Higher Learning
By: Teagen2


Alternative and Sex Warning: This story contains scenes of a loving and sexual nature between two women. This story is not for those under the age of eighteen.

Uber Warning: This story is an uber. The two characters are based off of the leading ladies of XENA WARRIOR PRINCESS.

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College. The great Mecca of education. The very thing you strive for to 'be someone.' I'm having a hard time believing its so great at 4 in the morning. A class at 5 AM. There must be some law against that. Freshman year always seems the hardest, but I think the second year is even tougher. You begin getting harder and harder classes. It was especially strange for me. I left for college a year early, gifted. What gift is this to send me off sooner than my friends. Only 19 and sophomore. As I enter the room, I notice I'm not the only one half awake. Most of the class is dead or dying. Only the people who live for this stuff are the ones awake. This class, Introduction to Paleontology is easy enough. Rather enjoy it actually. Just the teacher, Professor Farley, could use a little course on caring.

I grab a seat and wait. It wasn't long before a small woman came out of the professor's office. She couldn't be more than 26 or 27. It wasn't long ago I would've said a woman that old is too old, but from this angle, she has definitely has my attention. I am surprised to see her look up and address the class. “Okay guys. Take your seats.......” Oh gods, she can't be. “I'm Susan Wadell. I'm going to be taking over for Professor Farley for the rest of the year.” She is.....the teacher. Great. “The term just began so it won't be extremely difficult to make the transition. I went to this very University myself. Graduated with a degree in Paleontology and a minor in education. So, this was the very class I got my start in this wonderful field and I hope you find it interesting as well. If you have any questions after class, feel free to see me after or come to my office.” Yeah, are you married? was the only question that came to my mind.

Class went well I must say, better than Farley for sure. She spoke to us as equals, which is something I admired. The younger professors always seem the best. As the class ended, I grabbed my bag.


I breathed a sigh of relief as the class began to file out. My first time teaching was over. I officially taught. As I flipped my planner open, I looked up and smiled as three young men were smiling at me. They continued on their way out. As I looked upward, coming down the stairs was something that made me drop the pen in my hand. Oh my gods. She was the most beautiful creature I have ever seen. Tall, maybe six feet. Long, black hair. As she made eye contact with me, her eyes nearly did me in, a beautiful blue. As she stopped in front of my desk, it took several seconds to realize that she was speaking to me. “I'm sorry. What did you say?”

“I said I liked the way you handled the class.”

“Thank you.......”

“K.J. Watkins.” She extended her hand and I took it. Her hand was warm and soft, very lovely.


“Katherine Jennifer actually, but everybody calls me Kay.”

“Alright....Kay. Nice to meet you. Not very many students introduce themselves to me.”

“Actually, I was wondering if I was still the organizer since Mr. Farley isn't here anymore.”


“Sort of an unofficial assistant. He used to pay me to help him keep the back room organized. If you saw it, you'd understand why.”

“Well I don't know, Kay.” An excuse to spend extra time with her was tempting, but I couldn't give myself the pleasure of temptation. “I really don't need an assistant.”

“It was my way of earning extra money and still have time to study.” she sighed heavily.

“I'm really sorry.”

“Yeah.....me too.” She turned away and walked towards the exit, with her head lowered. I didn't want to disappoint her, but I couldn't use her.......for anything school related. Oh damn. I'm doing it again. I can't lose my job, which I would surely do if I even made a pass at that girl, who is at least 8 years younger than I am.

I couldn't concentrate on my work. The sight of Kay leaving so disappointed is burned into my mind. When I went into the backroom, I could tell she has done a great job of keeping all the artifacts cataloged and organized. Though I don't need her services, I do want to get to know this young woman.

The tension this morning could be cut with a knife when Kay entered the classroom. She made a beeline for her seat, not acknowledging me except for an icy stare. Still, I smiled when our eyes briefly met. Her expression never changed as she kept walking. “Morning everyone. Let's begin at Chapter 12 with the Dino duel between........who?” Hands went up as my question was posed. Kay sat slumped at her desk, drumming her pencil on her desk. Looking to teach her a lesson about not paying attention, I focused on her. Pretending to look down at my seating chart to get her name I said, “Ms. Watkins.” Expecting her head to shoot up in surprise, instead her eyes raised slowly.

