The Xena and Gabrielle XXX Scrolls

Part 7-Hands On Experience

by Shana and Kye

The Xena and Gabrielle XXX Scrolls is a series of ALTERNATIVE writings which cover the same issues from both the Warrior Princess and her Bard's point of view. Each part is a story unto itself, and some will follow along with various episodes of the series, while others may not. Most, if not all, of the scrolls will feature explicit sex, and each will contain its own specific disclaimer. Enjoy!

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Disclaimer: Xena, Gabrielle, Argo, and Thalassa do not belong to us. We are just borrowing them for a while, and will return them all unharmed, although Xena and Gabrielle will be a lot happier. Any other characters belong to the bards, in some form or another.

Violence: Not this time around.

Language: Yep, quite a bit of offensive language this go round...It's beginning to become a habit with these two

Sex: Uh...yep! And plenty of it...there's so much sex you can't even see the plot! You know the rhetoric, if females having sex with other females offends you, OR if you are under the

age of 18, best be moseying along.

Spoilers: Locked Up and Tied Down

Author's Notes: There are two scrolls for each part of the series. One is from Xena's point of view, the other is from Gabrielle's point

of view. One of the authors believes Xena and Gabrielle were lovers on the show. The other doesn't, but through intense email communications with her partner, has discovered that she is a 100% genuine Lawlessbian, that is...she's very straight, but if Lucy were to make her an offer...she'd convert in a minute. Figure that one out!


Thank you for reading!!

Shana and Kye

Xena's Scroll

"Xena, why did you leave me?" It seemed like the hundredth time Gabrielle had asked me this, but she knew I was at most vulnerable right now, and had to press the issue once again.

We were laying cuddled in the bedroll, my lower body still singing with the pleasure of having responded to her insistent mouth and fingers repeatedly, and the smell of our lovemaking heavy in the air. I had just thanked Gabrielle for loving me thoroughly and she asked me the question yet again. .

I wound my fingers through her shimmering hair and shrugged. "Gabrielle, I'm sorry. My conscious was weighing too heavily on me, I guess." .

"You know what I think?" she purred, as if she was suddenly switching gears. Her hips which had been cradled in mine suddenly lifted themselves from my body to straddle my waist. She sat up on top of me. .

I was probably staring in amazement as I thought she was sated, and realized I had been mistaken. "What?" I managed. .

"I think your instincts told you there was a great deal of injustice going on at Shark Island, and you went there to bring it to an end." .

That's my bard...looking for the heroism in everything I did, even when there was my motives were more selfish than that. I chuckled and used a standard response," Well, you keep telling yourself that, and maybe someday you'll believe that." .

"Oh you!" she said, pretending to be exasperated before leaning in for a kiss. Her tongue slid into my mouth and I sucked on it languidly as she continued to grind against me. She drew her head back suddenly and said, "Tired?"

"Not too tired for this." I placed my hands on her slender waist and began to aid her in her movements.

She pulled herself away from my hands then with a smile. "How about this?" She leaned back on her hands and tried to work her center against mine, but it was difficult from this angle. I dutifully slid a leg underneath her until I was on my side, facing my right, while she faced the left. She scooted a bit, and then our wetness met.

"Never too tired for this," I husked and we began to move against each other in the familiar rhythm, despite the unfamiliar position. "Gods!" Our passion flared anew so quickly, I don't even know who uttered the oath.

Gabrielle propped herself on a bent arm, and used her other hand to give herself leverage as she repeatedly moved her body into mine. I bent my long right leg to give her free access and just drank in the sounds of our wet cores slapping together. My clitoris, which had been ready for bed just a few minutes ago, suddenly awoke with a throbbing. Gabrielle began punctuating her movements with a slight hip wiggle on the down stroke, and our flesh would cling together before separating again. Instantaneous moans began at this new pleasure. Together we worked toward a mutual climax that finally wore out even my bard. I managed to pull her into my arms, and then we were asleep, dreaming of what had just happened.

Not surprisingly, we slept late the next morning, but not too late for Gabrielle. She grumbled at me when I finally succeeded in waking her, but I just smiled at her as she tried to urge her sore muscles to stretch out. If she didn't complain about being woke up, it wouldn't be my Gabrielle.

I went off to hunt up some breakfast, and when I returned, she had taken a bath and water boiling over the fire. Thalassa had generously filled our foodstuffs before we left Shark Island, and the tealeaves she had given us were one of our most treasured supplies. Gabrielle handed me my cup as I took a seat on the large fallen log next to her.

