Hearts Hidden Desire

by Marion D Tuttle

Standard disclaimer: I don't hold any claims to Xena, Gabrielle or any of
the Amazons they belong to Universal Studios. The story however is mine.
This story makes refrences to events that happened in Bitter Suite and One
Against An Army

Sex disclaimer: Yes there is a quite graphic description of a
love/sexual relationship between two women, and we all know who. If this
bothers you maybe this is not the story for you

The group of Amazons stood watching the agitated warrior pace back and
fourth across the floor. No one quite dared to be the first one to speak,
the tension was growing thicker by the second. Finally the tall warrior
spoke "Well this is just bloody grand! Tell me again and dont leave
anything out.
Ephany looked at Xena, the warrior was absolutely furious and things
were going to get worse before they got better.She also knew that hedging
things with Xena would be a huge mistake "The rebels had spys inside the
village, they were the ones that lead Gabrielle out into the forest on the
pretext of meeting a delegation from a neighboring village. no one thought
there was anything strange in this as we have been receiving a lot of
petitions for hunting rights lately. No one thought anything of it when
Gabrielle didn't return that night, we assumed that they had reached an
agreement and had held a celebration"
Xena shot a cold stare at Ephany "And just when did you suspect that
something might be wrong?"
The Regent went on with her story trying not to let the warrior
intimidate her, not an easy task. "The next morning a runner arrived with a
message that Gabrielle had been taken by Trachas."
Xena reread the note for what had seemed like the hundredth time she
still couldn't believe a band of rebel Amazons had joined with Trachas'
army. She was not sure at that moment who she was more angry at Trachas for
having the nerve to kidnap Gabrielle, the Amazons for letting her go off,
or herself for not taking Gabrielle with her. She thought back to the
argument she had with Gabrielle before she had left the village.

"Xena, I thought we had gotten past this point of you treating me like a
The warrior fought to keep her temper under control, why couldn't her
friend, just once accept the fact that Xena was only trying to protect her.
"How many times do I have to tell you I need all my focus on stopping these
raiders they are ruthless, and like it or not you are still not fully
recovered from that poison arrow. I can't do what I need to if I'm worried
about you getting hurt. You'll be safer here."
" I hate it when you do this"
"Gabrielle, this discussion is over, I am leaving in the morning and you
are staying here." trying to gentle the harshness of her words she added
"It shouldn't take me that long, a week maybe two at the most then I'll be
back." she went to place her hand on Gabrielle's shoulder but the bard
pulled away "Why don't you just go now ? Why wait until morning? You
obviously don't care what I think!"
Trying to mask the hurt she felt at her friends stinging words. "Fine I'm
going I'll see you when I get back."
"Don't hurry on my account."
The warrior had turned her heel and left an angry bard behind mounting
Argo she left with out a backward glance. She returned to this disaster.

Pulling her mind back to the present she tried to piece together what
had happened Trachus had made her demands clear Xena would join her in her
efforts to defeat the Amazons in this village or Gabrielle would die.
Trachus seemed to know that has long has she held Gabrielle's life in her
hands she could get whatever she wanted from Xena.
The next words out of the warriors mouth sent chills down the spine of
every woman in the room. I am going to kill Trachus with my bare hands and
its going to be slow and painful."
Ephany moved to stand in front of the irate woman, "Xena , this is no
time for you to lose control, you need to keep your head now more than
ever. Gabrielle's life could well depend on it."
These words seemed to have a calming effect on Xena "Your right of
course...its just.." She didn't finish the sentence she didn't have to
every one there knew that the warrior princess was dealing with an emotion
that she had little experience with, fear.
It showed clearly in her eyes, she was terrified of losing Gabrielle.
Pacing again a plan began to form in her mind. "Ephany" Xena turned to
her "I think I have a way out of this, Trachus wants me to secure the
surrender of this village, so that's what I'm going to do."
She was met by a resounding shout from the assembled Amazon warriors
"What are you taking about Xena?"
"Hear me out Trachus is foolish enough to think I will join her in
attacking the Amazon nation, I think we should let her believe that."
Ephany put her hand on Xena's shoulder, "Whatever we can do Xena, We'll
help any way we can."
"I will Ep but first I'd like to talk with you privately." The rest of
the women took their cue and filed out leaving Xena alone with the acting
Queen. Xena had turned her back while everyone was walking out. Xena's
hands were gripping the sideboard against the wall so hard her knuckles
were white. As the last woman left Ephany approached her "Every one has
left Xena what is it?"
The warrior took a deep breath before starting."I'm going to need your
help with this Ephany, this isn't like any other battle I've ever fought
The blonde Amazon couldn't believe what she was seeing Xena's shoulders
seemed to be shaking ever so slightly She turned the warrior around to face
her. She was met with a sight she never would have expected.

