "One" and I would know." Grabbing a carton of milk out of the frig she headed to her room.

"I hope Morigan knows those words."

"So do I Ducky, so do I."

Mike tossed her cloths on the floor and climbed in bed, laying on her back with her arms under her head she looked sideways at Morigan who was also laying on her back. "I hope you know those words little one." Morigan mumbled "Words"and rolled over reaching out with her small hand looking for warm skin, pulling herself closer she nestled her face on Mikes chest and moved her hand in small circles on Mike's stomach. the action relaxed Mike to the point of putting her to sleep.

She was laying in what she thought was a loft, her body braced against sacks of grain, her whole body felt feverish and weak. a dull pain nagged at her from her shoulder, her fingers were being squeezed with such gentleness her heart wanted to burst, she turned to look into blue eyes filled with unshed tears, words filtered into her head then she was looking around a strange room, feeling warm skin beneath her cheek and a steady heartbeat that lulled her back to sleep.

Morigan woke to an empty bed stretching she felt all the overworked muscles from fighting moby dick the day before. sitting up in the waterbed she reached her arms over her head to stretch her back out, thats when she seen the painting. Getting up she walked across the room, her knees buckled at the sight of herself along with Stacey, Poni and Mike all dressed in leather, her breathing came out ragged, using the dresser to pull herself up she searched the painting for the artist. "Stacey O'bannon 1980" with unsteady legs she looked for her cloths not finding them she pickrd up Mikes boxers and t-shirt and slipped them on, pulling the shirt up to her nose she could smell Mike's scent, closing her eyes she pulled the shirt tighter around her body. "Gods I'm going nuts!" She ran from the room and checked the kitchen for Stacey, not finding her she ran outside to her body shop. Stacey had an asperator over her face and goggles covering her eyes, the paint gun in her hand was spraying metalic blue paint across a grey primered fender. Morigan came flying through the door into a cloud of paint mist, coughing and rubbing her eyes she tapped Stacey on the shoulder and motioned her outside. Stacey put the paint gun down and followed her.

"Whats up."

"In Mike's bedroom on the wall is a painting, who are the women in it?"

Stacey's face took on a strange look, she removed her painting gear and looked right into searching green eyes. "I painted that 20yrs ago for Mike, it was from one of her repeated dreams, three of the women are obvious, it's the fourth that haunts Mike both in her dreams and waking hours. it's not the only painting I've done of that woman." she paused for a few moments. "Shit how do I explain this? Both Poni and myself see her in our dreams, it's from what ma tells us memories of a past life that we spent together, but we have never found the true fourth woman. Only Mike would know her."

Morigan stumbled to the side of the shop and slid down the wall, closing her eyes she seen the replays of the dream she had last night, her hand went to her left shoulder and massaged the area. Stacey kneeled in front of her. "You ok, I know it all sounds crazy, but there are things only the three of us know about each other and it's not from our lives now, talk to ma, she's better at explaining this stuff than I am."

Tears escaped Morigans eyes when she opened them. "Thats my car your painting isn't it?"

"Yeah, I'm almost done with it why?"

"I want you to paint my champion on the hood."

Stacey fell back on her ass, her eyes huge. "Your champ... champion! sweet artemis!"

Morigan got up off the ground, placing her hands on her hips she looked down into hazel eyes. "Nope, she has nothing to do with this, can I use your truck?"

"Yeah, the keys are in it."

Stacey was still sitting on the ground when Morigan pulled out of the drive, scampering to her feet she took off running for Mike's gargage screaming for Poni.

"Now what?"

Stacey grabbed her by her shirt and dragged her outside. She explained her conversation with Morigan and what she was to paint on the hood of her car. "I need it now Poni!"

"Right now?"

"Yes, she won't pay any mind to you doing it."

"Ok, just give me a minute to get it."

kissing her soundly on the lips she yelled over her shoulder as she ran back to her shop "Thanks ducky." Jumping straight up into the air and punching she gave her amazon battle cry.

"What the hell is wrong with her?" Asked Mike.

"To many paint fumes or somethin."

