In a Grain of Sand

by Ri

Disclaimer: This is a sequel to my story Time Flies and though I feel it does stand on its own in order to understand the girls relationship, who they are and how they met you might want to read the first story. There is a loving committed same sex relationship and bad language but really no violence in this one. There is also a few very hot scenes (at least for me) don't read this at work please. I do not claim Lara Croft I am only borrowing her, There is a reflection of our favorite ladies and several characters from the Tomb Raider adventures in here.

Personal Notes; I would like to thank my bard friends Larisa and MJ for all their help, support and suggestions. This story is in loving tribute to Kevin Smith who created the character you'll find in this story. My God of War is Kevin's portrayal of him when I write it I hear Kevin's voice saying the words. So this is a thank you for the hours of pleasure he brought to me on Xena and Hercules. Thank you Kevin I hope you live on forever in your wonderful performances. With much love and thanks, Ri

        The tomb was still it hadn't been entered for a thousand years. The sound of several footsteps echoed through the large main chamber. The only sound was of the whistling wind whipping through the walls which was strange to the ears of the team leader since they were so deep in the earth there should be no such sound.

        All such thoughts were forgotten when the team leader saw his prize sparkling before him. He looked up at it and smiled brightly.

        "Hello baby," He said quietly stepping closer about to climb up the pedestal so he could take her home. There was suddenly a loud rumbling overhead and he looked up and quietly said, "Oh shit."

                ***                ***                ***                ***        

        A figure in black rode a large black motorcycle up the lawn of the great estate. The bike went right up the front steps and then cyclist hit a button on her bike and the Garage door opened. The cyclist skillfully jumped the curve separating the lawn from the driveway and went right into the huge car stable sliding the big hog right into its customary place. The cyclist got off the bike and lifted the black visor.

        "You just love to do that, don't you?" Asked a soft voice from the doorway to the main house behind her.

        Sparkling blue eyes met very amused green, "Not as much as I love you," purred the tall woman as she took off the helmet and put it on the bike seat. Then she held out her arms and tilted her head and smiled brightly.

        Sarah shook her head and laughed, then ran into the warm embrace eagerly. "Did you find anything out?"

        Lara nuzzled the soft hair under her chin and replied softly, "No, they have lost contact with him completely."

        "So what are we going to do?"

        Lara lifted the little chin till she met determined green eyes and replied, "Excuse me did you say we?"

        "Well we are partner's aren't we?"

        Lara brought their lips together for a sweet kiss and then when they pulled back she playfully rubbed noses with her love saying, "Angel, Alex is my friend."

        "And I'm your wife," said Sarah kissing the tall woman's beautifully sculpted neckline.

        Lara enjoyed the sweet kisses and purred back, "Yes, you sure are...Mmm, and it's my job to protect you my love..."

        "No, It is your job to love me. It is my choice to accept the dangers of your life or not and I choose to accept it."

        Lara picked the smaller woman up and bringing her as close to her body as she could she kissed her deeply with a stirring passion. She then pulled back and started to carry her into the main house, "Believe me my Angel, loving you is not a job it's a pure joy to me." She sighed as she felt the green eyes burning into her face. She was carefully avoiding them by watching where she was going with her precious cargo. Suddenly she felt a slap on her ass and she stopped and looked into the sparkling green eyes and said, "Ok, I guess your not going to give me a choice in this one are you?"

        "Nope," said the triumphant blonde who nestled her head onto the strong warm shoulder.

        Lara chuckled as she kissed the top of the head and then replied, "Yes that's what I thought."

        ***                ****                ****                ***                ***

        They came to large atrium in the center of the estate and where a very dignified Henry who smiled at his two beautiful charges met them. "I've arranged your transport to Egypt."

        "Private plane?" Asked Lara holding her wife very close.

        "Of course," he said with a scolding look, which told the tall brunette that she should know better then to ask him such a question.

        "Has Brice been able to make contact with anyone from Alex's team?"

        "No, they have all disappeared, and all their contacts here and in Egypt seems to have buried their heads in the sand. All his inquiries either come back unanswered or with a denial of any knowledge of anything at all."

        "That is so weird," said Sarah shaking her head in confusion.

        "Yes, it is very strange indeed. Where is Brice now, Henry?"

        "In his private computer room," Lara smirked and nodded.

        ***        ***                        ****                        ****

        Brice was in his trailer working on his computer network trying to get some kind of lead on the missing archaeologist for his anxious boss.

        Lara, Hand in hand with her bride stood outside his trailer as she banged on the door. "Brice...Brice open up."

        "Ok, ok...Hello Ladies, and no I have no clue yet..."


        "I know, but I am trying Lara it's like they all disappeared into thin air."

        "What about the people here who sent him?" Asked Sarah quietly looking up at the man in pajamas at the entrance to his ancient trailer.

        Brice smiled at Sarah he really liked Lara's sweet bride. He didn't understand their relationship but he loved Lara like a sister and he now realized that this was the first time he'd actually seen her really happy since he'd known her.

        "That's the really weird part, Sarah I can't reach them. I mean no one, not even their stooges. Lara, did you have any luck at Alex's University?"

        Lara shook her head in frustration, "No, they claim he is on a sabbatical so they have no contact. I don't believe that. I think they don't want to lose face by admitting that they lost contact with their whole team. That cell call I got from Alex sounded scared and desperate. He needs help I just wish he told me where he was exactly."

        "Do you believe that it's all real? I mean Lara, come on he has deceived you before," Asked Brice still suspicious of his boss's competitor.

        "Yes, I believe him. I know he's lied and cheated but he never has lied to me about essentials, ever. He was scared I know his voice and I know him, he would never have called all the way to the states unless he was in real trouble."

        "So what are we going to do?" Asked Sarah looking up at a very worried looking Lara.

        "Were going to Egypt, Angel."

                ***                ***                ***                ***

        Sarah was cuddled against Lara on the couch like seats on the huge rented executive aircraft. Lara had her arms around her beloved; Her head was nestled against the smaller woman's soft shoulder.

        "Lara, were you in love with him?"

        "No my sweet Angel, I never was in love with him," she replied quietly lifting her head and kissing the sweet lips above her tenderly. She pulled back and put her head back on its comfortable resting place. Then she went on quietly; "He however was in love with much as a man like Alex West could love anything. I know him, he is basically a good man, he is my friend and I care about him. However I am only in love with one person on this whole planet, you." Lara then gently pulled the smaller woman onto her lap and kissed her passionately.

        They enjoyed exploring each other for quite some time till they finally ran out of breath. When they parted this time Lara looked deeply into Sarah's eyes and said, "You're my home, Angel. No one is as important to me as you are."

        Sarah cupped both of Lara's cheeks with her hands and said, "That's exactly how I feel about you too. It's like I didn't belong anywhere till I found you. I love you so very much."

        "I love you too come back here please," whispered Lara as she pulled Sarah lips back to hers and kissed her deeply, pulling her back so they were now laying on the couch completely oblivious to where they were.