"Good morning," she said, smiling shyly at me.

I grinned at her. "Good morning." I leaned in for a brief kiss, then nuzzled my nose along side hers. "How do you feel this morning?"

" I used muscles I didn't know I had."

"And you're the one who does yoga."

"Meanie!" She swung at me with a hand, but missed by a league. She giggled at me. "Was last night okay?" she asked finally.

"Last night was perfect," I assured her. Images of some of the things we had done warmed my insides more than the tea. "Very perfect. I love you with all my heart."

"Right back atcha'" she grinned, using one of my expressions. "Now, what did you catch me for breakfast?" <br>

We discussed moving on that day, but decided one more day in this secluded glen was more to our liking. We were just near the edge of a clear lake, and the fishing there was wonderful. We had set up camp at the base of a grove of trees, but there was a large grass covered clearing surrounding us, and just beyond that, the water. A couple of fallen trees served as our furniture, and the canopy of tree leaves our ceiling, and being with Gabrielle made it feel like home, despite the fact that we were in the middle of nowhere. As comfortable as sleeping in a warm real bed made my bard, I preferred being with her in a setting like this, private but open, exposed but secluded.

"What are you thinking?"

Gabrielle startled me with her question, as I was lost in a daydream. She was sitting with her back to one of the logs, scribbling away in her scroll, but had paused to look at me. The better part of the day had flown by.

I was sitting nearby, repairing the leather on my gauntlet, which had weakened once again. I was going to have to replace it soon, as the material had been repaired too many times to hold for long. I broke the string with my teeth, and then shrugged. "Just enjoying the scenery."

She set her scroll aside. "It is beautiful, isn't it?"

"Gorgeous." But I was looking at her.

"Xena", her blush was so charming, and at the same time, alluring.

"I'm done with my repairs."

"That's good..."

I leered at her. "I need something else to occupy know what happens when I get bored."

Her blush deepened, as she recognized the tone in my voice. I saw goosebumps rise on her flesh. "Go take care of your horse," she said gently. "I'm almost done with my scroll, then we can take care of your boredom together."

I leaned in for a kiss, and our lips lingered as our nether lips had last night. "Not sore anymore?" I asked.

"Not sore anymore," she confirmed, and she licked her tongue across my lower lip. "Go take care of Argo, and I'll be done in a few minutes. I'll be waiting for you." The promises in her eyes made me do her bidding quickly. Argo had found some brambles though, and it took quite a while to brush the thorny burrs from her mane and tail. I took my time with her, feeling like I had been neglecting her a bit lately, and she responded gratefully. She loved Gabrielle, but I think she missed the time when it was just she and I. I fed her the apple I had swiped from Gabrielle's saddlebag (the punishment she'd give me for it was the real motive), and then gave her one last hug. "See you later, girl."

Argo nickered one time, and then trotted off for her own adventure. I had a bard waiting for me. I walked back to our clearing quietly, curious as to what Gabrielle was doing now that she had surely finished her scroll. I caught my breath as I saw.

Her scroll was nowhere in sight, which meant it was finished and wrapped securely. The wild turkey I had killed earlier in the day was still hanging securely from a tree branch near me. I had expected her to start supper, but she had other ideas.

She was laying back against the log, her boots off. I had the feeling her eyes were closed, and as I silently changed to another angle, I saw I was right. What's more, she had one hand stroking over her chest, over the material of her shirt. Her right hand was out of sight, up underneath her skirt. I could see her shivering from where I was.

Gods, was she exciting. She was stroking herself and moaning, and I could hear the name that was issuing from her tempting lips. She was waiting for me.

How to approach her? I could pounce on her and ravage her, but I had done that before. I could call to her name, letting her know I was there, but that might ruin the mood or startle her. A lecherous smile crept across me as I realized what I wanted to do.

I removed my gauntlets and tossed them to land between her outstretched legs. She jumped, but her hands didn't change position. They stopped moving though, as I slowly approached her.

"I've been thinking about you," she purred.

"So I see." I sat down on the log across from her, and assessed her from head to toe. "I like what you're thinking."

Her hands suddenly outstretched toward me. "Come here," she said.


Her green eyes widened. "No?"

"No," I slid my armbands off and reached for my boots. "I like what you were doing. Why don't you continue?"

Her eyes left mine as she became embarrassed. "I can't..." she said, her voice trailing off.

"Why?" She just shrugged in response.

I felt my breeches grow damp as I said, "Would it help if I did it too?"

