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Xena ran down the path to the beach. She didn't know where she was running to...and didn't care.
She just had to get away. When she reached the water's edge, she slumped to her knees and
covered her face with her hands. She had so wanted to surprise Gabrielle and she had been the one
in for the big surprise.

Xena and the army she had gathered had made short work of defeating Dimitri and his goons. She
had pushed Argo to her limits to make it back to Eratini and catch the boat to Lesbos. As soon as
she had gotten off the boat, she had caught Gabrielle's scent on the wind and knew that she wasn't
far away. The warrior had walked down the beach, following the bard's lovely aroma, and it had led her to a bungalow. She had crept inside...quiet as a lion.

*How can this be? I must be dreaming. Lao Ma is alive...and in bed with Gabrielle? It's not possible. Lao Ma is dead...killed by her own son's hand. And Gabrielle would never...* The warrior's head was spinning. She was feeling so much at once, she couldn't sort it all out. Confusion...that the woman she saw with Gabrielle could really be Lao Ma. Regret...that she could have misinterpreted Lao Ma's messenger so badly and killed Ming Tien for nothing. Gabrielle and Lao Ma both for betraying her by sleeping together. The two women she had loved most in her whole life...together. The thought was more than she could bear. These were but a few of the emotions surging through the warrior's mind. The rest were not distinguishable.

Xena threw herself face forward in the water as if it could wash away her torment. At this point, she
didn't care if she drowned. It would be a welcomed relief. The image of Lao Ma and Gabrielle with
their lips locked together kept haunting the warrior. She pounded her fists against the surf and looked up at the full moon. "Artemis...why? What have I done to deserve this?" The moon goddess offered no response.


"Sappho, what have we done?" The bard had a look of sheer terror in her eyes. "Xena thinks that we have been sleeping together. Gods, I don't know what to do. She's so angry. How can I possibly explain?" The intoxicating effects of the wine were totally gone from the bard now. The episode with Xena had made her stone cold sober.

"Gabrielle, I'm so sorry. I thought that you wanted me as much as I wanted you. I thought that you
and Xena were merely friends." Sappho wondered if her voice sounded convincing.

"We are friends, or should I say we were until now. But Sappho, I'm in love with her...I always have been. And now, I've messed up everything, even the friendship I'm afraid." Gabrielle was sobbing uncontrollably.

"Gabrielle...listen to me. It's obvious from Xena's reaction here tonight that she is in love with you
too. You must find her and explain. Tell her what you have told me."

"If that's true and she does love me, then I can understand her reaction over what she thought was
happening between us. But, that doesn't explain why she called you Lao Ma."

"I don't know dear." The look of satisfaction in Sappho's eyes went unnoticed by the distraught bard.

"Oh gods! What am I going to do? I can't lose her. I can't live without her."

"Gabrielle, go to her. Tell her the truth before it's too late. I will go with you, if you would like. I will
tell her that it was a terrible misunderstanding and it's all my fault."

"NO!" Gabrielle was surprised at the tone of her own voice. "Thank you. I appreciate your offer of
help, but I have to do this alone."

Gabrielle left Sappho alone in the bungalow and walked outside. Knowing that she would need help
in locating the warrior, she looked up at the full moon and began to pray. "Artemis, goddess and
protector of the Amazon Nation, hear my pleas. I need your help. I don't have Xena's keen senses.
Please help me find her and give me the courage to tell her what I must." The bard had barely finished her prayer when a shooting star sped across the sky toward the beach. "Thank you Artemis." Gabrielle hurried along the path. As she neared the beach, she could see Xena's dark silhouette in the moonlight.


Xena could sense a presence coming up behind her. She knew in an instant that it was Gabrielle.

"What do you want now Gabrielle? To punish me some more?" The warrior's words were

"Xena...we need to talk. I need to explain."

"I don't want to hear your pitiful explanations Gabrielle. What could you possibly say that would
explain my finding you in bed with Lao Ma?"

"What? Xena, I don't understand. Why would you think that this woman is Lao Ma? You know
that's not possible. As much as it pains you to hear it Xena, you know that Lao Ma is dead. She is
not Lao Ma! Her name is Sappho."