Mike was leaning against her bench starring off into space when Poni came into the garage, before she could react Poni snapped her picture with the digital camera. the look she got put wings on her feet, in a heart beat she was running for the house ahead of Mike. Jumping throught the side door she locked it and ran for the computer, plugging the camera in to it she booted up the pc, in seconds she had it downloaded and was waiting for the printer to spit it out to be safe she made two copies, she had just yanked the last copie off when Mike came busting through the front door. "Oh shit!" Poni yelled. Mike came around the side of the counter as Poni vaulted it and sprinted out the front door, making a pass through Stacey's shop she ran out the other door on her way to the field. Stacey put the picture on her eisel then watched Mike chase her wife all over the field in a zig zag path, in a last ditch leap Mike took Poni down, they rolled around in the tall grass. a victorious hand rose with the now mangled picture in it. Mike took great pleasure in tearing the picture in to little bitty pieces and scattering them to the wind. Poni got up off the ground grinning from ear to ear and gave her wife the thumbs up sign, pulling her torn and grass stained shirt over her head she threw it over Mike's head as she ran past.

"Can't kill em, can't keep cloths on em." she mumbled pulling the shirt off her head.

Morigan pulled into ma's drive, before the truck was stopped she was running for the door.


"In here little one."

She came to a slidding hault at the table. panting she asked. "I'm the one aren't I, the one she's been waiting for?"

"Calm down now, only Michaela will know that."

She leaned over the table pinning blue eyes with hers.

"I know the words!"

"Then tell her and end her pain child."

"How do I tell her?"

"You will find a way."

Morigan came around the table and hugged her. pulling back she smiled. "You always did make the best nutbread!" in a flash she was gone.

"Sweet artemis."

Mike heard a vehicle pull into the yard getting up from the table she seen Morigan get out and go into Stacey's shop. Stacey was cleaning her airbrush up when she came in. "where's Poni?"

"In the house with Mike why?"

"Come on, I've got something to do and I want everyone there."

Morigan walked into the kitchen and grabbed Mike by the hand pulling her into the waiting room and down the steps to the torture chamber with Poni and Stacey following behind them.

"Stace what is she doing?"

"I have no idea Poni."

Morigan walked to the wall where all the weapons were hanging. Mike just stood in the center of the room and watched her. taking two staffs out of the rack she handled both of them then threw one to Mike.

"Ready to play Mikey?"

"What are you doing Morigan, are you nuts I could hurt you."

"Give it your best shot tall dark and dangerous."

Mike's eyebrows raised to her hairline, she looked back over her shoulder at the other two. "kay, I'll take it easy on you though."

Morigan spun the staff over her head, dropped it in front of her and brought it to the ready posistion. Mike's jaw dropped open. "I never told you, I'm a black belt in Ti Kwon Do." She replied.

"Oh, well then I guess it's time to see how good you are?"

Their staffs smacked off each other each blocking the others attempt to make a strike, Morigan ducked leaping to the side she faked a leg strike to reverse it and catch Mike in the ribs. "That was a good one, betcha can't do it again?"

"Don't be so sure about that, my teacher taught me well."

"Oh and who was that?" Going in for an overhead strike.

"One of the best!"

Poni and Stacey were amazed, no one had lasted that long against Mike, not even Poni.

Mike swung her staff at Morigans ribs spun and went for a leg sweep, Morigan flipped over the staff landing beside her, bringing her staff across the back of Mikes legs she dropped her, before Mike could roll out of the way Morigan was straddling her. she dropped her staff to the side and pinned Mike's arm's over her head. "You forgot about that move didn't ya?" she turned her head to see the other two sitting on one of the benches. smiling at them she turned back to gaze into crystal blues eyes. "Mike, I seen the painting on your bedroom wall, the blond woman in the picture who is she?"

Mike was taken back. "Just someone from my dreams."

"Are you sure, I mean she looks so real to me?"

Mike looked to the others who found something on the ceiling to look at.

"Uuuhhhhm, Gods I don't know why are you asking?"

"Well she looks an awful lot like me." Mike went to interupt her. "ah ah ahh just wait, I don't know the whole story about your past or what exactly happened, but I know this." she leaned even closer to Mike. "Even in death Gabrielle, I will never leave you!" Mike stopped breathing, tears came to her eyes, reaching her arms up she cupped Morigans face. "It is you!" Morigan turned her head and kissed her palm. Bending down she brought their lips softly together. hands wrapped in her hair pulling her closer, Mike deepened the kiss to be broken only for need of air. they heard sniffling at the back of the room. Stacey was wipping tears from her eyes while Poni used Stacey's sleeve to wipe her face.

