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By D.virtue

Diana arrived a few minutes later and went to stand in front of Xena. Xena
looked up at Diana, and then down her body and watched as Diana’s body
registered each area that Xena’s eyes had perused. Diana’s body was already
flushed from her highly aroused state, but with Xena looking at her it made
her flush further.

“ Sit down.”

Xena ordered. Diana went to take a sit on one of the other sofa chairs but
Xena stopped her.

“ Here.”

Xena said pointing to the fur covered floor. Diana eased down onto the floor
and sitting indian style she looked up at Xena.

“ Diana, I really don’t want to have to punish you, but I will not allow you
to just do as you please and then expect me to just let it go without
repercussions for your actions. You claim to be a young woman, I don’t really
see that except in that your wise way beyond your years about many things,
including life and the things in it, but you are incredibly naive, I mean I
don’t see how someone like you who have been through so many things in your
young life could still be as naive as you are about things. Diana you are a
beautiful, loving, talented, highly skilled, wise, and resourceful young
woman, but yet you are as naive as a child, bold as a Harpy, impulsive, and
worse than all of that...Disobedient STILL, I don’t get it, you know me, you
know my temper, yet you constantly push those buttons that you know all to
well will set me off, and as a result I end up punishing you....but not the
way I would usually punish someone who has disobeyed me, I was letting you get
away with things that I would NEVER let anyone else get away with, and still
you push those buttons....WHY?!”

Diana was now visibly shaking as she listened and watched Xena get more upset
as she spoke. Her piercing Sapphire eyes locked on her own matching Sapphires.

“ I.....I... never mean to do that....push your buttons I mean, it just sort
of happens.”

Xena eyes narrowed and Diana lowered her head and started to rock slightly
while her hands were busily pulling at the hem of the silk belt that encircled
her waist.
Diana knew her answer was not anywhere near what Xena was looking for, but she
honestly didn’t know why she did what she did except for thinking it was the
control thing.

“ Maybe, it’s because something in me doesn’t need to be controlled.”

Diana said in a quiet voice. Xena on the other hand was no where near being
quiet with her response to the statement.


Diana startled back at Xena yelling at her, she caught herself from falling
backwards with her hands, as she looked up into Xena’s enraged eyes.


“Not another word Consort. Not one! I can not BELIEVE you said that....After
all the things that has happened because I let you get away with things! Well
Consort, let me make it clear to you that way we want have to have THIS
conversation again, and you’ll know exactly what I expect of you.”

Xena said as she went to her knees and was crawling over top of Diana causing
Diana to fall back onto her back and start to move backwards but stopped when
Xena put her hands just behind her shoulders stopping Diana from being able to
move backwards.

“ Xena please?”

Diana pleaded as Xena looked down at her with enraged eyes. Diana just wanted
to cry and forget any of the past months had ever happened, here she was being
yelled at by the one person she loved with all her heart and would endure all
of her anger and temper if it was truly her Xena was upset with, but Diana
figured Xena was upset about many other things and as a result of her Own
Consort behaving badly it just had to come to a boiling point and eventually
explode, and at the moment Diana happened to be the unfortunate beneficiary of
the explosion.

“ Diana from now on you will not speak when we are in any public place unless
I say it’s ok, you will be allowed to visit with Gabrielle as often as you
want , whenever I say it is ok, you will not go ANYWHERE, not even out to the
garden, without first asking me, You will do WHAT I say, WHEN I say, and How
I say, and any deviation from that and you will be punished. Your primary
function is MY CONSORT, but I will allow you the responsibility of MY
personal advisor in chambers to start and then if I’m pleased with your advice
about things, then I will allow you the rank as Primary advisor, you are
already a princess, and a queen in another land, and because I am the Ruler of
this land you have all the privileges of My Statue, you will be addressed as
you are now but it will be made a proclamation, Lady Diana Royal Consort to
The Conqueror......If you have not noticed I did not say ANYTHING about
Warrior, don’t let me catch you saying it.”

Xena said with a wick raise of her brow. Diana winched as if she had been
Xena then continued.

“ When I allow you to go somewhere without me, you are hereby from this day
forward from talking to any stranger who wants to talk to you in private...if
I hear otherwise the tightness you feel right now will be nothing in
comparison, you will think your body has turned against you, by the time I
allow you release.”

