Gear Heads
Part 5

by Larisa

Disclaimer is in part 1. And thanks to my Beta reader Deb for all her hard work and Lesia for letting me torture her with my stories<G>

        Stacey and Poni explained to Mike's cousin Jake Connelly what happened that night. He shook his head when Poni told him about Mike and the dirt biker chase after being shot, they then took him upstairs to collect any evidence. He came back downstairs with a handful of evidence bags with slugs in them that he had dug out of the walls.

        “You know that I can't really do anything but put in my report and see if anything comes back on the slugs from the data base, either way I'll let you know something tomorrow.”

        Just as he was about to walk out the door the phone rang, Stacey told him to wait while she answered it.

        “MDS Garage, can I help you?”

        “Stacey it's Steve, I was updating your Web Page and I checked your e-mail and found something, you should be getting it now and I was you I'd call Jake!”

        “He's already here.”

        “Why what's wrong?” His tone had changed from one of disgust to concern.

        She told him of the nights events and before she new it he had said he was on his way and hung up. Stacey told Jake to hold on for a minute that Steve said he would need to see what he was sending them in their e-mail.


        At the center was the picture of Mike and Morigan at the wall in front of the college. The gist of the story said that Mike was approaching college women and turning them into lesbians. She was also working with the devil in turning young girls into sinners by turning them away from God with the use of Witch Craft. Then they went on to call her the Destroyer of Virtue and that she was building a legion of sinners to help her destroy the faith in everyone daughters.

        Poni went off. “Who the fuck wrote that! We don't believe in the devil and Destroyer of Virtue, this asshole is wacked!”

        Steve wrote at the bottom that he would try and find out where it had originally come from and let them know. Jake's 6ft3inch frame tensed at the article, his fists clenched turning his knuckles white. “Those stupid fucks. It's gotta be that dam preacher asshole again, Stacey can I have a copy of that, I'm going to send it to a friend of mine in DC He may know who's doing this.

        “Sure, I don't want Mike to find it anyway, right now she's got enough physical pain with out mental anguise to along with it.”

        Steve stood in the doorway of the room watching the two women wrapped in each others arms asleep. A smile appeared on his face when his once unemotional sister nestled closer to the little blonde under her. It had been a very long time since she showed any kind of affection except to those in her immediate family.

        Morigan had not left Mike's side except to take care of certain needs, Mike didn't wake but for a few moments at a time in which Morigan fed her some soup, this all had a very strange feeling to it almost like she had done it before. On the fourth day as they slept Morigan felt like someone was watching her, opening her eyes she was shocked and estatic to see crystal blue eyes starring back at her and right to her soul.

        “How do you feel?”

        “Like Poni ran me over with big Barney a few times!” She tried to sit up to immediately fall back to Morigan's side. “Don't you dare move, if you pull those sutures loose Stacey will kick our ass's!” Confusion crossed Mike's face. “What sutures?”

        Green eyes searched her face. “You don't remember do you, the gunfire, the glass flying, you and Poni running out of here?”

        Something registered in her memory. “Wait I remember taking off after a dirt bike but....” Dropping her head back into her pillow wiping her face with her hands she admitted. “That's all I remember!” Morigan got to her knees, brushing black hair from confused blue eyes she leaned over and kissed her softly. “It'll come back, I'm just happy your back, I thought I was going to loose you, don't you ever do anything like that again!”

        “Are you gonna tell me what happened or not?”

        “I'll tell ya!” Poni spoke from the doorway. “You big dummy, I had to carry your ass after you did your nose dive trying to out run a dirt bike with a bullet hole in ya, that's what!” Poni came over to sit on the edge of the bed beside her. “I should kick your ass!” Morigan's heart overflowed with emotions as she watched Poni place a kiss on her lovers forehead then give her a hug. The stoic ways thrown to the side for a moment.

        “You loved it, I know because my ass is killing me. What'd you use a horse needle?”

        Poni's eyes grew wide and innocent, pointing her index to her chest she said “Moi, nope I use a bigger one, and yep I reallllly enjoyed myself, getting to cop a feel of your ass and jab it to, almost had a orgasmic seizure!”

        Morigan tried not to laugh at the look on her two friends faces. “Well are you two gonna just sit there or are you gonna help me up? I'm starving and I want some scrapple!”