They got up off the floor and walked over to the two sniffling amazons. teary hazel eyes gazed into tear filled crystal blue eyes.

"She's the one isn't she?"

She pulled the little blond against her chest and hugged her tight. "She's the one!" Poni got up and hugged both of them. "Come on I need a drink!"

Morigan found a frozen chicken in the freezer so she put it a oven bag with fresh carrots, onions and herbs, stuffed orange slices were the finishing touch, then her specialty twice baked potatoes topped with shredded chedder cheese and real bacon bits with parsley scattered over them and wine sauce for over the chicken.

4 women sat at the table groaning and holding their stomachs. "I vote that she cooks all the night meals!" Mike and Poni agreed with her. "What did you put in the potatoes, I've never had any like it before?"

"Coffee creamer and sour cream, come on stace I thought every one made them that way."

"Nuhh uhhh just milk, that is if Mikey leaves any."

Mike had a sheepish grin on her face. "It's good for ya, see if you guys would have drank more maybe you wouldn't be so little. Hey hey that's my ear Morigan!"

"Yes I know, I may be little but I can still kick your ass so just remember that Michaela Connelly!"

"Roma." Poni tossed in. "Her middle name's Roma."

"Shut up mallard!"

Green eyes went to Poni. "Your names Drake Mallard Poninger?"

Stacey laughed at the shocked look on Morigans face. "Nahh it's Mallory, Mikey just likes to tease her."

"That's right Stacey Louise O'bannon."

"I thought mine was bad."

All eyes were on her. "What, ohh no I ain't telling."

"Poni?" Stacey nodded her head at Morigan, Poni grinned evily at Mike. hands dived for the bowl of potatoes. "Guys come on now." potatoes smacked her in the face and chest. "Ok ok no more, I'll tell." pulling on Mike's sleeve she wiped her face off. after a deep breath she looked right at Mike. "My full name's something Morigan Jenson."

Mike had milk come out her nose, Poni spewed beer across the table and Stacey's jaw just about fell off. Mike cleard her throat and tried not to laugh. "Your middle name's something.

"Oh no, I'm not saying that out loud, I've got enough problems sitting over there." pointing to her friends. "Without them knowing that!"

"Then whisper it in my ear."

"Don't you dare tell them!" Leaning forward close to Mikes ear she whispered. "Weasel"

Mike got up off the floor her left eyebrow raised. "I'm shocked of all the names, ok then why do you go by Morigan?"

"Your kidding right?" Morigan growled at her.

Stacey seen trouble coming "baby ducky I think it's bath time."

"Yep and I'm really dirty, may take a looong time for you to get me clean!" Stacey left the table leaving Poni sitting there. "Hey you gonna help me or what?" Her answer was a shirt flying through the door. "Oooohhh booooy, can we use the bubble bath Stace?"

"Lets go downstairs Roma and I'll tell you my story if you tell me yours.

They sat on the couch at opposite ends. "When my mom and dad got married they agreed to not have any kids, well they were stoned one night and screwed around, low and behold someone forgot something and they got stuck with me, after I was born they hadn't picked out a name so this old deaf nurse came in with the papers, she asked them what should she put down for a name, mom and Dad started argueing. Mom yelled if you had kept the weasel in it's cage then we wouldn't have this problem. dad got mad and yelled back well the more I can get the better I feel. they calmed down and it wasn't until they went to the nursery that they realized that the nurse had picked up on the loudest words she kinda heard so I got stuck with weasel Morigan Jenson!" Mike covered her mouth to hold back the laughter trying to break free. well it worked for her but not the two ease droppers hiding on the steps, peals fo laughter could be heard all the way up to the top floor. "Oh shit, their never gonna get over this one are they?" Morigan asked. "Nope affraid not.

Ok, I'm not good with words but I'll try and explain, but it's a very long story!"

"I have all night, go for it."

Mikes eyes became haunted. looking away from Morigan she closed her eyes and watched it play all over again, tremmers assaulted her body, when she opened her eyes tears flowed down her face. Morigan crawled across the couch and pulled Mike's head to her chest. "You don't have to tell me if it hurts this bad."