Xena’s face was within inches of Diana’s tear streaked face, and quivering
lips. Diana knew Xena met everything she was saying and had no doubts in her
mind that Xena would indeed make her suffer acute even painful need. Diana’s
eyes were pupil filled, and she was having difficulty with her
breathing.....if she was breathing at all.

“ I have not had need to question your honest, so that goes without saying
that I will expect the same. I also expect that you greet me, the way you feel
a lover should greet one’s love. I of course will continue to greet you as I
have always. I think for now I have covered all the major areas of this
conversation...Do you have ANY questions about ANYTHING, if you do, now is the
time to get the answers?”

Diana tried to speak but she was just to scared to say anything, from fear it
might set Xena off again, so not being able to say anything she didn’t want to
keep Xena waiting so she shook her head.

Xena licked her lips and having worked herself up, she was too tense and angry
to allow Diana to pleasure her now, and she was feeling more resolute about
keeping Diana tight.

Xena leaned into Diana’s trembling lips and just before she kissed her she

“ Do you still think you can love me?”

“ Yes.”

Was the answer with surprising strength, Xena then leaned in placed her lips
on Diana’s trembling one’s, and kissed her fiercely, but.... when Diana was
about to wrap her arms around Xena’s neck Xena jumped up and strided into the
bedchamber and changing her clothes she came back out of the room dressed in
her leathers.

“ You stay in here for the rest of the day Diana, think about what I’ve told

Xena then turned and headed out the door of the chamber and down the stairs to
the practice area, she needed to work off her frustration and anger, as well a
other needs. Diana in the meantime stared at the door for long moments and
then she got up off the floor onto shaky legs and tight abdomen and made her
way to the bed chamber, she called to Dancea to fill a bath for her and then
turn down the bedspread.

“ Are you ok My Lady?”

“ A-hem...fine, please do as I asked?”

“ Yes My Lady.”

Dancea turned and hurried to do as she was told but also because she heard the
strain in Diana’s voice as she was trying to maintain her composure until she
could get along.

Once Diana was along and soaking in the bath she sat on the bench within and
wracking sobs invaded and washed over her, Diana sat crying in the bath, long
after the water had gone cold, finally after a while longer Diana got out of
the tub and although she was trembling she didn’t know if it was because of
the chill or because of how she was feeling, the fear that she felt if she
angered Xena.

Diana crawled into bed on her side of the bed and curled up into the fetal
position she had done the night before, since Xena made her tight. Diana once
again cried. While Diana was crying she felt a chill come over her, even tho
she was under the heavy bed covers. Diana then heard an ominous laugh and she
knew right away who it was. She rolled over and sat up straight and felt the
consequences of her action but she gritted her teeth and said,

“ Ares I know your here. “

“ hahahahaha...you and Xena are the only two mortals who can do that, funny
how I use to think Xena was the only one.”

“What do you want?”

“ My Chosen....but seeing that that isn’t going to happen anytime soon, I’ll
settle for talking to you about her.”

“ There’s nothing you have to say that I want to hear.”

Diana said with sarcasm. Ares smirked and then said,

“ Welll....let’s just talk and we’ll see.”

“ I don’t feel like talking, now if you don’t mind ...leave.”

“ Of course you don’t feel like talking, your in need of a good release.”

Diana narrowed her eyes at the fact that Ares knew she was in need.

“ Oh, calm down, I’m not here to bed you...although I can help with your

“ Touch me and I swear by whatever you believe I will find the hind and gorge
you to death with the dullest sword or dagger I can find with the blood of the
hind on it leading the way.”

Diana said with vemon pouring from her lips, and eyes throwing daggers at
Ares, who saw and felt the energy radiating off of Diana and his body reacting
to it, but he also heard the threat and the promise in it, and knowing Diana
to be impulsive she would indeed kill the God of war and not think twice about

“ Ok, ok, I told you all I want to do is talk to you about your master.”

Diana gave him another warning look and then focused on her belly and the
uncomfortableness of it.

“ You know All Xena wants from you is for you to warm her bed and provide her
a challenge every now and then?”

Diana didn’t answer, mainly because she didn’t believe it.

“ I know you don’t believe me..but it doesn’t make it any less true.”