        ***                ***                ***                        ***

        Sarah couldn't believe the size of the suite they were in given. She shook her head and said, "Lara, this place is bigger then your estate."

        "Not quite Angel, but it is roomy, huh?"

        Sarah burst out in a fit of giggles. She was sitting on the edge of their huge white canopy bed in their elegant penthouse. Lara walked over and sat on the edge of the bed reaching out she cupped both cheeks with her hands looking deeply into sparkling green eyes. Slowly Lara brought the delicate mouth to her own and kissed her deeply, Sarah moaned and her hands automatically brought the tall woman closer.

        When they ran out of breath they were now lying facing each other in the middle of the large bed. Sarah looked into her loves eyes and she could see the carefully hidden worry. "What are we going to do, Sweetie?"

        Lara smiled and rubbed her cheek against Sarah; "You can always read me can't you? Well were going to find out what happened in that tomb."


        "Well we do have a few advantages over most tomb raiders. I am not as aggressive as Alex is, I think before I react. I've done some research on that site and I know some things he wouldn't have bothered to have found out. He is a smart man but he's far to western in his thinking. I'm not. I now know the legend of that tomb and the powers it's suppose to hold."

        "Lara, Do you think he's still alive? It's been a whole two weeks since we got that cell call when we were in Charleston."

        "Yes, I think he's alive. Trust me Angel, I think I know what's going on here at least partly. I know that we can help the jerk."

        Sarah smiled and lifted an eyebrow much like Lara would which made the dark woman smile in reaction, "Jerk?"

        "Yes, how else could I describe his actions? The money and the glory blinded him once again. He went after the prize and he took no time to prepare. Not even a little. Angel he is in that tomb and we are going to get him out."


        "Shhh, enough about him. I don't want to talk about it anymore. We'll both be in the thick of it soon enough."

        "Well what would you prefer to do?" Purred the small blonde as she kissed her wife's chin.

        "This," Lara said rolling them over till they were in the middle of the bed and she was on top. Her mouth anxiously kissed the beautiful blonde as her fingers nimbly unbuttoned the silk pajama's she was wearing. Sarah's hands were already under Lara's tank top caressing and massaging the large erect breasts causing the tall woman to shiver in pleasure.

        Lara had removed the silk top and Sarah was not wearing the bottoms or any panties, which made Lara smile rakishly as she pulled back to take off her tank and shorts. "You little sex kitten you."

        Sarah's smiled widened as she pulled off her pajama top and said, "These are yours I float in them,"

        "Well I love how you look in them but I like you better out of them, " Lara said as she brought their bodies back together hungry for the skin on skin contact. She kissed her way down the body that was literally writhing in pure pleasure.

        "Please....please..."whimpered Sarah.

        "Oh Angel, you know me better by now, patience is the name of the game," Lara purred as she hovered over the aching breasts. Sarah literally pushed it into Lara's mouth. The tall woman happily accepted it sucking on it like she was a hungry kitten. Then after devouring the other breast she kissed her way down to the soaking apex. She smiled at all the liquid ambrosia waiting for her.

        She got off the bed and then crawled up so she had complete access to all that lovely mother's milk that she started to lap up with the same greed with which she had suckled the beautiful breasts.

        Sarah moaned and whimpered spreading her legs farther and farther unable to speak any more her spiral was so high.

        Lara, feeling herself getting pretty near continued to explore the area with her inquisitive tongue she added first one and then a second finger to the proceedings. Sarah's spiral had hit a soaring height and then it broke through with a shattering scream of, "I love you, I love you, I love you," as she fainted from a lack of oxygen as it seemed to have deserted her temporally to go swiftly to her nether regions.

        Lara had a multiple orgasms herself just in reaction to feeling and watching her love's spiral and crash. She was panting against her stomach till she got her strength back. She then pulled herself all the way back onto the bed and crawled up till she had cradled the sleeping woman in her arms.

        "I love you too, My Angel now and forever." Said Lara as she kissed the sweaty cheek and then aloud herself to fall into the same deep satisfied sleep.

        ***                ***                ***                        ***

        They stood at the entrance of the tomb that was found in a large burial mound outside of Luxor.

        "This is what is called an inverted pyramid, Love," said Lara as she carefully studied the hieroglyphics on the entrance of the large tomb. "It is very old it's believed to predate the Great Pyramid by centuries though they are not sure where they developed the technology."

        Sarah nodded amazed by the beauty of the entrance, "How do we enter it?"

        Lara saw that Sarah was scared and was trying to hide it from her. She brought her arms around her shoulders bringing her close to her and said; "We'll enter it with caution just like we always do."

        "Will it be booby trapped?"

        "Yes Angel, no doubt it will be due to whose it is." Lara took Sarah's hand and they quietly entered the great tomb. "Don't touch anything Angel, just let me guide you."

        Sarah nodded her fingers tightening around Lara's hand.

        "Hi girls," Said a familiar voice in front of them. The dark man walked into the light and smiled at the stunned women.

        "Aries?" asked Lara shocked.

        "The one and only," He replied with a wink. "I see the apple doesn't fall very far off the tree. Nice weapons." Said the War God admiring the special guns strapped to Lara's thighs and the knife on her belt. "Where's your grandmother's stuff?" He asked looking at them both.

        "On exhibit," replied Sarah quietly. "Aren't you a bit far from home?"

        "Oh little Sarah, I'm a traveling man. I like to keep my hand in you know?" He said with a wink.

        "What are you doing here, in this particular tomb?" Asked Lara suspiciously pulling Sarah close to her.

        "Oh that? I want to help you get your friend back. Um, is all the stuff you two got from Xena and Gabrielle on display?"

        Lara's eyes narrowed and an eyebrow lifted reminding the War God very much of his lost love. "No, they are hidden and safe from any attempt to steal them. Aries do you have anything to do with Alex's disappearance?"

        "His disappearance no, That I can honestly say I had nothing at all to do with it." He replied casually trying to look very innocent.

        Lara rolled her eyes and said, "Hm, Why is it I don't believe you at all?" She asked her Grandmother's nemesis holding her wife as close to her body as she could while still allowing her love to be able to breath.

        "I'd say cause you're a hell of a lot like your ancestor. Except you don't have an ounce of evil in your soul, do you? I mean you tease about being wicked but your incorruptible, I know I have tried. You know Xena was evil for a long time. She was so damn beautiful when she was conquering you should have seen it. Then my beloved brother and Gabrielle got hold of her and turned her around. Nothing I did after that worked. Man it was frustrating..."

        "Thank God," whispered Sarah.

        "Yeah Miss Goody two shoes, I'd expect you to say something like that," He said glaring at Sarah and rolling his eyes. Lara growled at him but he ignored her and continued, "Your just like Gabrielle was before she became the battling bard. Even then she was as pure as the driven snow..."