        Without listening to any ones concerns Mike was back to fixing cars a week later, even though she said she was fine she still let Morigan pamper her. Everything was back to normal Morigan spent less and less time at her apartment, she had decided to give it up since almost all of her belongings were at Mike's except for some books she had just put into her trunk. She was getting into her car when she felt a hand grab her arm and pull her out, she was slammed into the side of her car and received two punches to her kidney's, before she could react she was picked up and thrown over the hood to fall on the other side, the assailant then proceeded to kick her numerous times, grabbing her by her throat she was brought up nose to nose with insane hazel eyes. “Leave or Mike dies!” Her head was snapped back by vicious blows then darkness claimed her.

        Mike was in the kitchen with the Amazons joking around, she had asked for their help on planning a romantic night for her and Morigan. She wanted to make up for the night of the shooting. Day by day her need for the little blond grew, just thinking about her made her body throb with wanting. Memories flooded her of laying between Morigan's muscular thighs and tasting her sweet nectar on her lips and tongue, a fire burned between her thighs as her clitoris twitched uncontrollably. Coming out of her daydream at the sound of Stacey's voice she looked at her friends under half lidded eyes.


        “I said what time is your little princess suppose to be home?” Asked Stacey who knew her friends mind had been someplace very erotic due to the flushed skin and rapid breathing.

        “She said 5:00pm, why what time is it?”

        Poni checked her watch. “It's 7:30pm, maybe she's at her apartment?”

        Mike walked the floors all night with worry, Morigan hadn't come home, hadn't called, nothing! Mike was going out of her mind with worry.

        The amazons found her sleeping with her head on the table, not wanting to disturb her they headed for Morigan's apartment. Once there they found it empty, they then checked at the campus office to find that she had given her resignation. Poni's heart jumped in her chest at the condition the woman told them she was in. They tried to call Mike on the radio and the phone but she never answered.

        “Maybe Morigan's at home with Mike.”

        “I sure hope so Poni!”

        They pulled into the yard to find Mike sitting in the garage starring off into space. Seeing that her friends were back she asked them about Morigan, she didn't like their answer one bit. Jumping into her truck she peeled out of the driveway throwing gravel everywhere.

         “Weasel what happened to you?” Her sister asked as she fell into her arms crying, Susan took her older sister into the living room, when they sat down on the couch Susan held her, Morigan cried until she feel asleep. Susan laid her out on the couch and covered her up. She thought to herself that it had been months since she had seen her sister and never in her whole life had she seen her like this. Her throat was bruised a deep purple, the black eyes and broken nose, she would kill the person who would injure such a sweet natured and pure of heart person like her sister.

        A few hours later Morigan stirred, she opened her eyes to a strange place, confused at first until she saw Susan across the room sitting in her recliner.

        “Hey Weasel, how do you feel, you look like shit you know that don't you?”

        “I feel like I was in the ring with Mike Tyson if that's what you mean?”

        “Now will you tell me what happened?” Susan asked as she sat next to her on the couch and took her hands in hers.

        She explained about the person beating her but wouldn't go into the reason why.

        “Weasel your not telling me everything, I can't help you if you don't!”

        “If I tell you I'm afraid that you'll never talk to me again.”

        “Your my sister, there's nothing you can tell me that I would not speak to you.” Susan turned her head to look into troubled green eyes. “Do you love her?”

        Morigan's eyes filled up at the thought of Mike. “With everything that I am, how did you know?” She asked between sobs.

        “Your my sister I know you, remember when dad tried to fix you up with one of his friends sons?” Morigan nodded her head, a brief smile crossed her face. “I've never heard any one make so many excuses as to why you couldn't go out with him, I especially liked the one about having to check on the ewes in the sheep herd. Dad is so dense, Mom and Dad didn't get the hint with all the pictures of women hanging on your bedroom walls? And I know about the Playboy center folds hidden behind some of them!” Morigan's jaw dropped open. The two sisters sat and talked at ease with each other.

        “So what's she look like, does she work, tell me every gory detail about you two, then you can tell me why your here.”

        She explained everything in detail, including resigning from teaching.

        “So now what, your just tossing everything away because of some assholes threats, Mike is probably worried sick and going out of her mind along with your friends. You need to call her!”