Her eyes flitted up to mine again. "If you did what?'

"Touched myself."

Her cheeks flamed red, and I knew I had hit a sweet spot. I wasn't shy about anything sexual, and the thought excited me. I quickly removed my breastplate and the rest of my armor. I had to rub hard against my leather-clad nipple, but it responded immediately. "MMMM...this IS nice."

Her eyes were riveted to the fingers of my left hand, until my right one began moving. I slid it down over the curve of my waist and hip, and then crept my fingers up underneath the leather strips of my battle skirt. They met with my breeches covered mound. "Very nice."

She tried to be casual as she asked me to take off my leathers, "just so I'd be more comfortable." I did so, and my hands resumed their positions. My nipples hardened further and became evident beneath the thin material of my shift. My other hand was still out of sight.

"Come on, Gabrielle," I gestured with a shoulder. "I want to see you too."

Her fingers moved, but she looked helpless. "I don't think I can..." she whispered.

My eyes narrowed as I studied her innocent, plaintive face. She was aroused, her eyes glazing over in lust, but at the same time, I could see she was feeling uncomfortable with the thought. I would never force her to do anything, but I would be glad to put on a show for her.

"Maybe you'll change your mind," I whispered back, and I pulled my shift from my body, then stripped off my breeches. I stretched out my now nude body, arching my back against the log so my breasts pushed forward and my stomach sucked in. I moaned deeply, and so did she.

"I want to touch you," I heard her, but I shook my head.

"Not yet. I want to touch me first."

There was a long period of time in my life where giving myself pleasure was the only sexual touch I had known. It had been the same with Gabrielle as we both fueled our fantasies with images of each other, before we could finally admit our love went far beyond friendship. Even after we became intimate, there were occasions where our own fingers could be our only relief, but it was when we were separated. We had spent several lust filled nights admitting to each other what we had done, only to act out the fantasy on the other. But just touching ourselves for the other's pleasure was something we had yet to do.

"Do you want to watch me, Gabrielle?" I asked in the low voice that would make her tremble.

"Yes..." I know she watched me when I would have to use my hand on myself when I was loving her with my mouth. Sometimes I couldn't resist reaching down and relieving the pressure when she was writhing beneath me, and her eyes would often follow my movements there, rather than watching my head or closing her eyes.

"Hmmm..." I stroked my hand over my breasts, which were itching with sensation now. I massaged the flesh roughly, making it bulge between my fingers, and a nipple poked out here and there. "Do you wish it was you?"

"Yess...." She hissed.

"Hmmm...." I pinched a nipple hard, and drew my blunt nails over the sides of my breasts, hard enough to leave red streaks in their wake. My ass started wiggling into the blanket below me, as my vagina clamped down on itself. But it would have to wait.

"What do you want me to do, Gabrielle?"

She blinked and met my gaze. Her look was still pleading. "I want to touch you."

"Not an option..." It sounded harsh, but it wasn't. Her mind was torturing itself, the inhibitions trying to weigh out her desires. I tried another tactic. "What would you do to me if I let you touch me?"

She swallowed, and then answered. "I'd squeeze your breasts, rubbing my hands against your nipples and then take one in my mouth and suckle it."

Zeus...suckle! What a great word she used. I moved to fulfill her bidding, squeezing the mounds of flesh, and then stroking my nipples before drawing one to my own mouth.

"Gods, Xena..."

We had talked about this before, but seeing my lips close on my own nipple was something else again. Her hands flew up to her own breasts, even as I began to suck.

I lowered the right breast, and repeated the action on the left, my eyes closing in the process at the pleasure of the action, and the pleasure of hearing her whimper. I released my other breast, and looked at her again. Her attention was riveted on my wet, reddened nipples.

"What would you do next?"

She drew in a deep breath as the game continued. "I'd stroke down the sides of your breasts, over your ribs, and then across your stomach."

My hands rushed to fulfill her words, and goosebumps rose on my skin. My legs parted and bent, exposing my drenched sex. Her eyes seared into me. I was growing too excited to tease us much longer. "And here, Gabrielle?" I asked, drawing a finger up over my mound. "What would you do here?"

"I'd rub my finger up over the length of your lips, gathering the moisture...and then I'd press it to my mouth, so I could taste you." I nodded somberly, and did so. Her own pink tongue peeked out, as she wished it was her mouth my fingers were in. I sucked my flavor off my own digits slowly, my cheeks hollowing in from the action. One of her hands crept down her stomach toward her own center.