"No I need to do this, it'll explain why I had to hear those words. I was young, trusting and searching for my dream, I found her at the races in N. Carrolina. key was the spitting image of the woman in my dreams and painting. I fell for her hard, I never paid any attention to what was on the inside just the cover. with in a week she had me under her spell, I gave her everything I had and then some. when the races were over tommy and I had to come back up here and get his car ready for the next race up here, I couldn't live with out her so I asked her to come back with me. the first year was bliss, she was loving and carring and sex was great. our garage was doing good tommy was winning more races, it was picture perfect. the 3 of us and the pit crew traveled all over the states for races. kelly took care of all the paperwork for the team, all the registration forms, track sheets, finances everything while we were on the road.

At one of the races tommy was in a six car pile up and got hurt pretty bad and spent 6 months recuperating. during those 6 months I took over the garage with Poni as my right hand, Stacey was still taking classes at the college so Tommy was doing all the body work and painting. Poni and I had more cars to fix than we could handle, we sometimes worked 16 to 18 hours a day, the money was pouring in. I would go for days with only a few hours of sleep, I saw less and less of kelly during the day but at night no matter how exhauster I was I always found enough energy to please her in bed. I was completely blind when I got in the garage in the mornings. I never knew that tommy and kelly were spending time together.

After Tommy passed his racing physical we started to do the races around here so he could work up to the big ones slow, by then kelly had taken controll of all the paperwork for everyting. I was still busting my ass fixing cars and being the pit crew chief at the races. by then Stacey had come back to take charge of the body shop so toomy had plenty of time to hang out with other drivers, sponsers and car designers. kelly always went with him which didn't bother me because it was for the team. tommy then found out that summit point was going to be one of the tracks for a major circuit, we were ready, he was in good shape, his car was perfect I had just dropped a new engine in it that I had designed, Kelly sent off my designs to the us patend office for me so I was loving life.

The night before the qualifing races I was downstairs reading over the regs for the cage and harness, I couldn't remember if they had bee checked so I went out to the garage to check them, I went through the side door and tahts when my life crashed all around me. kelly was laying on the hood of tommy's car and my dear brother was fucking her! I went balistic and I beat the shit out of him, the whole time that bitch laid there on the car and watched. when I knocked him out I turned to her she just laughed at me, the slut had her feet on the hood, legs spread with her skirt pushed up to her hips. She ran her fingers up her nasty cunt and I will never forget what she said to me. "Come on Mike why don't you finish what tommy started!" I grabbed her by the neck and picked her up over my head. if Poni hadn't come in I know I would have killed her. so I threw her on top of the car. that's when I found out that the whole time we were together she was fucking Tommy! she then made matters worse.

*Your so stupid Mike, what do you think I was doing on my

lunch time pinning for you? I was giving your brother blowjobs right there at my desk, do you know how many times he fucked me in our bed while you were out fixing some assholes car?*

"She tore my heart out and left me to bleed and all I could say was *why?* you know what she told me? She said."

*You were easy, did you really think I was your long lost love? not even close, do you think that I loved you? not! here's a news flash Mike, I'm not a lesbian, sure I had fun but that was all is was to me fun! you were my way out of that hell hole I was living in and Tommy's my way to the top! this circuit is our way outta here without you. we already have a new car here, and up in Ohio we have a new crew and pit chief waiting for us.*

"I didn't know what to do, I just sunk to the floor, she was at the side door when she threw the killing blow."

*By the way Tommy eats pussy better than you do!*

"Poni had to hold me down and I thank the gods everyday for her being there. she told me later that she had come back to check the cage and harness."

Morigan was still holding her as tears flowed down both of their cheeks. "That still doesn't explain why you feel guilty for tommy's death." She seen the shocked look on Mikes face. "Your ma told me, sorry."

"I went to the river that night and got drunk and passed out, when I finally woke up it was in the afternoon and the race quals had already started, when I got there tommy was already on the track, I was in time to see the accident."

"Wasn't he suppose to be out there?"

"Before every race I took the car out and did a checklist on it, I should have been the one to die that day not Tommy!"

Racking sobs shook her body, Morigan held her tight until they subsided. "He was more important than me, no one would have missed me!" She sobbed.

"That's not true! your forgetting about 4 people who would have missed you, especially the one who loves you the most!"B blood shot eyes looked up at her, Morigan wiped the tears from her face. "I would never have found my heart and soul if you had died in that car!" Mike kissed her gently, burieng her face in the crook of Morigans neck she sighed.

"What happened to Kelly?"

"She's in prison."

"For what?"

"would you believe embezelment, forgery and attempted murder?"

"Oh my gods she tried to kill someone?"