“ Whatever.”

“ You know, the first time I met you I saw two Xena’s, only one was like me
and the other was a more kinder version of the same...you. But now I see there
is only one Xena, out of all the people Xena could have in her life if she
chose to she picked you. Do you want to know why?”

“ I thought you already told me , to warm her bed and provide a challenge
every now and then?”

True, but also there is no one else on this planet in this or any other time
that can even come close to beating her....except you...you my dear are Xena’s
only possible challenge, if you set your mind to beating her, I know and you
know you could.”

“ What is your point Ares?”

“ You are naive.”

“ What?”

Xena said you were incredibly naive about some things, and now I see why she
said it.”

“ You were listening?!”

“ Only because I felt Xena’s energy, that dark energy called me light a cold
drink of water to a desert worn man. But don’t worry I was also there when she
had Sahi arrested.”

“ Anyway what do you want?”

“ I want you to understand Xena.”

“ I think I understand Xena very well, especially today.”

“ Yes, maybe you do to a point, but what you don’t seem to understand is that
Xena is a creature of war and battle and passion, she is always looking to
destroy any and all possible and obvious threats before they happen, how do
you think she is always ahead of people when it comes to strategy.”

“ That’s the mark of any Great leader, to always be ten steps ahead of their

“ Yes it is, but that also applies to threats of an enemy. And you Consort
were that threat.”

“ What are you talking about?! Xena didn’t even know I was here, I didn’t even
know that I would be here.”

“ That’s where your wrong, Xena was told about your coming a week before you

“ Your lying, how?”

“ By me.”

“You? Your Lying Ares, I don’t know why, I can only guess it’s because your
scheme to get Xena back failed.”

“ Well that would be a good reason ...if it were true ...but it’s not..I’m
telling you this because I hate the idea that there are to fierce warriors,
living as love sick puppies, rather than the warriors they are. The two of you
together out fighting could take over domains that neither of you have any
idea exist.”

“ I’m not buying.”

“ why?”

Because your standing there trying to tell me that Xena knew I was coming here
even before I knew and that she had planned to capture me so that I would not
become a force for her to have to contend with later....why would I believe

“ Because if you think about it, it makes sense...I mean think about it from
her point of view....to be told by the God O f War that a woman was coming to
this land who’s battle skills are equal to your own and she will be against
you and if you lose but manage to escape she will dog your steps everyday of
your life, slowly picking off your army bit by bit until you have none and she
has all, and will eventually take your throne. What would you have done?”

Diana sat staring at Ares for a moment thinking about what he just said, then
thinking about Xena she didn’t believe it.

“ I don’t believe you Ares, now if you’ll leave I can get some sleep?”

“ Ok, i’m going but just remember what I told you.”

Ares then vanished from view but as he did he thought to himself.

“ Ok Ares , why did you think a lie like that would be believed, oh well, even
though she doesn’t believe it she will always have that doubt.”

Diana rolled back over and thought about what Ares had told her but then
after thinking about it she let it go.

“ Lady Diana?”

Came Dancea’s voice from the other side of the door.

“ Yes Dancea?”

“ My Lord Xena wants to see you immediately.”

Diana got out of the bed as quickly as she could and put on her clothes she
then headed out the door of the bed chambers heading towards the other door.

“ Where is she?”

“She said meet her by the lake.”

Diana then turned and went out the door heading for the lake, just as she was
about to head towards the outside door that would take her outside the palace,
Xena came around the corner.


Diana whirled around and stopped. Then she headed back to stand in front of

Xena looked down right furious at Diana as Diana went to stand in front of

“ I.....I......was just......”

Diana tried to explain but the words were choked off by her fear,
unfortunately for her, because all Xena heard was what sounded like an excuse
that would not come , for being caught out of the room.

Xena glared at Diana, but not wanting to lose her temper in front of the
servants regarding Diana, she grabbed Diana by one of her ears and pulled and
half dragged her back up the stairs that she had just come down, straight to
the chamber and into the bed Chambers where she pushed Diana down upon the bed
and taking off her arm she came to tower over the bed.

Diana was breathing hard and the need she had was working on her, and now Xena
looked pissed like she wanted to hurt someone, and badly.

“ What were you doing out of this room?”