        "That's what intrigued you wasn't it, Aries?" Lara asked suddenly enlightened.

        "Excuse me, intrigued?"

        "Yes, you created the evil Xena but she went beyond you. She took all those skills and the power that you gave her and created something better...special. You never expected something like that did you? Humans had become so predictable that she fascinated you because she wasn't predictable. Right?"

        "Interesting little theory but..."

        "Oh you'd be surprised by what Sarah and I learned from the unpublished scrolls. For instance you proposed marriage to Xena on several occasions. You declared your love even more times then that. All of that was after she left the dark path and became good. War God you fell in love with the good Xena but you didn't know how to handle it. So you fell into your old patterns and tried to trick her over and over into coming back to you and your dark path..."

        "That's absolutely ridiculous..."

        "That's why Lara fascinates you so much," Sarah jumped in, "She is so much like Xena was but she has never been corrupted..."

        "That is enough psychology you two..."

        "Actually..." Lara was about to continue but stopped and actually reached to ready her hand to grab her knife to protect herself and Sarah from an angry God of War. Much to her surprise he didn't even attempt to threaten them.

        "Do you want to find your damn friend or not?"

        "Yes, that's why were here."

        "Then shut up and follow me," He took a lit torch from the wall and strode down the tunnel ahead of them.


        "Shh Angel, It will be ok. I promise."

        ***                ***                        ***                        ***

        As Aries led them through a series of tunnels that went deeper and deeper into the earth the usually talkative War God was moodily silent. Lara carefully studied him. Her only encounter with him was when her Grandmother occupied her body so her memory of it was bit fuzzy.

        She did remember how her Grandmother handled him though, showing no fear and just saying what she thought and using her fighting skills to back it up. Lara knew she could do that.



        "Why is Alex being held here?"

        "He stepped on some toes when he was going after the idol..."

        "Whose toes?" Asked Sarah innocently.

        Aries stopped and turned looking with cold eyes at the young woman. Lara immediately put her arms around Sarah's waist pulling her close to her and away from the War God. She said with a cold stare of her own, "It was an excellent question."

        "I am not here to enlighten you on that. I only want to make sure you don't do what the same thing in your efforts to find that idiot."


        "Lara, you are way too much like your Grandmother. You are like a bulldog that will never let go of your pants leg..."

        "How is Horace?" Asked Sarah sweetly now safe in her wife's protective arms she was feeling a bit bold. She remembered the scroll she and Lara had sat up in the kitchen reading and drinking hot chocolate with late at night. It was so funny they had to put down their mugs to keep from spilling it on the precious scroll.

        Aries face went pale, "She didn't?"

        Lara gave him a shit-eating grin from over Sarah's shoulder and nodded her head. "Oh yeah she sure did. I really liked you in that one. I must say I find you at your best when you're stripped of your powers. Your so human."

        "If you want me to help you then stop insulting me, " He growled. He leaned against he tunnel wall and said quietly, "Horace lived a very long and happy life with me and died of old age in my arms..."

        "You kept him?" Asked Sarah astonished.

        "Why not? He was my pet," He replied defensively.

        "I love it," Said Lara with sparkling blue eyes highly amused.

        "Mmm, well I'm glad your Grandmothers have passed to their next life I don't think I could deal with Xena and Gabrielle holding that one over me..."

        "What about us?" Asked Lara saucily.

        Aries growled and turned away from them, "Come on you two, this way."

        Lara stifled the urge to laugh that was bubbling up deep from inside her. Sarah had her face pressed against Lara's chest to keep the laugh down; Lara hugged her and kissed her head. Then she nudged her forward so they didn't loose the embarrassed God in the series of confusing tunnels.

        ***                ***                ***                ***

They came to an open area with several clay doors. "Behind one of these is your friend. I can't tell you which one you have to use your own deductive skills. When you get the idiot, then call me and I'll get you all out of here. Don't try and do it on your own, Lara. The being who lives in this tomb won't like it." And he was gone in burst of white light.

        Sarah looked at the ten sound proof doors and then turned toward her wife asking, "How exactly do we figure this out. There is no writing on any of these and they are all as smooth as glass?"

        "Good question Angel," said Lara as she carefully examined the doors to see if there were any flaws in them. There wasn't any that she could detect, "Angel there has to be a key or Aries would simply have opened the door and escorted us out."

        They both started to check each door very carefully. Sarah was gliding her hands over the surface when she felt what had to be an Egyptian Ankh.

        "Lara, come here and feel this."

        Lara walked back next to her wife and felt the ankh deep in the clay of the door. She pulled back and gathered the small woman in her arms and kissed her deeply. "Perfect," She purred into her ear.

        Sarah leaned into the warm embraced and smiled up at the tall woman. "Thanks," she said very quietly. Lara caressed her cheek and then pulled out of the embrace as she carefully studied the door. She put her fingers in the ankh and then realized it was the size of Sarah's tiny fingers not her own. "Angel, give me your hand please," She took the tiny hand into her own placing it within the ankh and said, "Ok Sweetheart, I'm going to push your hand against the ankh and hope this works." She pressed her loves hand into the ancient symbol and the clay door slid over. In the center of the cell was a very dirty and haggard looking Alex all alone.

        "Alex?" asked Lara surprised by his appearance.

        His head snapped up, "Lara, Oh thank God!" He said, as he popped off the hard stone bed and ran toward the two women.

        "Where is the rest of your team?"

        "I don't know, I was just ripped off the mound I was on by this thing..."

        "Thing?" Asked Lara.

        "Yeah it was big, covered in cloth....Shit, Lara this is embarrassing."

        "Alex, I just came across the world to save your ass. So what thing?"

        "Who is that girl with you?" Asked Alex trying to change the subject.

        "My wife," said Lara sweetly pulling Sarah into her arms.

        "Your what?"

        "Do you need a translator, my wife, were married, committed to each other..."

        Alex looked at the pretty blonde and then back at his old friend, "But she's a woman?"

        "Yeah so?" Lara's hand was caressing Sarah's stomach and was just slipping it under her T-shirt when Alex's eyes widened in shock. Totally unaware of Alex's reactions because her eyes were closed and she was enjoying the feeling of Sarah's soft skin causing Sarah to lean into her a soft purr escaping from the happy woman.


        "Will you get a grip?" Said the voice of the God of War. Aries looked at Lara and asked her, "Why are you rescuing him he's completely parochial?"

        "That is quite true but he's my friend. So, what do we do now?"

        "Who is that? Where did he come from?"

        "Shut up idiot," Said Aries totally annoyed. "This way," He said with a torch in his hands leading the way down the tunnel.

        Alex followed the strange dark man Sarah followed with Lara taking up the rear.

        "Aries?" Lara called.


        "The being who lives here, is it a mummy?"


        "But Alex described..."

        "He saw her servant but that is not the being in control..."

        "It's Bastet isn't it?"

        "The cat Goddess?" Asked Sarah quietly.