        “I can't, not yet I need time to think, I can't risk her life.”

        “Ok, why don't you go take a shower and then I'll get you something to eat.”

        “Could you get my cloths out of my car, I really don't feel like going outside.”

        Susan was cooking when Morigan came into the kitchen, she slumped down into a chair and watched her sister trying to reach stuff with her extended stomach getting in the way, she had only a month before her due date.

        “Sit down I can do that.” Susan rubbed her lower back. “I can't wait until this baby gets here, speaking of babes who's that one on your car?”

        Morigan blushed, she had forgotten about the painting. “That's Mike.” She mumbled.

        “Dam! I may be straight but I'd go after her in a heartbeat, that is if I wasn't an old married woman.”

        “I'd have to beat you up!” She grinned. “She's gorgeous isn't she?”

        “Just don't let Billy see it, he'll drop me and go looking for your woman!”

        It had been 4 days since Mike had eaten or slept, she worked on cars during the day and drove around the streets at night looking for Morigan. Tonight she sat behind the computer doing paperwork, then a thought hit her, she knew that Morigan E-mailed her sister. Just maybe she left the address, she went online to their mailbox looking for Susan's address when she came across the one from Steve. After reading it her anger flared.

        “Son of a bitch!” She grabbed the phone and called him. “Why the hell didn't you tell me about the e-mail!”

        “Mike it's 2am!”

        “I don't give a rats ass what time it is! You had better tell me or I'm coming over there and beat it out of you!”

        Her brother told her everything he knew. “Do you know anybody with the screen name Ares spawn?”

        Mikes heart stopped. “Oh my Gods it's her!”

        “You mean Chris, but she's in prison for life. Call Jake he can find out if she's out or not.”

        3 days later Jake showed up, taking one look at his cousins pale skin, black ringed eyes and her cloths hanging off of her he was ready to kill whom ever had done this to her.

        “She's still in, I can assure you that much, I've got a mug shot that I want you to look at and tell me if you've ever seen this person?”

        Her hand shook as she held the picture. “That's the person who took the picture, who is it?”

        “That's Emily Parks, she was released 2 months ago, she was Chris's cell mate and bitch. She's missed her check ins with her parole officer.”

        “What was she in for?” Fear streamed through her veins at the thought of a murderer being after her and Morigan.

        “Computer fraud, assault and battery on her boss and coworkers and possession of an illegal weapon. Now we can't do anything about the picture she took, unless you want to charge her with defamation of character, but we can question her about the shooting.”

        “What about Morigan and the assault on her?”

        “You know she never reported it, there's nothing I can do. If Emily's put away it has to result from you being shot.”

        “I know, now she just has to be found.”

        Morigan had been gone for months. She had started tutoring kids for spending money and something to do. With the birth of her new nephew she helped out her sister with the kids. She had lost weight and existed day to day, so many times she just wanted to pick up the phone and call or e-mail Mike. Her heart ached for what she had given up.

        “Weasel call her! My god it's killing you, have you looked in the mirror lately and that shirt you have on, I know it's hers but it's turning into something that will have it's own life of it's own by next week, call her or I will!”

        “I can't Susan, what if she doesn't want me back, it'll kill me!”

        “You'll never know unless you call her, what difference doe's it make your killing yourself anyway.”

        She went out to her car and stood like she did so many times since leaving and just looked at the painting of her lover. “How I want to talk to you and be with you but if I 'm near you your life will be taken and I can't live with that!”

        Tears ran down her cheeks, the pain bubbling forth from her aching heart, she crawled into her car and cried herself to sleep. Mike leaned over searching for the screeching phone, with a sleep roughened voice she grumbled. “Yeah.”

        “Mike it's Jake, we got her I hate to say this but It was by accident, she was picked up at her apartment. She assaulted one of her neighbors for parking behind her motorcycle. Mike sighed with relief. “Tell me she's going back!”

        “For a very long time, we've got the uzzi she used to beat her neighbor with, plus we've got plenty of slugs from where she shot the hell out of his car. Mike she's crazy! Her walls are covered with pictures of you and everyone else at your house, they have X's through them. And she has an alter with Chris's pictures all over it.”

