Generation Gap

by Teagen2

Sexual and Alternative Warning: This story contains scenes of a sexual nature between two women. This story is not for those under the age of eighteen.
Uber Warning: This story is an uber. The two characters are based off of the leading ladies of XENA WARRIOR PRINCESS.

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I sat staring into the crackling fireplace, lost in thought. I can't believe its our fifth anniversary together. Looking back, I can't believe I was so taken by Rasha. I was only eighteen at the time. She was twenty-eight. Boy, did we here from my parents about our ages. She took most of the punishment over that. She was reminded constantly by her mother that I was ten years younger than her. I remember the first time I layed eyes on my wife. I was working as busgirl/ cook/ waitress at an open air cafe on the boardwalk.

"Hey Sky, bus seven would ya?" Mr. Bowers bellowed over the noise of the grill.

"Got it." I walked out to table seven and began to pick up the dishes from the last customers. As I began to wipe the table down and place new napkin wrapped silverware down, I heard the sound of soft laughing. I looked up to the next table over to see four women engrossed heavily in chattering conversation. The blond was the one that caught my eye. She was the most gorgeous girl I have EVER seen. With me working on the boardwalk, that says quite a lot. Her eyes were a deep green. She looked up for a split second and we locked eyes. I smiled, she looked back to her friends. Well so much for that idea. She's definitely outta my league. She had to be in her twenties anyway.

As continued to prep the table, I listened to their loud conversation. They played for the same team I did. "Here Sky." I looked up to see a regular, Dave. He handed me a five.

"Thank you, Sir." I smiled.

"See ya next week."

"Yes sir. Have a good day."

"You too, Sir."

I once again looked over at the blond. She was talking to a brunette sitting next to her, but they didn't appear to be here together. Two of the other women were holding hands. Oh what the hell. I probably won't see her again away. When Tommy walked by I silently asked him to take my tray. He did. With a cloth still in my hand, I walked over to her. They all stopped talking the second I arrived. "Hi." I smiled. She looked up at me and grinned nervously.


"You have beautiful eyes." A burst of laughter came from her friends. My smile faded.

"You have beautiful eyes." one of them mocked. Before returning to a fit of laughter. I dropped my gaze, horribly embarrassed.

"Hey Kid, get back to work." one laughed.

"Yeah, go clean something." another smiled. I felt like crawling away and dying. I nervously and quickly walked away.

I was so upset, I actually asked Mr. Bowers for the rest of the day off. Luckily, we weren't busy and I left. "Stupid, stupid." I said to myself as I rode my mountain bike home. I live fifteen minutes away. There were two ways I could go home. By the street or the bike path. I always used the bike path because the trees that surrounded my street were nice to be around, almost makes me feel like I'm back in Colorado. I got to my door, unlocked it, and stepped in. I have a very small one bedroom place. No bigger than an apartment really, but its paid for. I took off my backpack and flopped onto the couch. I reached over a hit the button on my answering machine.

"Sky, this is mom. Honey, just thought I'd call to see how your doing. You know Gail isn't a bad girl....."

I quickly reached over and hit it again. She still trying to set me up with that chick. At least my parents aren't frieked out by my sexual preference.

"Hey Sky, its Tim. Some girl just asked me about you right after you left. Call me if ya want details. She's still here. Bye." I reached for the phone and dialed work.

"Beechwood Cafe, Tim speaking."


"Hey yeah, some blond asked if you were still here a minute ago. So, I told her you went home suddenly. You know her?"

"What did she look like?"

"Blond hair, about five four, green eyes."

"Ahhh screw it." I wasn't gonna give her another opportunity to tease me. "She asks again, tell her I died." Tim laughed.

"Will do. Bye."

Another miserable day at work. Business was slow, so I was bored. I walked out to clean up a table when I saw...her. This time she was alone and standing right in front of me. Despite the beautiful body before me, I put on a stone face. "Hi....Sky. Right?" I didn't answer.

"Is there something I can get for you...Mame?" I said without a hint of cheer in my voice.
"I'm really busy."

"I just wanted to apologize for yesterday. My friends can be real bitches sometimes."

"Whatever. Its okay." I waved her off and walked to the table. She followed.

"No its not okay. I'm sorry they treated you like that." No response. "For what its
worth..thank you." That got my attention.

"For what?" I turned around and fell right into those eyes again.

"For the eyes."

"Oh. Well I meant it." I looked down at my feet.

"For someone with eyes like yours, that's definitely a compliment.....Is that how you got your name?....Sky?"

"Yeah. My mom says I have sky blue eyes." I smiled.

"She's right." the woman smiled. She extended her hand. "Rasha Thompson."

"Sky Anderson." I shook her soft hand gently.

"Nice to meet you." We stood there looking at each other, smiling for several seconds. "Would you like to go out sometime?" Rasha asked. My jaw dropped. She was serious!

"Uhhh yeah sure."