"What do you mean, 'she's not Lao Ma'? Don't try to tell me that I don't even know a woman that I
was so deeply involved with." The warrior's words cut like a knife.

"Okay...maybe I deserved that last comment. But, I'm telling you the truth. Her name is Sappho. She may look like Lao Ma but that's it! Xena, you can't bring Lao Ma back...she's gone. Think Xena! How could this possibly be the same woman?"

"I don't know Gabrielle...but I intend to find out. If she's not Lao Ma, she's done a damned good

"Xena, if you say so, then I trust you. But, consider this. It has been said that everyone has a twin
somewhere. Just look at you and Meg. It's true Xena. Your eyes weren't deceiving you but your
heart was. I believe that even in that horrible moment, you wanted to find some good in the situation. I'm sure that the thought of Lao Ma and I being together was tearing you apart, but in your mind, the good thing was that she was still alive. You weren't thinking straight. You were grasping for straws."

Xena pondered the bard's words in silence for a brief moment. Then another realization hit her. "It
really doesn't matter who she were still in bed with that woman!"

"Xena...what you thought you saw, was not what was really happening. But even if it were, what
difference would it make? Why would you care who I sleep with? It can't possibly be because she's
a woman. You've told me that you've had women lovers before. Lao Ma was only one of them!"

The warrior's resolve was beginning to break. "After all this time together Gabrielle, do you really
have to ask me that question?"

"Yes Xena...I do. As long as it wasn't Lao Ma, why does it bother you!" Xena could tell from the
bard's tone that she would not be able to skirt around this issue. She looked into the piercing green
eyes and knew that Gabrielle would see her deceit if she tried to lie her way out of this. It was as if
the bard already knew her answer but just wanted her to admit it aloud.

"Because I love you Gabrielle. I'm jealous...because I love you." The warrior's voice trailed off.

The bard could no longer conceal the flood of tears that streamed from her eyes. "Sappho told me
that you were in love with me, but I didn't believe her. I had to hear it from your lips. Xena, you've
never shown any indication that you had any feelings for me other than friendship. I've wanted to tell
you for years now of my feelings for you. I love you too, my warrior. I always have."

"But Xena, I do need to try to explain about what you walked in on tonight. Hmmm...Where do I

"The beginning is always a good place to start." Xena was feeling her anger returning.

"Yes...the beginning. Well...when you left me behind to go to Meteora, I was devastated. I had so
wanted us to see Lesbos together. I cried all the way to Eratini.", the bard began. She told the
warrior of the boat trip to Eressos, being very careful not to leave out a single detail. Then she told of her stay at the inn and the tour of the island and how Sappho and her staff had treated her like a

"Xena, I felt like I owed this woman something for all the kindness she had shown me, so I invited
her to our room for dinner. I know it's no excuse, but I don't even remember how many glasses of
wine I had. I was feeling lightheaded, so I went over and sat on the bed to take off my boots and try to clear my head. Sappho came over and joined me. I really don't remember how it all got started, but I do remember that my eyes were closed and I thought it was you that was kissing me. You...I mean she, told me that she wanted to make love to me and I opened my eyes so I could look at your face. It was then that I realized it was Sappho, not you. I told her that I couldn't do this and she thought I meant that I didn't know how. The next thing I knew, you were there glaring down at me. Xena, I'm so sorry."

"'s okay Gabrielle. At least I got there before things really got out of hand." The warrior gave the bard a loving embrace and wiped the tears from her cheeks. "But, I'm going to teach that bitch a lesson for trying to take advantage of you!"

"No Xena! It was as much my fault as hers. I was too drunk to fight and she misinterpreted my
passive behaviour."

"Gabrielle...I swear! Sometimes you can be so naive. From what you have told me, can't you see that she was trying to seduce you right from the start? And, what would have happened if I hadn't come in when I did?"

"Xena, I think you're wrong. In the beginning, she was just being kind. Then we spent so much time
together that she started to have feelings for me and thought that I had them for her also. And, as far
as what would have happened...I honestly can't answer that. I can only hope that I would have had
my wits about me enough to resist her advances. But...I don't know. In a way, I'm glad that you
arrived when you did. You may have saved me from something that I would have regretted for the
rest of my life."