        Lara nodded and said, "Yes, that's what my research has led me to believe. Alex, what prize were you after?"


        "Alex," growled the dark woman from behind him.

        Alex face became pale and he turned away from all of them.

        "Come on Alex, What?"

        "It was a her alter idol." He turned and looked into angry blue eyes, "Lara, It was so beautiful. A perfect rendition of her. I looked up and saw that wonderful lion's head and lithe body of a beautiful woman and I almost had an accident I was so excited. Then...then the eyes began to glow and tomb rumbled and suddenly this...thing....I....I don't remember much. I woke up in that cell. They fed me through a slot in the wall..." His face was white and he started to breath heavily.

        "Who says greed is good, huh?" Said Aries leaning against a wall of the tunnel with a bored expression on his face.

        Lara and Sarah had gone to comfort the distraught man, Lara looked at the God of War and said, "You should know."

        "Hey I never said that. I said war was good to bring peace through force. Greed is a poor inspiration for that, now power that is inspiring..."

        "All right, all right! Enough Aries," said Lara. She turned back to Alex and said quietly, "Come on Alex get yourself together so we can get out of here."

        Alex nodded.

        "Ok War God, get us out of here."

        "Lara, you are so full of yourself," Said Aries annoyed.

        "Remind you of anyone?" Purred Lara with that shit-eating grin again.

        "Don't push it, kid. Come on lets get you out of here."

        ***                ***                ***                ****

        Lara was curled around her wife in their bed. She was caressing her wife's back and Sarah was nuzzling and kissing the warm neck of her beloved.

        "Angel, I can't stop thinking that there is more to this then meets the eye." As She kissed Sarah's forehead softly enjoying the little kisses and nips on her neck from her loves warm mouth.

        "So what are you planning?"

        Lara pulled back and pulled Sarah up so she could kiss her passionately holding her very close. When their lips parted she kissed her way to where Sarah's neck and ear met and nipped the skin just below it then she whispered, "I'm going back into the tomb."

        Sarah pulled back out of the embrace and sat up in the big bed her face very determined, "Oh no, not with out me your not!"

        "Sarah, this is..."

        "Dangerous, Yes my darling, I do know that. We already discussed this."

        "Bastet is usually described as a protector. She is a peaceful Goddess I don't understand why she would attack Alex and his team. There has to be a reason. It makes no sense. I want to figure out why and I want to know why the hell the Greek God of War is involved in this."

        "None of that explains why I can't help..."

        "Sarah, I could get myself killed..."

        "So we'll die together..."





        Blue and green eyes battled a war of love both determined to win for the other.

        ***                ***                ***                ***

        "Why is it I can stand up to almost any obstacle but you just flutter those big beautiful green eyes at me and I melt?" Asked Lara as she carefully packed their packs for their mission to the tomb.

        "I haven't the slightest idea but I am very grateful for it," said Sarah with a huge smile as she carefully checked the ropes and the bolts for Lara's cross bow.

        Lara looked up and met the sparkling green eyes with an amused smirk, "You know I only get over protective because I love you..."

        "I know that, You know I only get so obstinate because I love you, don't you?"

        Lara nodded and walked toward her bride with her arms open, "Come here you obstinate seductress."

        Sarah smiled and happily went into the embrace, "Most happily you over protective beauty, you."

        ***                ***                ***                ***

        Alex walked behind the two determined women full of doubt and not a little fear. "Lara, why are we doing this? I know where my people are I just have to find them. I know you and your not after the prize so what it is it?"

        Lara had been walking hand in hand with Sarah in front of him, she stopped and looked over her shoulder, "Nope it's not the prize."

        "Then what?"

        Lara turned around still holding Sarah's hand, it was strange for Alex to see Lara so connected to someone. She had always been so completely independent. "I want to find out why Bastet attacked you and what Aries has to do with all this..."

        "But why do you need to find that out?" Asked Alex desperately, "Let's just go find where my people are and go home."

        Lara put her other arm around Sarah and brought her close and said quietly to her friend, "You go on home Alex, we'll be fine. We have to do this but you don't..."

        "No Lara that's not what I meant..."

        "Alex go home," Lara said sweetly with the most understanding expression he'd ever seen on her face. "We'll be home soon."

        Alex looked down and nodded, "Ok, I'll go...but don't go getting yourselves killed on account of this, ok?"

        "We'll be fine," Said Lara with smile hugging Sarah who was looking just as kindly at the archaeologist.

        "It was nice to meet you, Sarah."

        Sarah smiled at him and said, "Nice to meet you too."

        Alex looked at both women for a long time and then he shook his head and turned around leaving the two women waiving at him.

        "Did you know that he'd do that?"



        "I've known him a long time. I know what his strengths are and what his weaknesses are. We are not hunting any prize, there is no discovery that we could publish. There is no glory or money only knowledge and that will not entice him. He'd rather be safe and not know, if there is no benefit in going after it."

        "So it's just you and me?"

        "As always."

        "Forever?" Sarah asked quietly.

        "Of course, " Said Lara hugging the smaller woman and then kissing her deeply. "Come on love, we've got a lot to do." Said Lara with a playful smack on the butt as they headed off once again toward the tomb.

        ***                 ***                ****                ***

        They went through a small tunnel that was probably used by the ancients for ventilation. They slowly made they're way through the narrow crawl space.

        They entered a small anteroom above the Goddess's main chamber. Lara dropped down into the small room like a cat not a sound could be heard. Then she smiled up and held out her arms. Sarah dropped into them gracefully. Lara caught her and kissed her tenderly. Then she rubbed her cheek against Sarah's and whispered, "Glad you could drop in."

        Sarah shook her head smiling and whispered back, "I'm glad you had time to catch me."

        Lara nibbled the little ear by her mouth and then whispered, "Mmm, too bad we don't have time to stick around and play." She rubbed noses with her love then gently set her on her feet.

        They walked to the door and heard movement just outside of it. Lara put her ear against the door and motioned for Sarah to join her. They could hear two voices talking on the other side they knew one voice well but the other they didn't.

        "Aries," Mouthed Lara.

        Sarah nodded and looked confused. Lara put a finger against the soft lips poised to ask a question as the voices now stood right outside of their hiding place.

        "Lara and Sarah are much smarter then you're giving them credit for..."

        "Come on Aries their mortals, Give me a break."

        "Bastet, I may not know a lot but I know the line these two come from. They will not drop this they will be back."

        "Why? They have their stupid little friend back?"

        "If Lara is anything like her great grandmother she will make sure the idiot is safe and then come back to check out this place. She will not be able to resist the mystery..."
        "Sure, with out my knowledge?"

        "Your not all seeing."

        "But I can stop them."

        "Oh how?"

        "I'm the Goddess of love, sex and pleasure...I have ways to stall them."

        "It won't work..."

        "Why are you being such a pessimist?"