"What time do you get off?" I looked at my watch.

"Two hours."

"You have any plans?"

"Not a one." I smiled.

"Great I'll come back. We can grab some dinner or something."

"Cool." Oh yeah that's a mature thing to say. "I'll be here." I watched the smiling woman walk away, and I couldn't help stealing a glance at her rear. Nice.

Rasha came back right on time, just as I was writing my departure time on my card. "Ready?"

"Yep." I said. "Where would you like to go? It'll have to be within walking distance. I ride my bike to work."

"What a coincidence. I happen to have mine. What do ya say, we peddle down to Ralph's, best tacos on the strand."

"Sounds good. Lead on."

I packed my apron into my backpack and we were off. The sun was almost ready for its decent in the sky. "So how old are you?"

"I knew you were going to ask me that." I smiled.

"Just asking."

"I'll be nineteen in March. You?"

"I'm twenty-eight." she said softly, almost mumbling.

"No way. You sure don't look it."

"Thanks, but I am. Does that bother you?" she looked over.

"No. Not if me being still in my teens doesn't frighten you off."

"I like younger women." she smiled. Ohhhhh really. This could prove to be interesting.

"I really like you, Rasha." I smiled. "I feel...close to you." She smiled as I pulled out her chair and sat.

"Ditto. I think you are the sexiest...." The waiter arrived and she stopped talking.

I was surprised at how relaxed we both were with each other. I was determined not to chicken out. I leaned over and kissed her softly on the lips. When I pulled back, I saw a beautiful smile. "Come here." I leaned in again. This time her tongue found its way into my mouth, deepening the kiss. Her hand brushed through my black tresses as she literally latched onto to me.

"Wow." I smiled.

After a nice dinner, we rode our bikes to her house. To my surprise, it wasn't too far from my own. "Come on in. My parents are in the living room." Oh great. I nodded. She took my hand and led me into her living room. I saw a couple on the couch watching TV.

"Mom, Dad. I'd like you to meet Sky. Sky these are my parents Doug and Janice."

"Hi." I raised my hand.

"Have a seat you two." her father gestured. We sat across from them on the opposite couch. Rasha never let go of my hand. So, I used it as a my lifeline. Something tells me I'm going to need it. "So Sky. What do ya do?"

"I work at the Beechnut Cafe." They exchanged glances.

"How old are you, Dear?" I swallowed hard.

"Mom.." Her mother silenced her with a glare.

"I'll be nineteen in March."

"Your eighteen?" Her father asked.

"Yes sir."

"Did you graduate high school?"

"Last year yes." Oh boy, I don't think that's a happy look.

"Do you have any future plans?"

"Dad, this is just our first date....."

"Rasha Leann. I'm speaking here." Uh oh.

"If our daughter brings you to meet us, you can be sure she likes you." YES!!!!! "Now answer my question, young lady."

"No I don't. I thought I'd work a few years before attending college."

"So you are going?" I rubbed the back of my neck.

"Well I haven't totally decided yet."

"They hated me." I sighed as I mounted my bike.

"No they didn't. If they hated you, you would have been thrown out in the first five minutes." she smiled.

"Is it true what your dad said? About you liking me?"

"Yeah." She reached forward and kissed me soundly. "I like you." she whispered. "So, you wanna get together tomorrow?"

"Sure, I'm off. Here...." I quickly jotted down my address. "Its about fifteen minutes from the cafe."

"Okay, I'll come by."

"See ya."

"Be careful, Sky."

"I will." I smiled. I looked over my shoulder as I began to ride away. She waved.

"Hey baby." Rasha took a seat next to me. "Whatcha thinkin' about?"

"Our first date." I smiled.


"You remembered." I said softly.

"Of course I remember. You pulled my chair out for me, it was nice." She leaned into me and I wrapped an arm around her.

"Remember afterwards? Your parents?" She laughed.

"You were so nervous. You looked like you were gonna hurl.....You know what my favorite memory is?"


"Three weeks later, at your house." I chuckled and pulled her closer. "Our first time together."

"Talk about nervous. I was young."

"Ohhhhhh yeah." she smiled.


Sky had pinned me up against a wall and was kissing me senseless. "Ohhh Sky." I moaned and I reflexively pulled at her shirt. She removed it. "I wanna make love to you." I buried my face in her cleavage. Luckily she was wearing a front catch bra. I wasted no time in pulling the nearest nipple into my mouth. Sky picked me up, wrapping my legs around her waist. She carried me the short distance to her couch. She placed me on it tenderly and began to take every thread of clothing from my body, leaving me begging for attention. Her weight came down deliciously on top of me. She squirmed out of her sweats. When she touched me I thought I was going to die of pure pleasure.

"You couldn't get enough, Sky. What was it? Five times?"

"Let's just call it six." I smiled.

"You held me all night. Begged me when you wanted more. You were and still are the sweetest woman I have ever met." She turned her head and kissed me.