"Gabrielle...this woman is evil. I feel it in my bones. I've got to get some answers from her." The
warrior arose from the surf and pulled the bard to her feet.

"'s late. We're both soaked and covered in sand. Let's go back to the bungalow and get
cleaned up. We can sleep on this tonight and we'll both go talk to Sappho in the morning." Recent
events had taken a heavy toll on the bard.

"You're right. We're both exhausted. We should get some rest. I'll need to be thinking clearly when I confront that....woman."


The warrior and her bard walked arm in arm back to the bungalow. Xena entered first, to survey the surroundings, then took Gabrielle's hand and drew her through the doorway. Even in the dim light of the room, both women could see the steam rising from the hot tub.

"She's really good at anticipating people's needs", the bard said...still trying to point out the good in
this woman that Xena thought was so evil.

"I guess I'll give her that." The warrior was suspicious and reluctant to praise Sappho for any of her

Gabrielle began to undress. She was eager to wash away the grime as well as the pain of this day.
She stood totally naked before the warrior. Xena's pulse was starting to race at the sight of the bard's trim body and firm breasts. "Would you like to wash my back?", the bard teased as she stepped into the warm water.

Gabrielle had never seen the warrior shed her armor and clothing so quickly. Within seconds, she
was seated in the tub behind the bard. Taking the soap in her hand, Xena began to run it over the
bard's shoulders and down her back. With her other hand, the warrior made small circular motions to work up a lather. Gabrielle's skin was on fire from the warrior's touch. Having admitted her love to Xena, Gabrielle grew bolder. Her body was aching for more. As Xena's worked the lather from the bard's shoulders to her side, Gabrielle reached up and gently guided the warrior's hand around her body until it cupped her breast. The bard felt and heard Xena's sharp intake of breath as her palm connected with the nipple that was already hardened and swollen with desire. Xena lowered her lips to kiss Gabrielle just below her ear. The pulse in her neck jumped wildly under the sweet assault of the warrior's mouth. Xena brought her hands back up to the bard's shoulders and gently turned her around to face her.

"Let me look at you." Xena was becoming increasingly aroused as she drank in the sight of the bard's glistening body. "Gods, you are beautiful."

She pulled Gabrielle to her and settled her on her lap. Gabrielle wrapped her legs around Xena's
waist as their lips met in their first real kiss. The contact threatened to steal the breath from both
women. The warrior parted the bard's lips with her tongue and they both explored the sweetness of
the other's mouth. Xena could feel Gabrielle's moist center pressed firmly against her and she knew
that the wetness had nothing to do with the water in the tub. When the long and passionate kiss
ended, Gabrielle spoke first.

"Xena...i've wanted you for so long. Please tell me that i'm not dreaming."

"This is no dream Gabrielle. It's real. We've both denied this too long. I need you to love me. My
soul aches for your touch."

The bard's mouth came back to cover the warrior's as her hands began to explore the taut body of
her lover. Xena couldn't hold back her enthusiastic moans. Gabrielle moved her lips down Xena's
body. Every kiss and every touch sent out a flame that consumed both women. The bard's mouth
found the warrior's breast and Xena released a muffled moan as Gabrielle licked and teased at the
puckered flesh with her tongue and teeth.

"'re driving me mad. Please..." The warrior's body was already quaking with

With amazing strength, the bard brought her hands under the warrior's arms and lifted her...settling
her on the side of the tub. Slowly the bard sank back to her knees as the warrior leaned against the
wall of the bungalow for support. Gabrielle parted Xena's willing legs and brought her tongue to her
lover's sex. The warrior was clutching the edge of the tub so tightly that her knuckles were turning
white. Gabrielle brought her hand up and grazed Xena's swollen nub as she parted the warrior's
folds. The bard licked her way around Xena's mound before thrusting her tongue into her lover's
opening. Gabrielle's tongue delved deep into the warrior's sex as her hand kept the rhythm over
Xena's throbbing clitoris. Every muscle in the warrior's body constricted as she reached her
awesome climax. "Gabri...ellllllllle", the warrior screamed at the height of her passion.

