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By D.virtue

The next day Xena had the announcement of her’s and Diana’s engagement sent
through out the Realm, inviting all the dignitaries in the Realm as well as
Some of the loyal warlords who were used as disciplinarians. The Amazon nation
of course was invited to attend the wedding/bonding of Xena The Conqueror to
her Consort Lady Diana.

When Gabrielle was told by Xena and Diana mostly by Xena with Diana only
nodding her head in agreement, before the news went out, she broke down and
cried tears of utter joy for the two women she loved with all of her heart,
and wanted nothing but happiness for both of them. Diana and Xena held
Gabrielle as she let her love for both of them flow through her. As they let
their love for her flow as well.

After Gabrielle composed herself she finally spoke.

“ I am soooo...amazingly happy for the two of you...I see why your unable to
speak right now Diana. But if there is ANYTHING I can do to make your bonding
day more special just ask and it’s yours.”

“ Thank you Gabrielle, it means so much to me that you have accepted me into
your heart as Diana has.”

“ You were family even before this My Lord.”

“ Xena.”

“ Excuse me?”

“ You can call me Xena in private.”

Gabrielle pressed her hand to her chest as she felt her heart leap.

“ Thank you ....Xena.”

Gabrielle testing the newly approved addressing of Xena. Xena and Diana both
smiled at Gabrielle and she blushed beet red and to her roots. Xena then spoke
again to Gabrielle.

“ Gabrielle I would like to ask if you ....if you would be ....Diana’s Maiden
of Honor?”

Both Diana and Gabrielle looked at Xena in surprise, not that Diana had not
planned on asking Gabrielle in the first place, but for Xena to be as
thoughtful as this just served to tighten that lump in Diana’s throat even
more and make Gabrielle once again break down into a river of tears.

Xena signed teasingly as she held Gabrielle and once again had to repeat her
question due to the processing factor not working well with Gabrielle this

“ I need an answer Gabrielle.”

“ Yes, yes, yes....Goddess yes, thank you for wanting me in such an honored
role. Thank you sis for wanting me also, It was your idea to have Xena ask me,
because you knew it would make me more emotional, right?”

Diana shook her head side to side and Gabrielle’s brows knitted, and then she
looked up into Xena’s laughing eyes and once again she blushed to her roots.
Xena laughed out loud and said in a humorous tone of voice.

“You are the second one of Diana’s sister’s that blush the same way she does,
even though you are not blood related, it’s just amazing , and adorable.”

Gabrielle smiled her brightest smile and Xena pulled both Diana and Gabrielle
to her and hugged them tightly, both were caught off guard and so did not hug
back immediately, but after a moment they wrapped their arms around each other
and Xena’s waist and hugged her back, Xena turned her head to kiss Diana’s
lips and then turned the other way to kiss Gabrielle’s forehead.

“ I love you both so much, and I look forward to us being a family that only
one of us has ever experienced, one of us experienced for a brief time and one
of us having never experienced. Gabrielle you will teach us how a family
should be, I will keep the family together , or die trying, and you Diana will
learn what it means to have a loving family.”

Xena said these things with all seriousness written on her face, and Diana and
Gabrielle both stared at Xena and then at each other and finally they nodded
their heads in agreement. Xena then planted a tender kiss to Diana’s soft
quivering lips, and Gabrielle hugged the two closer and harder.

Three tears from each of Diana’s eyes rolled down her cheeks and into Xena’s
bosum three down each breast. When the three of them finally broke their
embrace Gabrielle noticed a change to the vessels within Xena’s skin.

“ What’s that?”

Gabrielle asked pointing to Xena's chest. Both Diana and Xena looked down at
Xena’s chest and noticing the colors Xena unfastened her silk blouse and
exposed her breast to Gabrielle’s and Diana’s gaze.

All three of their breaths caught as they noticed each of Xena’s breast had
three jewels integrated into her skin, the skin was smooth to the touch no
matter how firm the touch was, the jewels could not be felt.

Diana brought her hand up to touch the jeweled area of Xena’s breast and felt
a warm sensation run through her as did Xena feel the same thing at the same

“ What ? or rather how did they get there?”

Xena asked , Diana smiled up at her and pointed to herself.

“ You?”