        “Thanks Jake, I don't care how it happened just as long as I don't have to worry about her. Can you run something for me?”

        “Sure anything.”

        3 days later Mike and her friends were standing in the midfield terminal at Dulles Airport waiting for them to start boarding the United Express Plane to Columbus Ohio. Stacey hugged her tight. “You be careful!”

        “I will don't worry.” She grabbed Poni in a bear hug. “Thanks Baby Ducky, you two take care of each other, I'll be back in a few days hopefully not alone!”

        Her nerves were shot, her stomach rolled every time she thought of seeing Morigan, guilt was foremost in her mind for waiting so long to look for her and not being able to protect her. All she could think of was sea green eyes and feeling her warm body pressed against her, she would beg if she had to but she was not going to leave Ohio without her no matter what the cost, be it her pride.

        The cab ride was horrifying, the driver had no idea were the brake was or the turn signals. So when he finally found the brake they were already sliding past Susan's house. Mike jumped from the cab and threw the fare at him, she slammed the door hard enough to shake the car. “I pray you get 4 flat tires on you way back!” All this was said while she held up her hand in the sign of the evil eye. She took a deep breath to try and calm her ragged nerves. Fixing her black suit jacket and the French cuffs of her starched white dress shirt she strode to the front door. Trembling fingers searched for the door bell, her face showed no expression as she waited with her hands tucked into her black pleated trousers. The door opened to show a auburn hair woman with blue eyes almost as tall as her. Twinkling eyes caught Mike's.
        “Can I....” She froze still, her hand flew to her mouth. “Oh my god!” Mike was confused and ready to run, Susan grabbed her arm and pulled her into the house. “I'm so glad your here, I'm Susan, I was going to call you because Weasel is so stubborn!” Mike knew right there that non-stop babbling ran in the family. “Anyway come with me Weasels in the living room asleep on the couch as usual, I still think she's a Narcoleptic!” Susan pulled her into the living room that was well lived in from the sight of toys all over the floor and the playpen sitting close to the couch. “I'll leave you two alone.”

        Morigan was stretched out on the couch with a baby sleeping on her chest, his little feet stretched out and his head resting under her chin, he had blonde hair wrapped around his tiny little fingers. Mike kneeled beside the couch and watched her sleep thinking she looked so at peace and young. And how comfortable she looked with a baby sleeping on her chest. She ran her fingers down her cheek cupping it she brought her mouth down to softly kiss her lips. When she raised her head a small smile appeared on Morigan's lips. Mike leaned over and buried her face against her neck, inhaling her scent. She felt small fingers run across her temple into her hair. Kissing the pulse point on her neck she heard a sigh, laying her hand on a tight stomach she moved it in circular motions to then slid up under the T-shirt and feel warm skin.

        Morigan's dream felt so real, she could feel Mike's hand on her stomach, her breath warming her neck. Her brain remembered her nephew laying on her chest it was a built in safety mechanism but it didn't remember him having so much hair, her eyes opened to see a small bald head her eyes followed her along her arm where her fingers were wrapped in soft black hair. She rolled her head to see crystal blue eyes smiling at her. “Your here!” She mumbled, her lips were captured for a gentle kiss, Morigan pulled her closer sucking her bottom lip into her mouth, moaning she released it to deepen their kiss. Passion and longing flowed between them, if not for little hands coming around their necks the kiss would have gone on forever. Green and blue eyes met mischievous twinkling brown. “Wyle Weasel your a rat!” Wyle kissed his aunt as well as a 3 yr old can, he turned his big brown eyes on Mike. “Aunt Mikey!” he gave her a big sloppy kiss on her cheek and ran off. Mike raised her eyebrows at a blushing Morigan. “Aunt Mikey huh?” Giving her a quick kiss she replied with a short laugh.

        “It took me all day to convince him you were not an uncle!” Mike's brows dipped. “Excuse Me?”

        “My car, the sword, armor and Ohhh Gods that leather!”

        Mike kissed her on her forehead then looked into greenest eyes she has ever seen.

        “I love you, marry me?”

        Tears flooded Morigan's eyes. “But what about everything that's ....” A long finger hushed her words. “It's over, come home with me.” A lopsided grin formed. “If ya don't I have to sleep in my garage, those dam amazon threats, Weasel say yes.”