Standing before her was the strongest woman she had ever known, both
physically and mentally with tears streaming down her face. When Xena spoke
it sounded like the words were being wrenched from her. "Ephany, if
anything happens to Gabrielle I dont know what I'll do. I love her..."
"I've known that for a long time now, it shows you know. Have you told
Gabrielle how you feel?"
"No, not yet .... I planned to... but with everything that has happened
after are little trip through Illusa, the Persian army that dammed poison
arrow and than these raiders there just hasn't been the time. Thats why I
wanted to bring her here, I thought we could get some quite time together."
"Xena I'm sure she knows you love her."
"She knows I love her... I've told her that, but she doesn't know I'm in
love with her." The tears were coming faster know "What if I can't pull
this off? What if she dies and I never get to tell her..."
Ephany could see the warrior need to be bought back to herself, "Xena
we are not going to let that happen! Do you understand me? now tell me your
plan so we can reunite you and Gabrielle and you can set the record
The warrior took a deep breath to calm herself, Ephany was right, if
there was ever a time in her life when she needed to keep it together it
was now. "Trachus as been trying to entice members of this village away for
a long time now. She has felt for a long time that scince Gabrielle is not
of Amazon blood she has no right to be Queen. She resents Gabrielle and
would probably kill her no matter what so we need to move quickly."
She went on to explain her plan to the Regent, it was so simple it
almost seemed too easy. They would make the rebel leader believe she was
getting exactly what she had demanded, the surrender of the Amazon nation.

Trachus stalked into her tent throwing her armor into a heap. Grabbing
the flask of wine from the table she took a deep drink. She finally turned
to her Gabrielle lay tied to the bunk.
The renegade Amazon was not happy with the way things had been
progressing. Those fools back in the village thought the knew what was
motivating her to do what she was doing. But thet didn't no one knew not
even Xena herself.
The Amazon turned warlord looked down at the sleeping woman, She had been
searching for a way to tear Xena's heart out for the rejection she had
dealt her. She had always known that the young bard was special to Xena,
and two moons ago she had found out just how special.
The Amazons had been having a celebration of a particularly good
harvest and Xena and Gabrielle had come for the festival. Trachus had long
lusted after Xena and had deluded herself into believing that the warrior
returned her feelings.
She had vowed to herself that Xena would be hers that night. She slipped a
strong sleeping herb into Xena's wine. It couldn't hurt to make sure the
warrior was in a very relaxed state.
As Queen Gabrielle was involved in the celebration on many levels. Xena
was not one to get to actively involved in the merry making as a general
rule, so no one thought it odd that she remained in the background letting
Gabrielle bask in her element.
When the sleeping herb started to take effect Trachus made the seemingly
kind gesture of offering to help Xena back to her hut. Once inside she had
laid Xena down on the bed, she had been right the warrior was strong she
was very relaxed but still able to respond to stumbles. She waited a few
minutes before joining Xena on the bed.
She began by slowly kissing Xena and her heart lept with joy when Xena
started to kiss her back. It sank just as quicklywhen Xena puled her closer
and moaned against her lips "Oh yes Gabrielle... I want you so much."
"No Xena, it's Trahcus."
"Trachus.. no no I want Gabrielle."
The Amazon had left Xena there emersed in the dream she had fallen
into. She left the village that night with a biter feeling buried in her
heart towards the warrior princess that had not left her scince.