The bard stood and gathered the quivering warrior into her arms, then lowered herself and her lover
back into the tub. "Gods Gabrielle! You were wonderful. I love you so much."

When the warrior's breathing and pulse returned to near normal, she lifted the bard from the tub.
Carrying her to the bed, she tenderly laid her down. "You have fulfilled me more than I could ever
tell you my, let me show you instead."

Xena carefully laid herself on top of the bard. Their two wet bodies fit perfectly together. The warrior kissed and nibbled at her lover's neck, throat, and then the valley between her breasts. She slowly drew the bard's nipple into her mouth and Gabrielle moaned with raw desire. "Oh Xena...yes...take me please." The bard could barely get the words out. Her breath was coming in short pants and her entire body pulsated.

"Shhhh, I know love." Xena trailed her hand down to the wetness between Gabrielle's thighs. She let her fingers slide up and down the length of the bard's slick opening, rubbing against her most sensitive spot. Gabrielle's hips arched to try and increase the contact with the hand that was threatening to drive her out of her mind.

"Xena...I need to feel you inside of me now! Please don't make me wait any longer."

Without further reservation, Xena gave her lover what she needed. She plunged first one, then two
fingers into the hot, tight flesh. She wanted to draw it out for as long as possible, but she sensed that
her lover needed release. Her own desire was at a fevered pitch. There would be more time later for long drawn out lovemaking, this was about satisfying a hunger that had long been denied.

"Bend your leg for me Gabrielle." The bard brought her leg up so that her thigh was pressed firmly
against Xena's sex. The warrior began rocking her hips against Gabrielle with the same rhythm that
her fingers were moving in and out of her lover. Xena knew they were both close. She could feel the first stirrings of her own climax as well as the bard's muscles tightening around her fingers. Gabrielle's eyes were closed as she gripped the blanket beneath her and thrashed her head from side to side.

"Open your eyes Gabrielle...look at me. I want you to know that it's me doing this to you. I want you to see the love in my eyes when you come for me my love."

Gabrielle did as Xena asked and the sight before her eyes was enough to send her over the edge.
Both women exploded into ecstasy as each realized that they had found the other half of their soul.

Xena collapsed on top of the bard. The two women lay trembling in each other's arms and tried to
bring their breathing under control. Xena rolled over onto her back and pulled Gabrielle to nestle
against her. The bard laid her head on the warrior's chest. She could feel and hear her lover's still
rapid heartbeat.

"Do you have any idea how much I love you Xena?"

"If it's anywhere near as much as I love you, there are no words to describe it."

She gently kissed her lover's brow. "Let's try and get some sleep Gabrielle. It's been quite a night."

Feeling a sense of peace and contentment, the new lovers drifted off into a blissful sleep.


Sensing an unwelcomed presence, Xena shot straight up in the bed. The startled bard's eyes popped open wide. "Xena, what's wrong?" She followed the warrior's stare to the open door of the

"Sappho! What are you doing in here?" The bard was visibly irritated that the woman would intrude
on their privacy. Even in the dim moonlight, Gabrielle detected a change in Sappho's dark eyes. The
love and kindness that had once been there were now replaced with hatred and vengence.

"Xena, my dear. I hope you enjoyed your little escapade here tonight for it shall be your last! I
intended to rid you of the person you love most in this world... just as you robbed me of mine!"

The warrior reached for her scabbard and found that it was empty. "Looking for this?" Sappho drew Xena's sword from behind her back. "Or maybe this?" In her other hand, the woman held up the warrior's chakram. Xena searched frantically around the room for anything that she could use as a weapon.

Sappho fixed her wild stare on the bard and began to move in for the kill.

"NO! You leave her alone! I don't know what it is you think that I've done to you, but whatever it has nothing to do with Gabrielle."

"I want you to hurt Xena...the way that my sister hurt when you left her...the way that I hurt when you caused her death!"

The warrior and the bard both thought that Sappho was talking crazy. Neither had any idea what she meant.

"Your sister? Who was you're sister and what did I do to her?" The warrior was desperately
searching her memories for an answer.

"You're such a fool Xena! Isn't it obvious to you yet? My sister was Lao Ma and you are
responsible for her death!"