        "Since I have lost every battle with a certain mortal in every incarnation. Xena was mortal and very, very human but she was also brilliant and no matter how many times you think you have got her she will find a way to win. Lara is a chip right off the block she will too..."

        "How do you know that?"

        "I know."

        The voices faded as the walked down the hallway on the other side of the door. The God's voices could be heard as the battled wits down the hall. The girls looked at each other with stunned expressions.

        "Lara am I losing it or was Aries just defending us?" Asked Sarah in a disbelieving whisper.

        "You're not losing it, Angel." Said Lara with a sudden expression of inspiration.

        "What are you thinking?"

        "I'm thinking were going to face off with the Cat Goddess. Come on Angel; let's get out of here. I have a whole new plan of attack.

        ***                ***                ****                ***

        "Are you sure this is his Temple it's Roman?" Asked Sarah as they were walking through ruins outside of Luxor.

        "Well it was a temple for Mars but since Aries is Mars he should lend us an ear when we call him," Said Lara as she led Sarah by hand to the old ruined temple with Roman depiction's of the God of War.

        "Aries!" Called Lara as they entered the old structure.

        "What?" Said the God Quietly from behind them.

        "What's going on?"

        The tall man shrugged, "You tell me. You did come to me after all not vica-versa."

        "Why is the Greek God of War helping the Egyptian Goddess of Pleasure?"

        "Fringe benefits?"

        Lara rolled her eyes and said, "How did Grandmother deal with you with out just strangling your neck?" Asked the frustrated tomb raider.

        "Oh she'd have loved to do just that on a number of occasions believe me." He answered with a chuckle, "If that's all..."

        "Aries, according to legend Bastet is only answerable to the God Ra. She is in his direct line of the sun. So why should she ask for the help of Greek God? Her own line is so much older and more powerful." Sarah said quietly looking at the God calmly. Lara felt herself puff up with pride, Sarah would have been incapable of doing that when she first met her.

        "Someone has been reading," said Aries with a smirk. "You know your Internet is awesome. I got me one of those great computers you can have a really great war on them and then all the soldiers just stand up and are ready to fight all over. No fuss or muss..."

        "Aries, why did an Egyptian Goddess capture a mortal? Why did you help in his escape? It's not in your character. None of this is making sense." Lara asked tapping her foot and hands on hips looking at the God of War with a look that was all too familiar.

        "Kid your friend is safe. Go home," said Aries quietly turning away.

        "No Aries, maybe us mere mortals could actually help."

        "Enough! Its as simple as this, Xena is in your blood Lara and Gabrielle is in yours Sarah, I felt an obligation. That's it, end of story."

        "Why Alex, Aries?"

        "Ohhh, that damn stubbornness you are a bull dog you know it?"

        "Pit bull, why?"

        A big comfortable throne appeared behind Aries. Two very comfortable lounge chairs appeared behind the girls. "Ok, sit down this will take a while."

        Lara tried to hide the smirk and Sarah hid her mouth behind her hand as they turned to sit in the chairs.

        "Stop. I see those smirks. Maybe I'm just sick of your harping you sound like a chicken clucking. I figure this is the only way to get any peace and quiet." Said the annoyed God of War as he sat in his throne.

        "Bastet has only one obligation every thousand years. This time around she is finding it a bit difficult to fulfill. When Alex West started poking in her temple she thought that she found her solution but he was uncooperative. I got involved in this when I became aware of a cell call he made to you. I tried to remain neutral but when I saw you enter the tomb I thought I should lead you so you wouldn't get into the same trouble as his team did. They're all fine you know she just had her servants take them out of tomb they, well lets just say interesting experiences but they were fine. Alex should find them in Cairo."

        "Wait, I'm confused here why did you feel the need to guide us? Why did she attack Alex? She is not a vindictive Goddess. Why would she single out Alex?"

        Aries carefully studied his hands as she said, "You're right, she is not a vindictive Goddess. In fact she really cares about her people. Usually Ra or Isis would help her with this task but their powers have waned. Mine has too. When you have less worship you lose power. My family didn't understand that was the curse of your Grandmother Eve's birth, Lara. It wasn't the death of a mortal but it was the slow loss of power till people forget who you are. Like Gabrielle said most people think of me as a sign in the Zodiac totally unaware of who I am or what I do."

        Lara tilted her head and looked at the quiet being in front of her. "They over reacted?"

        Aries nodded but said nothing.

        "Aries, What is Bastet's obligation."

        "As the Goddess of Pleasure she as to, relations with a male every thousand years. Then she him."

        "You're kidding? Does he survive?" Asked Lara stunned.

        "Yes, she can protect him but he can't fear her."

        "So why don't you help her, Aries?" Asked Sarah thinking that would solve everything.

        Aries grinned wryly, "I would love too, but I can't. She has to have a mortal. That's were Alex fit in he was attractive to her and he seemed very brave the way he came into the tomb and got through all the booby traps with out a blink of the eye. The only problem was he took one look at her and fainted on the spot. I need to help her find someone a bit more stalwart. She is very beautiful if you can get past the sharp teeth and claws. It is not a bad thing it's a good thing, she really helps people and they do love her so I'm helping her." He was very embarrassed. He had gotten up off the thrown and was pacing.

        Lara shook her head and said in wonder, "I don't believe this. No matter how you sugar coat this, your acting as her pimp..."

        "No damn it Lara, I am acting as her friend, she has to have sex or fade away. I can do that you know be a friend or isn't that in Gabrielle's scrolls?" He asked them before he disappeared in burst of sparks.

                ***                ***                ***                ***

        The girls found a deserted ancient estate to camp in for the night, by the look of it Lara guessed it to be Ramses summer palace with his huge statues all around it. The tall statues where the walls crumbled down gave them the seclusion from both human and animal predators. They were just outside of a village but far enough away to give them privacy for the night.

        After they set up camp Lara noticed that the canteens were all empty. Since there was a well right outside of the walls of their camp sight, she thought it would be safe enough to let Sarah get them the water. It was a community well so it should be safe enough for her love.

        "Angel, there is a well just outside of our walls could you fill the canteens for us? I'll start preparing our dinner." She asked her love with a sweet smile.

        "No problem," said Sarah as she got on her tiptoes to kiss Lara on her nose.

        "Get going Love," said Lara as she swatted her on her shapely rear end.

        "Pushy, pushy," teased Sarah as she took the canteens and headed out toward the well wiggling her ass and causing Lara to chuckle as she got the meat to cut up for the stew she was going to make for them.

        Sarah walked to the well she put the canteens on the edge and turned on the spigot. Sarah washed her hands then put the first open canteen under the spout looking around the countryside while she waited for it to get filled up. As the water poured into the canteen she felt a tingle go through her body from her hands to her toes. She moaned in reaction closing her eyes, she closed the canteen.