"And now?"

"I would...enter you...with four fingers, and stroke you inside."

"And my clitoris...what would you do to it?"

She suddenly seemed to sense how close I was, and suddenly realized how much power she had over me. "I would ignore it," she whispered. "I would make it pound out its need to you, but not touch it."

Gods, I had been outwitted by my own game, but I continued to play, inserting four fingers easily into my depth. My inner muscles closed in on my fingers, demanding more.

"How would you move?" I urged, my breath coming in pants. "Nice and slow?" I was hoping to outwit her by making her tell me the opposite, but I should have known better.

"Exactly," she nodded, much to my dismay. "Very soft and slow." She got on her hands and knees, and moved closer to the juncture of my thighs, breathing deeply. "Oh yes, that's very, very nice."

I gulped a moan, but couldn't fight the next one back as I felt her warm breath on my clitoris as she moved even closer. "Do you like that, Warrior Princess?"

I fought back an intense wave to grab her and press her head to me. For once, I couldn't respond. I could merely stare into the depths of her eyes, which were changing before me with a newfound confidence.

"You do like that, don't you, Xena? But it isn't enough, is it? It's like throwing a bucket of water on a raging house fire. You need more, don't you?"

Like in a trance, I responded...."I need more."

"What do you need, Xena?" she asked, after slowly sliding her tongue over her own lips. "Do you want me to tell you to touch your clit? Rub it to give you relief? Or do you want me to tell you to move your hand faster, scratching that itch that I just know is about to make you pass out with want? Is that what you need?"


She smiled wickedly at me. "No."

She was torturing me now. My hand continued to stroke slowly, but I was threatening to lose my reign of control at any second. "Stay here," she whispered, and she crawled seductively to our things. She sat cross-legged and rifled through my saddlebag, and my eyes closed as another wave of desire gripped me. When I was able to open them again, she was stripping off her clothes and standing before me naked.<p>,/p>"Remember this Xena? Our little friend? She was holding our phallus in front of her. She hadn't bothered to pull out the harness that usually accompanied it. I nodded, marveling at her aggressiveness.

"Do you want it, Xena?" she purred, rubbing the tip of it over her own nipples.

"I want it..."

She kissed the tip of it, and my whole body lurched. "It's so dry..." she crooned.

"Wet it," I managed, expecting to see her lick it. I didn't know how that would cause me to react, but was willing to try to find out.

"As you wish, Xena..." My eyes bulged as she slowly slid the phallus down over her torso, and then the phallus disappeared inside her. She pushed it in and out a few times, and then pulled it out. It was glistening. "That's so much better."

She got back on her hands and knees, and crawled toward me like some animal on the hunt. When she was in a hairsbreadth of me, my hand pulled away, leaving my sex gaping at her. "I want to do it to you, Xena," she whispered, her lust dripping from her voice. "I want to fuck you until you scream."

Gods, how did things get so turned around? I was supposed to be driving HER to a frenzy! "Do it to me..." I echoed.

The phallus hovered near the tip of my body, and I looked down into her eyes. "Please Gabrielle...I need you."

She barely let the tip slide inside me, and I tried to press down harder. "No, Xena." She pulled the phallus away. She waved it under her nose. "Mmmm...our scents smell so wonderful!" She licked our juices from the tip of it, studying me.

"Gods, Gabrielle!"

"I want some more..." She inserted the wooden phallus a little further, but once again, when I tried to move, jerked it away. Her mouth closed over it this time.

"I want some more too!" I cried out, shocked by the begging tone in my own voice. "Please, my bard...give it to me!"

She looked up at me, and this time the innocent look was an act. "Nice and slow?" she asked, a hint of a smile on her features.

My body shook with the effort not to grab the phallus and take what I needed. My sex convulsed and sent rivers of juices pouring from me. "Gabrielle," I growled, as my expression began to darken.

"That's what I thought," she smiled smugly, and the phallus slid all the way inside. I didn't frighten her one bit. She began to move it in long, slow thrusts, but my hips arching toward her urged her to pick up the pace. It wasn't long before her fingers were brushing against my neglected clit when the phallus was all the way inside. My own fingers clawed at the bark of the log.

"Yesss..." I hissed again, and stretched my back out over the log, so my head could rest against the back of it. I fully exposed myself to her, stretched out as much as was possible, and she continued to fuck me.

"Oh, Xena," I heard her, and then her mouth closed over my clitoris, sucking it hard and demandingly. Her hand never ceased its movement within me. My body hummed in its trip to a powerful orgasm, and I was so close....