Xena's head was much so that she almost missed it when the crazed woman moved
closer to the bed and brought the sword high above Gabrielle's head.

"XENA!!!" The bard screamed...hoping to shock the warrior back to reality.

As the sword descended upon the terrified bard, Xena summoned up all of her strength and gave the possessed woman a quick kick to the stomach. The force of the kick sent Sappho hurling into the wall of the bungalow. In mid-air, she had dropped the warrior's sword. Xena did a flip from the bed in a effort to recover the weapon but Sappho was too quick for her. The woman used her powers to levitate the sword and send it flying through the air toward the bard. At the same time, she waved her arm and sent the warrior crashing onto the table on the opposite side of the room.

Gabrielle had never had to think, nor move, as fast in her life. She instantly rolled off the bed and
landed on the floor just as the blade struck the spot where she had been lying. She had forgotten,
until now, that she had put her staff underneath the bed for safe keeping. She grabbed the staff and
jumped to her feet. By this time, Xena had regained her senses and was moving to attack the
demented woman. "Xena! Here!", Gabrielle yelled as she tossed the warrior the weapon.

Xena caught the staff before Sappho even realized what was happening. The warrior gripped the
staff firmly and turned to face the insane woman. "No one screws with Gabrielle and gets away with
it!" The warrior began to pelt a stunned Sappho with the bard's staff.

When Sappho regained her cognizance, she used her powers once again to rip the staff from Xena's hands and send it sailing into the water of the hot tub.

*If I can just get close enough to her.*, Xena thought.

The two women dodged and ducked each other's swift kicks and punches. In a flash, Xena saw her chance. Sappho was charging toward her with full force. The warrior dropped to her knees and
rolled into the unsuspecting woman's legs. The intensity of the charge met with the unyielding body of the warrior and the momentum sent the deranged woman headlong into the tub. Xena moved fluidly to grab Sappho by the nape of the neck and keep her head under water. She held her there until she could see the woman's olive complexion turning blue. Sappho's dark, wild eyes rolled back in her head and her body went limp.

Xena lifted the listless form from the tub and let it slump to the floor.

" she dead? Did you kill her?" There was almost a tone of relief in the bard's voice.

"No Gabrielle. She's not dead. She just passed out from lack of oxygen. Get me those towels over
there. I need something to tie her up with."

The bard retrieved the towels as Xena lifted Sappho from the floor and settled her into one of the
chairs. She ripped the towels into strips and bound the languid woman's arms and legs to the chair.

"Now we wait", the warrior said. "When she comes to, we'll get the full story...even if I have to beat
it out of her!"


Xena and Gabrielle dressed and gathered their weapons and belonging while they waited for Sappho to regain consciousness. It wasn't long before the bound woman began to stir.

Sappho's eyes slowly opened to the realization that the tip of Xena's blade was at her throat.

"If you value your stinking life, you'll spill your guts now or I swear I'll spill them for you!" The
warrior's hatred was evident.

Sappho knew that she had no power with her hands and feet being bound as they were. She could
tell from the look in Xena's cold blue eyes that the warrior would indeed carry out her threat.

"Who are you really? And what is this all about? Start at the beginning and don't you dare leave out
a single detail." Xena and Gabrielle anxiously waited for Sappho to start talking.

The defeated woman reluctantly began her tale.

"My real name is Lao Mei. Sappho is the name I began using when I arrived on Lesbos. Lao Ma
truly was my sister and Ming Tien, my nephew. My sister and I were both sold to the House of Lao. However, she faired far better than I. I was always rebellious and suffered many beatings and much persecution for being so. My sister saw a chance to get me out of the slavery that had become my life. She packed me in a crate of silk that was bound for Lesbos and had me put aboard the ship. That was the last time I saw my sister until she came to the island just before her death." The woman paused for a moment before Xena urged her on. She looked into Xena's face and continued.