        She opened the second canteen and feeling the water rush over her fingers she thought, Mmm, that water smell soooo good. She closed the second canteen and cupped her hands under the water washing her face. She felt shivers go through every part of her body as she licked her suddenly parched lips. "That feels sooo good," she moaned as she dutifully opened the third canteen to fill it, she put the spigot on full blast the water splashing everywhere as it still filled her canteen.

When it was filled and she closed it mumbling sensually, "Sooo thirsty." She put her hands under the spout filling in as much water as she could and then pouring it greedily down her throat. She felt the water soothe her parched throat and set the rest of her on another kind of fire. She then got more water and splashed it on her face, in her hair, then every reachable part of her body till it swayed in sensual reaction. She held tightly to the edge of well and said in a determined growl, "Must fill the fourth container for my sweet Lara," As she filled the fourth canteen with the sensual elixir she felt electrical impulses shoot through every part of her body. After she filled the fourth container she put her face under the on rush of sensual water till she almost fainted from the overwhelming heat rushing from her very core to her wildly beating heart.

        She moaned clutching the side of the well once again then threw her head back to get the hair out of her eyes that were now almost black with need. "Lara, I need my love right now." She grabbed the canteens and ran to find her soul mate. Lara was sitting in front of cutting board carefully preparing their meat for dinner.

        Sarah quietly growled when she saw her strong back and thick black hair swaying as she moved. She came up behind her placing the precious canteens beside them on the ground. Lara hearing Sarah didn't look up from her chores but said, "Oh good your back. I'm almost done." Sarah took one of the canteens and opened it and then climbed onto Lara's back her arms around her waist.

        Feeling the soaking wet arms around her waist Lara asked, "What did you do take a bath in the well, Angel?"

        "Mmm, taste this my Love, It is sooo goood," Sarah purred as she poured the water straight into Lara's mouth. Licking her lips in anticipation she kissed the soft neck beneath her sensually. Two strong hands pulled the canteen out of Sarah's hands drinking the contents greedily down her throat Lara moaned in pleasure.

        "Oh Love that was sooo goood," She moaned to her love as electrical showers were shooting through Lara's body with an incredible speed. Her whole body was reacting to the effects as the soothing water set fire to her every sensual impulse. The effect was twice as efficient with the love of her life's soft mouth making her body feel ablaze at the same time as the electrical currents made her very pulse dance with need.

        Lara growled as she pulled Sarah into her lap, "Come here Love, I need you." She then hungrily attached her mouth to soft sensual mouth of her soul mates.

        When they pulled back Sarah was licking her lips, Lara smiled and said, "Here my Darling, can't have my Angel thirsty," She poured the rest of the canteen in her hands down her loves parched throat.

        Then she reached over and opened two canteens pouring one down Sarah's and one down her own. As the water cascaded out of their lips and over the bodies they moaned and grinded into each other. Lara then poured the rest of the canteen over her head and Sarah copied the procedure their heads were thrown back in reaction moaning in ecstasy as a strong orgasm ripped through them both. This seemed to inspire them because they kissed passionately as their bodies continued to grind in sync with each other.

        "Too...many....clothes..."panted Lara as she kissed her loves neck.

        "Off... please....Lara...Off...."

        " Sweet....Yessss," She moaned as she ripped off her own shirt and bra in one movement. Then she tore off Sarah's T-shirt and bra. As soon as their upper torsos were free Sarah latched her mouth to the tantalizing heaving breast. Lara's head flew back as she moaned in joyful ecstasy from the contact.

        Lara and Sarah's hand were now quickly trying to get their jeans off once the zippers were free Lara practically tore them in half in order to free their writhing bodies from them.

        "Shoes," Panted Lara as she tore the laces with her teeth and pulled them off Then Lara carried Sarah and the last precious canteen to their sleeping bags. Once they were entwined Lara poured the last canteen over both them. They both moaned in sensual pleasure writhing against each other as multiple orgasms ripped through their hot bodies. As the sensual water embraced them they brought their bodies so close to each you couldn't tell where one woman ended and the other began. They simultaneously entered each other and screaming each other's name as they fell over the edge again their bodies still grinding into each other. They seemed to gain strength from each kiss that was given from hungry lips as they began to make love again and again...

        "Well girls, Your all out of water. I can't have that," Said the Cat
Goddess as she appeared next to the writhing bodies. The beautiful Goddess smiled her wild cat smile with big white teeth glistening in the moonlight. "These nice full canteens will keep filling up all by themselves my curious pups so you should be busy for quite a while."

        ***                ***                ****                ***

        Red rimmed blue eyes slowly opened. Lara moaned she was so sore and her body was soaking wet with sweat. What a night, thought Lara as she yawned. She looked down at her still snoring partner and kissed the top of her head. I don't know what got into you last night Angel but I certainly enjoyed it. Lara smiled and brought her little love even closer.

        "Mbmbmbm" Sara mumbled something unintelligible into Lara's shoulder.

        Lara smiled and rubbed her cheek against her loves soft cheek. She noticed that the sun was kind of high so she checked her watch. Her eyes widened and she checked it again.

        "Sarah, Sarah honey wake up," said the now urgent voice.

        "Mmm, What? What's wrong?" Asked the sleepy blonde rubbing her eyes and moaning at the aches in her body.

        "Honey we've been here for three day! You have to wake up all the way we need to find out what's going on," Said Lara's anxious voice beside her.

        Sarah's eyes popped open and met the pale blue eyes full of worry. "It can't be three days. That's not possible..."

        "It shouldn't be but it is...I...I'm not sure what happened..."

        "All I remember is that we mad passionate love and then fell asleep..." said Sarah trying to get her head clear. Her memory was fuzzy she had flashing clear moments and then it was all fuzzy again.

        "Angel...You were already hot when you came back from the, did you eat or drink anything? Did you drink some of the well water while you were filling the canteen?"

        Sarah nodded her eyes filled with tears, "It tasted so good...I...couldn't help it....I am so sorry Lara....Its all my fault..." she broke off sobbing.

        "Shh, it is not your fault. I think Bastet poisoned the water in the well."

        "You mean I've killed us?"

        "No, Shh, No my Angel. I don't mean that kind of poison. She put a spell on the well water to make"

        Sarah was crying against Lara's shoulder. Lara held her close rubbing her head against her Sarah's soft hair, "Shh, Come on Love, It's not your fault. You couldn't have known. I didn't and I'm the one with all the experience. I guess Aries was wrong she did fool us..."

        "No he was wrong about me but not you. I was the...idiot!"

        "Stop that right now, I hate it when you say things like that about yourself. That was a public well. I wouldn't have thought she'd have done something to a well that anyone could drink from. She must have seen you, put the spell on the well while you were there and then took it off as soon as you left. She would never have done this to her people....shhh, stop crying Angel, I love you..."

        "Even though I screwed up?"

        "Love you didn't screw up. Come on lets get dressed." Lara pulled back and kissed Sarah's shoulder then crossed to their backpacks at the other side of their camp. Seeing the empty canteens thrown about the camp she shook her head staying well away from them. She came back to find dark eyes watching her, "Um Sarah you didn't drink...?"