Bringing her thoughts back to her current surroundings she roughly shook
Gabrielle awake. "Wake up its time to eat."
Gabrielle opened her eyes to look at her captor "And just how do you
propose I do that? With my hands tied like this I can't even sit up."
The bard saw the hesitation in Trachus' eyes just before she bent to
untie the ropes. Alright I'll untie you I certainly don't plan to feed you.
Don't try anything funny or I promise you will regret it."
Sitting up Gabrielle rubbed her wrist trying to return some circulation
to her numb hands. Glancing at the food Trachus had bought in she was
surprised to find that she wasn't hungry. "Why are you doing this Trachus?"
She sneered at her captive "You'll know soon enough my Queen."

"Xena your crazy, there's no way this will ever work!"
"Yes it will, trust me. Its very simple Ephany you and I will go to
Trachus' camp under a banner of peace. We will tell her that the council
has agreed that they should rehear her petition to be made Queen, but she
has to let Gabrielle go first.
We'll have a small war party waiting a safe distance away just in case. But
in need to be inside the encampment to even have a chance of getting
Gabrielle out of there."
The Regent regarded her friend she knew if any one could pull this off
it would be Xena, but she had serious doubts that any mortal could make
this plan work. There were just too many things that could go wrong.
"What if she doesn't accept our offer?" Ephany asked, fearing the answer
that she knew would come
"Than I will challenge her myself!"
"After everything you've been through Xena you can't."
"I can and I will."
"I guess there is no talking you out of this."
"That's right." Xena stared past Ephany's shoulder out into the square
"No one touches Gabrielle and gets away with it."

"Here drink this, if you aren't going to eat you at least have to
drink. Your no good to me dead."
"What do you care?" Gabrielle spat "You plan to kill me anyway."
"Not until the time is right.Now drink."
Gabrielle took the cup and drank, she was trying to stall for time
now. She knew Xena would be here soon. she was supposed to have met
Gabrielle back at the village yesterday afternoon Ephany would have told
her right away and she would be here.
A nagging doubt called from the back of her mind "What if Xena didn't
come for her, they hadn't parted on the best of terms. Just as suddenly as
the thought had entered it left. No Xena would be here angry or not she
would never let any one harm her.
The bard began to feel a strange sensation come over her almost like her
mind were floating above her body."Did you put something in this?"
"It Won't hurt you, just make you more receptive of my advances."
Gabrielle was truly confused now "What are you talking about Trachus?"
"Revenge, against your precious warrior princess."
The feeling was starting to invade Gabrielle's senses she didn't
recognize it at first. It grew stronger until it occurred to her that the
only other times she had felt this way were the times she watched Xena, or
when the were close enough to touch it was desire, "What did you give me?"
A very potent aphrodisiac, in a matter of moments you will be begging
me to take you."
"Oh but you will."
"Because it will break Xena's heart and thats what this is all about."
Gabrielle was having a hard time focusing the feelings induced by the
drug were making it harder foe her to focus."What are you talking about?"
"Didn't you hear about my ill fated attempt to seduce Xena at the
festival." she saw the shocked look on the bards face "No of course not the
noble warrior princess would never talk about something like that."
Gabrielle's head was becoming more fuzzy with each passing moment she
was raridly losing coherent thought. The desire was raging through her
blood threading to drive her out of her mind.
"As I said I tried to seduce Xena, I gave her a sleeping herb that
would dull her senses. I thought if I could get her defenses down I would
be able spark her passions. Well I was half right I sparked her passions
alright but not for me." she finished the last part eight a sneer "All she
wanted was you."
; The bard was having a hard time breathing now as Trachus continued on
"You see the herb I used on Xena didn't have the desired effect at just
relaxed her, but I have scince found an herb that makes the recipient,
shall we say very open to amourus advances."
"Why would you want to do this?"
"I told you, I want Xena to suffer. Just think of what it will do to her
to walk in here and hear the woman she loves begging me to make love to
Nothing was making sense to the bard any more "Your wrong Xena doesn't
feel that way about me, I'm her best friend but thats all."
"No Gabrielle she may not have admitted it to you but she is in love
with you. The dream she was having about you had nothing to do with