She pulled her lips from me when she realized I was almost there, and my thighs clenched from the denial. Oh, was she ever going to pay for this! If I could just survive it!

I willed myself to calm down and she started again, her lips nipping at my engorged erection as she thrust again, even harder this time. I pushed my head closer to the ground, reviling in the sensations, but trying to prepare myself for her to pull back again.

I felt her teeth rake my bundle of nerves, and the phallus began to pound me. I could hear her unvocalized panting in my mind, "Come for me, Xena."

Every muscle in my body tensed as my rapture escalated, and then I was crying out her name into the forest. My sex convulsed as the pleasure soared, and I let myself ride it out. She continued to tug at my clitoris with her teeth, making sure every sensation was milked for all its worth. My body gradually stilled, but it was long seconds before I could slide down into a sitting position.

I wanted to look into her eyes, to see what was seething there, but they were closed, and her lips were slightly parted. My own cheeks grew warm as I looked lower and saw her fingers between her thighs, touching herself. It was the most beautiful thing in the world to me at the moment, and knowing I had inspired it made my heart swell with love. She orgasmed a few seconds later, her head pressing toward my shoulder as she murmured her passion. It wasn't as mind numbing as my climax, but I felt we had crossed through yet another doorway in our lovemaking. She finally moved her hand, and I drew it to my face, sucking in her moisture. After a second, her eyes met mine. Her ravenous expression matched mine.

"I love you, Xena."

"Back atcha," I chuckled. I drew her mouth to mine, and shared her taste with her. Against her lips, I spoke the words. "And I'm going to keep on loving you until we're both sore."

And I did.

Gabrielle's Scroll

Pumping the majority of my hand into Xena's sex had her writhing on our bedroll. Gods, she was so exciting to watch. My own body responding to the visual aspects of our lovemaking was making me never want to withdraw myself from her. I loved to watch her come over and over. The way she could roll and thrust her hips all at the same time, a movement and motion I could stand to ride throughout the night.

I loved touching her everywhere...licking her skin, painting her lips with my tongue and then feeling her mouth give way...but inside her, that was the true essence of Xena. It was touching the soul, to be within the body, and certainly within the heart. Her smell rose like a vapor, one filled with desire, lust, and asking to be inhaled and absorbed within my own body. We really did become One when we made love. Our appetites never filled, we often had been sore the next day from touching one another so much. We wouldn't have it any other way. No pain, no gain.

As I watched her upper body rise to an almost sitting position while arching her back, I could feel her tightening on my fingers. I could not resist sucking her while she came. I watched as long as I could, but I had to make her drain the orgasm of every ounce of pleasure. "I love you, Xena. I'm a part of you. I have to taste, to suck you and make you shoot into my mouth." She loved it when I talk about her clit like it was her penis. I had to be careful and save it for the end, because it always brought her closer in an instant.

I had my knees folded under me, and bowed down to worship the god I really served. She was the only reason I cared about existing. I licked my tongue flatly against her lips, tracing them even with most of my hand inside her. "Are you ready to come for me, Baby?" At that question, she started her climb; her sweat-soaked bangs stuck to her forehead, gasping, "Yes. I'm almost there." I moaned against her, not really meaning to, but not being able to resist. How was it possible to contain? She was my drug. My addiction. My fix. My need. My Xena.

She came with such force, not trying to control her hips, just letting go and giving herself to me completely. If I thought I loved her yesterday, I was wrong. Today I really loved her. And tomorrow I would love her even more.

Hanging on to every lingering shake of her body, I ran my hands up her stomach, and licked my tongue all the way to her breasts. I indulged myself in lingering kisses, gathering each breast in my hand and softly sucking; making sure my teeth lightly stroked the surface. I left quite a nice mark on her left breast.

"Did you get that one?" I asked while she rolled her eyes and acted like she had died. "You're trying to kill me, I think, my precious Gabrielle. And you say yours isn't the Way of the Warrior?" I lay down beside her, while she turned over and grabbed me in a big arm hug, holding me as close as her own skin.

"Xena, why did you leave me?" I had to ask her again. I had never been so frightened as when she was sentenced to Life in prison on Shark Island. It wasn't even an option. I would either get her off the island or die trying. She had paid for her mistakes. She couldn't sacrifice herself for something that happened in the past. It ended up working out, but it was much too close for my comfort. "How could you leave me?"

"Gabrielle, I'm sorry. My conscious was weighing too heavily on me, I guess. I told you that she was an innocent person, just like you."