“Charles Marsh and Edward Drinker Cope.” I held my smile.

“Thank you Ms. Watkins.” As my lecture began on the subject, Kay's interest in the floor continued. By the time my lecture was over, Kay had not taken a single note or looked at me. I had had enough. As class ended, I put both of my hands on her desktop and leaned into her, “Stay here.” I whispered, making sure to use a commanding tone.

The rest of the class filed out, leaving the two of us alone in the large room. “You don't like me. That much I can see Ms. Watkins.” I turned to see her looking at me with an angered expression. “Tell me something. What man mounted Iguanadon wrong and how did he do it?”


“You heard me......Answer the question.”

“What is this? A test?” she smirked.

“Do it!”

“Louie Dallow.” she answered nervously. “Huh...He.....broke two vertebrate in tail to put in an upright position instead of on all fours........Can I go now?”

“Why are you here?”

“You told me to stay.”

“Don't be a smartass, Kay.......Your smart. You know a hell of alot of dinosaur facts that a student who's only been in a Paleontology class for a few weeks. You haven't covered any of that material yet.....Your obviously smart enough to be in an advanced class, why waste your time here?”

“I need this credit to get field work.”

“Fine.....but your gonna pay attention when I give a lecture or you can go to someone else's class.”


“To think I was going to let you be my assistant, but with an attitude like yours, I don't think so.”

“Bullshit.” She stood, pulling the strap of her backpack onto her shoulder. “I thought you were a cool teacher, but you didn't want an assistant.” She turned her back on me, heading down the stairs. Stopping, she turned around. “So I don't want the job.”

“What is your problem, Kay?”

“You! Your my problem.”

Not letting her go, I followed. Just as she opened the door, I shut it from behind her. Trying again, I shoved it closed again. “You can't keep me here.”

“No, I can't.” I put my fingers on the back of her thigh. She stiffened, taking in a breath. I moved my fingers up the curve of her thigh, grazing her backside, stopping at the curve of her lower back.


“Don't what, Kay?” I was silently grateful that her T-shirt was untucked. My small hand snaked underneath the material, caressing her soft skin.

“Oh gods.” she breathed. I chuckled as her grip on her bag loosened, causing her to drop it. All my fears of losing my job were gone. I need her. Spinning her around, I claimed her lips hungrily.

We were both suddenly startled by a ringing phone in my office. Kay released me. Without a word, I moved into my office. The reason for the call didn't even matter to me. I just knew I needed to end it. “Yeah, yeah. I got it. I'll take care of it......Okay bye.” Turning around, I was met by a set of beautiful blue eyes. Her hand came up, her fingertips brushing my cheek.

“I'm sorry......for being such a bitch earlier.” I didn't respond, at least not with words. Reaching up, I brought her head down, connecting with her lips. Reaching just behind her, I pulled the shade down on the door's window, without breaking my hold on her mouth. She surprised me. I gasped into her mouth as she lifted me from the ground, backing us up to my desk. At this moment I was sending a silent prayer for my laziness. I still have not gotten organized enough to put anything on my desk yet. My ass touched the edge, forcing me to sit. Reflexively, I laid down, pulling her with me. Nothing mattered, nothing at all. I was addicted to Kay. I needed her. This was not sexual, well at least not totally. Something deep inside me was stirring. Something that has never stirred before. It was an unexplained energy. If it weren't for that small fact, I would have tossed her out for her attitude and never thought twice.

“Ohhhhhh gods, Kay.” I moaned when her mouth moved to my neck and nipped gently. My hands pulled her T-shirt over her head. She tossed it aside. Seeing the hunger in my eyes, she removed her bra, revealing her breasts to me. She knew what I wanted. Placing her breasts near my head, as she returned. I latched onto her nipple, sucking.

“Damn, Teach.” she hissed as I bit. Something told me she liked it rough. She groaned again.

A simple sound stopped us cold, causing our hearts to stop as well as our hands. A hard, fast knock on my office door. “Ms. Wadell.” Kay hissed angrily at the unseen intruder.

“I'm gonna kill that little shit.” she whispered as she got off me and my desk. She quickly threw her shirt on and tucked her bra into her pocket as I went to the door.

“You know this guy?”