Trachus paced around the tent for a few minutes more, she knew Xena was
on the way with Ephany she had sent scouts out to report back to her the
second Xena was spotted. She wanted to time this so that the warrior would
walk in right in the middle of Gabrielle dissolving against her in desire.
Sitting on the edge of the bed the renegade Amazon began a slow massage
on Gabrielle's shoulders "Tell me my Queen are you starting to feel desire
Gabrielle closed her eyes against the storm of sensation that was
threatening to over take her she rolled her head from side to side as she
tried to fight the rising tide of desire. "I hate you for this Trachus, you
may be able to force a response from my body with this potion, but you will
not touch my heart!"
Trachus sneered at her "I don't care, I don't want your heart, I'm just
interested in Xena's heart I want to tear it to shreds. And if she sees me
making love to you especially if she hears you beg for it."
She bent over and kissed Gabrielle soundly on the lips, the bard tried
to struggle against the burning that coursed through her blood, but her
body betrayed her. "Trachus...please.."
A smirk twisted her features "Please what Gabrielle?"
"Please put an end to this I need..."

A voice came from behind them "Don't you dare touch her!"
Trachus whirled to see Xena standing at the tent entrance sword in hand,
her voice was a purr as she said "Just because you didn't want me Xena,
doesn't mean you're little friend doesn't"
If you don't get away from her you will die right here." Xena grabbed
Trachus by the shoulder and threw her across the tent slamming her into one
of the sturdy tent poles. In a flash she had her hand at Trachus' throat.
"If you've hurt her in any way it's you're neck."
Ephany came to the tent opening, seeing the struggle that was taking
place she forced her way between Trachus and Xena. "The camp as been
secured Xena let me handle her, the council will make decision as to whats
to happen to her. Go to Gabrielle, she needs you now."
Xena turned to her friend, the bard had struggled against her bonds so
hard that her wrists had started to bleed. "Xena please help me...I need
The warrior looked around and saw the discarded cup. Picking it up her
nostrils were met with a familiar scent she knew now what had happened to
her bard. That answered the questions Xena had about what she had heard and
seen upon entering the tent. Gabrielle couldn't help herself her body
needed release and she was beyond caring who gave it to her.
Xena struggled with warring emotions as she released Gabrielle from her
bonds. Part of her wanted nothing more than to take Gabrielle and give her
the release she craved. another part screamed at her 'No not like this' she
didn't want to be with Gabrielle because of an outside force.
She untied the bard's wrists and found her arms full of a very amourus
bard..Gabrielle began raining kisses down the column of Xena's throat
"Please help me end this Xena it's driving me out of my mind."
"Gabrielle I can't do this."
"I need you to."
"Xena if you are my friend you will help me I can't stand this!"
That was what broke through to the warrior, she had experienced the
effects of a similar potion before when she had been captured in her
warlord days and her jailer had tried to break her. She knew the torment
Gabrielle was going through, she also knew it would only get worse until
Gabrielle found release. If she didn't find relief soon the desire would
drive her mad.
"I want to help you Gabrielle but..."
"Please Xena now!"
The raging war in Xena gave way to her friends tortured pleas, with a
shaking hand she reached for Gabrielle's center The bard pulled Xena's head
down to her moaning when she felt warm lips on her breast. There was no
time for tender explorations or loving caress. This was just about ending
the bards torment.
Xena's skilled fingers pushed in and out of Gabriella while the bard
held Xena's head against her breast refusing to let her move, the warrior
could feel her friends muscles start to tighten around her fingers. She
could tell Gabrielle was close to release and she increased her efforts,
just a little more and the bard would be released from the touture imposed
by the potion.
She began to shake with the power of her climax "Yes.. thank the Gods
......harder please." Her orgasm was so intense it pushed her into