I decided to not kill the moment, so I quickly straddled her and changed the tone. It was time to move on to another subject. We let the incident go, and started a new chapter in our lives. I leaned down for a kiss, but her lips felt so good I decided to stay a bit longer. My center is controlled by Xena's mouth it seems. Whenever her mouth is connected to my body, or even my skin, for any length of time I can always feel my center respond. I started grinding against her and felt myself start streaming wetter than before. Tonight I didn't feel at all inhibited, and I just wanted to be as close to her as I possibly could.


We tried a new position, and our more than ample supply of juices helped us move against each other, really feeling each other's excitement better than ever. No hands involved, only letting our bodies guide us on how to move. I faced her with our bodies connecting between our legs, and the sensation sent us on a new high.

Exhausted, she pulled me into her arms and we quickly went to the land of happy dreams, where rainbows are beautiful and your lover is your heaven.

The light of morning came too quickly for me. I am never ready to get up. There is a big difference in getting up and waking up. I love waking up, whatever time it may be, because that lets me sleepily start touching my lover, and most of the time it is a wake-up call that lasts for an hour or so. Then it's back to peaceful sleep.

This particular morning, I was starved! Considering the workout we had last night, I could eat like a man this morning. Xena pulled me on top of her, giving me a big kiss, and telling me she was going out for breakfast and would be back. I took advantage of another half-hour snooze and finally got up and took a bath.

I had some wonderful tea ready when Xena returned, thanks to Thalassa, and I was very happy to see my lover. She came in for a kiss and it was wonderful to reunite. I had to ask her if she was okay with last night. I like to know exactly if she likes our lovemaking or not. She said it was perfect, and that was precisely my opinion. Making love with Xena was only getting better and better.

"What do you think about staying another day right here?" she asked, her eyes bright and her smile even brighter. It really was a perfect little place for us. Beautifully draped by trees and a lake at our back door, I didn't want to leave, and besides, Xena loved her fishing. I liked to allow her time for herself. I could write in my scrolls or just enjoy nature. Watching Xena was my favorite pastime.

Xena had been quiet for some time, silently making repairs to her gauntlet. "What are you thinking?" I asked. She looked at me with a look of complete love and contentment. It was the most beautiful I had ever seen her appear. She wasn't carrying a load of worry and guilt with her...just happy to be where she was, and with me. I couldn't ask for more. How could life be any better than this? I had everything I needed right here, right now.

"Just enjoying the scenery", she said, and I knew exactly that she was ready to make love again. There was something in her voice, something in the way she fixed her eyes on always excited me to know that she wanted me. She could have anybody that she chose, but she was with me. I wanted to be perfect in every aspect. Disappointment was something I never wanted her to feel when it came to me.

"I need something else to occupy know what happens when I get bored."

Oh my gods. I wanted to be perfect for her, but she still caught me off guard sometimes with the things she would say. Trying to be really smooth, I said, "Go take care of your horse. I'm almost done with my scroll, then we can take care of your boredom together." I felt like jelly inside from her commanding presence, but couldn't wait to make love with her again.

I tried to write in my scroll while Xena was with Argo, but my concentration was not on the parchment-only Xena. I would never regret leaving everything I had ever known to follow this woman. It was our destiny to be together, in love forever.

I decided to lie on one of the fallen trees as a bed and take a nap until Xena got back. I couldn't wait for her to touch me, to fill me completely. I was looking at the beautiful sky, and thought of Xena's eyes. Her eyes were certainly seductive. They were one of her greatest weapons, and nobody ever contemplated being on guard for the deployment a look from Xena could gain. Thoughts of her eyes led me to thoughts of other things, and before I knew it, I was captivated by visions of her. She wasn't even here and I was already a prisoner. A prisoner of her Love; gladly serving a Life Sentence.

Just imagining her hands all over me and how she could take me over the edge caused my body to react...I was craving her again. I kept my eyes closed and touched myself lightly, anticipating Xena's return so that she could finish what I had started. The longer she took, the more I wanted her. Touching myself was in no way going to substitute for her absence, but I also knew she should be returning any minute, and she would most likely enjoy the scenery if she saw what I was doing. It was harder to concentrate the longer I went, my need growing by the minute. I felt something hit the ground near me, and it was Xena's gauntlets.

"I've been thinking about you," I said, as she sat down near me on the log. "So I see." I stretched out my arms for her, ready for her to pick me up in her arms and then carry me to our bedroll and make passionate love to me. "Come here..."