        ", but you are naked and so...well...I..."

        Lara was relieved and smiled saying, "Oh? Well then that's ok then. Right now we have to get dressed and see what damage has been, do you see our shoes?"

        Sarah looked embarrassed and nodded; "One is on that statue of Ramses."

        Lara looked up and saw that her shoe was balanced on the old Pharaoh's nose and she snorted as she began to climb up it.

        ***                ***                ***                ***

        The two were now dressed and heading back toward Aries temple. Lara shook her head as she thought about having to relace all their shoes. She must have torn the laces off with her bare teeth and couldn't remember it. Sarah's took a bit of work because it looked like in frustration she tore some of the shoe's eyes in a hurry to get the laces undone. Their clothes were all shredded they had obviously torn them off in their passion evoked by the bewitched water.

        "Lara, I have this weird flashing memory that keeps replaying in my mind."

        "Oh? What's it of?"

        " smearing your whole body in cooking oil and then us sliding all over each other," said the embarrassed blonde with a bright red face.

        Lara stopped, her eyes closed and she had to suppress a moan of passion from the flashing memory of their slick bodies grinding against each other. She opened her eyes and met her loves very embarrassed green ones, "Yes, it happened. I think we will eventually remember everything, the whole wild three days..I hope it doesn't..."

        "Distract us?"

        Lara nodded, Sarah said, "Me too. Sweetie, how did we survive three days without food?"

        Now Lara's face became red under her tan, "Um...well you know what they say about"

        "Oh???" Sarah buried her face in her hands moaning.

        Lara enfolded her in her arms gently, "Angel at least we love each other. It happened between a married couple. Were not just two strangers. We're ok, my love we're ok."

        Sarah nodded against Lara's shoulder and whispered, "I know your right, love. I just never thought I was capable of being so wild."

        "I have several flashing memories which prove that you were not at all alone in that, my love. I believe I even used Grandmother's war cry on couple of occasions."

        Sarah nodded again and said, "Yep, and if I remember right that seemed to inspire me."

        Lara pulled back and rubbed noses with her wife, "Well that is fair you always inspire me."

        "I do?"

        "Mmm, Come on lets go check in with our friendly neighborhood War God." Sarah nodded and Lara led her wife to the temple the small hand in her larger protective one.

        ***                ****                ***                ***


        "You bellowed?"

        They turned and saw the dark man comfortably seated on his thrown.

        "What the hell is going on?"

        "Apparently, you've been a little distracted," Aries replied with an amused smirk.

        "Aries," growled Lara in no mood for the God's games.

        "Well if your talking about Bastet she's still searching for her candidate. She feels she has a likely one in Cairo and she sent some of her servants to collect him."

        "Shit, we need to do some research and fast....Um, Aries could you give us two computer set ups so we can study. We might find a quicker way to help Bastet."

        He pulled his ear out and cupped it.

        Lara rolled her eyes and met amused green eyes. She looked at Aries and said, "Please may we?"

        "Much better. No prob," Suddenly two set ups appeared before them with state of the art equipment and comfortable computer chairs.

        "Thanks...oh um, could we have some food too? No water or wine something in a nice sealed can."

        Aries looked pained, "You think I'd drug you?"

        "No, not you but I don't put it past Bastet. She'll be keeping tabs on us and try to pull one on us again. I just don't want to take any chances we've already lost three days."

        "That you can't remember?"

        "No Aries, the problem is we can remember them. Very clearly."

        The God chuckled and said; "Oh my she is good. Ok, some, is coca cola ok?"


        "Yeah whatever," He was gone in a flash but the girls didn't notice they were already getting into the net and trying to find a solution to Bastet's problem and by doing that solve they're own.

        ***                ***                ***                ***

        Sarah excitedly called Lara over, "What did you find, Angel?" Asked Lara looking over her loves shoulder at the screen.

        "There is two ways she can revive her power with out raping some poor innocent guy..."

        "Angel?" Lara said her face plainly surprised.

        "Well she is going to..."

        "Well Sweetheart, let's try to help her not to do that, What did you find?"

        "She can eat ambrosia or there is a legend that Gabrielle wrote that after the twighlight of the God's Odin's Golden Apples gave Aries and Aphrodite back their power."

        "Hmm, Looks like Aries will have to give us a bit of an assist either way, huh?"

        Sarah nodded her head, "Yes, who else would know where to get the food of the God's or how to get in touch with Odin himself?"

        Lara nodded and stepped back, "Aries!" She called while reading Sarah's notes that she had picked up from the desk that her love was working on.

        "Yeah," he said coming up to them from behind, "Don't tell me you don't like the food I gave you, right?" Said the War God with an annoyed look.

        "No, we loved it. It was actually very thoughtful of you to give us such an American meal. Cheeseburger, French fries and a coke are Sarah's favorite."

        "Me, thoughtful, yeah right. So what do you want then?"

        Lara smiled at how embarrassed the War God was, it was obvious he was being kind to them and it was annoying the hell out of him at the same time. "Actually we need you in your capacity of a God."


        "Do you know where we could get ambrosia?"

        A loud musical laugh filled the temple as it bounced off the walls. Lara and Sarah looked at each other and shrugged.

        "Right, I owe Xena for getting me my Godhood back. Next?"

        "And you repaid her by tormenting her with the Amazon's out to kill her beloved Eve..."

        "Oh so she wrote about that too...Shit, Did that little Amazon ever not write anything down? She left me no privacy at all..."

        "Apparently not... Ok, so the ambrosia is out. Do you know the God Odin?"

        Aries shrugged, "We don't socialize but yeah I know him, why?"

        "Can you get him to give you one of his Golden Apples for Bastet?"

        "I suppose so, She is already a Goddess, why would she need them?"

        "It will give her the strength she needs, At least that's what the legend says..."

        ***                ***                ***                ***

        Lara and Sarah entered the tomb. Sarah was holding on tightly to Lara's hand. "Angel, loosen your grip a little I need to have some circulation in my fingers."

        Sarah looked sheepishly into the sweet blue eyes as she said, "Sorry."

        "It's ok, we both have a very good reason to be scared."

        "Do you think Aries will come back in time?"

        "He better."

        They entered the main chamber of the ancient tomb. It was a beautiful gold-filled room, Lara could see why Alex was intoxicated enough to be off balance when Bastet caught him. The Goddess appeared before them in the silver light of the moon, She seemed to glisten in the light and it was a bit intoxicating for the two young women as well, they turned their heads slightly away to steel themselves against what ever was to come.

        "Well girls you two are very creative I will give you that. Your uses for a carrot were very intriguing to me.

        ***                ***                ***                ***

        Both girls were suddenly faced with a vision of themselves as their eyes closed simultaneously. Their entire focus was on a scene that they had participated in before but now felt like they were living it all over again for the first time.