Xena hissed at Diana. Diana scooted up further on the bed so as to be able to
sit out of Xena’s reach, while her eyes stayed locked on Xena’s hypnotic ones.

“ I...I.... I was just going to the lake.”

Xena blinked as if she didn’t hear what Diana had just said.

“ You were what?”

“ I was going to the lake.”

“ Why?”

Xena asked in a low growl. Diana knitted her brow at the question which made
Xena knit her own.

“ Ok....let’s start at the top...I left you here and told you to stay here for
the rest of the day...and you.....are telling me despite those EXPLICIT
orders...that you were going to the lake .....why?”

“ you told me to meet you there.”

“ What?! I told you? How did I tell you Diana?”

“ You told Dancea to tell me to meet you by the lake.”

“ I told Dancea?..uh-huh...well let’s just talk to Dancea and find out why she
told you that. DANCEA GET IN HERE!”

“ Yes My Lord?”

“ Dancea....where were you 5 minutes ago?”

“ My Lord?”

“ Just answer the question.”

“ I was with you down in the practice area, I had just brought you something
to eat and drink so that you could continue your practicing with your men.”

“ Thank you Dancea.”

Diana was horrified to hear Dancea.

“ Dancea, you were just here? remember you told me that Xena wanted to see me
and she would meet me by the lake? remember?!”

Dancea saw the and heard the fear in Diana’s voice and she wanted to be able
to answer the way that would help, but she couldn’t.

“ I’m sorry My Lady.....I didn’t.”

Dancea was becoming visibly shaken as she saw Diana’s eyes water.

“ My Lord?”

“ Yes, that will be all Dancea.”

“ Thank you My Lord, I’m sorry My Lady.”

Diana sat mouthing something as she covered her mouth with her hands and
stared at Dancea’s retreating form, Xena slammed the door and Diana jumped.

“ Why did you lie to me?”

Xena accused. Diana was shaking her head frighten like a cornered helpless
animal. All she could think to do was what she had done in the past. she
jumped from the bed and landed in front of Xena and went to her knees with her
head Bowed, pain in her belly was acute but the she had no choice, she
trembled but did not move. tears ran down her face as she cried to herself.

Xena stood towering over the humble Consort, tears in her own eyes that Diana
had lied to her for the first time since she had known her.

“ I don’t know kitten.”

Xena said turning away from Diana’s kneeling form. Diana heard the hidden
meaning behind the words, she knew Xena was talking about the lie she thought
Diana had just told her.

“ Xena I didn’t lie to you.....I could never lie to you, please believe that.”

Diana plead as she raised her head to see Xena looking out one of the windows
with her arms crossed. Xena didn’t answer she just looked at Diana and then
back out the window. Diana chanced getting up and going over to Xena. and
further risk injury by putting her hand on Xena’s arm, which to her surprise
brought about some relief to her abdomen.

“ Xena I will swear on whoever or whatever you want me to, I did not lie to

“ You heard what Dancea said.”

“ I know, I can’t explain it,Xena...”

Diana said as she moved between Xena and the window.

“ Please look at me, look at my eyes, you’ll know the truth?”

Xena swallowed with some effort, hoping to not see a lie. she looked Down at
Diana and then into her Sapphire colored eyes.

“ Dancea did come to our bedroom door and tell me that you wanted to see me
and that you would meet me at the lake.”

Xena’s eyes became moist and she let out the breath that she was holding,
Diana saw that Xena believed her and tears rolled down her cheek. Xena
gathered Diana in her arms and kissed the top of her head numerous times
thanking her.

“ Thank you kitten, thank you, I don’t think I could of handled you lying to
me...not after all we have been through.”

“ I will never lie to you, NEVER.”

“ I know , I know.”

“ Xena please forgive me, I didn’t mean to misbehave, I will try to do

“There’s nothing to forgive, I did that right after we talked about it. I Love
you Diana, I can forgive you of just about anything, as long as you can
explain it to me.
Now whether I buy it or not is a different story, but I will tell you this, I
will forgive you of anything as long as you don’t betray me.”

Diana buried her head in Xena’s arms and cried, Xena held her in her arms and
feeling so much better about Diana, she kissed the top of Diana’s head and
without warning Diana was swept up into Xena’s strong arms and carried over to
the bed.

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