"No," she casually said while taking off her boots. "I like what you're doing. Why don't you continue?"

I was completely embarrassed. Nighttime would be bad enough, but I could not touch myself in broad open daylight with her watching. Xena was not shy in the least when it came to her body or anyone else's. She was a very open-minded lover and didn't lack in self-confidence. Why would she? I could tell by the way she was looking at me that she had an idea.

"Would it help if I did it, too?" I thought I knew what she meant, but I just had to ask. "If you did what?" I gritted my teeth, not knowing for sure what was going to come out of her mouth. "Touched myself." Oh boy. She caught me off guard so many times, and this was really one of those times. I could feel my face burning with a bright shade of red, and she enjoyed every minute of making me squirm.

Without delay, she quickly spread out the blanket I had been sitting on, and then removed her armor and started rubbing over her own body, even with her leathers still on. She was such a sexy creature...and I think being in her natural habitat made her even more driven to completely let go. This idea really had her going, and I could tell that before it was all over, my rapidly growing education would be even further advanced. She was a perfect instructor.

Totally enticing me to not take my eyes off her, she began her performance for me. I must say I had never been more interested in any production than what I was about to see. Rubbing her chest with one hand, and letting her other hand slither up her skirt, I could only imagine how wet she was getting. I knew how it was affecting me, and I wasn't on the receiving end. "Mmmmm, this IS nice." She was making my mouth water.

"Xena, uhhh, you could take off your leathers, you know, just so you could be more comfortable and all." I was thinking to myself the whole time, "Please say yes, please say yes!" She stripped down to her shift, and just the sight of her hardened nipples made me swallow hard and I wanted my mouth to be everywhere her hands were. Her right hand was still hidden beneath her shift. She was driving me crazy with desire.

Still not convincing me to do the same, she said, "Maybe you'll change your mind." I should have known with that statement that she would make it impossible to resist her. She stripped off her shift and underwear, completely naked, ready to resume her tasks. I moved from sitting on the log to sitting on the blanket with Xena. "I want to touch you, Xena." With her head thrown back and her eyes closed, she continued touching herself, now exposing everything for me to see. She shook her head and said, "No, I want to touch me first." This was torture, plain and simple.

"Xena....." She could hear the pleading in my voice. "Do you want to watch me, Gabrielle?" "Yes..." I could hear my heart beating in my ears, and I'm sure my breathing was just as rapid as hers.

Watching her would be torment in itself, but I decided to use it for a learning experience. I would observe what made her respond more, even though she was the one benevolently giving herself the pleasure. The next time I did get to rest my hands on her, I would know how to make her body respond to me better than before. I tuned everything out and only Xena in. She was my world and complete surroundings for the next while.

She stroked her left hand over her breasts, all the while touching herself below with the other hand. "Do you wish it were you?" Of course she knew I did. But it was part of the hunt, and she was luring me closer to her trap the entire time. Not letting me touch her was going to change.

"What would you do to me if I let you touch me?" A blunt answer would be, "Fuck your brains out", but I wouldn't ruin the moment for anything. An itemized list would be nice, descriptive and to the point. That's when I was able to join her, if only through my words.

"I'd squeeze your breasts, rubbing my hands against your nipples and then take one in my mouth and suckle it." She did just that...with the most sensuous movement I could never imagine, she closed her own lips over her own nipple and let her mouth have free course. What a sight. I didn't know how long I could keep going without straddling her right then and there.

"What would you do next?" I began describing my actions; how I would touch her breasts, then move down her stomach. With my words, she seemed even more lost in her movements; her long, luscious legs gave way and opened-inviting me to tell her more. Completely exposing herself to me, I was aching with want and desire. Refraining from touching her took more strength than I ever imagined. Self control. She continued to ask me what I would do at each important body part, and I explained in great detail exactly how I would touch her and what I would do. I was wet with want.

She did to herself exactly as I said I would do, if given the opportunity. She rubbed her fingers through her sex, and then sucked the sweet secretions from each finger. She entered her own vagina with four fingers, exactly as I said. Asking me what I would do with her clit, I turned the tables and told her, "I would ignore it." I got on my hands and knees, to be as close as possible to her and to be able to whisper and it be heard. The time was drawing near that she would let me touch her. I could feel her sensations. My own core was throbbing and gushing to have her inside me. At this point, I wasn't focusing on myself. Touching her was my mission. She was all I wanted.