"Her stay here was short. She was very despondent and it took me some time to get her to talk
about the cause of her depression. She told me of a beautiful warrior that she had fallen in love with
many years earlier. Her eyes sparkled as she relived their time together. She said that she had never
felt such an intense love for anyone as she had for this woman. She spoke of the heated passion that
the two of them shared. She also told me of this warrior's dark past and how she had tried, through
her love, to reform the woman. She wanted the warrior to remain by her side and help her to rule the Kingdom of Lao. Even after all the love and training she had given to her warrior lover, the woman's dark side returned. The warrior ended up killing the opposing ruler of the House of Ming before fleeing the Kingdom of Chin. My sister mourned the loss of her lover, even though the warrior was still very much alive. Over the many years of grief, she became pale and thin. She was haunted by recurring nightmares and lived in constant internal torment." Sappho paused again and shifted her glance to the bard.

"You know, as well as I, who my sister's lover was." Gabrielle turned to look at Xena who was in
obvious pain from her memories of Lao Ma.

"Yes, but that still doesn't explain why you blame Xena for Lao Ma's death. Ming Tien killed your
sister...not Xena."

"When my sister left Lesbos to return to Chin, she was to the point that she no longer wanted to live
without Xena. Her life since Xena's departure had been empty and she saw no way for that void to
be filled. As she was returning to the Kingdom of Lao, Ming Tien's army captured her. She had no
will to resist. My sister valued all life and she would never have taken her own. But, she willingly let
her son do the deed for her. So you see killed her just the same as if you had cut her
heart out yourself."

Xena's blue eyes looked as if an ocean were about to spill from them. But there was still one more
answer that she needed from Sappho.

"If it's me you blame and hate so much, why did you seduce and then try to kill Gabrielle?"

"I have thought long and hard, Xena, on how I could possibly make you pay for what you did to my
sister. I've spent many hours dreaming of the tortures I could impose on you. The fact that mine and
Gabrielle's paths crossed must have been meant by the Fates. When she first requested passage to
the island, I agreed simply because I thought she was a beautiful woman. I have an insatiable appetite for women like Gabrielle and had planned to seduce her even before I knew who she was. When she introduced herself and told me that she traveled with Xena the warrior princess, I couldn't believe my fortunate stroke of luck. After many hours of listening to your bard talk, it was obvious to me that she was very much in love with you. From her tales of your travels, it was just as clear that you were in love with her...even if she was unaware of that fact. I decided right then that the best way to make you suffer was not to kill you, but to take away the thing that meant most to you in all the world. But, I knew that I had to be careful and not arouse Gabrielle's suspicions. I began by giving her my undivided attention and turning on all my charms. But, I wasn't sure that would be enough to catch her off guard so I put her under the influence of a hypnotic spell...just one of the many powers my sister had taught me long ago. If you hadn't come into the bungalow when you did, I would have snapped her neck like a twig and she would have been dead by the time you found her."

The warrior jabbed two quick fingers into the woman's neck. "And now we'll see who is going to kill who!", she spat. Sappho tried in vain to breath.

"Xena! Don't do this. If you kill her, you're no better than she is...can't you see that?" Even after all
this woman had done, Gabrielle was still pleading for her miserable life.

"Fine!" The warrior gave another jab to the neck and Sappho gulped in some much needed air. "Give me those last two strips of cloth Gabrielle."

The bard obeyed and handed the warrior the remaining strips from the towels. Xena rolled one strip
into a ball and shoved it into her captive's mouth. Then she tied the other strip firmly over Sappho's
lips. She checked the arm and leg restraints to make sure that they were secure. "That should hold
her for awhile. One of her people will find her in the morning. Come on Gabrielle...I've had enough of this vacation."

The warrior and the bard picked up their belongings and departed the bungalow. They walked down the path, to the beach and on to the docking area in total silence. Each woman was lost in her own thoughts of what had just occurred. Xena led Gabrielle to the line of trees near the wharf and they sat to wait for the sunrise and the boat back to Eratini. The warrior leaned against a palm and closed her eyes. It was Gabrielle who broke the silence first.

"Xena...I'm sorry that this didn't turn out to be the vacation that we had planned."

"Me too Gabrielle. But there was one good thing that came out of this."

"Oh yeah? And what was that?"

"Come here and i'll refresh your memory my love", the warrior said as she gently laid the bard down
on the sand.

The End??? Only Lao Mei knows for sure!!!


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