Diana nodded her head in agreement. Xena looked down once more at the jeweled
areas and then back up into Diana’s eyes.

“ Another gift?”

Diana nodded once again and smiled a brilliant smile at Xena that made Xena
just shake her head in amazement at Diana.

“ Their the colors of ......our eyes?”

Diana nodded and Xena smirked.

“ Sapphire on top, Chestnut below it, and hazel below it, with a Sword and
Chakram encircling them. The whole image is small on your breasts but about a
1/4 inch around.”

Gabrielle said as she inadvertently let her hand glide over one of Xena’s
nipples. Gabrielle blushed fiercely, at the touch, Xena smiled and said to
calm Gabrielle.

“ No harm Gabrielle, my body doesn’t respond to anyone but Diana.”

Gabrielle blew out the air she was holding. Diana glanced at Xena's. nipple
and noticed it had indeed not responded to the touch, but feeling mischievous,
she pretended to be looking and examing the new adornments to Xena’s body,
when she purposely but feigned inadvertently glided her hand slower over
Xena’s nipple only for it to immediately grow to a larger size than it already

“ Ah! D.i.a.n.a....?! Xena playfully scolded. I think we’ve had enough of
looking at my breast for the day?”

Diana smiled mischievously at Xena, and then looked over to Gabrielle to see
her once again blushing at what she saw. Xena smirked and covered her breast
and then turned to Diana and said in a loving voice.

“ We have to inform the Realm of what’s going on?”

Diana nodded and then turned to Gabrielle and gave her another hug and a kiss
to her forehead, then she motioned pointing to her own eyes and then pointing
to Gabrielle, Gabrielle instantly picked up Diana’s meaning and laughed.

“ Yes, I’ll see you later.”

Diana nodded and then poked Gabrielle in the chest for laughing at her. Xena
chuckled and then tapped Diana on the shoulder.

“ Shall we?”

Diana nodded and then turned and walked towards the door while waving at
Gabrielle who threw her a kiss. Xena and Diana went to the throne room and
Xena calling her advisors, and magistrates and scribes, and also her Royal
priestess to come before her, Xena announced the news to them all.

“ I have News that I want sent out throughout the Realm and beyond
They all stood waiting for Xena to make her announcement, wondering what could
be so important that all the Realm needed to know.

“ I have decided to take a legal Consort.”

“ What?! My Lord? You can’t be serious? You yourself said you would never
have a legal Consort, what happened to change your mind?”

“ What do you think happened? “

“ Well it’s obvious you’ve fallen in love My Lord.”

“ Thank you, I shouldn’t have to explain the basics of life to my Advisors
should I?”

“ No, of course not My Lord, Congratulations on your upcoming bonding.”

“My Lord we are all quite excited for you, but you still have not told us,
WHO you have Chosen?”

Xena Looked at her Advisor and then at Diana who was covering her mouth to
hide a smirk.

“ Who...do you think I’m going to bond with?”

“ I don’t know My Lord.....Lady Diana?”

“ I’m glad you guessed correctly, otherwise I was going to have to replace
you. Who else am I going to bond with? Isn’t Lady Diana’s and my relationship
obvious to anyone who sees us?”

“ Yes My Lord, it’s just that seeing how the two of you have been together for
so long, and yet you never mentioned getting Bonded, although the rest of us
thought you should have done it the 2nd day you two were together, but it was
only our opinion My Lord.”

“ Well I was a little slow in realizing this...but, now that I have, I plan
on having the grandest ball to celebrate my soon to be bonding, I want
everything to be perfect, is that clear?”

“ Yes My Lord.”

“ One more Question My Lord?”

“ What?”

“ When is the bonding to take place?”

“ Aha that would be important to know wouldn’t it? In one week. Send out all
the Royal messagers to hand deliver the invitations to all of the diplomats
and Regents and those kings and Queens in other lands, as well as all of the
usual. This will be a bonding to end all bondings. Magistrates you will find
those laws that relate to my bonding, and go over them and bring those that
you believe are against my new outlook on bonding. Scribes you know what I
want of you.

“ As you wish My Lord.”

“ My Lord?”

“ Yes Priestess Niza?”

“ You remember the ritual that you proclaimed for all bonding of this type
prior to the bonding day?”