“He's a nerd.......and suck up.” I gave her a look. “See for yourself.” She sat in one of my visitor's chairs. “Probably wants to be your pet.” she grins. I smile.

“I only have one......The position's been filled.” She smiles. Pulling the shade aside, I see a small, skinny young man with glasses. I open the door. “Come on in.”

“Thank you.”

“This.......” I stopped cold. Kay was nowhere to be seen. “is a surprise.” I finish. “I rarely get visitors the first day.”

“I'm Tommy Allison. I just attended the first class this morning. I wanted to tell you that I thoroughly enjoyed the learning experience.” I moved around my desk and sat, motioning for him to sit. I was startled, but managed to hide it from Tommy. A hand rubbed my thigh sensually. I smiled. “I would like to know Ms. Wadell, who will you be selecting as your assistant this term?”

“Oh.....well.” The hand moved towards my center. “My understanding was K.J. Watkins was Mr. Farley's assistant. I was going to retain her.” He sputtered through his lips.

“Just between us, she's not very bright.”


“She has no understanding of the meaning of a good education. She's just here because her parents don't want her at home.” The hand dropped away. He grinned.

“You seem to know an awful a lot about it.”

“Well, we went to the same high school. We're both from Baldwin.” I leaned back in my chair.

“Mr. Allison, I don't appreciate you degrading your fellow students, no matter what your opinion is as to why people are here. You would not be telling me this if you didn't want the position of my assistant. The position is filled. Get out of my office......NOW.” He scurried out as fast as he could. As the door closed, I dropped to the floor. Kay's head was down on her knees. “Look at me.” Her head raised slowly. “I didn't believe a word of it.” A tear slipped from her eye.

“Part of its true. My parents sent me here to get rid of me.” I sat down next to her.

“Why do you say that?”

“They didn't even care whether I went or not until.....”

“Until what?”

“They found out.....that I was..” She didn't need to elaborate. I understood.

“I think you're going to be a great assistant.” I smiled. She smiled.

“Thanks.....for sticking up for me.”

“Your welcome.”

“I better go.” I gave her a hand standing. “I've got a class in ten minutes.”

“Okay.” Our eyes met again and that incredible feeling was still there. She smiled as she brought her lips to mine in one last kiss. I quickly turned around and grabbed a piece of paper. Jotting my number down, I handed it to her. After looking at it, she placed it in her back pocket.

“So what are my hours?”

“For what?” I asked, almost dazed by the images coming into my head.

“Your assistant.”

“Ohhhhhhhh. My last class is at one everyday.”

“My last class is at two. I'll be over after.”

“Alright. I'm looking forward to it.”

“Maybe this time, we'll get some work done.”

“Maybe.” I teased.

I kept waiting for that little voice of conscious to tell me I was wrong, that I made a huge mistake, that my job was at stake. It didn't come. Did I truly not care? I've only read of people throwing everything away for love, or risking it, but never did I ever meet anyone worth that. I have now. The phone rang, causing me to jump. “Hello?”

“Hi, its me.”

“Hey, how was class?”

“Boring......I think first period will be my favorite from now on.”

“Me too.”

“Your not having any regrets are you?”

“No, are you?”



“Do you live on campus?”

“No, I live in the apartment complex across the street from the main hall......Why?” I teased.

“I just might wanna come over some time. You trust me?”

“3C.” I heard her laugh. It was a sweet sound, matching her smile. “It wouldn't be tonight would it?”

“Actually, no. I gotta a huge biology test tomorrow. I'm not doing so hot. So, I need a good grade. I have a feeling if I come over, I won't get any studying done.”

“Now Kay, I have my professional side too. I can help, if you want me too.”

“I better not. Its me I don't trust, not you.”

“Okay. I'll be home all night if you change your mind.”

“A beautiful woman like you home all night.”

“Afraid so.”

“I better go. Bye.”

“Bye Kay.”


I woke up with a smile on my face this morning. I was actually looking forward to my first class. I took my seat and waited for Susan to come out of her office, an office I wish I was in right now. My center throbbed at the memory of lying on top of my professor. I intend to deliberately distract her. I sat back in my chair, intentionally keeping my knees apart.