Xena disengaged herself from the sleeping woman, she was filled with self
loathing. One part of her mind knew what she had done was an act of mercy.,
but another part told her she had wanted to make love to Gabrielle to hold
her in her arms while she screamed her name in passion, but not like this,
not because she had no choice.
Coming back into the tent Ephany saw Xena slumped in the chair watching
Gabrielle sleep. Sensing the Amazon's presence behind her she looked up.
"She's going to hate me for this, I wasn't there to protect he and then I
take advantage of her in the worst possible way."
"Xena, stop it, none of this is your fault. No one could have stopped
this and as far as you taking advantage nothing could be further from the
truth. I'm not in love with Gabrielle but I would have done anything to end
her torment if you weren't here. You did nothing wrong!"
Xena just hung her head , everything Ephany said made perfect sense to
her her head, but her heart was another matter. Ephany tried to urge the
warrior to go and get some rest, but she refused. "I want to be here when
she wakes up."
Knowing that argument would be futile, the Regent left Xena to keep a
silent vigil over her sleeping friend.After what seemed like an eternity
the bard began to stir, Xena was at her side like a shot from a crossbow.
"Gabrielle, Gabrielle are you okay?"
Her head felt fuzzy but she was starting to come around. "Xena?"
"I'm right here."
She reached up to cup the warriors cheek in her hand and was surprised
to find wetness there. "Xena you've been crying! Whats wrong?"
"Nothing I'm just tired and I've been worried about you."
"Don't lie to me, your no damm good at it you know." Gabrielle took the
warriors hand in her own and went on "This may not be the time Xena but
Trachus said some things to me, and I need to know if there are true."
"What is it?"
"Tracus said she did all this because you rejected her."
A momentary look of confusion passed across the warrior's features. "We
all thought this was about control of the Amazon nation.
"That was what I tought when she first bought me here I saw the note she
sent but it was all a ploy. She told me about what happened the night of
the festival. Do you remember anything about it?"
Xena searched her memory."To tell you the truth I'm a little confused
about that myself.Ephany told me everything Trachus had told her while you
were asleep. Apparently she tried to do the same thing to me she had done
to you, but at the time she didn't have the right mix.But what ever she
slipped me had me out of it enough that I didn't even know what was going
on. She got me into bed and started to get...very friendly, and than for
some reason she just stopped and left, no one had seen her again until all
this started."
Looking at Gabrielle Xena could see there was still questions, she didn't
know how much the bard knew and she wasn't sure if she was prepared to
answer those questions.
"I only have one other question Xena, Trachus seems to be under the
impression that you are in love with me Where might she have gotten that
Gabrielle watched as her friend fidgeted in her chair, she was looking
down at the floor looking very uncomfortable.
"Tell me why should she think that."
Xena cleared her throat blue eyes raised to meet green. "She won't
accept anything less than the truth and she'll know if I hold anything
back" the warrior princess thought to herself. There was no going back now
her voice sounded small to her when she finally said "Because its the truth

Gabrielle was just about to respond on Ephany entered the tent, she had
been about to address Xena about their plans but when she notice Gabrielle
was awake she spoke to the Queen as protocol demanded."I think it would be
wise to stay here tonight rather than to try and make it back to the
village before night fall, if you have no objections Gabrielle."
"I agree, please see to it." as Ephany was turning to leave Gabrielle
stopped her "Ephany, post a guard outside with strict instructions that no
one is to enter this tent tonight." It was a rare occurrence that the young
Amazon Queen threw her weight around, but she had to talk to Xena and she
didn't want any more interruptions.
Gabrielle rose from the bed and came to stand before Xena. The bard for
the first time in her life was at a lose for words. To know that this
incredible woman that she had fallen hopelessly in love with felt the same
way was almost to much for her to take. Xena still hadn't raised her eyes
again to meet Gabrielle's so the bard knelt in front of her "Xena why
didn't you tell me before?"
"I didn't know how, you know I'm not good at that sort of thing."
Gabrielle reached to touch Xena's face and was surprised when she
flinched and pulled away."What's wrong? I was just going to tell you that
you have nothing to worry about Xena I feel the same way. I love you too."
"How could you possibly after what I've done?"
It was Gabrielle's turn to have a confused look on her face. In the
beginning of their friendship sometimes Xena would be wracked with guilt
over the things she had down as a warlord.days. The bard would reassure her
that she had changed and she was no longer that person. But she had thought
they had gotten beyond that point."Xena we have been through this, you are
not the same..."
"I'm not talking about my past Gabrielle. I'm talking about what I did
to you, right there on that bed less than three candle marks ago...I've
wanted you for so long..and I took advantage of you."
Xena was shocked by her friend's strong reaction. "You did no such
"I practically raped you."
Gabrielle felt frustration at her inability to get through to the warrior
. This was not going at all as she had planned. "You listen to me Xena,
there was nothing wrong in what you did, you helped me. If you hadn't given
me a release I'd still be laying there going crazy if not dead, something
tells me it wasn't the type of desire I could have satisfied by myself, it
was to much. Would you rather Ephany or one of the other Amazons had done
"No!" was the immediate response "But I still feel guilty, Gabrielle I
liked it. Not the fact that you were in pain and suffering. But when I
heard you beg me to touch you , to take you, it nearly drove me out of my
Gabrielle took a few moments to consider what her friend has told her
"Xena the truth is I don't remember much of what happened. I was so far
under the influence of the potion Trachus gave me It's all a little hazy.
But right at this moment I know I am under the influence of nothing other
than your beautiful blue eyes, and I would gladly give up everything I know
in this world if you would just kiss me."
The bard stood in front of her warrior offering herself, totally open to
whatever Xena's desires might be. Crystal blue eyes searched sea green for
any hint of reservation, and found none. "Are you sure Gabrielle?"
"I've never been more sure of anything in my life."