Mike laughed hysterically, between bouts she got out. "Yeah me!" Morigan looked horrified. "after all that she tried to kill you?"

"Oh no, you see the week before the race I had taken all the records to an accountant to have him get them ready to put into a computer. he found inconsistencies in them, kelly was smart but she made a huge mistake, the dumbass had opened savings accounts in the business's name, then used an atm to transfer money from the main account to the savings accounts."

"She didn't take the money after tommy died?"

"She couldn't, it wasn't there I closed out the accounts!"

"How do you know she opened them?"

"I checked at the bank for the signature cards, neither tommy nor I signed them, they were forged."

"Ok, I'm dieing of thirst here you want something?"

Morigan flipped open the lid on the coffee table and pulled out two fosters after opening them she handed one to Mike. "Ok, so she stole from you forged your name, when did she try to kill you?"

"I didn't know that until after tommy died, I needed the insurance policie's, so when I found them I noticed that mine had been changed, I must have had one of those fugue moments and made her my beneficiary, it was over a year old when I found it. thats when everything started to click into place, because tommy's wasn't touched. so my lawyer was having multable orgasims, her had her on embezzelment and 4 counts of forgery. that night I was telling Poni and stace about all the shit I had found, and Poni reminded me that kelly had mentioned a new race car and she wondered where is was?"

So I called the accountant, he found the paper work on the car and where it was made so I just called them up, they asked me why I hadn't picked it up yet."

"She left the paperwork with the garages stuff? gods she's giving blonds a bad name!"

"Nope she wasn't a real blond, I should know."

"This is getting complicated, so when did she try and knock you off?"

"Now just hold on, the next day we went and picked up the race car and guess what day it was suppose to be picked up?"

"I've no idea, when?"

"The day after the race quals, see if tommy's car got wrecked he could always wait until the next day and do the quals!"

"Oh gods, she had planned on you being in tommy's car!"

"Yep, my poor lawyer had what was left of the car gone over with a fine tooth comb, they found the bolts in the front suspension cut halfway through so that it would hold up until the stress from high speed would shear them off, and the kicker was they found what was left of a tank of nitric oxide wedged between the headers and the engine, so if the front end didn't kill me when it went then the nitric would have exploded from heat and made me a crispy critter!"

"My gods, where was she when tommy was on the track?"

"at the races."

"and she didn't stop him from getting in the car?"

"Nope, she wasn't about to say hey I rigged your car to kill off your dyke sister, so don't drive it!"

"I see your point, so did she just say ok I did it take me in?"

"Ooohhh no she ran, it took a while but they just followed the paper trail she left by using the garage's credit card, smart huh, plus I reported the car she was driving as stolen."

"You reported her car stollen and she was driving it."

"It was my car, my 920 porsche to be exact. the genius that she is didn't know that I had found out about everything. it was her fault that she......"

Mike turned ash white and started to tremble.

"Mike are you ok?" Morigan touched Mikes cheek and felt her temperature rise beneath her finger tips.

"It was her fault not mine, tommy just got in the way, right? she murdered my brother I did n't!"

Silvery blue eyes made contact with warm loving sea green.

"Yes Michaela, it's her fault, you didn't do anything. you never went to her trial did you?"

"No, I couldn't face her, ma and the amazons went, they told me everything but I didn't hear anything except for the sentencing. I just know she will never see freedom again. you know if she hadn't bitched about the paperwork and them having a new race car, she would have gotten away with everything."

"How do you feel about all this now?"

She leaned forward and kissed Morigan softly at first then with more passion their breathing became ragged, Mike pulled back breaking the kiss. "I feel free, like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders, and I owe it all to you, for making me talk about it, thank you."

"Your welcome, but I want to know where the porsche is?"

"I sold it along with the race car, trailer and the truck, I paid off ma's house bought her a new car, bought Stacey a new truck, Poni a new wrecker and myself a new truck. and after I fought to get the patend office to trash the forged papers on my engine design, I had it set up that all the money would go to ma so she wouldn't have to ever work again."

"Your something else Michaela Roma connely."

"Ma deserves to take it easy, after all she had to put up with me for alot of years."

"Oh I know, so do you and Poni still play football together?"

"No she plays a different kind of football than I do, she likes to tackle ass kicking cheerleaders."

"How long have her and Stacey been together?"

Mike closed one eye in concentration. "19 years this May."

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