I smiled as she came out and addressed the class. “Good morning. I want everyone to take a moment a review Chapter 14. We're going to have a quiz this morning.” I can here the groans and heavy sighs around me. No one likes quizzes. If it wasn't this class, I would be groaning too. The papers were passed, the quiz was done. I had no trouble as always. I was usually the first one done. I watched her from my desk. She was deep in concentration, probably grading papers. Her eyes seemed to scream 'I want out', when her posture and pose screamed 'I love this.' Class ended and everyone filed out except me. We waited at our respective desks until the room was clear and silent. She looked up.

Standing, she moved away from her desk, towards the door of the backroom. I followed.

“I need a specimen of a fossil claw. Professor Farley mentioned we had one.”

“Yeah, its number 324.” I walked her to the respective drawer and opened it. “This what you want?”

“Yes, thank you.” she said quietly. Stepping around me, she pulled the fossil from its place, looked at it, then returned it. “Can you get me the case history?”

“Of course.” I moved to the file cabinet, opening the top drawer. “Here ya go. Anything else?”

“Nope. I just need to review this before tomorrow's lecture.”

“Why? I know everything about it.”

“You do?”

“Yeah. When I first came here. I had no friends, no relationship. I would sit in here for hours absorbing information. My equivalent to studying.”

“What about now?”

“Now, I know everything important. Now I have nothing to do.”

“I mean about the friends and relationships part.” My hand instinctively raised and brushed her jawline.

“I made one.....I hope.”

The papers in her hand were tossed onto the table beside me. Her arms reached up and came around my neck as her lips connected with mine. “You made more than a friend.” she whispered on my lips. My hormones were beginning to get the best of me. My hands went to her ass, squeezing, then pulling her up. Her legs came around my waist. I dropped carefully to one knee and then placed her on the floor, carefully lying on top of her. Susan pulled my shirt, almost ripping it. Before I could help her, she turned her attention to the button of my jeans. Opening them, her hand went inside. I gasped into her mouth as she touched my already wet center. I assisted her in sliding my jeans and underwear down my thighs. As my tongue concentrated on her nipple biting through her shirt, two fingers were driven into my body.

“Oh gods.” I gasped and immediately began to match her pace with my hips. She drove her digits deep inside of me with each sharp thrust.

“Cum for me, Kay.” Those simple words drove me over the edge into a powerful orgasm. My entire body shook as I whispered her name between gasps.

“I've never felt anything like that.” I breathed as my head rested on her breasts.

“That's the best compliment I've ever had.” she chuckled. Even as my body rested, my hands began to unbutton her trousers. She gladly lifted her hips, as I slid them down. She was so wet, it made me throb. Bringing a finger to my mouth that had just gone through her wetness, I sucked every bit of moisture from it. Susan squirmed under me. “Please Kay.” she begged. I smiled as I placed my hand at her center. Driving a finger into her, she screamed. In the back of my mind, I prayed no one heard her. Then again, I didn't care if they did. Two more fingers joined the first and I drove equally as hard as she did, bringing her to a climax within seconds.

“Oh gods, Kay. That was incredible.” she said, almost mirroring my reaction. “I love you..........You know that right?”

“Yes.” I brushed a stray hair away from your face. “I love you, too. Though I can't tell you why I have so quickly, but I do.”

Our tender moment was interrupted by the ringing of her office phone. “I better get that. It could be the Dean.”

“Okay.” I helped her straighten her attire before she stepped out of the room. We entered her office together and I sat.

“Susan Wadell.......Uh huh.....yeah.......Okay. Bye......I have a faculty meeting in ten minutes.”

“Can I come by your place later?”

“Sure........You better.” She reached down and kissed me from her standing position.

Waking up in the arms of the one you love is heaven. Waking up with your first period teacher is murder.......if you're not a morning person. “Come on, Love. You're gonna be late.” She was already dressed and heading for the door. I was still naked and warm in her big bed.

“You go ahead.” I said sleepily into the pillow. “I'll catch up.”

“You better.......Love ya.” She was gone in a flash.

By the time I entered the classroom, I was wide awake and happy. A smile graced my face today. As I walked by Susan's desk, I caught a glimpse of her face. It made me stop in my tracks. She looked as if she was about to cry. “What's wrong?” She handed me a slip of paper.

“It was on my desk.” I opened it. My mouth hung open as the realization sunk in.

“Cradle robbing Student fucking Dyke!!!!”

Part Two

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