        Lara was a carving a carrot into a phallic form as an excited Sarah sat with her legs around her loves body nibbling on an ear by her mouth. Both women's eyes were wild as Lara finished the carrot they grinned excitedly in anticipation.

        "Love the rope," Lara growled anxiously.

        Sarah climbed off her loves back and handed the stripped down rope into the Lara's anxious hands. Lara skillfully passed the roped through the hole at the larger end of the carrot.

        "Tie it Angel, hurry please..."

        "I'm so thirsty my love...."

        "No problem," purred Lara as Sarah tied the robe around Lara's naked waist Lara took a canteen of water and poured it over both their heads. They fell into each other's arms moaning Sarah holding tightly to Lara as the strong flood of orgasms ripped through her. Lara's mouth latched onto Sarah's neck sucking the sweetness as the water caused a tide of multiple orgasms that ripped through her as well. They cried out each other's names as they tumbled to the ground in reaction to their bodies quaking. Lara then gently pulled away from Sarah and sat on her knees as she adjusted the carrot into position. She moaned deep in her throat as she settled the bigger end into her soaking wet mound. Sarah then threw herself on to the other end; they fell on to the soft furs beneath them as the pumped into each other in a total frenzy of need.

        Orgasm after orgasm rocked their world, the sounds of their screams of passion echoing in the ancient site. Till they fell exhausted in each other's arms and drifted into a deep sleep. The carrot still nestled between them.

        ***                ***                ***                        ***

        Both girls were lying on a divan sweating as their eyes opened. It was as if they had done the whole thing all over again. They were clinging onto each other breathing very hard trying to catch their breath. Two sets of confused eyes looked up at the smirking Goddess.        

        "Intriguing isn't it? All I have to do is call up a memory of what happened and its like your there. Your living it all over again."

        Lara and Sarah were both coming back to themselves. They felt very thirsty licking their lips and holding tightly to each other for strength.

        "What really intrigued me was that no matter how wild you got and you two did get very, very wild you were always loving to each other. Very gentle. Even when you used your teeth they were merely love nips. You held each other with a powerful and gentle love even when you were in the midst of the wildest sex you've ever had. Even your words were sweet and kind and gentle. You are a pure love and I do like that. It pleases me so I will not harm you. I only intend to stop you from trying end my quest for the male I need..."

        "We're trying to help you..." Cried Lara looking at the Goddess through slitted eyes.

        "By intruding and stopping me? I think not."

        Sarah whose voice was merely a squeak but she tried to persuade the still powerful Goddess, "It's true. We found a better way."

        "Your very creative too little one, What is it with you girls and food?"

        ***                ***                ***                ****

        Again their eyes closed and they were back in the ancient estate...

        A wildly grinning Sarah came to her love who was staring at her rope and a statue of Ramses trying to figure out the best way to make love to her Angel while swinging from the statue.

        Suddenly she felt soft loving gooey hands rubbing honey into her breasts. Her whole body quaked as Sarah's soaking wet mound came into contact with her own their juises mingling causing them both to groan in reaction. Sarah straddled Lara as she rubbed the honey into the hot flesh. She quickly lost patience with this method and so she poured it all over Lara's breasts, stomach, her face even her hair. Their bodies were grinding against each other as the aroused woman licked the sweet honey off Lara's hot flesh. She licked, slurped, sucked and kissed the sticky skin causing the tall woman to buck and moan in ecstasy.

        "Gods you taste so good," moaned Sarah. Lara's reaction was an ancient war cry deep from with in. This seemed to egg Sarah on who smiled joyfully kissing the soft lips beneath her as she rubbed her body against the sweaty and sticky body beneath her.

        Lara had lost complete control she pumped into her wife pulling her as close to her as she could. The more they did the more they wanted they couldn't seem to get enough of the others bodies. Lara had never experienced such animal passion her body was now in control of her mind she pumped harder till a she was rocked by the biggest orgasm of her life. Screaming her loves name she fell over the edge. Sarah fell over at the same time.

        Somehow their bodies kept going; Sarah suckled the breast the honey making her want the whole large breast in her mouth. This caused another war cry to rip through the ancient edifice. Lara needed to feel inside of Sarah so she maneuvered herself so she had her fingers between their active mounds and added her long finger to Sarah causing her to let go of the breast throw her head back and scream like a bachee. Hearing that Lara had an orgasm of equal power rip through her.

        They were now both covered in honey as they licked every sticky inch of the other woman's heaving body. Delighting in the mixture of their own moisture and the honey's sweetness.

        ***                ***                ****                        ****

        The two women were ripped out of the memory once again. Their whole bodies were quivering and sweat drenched and they were both soaking wet below. Their eyes met and they knew it all happened. It was way too much all at once though and Lara was trying to furiously think of a way to stop the Goddess from doing it again.

        "You are an inventive little torturer aren't you, Bastet my dear?" Asked Aries, as he appeared in front of the girls in a surprisingly protective pose. "The girls were telling you the truth we found another way. Here. Eat this and you'll feel a hell of a lot better. You won't need little boys anymore either." He threw her a golden apple and waited with a smirk on his handsome face.

        Bastet caught it and looked at him and then the fruit in her hands. She took a deep bite and a golden light enveloped her then a beam of light hit Aries right in the center of his chest and seemed to pull him into the Goddess herself and they were gone.

        The girls were all alone in the great chamber. They were still trying to catch their breaths as Lara looked at Sarah who was panting beside her. She embraced her holding her close.

        Sarah looked up into loving blue eyes and whispered hoarsely, "I don't know if I can walk right now."

        "I know, I can't either. Sleep Angel, no one will hurt us now."

        ***                ***                ***                ***

        They were on a Lear jet cuddled close on their way to London.

        "Lara, I don't think I will ever be able to look at a carrot the same again."

        Lara nodded and chuckled, "No wonder my throat is so sore. Where did we leave our strap on, My Angel?" She asked as she kissed the soft neck right below the ear.

        "London," Sarah murmured as soft lips kissed their way up to her own.
        "Good, hate to try to find a new one," replied Lara kissing her love deeply. When she pulled back she looked into slightly glazed green eyes and asked with a twinkle in her blue eyes, "Do we have any honey or oil at the London estate?"

        Green eyes were now fully focused as she met blue; "We do have honey. Brice is a fiend for it."

        "Oh that is good, We get to steal his and have a ball at the same time. Be still my heart at the thought of such joy." Then Lara kissed her love passionately.

         When they parted Sarah had a concerned look on her face as she asked, "What about Aries?"

        Lara kissed Sarah's nose and lifted an eyebrow, "Hmm, what about him?"

        "Do you think he's ok?"

        Lara had a wicked smile on her face as she rubbed her nose against her little Angel's, "Yep, he's tired but fine."


        "I'm sure Bastet is showing him several new slants on pleasure. He will be fine but he will need a nap."

        "Oh, that kind of tired."

        "Yep, he's having a ball."

        The End        

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