        Her cheeks wet with tears she yelled YES then pulled Mike into a crushing kiss. Whimpers interrupted them. “I forgot about Wilbur!”

        “Wilbur!” Mike yelped. “Poor kid, Wilbur Whimpull!”

        Her soon to be wife laughed deeply. “His real names William, after his father.”

        “Thank the Gods!” She sighed.

        “Here take Wilbur and I'll get him a bottle.” Mike's eyes grew wide at the thought of holding something so small.

        “I don't know how!”

        “Sit down and just hold him like you hold me, but I'll warn ya now Susan breast feeds.” She grinned and trotted off . Mike looked down at the blinking blue eyes. “Little man don't even think about it those are for your Aunt.”

        They sat outside under the stars with a cool breeze flowing across their faces, Mike leaned back against a tree with Morigan sitting between her raised knees using Mike's chest as a back rest. Their arms crossed over each others with small hands smoothing down the hair on Mike's muscular forearms. Tingles ran up her arms and with every sway of a little foot crossed at the ankles it sent a jolt to swollen lips, the seam on Mike's trousers putting pressure on her enlarged clitoris. Mike groaned into lavender scented hair, Morigan grinned at the tormented moans she was causing to come from Mike.

        “Lets go for a walk Mikey.”

        “I know a place, nice, quiet, bubbling water, hidden!”

        They stopped beneath a large weeping willow beside a wide stream running over smooth rocks. Morigan wrapped her arms around Mike's neck pulling her down for a soul searing kiss. Grinding her groin on a muscular thigh Mike broke the kiss to throw her head back. “Gods I want you!”

        They undressed each other dropping cloths to the grass while kissing skin as it was exposed. “I can't wait any longer Mike!” She pushed Mike to the ground, covering her body she almost came at the feel of their breasts touching. Mike raised one knee and moaned when she felt wetness on her thigh when her princess straddled it. Slowly at first she moved against Mike until she felt Mike's hips bucking against her, they ground against each other in a frenzy, breaths coming faster. “Ooohhh Mike I'm...” She thrust harder, Mike grabbed her hips and pulled her tighter. “Ooohh Gods I'm coming Mike! Her back arched and she creamed out her lovers name. Mike's hips slammed once more. “I feel it, I'm coming.....Weaseeeel!!!

        That's all it took to send Weasel over the edge again. A white light enveloped them both on their rides down from ecstasy. Their sweat dampened bodies collapsed together waiting for ragged breathing to calm. They stayed there beneath the stars that night exploring each others bodies until they fell asleep in each others arms. Early the next morning they found Susan drinking coffee at the kitchen table. She looked up as her sister with a stupid grin on her face sat down across from her followed by an exhausted Mike.

        “Nice hickey's Mike.” She grabbed her neck trying to hid them.

        Susan cleared her throat. “I don't want to sound mean or anything.” Dark circled eyes looked to her. But you two really reek bad and thanks to you two I'm lucky if I can walk this morning!”

        “What are you talking about?”

        “When you two didn't come back last night I sent Billy out to look for you.”

        Morigan's face turned beet red. “And?” She asked.

        “He came back here and fucked me senseless!” Susan smiled at them. “Go on now before he gets in here, one whiff of you two and I'll never get rid of my maternity cloths!”

        After lunch they said their good-byes and headed home.

        “We have to go by Ma's before we go home.” That sounded so good to Morigan, she was complete now. They pulled into Ma's yard and the first thing they noticed was the alter in the front yard and all the flowers surrounding it and the oak tree. Ma was sitting at her table when they came in.

        “Bout time you two got her, now get your asses to my spirit room!” Morigan looked confused. “Come on lover lets get this over with.” Mike replied as she dragged Morigan down the hallway. Stacey and Poni were dressed in their amazon leathers and sitting in the middle of the spirit room floor with their eyes closed almost as if they were sleeping. Without opening her eyes Stacey told Mike to get her Warrior ass to her old bedroom. “Just wait Stace, you bossy bitch.”

        “Ah ya still love me!”

        Poni went with her while Stacey pulled Morigan into the room and closed the door. “Now strip!”

        “Excuse Me?” She squeaked.

        “I can't get you ready until you get out of those cloths.”