I told her that if inside her, I would move very soft and slow. She frowned at this, needing much more. However, she did only as I said if it were I touching her. I loved this game, actually, but it was so difficult to refrain myself. That's the very factor that would make it so rewarding in the end. I couldn't remember any soreness from last night. She had successfully drawn me to her, and even herself, into a web of desire that could not be quenched. There was no turning back at this point.

Knowing she could be so close to climaxing, and seeing her look into my eyes with pure lust, I felt it was time to take the lead. "Stay here," I whispered, and crawled to her saddlebag. I hurriedly rumbled through her bag, looking for just the weapon to defeat her. As soon as I found it, I started stripping off my clothes as quickly as possible, not wanting to lose one bit of moisture that may have dripped from her beautiful sex. I looked over at her, and her eyes were closed, and her hands still on the places that I would soon dominate.

I stood in front of her, holding the phallus. "Remember this, Xena? Our little friend?" I knew right then and there was the time to impose my attack, and I was sure I had earned this through the suffering she inflicted by making me wait.

"Do you want it, Xena?" Standing before her completely naked, the desire to be with her had overtaken my earlier apprehensions. I had definitely opened up, in every sense of the word. Of course, this meant she had won, but I didn't care. I just wanted to make love to my Warrior Princess.

"Wet it", she panted. I started to suck it entirely into my mouth, but quickly decided how much more effective it would be to get the moisture from elsewhere. Of course, this "elsewhere" kept reminding me it was present, and in extreme need of attention. I pushed the phallus inside me, with no restraint from my body. I was so wet and open, and knowing that my actions were going to turn her on so much more, I thrust it inside me several times, teasing my own hunger and knowing it only made hers increase. That was what I wanted...more than gratifying my own pleasure, I wanted to see that she found absolute release from what my body could give her. She had a look of complete surprise, and that was what I wanted.

I got on my hands and knees, and crawled toward her. She withdrew from touching herself inside, and her lips were literally drenched, parted and full, in a state of need. "I want to do it to you, Xena. I want to fuck you until you scream." Much to my delight, she said, "Do it to me. Please Gabrielle, I need you."

Not knowing who was conquering whom, I lost interest in the count. My focus and desire was to bring Xena's body to complete elation, and it had to be me that performed the task. Making love to her was just as important, if not more, than being made love to by her.

I toyed with her, barely letting the tip press into her opening. She wanted it desperately, and I found myself wishing that I had gotten the harness so I could really feel that I was making love with her. But this wasn't for me. It was for her, and she mattered the most to me in all the world. I continued to tease her only a little more, but could see that she was ready for me to take control and bring her to the heights she had worked both us towards.

She stretched out her body for me as I took her, as I claimed what was mine and was taking care of what was mine. I didn't want her to come just yet, but would give her a taste of how good this would be. I descended on her clit with my mouth as I plunged the phallus into her, in long, slow thrusts. It was agonizing on us both, but the payoff would be well worth it. I sucked her in; moaning with the passion and yearning that had built inside me. Her body responded by the movements of her hips. She moved against the thrusts I put behind my movements of the phallus, and I sucked her hard as she was quickly approaching her pinnacle. I just had to have a little more time before she came, and drew back from sucking her. She darted her eyes at me with a frown, and I knew it was time.

I looked at her cunt, filled with the phallus inside her, her clit erect and hard, her body beautiful and entire purpose for existence lay right before me. I was so completely overcome with love that tears came to my eyes, but it was time to give my Warrior Princess what she needed--love from her bard.

I leaned in and licked her lower lips slowly, intimately, and freely. I began moving the phallus in steady, solid movements, and collected her clit in between my lips by sucking in, capturing her with my tongue. Holding securely with my tongue, I could suck her hard. Combining these movements, she began to come for me, and the experience was breathtaking, yet completely humbling. I pulled against her clitoris, begging her to come in my mouth. She followed everything I did to her body, and came with such vigorous force. I held onto her tightly, never missing a beat, never missing a drop.

She stilled from her movements, and I couldn't contain my needs any longer. I gave her what she wanted from the beginning, touching myself, imagining it was her touching me just the way she knew I needed. I leaned into her shoulder and came, but letting Xena suck my juices from my fingers.

"I love you, Xena." She drew me in for a long kiss, capturing my mouth into hers, letting me know this had been a very good session. She spoke into my mouth, "I'm going to keep on loving you until we're both sore."

And she did. We were in our own private paradise, needing nothing from anyone else, giving everything we needed to each other. We had found perfection in every sense of the word.

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