Green vs Blue

by anonymous


This is ALT Fan Fiction – no offense intended  - no copyright infringement intended

If you think this will be too descriptive : Don’t read it


Time frame – after the episode :  “Who’s Gurkhan”

No Spoilers  No Violence





The quiet forest suddenly erupted!  A flock of startled birds abandoned the trees and filled the sky.  Every other living creature simply froze. 


A deceptively calm voice spit out,  “What … did … you … say?!”


There was no response from the remaining three companions.  “Tell me now!”


“Please … I … I … uh … it was just … I didn’t mean to …”


A menacing step was taken forward as the sound of sais being drawn finally allowed Xena to find her voice.  “Eve, take Virgil away from here.  Keep traveling west and we will catch up with you in a day or two.  Go now.”


“No.  I want answers.  And I want them now.  Virgil isn’t going anywhere”, said Gabrielle.


But Xena managed to step in between Virgil and the advancing Gabrielle.  Eve shook his shoulder to get his attention and they both made a hasty exit.


Xena felt a chill of fear as Gabrielle’s eyes flared with anger.  Hands up in front of her trying to placate the Bard … make that Warrior … she tried to reason with Gabrielle.


“Gabrielle … “


“Don’t!  Don’t lie to me!  I heard him.  I heard what that idiot just said.  He said he had never seen any body as beautiful as yours.”


“Please … let me …”


“THAT would mean he has SEEN your beautiful body!  And I want to know why!  And how!  And when that boy had that opportunity!!”  Gabrielle’s voice gained strength and fury on every word.


Suddenly needing to release some of her anger Gabrielle turned and threw both sais.  They imbedded into a tree and she started pacing.


“I’m gonna have to kill him.”


Xena tried using her low sexy voice to get thru to Gabrielle, “It is NOT what you think.  Please listen to me."


“Don’t patronize me!  When?  When did this happen?”


“At Mogador when he was trying to sell me to Gurkhan.”




“Well I was supposed to be a mere slave.  The auctioneer just disrobed me.”



“And Virgil did nothing to stop this?!”

“Tell me it wasn’t in public!”

“How many others do I need to kill?!!”


“Gabrielle …”


“You belong to me!  No one else should EVER have the privilege of seeing your beauty.”


Blue eyes downcast, “You are right.  I belong to you and no other.”


But Gabrielle wasn’t thru yet.  “All those years of waiting and watching you flirting with all those bad boys.  I can’t go back to that.  I won’t go back to that.  If you aren’t going to take our relationship seriously …”


“Please!  Gabrielle!  It was an accident!  It won’t ever happen again.  Please don’t be mad … let me make it up to you … you mean … everything … to me … Gabrielle … please …”


Finally a crack in the Warrior’s anger allowed some of the Bard to show thru.  Unfortunately the Bard had been  so desperately in love with Xena for so long before they admitted their feelings that she was very insecure.  Deep in her heart she was still terrified that Xena didn’t truly love her.  The idea of losing Xena was unbearable and Gabrielle’s fears surfaced as anger.


Green eyes blinked as if suddenly realizing the situation.  Gabrielle turned away quickly as tears threatened to spill.  Xena seized the opportunity to set up a passable camp and pull out their blankets.  As soon as Gabrielle’s anger passed she would be able to reassure her and she wanted to make her Bard as comfortable as possible. 


Xena quickly pulled off her armor and set her weapons to the side.  She sat quietly in the nest of blankets she had just made.


Unsure if it was ok for her to speak she called out quietly,  “Gabrielle, please look at me.”


All anger had dissipated back into insecurity.  Gabrielle turned around slowly.


“Gabrielle, I am sorry I didn’t tell you of the incident myself.  It meant nothing to me.  I was focused on the mission.”  Blue eyes dropped again.  “I am so used to my body being used and abused … not cherished … that I forget how things can be misconstrued.”


Gabrielle let out sigh and took a couple steps toward Xena. “I am sor …”


“Wait … let me finish.  You do not need to apologize.  I do.  I am sorry I gave you any reason to doubt my devotion.  There is no room in my heart for anyone but you.  You are my soulmate and I will never leave you.”


“Oh Xena … I get so scared …”


“Gabrielle …” This time the voice would do the trick. “Look at me.  Let me hold you.”


Xena slowly pulled down the strap from her left shoulder baring her breast.  This had exactly the effect she hoped.  Gabrielle’s attention was totally riveted and she moved quickly to join her love on the blankets.  Green eyes staring deeply into blue eyes,  Gabrielle shyly kissed Xena.  Xena wrapped her arms around the bard and held her close as the kiss deepened.  It was a kiss full of emotion showing the depth of their love.    The kiss ended and Xena held Gabrielle’s head in place so they could just look into each other’s eyes.


After a few heartbeats had passed Xena smiled at Gabrielle, “ I just want to hold you close for a while … Is that ok?”




Xena leaned back in their nest pulling Gabrielle to lay on top of her.  One last smile and she slowly moved Gabrielle’s head toward her bared breast.  The Bard immediately covered the breast with her mouth.  She sucked almost desperately as if she were feeding.  Xena’s breath caught at the initial onslaught.


Xena knew that this particular act always gave Gabrielle great comfort.  It was a melding of their souls not a precursor to passion.  Xena held Gabrielle tightly and stroked her back and her hair.  As the Bard relaxed she stopped drawing as hard on Xena’s nipple.  She began to make love to the whole entire breast.  Xena sighed as it became more bearable.  She knew allowing her libido to get carried away would not be the appropriate reaction.  Gabrielle needed this intimacy first.


Gabrielle would stay right where she was and not relinquish that wonderful breast until morning.  This was one of her favorite positions.  She felt safe and loved.  And as far as she was concerned waking up with the Warrior Princess still in her mouth was far better than anything the Ellysian Fields had to offer.  They would express their passions for each other … repeatedly … in the morning … and afternoon … then catch up with Eve and Virgil the next day.


But for now Xena just pulled the blankets around her soulmate and whispered over and over how much she loved Gabrielle.



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