"Despite the HUGE argument we got into because of your friends."

"Hey, Ladies. Why don't we stop off at Beechnut Cafe." I was not about to object to that. Sky was here. We took our usual table and waited for the waitress.

"Wonder if 'You have beautiful eyes' is still here." Dana laughed.

"She is." They all turned their heads to me.

"Don't tell me you're....."

"Yeah so." I shrugged. They chuckled.

"Your dating a teenager? Laura gasped.

"She's eighteen guys. She's not that young." They just simply looked at me.

"She can't even buy you a beer." Laura smiled.

"Does she have her license?" Dana chuckled. I sighed. I looked behind me to see Sky bussing a table. She looked up just at the right time and smiled at me with a wink. I crooked my finger, beckoning her.

When she came into view, everyone looked up. I reached up and jerked her head down by the front of her apron. I proceeded to thoroughly kiss her. Too bad I couldn't see my friends' expressions. I turned her loose and she sat on the leg of my chair. "Guys, this is my girlfriend, Sky."

"We kinda figured that out." Mandy said, smiling. Sky stayed as long as she could before her boss made her get back to work.

I waited and Sky emerged from the cafe. "Ready to go?" I asked.

"Sure am."

"Sky, Dana got all of us tickets to the Lakers game on Friday. I got ya an extra ticket." I felt her tense. "What?"

"I have plans for this weekend, Baby."

"What plans?"

"A bunch of us from work are going to see Blink 182 at the coliseum."

"Blink 182?" I questioned.

"Rock band."

"I know who they are, Sky. I just want you to come with me."

"I already paid for the ticket, Rasha."

"Sky.....Can't you give it to someone else?"

"I don't want to give it to someone else. I wanna go." I mumbled something I knew I would regret, but she heard it.

"What did you just say?"


"Bullshit. You said I was immature." Her face contorted in anger. "I can't believe you just said that."


"No. You know I thought our ages didn't matter, but you are obviously have a problem with it. You sure as hell didn't think I was immature two days ago when you were on my couch." she spat.

"Sky, I don't have a problem with our ages. I just think you're acting...."

"What? Eighteen? Just because I don't want to hang out with your friends. I am eighteen, Rasha. I can't help that I'm eighteen, just that you can't help that your twenty-eight. I may not be as experienced in life as you, but I know what I feel. I love you."

"Boy, did you get hot." I smiled.

"I hated your friends anyway." Sky smiled. I rubbed my hand over hers. I was so terrified of losing her. I was not exactly prime rib anymore. I always thought she would run off with another kid and leave me alone. Well, its been five years and she hasn't yet. Sky turns twenty-three soon. I still have the fear in the back of my mind that something better will come along for her and I will be left to fend for myself. Now thirty-three, I have no idea how I would live without her. I don't know how I survived until I met her. The only time I came close to losing her was when I borrowed her leather jacket.

Rasha was sitting on my couch with a 'not so nice' look on her face. "Hey Baby." She looked up. Oh yeah, pissed. "What's wrong?"

"Sit down, Sky.....I borrowed your leather jacket." She gestured to the object in question.


"This was in the pocket." She held up a small plastic bag.

"That's not mine, Rasha."

"Why was it in your jacket?"

"I don't know, but its not mine." Anybody with half a brain cell would know that is weed.

"You know, I came very close to cops today. If one of them would have frisked me, I'd
be in jail."

"I'm sorry, Baby. Like I said, its not mine."

"Then who's is it?"

"I don't know." She sighed heavily. "Rasha, look, my jacket hangs on a hook in the break room at work. Anyone coulda put that in there. Please tell me you believe me."

"I do." she said quietly.

I thought I had her dead to rights. I was so upset, I thought of breaking up with her. I knew with one look into those eyes, she was telling the truth. She did eventually figure out who it was because they asked her for it back. I glance over to see Sky flicking that bottle cap of hers in the air. She still has that thing. I know I'll never forget the day she bought me that soda. It was the day I was in my car accident.

I remember the day I bought Rasha that Coke. When Rasha didn't come home that night, I got very worried. She told me she was going to her parents for a quick visit. After speaking to them, they told me that Rasha left two hours ago. Now that was when I really got worried. There is only twenty minutes distance between the houses, ten by bike. I jumped on my Trek and peddled the distance over to her parents, seeing nothing. When I did finally get a call as to where she was, it was the hospital. I bought her a teddy bear and a Coke for myself. When I got to her room, she wanted the Coke. It made me cry to say the least. I kept the bottle cap.

"We've had quite a five years huh, Baby?"

"Yep." I answer as she drapes her arm around my shoulders. "I hope they'll be a lot more.

"Oh yeah." Sky smiled. "Even when your being IV fed," she slurred. "and I'm climbing Mt. Everest....Hey Owwww!" She rubbed her now aching head. I smiled. I believe I will stick around awhile.


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