“ Yes I do, I wrote them based on the Amazon Bonding Ritual.”

“ Right, do you plan on going through the Ritual or will you change it?”

“ Yes, We shall have the bonding Ritual, and the Royal reception will take
place after the bonding, I didn’t think all of the traditions would be
appropriate for My Realm, I did it for my 1st since she was an Amazon.”

“ Are you sure My Lord?”

Xena looked out the corner of her eye to see what Diana’s reaction was to the
conversation so far, and what it would be after she finished.

“ Yes Priestess, I’m sure.”

“ Wonderful My Lord, the day the announcement is made to the Realm, will be
the day the ritual will begin, Congratulations on your upcoming Bonding My

“ Thank you, now go.”

They all bowed and departed from the throne room. Leaving Diana and Xena

“ Come here.”

Xena beckoned for Diana to come around the throne. Diana walked around the
throne to come and stand in front of Xena. Xena pulled Diana onto her lap and
whispered in her ear.

“ Once we’re bonded, I plan on making love to you in every room of this palace
and then every area of the grounds around. I would love to take you right now,
but I’m afraid from this point on we have to abstain from our lovemaking
sessions until we’re bonded, now that it is about to be announced.”

Diana pulled back out of Xena’s grasp to look her in the eyes to see if she
was serious.

“ Yes kitten, I am serious. The announcement goes out today.”

Xena answered the unasked question. Diana shook her head from side to side
trying to convince Xena to change her mind.

“ I know kitten, it will be hard, but it is the law.”

Diana gestured frantically to Xena telling her with her actions that Xena was
the Lawmaker and therefore could change it.

“ Yes that is true, I could change it, but I won’t.”

Diana then mouth Why.

Xena smiled and said in explanation.

“Every female couple who has bonded, has gone through this, and it would not
be prudent to change it now, especially when I.... The Conqueror am about to
be bonded.”

Diana crossed her arms across her chest and pouted at the development. Xena
smile a half smile and then said with an affectionate tone.

“ But that doesn’t mean we can’t neck for awhile before the announcement is

Diana looked up into Xena’s eyes and saw the dancing in them. Diana smiled
showing her teeth and Xena was so taken by the relieved smile that she grabbed
Diana around her neck and pulled her to her so that she could kiss the lips
that were begging to be kissed.

Diana cuddled more into Xena’s lap trying to get as close as she could to
Xena’s body, Xena was ravishing Diana’s neck and working her way down, she
unfastened Diana’s top and begun feasting on Diana’s nipples, and when Diana
tried to do the same to Xena, The Royal Cryer was heard announcing the
upcoming Bonding of Xena the Conqueror to her Consort Lady Diana.

Xena caught Diana’s hands just as they had loosen her top, and said in a
matter-of-fact tone.

“ We have to stop kitten.”

Diana shook her head side to side and tried to protest, but Xena stopped her
head from shaking side to side with her hand by catching her by her chin and
saying in a serious tone.

“ We have to stop.”

Diana’s eyes teared as she realized Xena was serious. Just as Diana was about
to gesture something to Xena, there came a knock on the Throne room door. Xena
fastened Diana’s top rapidly, and then stood Diana up.

“ Come.”

Xena ordered the awaiting person’s outside the doors. Four priestess entered
and came and bowed before Lord Xena.

“ My Lord, we have come to begin the Royal ritual.”

“ Proceed.”

The priestess walked towards Diana and held out a hand for Diana to take.
Diana knitted her brows and looked back at Xena who motioned for Diana to go
with them.

“ Be sure to educated My Consort on the meaning of this ritual, I’m sure she
is confused.”

Xena was reading Diana’s expression.

“ Yes My Lord we shall. Priestess Kira awaits you with your other priestess’s,
My Lord.”

“ I’ll go now. Take care of My Consort Ladies.”

“ We shall My Lord.”

Diana was about to motion to Xena but was whisked away from Lord Xena’s

“ Lady Diana don’t worry, you’ll see Lord Xena in 6 days.”

Diana stopped walking and looked at the Priestess who was speaking to her, and
lipped 6 days in shock. The Priestess smiled in understanding and then told
Diana in a quiet voice.

“ We’ll explain it all to you Lady Diana.”

end of part 25
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