        “And what am I suppose to wear, and why am I doing this?”

        “Always the bard, just do it please?” Hazel eyes twinkled at her.

        Poni didn't have any problem with Mike, except for trying to get her to stop shaking when she strapped her sword on her back.

        “She has no idea doe's she?”

        “Nope, and she may kill me later for not telling her.”

        Everyone was under the tree except for Stace and Morigan who had just walked out the door. Halfway there Morigan froze when she seen Mike step forward in her Warrior leathers. Her knees just about buckled beneath her.

        “Come on Queenie your Warrior is waiting for you.”

        Mike's breath caught in her chest at her lover dressed on rust colored leather, her hair braided and with feathers that hung down to cascade over the shoulder adornments that reached all the way to her gauntlet wrist. Her leather top showed off her rippled stomach and the skirt with it's blue breach cloth with silver trim at the bottom showed of her muscular thighs. Mike's heart skipped beats and just about stopped when she looked down into love filled green eyes.

        Morigan ran her fingers across the brass breast plate covering Mike's upper body.
        “Gods your beautiful!”
        After the quarters were called and the Goddesses Ma pulled them all together to get the ceremony underway, with Stacey on Morigan's left and Poni on Mike's right they faced Ma.

        “In the names of Ceridwen, Hecate, Demeter and Artemis, I the High Priestess of Aboria will join these two women in the ancient way.”

        She motioned to Mike who drew her sword from it's sheath on her back, kissing the helm she raised it over her head with both hands and pointed it towards the full moon, glinting sparks reflected off the blade and showered down upon them kneeling she laid it at Morigan's feet. “I lay my sword at your feet in surrender of my heart and soul, I promise to protect you through out eternity. You are my soulmate, my friend, my lover and my Queen. Please accept this ring as my undying love to you.”

        Mike pulled a silver and gold Celtic knotted ring from inside her bodice and slipped it on Morigan's right ring finger. Tears flowed down Morigan's face, caressing Mike's face she kissed the knuckles of the hand still holding hers, looking into silvery blue eyes she felt the love surround her. She kneeled in front of Mike looking into the eyes of her lover she said.

        “My Warrior I accept your surrender as you must accept mine. I lay before you the gilted belt of Artemis as my ranking as the Queen of the Amazons from centuries past. My heart and soul belongs to you my champion as well as my eternal love. Please accept this ring of my undying love.”

        She pulled a matching ring from a pouch at her side and placed it on Mike's right ring finger. Ma stepped before them, with Poni and Stacey at their sides they held the lovers hands together while Ma with a blue and silver cord bound their joined hands.

        “You two have been truly blessed, look around you and you will see.”

        Behind Ma they could see the shimmering figures of 4 women, Morigan had never in her whole life experienced anything like it. She could feel the power crackling around them, when she looked at Stacey and Poni she could see a shimmering blue light surrounding them. A burst of energy shot through her and then into Mike jerking their bodies. Frightened she looked to Ma, right before her eyes she watched as one of the figures stepped forward and into Ma. It was no longer Mike's mother who stood before them but the Goddess Artemis. Poni and Stacey immediately dropped to their knees and bowed their heads. Bringing them to their feet Artemis using Ma as her vessel caressed their cheeks. Blue and green eyes looked up into the hard planes of her face and the green eyes of Artemis. Morigan gasped at the sight. Mike smiled at the goddess who she had seen on and off her entire life.

        “I have waited a very long time for you two to cross paths again so that I would be able to once again bless your joining as I have done many times before. I will always protect my chosen ones.” A blue light came from her fingers engulfing them with a love so pure they thought their hearts would burst then it was gone and Ma sunk to her knees. Stacey closed the circle and dismissed the quarters guardians. Mike and Morigan stood facing each other, still captured in the euphoria. Poni helped Ma to her feet and towards the house with Stacey following behind.

        The newly Joined couple came together with a kiss so full of love that the air around them crackled, the scent of lavender floated on the night breeze as the full moon above reached down her fingers casting light upon the Warrior Princess and her Amazon Queen.

The end

The joining ceremony is very close to the actual joining ceremony we do in the Wiccan religion, I have changed some things to fit with this story.
By Larisa
High Priestess of Aboria.

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