Xena reached out tentavlly for the bard, who melted into her embrace. It
was almost as if they had switched roles, the warrior princess was usally
the stronger of the two, the leader. And when it came to matters of sex the
warrior certainly had more experience. But right now she was acting shy,
almost scared of what was happening. It was then that a realization dawned
on Gabrielle 'She's never done this with some one she loves before."
They stood just holding each other the bard sensed that the next move
needed to come from Xena.Slowly she felt strong hands coming up from where
the rested on her shoulders to cup the sides of her face.Xena brushed
Gabrielle's lips with her own, lightly at first and then with more of a
passionate demand.
"Gods I love you Gabrielle.. I want you so much."
"I want you too Xena I have for a long time now."
Xena bent down and scooped Gabrielle's legs out from under her, holding
her against her chest kissing along her jawline until she found her way
back and claimed the bards lips. She murmured against her mouth "Tell me
Gabrielle, tell me again you want me."
"I want you more than anything in the world Xena, I want you to make love
to me."
"Thats just what I plan to do dear." She carried Gabrielle over to the
bed, laying her down she settled herself on top of her
Gabrielle looked up at the dark women that had been her best friend and
was about to become her lover "Show me what pleases you .."
"I want to show you everything love starting with this." She kissed the
bard several times than murmured against her ear "Part your lips for me
Gabrielle, open your mouth." When she responded Xena began a lengthy
exploration of Gabrielle's lips with her tongue, next she ran the tip of
her tongue across the edge of the bards teeth and finally into her mouth.
Gabrielle's arms tightened around Xena's neck trying to pull her love
closer. Xena held the bard with one arm while she used her free hand to
massage a sensitive breast. She could already feel the hardness of a nipple
poking her palm through the fabric of the shirt. She started to unlace the
front of Gabrielle's shirt "Oh yes Xena I need to feel you."
Pulling the front of the shirt open and sliding it down over Gabrielle's
arms, she felt her breath catch in her throat at the sight of exposed flesh
"You are so beautiful." Bending her head she kissed the top of one breast
and then the other. Circling the nipples with her tongue she finally gave
in to the desire to draw one fully into her mouth.She suckled on the breast
as if it were a life giving force.
The back of her head was cradled by Gabrielle's hand who was trying to
push herself further into Xena's mouth. The bards breath was coming in
short ragged gasps "That feels so good, like nothing I've ever felt
A small pang of guilt crossed the warriors mind "What about before?"
She should have been angry at the interruption but when she saw the look
her warrior gave her her heart melted "That was nothing Xena, anyone could
have gotten that reaction out of me, it was the potion." she saw a brief
hurt pass the warriors eyes and she continued on "But you are the only one
who can make me feel this ways, before it was the drug . The only reason I
want this now is because I love you, you make me want this."
The whole time she had been talking she had also been pushing Xena's
leathers down. She now had the warrior bared to the waist and pulled her
back into her embrace. When their naked breasts made contact it was like
lightning through both women.
"Are you ready for more?"
"Oh yes!"
Xena reached down and stripped off her own leathers along with
Gabrielle's skirt.She slipped her hand down the hard muscles of the bards
stomach until it settled between her thighs. Gabrielle's breath caught in
her throat as she arched herself up into Xena's hand to try and increase
the contact.Dipping a finger into her lover Xena could feel the wetness
soaking her hand Gabrielle ground her hips into the delicious contact. She
fastened her lips to Gabrielle's in a searing kiss, taking in a small
breath of disappointment when she removed her hand. She felt Xena's fingers
at her lips "Open up Gabrielle" She opened her mouth and Xena slid her
glistening wet fingers into her mouth. "Thats what you taste like love."
She bought the other hand up from where it had been nestled between her own
legs bringing it to Gabrielle's lips "And this is what I taste like.."
The taste was just like Gabrielle had imagined it would be hot and wild,
just like Xena.
The warrior dipped her fingers into Gabrielle again, this time she
bought her hand back to her own lips. "You taste so sweet Gabrielle, I want
all of you."
"Take me please Xena."
The dark woman needed no further encouragement, she moved down on her
lovers body until she had positioned Gabrielle's legs so that they draped
over her shoulders.. Using her fingers she gently separated the outer lips
of the bards womanhood and found her very center with her tongue.
Gabrielle's hips arched off the bed "Oh Gods...thats it Xena.. right

Xena focused all her attention on satisfying her lover, she used her
tongue and fingers to send Gabrielle into a crashing orgasm
"Come for me now love" Xena moved back up to hold her love has her hend
kept it's unceasing rhythm. The flood that poured fourth coated Xena's
hand.She held her lover to her While the aftershocks that shook her body
subsided."That was amazing Xena."
She reached up and kissed the warrior with all the love and passion she had
held at bay for so long.
"How do you feel Gabrielle?"
"Wonderful, why?"
Xena didn't know how to brooch the subject she still had I tight coil of
need in her stomach. She wasn't sure how to tell Gabrielle that she
desperately needed release.
"What is it Xena."
"Gabrielle I..... give me your hand." she guided her lovers hand between
her legs "I need you love..please."
For that one word from the warriors lips Gabrielle would have gone on
forever if thats what it would have taken. She kissed Xena while working
her fingers into her tight opening. "Gods you are so wet." she lightly
teased the warrior " Is it to much? Do you want me to stop?"
"Gabrielle..." Xena almost growledher name "Don't even think about
stopping now."
Xena's desire was already at such a fevered pitch it took very little
coaxing from the bards hand to send her over the edge. "Yees
..Gabrielle......oh I love you."
The power of her climax shook her deeply her thoughts turned inward for
a moment. Gabrielle sensed her thoughts "What is it love?"
"I was just thinking, I've had sex with a number of partners both men
and women." Gabrielle started to look away, Xena gently turned her face
back until their eyes met. "As I was saying I have been with a lot of
people, but you are the first person I have ever made love with. In case
you don't know Gabrielle there is a huge difference between the two."
The bard gave her a kiss so tender it took both their breaths away Xena
hugged Gabrielle so tightly she couldn't draw a deep breath.
"Xena your going to break my ribs."
"I'm sorry, I guess I don't know my own strength."
"Stay with me tonight Xena."
"Ha try and get rid of me." then she added a little more tenderly
"Tonight and every night my love."

Ephany had stood guard outside the tent herself. She had known the Queen
and her warrior were going to become lovers tonight and she wasn't going to
risk letting them get disturbed.
After things had been quite for a while curiosity got the best of her,
she crept to the tent and picked up the flap. She was greeted with the
sight of both women naked and wrapped around each other, blissful
expressions on her face.
She backed away from the tent with a smile on her lups. Things had a way
of working out the way they were supposed to. And it was obvious to any one
that cared to look that these two belonged together.

The End

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